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Create beautiful abstract artworks on iPhone / iPad

teacher avatar Jorge Luis Miraldo, Visual Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Find a starting image


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      Make your image pop out with Glitché


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      Textures and final touches on Mextures


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      Wrap up


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About This Class

I’m Jorge Luis Miraldo (a.k.a Shorsh on Instagram), I’m an art director and illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In this brief class, I will introduce you to a technique that I’ve learned through my daily experiments with images. I like to be able to play with pictures everywhere, so today the phone is a great tool to try things out on the go and put your imagination quickly into action. This is a really simple procedure to convert photos into abstract digital artworks that also have a cool analog look.

By the end of this class you’ll be able to create an abstract artwork entirely on your iPhone or iPad, an image that you can print on paper, canvas, or any other material… or use it as an hd wallpaper, or texture for your digital illustrations, photo collages and designs.  A very handy and interesting technique to explore and experiment even further. 

We'll be using Glitché app and Mextures app on iPhone. Now these two are for iPhone only, so I apologize to any Android or Windows users out there. The first costs $0.99 and the second is $1.99. Trust me, they really worth each cent as you'll have a lot of fun playing with both of these apps. Perhaps there are some alternatives to Mextures, but Glitché has some very unique features and is key to this process. You can also follow this class on an iPad, the workflow is the same as on iPhone. In fact, if you are using an iPadPro you'll be able to work with even higher resolution images.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jorge Luis Miraldo

