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Create your own unique board game "Hidden Words" with Canva!

teacher avatar Panos Papadakis, A positive human being!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The subject and the words

    • 3. Designing the squares

    • 4. Inserting the words

    • 5. Filling the gaps

    • 6. Decorating our game

    • 7. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Hello everyone and welcome to my class! My name is Panos and this class would be really fun and creative because i will teach you how to design and create your very own and unique board game "Hidden Words" to play with your friends, your family or your kids! It's actually a game for anyone and for all ages!

Hidden words is a very easy game to learn it and to play it and after this 22 min class it would be also very easy to create it! No special skills are needed for this class and the instructions are really step by step. To design our game we
are going to use Canva which is a free and easy to use online tool.

After you complete this class you will be able to easily create your own board game and if you have any question or need extra help you can can feel free to ask me anything that you want. I am always here to help all my students!

Thanks again and see you inside my class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Panos Papadakis

A positive human being!


Hello, I'm Panos.

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to this class. My name is Spano's and I live in the beautiful grace. I'm sure that you already understand what this class is all about. It's all about fun. I'm going to show you and God you step by step how you can design your very own board game . Hiding words. Yes, your very own unique birth game toe Blake, with your friends, your family and your kids. Hiding goals is actually again for anyone and for all ages. It's this very simple and easy to learn it and played. Basically, we have our board with his full off letters, and inside this board, there are some hiding words. What we need to do is to simply find these goods. The votes could be found horizontally, vertically or their Connolly. This game can be played by two or more people and one after another. It's player have to find one of the horse inside 10 seconds. So when one player is setting for the horse, the other planet will check out the time. So they said, Who is going to start faced? You can flip a coin, say it's a very simple game in order to design it. We're going to use can va con va is an easy to use online designing tool, and you can use it for free. It has some paid features, but we're not going to need them to design our board game. So are you ready? Great. Let's start our journey right now. 2. The subject and the words: So let's start with something basic, the subject and the guards off our game. Like American in the first video, it's one of you will be able to descend your very own unique board game. So after this class, you game will probably be a lot different than the games off the other students. This will happen because faced awful, you will just a subject for your game, and this subject can be anything that you want. Let me give you some examples. Let's say that you like dams. You can just dance as the subject of your game and you can two words based on that subject . For example, some of the goals you could choose could be ballot this go step and irritable. Now let's say that you like the summer. You can then choose as your subject the summer, and you can choose records like beats, relaxation, swimming and sunbathing. I'm so that we understand how it works, and I would like to suggest you to find at least 8 10 words for your game. If you find it a little difficult to find the girls that do go on, you can visit the side related goals dot organ and then put your subject here. Let's say that our subject is the summer with high summer. We click the Great battle, and the site will suggest us a lot. Of course, that we can use besides the subject and records your birth came will be unique for one more razor because you will decorate it best or your subject. Don't gory. It will be easy, and we will speak more about that later on. But before that, let's start to design our game. 3. Designing the squares: okay, Time to design our bird game. Starting from the squares as a master in the first video, we will use convert to design our game. So the first step is to go toe can va dot go and create a new and free account. It's pretty fast and easy to do it and it will take you just a couple of minutes. When are you saying up and look into your a cow? Your convertible coffees will look like this, but without all of these graphics here, these are the virus things that I have already created using. Can Va does that create our board game? We go right here in the use custom, their mansions battle and we click on it. Then we'll use the maximum with and depth that we can in order our board game to have a good resolution. So with that, 5000 in it failed and we click on design here in this new paid, we will design our game. As you can see in the right side. Off the page is square. We're going to design and in the left side, off the bed we have our values designing tools. What we need to do now is to click right here in the elements battle and then select the safe stool who select this one. It will appear in our screen. This is of course, very big. So we're just going to make it smaller like this for our game. We're going to create a board off 64 squares, so we need tohave eight lines off eight squares. It's to create another square like this we will selected and then click here in the Kobe battle. This will create another square for us. We will take it and will put it right next to the 1st 1 like this, then was elected both of the squares like this and we click again the copy battle. This will create two more squares and we're going to take them and put them right next to the other two. Then we will do the same thing for these four squares to make them eight. Now, the first off our eight lines is ready. Who select the whole line off our H squares and we'll create another one with the same way and put it right under the first line. Then we select the to lunch together and create two more. And then we select the four lines and cleared for more. And now our books of squares is ready was elected and we put it in the center like this. At this point, we're ready to add our words toe the squares. 