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Creating the Floral Wreath in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Xenia Sorokina, Illustrator & Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Preparations + Making the brushes

    • 3. Additional elements: berries & flowers

    • 4. Adjustments + Making the greeting card

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About This Class

During the class, we’ll learn how to make simple floral elements and how to convert them into the custom brushes. We’ll also learn how to adjust and apply the brushes to make the multilayered wreath. And we’ll finish our class by creating a simple greeting card.

In the project and resource tab, you can find the file called “Color schemes”,  where you can find a few different color schemes that you can apply to your illustration. 

After completing this class, you’ll be able to make floral wreaths of different complexity and use them to make the simple greeting cards or other illustrated pieces. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Xenia Sorokina

Illustrator & Graphic designer


Hello there!

I'm Xenia, and I'm an illustration and graphic design enthusiast. I know firsthand how complicated and confusing the new software, tools and simply learning new skills could be, so I'm here for all the neophytes and enthusiasts to help you with learning new things. 

So if you want to learn something new or refresh already known but forgotten knowledge about Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate and digital illustrations in general - you're more than welcome to join the creative journey!


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Ksenia and AM administrator and graphic designer. In today's class, we're going to create the flower rev by using the basic shapes and illustrated tools in this class willed on how to make the simple floral elements and how to convert them into the custom brushes will also don't how to adjust and apply the brushes to make the multi late ref and will finish our class by creating a simple greeting card. So if you're ready, largest software aunt, let's begin. 2. Preparations + Making the brushes: in today's class, we're going to create the floor. A raft by using the basic shapes and illustrated suits, will start by making some preparations as branches and please, that we're going to use for creates in the brushes for to start less. Creating your documents in Adobe Illustrator Choose A for Press it with an urination you like and in Advanced Options sends a column on toe RGB and choose a high resolution with free 100 peopie I. So when the document is done, let's start creating the branches, zooms a canvas using control plus takes a line segment to hold on the shift key and create a straight line. Let's move on and change the color and appearance on this line to change their appearance and go to the upper tuber and find this variable with profile books and select the second brush. Let's also increase a stroke way to free points. Now, if you look at the gala boxes, you'll see that the line is just a stroke and we'd better make it as a decent object to avoid possible problems with the upcoming current. So to make it as an object, we need to go to the object up and just expand appearance. You can notice that these actions work the color boxes, and now our line is a decent object, and we can easily apply the different color for this stamp in the project and wrestle Stop , You can find the file gold collar schemes, so let's open it. And here you can see a few color groups that we can apply to our illustration. So let's let the color swatches and dragon drum them somewhere on our workspace and the main document. Let's make it smaller and let's and this color swatches into the swatches panel. You can find this watches panel here on the right, and if you don't have it here, you can go on the window swatches. So let's move on to agent our switches into the swatches panel with the selection. So select the first bloke, go to the swatches panel and click on these folder. I can gold. You call a group into the pope up window. You can name your color group and then click OK, and you can see that our switches appeared here in the swatches panel. Let's do the same to the other car boxes So we're selecting the group. Go into the swatches panel, clicking on the you call a group I can end clicking OK and do the same to the other two groups off swatches. When all of them are in the swatches panel, we can select the color boxes on the workspace and hitting the delete key. So when the preparations are done, let's let out stamp and apply the different color. So select the stem way this election so and being the color from this fortress panel. When the stem is ready, let's move on to creating the Leafs. So think the ellipse to you can find it here under the rectangle to and let's make Elon gated vertical ellipse. When it's ready, let's convert the border corner into the sharp one, and we considered by taking the anchor point so you can find it here in the folder with a pen to Let's zoom our canvas and with the anchor point so you can click on the anchor points and it will convert the smooth corner into the shop one. So let's due to our bottom anchor point. After that, take the selection two and start moving out. Leave to the upper tip off the stamp. Put it right in the center by relying on the smart guys. And when the first leaf is done, let's move on and add the corpus on the sites. Select the leaf with a selection, so go to the tumor and saying the right state to their statesu has a target that appears as some kind of anchor and helps us to rotate the objects around its centre point. So we need to put this target right on the anchor points on the board. Um, then hold down the out, gets a mega corporate and just drag believe to the site to make the corporal on the sleeve . On the other side, we need to take the reflect. So it is here in the folder with their at ST. So it also has a target, which works the same way. So put a target on the same ankle bone that we used before, and by holding down both out and shift keys, just dragged the leaf through the other side's now have the least on the both sides. Let's elect both of them. Hold down the shift key to select more