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Creating Modern Pop Art Vector Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Xenia Sorokina, Illustrator & Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Skin

    • 3. Skin features

    • 4. Hair

    • 5. Clothes

    • 6. Details

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About This Class

During the class, we’ll trace the photograph and convert it into the pop art vector illustration.

The tools that we are going to use in this class, are mostly the Pen tool and Anchor Point tool.

In the project and resource tab, you can find the file called “Color schemes”  where you can find a few different color schemes that you can apply to your illustration. 

You can find the images you would like to convert into the pop art portrait on the free stock websites, such as or Or if you want to take the picture that was used in this class, check out the project and resource tab. 

After completing this class, you’ll be able to trace raster pictures and make full-colored vector illustrations 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Xenia Sorokina

Illustrator & Graphic designer


Hello there!

I'm Xenia, and I'm an illustration and graphic design enthusiast. I know firsthand how complicated and confusing the new software, tools and simply learning new skills could be, so I'm here for all the neophytes and enthusiasts to help you with learning new things. 

So if you want to learn something new or refresh already known but forgotten knowledge about Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate and digital illustrations in general - you're more than welcome to join the creative journey!


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is senior and them an illustrator and graphic designer. In today's class, we're going to create a more than pope art portrait based on the photograph using Adobe English trader during this class will review, and now the simpler way off using the pencil will trays a photograph and converted into the pope up illustration. So if you're Raisi launches software and let's begin. 2. Skin: as said Before in this class we're gonna create and more than Pope Art portrait Based on the photograph, you can find the images on the Web sites as Pinterest or some kind of a stock sites. For example, I found this image on the side cold on splash dot com, and it's a source, all the freely usable images. So for this class, we're gonna use Adobe Illustrator and these picture. So, firstly, we need to create the our board that will suit our needs. And now this image is bigger than our our Bert. So let's just do the following. We need to find the arbor to on the tuber, click on it and on the opportune bar we need to chew that feed the selected art option. And now our birth is the same size as our picture. After that, let's being the selection to a long delay with the reference image. Make one Malaya above, and it's going to be the lead where we're going to start creating our pope Art portrayed. So the tills that we're gonna use in this class are mostly the pencil and the anchor point . So being the project and rest of stop, you can find the file called Qala Schemes Way Confined a few different color schemes that you can apply to your illustration. The upper color scheme is exactly the skin that I'm gonna use for the illustrations. Urine these class. So let's elect it. Go pay to the main document and Mingus voyages. Bigger for convenience. We can put out Collis to this watches Spano. If you don't have this, what you spent all here on the right, you can go to the window switches and put it summer on the workspace. So if you want to add this watches to the panel, we need to select the elements, go to this fortress panel and click on the new collar group. I come and now you have all this watches here. These two boxes are the patterns and their basic Parton's that already exists in The Illustrator, and you can see that these little swatches are here, so we don't need to add into the panel one more time. Now we can select all this watch is that corporate from the cars came documents, and he's a delete key on the keyboard, and our workspace is free from this color boxes so we won't be distracted by them. Your in the work process. Now again, move on and let's start making Our illustration will start by making this skin. So zoom you can was using control. Plus, Celinda Qala, let's say for the skin will ping the solid wide collar. So let's take the pencil. The method that we're gonna use in this glass east racing the image and it will help us to convert the G pic file to a vector illustration. So we're gonna be mainly focused on the pencil and the anchor point. So s said before, and this technique that I'm going to show is a different, more convenient and more flexible wait to use a pen. So we're going to be making judge the straight lines and then convert them into the curse using the anchor point. So when you to put the anchor points on the moco mix or more corn give parts on the face, you need to keep in mind that two points would give you once move half a circle curve. If you have some kind of s shape, you will need more than two anchor points. So let's begin, put your first