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Creating Engaging "Narrative Infographics"

teacher avatar Jane Lennon, Software developer and graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Why narrative infographics?


    • 2.

      Step 1: Create the scenes


    • 3.

      Step 2: Find the images


    • 4.

      Step 3: Color palette


    • 5.

      Step 4: Put it all together


    • 6.

      Step 5.1: Design Process: The garden and the outsides


    • 7.

      Step 5.2: Design Process: Placing the images in the set


    • 8.

      Step 5.2: Design Process: Coloring the rooms


    • 9.

      The result


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About This Class

Narrative infographic: Let the viewers understand without reading a single line!



Infographics are definitely a huge trend. But is it creative and eye-catching an infographic that has just some numbers, percentages, icons and text? Are the viewers able to understand what is the article content just by the graphics?

Well, that is a challenge!

Let's make infographics that narrate the story and make viewers understand what is the article about without reading a single line.

In this lesson I will try to intrigue your creativity in order to think more from a story telling point when designing an infographic than just put on your project some relevant icons, numbers and texts in pretty colors.

You will mainly work with already made icons in order to create the class project infographic and the important and fun part is to concentrate in assembling the relevant to the story  icons into a big cohesive graphic.

the noun project is a very good source of icons, but feel free to look around for the icons that fit you and post any sources you know.

I hope you have fun!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jane Lennon

Software developer and graphic designer



My name is Jane Alefragi and on skillshare I go by the name Jenny Lennon. I have studied Computer Science and Graphic Design

I have been working for almost 7 years in the software industry as a developer. During this time I got to collaborate with  UI designers a lot and developed an interest for their craft. That was when I decided to expand my knowledge and study graphic design. 

Today I have a passion for both fields and I draw great satisfaction from being able to participate in both the programming and the design of a digital product.  My favorite sub-fields in Graphic Design are UI and UX design, illustration, branding, typography and visualization of information.Furthermore, I am a crazy crafter and I enjoy experimenting with photogra... See full profile

