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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class by Dr. Lisa Rusczyk

    • 2. Book Set-Up

    • 3. Finding a Narrator

    • 4. Review and Sales

    • 5. How CZYK Publishing Got Its Start Lisa Rusczyk

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted an audio book but was not sure where to get started?  

This class is for you. 

In this class, you will learn how to take a book that is currently on Amazon, find a producer, and have them voice the audio for your book.  I will show you how I did it with one of my books as an example. This is a great way to get your self-published

 book to look more professional and make some extra cash too.  

Please enroll in this class to bring your book to the next level. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Lisa Rusczyk ❤️

Teacher, Author, Crafter, Blogger, & Ed. D.


I have self-published 300 books, have over 50 classes, and have many of my social media post gone viral. While I earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership, I love to teach online only on Skillshare while I am a Stay at Home Mom. I enjoy creating, reading to kids, and hanging out at my local coffee shop to play Settlers of Cantan with friends.  

Skillshare premium is needed to view most of my courses.  With Skillshare premium you can get unlimited access to all of my courses. Click to view all of my classes and to join as a premium member.  Lisa Rusczyk on Skillshare

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1. Welcome to Class by Dr. Lisa Rusczyk: Hi, everyone. My name is Lisa. Risk check. And today I'm going to be doing a class under show you how to create a audio book from your book that is currently on Amazon. So I have other classes onto how to create books and put them on Amazon. But recently I have been converting my books, audio books. I've been really enjoying it. I've been having some sales, and I want to show you how to do it too. So in this class, I'm to show you how to take your book from a book that's currently on Amazon, and we're going to create a cover. We're gonna hire a narrator and without any money, it This is a free program. You can take your book from a book on Amazon and create an audiobook from it. So please enroll in this class and we will get started 2. Book Set-Up: Okay, welcome to the class. So, as I said, I have books on Amazon. I have over 500 books. I wrote about 100 of them, but, um, 50 things to know to downsize your life is one of my books. And, um, I want to show you what it looks like when you have an audiobook. So, um, I use Amazon Kindle direct publishing to publish my books, and you can see the book here. You can see it in paperback, and now you can see it in a non audiobook. So here's where you'll see an audio book. It's a listed at $0 but you can see it's actually listed at 3 46 And I have created this cover. You can listen to a sample tips for downsize one breaking your connections to stuff. And that is my neck. Narrator If you want to know, that is John fior A and you can use him on a C X, which I'm going to show him if you're interested. So you if you're interested. So, um, that is where you can see the audio book. You could also see it on audible dot com, and we will type in 50 new things down sizing and you can see it here, there, Same thing. You'll see the author and I've noticed that there's a rating here too, and it has been rated here. So I guess you can get inaudible rating. Also overall performance or story? Someone just gave it three stars. Okay, so how do you take your book from Amazon? Over here, we will go to a C X, and that is the website you'll need to go to and you'll just log into your Amazon account just like you did for Kindle Direct publishing. And this is where you get to. So next you'll find your book. And, um, I saved a book for this example. So there is a book that I had published, and it's 50 things to know about Twins and I will show you some of the process. So here is the book, and you know I've never seen before. And I think if I click on these two links because you see, there's two here, one of them is the paper back, and one of them is the Kindle. So I have to get them put together. So I will use the paperback example for this. And so that was the first link, and I will click on Oh, it says, I've already cleaned the audio race of this book. So this is where once you click on it, you will be able to go in. And, um, obviously you will be able to, um, have a description of the book copyright information choose of its fiction or nonfiction and then the best category. And there's two things that she's done here. The name gender. If you want female male or both, I normally choose both. But since it's about pregnancy, I chose female and language is, um, it's automatic selected. Normally you can choose an accent if you want. You can choose a voice age and a vocal style and add comments to I thought these vocal sales were interesting. Announcer, Articulate, brooding, girlish, hip. So anyway, I thought that was interesting. You could add comments, for example, how you want things you know to be or if you have a following. This is kind of a way to get some of the people more interested in your book, so sometimes all right in there. 