than one object and let's pull them into the group So quick. Control G. Now, if you're selecting one of them, you're selecting the group. Move the leaves a bean down just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. And let's make the corpus all over the stamp. To make the corpus, we need to select the leaves, hold down the alky and the shift key and move the leaves down. You can use a different distance different size. Just add the Leafs all over the stem. Let's play with a place in and the size and let's make the leaves in the centre a beat larger than the lease on the tips when all the fixings Adan Wiccan move on and make the Corby off the whole stem with the leaves. So select everything with the selection. So hold down the out and shift keys and dragged the corporate to the other side. Now let's get back to Alpha's Branch and make the group from in jazz by clicking on control G. When all the elements are selected and let's fix a beat. Our second branch deline it so believe, arrange the leaves a being differently and also apply another colorful these brunch. So we're selecting everything going to the swatches panel and a blind, the different color. And also let's grouped the elements just by clicking on control. G No have to branches. And let's make one more saying the line segments who create the line being the color from the color boxes so we can see the line. Go to the opportune burr, apply the different brush, change the stroke, wait and go to the object expended appearance to make the line as an object. And let's add some leafs. So for the Leafs, take the L Ibs, too, making a lips suborned. The color books is just for the stroke. Take the ANC upon so and make the shop wonders just by clicking on the upper and the bosom . Anchor points, saying the selection so right in the leave and ended two hour stem. Make the corporate on the other side select the leave. Take the reflect, so pull the target on the bottom anchor points and drink the lead to the other side. By holding down the out and shift keys. You can move the left leave down just by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Also, you might notice that here is the overlapping going beyond the stem tip of the leaf, and we can get rid of it just by selecting both leaves and go into the opportune Burr, clicking on the stroke panel and making the corners ground it. Now let's play a bit with rotation off the Leafs and make the corpus alone the stem. Firstly, make the group by clicking on control G and make the corpus all over the stamp. Also, you can play with the size and the placement over the Leafs. If you change the size, you can say that the stroke wait isn't the same on all the Leafs, so let's fix it by selecting the Leafs. Go into the upper tuber and fixing the stroke weights. Let's set it as one points. Now Select all of these stem elements and make the group now have free different branches, and we made them to make the brushes, which will apply to the ref. So let's finally make the brushes. Select all of our branches and, with the right mouse button, click on them and choose transform right states right down minus 90 degrees into the bulb up window and now leave should look to the rights. After that, we to find the brushes panel. If you don't have the brushes panel here on the right, go to the window brushes, then select the first branch elements and dragon drove it to the brushes panel in the Bab up wins. Oh, winning to select the bottom brush and click OK here in the new Parton brush options window . We need to do the outer Qana tile and the inner Kwan. It'll s outside over lip and live the rest of the sessions as they often now, if we'd like to change anything will get back to it later. So click OK and take a look at the brushes panel. You can see that here is one a brush now and weaken applied to make the first minimalistic ref take the ellipse toe hold down the shift key to make this circle. And let's apply the brush that we've made Get rid off the field books color By clicking or not, I can below the colored boxes and here we have our first rough. If you don't like the amount off the branches or if you want to add some space and we can go to the Brushes panel and click on the options off selected object Aiken Into this pop up window, we can select a different scale level difference base in different colorization method, weakened flea pit and so on. Just check the Prairie View books well, playing with options. When you're happy with the result, click OK and let's move on to make two more brushes, take the elements and drag and drop with Tuesday Brushes panel. Select the Parton brush, apply the outer over, leapt to the outside Qana tile and the In Accordance Ill and repeated with the laws Brunch . So now all free off arm brushes ads on and we can create few more refs select and already exist in ref and make the Corby over the jazz by clicking on control. C control shift three combinations with alky and the shift key held down. We can make the corporate ref larger, and let's apply the different brush. If you don't like the way the brush applied, you can go to the options off the brush and play with adjustments. When you're done with the options, make one more F using control C control shift we and apply the lost brush, go into the brush options and fix its appearance until you're satisfied with it. When you're done with adjustments, get back to the art birth and things the rest by rotating them, making them larger and making them look harmonically altogether. And don't forget that you can always go to the brush options If you want to change anything . Now, let's let the in a ref and bring it to the front grounds to make this click on it with the right mouse button and choose. Arrange brings a front and it overlaps all the other elements, and you can get back to fixing the rough until you're happy with its appearance. Keep in mind that this is not the final result, and we're going to continue fixing a bit later in the next part of a class, we're gonna be creating some additional berry and floral elements to beautify our ref 3. Additional elements: berries & flowers: in this part of a glass will create a few Berries and flowers elements. Let's start with a simple think and make belief. So soon, McCandless digs Alps to and