4. Inserting the words: all right, timeto other words in our squares to do that face, we click here toe there at a new page button to create the second page that we're going to use for our board game. In this page, we will ride all of our words together. To do that, we will click right here in the next battle, and then we select the 1st 1 that say's are heading. Then we click on it and move it, black these and then click on it and we start typing our words blow. And I had the purple good a my agenda grain black. Why it? And lastly, pink. When you finish your list off words, you contend the phone or the size. If you like, you content the phone right here. And as we can say, you have many forms to juice. Uh, I think I'm gonna Jews. Uh, this one and you can sense the size from here. I believe this one is good toe in sector goods to our squares. And in order to make each letter to fit perfectly inside each square, we're going to add each letter separately. So what we need to do is to select all our words, then click cope again to copy the whole least. Now would they let everything except the first letter off the first World? And then we will make these size smaller like this. And lastly, we're going to make as many copies off this letter as the letters off each one off our words. So our first words has for lead. There's great three more with the Kobe battle and we change. It's one of them toe the letters that were going for our word. Also for the letters that were going to insert toe the squares. We have to make them all capitals or or small whatever you like. Better for your board game for this one, I will make them all capitals. Now that we have older girls ready, we're going to put them in our boards and where we want our goals can be horizontally, vertically or diagonally. But before we begin to put the letters off our first word, let's create another copy off one of the letters. Toby Ready to start the next world to put the letters in the squares, we simply drag them from this page to the square space like this. See, now our first word is ready. Now let's create another one and put it in the squares Vertically it Now let's do the same for our third work and put it in our birth diagonally. As you can understand, with all these colors, the subject off my birth game is currently a the colors in general. It is the right cool. Now let's also add there s before words Now from this point and for about one minute or something like that. And as you can probably understand the from Euromonitor you see from you more or from your phone If you see these video from your phone I played this part of the video in the fast forward mode because I hold I already saw you. How toe inside three words and I dont want is needed to be a huge You know, I don't want to bore you or anything, so you can, uh, just I just played first forward for you. I'm inserting all the guards. As you can see, this is the final Gordon they were being Let's put threat here. Very nice. As you can see, all the words now are inside the squares 5. Filling the gaps: So we have designed all our squares who have inside all our words. But we still have some square is empty. What that we're going to do with this squares. Go ask. Excellent question, But off course we're going toe. Fill them with random letters. And this is also going toe hide in a way, our words better to do that, we're going toe Copy some of the letters that we already have in our squares and move them where we want. For example, we click on the K from the whole being, and we cope it and put the other gay here. Then one more here and one more Here. Now let's take the letter B from the board Blue could be and put the other big here. And one more here. And one more here. And we do the same thing. Toe haven't lettuce as well until all our squares have Elector. Let's use some a w one more here. Now let use so e some. I also won. We can do here one more Here. Let's also use some you and he, uh, some b as well And where no one here and one here Almost done endless use. Also, some l here. Yeah, and lightly. This is our last square. See, now all our boats are hiding between all these different letters, and it's not very easy to find them. And now that our board game is almost ready, what remains the dough is to make it look better. So in the next video, we're going to decorate it. 6. Decorating our game: So this is maybe the most creative part of this class. Because here we will decorate our game based on our subject. And we're going to do this easily and first with a nice picture from Canada. Before we do this, let's face to go to the second page of our game and bring our guards toe the center off the page to make it look better. Excellent. Now we go to the elements again, and this time would use their free photos tool. Now best on your game. You can choose a nice image to find this a month you can scroll down or you can type your subject here. This way. Can will. So you relative pictures. So if a night Calder's here, I will see that there are many images available. Please keep in mind that not all the girls are free and the image that are indeed free are the ones that are mentioned here as free, like this one. Open this one, for example. I like this one for my game. So what I will do is tow blick it and it will go to my page. Now I will make it big get like this and then I will make it a little transparent with this tool right here for most of the images and number around 20 or maybe 25 is a gay, but you may have to make it bigger or smaller. In any case, you will see, practically because you also want records Tau Bay easily visible. Also, Now we'll do the same thing to the other, paid off our game, which is, of course, that they made page with the squares. I'm sure you agree with me that now it looks a lot better our games ready? Congratulations. In orderto play, we can simply printed in the next and last with over this class, I will serve with you some final thoughts that will hopefully give you some more ideas in order to make your experience of this class and your own game as better as possible. 7. Final thoughts: All right, my friend. Congratulations again for successfully rating the final video off this class. First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you for taking the time to participate in this class and comfort you Enjoy it as I am at this point, I would like to know that if you have any questions, you can always us and I'm here to help. I would also like to make a suggestion about the way that you're going to play in this game . Basically, there are two difficulty options to play the easy way and the hard way to play the easy way . You can simply use both of the pages off the game, the page with the spares and the pace with the cords using both pages made that you will know the source and you will simply try to find them to play the hard way. You will play only with the squares paid, and you will not know the world's only the subject. So if you will said simply for relevant words and okay, I think that I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, OK, Banos, this is a great game, but I cannot really played myself because if I'm going to create it, then I already know where the goods are and you are right. So here is where the skills our community will help this glass. Like any other classroom skills, there has project for the students. For this glass. I have two projects for you. The first project is to simply chose your topic and your words and upload them. The second project is Toe actually complete your own game and applauded. So when you go to see the project off this class, you will be able to find the board games off the others you days and you can simply use these to play. This way you will have a lot of games to choose flow and you will not know where the holes are. And very soon I will also create and upload extra games to download and play awesome right again, Thank you very much for participant in my class. And I really look forward to look at your ideas for subject and words, and especially to look at your finished games when you upload them Bye bye