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Creating Mockups For Your Designs | Photoshop Tutorial

teacher avatar Lindsey Slutz, Surface Pattern Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Stockphotos

    • 3. Photoediting

    • 4. Card1

    • 5. Card2

    • 6. Plate

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About This Class

Learn how to create your own mockups for your designs. In this class, we'll go through the process of editing photos, creating two card mockups, and one plate mockup.

Free Bonus: One mockup to use for your designs. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Lindsey Slutz

Surface Pattern Designer



Hi! I'm so glad you're here. My name is Lindsey Slutz and I'm a graphic & surface pattern designer, blogger and the founder of East Coast Charm. I'm known for my preppy style that comes organically from growing up near the coast of North Carolina. I also gather inspiration from my travels and hikes with my husband, Eric, and our dog, Willow. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, which lends to helping create beautiful color palettes.

To see more designs or to follow me, check out Instagram and Pinterest.


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1. Intro: Hi, guys. Welcome to my new class on sculpture. We're going to get through the process of creating mouth apps for your designs. Markups are really, really great. Way to show your followers and what you're up to on social media. It's also a great way to pitch ideas to a company or to show a manufacturer what you have in mind. It's even better when you can create your own mock ups because you know no one else is using that so all along in order to create Markham's. 2. Stockphotos: to get started. Just know that you do not have to take your own voters if you don't want to. Or if you don't feel comfortable doing so, you can always go to a free stock photo site like unspool, ash or pixels. So, for instance, if you want to do a wallpaper mock up, you can search something like White Wall. Um, if you want to do something like a play, just search white plate and look through all of the photos I have. It comes in from a few different sites, so there's a good selection of images, but this one would be perfect. If you're trying to show off some patterns on your website, this is great to dio a wallpaper mock up. Also, if you want to do something for clothing, search white shirt, it's a little harder to find. But this one guy in the second row this Yes, this would be perfect for clothing. Mock up Any of these, like notebooks would work well. If you have a pattern with a darker background, you may want to search for like a black sure instead of a white shirt, because it'll blend a little bit better. And also, if you want to, you can use places like Adobe Splash or something like that. In order to buy photos, you'd have a better selection, and because you have to purchase that, less people will be using those images. 3. Photoediting: So the first thing that I always do when I bring my photos into photo shop, I want to adjust the colors and things like that just so it makes the image pop a little bit more so On the right side you will find an adjustment panel, and if you don't see it, you can always go Teoh. You were window and then address mints. The first thing I start off with his curves, and if you click right in the very center and pull it up to your top left, it is just going to brighten your image. So it's the first thing I always do this. My images tend to be a little bit dark. Second thing go to levels and all you're doing is adding a little bit more black into it. If you're sliding it to your right and that I do this once again with every single image, the third thing and potentially be your last thing, I like to go into the brightness and contrast and play around. Each image is different, so it may need a little bit of one and or the other maybe a little bit of both, and you can. Depending on the image, you may want to go in and adjust your color balance or hue and saturation. It's usually a quick process. Last thing you need to go and do is go to layer and flatten image. 4. Card1: with your photo opened and photo shop, you are ready to create your first market. First thing that you need to do is use your rectangle tool or M on your keyboard. You may not see your rectangle tool in case you've had, like your lips open. Just hold down on that and then you should see your rectangle tool. Click once at your image, and this is where you need to put in the size of your mock up. So, for instance, I know for sure this greeting card is five by seven because it was on the package. So if you have something that you're not sure of the size, make sure to measure it with, like a tape measure or if it is a stock photo, do your best to guess the size. Um, it doesn't have to be perfect because you gonna gesture designed to it, and you can always kind of transform the shape to fit the need of the mock up. It's like I said, I know for sure this inspired by seven. So just put in the measurement and click OK, Next thing you need to do is transform. I use command tea on my keyboard. It's really important to learn your keyboard shortcuts, but if you're not comfortable with that, just go to edit and free transform right. Click and distort. Click one side and bring it up to the corresponding corner and follow this all the way around for this instance, the greeting card. You could also do this with a bag or canvas or a framed artwork piece. You can always make a little adjustment side to side. Do your best to match it up as best as possible. And once you're happy, just click the check mark or hit, enter on your keyboard, go in and change this to multiply. And that way, all your shadows from underneath will show through to make it look more realistic. I'm happy with how it's looking so far, so I'm just gonna go ahead and jump into Illustrator and copy the design that I would like to put in this mock up so have laid out already as a five by seven command say to copy. Going back into further shop, you need to go to your layers panel, and that is on the bottom right and double click on your smart object, and it will bring up the exact shape that is in your mock up document. I'm just going to pace by heading Command V and make sure that it is a smart objects and click OK, and because I said it up is a five by seven, and it's fitting perfectly. You could just need Teoh. First check the check or click the check mark and then save. He knew shortcuts for both of these and what you have saved it. Go back in to your mock up and it looks pretty good so far, but I want to look it, make it look a little more realistic. I I want to make the card look a little bit brighter, some to go back in to adjustments and click on curves and brighten it just like I did with the image. Don't worry about the rest of the image. Just concentrate on the look of the card and then hover in between the two. So the address mint layer and then the smart object layer hover right between that holding down Ault on your keyboard and you will see this square with an arrow. If you click that it is going to create a clipping mask so it will only apply to that smart object. And I think with this brighter, it looks a lot more realistic than it did before. So you can see the difference between the two. Once you have completed your mock up and included an image of some sort, make sure to always save it. So Goto file and save as it is extremely important to make sure to save this as a photo shop file. So I'm just gonna make a folder for my mock ups, and then I'm going to save this as a card mock up, and you need to do that before you save your image as a J peg, just so you can use this at any point in the future for your designs. 