create an al apps. Solve the color boxes and choose a different color for the leaf. After that, take the ANC upon so and make both upper and the bottom corners sharp. Take the line segment so and mingle on from the center on the leaf. After that move, this line up applied the colorful. These elements select the different brush the same as we used before, and also increase a stroke, wait and let's and the veins on the sites, using the line segment to make the line and select the different brush for it. Let's take this triangle one. This time, increase a stroke. Wait. If he wants to think they reflect, will put the points are on the bottom anchor point and make the reflected line on the other side and mingo copious all over the stem. Also, let's make the line larger and play a bit way. The brushes. If you apply in the brush and the length has a wrong direction, you can go to the stroke panel and click on this. I can sleep alone. If you don't have the stroke panel here on the right, go to the window stroke. Now let's select all the vein elements and go to the object. Expend appearance after let's like the whole leaf and group it by hitting control G. And the first additional element is ready. So let's move on to a few more elements, and we'll start by making a Barry saying the absolute and create the circle. Apply the different color and let's and the judge Ito on the top on the berry so created Elon gated Ellipse and apply some darkish color like blue or black. Create a Korpi using they rotate soup bones, the pointer in the center. Hold down the alky intraday the object to make some kind off the cross. Make it smaller, room the elements and move them to the Barry Stop. Let's continue making the buried by agent a few leaves behind. Take the Arabs to making helps apply the different color. Take the anchor point, so to make one corner sharp saying the right state. So 20 points are on the bottom. Anchor points and make the second leaf when you place in the way you like it, make the group and Buddha live on the berry, and now we need to arrange it differently the way it wouldn't overlay the berry. So select belief. Click on it with the right mouse button and juice arranged, sent to back play with the size and the placements until you're happy with the results. When you're done, grouped the elements. Now let's move on to the next element and is gonna be the flower. Take the al ipso making Elon gated ellipse and pick another collar saying There at ST So plays the points are on the bottom anchor points and make one copy off the battle on the right sides. Now take the reflect. So put the pointer on the bottom anchor point again and, with a shift and out keys, created Corbett on the other side. Now let's group all the free petals with control G and make a few corpses on the sides, using the reflect, too. And also let's add the central part just by creating the circle A. Play the different color and pull the circle in the centre off the flower. If you find that the flower looks kind, the poor. You can add a few more battles. Make the Elon gated ellipse rotated, place it on the flower and make a few corpus fusions a reflect, so use a flower center as a centre. Point for the point, sir. When you're done, make the center element bigger. After that, select the additional pedals and bring them to bag by clicking on them with the right mouse bottom and choosing. Arrange brings back, and now you can select all the flour elements and groom them together. Let's move on and at one more elements. Mega line. Select the color at few more branches on the size and end the circles on soap on the branches. Arrange the elements events like the circles and applied the color for them. Get rid off the stroke by clicking on the strongbox. When the elements are selected and click on that, I can be alone. The car boxes. After that, select all the elements and group them together with a control G. When those elements ads on weaken end them to a brushes panel. So let's just take this leave and again drag and drop it to own brushes panel these time winning To select the scatter brush and into the pope up window, we need to make some adjustments. Firstly, change the size, spacing, scatter and rotation to random and feel the gifts with numbers you see on your screen. It is just for now, and we can fix all the numbers a little bit later. Select the rotation relative to bath and click OK, now we need to create one. The circle for the ref so weakens like that already exists in one hit control. C Control shifty and apply the different brush. So choose a leave brush and let's go to the options menu and fix our elements. Play with the slightest until you're satisfied or user values you see on your screen. Click OK when you're done to get back to our main workspace. Now let's do the same to the other elements, so we're dragging them to the brushes panel one by one and choosing the scatter brush. Firstly, Jesus size space in scatter and rotation to random and feel the gifts with the numbers you see on your screen. Celinda Rotation relative to page and click. OK, let's create one more circle for the ref by selecting the already existing one and by heating control. C control shift. We choose the bear brush and go to the options menu for the bear A brush. Let's change the skate amended for the fixed one. Play with the slightest until you're satisfied with the result or user values you see on your screen. Don't again that you can always get back to the options menu and figs of things you don't like. Now let's make Zuma brushes using the same method. Use the values you see on your screen or play with the slightest until you're satisfied with the results. Arrange the rats by rotating them and placing them the way the elements once or really each other too much. You can also arrange the rose by sending them to back or to the front and by making them smaller or bigger and in the next part of a glass will make more adjustments, clean the risk up and make the greeting card 4. Adjustments + Making the greeting card : So when the ref is done, let's group all the elements, select them with a selection so and room them with a control G. And also let's make the corporate off the rest on the other layer. We need to keep the core P on the separate locally, and gifts would