anchor points on the soap for the second anchor points put a curse on the Comex part off their foreheads. The next one goes to the quantitative part under the cheekbone. Now put one more anchor point to the chin, and here on the right, you can just at two more anchor points freely till the shape is closed. We don't need these two points to be very need, because lately the hell would overlay these part. So now, when we create in this shape, we can see the reference features, and what we can do is to take the selection to select the shape, go to the tuber on the top and decrease capacity level. Let's say it would be something like 65% and now we can see the features and the shape we need to trace. So the next step is to take the anchor point so you can find it here on the depend, too. So take the anchor point so and we're going to be making the curves using the following technique. We need to hold with the cursor over the line and by holding down the mouse left bottom just dragged the line. In this case, we need to drag it on soap. Just go. L under reference shape and create the curve. Try to grab the line somewhere in their center, hold down the mouse button and go along the shape until you see that the land feats was a reference image and continue making the curves. We want my curves here on the right because, it said before the hair will overlay the skin, so we don't really need to pay attention to how the skin looks under the hair. Now let's add the ear and we consumed by creating the shape using the same method. Take the pencil. The shortcut for it is beat. We need to make some kind of triangle here, and we need to merge it with the already existing skin but firstly, winning to apply the same capacity level as our main skin ease. So let's let the future here go to the tumor and take the I drop it soon. Now we can hold the eyedropper tool over our main skin tone with the decreased capacity, click on it with the left mouse button and apply the same color and capacity level for our ear. So now let's fix it with the ANC oppo. And so by making the curve, you cannot do that. It overlays the basic skin, and we need to make both shapes as one solid object. So select both of them using the shift key and go to the Pathfinder panel. If you don't have the Pathfinder panel here on the right, you can go on the window. Pathfinder. Let's merge our shapes together by clicking on the icons Unite, and now all the skin we have is a one solid object. So we have our skin for the face and win. It's a goal on the whole body and create the skin that, too, de select our face just by clicking on some spare space. And let's start tracing the body shape as we did with the face. Take the pencil, start from the neck and go alone the shape with a straight lines. Keep in mind that two points will give you once move half a circle curve. If you have some kind of A s ship, you will need more than two anchor points. Both the points on the mosque want gave Oakland experts and don't forget to close the shape . Now let's apply the same capacity level. So take the iron, drop it suit and just click on the skin that we already have. And now we can move on to fix in our shape, so selected with a selection. So let's in the canvas with a control plus and let's start from the neck. Take the ANC, oppo and so, and start making the curse just by dragging the lines. Accordance. Who's reference? Also, you can play with handles if you're not very happy with the curfew have made. Don't pay too much attention through the parts that will be over laid by stripes or the other parts of the close, and you also can go beyond this place is that you know will be over laid by other shapes later. For example, like here with the upper part off the clothes and continue making the curse will fix all the bars. It now a looking very sharp, a beat later. Yeah, and when you're done with the main part, let's fix some sharp ages with a direct selection to, for example, let's that from the neck and here we can fix these angle by clicking on it and making it not that sharp. When you're clicking on the anchor points, you can see that there appears some kind over targets, and if you hold down the left mouse button and Greg it up, you will see that the corner is starting to look more smooth. So let's go along the shape and fix all the sharp angles using these methods. And at the same time, we can play with the handles. If you miss, click some anchor points, for example, you pull them not at the exact place you need. You can click on it with a direct selection, so and just move it where you need them to be. Yeah, okay. When you're done with the fixings, let's connect the skin parts together. So make sure that the neck connects perfectly with a face without some missing parts. When you're done with this, let's move on and merge. The body and hats came together. So think this election. So So, like both parts, all the scheme go to the Petfinder panel and click on Unite. I come and now skin is ready and we can move on to the face features part 3. Skin features: now let's move on and, firstly, long delay with the skin so we won't move anything after that. Create one really about the live with the skin. Let's give the names to the last to keep