Creating Rose Quartz And Agate Place Cards With Modern Calligraphy | Joy Tay | Skillshare

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Creating Rose Quartz And Agate Place Cards With Modern Calligraphy

teacher avatar Joy Tay, Maker

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction To Rose Quartz And Agate Place Cards Class

    • 2. Play: Using the Pointed Pen Nib with Ink On Agate Slices

    • 3. Play: Using the Pointed Pen Nib with Gouache Paint On Agate Slices

    • 4. Play: Using A Pen Marker For Monoline Calligraphy On Agate Slices

    • 5. Play: Using Liquid Leaf Paint with a PaintBrush On Agate Slices

    • 6. Play: Using Liquid Leaf Paint with a Paintbrush On A Rose Quartz Slice

    • 7. Your Class Project And Thank You

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About This Class

Agate place cards and rose quartz with calligraphy elevate the luxe factor at your events for your guests, and make beautiful home decor items. In this 30-min Skillshare class, learn how to wow your guests as Joy Tay teaches you the techniques to adding calligraphy on crystals. These lettered pieces are conversation pieces for your events, as gifts or serve to amp up your decorative touches in your home.

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach of selecting supplies, and the types of crystals which work best for incorporating hand lettering or calligraphy. Get foolproof methods to create these elegant calligraphy pieces that attract compliments every time.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the modern calligraphy style would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at art supply stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her tips for selecting the most appropriate types of crystals so that your beautiful calligraphy work on these rose quartz and agate place cards can shine.

Lettering on Crystals. Get tips on how to create lettering using different types and sizes of agate and rose quartz, so that you have a large range of options to use these at your events. Through using three different types of supplies, including dip pens and markers, Joy aims to fire up your creativity to create beautifully worded crystal pieces which everyone will love.

What You'll Be Creating

  • A rose quartz and agate place card project using the calligraphy and lettering techniques learnt from this class.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Keen to learn how to add your beautiful calligraphy on other materials? Check out my other Skillshare classes here. You can also can download these resources FREE on my Skillshare profile page:

(A) 20-page Guide to Lettering & Calligraphy On ANY Material

(B) 21-page Curated List of Pens and Inks

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay




Oh, hi there! I’m Joy Tay, your gal behind the joy-soaked fingers you see in all my classes. 


I’m here to help you to use art to evoke joy from our hands to our hearts, through creating art. Check out the mussel shell lettering video above where you can see how I teach classes.


Interested in creating lettering and calligraphy on ANY surface at all? You can download these FREE:

(A) 20-page Guide to Lettering & Calligraphy On ANY Material

(B) 21-page Curated List of Pens and Inks


Creating and making art has been a joy alignment tuner whenever I am out of balance.

