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Create a cute Flat Design illustration using Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Ashwini, Artist, master procrastinator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Before we begin


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      Setting up the workspace


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    • 5.

      Drawing the Character 1


    • 6.

      Drawing the Character 2


    • 7.

      Drawing the background 1


    • 8.

      Drawing the background 2


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      Drawing the background 3


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      Exporting artwork


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      To conclude


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About This Class


In this beginner friendly class, you will learn to create a cute flat design illustration using Adobe Illustrator. We will be using basic shapes like rectangles and circles to create everything in this class. 

Hi, I'm Ashwini, and I live in a beautiful town surrounded by mountains, in Austria. I work with both digital and traditional mediums. 


You can install the trial version of Adobe Illustrator here:

The color resources:

Meet Your Teacher

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Artist, master procrastinator


Hello, I'm Ashwini, also known as Print me some color on the internet. I live in the beautiful city of Graz in Austria. I love to work with both traditional (watercolor & gouache) and digital mediums. My most favorite things to draw are cute characters! 

A while ago, I stumbled upon youtube tutorials, and ever since then I have been posting tutorials on my Youtube channel. I also have a blog where I post both illustrator and painting tutorials. Go check it out and sign up for my newsletter if you want to receive freebies every month!

Come join me, let's create something together!

If you create something by watching my class, post it on instagram and tag me @printmesomecolor.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: wasn't this class on a hostage or acute illustration? In other we illustrator Hi, my name is Rush me on I'm in Illustrator who works mainly with digital and traditional form of God into this class weaken alone to create this cute administration using basic shapes in illustrator that means you're complicated tombs, no complicated methods and, yes, being not using the mental at our This course is perfect for bigness, and I'm sure even the experience one can take away something from this. It's okay if you don't have administrator yet are provided link for you to don't know the free tile so that it can download it and follow along. My goal here is to keep the class simple and easy to follow along. That's what divided into tiny video tutorial so that you don't get bored. I'll give you access to all the colors can everything that I've used in the studio audience , so that it'll be pretty easy for you. Start watching this class, and I assure you that you create something absolutely cured by the end of this Class C. In the next video 2. Before we begin: so the software that we're going to use in this class is called Adobe Illustrator, and you can find it on adobe dot com. I will leave the link in the description box so that he can go check it out for yourself. It is a subscription based costs about $20 per month. But if you think it's too expensive, there are other options. Like if you're a student, there's usually a student discount all if you're affiliated with the university. Usually us they ask you out of any was surprised software to its students. But if you don't want to do anything about that, there is also free trial motion. We can download that and follow along with me in this class. Now that you downloaded it, It's time to open your illustrator. It respect you off. If you're in a window system or Mac system, just go to your up on just open Adobe Illustrator. It might take a while to Lord, but that's completely OK. Your screen might not look like this because you would not have any files previously open, so it might be quite blank. And now it's time to create a new file so click on, create and here you might not see all this presence again, but it's told me fine, go here and click on inches because it could be much easier to understand when you're creating a fire in inches. Or did you could use centimeters as well? It's told me up to you on. Let's make this 11 inches and hide as seven inches. These are the advanced options. This might look like this for some people, so just go ahead and click on this arrow here so that it drops down. Let's make it RGB color and medium as 1 50 PPL. So the RGB color is usually used for screens. Antium y que is basically if you want to get it printed, so make sure there are two different things here. So you select the right one because depending on the color scheme that you choose, your colors would look entirely different. If you're going to get a printed, make sure you set it up a 300 peopie I. But for this tutorial purposes, I'm good just going to keep it at 1 50 p p. I. To keep the file size in a normal range So let's go ahead and click on Create. So now you have created a new file. So I'll see you in the next video where I talk about all these things on your right side of the menu. I'm sure a lot of people are not able to see this. You probably have a blank space here, and I'll tell you how to fill it up with the most useful tools. 3. Setting up the workspace: all right. Now you have your illustrator open with the new file in. And now let's talk about our workspace. So basically, here you can see the workspace that upset it into on it is a topography. If you cannot see this year, it's also available on the window workspace, and there are different options here, so just make sure your sensitive topography, at least for this tutorial purposes you can go ahead and change it to something else later on. If you feel like that is what you tend to do more and those are the tools that you need more. I'm just going to go to topography on. Keep it like this so you can see a lot of things here, like swatches, colors, ingredients. And there you have properties, layers and libraries. So let's just talk about this a little bit, so everything that you see here can be found on the window. So, in case I mentioned something and click on something here, But you don't have only work space, do not want to just go ahead on the window and you can see everything here. So if I uncheck this, the layer part suddenly disappears so I'm just going to go back and click on my neighbors and it comes back. So layers is where you're going to create typically different