the document need and let's move on to create in the face features. Take the pens, hoping the solid black color. And let's that race in the eyes. Put two points. Serve on the color boxes because we just a stroke. Then take the anchor point to and make the curve. We can also add these wings to make the cat eyes. So take the pencil again and with a selected stroke starting from the end point on this line, create one Milan and hit the enter key. Now we can apply a different brush for this line to make it look a bit pre dear. So select along with a selection so and go to the top toolbar. Click on these books and select one of the brushes. Now let's increase the stroke. Wait, just make clicking on the up arrow here near the word stroke, and when you're happy with a stroke, wait. We can move on to feed the whole line click on this anchor point and may the corner a bit smoother. You can drag the line, make it longer and move it as you want. When you're done, let's add the bottom part off the I. So may the straight line take the ANC up until entering the curve. When we're ready, Weaken selected with a selection to go to the opportune bar and select. Another rush for this line also lets figs a stroke weight, and let's set it as free points. And let's add the lead using the pen to put two points. Take the ANC upon to and make the curve. And again you can select it with this election so and apply a different brush. Now let's add the Irish. So take the Ellipse tool. You can find it here under the rectangle to now Megan Ellipse moving, adjusted according to our reference image, and we need to select the color for our iris. So let's say it would be these blue. But we'll fix the collar a bit by clicking on the color books twice and by invoking the color picker window. And here you can select the different color, also with something in the stroke on the iris. So to get rid of it, we just need to click on this. I can not when the stroke books is selected. So now we have out Iris, and it overlays the eyelids that mean that we need to get rid off the other part off the iris and to make it when you to select both Iris and the upper part off the I and when they're both selected, winning to go to the tuber and find the shape builder to. So let's elected and hold the mouse cursor over the part that we don't need. Now hold down the out gay, and now you can see that near the arrow. There's a little mindless Aiken, which means that we're gonna be deleting this part. So click on it with the left mouse button and this piece will disappear. Now you can not. Is that our line change? It's appearance a bit, but we can fix it by going to the stroke panel. If you don't have it here, you can go on the window stroke. So in this panel you can find a little icon cold sleep alone. Let's click on it and it will change the direction off our brush when the line has the right direction. We need to hide the Irish behind the eyeliner, so select the line, click on it with the right mouse button and choose. Arrange. Bring to front, and now it's on the right place. So let's add a few eyelashes on soap and on boards on islets. So take the pencil and you can add eyelashes by creating the straight line and taking the anchor point until trimming the curve. Or you can do it just with the pencil to make it just with a pen. So pull the first point here on the line, and when you're going to be put in the second anchor point, hold down the mouse button and drink the handle diagonally up. When you're done with the curved, release the mouse bottom and continue making the eyelashes. Using one of these techniques. Fix the curves if you needed with a direct selection soup, when all the upper eyelashes already we need to select them all by holding down the shift, get to apply the different brush for them and I'll take these triangle brush. This time, let's also increase a stroke weight and pull the eyelashes on the boards and leads so again with a pencil, create a few lines. Take the anchor point so and make the curves, fig them with a direct selection to now select all of them with a selection to apply. Another brush increases stroke weight and fix him if it's needed with a direct selection to when we're done with this, I went to make the second I on the other side, and we Condoned by using the same technique. Over can make the copy off the I we've made on the other side and fix it in beads. So let's make the Korpi. Firstly, let's elect all the I elements and group them to make the group. We need to heat control G Now if we're selecting, For example, the Iris were selected all the group elements, so let's move on and make the Korpi off the I select the group and weigh the right mouse button. Click on it and do the full win units to choose transform. Reflect into the spoked up window. Check the preview books Celinda Vertical Axis and Click Korpi. Now I have a Corby off this I and we can move into the other side. Let's adjust it, weaken, rotated and make its mullah with this election, too. And let's just do some manipulations to apply this. I toe our reference picture. We need to move the iris and make it a bit bigger. We still can use a direct selection suit to fix the separated elements inside the group. So take the direct