50 things and It was a series of 200 books, and that's helpful, and you can add script notes below here. It should be no more than 2 to 3 pages. I just add a few things because I don't listen to them very long, either like it or you don't. And then down here, you'll choose a script. So I have a audition script and a regular script and which is just a word document and that we're document is there, um, so you can get an idea that you can do it for 15 minutes, but I just put in a couple 100 words, really. I guess I put of probably 300 words. So then here, you can see make sure you wait till it saves, because one time I just press continue without it. While it was being virus checked and it didn't show up, there was wondering why I wasn't getting audition. It's and it's because there was no script, so we'll click, save and continue. All right, how many words are in the book? This is where you'll have to actually go into the book and see how many words are. And I knew this books has 6200 words, which is about 62000.7 hours long. It says, um, 9300 for an hour of finish work. And, um, the way I do it and this is the way I can produce books for free is if you choose royalty share, so you get 50% and exclusive rights, so we will each get 40%. Um, well, you will each have 50% of what we make, and if we choose this one, we will make 40% royalty. So even though it's my book, and um, this is the only steps have to go through, I have to go through this part make and approving it and choosing the image for the cover, and I will get 50% of royalties and royalties will be 40% Now. It's only 40% if you choose to only have it on certain sites on. You'll see them here Amazon audible and iTunes, and you can read more about that here. So that is what I choose. And you could also choose to pay by the hour if you like, um, for instead of paying a royalty and or you could choose nonexclusive. Meaning you could have it on other audio things, Um, to But I am not choosing that. So choosing 50 50 royalty share and exclusive rights, so I will make, um And they will choose the price to based on the length of the audio. Okay, so we're going to review it. This is the narrator suggestions. Um, they can also this is kind of what they see, too. They can see the script on this world, produce the audio, and this is what we'll see sales. So finally, I'm going to post to a C X. And this is when I will start getting auditions for the book, Um, from audio producers. And hopefully I will get some audition scene. All right. So I will bring you on to the next step. I hope you enjoyed seeing that part. 3. Finding a Narrator: All right. So for in this course, we really jumped into it. We saw what an audiobook look like. We saw how Teoh find your book. And then, um, create an audition, basically, so someone can audition for your Brooke. And now let's a look a little bit farther. So next you'll start getting emails about an messages, Val additions, which is pretty cool. So you'll see the auditions here. And, um, these are some of the books that I currently have that people are addition ing for, and we will look at one of them. I think one of them has to, So we will look at that one. Actually, they all have one. All right, so this is what it looks like to get an audition. You'll see your book. And I actually disliked to this one just so you know, So you shouldn't you, but you'll be able to play it and click like or dislike. You can download it if you went and send a message to this person. So this is what an audition sounds like. Israel USA 50 traveling tests from a local tourist came on rush. Okay, so you can decide if you like it or not and move forward. So basically, that's what an audition sounds like. If you like it, Um, let's just click like here. You can, then to make an offer and I'll click making offer here. So this is what it looks like to make an offer. If you like Trevor, you can find him on a C X that it just doesn't work right for this product for me. So you'll see up here, Um, and again you'll click royalty share just like we did. We'll click exclusive rights and then you'll choose completed first team 15 minutes by. I usually try and give him a week after a weekend and then the whole book, which I give him a week or two. So I'll choose the 20 other of the 27th and then you can choose. If you want it in a day. Teoh. Give them the offer. So let's just say you'll give it 48 hours. If not, you can offer to the next person, and then you can preview it and press. Um, that's you won't offer it to. So, as I said, I'm not offering it to this person so that is where it goes from here. Uh, after you have offered it to the person, you'll also have to create a cover. So these are some of the covers that I've created. So once you offer it to the person, you get 15 effort, 50 minute sample and this says waiting for 15 minutes, and they will. Then you have to prove that 15 minute sample before you move forward, and then it'll say, Approve it there and then you'll wait for the final finish audio, and that's what you'll be waiting for down here. But during that time, you can also make covers. So where do you make a square cover now? Because it has to be square and it can't have the black sides. Um, this So I'll show you in production. So this didn't make so, for example, this book has this cover now. So where do you make this cover? What are the requirements? You can click here. So the car mrs 2400 by 2400. And what I do is I go over to Canada. That's where I make my book covers also. And this is where I create the book covers I If you go up here, you can choose 2400 2400 or, um, it says minimum. So put in 252,500 there. And but these are some of the ones I've already created to show