5. Card2: with the second mock up, We're also going to change the color of the in blue. But to get started, we need to make the changes to the image to adjust color. So once again, going into adjustments and curves Brighton and then levels and the brightness and contrast I usually play around with it a lot just to see what I like and then layer and flatten image just like last time used the erecting little click on the image. And I know this is a five by seven. So I'm sure gonna put in the width and height and click OK, go to your layers panel right Click on your shape and convert to on smart object command t to transform and then distort Just like last time Bring the corners up toothy corresponding corner on the image Until you have completed all the way around Make any adjustments that you need to in order for it to line up correctly and you're done. Make sure it's who changed to multiply and I'm just gonna go ahead and paste in the image that I already used. Click OK, and then you need to save it. I use command s on a keyboard once, and you can change the curves if you want to adjust the look of the card. And then I used the clipping, my mask method that he did before, and that's use your pen tool once you have your image or background image selected and just make points all the way around your card. I chose this image because the card is laid out towards Super Easy to just make a few points and mixture to close this right click and Phil path, and that usually pops up with foreground color. But you can choose a specific color as well. Actually something in the image that want to use a pink and click. OK, I forgot to mention before. When you feel the path, make sure it's on a layer by itself and then right, click on your path and delete it because you no longer need that. You already have your color. No go in and change to color to see how it looks. You may want to play around with this and try, like, multiply or color burn or like overlay. Just play around until you see something that you really, really like. and you can always go. And because you have your layer with the color and can change it any moment by picking a new color using your paint tool and then just dropping it on that shape and it will change the color. You can also go in and add a hue and saturation adjustment and use your the scale and order to adjust the color to match your design. Make sure to do the clipping mask as well. It was really fun to see, like what different colors would work really well with your design. And I could probably spend hours just playing around with the colors and designs when I am doing a mock up. And don't forget to save, just like you did the just like You Did the last one. It's really important to make sure to save as a Photoshopped file so that you can come in at any time and update it with your new designs. 6. Plate: So this time we're going to do a mock up for a plate as opposed to a card. Um, doing a mock up for round items is slightly different than doing a rectangle. So to get started, I should want to crop this image because I can see some things past the wood that is the background for the mock up, and it's a little distracting. So the very first thing you need is the crop tool, which is fourth down on your left. I'm going to bring in the edges so you can over see what has passed that would background, and I want to even it out between the left and right. So I'm just gonna bring in this left side slightly. Check mark when you're done and like the other images, start with your adjustments. First, the cure's so click in the center and bring up to your top left and then levels. So click on the left point and drag it and to the right and lastly, the brightness and contrast. Like I've said in the other mock ups, I really just play around with us until I see what I really like, and when you're done layer flatten image. This time we're going to use a circle or a lips tool. And so the rectangle tool. And I'm like the cards we don't need a specific size of really just used. Holding down shift and making your circle and then adjust the size to fit your plate or your round object. The best of your abilities. At this point, it'll take a few tries to get it when you're happy hit, enter or the check mark and one of the go ahead and change this to multiply and then don't forget to right click and convert to a smart object hit command Tia to transform right click and distort and just a wind. This with your plate or around objects to the best of your ability with a plate that's not as important to make sure that it is to the edge of everything, because if it's not completely perfect with it, the edge of the plate will still kind of look like a glare from or slight glare from the light so it actually works a little bit better. It's OK, so what, you're happy at the check mark after you have everything lined up correctly. Go over to your layers panel and double click on your smart object. I'm going to go ahead into illustrator and copy at the artwork that I want for the plate. So come and see you to copy back into voter shop and command V to paste. Smart object. Okay, Going shift in Ault to enlarge the artwork to fit the shape. Enter or hit the check mark. And then, if you say that just like this, it's not going to work the way that it should for the mock up. So I'll show you, for example, coming and as to save. And you can see the artwork iss hanging over the edge of the plate. So right click on your artwork and convert to arrest arised image and then with your smart objects or the circle, hold down control and click in the center of that image in the layers panel and what it does. It's just going to outline your shape, and the next thing we need to do is go up to select with your artwork. Select announce of the shape vote to select and then in verse, I just hit delete on your keyboard this will delete everything outside of that circular shape, and you can say that. So command us on the keyboard, go into your mock up and now at fits the plate as it should. And if you would like to show some more of the detail of the play, like the shadows or anything like that, or you want your design to be less bold, you can always go into your layers panel, have artwork selected and decrease the opacity and what you're happy. Like the other mock ups, make sure to save as a Photoshopped file so that you can update this very quickly in the future.