Visual Artist


I'm Jorge Luis Miraldo (a.k.a Shorsh), Art Director and Illustrator based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My passion for creating images took me early in life to study illustration, painting and photography. In 2005, I graduated with honors in Advertising and Communication from Del Salvador University and worked since then in the industry taking part in the creative teams of International and local advertising agencies. Years later, I decided to start an independent studio dedicated to design and illustration projects. I always felt a very strong fascination for the traditional techniques of illustration and painting and their harmonic combination with technology, I wanted to be able to explore and learn more about that by experimenting with images freely, every day. Recently, I... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, everybody. I'm critical of middle, our director and illustrator. I recently started to share my work on Instagram, where you can find me a shortage. You will see a lot off in Magister that I've created us a result of my daily experiments with officials in this class. I'm gonna show you how to create an abstract artwork starting from a photo and using only your iPhone, right. But a technique that I've learned through experimentation and that became very handy for me to play with images and create something. When I'm away from a computer, we will create something similar to this using Tuapse cliche to make a couple of interventions to a picture and create a composition. And finally, we will be out in Dexter's and final touches to it using mixtures. By the end off this brief class, you will be able to create an abstract artwork in just a few minutes that you can choose to brained as opposed to a campus like it did here. Use it us a wallpaper. Or if you are on illustrator or a graphic designer, you can apply this kind of obstructions as a texture on your own illustrations. the science and collapse like gave it on the third example here. I'm doing this kind of stuff all the time, and I'm pretty sure that you will have a lot of fun crafting and sharing your project. And also, why not start in your instant on my counter? Share your stuff. I really learned a lot and started to polish my own personal style by creating a sharing something new every day. It's truly very rewarding, so let's start hidden role and see you in the next video. 2. Find a starting image: thanks for enrolling to this class. The first thing you need if you don't have them installed RD Absolutely. She and mixtures you can such for them easily by name on the APP store. Or you can use the links that I've include on the Project Tourism section off this class. Once you have this up since start, we can move forward to the next step, which is to find us starting image to work with. Sometimes I use one that I've created or taken with my camera, but more often I use any other public domain photo. This is very important because having a self created or a public domain in much will always allow you to explore both personal and commercial uses with your creation and a really nice resource to find a kind of image that we're looking for is NASA's Hubble Dusk, a website which is have bull side that work here. This website is full of beautiful images from space that our public domain and free for you to use. So let's go to Victor Album. Here you can browse by category or by year we will go with categories, and I know that the image that I like. It's under Nebula, I think. Bench three. Let me check it out. Here. It's Yeah. Duraid does nebula and visible light here. Make sure to select the best possible resolution, Jay Pek, because this will pretty much that remind the final size off your artwork. So we will go with this one right here, and I will tap and hold to save the image. Now I'm gonna go to photos, and you can select this same image or any other image that you feel connected with chest considered to have this nice difference off director and lighter areas. Also, this tiny details on a nice combination off colors will work better with the kind of effects that we're going to apply ugly shape. I'm going to explain this in more detail later. Another great source for free images would be in Splash. This is a very nice image bank with a wide variety of photos that are creative Commons free , which means you can use them for anything you like. Just keep in mind what I just said about selecting the correct pictures to use English A this one off the moon time could be also nice this one off the story night, you can experiment with other kind off pictures that are not so related with space. But for this tutorial, I will stick with our original image from Hubble site. And now that we have our starting picture, we're ready to move on to the next face, which is making it pop out use in the shape. 3. Make your image pop out with Glitché: here. It's where the real magic begins. Open up the shape. And for those who are not familiar with the suck, it lets you glitch or distort an image with a variety of creative filters that you can combine. And one thing you should know about this up. It's that it has a couple off in upper chases. One is the video editor and the other one the capability to export high quality images. I really recommend the second feature because it lets you export the yard, work at the higher possible resolution. Here is where we will transform the image the most and create something completely new. So click photo on. Select the image we saved Here you can assume in and out by pinching with two fingers on. You can also rotate the image by twisting your fingers. You have to decide here if you want to keep the black background or if you want to image to feel the space. I incorrect you to try both things. I think that I will leave it here in order to have old that black space around the image That's okay. And then you have to scroll down here and we're going to use this scene effect. No, that's looking really good here. You consume again by pinching. And also move your object with one or two fingers. Uh, with these handle right here, you can control the intensity off the dis planes, mend effect. And also you can change the background color. This is something that I often do with some of my images. But for now, I think I'm going to keep the black color. I'm gonna make it look less like a square, and you can't find the exact position in which you like it to be. I think here it's looking very nice. And when you're ready, you can't leak next. So at this point, you good click next again on you would be able to export they much from here bad. We have some work to do. It's something that I can recommend to save a copy in case you mess up the match rallying other effects. Now you can please click the blast sign to, uh, another effect. And it's time to smooth out this Dexter the Dexter left by the scene effect. We are going to use another of my favorite effects, which is LCD. This effect lets you increase the saturation of the course, as you can see, and also you can changed the hue, which is really cool, and it also lets you make ah displacement off the colors. If you dab on the image and move your fingers lightly, you can go crazy with this effect. If you tap, hold and drag your finger a long distance, you have a more greeted image. But I prefer to keep it simple. Satel and slightly in one, just one direction, so I will leave it here. We'll move a little bit and I think I do it again. It will move a little bit and now I can click next. So this handle right here lets you combine the last effect that you have with the original image below. I recommend you to experiment with it. I will leave it us. It is right here, and we will add another road off effects. Each time you hit this plus sign the effect that you have, it's destructive. That's why I saved a copy off the image. So in case you need it, you can always go back to that image on your camera road and imported again to cliche and start from where you left. Now we're going to use the scene effect again For a more displaced image. The shape will change dramatically. And here you can see why we choose this image. Wave de friend dark and lighter arias because lighter areas will rice up and darker areas will go down like mountain peaks and valleys. So I will displace it a little more. Something like here it's good. And then click next we can hit. Bless on DSI. What happens if we apply the LCD affect another time, See if we find a better color. Well, like this night blue collar. I think that I'm gonna go with this and displaced you manage a little bit more in one direction like it did before to achieve that painterly look and also erase the the shapes created by the scene effect. It's something more accidental, more interesting. And let me see. I like it here on. I think that's it. You can keep adding effects one on top off the other. Sometimes it takes a couple of iterations to get a really good image that sometimes it takes more than that it all depends on your starting image. That's why it's so important to dedicate some minutes to select the correct image, and you will. You will get used to do that with practice. You will get better and better, and you will be able to complete a piece in just a few minutes. I really encourage you to try the other filters because they are very intuitive on day. Have easy controls that you can combine with this effects that I've just applied, and I think that's it. We can explored our image and look forward to Dexter in and final touches on mixtures so hit next than here and save image. 4. Textures and final touches on Mextures: I'm on photos. This is the evolution off her image from starting to the end, our first modifications on the shape on the final image. Dad looks like some sort off exotic flower. Now we're going to open up mixtures and import that image. This is an up with an overwhelming amount of textures and feeders to explore. I will. Joe, you just a couple of my favorites, whether didn't this image. So let's go ahead and hit library and then the final image from cliche youth always select on cropped to keep the best quality of the image and know. The idea is to achieve a nice analog photography look by adding textures and doing some color drinking's. I'm a huge fan off mixtures. I have older premium backs. Bad. I will keep it simple for this class so you can explore the basics and look for in the future if you like, do the bring him back so you have more elements to play with. I'm gonna go with the radiance set, and here you have lots off interesting Jack's truce that you can apply wonder I like its place, but I also you can try all this and I don't know. Fire can says on fire is looking good. You can adjust to your capacity off the Dexter. Here, you can rotate it. Explore all deceptions if you can, because they can lead you to interesting results. And this is small decisions. Make the work even more off your own, you know. So here you have blending modes, the two circles for me blending most arcade bad. You should certainly explore this, and now I will add another layer. Go to emotion and at Jefferson, add opacity trying to five. You can save this texters on your favorites by pressing the heart, and you can find them on top off this list. And now I'm gonna add another layer off greed and Grain Blizzard, which is other one of my favorites at 75%. I think this is looking good now on important fitter off mixtures, and that's why we rest the blast sign. It's that each Dexter it's layered on job off the other. So here you can see all the Dexter's that we've applied and the Dexter's on the right are on top off the textures on the left. So if you cap and drug. You can move them and see what happens now. The small I I can lets you enable and disable all the layers so you can see the before and after. And you can do that individually on each layer. I'm gonna click, OK? And you have to also check the adjustment layer here because it's full off other filters and color tree kings that you can do like can trust temperature. I will make it like 20 tint his saturation. Now I'm I think it's good, so I will explored it. You should also check out the formulas here which are presets made by other artists. Dad will give you on extraordinary idea about what you can do with this up. And you can also export what which I just did a PSA formula also to use all this layers again and that's it. This is what we get 5. Wrap up: So we selected an image we transform. It'd into something totally you with cliche, and we made some final duchess and coloring and mixtures. Now the fun part. Create and share your own project on approaching gallery. I can't wait to see what you create with this technique training a different starting images. Combine other effects on the Chez. Use other Dexter's and adjustments and mixtures it cc just share one image until a little bit off your process. But certainly it would be really great if you have lost a couple more up to three different approaches. Tried to explain very briefly what you did on each case. Check out my project as a reference if you need. As I said on the introduction of this class, you may bring your image. Use it as a wallpaper or to texture illustrations and the signs like a deed Here. On the third example, I'm including some information about resolution and sizes. To do this kind of stuff on the resources section, please feel absolutely free to reach out to me with questions. Governments at any time also follow me on Instagram to see more of my daily experiments with visuals thank you very much for showing me on this class. I wish you have a total blast playing with this technique, and I'm really looking forward to hear from you by.