you what they look like. Camba dot com. It's free. And, um, like I said, I think it's pretty simple to use. I really enjoy using it. I had Photoshopped, but then I havent renewed it. So this is why I, um I go with this and it works pretty well there. You can't do some things that you do most things, especially but cover creation. So here's some of the book covers I've created and again the size of the same. Um, and I think it's a little harder to make a square, but cover. But if you look on Amazon and you find ones that you like or on audible, um, you might be able to find something similar that you like, and then I kind of you the template, and I keep making new ones. So these are the covers I've created, and you can decide if you put the narrator on the front I I like to do it. I think it's nice, but, um, I guess you don't have to because some people don't, so it's up to you. So that is, Basically, you can go over here to add in your text, and you can edit and format the text up here. And you can add images if you want by uploading them. And that's very up with images for the covers. And when you're done, you click download, and I choose normally Ajay Pig. And instead of making it to a zip file, I find it easier to sit down with one of the time so I'll just tell it to. For example, you know, go to my dollars, and that's where I can upload it to a C X and I just click here, and that's where you upload the file. So in the future, you can change the script if you want or send a message. So, for example, this titles currently in production and then you'll be able to see sales here. Okay, let's, um, I will pause this video here. We'll go to the next video and we'll finish up 4. Review and Sales: Okay. Finally, let's see what it looks like to have sales. So after you have created at your projects, you can go to your sales dashboard, and you can see here there's different types of units. And as you can see, this is the part where I'm the newest at, but I have sold for so you can see the units and you could read down here the difference. There's audiobook units bought by audible listeners. Audiobook units bought my audible, listenable members but not using their membership credits and bought by customers not in the Audible Listener program, and you can see the different prices in different things for each one. But you'll start to see them here, and the other thing I want to talk about is there's a bounty program so you can get or split $50 payment for an audiobook. If it's the first purchase by an audible listener member, so you can start promoting these now you can actually do the audio yourself if you'd like. I know I've got sent back a lot of things about different audio things, so I think it's actually I think you have to have a pretty good auto audio system to do this because of the floor in different Where's I don't know, because I have not done that before. But they've gone back in and change things that I wouldn't even know how to change after they got it back, but so you could do it yourself. But if you didn't, you'll each get the producer. The right holder will get, UM, 25 the producer will get 25 so I think that's pretty nice. So that's another way to earn extra income while doing this as well as your actual sales. But I imagine, let's say you know the books only listed at 3 30 I get 20% of that. I think if you got one of these bounties, it would be a much bigger difference. So, um, you and you can read below exactly all the terms and conditions of that. So again, that's where you see your sales, and you can also see it in this other. I'll show you in another way. You could see sales on here, too. I'm not sure why, Takes allowed, alluding. I think it's actually my Internet, um, completed projects. If you click here you can see each, um, completed one that I have worked on You. Could you share with your friends here, But, um, here, you can see. Um um I've accepted these as a realty share, so I know that you can see how many units were sold. How many bounties earned? None yet. And as you can click on sale details and you could see them here also of by your book, so that's another way to see it. All right. I hope you enjoy this. And I think it's a pretty simple process. You just kind of go in and I put in the projects. I bring them to the next level and keep moving forward with them. You have Teoh. The harder parts are you need us. Um, a file just for the audition. You need a file for the audio and I take the actual book and I put it in the order just for audio, for example, the author bios at the front normally of my books, but I want them at the back for the audio books, and I don't need the disclaimer of certain disclaimer in there. So I take out that section so Sometimes you have to change up the script so they know exactly what to write when you send them just your book. You might want to change it up so they know the order and how you would like it. So I recommend you just trying one and if you like, and you could just keep going with more. I have a book series called Greater Than a Tourist 50 Travel Tips from a Local. And I am currently taking that Siri's and slowly converting it over here. So all the books have audio books also. So I hope you enjoy this class, please. Like it and leave your comments so I could make better classes in the future for you. Um, I usually teach classes on how to self published. This kind of brought all these classes to the next level. And, um, I enjoyed working with you today and please