selection to select the Irish, move it to the site, take the selection so and make the Irish being about drinking the corner up for the fallen fixings. Let's get inside the group, so click on the group twice and you'll get into the isolated moment. So select the iris mood and place it where we needed to be. Fix it with a direct selection, so the way it wouldn't go beyond the islands. To get out from the isolated Mort, we need to click twice on the error on the upper left. When the second I is ready, let's move on and add the eyebrows for the Ambrose. Let's take the pen to select a color from this watches. Let's take these black and let's that put in the anchor points when you're done with the shape selected with a selection so and decrease that passage is so you can see the reference image and the shape we need to follow. Now let's like the anchor point to and start making the curves as we did before when you're done with this shape Wiccan figs, a sharp corners with a direct selection to and also let's make the optical around it by clicking on the point and dragging the target down. Let's repeat the same on the other side's saying the pencil. Start making the shape. Take the eyedropper TSU and applying the same appearance as in a previous broke mehndi curves and fix a sharp angles, say the direct selection two and made the ABA corner rounded. Now let's move on to the nose for the nose will just raise this inner part. So let's start by using the same method. Select both nostrils and with the andro Batou being the broke collar, start making the curves by taking the anchor point to. Also you can convert a sharp corner. Inter s move one by clicking on it with the anchor point. So and with health on mouse bottom, just moved. Handle to the sites and continue making the nostrils. Figs a sharp winners with a direct selection to when you're done less move on Tuesday leaps . Take the pencil and select a color for the leaps from the swatches. Let's start from the left corner and bones, the first anchor born here then going on the shape bones. The next anchor points on the most going gave or corner exports. The shapewear making doesn't let us see was going on Andre. So let's take the selection. So select the shape and decrees that passage in. After that, take the pencil again and continue making the shape from the last anchor point we've made close the shape and let's start making the curse by taking the anchor point Soup converted sharp corners into the smooth ones. Click on them with the anchor point Sue and withheld down mouse button. Moved the handle to the sites figs, a leaps with a direct selection, sue and may the corners a beat smoother. And let's move on to the boredom leap. Think the pencil and let's start tracing the shape. Close the shape. Take the eyedropper tool and being the color from the opera leap. Start making the curse with Anca Po and Sue. Take the dark selection suit and make some fixings. When you're done, let's merge. Both leaps together, so select them and go to the Pathfinder panel. Click on your night. I come and let's continue fixing the lips with a dark selection. So now let's move on to the inner part on the mouth. Firstly, we need to make the dark part in sight, so create the shape and apply the black color. We need to pull this black shape on the the leaps. So, firstly, let's increase the capacity off the leaves to 100%. Then select the black shape and by hitting the control plus left square bracket, put it on the the leaps. No need to add the teeth, but firstly, let's like both leaps and black part and decrease the capacity to know where to put the TIF according to our reference image. So make the shape, apply the white collar and again with control. Plus let's where break it, put it on the lips. Now let's select all the mouth elements and increase their capacity to 100%. And let's fix some elements. For example, let's make the teeth not so sharp and just make the corner surrounded and continue fixing the elements if it's needed. When you're done, let's elect all the face features and increase the capacity to 100%. And we're done with this part. In the next part, we're going to be tracing the hair. 4. Hair: Now let's move on and let's at the hair. So, firstly, let's locally with the face features. Create one million above. Given the name and let's start making the hair. Take the pencil, select the black color antlers begin, so we're going alone, the shape again, using the same method as we used with the skin. Let's start from the top and just going along the shape with a straight lines. Let's decrease the opacity so we can see the inner part elements. Click on the shape you've made with a selection soup. Go to the opportune bar and decrease the capacity. Get back to the pencil and from the last anchor point you created, continue making the shape when it's a friend, the skin to So just go along the face while putting the anchor points. We need to see the floor, all the hair here on the face by the facial features. I get in a way so we can just hide the lay by clicking on the eyeball in the last panel. When you did this select, you have with a Selection two and continue making the headship till the end. No, I can increase the capacity and move