I would love to share this powerful tool of making art with you.&n... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Rose Quartz And Agate Place Cards Class: Welcome to this class. You'll be learning how to use a beautiful calligraphy, a lecturing off course. My name is Joy, and I'm gonna take you through specific parts of the press play and straight process so they can select the right kind of quartz that I can Truls and supply. And so they all come together harmoniously and helping you infuse a calligraphy designs on quarts. Now you can use these as home court. You can use the next guess or even this Well, then, no Perec assistant rule. I do use appointed pen and also for calligraphy. That's great if you already have a background in that. But if not as long as they can write alphabets. And I bet that if you I think you'll find that this constant exploration for you to develop your old style lettering come join me. I cannot wait to see you 2. Play: Using the Pointed Pen Nib with Ink On Agate Slices: So this bottle his quite a high Nick. Yes, you can see. So it is quite challenging, actually, to put your pendant insight. So what? I did Waas. I put the ink in another container and then I have another brush that I will use to start, think, and then coat the back off my pendant before I write. Okay, so I'm going to write the what, Adrian, sometimes, if that it doesn't come out, you might need to adjust the angle off your pendant. So we're going to write a. So remember, on the dance, trolls press a little bit harder. We didn't pressure then on the ups trolls. So you can see that the gimp in lines Adrian right slowly Because the A gate, it's pretty smooth. And sometimes you're pendant me skit. If you're not careful, so it's best to go Still be again On the down strokes press 11 more less in the up strokes . Sometimes you see that it resists that ankle little bits sonorous. That's go over it again. Some think to make sure that all the lettering has come out okay. Not to forget the I over the m again. Just try a few times if it doesn't count. Okay, data. So nothing I like to just share with you is that this ink, when it's wet, it is actually different color. It's a darker color than when it is dry, so you can feed that the dry pots, like the pop off the D. You can see it's a light the color. Then when it's wet, you so sure again what it looks like when it is actually dry. The nice thing about this bottle is that there is a white neck, so it's quite easy to just dip your pendant into the bottle neck. So So I have put some water inside to make sure that it's the right consistency for me to write with dependent. So I'm just going to stop to make sure that it's the consistency of heavy cream. Kingdom put this aside that's that writing to be a pendant into the ink, and now we can felt writing. So I'm gonna write Lena, you can hold your get at it incline, if you like, supported by three fingers and yours again figuring it thumb. Or you can choose to write flat whichever is easier for you to make sure that the first contact results in the incoming out, If not, press harder or change the angle off your pendant, right? Still D because the gate, if kind of smooth and sometimes it leads to a dependent skipping Have you on the down strokes Night on the up strokes have you and the down strokes like on the up strokes. Dega. One thing I really like about using white the Ph Martine's people white is compared to the iridescent is that sometimes when you were at an event, depending on how you please the gate white can be seen from all angles. But because the goal is quite sure, Marie. So sometimes it's not obvious at all. Angles a bit is really pretty. Goal is really pretty, just like white because it is opaque and met and it all angles. The names can be clearly seen. So maybe I think the white is my preference 3. Play: Using the Pointed Pen Nib with Gouache Paint On Agate Slices: I do like using the Schmidt, the brand that is the one that got find us authors Calligraphic wash, I think can use many kinds of go wash. It's just that on white paper, what happens is that the color will come up, but on dark paper, this brand fresh maker, it will pop out the light color off the wash, Papa against the dark color off the paper, which is not true off at the brands of wash. That is the brand that I go for this mangos calligraphy wash. So let's try to wash on our gate. We can see that this again have the holes. I'm just going to write the name at the top off the arch. The same thing. I already have the car washed diluted with water. Here. I'm gonna do the same thing as I do with at the paints and inks. So did my brush. Make sure that is the consistency debt you like, Which is the consistency off heavy cream. I already have some Anchia. Remember to depth the back off your pendant. You know this. Start writing, okay. And let's go. So I'm just gonna write the names Levine takes a lot to get ink flowing. Eagle. I do find that the ghalwash as compared to the bleeped off white, um, it is the is and he has less to the surface. And so you find out the ink Skip Sula so you can get it to work. But you can see that the surface is quite water resistant and it is a little bit harder to what we wash. They just make sure to get the tips off my neck. I think down strokes, Thika. Hey, What? You find that they're running out of change? You should to keep dipping. So you see, is a lot more challenging to what blush? Standing deeper fight. There's already a lot off in Castaic Insee at the back of the pending. It is sometimes hard to get it going my impossible. It takes a lot more patient. We show you down strokes a big in up strokes. You might want to go over the path that you feel the pain, doesn't it? Here that well I can spot a few that s is not connected to the E. You're just gonna go over the time limit and they go using the wash on a date 4. Play: Using A Pen Marker For Monoline Calligraphy On Agate Slices: for small pieces like this. I feel that modeling calligraphy is a lot more suitable than foe calligraphy. Modeling calligraphy Spread your weights off your line is the scene, so there is no ethics and things like folk. Allegra Fee. I feel that it's a lot more elegant, having model lying as compared to having focal interview, which looks very, comes in a small space like this. So my favorite for writing when a gate for modeling calligraphy is hands down the Moloto liquid chrome in one mm, you can see the pen sighs here. The pen tip size here is actually an alcohol based Inc The mirror like finish is so mesmerizing and glossy, and it really pops against a gate is very opaque and highly pigmented. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to show it to you when you're ready to write, give the pen a shape so that the Inkwell Flaws movie and winter fight the name Brian. If the heat doesn't come out, you might need to press the tip a bit more to get the first drop off. Inc Ouch. As you can see, this is more like calligraphy, so there is no fixed and synced up strokes and the down strokes are all the same weight. Uh, the nice thing about using a paint pen like this is that you don't have to keep dipping your pen dipped in ink and can just continue writing. You done with it says Can see this a game against the light. You can see the ink pots so well, so it's a bit different from the white. But this is white. That's not sure. Marie F. The Silver Now that you have this beautiful, glossy paint on your gate, how do you take it off? Let's try what the and see if it works, you can see it stays put. Let's try something else. Would try a rubbing alcohol, the alcohol And we did your dad rubbing alcohol on a napkin and that's tried to see you. It comes off. As you can see, it comes off creamy 5. Play: Using Liquid Leaf Paint with a PaintBrush On Agate Slices: another option for you to use the right on this against slices is going to be the liquid leaf. I really like the color because it can see the gold pigment fulfil. Concentrate. That and is really good. Also, because this is not easily rub both, especially on such a smooth surface like this. A gate. Um, I don't recommend you using pen nips for walking with liquid leave, because if it's not meant to what with dependence, and it makes it very temperamental. So what I do recommend is using a small round brush like so listen, so I'm going to recommend that you pick a small side. So what I have here is the da Vinci inside zero. I already have a little bit off the ANC yer. And once we're ready, let's get father. Once you shake the bottle to make sure that the pigments are evenly concentrated be very careful when you're opening the bottle cat in case the paint comes out. Okay, take up. So I'm gonna get my paintbrush in, you know, put the bottle aside so I don't accidentally knock it over. Okay, so I'm gonna write the word. Blessed the same thing as in our pen nips when you are doing up strokes like than the pressure When you're doing down strokes, you make the pressure more light on the up strokes. Now we're going on to the down strokes. Have your pressure so that you have a thick await for the line we can fill in the Linus ago nexus my ill. I'm gonna try to fill up this much of the gate as possible. Down stroke. Think of pressure. It's not enough ink. You can take more. Began lighting it up as you're turning. Might wanna fill in a little bit off the gaps. If you see that the paint is skipping. I think it's much Penis and heat. Okay, Gonna start with my even. - My next s heavy on the Don strokes Have you on the down strokes. And I lost a good d. - Okay . And if you find that sound the paint Ah, blobby in some areas, now's a good time for you to correct it. So I saw that this d it's not straight. Just gonna make it straight, Okay? You might wanna picked in some off your downs drugs, And maybe if you find that the paint is uneven in some parts, now's a good time to fill it up. It's really easy to remove this frequently from a gate, especially because this gate piece is none porous. That is easy to remove anything on it. You can't use water. You can't used rubbing alcohol. But what I would recommend you're using is turpentine or painting A. So this is the 1/2 in my records. In my heart, we thought so. This is what it looks like. So does my paint thinner. So we're going to do it isn't gonna Rupp. If paint thinner and go to Deb a piece off paper napkin on it, I would have let the people napkin and just rub off. You can see it comes off really easily and cleanly because of the smooth surface of the glass Aldgate piece. They go good. If you 6. Play: Using Liquid Leaf Paint with a Paintbrush On A Rose Quartz Slice: I've been in a beautiful piece yet the roles squats life and the sites have been called that with gold. So this can be used as a coast up. When you're walking on a piece like this because it's crystal, they're bound to be some imperfection, so you might want to check which site you prefer using. So I checked the site as well as the side, and I thought that the A model cracks undecideds left. So this is the site which faces the person that you're gonna make it full. So this is the surface of your walking on. I would like to use the liquid leaf and because something that is waterproof, I'll be walking using a brush for this as compared to using a paint pen. So one thing to note also about thes a gate slices. Oh, In this case, the role squats is that there are some off the cracks, and so you need to be very careful when you're painting on them so that it doesn't result in a pulling off your paint. So again, as usual, when you're walking with the liquid, leave peace, make sure that you have mixed it. Several times Make sure that the ink is consistent and when you're opening the bottle, please remember to make sure that the ink doesn't spill out. The reason why I said it so often is because after shaking, the pain is on the bottle. And there have been a few times when I opened the bottle without being careful and all the things still all paint spills out onto my service. So that's a tip that I learned and I like to share with you. Okay, so take your paintbrush, move it to make the pain Well so that all the pigments are evenly distributed. So I'm using the word grateful put the peace in a Facebook is easy for you to work with, the angle of which you prefer So again heavy and pressure on the down strokes I thin it up . Yes, you are going to turn the new if you don strolls for you are well a next If you on the down stroke for you, eh? I have enough speed for gratitude So that all right next that the tea This one I think I want to join up with the I so sometimes I do. Um in connect military Sometimes I choose not to and 90 on the upstroke Ah, second t night on the upstroke It's gonna be the duck. Hey, you, If you're on the down strokes lift up if you on the dance drugs And this one I'm also not training next D Yeah, Going up the upstroke Just release the pressure. Do you bash now you're going on down Stroll So heavy pressure and for d I do want to get with my ease. Okay, so maybe that puff off the letters which you're not that happy with. Maybe the weights are not the same. So you can go over it again. My our size to give the rest. Okay. And then I do the other side off the tee and use that I s the center. Okay, so I'm going to take a picture, ensure to you once the paint is dry 7. Your Class Project And Thank You: Hi again. How Wasit. Now you get like a gate courts, Are you the crystals? Anything? View your calligraphy, all lettering on it. Snap a picture off. Finish, please. And put up your design on our half project. If you have any questions about this class, you can feel free to go to the community section below and post a new discussion. I do have other Catholics were working on projects ranging from a gate in cities Bikini. So I hope to see you again. My name is Jerry once again. And thank you for taking this class.