like to change some brushes later. So with a selected ref, let's hit control. C Control Shift V. After that, go to the last panel opened the folder by clicking on the arrow near the last name, and you see that we have to corpus on the raft now creating you lay by clicking on the I can create and Yulia select one of the refs and move into the new layer. Now we have the Korpi, and we can hide the layer and locate in case we needed in the future. Let's get back to our ref and continue making the adjustments. So let's select it and go to the object. Expand the appearance. It will turn off our brushstrokes into the group's off objects. You can see that some elements are in the boxes, and we can get rid of these boxes just by going to object. bath clean up, and now all of the objects are separated and clean. When it's so clean, we can use the magic wand, so to change the group's off objects. If we take the magic one so and quick on the elements, all the same elements will be selected. It could help us if you want to change the color or the size on the same objects. So let's try the magic wand on the yellow brunch. You can say that all the yellow elements on the earth are selected, and it also selected the separated element that we used to make the brush to have what is in the future. Let's move our ref to a separate layer. So select the ref, create one million and move the ref there. And also let's hot and low delay with the preps. So let's get back to the adjustments. We can select the group of elements not only with a magic one soup. If you click on one element free times, you can get into the isolated mountain awake and change the elements one by one. So let's try to do it with the yellow brunch into the isolated month were working only with the selected elements, not with a muted once. So let us start fixing the elements as we did before. You can move them and rotate them. As you wish. Just keep in mind that we need to create some kind off harmony when you're done with that group of elements. Click on this arrow on the upper left to get back to the main work space and start selecting and fixing the other groups of elements on the raft. Click three times and go to the isolated more and fix the elements. You can also add the corpus if you needed. Select the object used out key and drag it to the places you need them to be. When you're done with this bunch of elements, click on the arrow to get back to the main workspace and continue with the other groups off elements. And when you're done with the whole ref weaken, move on and make the postcard. Let's start by taking the rig single to and making the background color for our postcards. So mega rectangle. Let's make it a bit smaller than our our boat east, and let's just send it to Beck It's like the different color for the background Uses swatches panel or the color picker window to involve the color picker window Click device on the few books. Use any color that's use your ref. Now let's make sure that our ref and the background are centrists. Go to the Align panel, and if you don't have it here on the right, go to the window a line. Choose the option aligned to the are Bert and then click on Horizontal Align Center and now our ref and the background a central horizontally. Let's move on and let's get rid off the extra white space on the bottom. Click on the arbor to and just move the bottom edge up. Now let's center our ref vertically. Winnetou selected and go to the Align panel. Select alliances are birth and click on the Vertical Alliance Center, and now arrive is perfectly centered. Let's make our if larger so selected hold down the out and shift keys and drag any corner to the site until you're happy with the size. Let's move on and let's add some greetings in the center or the ref. So take that CYP tool. Click on some space inside the ref and sepia greetings or anything you once after that, select the text, choose a front and make the phone size bigger. Push its X in the center, and you can do it by clicking on both elements, text and draft and into the Alang banner. Click on both horizontal and Vertical Alliance Center. You can also change the text color so with a selected text involved the color picker window and choose the color. If you want to recover some elements off your raft, you can select the rough and go to the recall artwork option. You can find this I can on the upper toolbar into this pope up window, you can see all the colors you have on your workspace. If you want to change any color units to click on this little icon unders worth you after that Jews a Carla Pekar and select the different color. Check the preview books to see the difference. Now let's beautify our cart a beat by aiding the Parton to the background. Go to the last panel, opened the lay with a ref and made a copy off the background layer. Select the rectangle and to use the control C control shift v combination. The U GOP off the background will show up on soap and overlay our ref. So let's send it to back until it will be on soap off the backgrounds, and you can do it in free, different ways. You can use the right mouse button and arrange sent backwards. Well, you can use control plus left square breaking keys or just move it down in the lace panel, so we should have to. Same background rectangles, one on soap off another, and let's turn the upper one into the pattern. So select the subway with a background. Go to this fortress panel and click on the Swatch Libraries menu in the drop down menu. Choose pattern. Let's elect basic graphics. Basic graphics dots in the pop up window. Choose adults you like, and let's fix that color into the swatches panel. Find the row with the Parton's and find the one that you're using. Now click twice on the icon and you get into the isolated window waken change or recall of the elements. So zooms a canvas and select all the doors inside. The selected books involved the color picker window and Celinda Collar. You wants helping the soul. It whites. After that click done and you'll see that Now we have the white dots Parton on our postcard , and now we're done with making the ref and the postcard. I hope you found this class helpful and if you like it, blister called the other classes. Give it follow and leave your review and thanks for watching.