on to the curves. Take the anchor point so and start making the curves going along the shape All the edge of parts will fix a little bit later. When you're done, we can start fixing the shape with a direct selection soup. Also, we need to cut out this part here on the right. We need to end this shape with a pencil and we need to select both the shape and the main hair. After that, we have two options off how to get rid on these peace. So the 1st 1 is to go to the tuber and find the shape builder to over the mouse cursor all the bar that wouldn't need. And with Al Kik legal it and it will disappear. The second option is selecting both parts. Go to the best finder panel and quicken on the miners front. I come. The result will be the same. Now let's move on to our fixings. So increase the capacity to 100% and plus continue fix in the shape with a direct selection to when you're done with this part out, hair is ready and you can unhygienic face features layer and in the next part of a glass, we're gonna betrays in the close 5. Clothes: Let's move on and let's that race in the close along the lay with the hair and let's make wanna lay above and we'll start doing the same things as we did before with the hair and the skin. Take the pencil. Select a color for the clothes outside this yellow and let's start from the straps. Jazz goal in the shape with the straight lines. Kloza Shape selected with a selection so and decrease the opacity When we have one strip, let's move on to the 2nd 1 and trace the shape. Using the same technique. Kloza Shape. Take the andro Batou and applied the same appearance as it is on the left strap. Get back to the pencil and let's move on to the body. Who let's start from the top left. Lower the capacity after making the few anchor points. Select the shape with a selection so and decrease the opacity on the opportune for. Or you can use the eyedropper tool for that and let's get back to tracing. So take the pencil and continue making the lines from the last anchor points. Close the shape, and when you're done, let's move on and start making the curves take the anchor point to and lets that from the top. Don't forget that you can convert the sharp anchor points to a smooth once just by clicking on the anchor points and dragging the handle to this site. - When you're done with this part, saying the direct selection, sue and start fixing the corners just to make them smooth and round. Also, let's figs the strips like. So when we're done, we can add some details, like the clasps, the pocket and the buttons. Let's start with the bottoms. Take the Alps to select the blood color for the bottoms and ledger. Start making the ellipses. You can copy the elements by heating the alky and dragging them to the places you need them to be. So the buttons are ready and we can move on to music, rests elements and will create them by making the ellipses first. Let's form the color boxes and just are creating and adjusting the shape according to the reference image. After that, create one more ellipse adjusted, and let's select both of the elements. Take the shame, build it so and just connect them by drawing the line. Now that's like those corners with a direct selection. So and just pulling, I beat down to make them smooth. Make some adjustments and fixings. If you need them, increase a stroke weight, and now we can put the clasp under the strip just by heating the control plus left square. Break it a few times. Also, let's put the bottoms on soap and to select all the buttons. In one move, we can click on the one of them and go under select same field collar, and all the buttons are selected. Now let's click on them with the right mouse button and choose. Arrange greens of front and all the buttons now in the front ground, and let's moments to create in the same class on the other side. I'll just take the pencil and make it with the curves, but you can use the same straight lines method as we use before. When you're done, let's add the pocket and the belt. So for the pork, it win you to take the pencil again and just raise a shape. Celinda Color. I'll take the same black, but let's decrease the opacity so we can see what's going on under the pocket and let's make the curves using the anchor point to also let's add the belt. And again we're taking the pencil and we're going alone. The shape. Take the eyedropper, too, and select the same color as we use for the poor. Kids. Make the curves with the anchor point Sue and after that, feeds the edges. When you're done, let's at one element here, for the clothes will add just salon for dividing these parts. This elect Arifin. Take the pan so pigs the black color swarmed the color boxes and let's just create the line . And when you're done, just heat. Answer. Now let's select the line with a selection. So increase a stroke weight and let's start making the curves. Take the ANC upon to to make the curves. Take the direct selection so and start fixing the corners. But now we're almost done with this part, and we can add one more digital here for the arm. So let's on high delay with the skin and let's at just a dividing line. Take the pencil being the color. Let's say for now it will be these blackish and just repeat the shape. Take the ANC upon so and make the curves. Grab the direct selection, so make the corner smooth. And let's connect this line with endpoint off the arm. And let's said the different brush for the slime. Take this one, increase a stroke, Wait and let you got what we've done. Now we can unlock all the layers and select all of them just by clicking on these places near the targets in the layers panel to select more than one layer. Hold down the shift key when they're all selected, go to the opportune burr and increase capacity to 100%. And we're done with these part. In the next part, we're going to be adding some details to complete the whole illustration. 