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1. Why narrative infographics?: My name is Jane, software developer, graphic designer in The Crazy crafter. In this class, I'm going to introduce you to the concept of narrative graphics and share with you my fun approach to creating them. First of all, what is Infographic and graphic is information accompanied by graphics and presented in such a way as to be both easy and pleasant. Perceive in the tropics are currently a growing trend. We find them supporting garden, these interpreters mints. Standing alone is the main content of finality or even talking at horses posters. But why narrative infographics narrative pictographic is a term I came up with. Another describe graphics that emphasize the visual last. Ideally, the visuals should be able to tell the story with sub supportive text. And the mother should provide specific days another boat, and that the infographic creates a scene that now rates the story behind it. I have found that infographics created this way and teens were brother and stand alone brother. Also, they're more pleasant for its 11 farm. Let's see an example. This isn't a graphic about the environment. It has graphics and information. It is a decent composition, and it come basically perceived. Here is the same content presented as a night of infographic. I can usually difference. Isn't it more interesting and engaging? It can stand alone better. It can even be used, acidic, waited poster. And if we find the text, we can easily understand the main content off the infographic in the following videos over , pick up a subject and go step by step through the process off, creating a narrative topographic. I hope that you will find the concept of narrative graphics as interesting as I do and Hughes full near future projects, so let's begin. 2. Step 1: Create the scenes: welcome to creating night infographics. Thank you for enrolling to my class. Let's start with the first step to creating an added infographic. This is the creation of the EPA graphic scene. Then for graphic scene is we're going to place all the images which relate with the infographic text. It must be a place where all the masses co exist in harmony and make sense. If you're making an infographic about Hill, then for graphic scene could be hospital or the doctors office. If your infographics about sports you can use it seem over court and so on in this class are making an infographic about safe. So my first feeling is that the same could be a house during night. What? What is happening inside the Rose? If this doesn't work, we can always change their seen later. While you're thinking about your infographic seen, it is very important to keep it simple. You don't want to come up with it too complicated or too detailed. Scene 30. Think of a place that can be easily created with simply elements the since elements should not draw attention away from the important parts of the infographic with her, they Mathis off the story if it helps make us kits noted to take that you've seen is easy enough to create. If you do so, don't forget balls it or your class. Brazil, where can give you feedback so drag come up with the perfect same for your infographic and follow me to the next video. 3. Step 2: Find the images: Welcome again. The next step equate in narrative. Infographic is to find a month is represented. Information you have to find, at least on a Mars or a set of payment is for its basic information. You can start by their lined important holds off its sentence and then think of a way to illustrate them. It Infographic send You have chosen. You can use third party with this program. Topographical. Make them from scratch. You can even have drove them. You don't have to use a computer for this project. If you choose to use third party images, it is possible that you will not find all they muddies, so you might have to create them by modifying similar ones. For this product, it will use images from the non project. It is very important that all the images you use have the same style. Let's see some examples to kick Understand these. These are to stay human. They're both minimal, and they're filled with color, but they have not the same style. The left one has three knobs and feet with sending hounds and sues, whereas the right one has becomes and fit with around corners. The next time of this do have the same style. They're both to medical field with color, and they have no the days. The Poland is another example of the mothers with the same sky. They have both only stroke, no feeling, and they're more to take on the previous it. Let's locator important worlds. In this queen. You can see all the thoughts about sleep that we will use to create Infographic the important words off its parts. Done that with still both letters. These are the description of name of this who want to use and finally, after a lot of pursuits. These are the name of this I decided to use for the slip Infographic. They're all from the non project. They once that they're exactly what I was looking for, are marked with till border, then once marked with pink border are the ones that I made by combining elements from multiple Muncey's. But wait, have some more work to do. We need so many mothers in order to create the same. For this project, you will need a house representative to create the kids in room and lump to give light and make the awake rooms of the house turned out the moon because it's night and some grass for the garden unless their place. If the flat call or seems dull to you to use it, take circle The background I chose to use in a much of a story night, but don't hide with side is right now you got always experiment with background after you complete infographic. Remember, though, that it has to be something discreet that does not grab the attention. And let's name on this in the text stand out. The most difficult part is over. It is time to choose your images and don't hesitate. Post them on your class project for feedback. 4. Step 3: Color palette: it's time to talk about the color palette. It helps in low to decide on the color you will use before start creating your infographic . The callers will be relevant with infographics topic for the slip infographic. I chose to use gray, black, blue, white and yellow. If you're infographic is about health, you could use green or INTs wide and so on. Be careful. More than five different colors in your project are too many. Furthermore, you can always use extra together. Callers settles red for danger, gripper good and so on. A helpful tool to create color palettes is color by adobe former known as cooler. You can create your own palate. You can low the picture relevant with the topic and let the tool choose color combinations for you. Or you can search the already safe themes for the top you're interested in. Play around in order to find the right colors for your project and follow me to the next video, where we will create the infographic 5. Step 4: Put it all together: It's time finally to put and for graphic together, begin by placing all your images in an empty project or blank set of paper. If you're drawing by hand for this project, I will use escape an open source. Better design software Parkettes seemed like Adobe Illustrator. We will begin with their up said they were per scene, avoiding too much today. Later, we'll place the rest of them of these at the proper allegation. You can use color as you like, but it is advisable to practise moderation and keep things simply be consistent with your use of cooler. For example, own people should be the same color. If one of them is red, it could mean that he's in danger. Sick or me tired, you may use the bread callers of your pilot to draw attention to something go to market. That's important. Even perspective might be tricky. My advice is to use different tones off the same color objects of the same size class should be the same size. What example? Other people who have the same hate more or less same size here and said there you don't have to be realistic. It is preferably be dramatic and expressive in the the rest off getting your message across , you may shrink or grow up. That's two extremes. Or place them to or not. Relegations. Don't get caught up in the details. Just use the elements that contribute to demographics. Message. You don't have to design stairs and doors and the furniture of a house. Use on Lee The elements that make you understand that this is a house and infographic should use no more than two phones. One should be simple and modest, and the other should suit. Then for graphics aesthetics. Use the first for the text and then second for the title start Basics and important words. He family. Alternatively, use the first phone for all the checks and difference e eight. The port information by blink around with its size, weight and color. Listen, that's so that they don't obstruct the flow of the scene. Make so that they live enough space to let them out to sober up. Finally use lines or other connectors to connect blocks of related text if necessary. Well, that was all. Now you have the knowledge to make your room, not infographic. Play around experiment and low And don't forget to post your infographics on your glass project. Follow me to the last video off this class where you can see the final infographic. 6. Step 5.1: Design Process: The garden and the outsides: part of the creation crosses. As I said, they will use escape and open source vector graphics software. The first thing I did was to Donald load them. And since I wanted a specters the S beautifies from the non project and place them in a new project. I will begin by setting the garden scene and the outside items of my infographic. As you can see, I have outlined the house in months and I have separated date in four rooms and the roof room by creating four simply wrecked Adi's. I have decided that the rabbit, this nail and the spaceman will be outside the house. I coping paste the same us for the grass and they sense a bit the size for diversity. The size of this nail on the rabbit are not realistic. But as I said, I have to do this because I have to be expressive and make viewers notice these two elements 7. Step 5.2: Design Process: Placing the images in the set: the theme Next type of grace impulses is to place the mother's inside their owns. I will have two kind of rooms. One. We're slipping, People will be and run. Were awake or almost a word. People really do the activities. I don't know from the beginning. Woods Room contains what? So I just play around there. Really? Normals are steps to describe this process. Experience. We come by exercising, making for graphics and next exercise in order to become familiar with balance, harmony and group concepts that are important for every design creation. Notice that adjust the size is off for the other stick event, so they will have almost the same size. Experimenting is the key in the whole design process, as you can see almost no elements. Stacy, the little position experimenting with color is important toe. I use the colors from the palette have created, but I'd say the tone whenever I need the placement that you see these video. It's not the fun around, because experimenting never stops 8. Step 5.2: Design Process: Coloring the rooms: thing is the final part of the grace and process that I will serve with you. I realized that I have to distinguish somehow the wake rooms from the ones that people sleeping. Usually such rooms. There is light. So I'm going to use light above ground and lighting lamp e like Great triangle. Coming out of the lamp will make the slut whole background more interesting. - Stare at their own were the hunger person is. I realized that it does not remind kids in, so I will use a refrigerator for this purpose. Notice that I use any months that has the same style with all the other months I have selected. Sleeping rooms have a flat roll, and that makes them boring. So we'll use windows where the sky will be visible from in order to make them more interesting. - As a background, I used a high resolution, the much office very night. Finally, I notice that the black outline of the house does not make end contrast with the dark blue night sky. So I will say that to a light gray color that makes contrast with both blue and darker grey of the rooms 9. The result: I present you my final infographic. I have to admit that after falling methodically the baby steps, this came out pretty easy and not run. I almost knew exactly where to put it seem out. If you know this 18 theme of this with a color cycles and place some miners before them because it got the feedback that the message was not received. I used the lamb and the light grey trying in order to light up the awake rooms and make them less dull in the sleeping rooms, I used windows to break up the flatness off the background. Finally, I used lands to connect its textbook with a related demons, and I decided not to mark out any world as important. That was a very pleasant and amusing experience for me. If it was for you to, I included you to continue experimenting, creating nor it infographics with different styles. You can use outlined remedies, hon drone or even use mixed media and Coghlan's thank you for goats in my class. I can't wait to see your narrative infographics