check out my other classes. You can also view many of my things on social media. I have YouTube channel, and, um so, um, Instagram and I would like to stay connected with you, and hopefully we can, um, have more class together. All right. Thanks for taking this class. I would love to see your finished audiobooks or even your finish e books or paper back books. All right, thanks. Have a great day by 5. How CZYK Publishing Got Its Start Lisa Rusczyk: everyone. My name is Lisa Rece check. And sometimes I get asked where he started and where I am, so I thought I would explain it to you. I started on Blogger, and that is a free website by Google. And I started Charlie the Cavalier after my dog when I was still in instructional designer and I couldn't get Charlie the Cavalier website. So I have hyphens in a Charlie that cavalier, um dot black spot Decca and I wrote there for a while. And then I wrote 50 things of it to know before having a baby. And that was a block post on this website. And it did so well, I think I got 20,000 views in a couple days that I started. I made it into a book, and that book is now on Amazon. You could still get on the Amazon, the audio books now on Amazon and, um, it has done very well. So after I wrote 50 things now, before having a baby, I then I started writing other 50 things in notebooks, and now you can find many 50 things. No books on the website. 50 things to know dot com and there's about probably 200 of them now. Okay, so I have to think so, no dot com. I also continue to write for Charlie the Cavalier. Until I bought Charlie the Cavalier charlie dot com. I actually host all of my websites on Go Daddy. And, um, I also have a few other websites I did have Lisa rece check dot com That's my name, but it didn't get much traffic. I bought it because I started creating some classes on you to me and still share. That's where confined my classes. And there's air, basically mostly on entrepreneurship and self publishing. And, um so the websites that I have is Charlie the cavalier dot com. I still have Charlie, the cavalier dot black spot dot com, and 50 things to note that come. Those are the major ones. And, um, I enjoyed working with them, but as I still continued to write 50 things to know, I branched out and made different websites. So I have reviews Step 50 things to know. That's very good. Fine reviews. I review books. People said any products, and that's where I do all my reviews, make up things like that There's two other reviewers on my team. I dio life, and that's where you confined currently. What I'm up to. Sorry, we have automatic lights in our kitchen. And, um, I also have 50 things to know travel. That's where confined kids travel activities that we've done before And, um, just 50 things to know for the books. Then that's where you can find some of the experts from the books. Some information. 50 things. Notebooks. Okay, so what am I currently working on? Now you ask. Well, the one thing I'm working on is, um, greater than a tourist books. As I grew 50 things to know books and I love to travel some books that were about travel. So these greater than towards books are 50 travel tips from a local. So right now, there is about 140 books, and, um, I have hired 140 people from all over the world, and they will give you their best tips for locals based on the fact that they love their. So that's one of my things that I like. I also ended operating a, um Children's book series called Charlie the Cavalier. There's four books in the series. And, um, Charlie, the Cavalier travels the world. Charlie the Cavalier begs for attention, Charlie. The Cavalier goes for a walk and Charlie Cavaliers amusement park and each of those books you can accept the 1st 1 You have to find the heart. You confined the hearts in the book. So if you look at those books, there's a heart on every page. The Illustrator room. All right, what else have I been working? I am making audiobooks for the Siri's um, and a X A X P. Well, there's am the thing I'm going through to make the audio books, and I have really good, um, really good people that are doing the audio for the audio books, and I'm enjoying working with those people. And I also have written two books recently that I've just published, and one is, but you are loved and this one is a phone book for kids. And I just had it edited with a great editor anime excited to have her on the team, and the second book is we are what we think, um, in the past, I wrote a book 1600 Positive Things to Say to someone else. And this one is positive thing to say to yourself. So that is a look I have been working on there. I have about 100 books on Amazon again. I said, I have things on you to me and still share. Those are my classes. I have about 500 books in total on, um, Amazon. That includes 50 things to know I wrote a bunch of Children's books and my greater than tourist books. All right, so that's basically what I've been doing lately. So my name's Lisa Wrist Chuck. I'm a stay at home mom, and I'm also a doctor of education. And, um, you can check out my things on the Web sites I talked about on Amazon. Let's go skill share you to me or just on all social media. I have a large Pinterest following of over 16,000 followers, followers, followers. I mostly do personal instagram, but a sometimes postings on their at Lisa for USC. I, um I'm on Facebook at Lisa Restrict author. And, um, you took me about this place is all right. Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed this by