6. Details: so, firstly, let's add a few shadows one under the neck, the other under the breast and a few shadows here on the islands. But before doing this electrical, if we need to fix anything, we lost the button under the belt. So let's select the belt and by using control plus left square, break it, bring it may be to back when the bottom is about the belt. Let's pick another color for it. Let's say it would be red and continue making the fixings either needed. Now let's move on to make in the shadows, we're gonna be doing it on the skin layer and for making the clipping mask, take the pencil, select the color for the shadows and make the shape under is ahead and let's at one Machito on there's a breast. You can go beyond and overlay in the objects. So when you made these two shadows, let's move on to the cleaving mask. To make the clipping mask, we need to select skin elements and to make the Korpi of it. So let's hit control C and then control shift V to make the corporate right in the same place. Now Heidi, Layaway the clothes so we can see the shadow. Select two shadows and then you could be off the skin. After that, go to the object clipping mask make, and now we have the clipping mask. Select the next shadow with a direct selection, so and start fixing it with ANC. Upon so and the direct selection to when the first shadow is raising, let's think the 2nd 1 by using the same in Capua NSU and direct selection to let's decrease the capacity on the shadows and continue fix in the element to make this girl on the right . We can add a few more anchor points on the path that we already have used the same method as we used with the main elements. You will need the at any point to. I'll put four more points and continue making the curve when you're done with making the shadows electric out what we need to fix. And actually, we need to fix these places. Let's and the shadows owned elites so, as always, make the shape and fix it with a direct selection and anchor point tools. Apply the same shadow collar and a passage to level using the eyedropper TSU. When you're done with one shadow, mainly corporate on the other side, using transform to reflect, fix it by moving entrance stating it. Now let's elect both off the lead shadows and decrease the capacity so the man administration is almost ready and now again, move on and at the background, create one lay above the layer with our reference image. Take the rectangle to and make the rectangle that will make the same size as our our boat. Let's said the color for the background. And also let's hide the lay with the reference. And now we can move on and beautify something's. Firstly, let's go up in the background with a control C control shift we and a Planet Parton that we already have in our swatches panel. Also, if you want to change the color and bladed moments, we can use the Transparency panel. You can find it here on the window transparency, and now we can play with the blending moves. For now, let's leave it as multiply now electric out well, you can find the basic Parton's in Adobe Illustrator. Go to the swatches panel and click on the Swatch Libraries menu. I can in this drum down least you confined the pardons that over his exists in Adobe Illustrator. Let's click on the basic graphics doors and see what we have here. You can click on the arrows in the pop up window to switch between the categories, so let's select anything. Play with the Calamos and move on to close Spartan, select all clothes and make the corporate. Then go to this Fortress panel and apply Sam Barton. I'll apply the Zebra Parton from the Nature Animal Skin folder. Now, with selected Parton elements, we can go to the transparency panel. Choose the Multiply Column. Mort introduced the capacity you can select any part in you like from the library. If you want to scale the button, we can click on the button. We applied with the right mouse button and choose transform scale into this dialect window . We need to check only the books transform possum so uncheck the box transform objects, make the Parton smaller or bigger. Just by scrolling. The mouse will operate down into the percentage books and let's do the same for the background. I'll get back to the stripes. Botton click on it with the right mouse button, Choose transform scale and make the stripes bigger. And after that, choose a column or as a soft light. And now our illustration is ready. I hope you found this class helpful. And if you like that blister called the other classes gala, follow and leave your review and thanks for watching.