layers for each near off your artwork so that you don't mess with the other layers. Andi libraries is something where you store all your colors. I'll teach. You have to do that in the next video. And this typically where you control you have proven swatches and different types of color screams, even Grady INTs and even have to control strokes, so we'll get into that later. So coming back here, we have two more sub menus. I'm just going to minimize that. And this is one more sub Manu, which I use a lot. This looks very complicated when you pull it out like this, so let me just keep it like that. One of the things that we're gonna use a lot in this tutorial is part Finder again. It's on the window and part finder, so let's just minimize this by clicking on this button. On your left side is every old basic tools that you require on to be friends. We're gonna be using a lot off the shape toe here. So if you right click, you'll see different kinds of shapes here, and we'll be using three main things that is ellipse rounded rectangle on drug tunnel Told I will try to stick to just this one particular do in a indicted toria obviously can try to add some text in and so maybe two off these. Just go ahead and enable part finder libraries layers from human knows Manu, I'll see you in the next lesson. 4. Colors: Let's not talk about colors. No administration is complete without a really good color palette. So what do you do if you don't really have a knife or cover? Don't worry. Adobe has a one for website. Don't call us to be color, and it looks something like this when you open it right off the bat. So you have to sign into this in order to get all the colors into your illustrator. If you have a trial motion, I'm sure you're able to do that as well. So once he happened, you can just click on Explore Kind of gives you some messages. You can just ignore that. And there's the Pantone color off the year, so let's leave it. So here you have multiple color teams, as you can click on next, and you confined loads and loads off color teams really pretty once. So if you want to don't know something, you can just click on this download button, and it'll automatically sync with your illustrator on. It will show up in your libraries right here, so again, libraries on a window. You can find it over here so all these color teams are the ones that I got from Adobe Library, since they are very limited, like fry close only palate you can mix. Imagine, create your own color palette. This is the color palette that I chose, and then I used it up to make this particular administration, which we're going to do in this tutorial, you will find all these colors as a downloadable industry to file in the Donald section in this can share class. Just go pick it up from that. Or I would highly suggest that you make your own color palette because you know everybody's unique and everybody style is unique. So there are other sources as well. From American had really good color teams, and one of them is called us Color Hunt on. You can find really good color themes with their hex codes, where it can just copy them on it gets copied on. If you come to your illustrator, you can click on this on double click over here, and here you can just paste by pressing control or command me and then taking OK and it will change it so that particular color. So I'm going to undo that. So go ahead and pick up your color palette. You don't need so many colors. I started off with just the basic colors that's a yellow are red and a blue. And then I modified it to get a new attuned are, you know, slightly different color tones for it. So, yeah, go ahead and pick few colors. Maybe 5 to 6. I'll see you in the next video. 5. Drawing the Character 1: Not that you have finished all the boring parts. Now it's time to have some fun. We can go ahead and create this illustration that you see right here. Don't get intimidated. It's very simple and easy to follow. I'll be including minimum amount off time, laughs stitch so that he can follow along very easily and don't have to look at me, draw something like in a really high speed. I'm going to divide into two parts by first creating the little girl over here. And then we're going to create each element for the background separately and then bring them all together in the final video lesson. So let's just start with the girl. As you know, we already created a Blankfein here, So now it's time to create the girl. I'm just going to click on the girl. You can see all the different layers that are created. You're gonna be working exactly like this because this is much more easier to control than when you have everything's question to one layer. So I'll just copy this. I'm going to paste it here for reference for both you and me together so that we can look at it while creating it and decide if it's doing all right. All right, so first off, let's start off with the face. And then let's go ahead and create the head. So go to your rectangle to you could also pressed M only keyboard on your rectangle is already so Let's go out and make a rectangle off approximately the size, which is like a square, but we don't want a complete quit. So once you have this, if you were around here, you can see these four circles. So if you click on this and bring it in, it's going to create and turn it into a little open shape. That's what we need for the face. But we don't want this top part toe. Come in, aspirants. I'm just going to hold my shift key. Now click on these two dots right here. Click and put them back so that they become really sharp edges. So first thing is ready. Now, if you press me on your keyboard, you go back to your selection toe. The reason I'm using all these shock cuts while talking to you is because I want you guys to start using the shortcuts instead of going and typing on this or clicking on this Manito . That's because it might seem really annoying to remember on the shock it's. But once you start using it and trying to when you incorporated into your work, automatically get used to it to your hands automatically. Go and tied those shortcuts where you don't have to reach out to the mouth all the time and it makes your workflow very, very quicker. And so let's just click on this and we have color palette. So what I'm going to do ways I have this color palette, so I'll just select everything. Control, See to copy. I'll come back here, I'll create a new layer. Right now, I'm in layers and there's a bottom here with this new layer. So I'm just going to click on that and over here I'll just go here and lock the old layer because I don't want to put anything on this girl layer and now want Chris. Come on, we which would paste it here. I'll just move it aside so that it's someone here. It's then I can see it, but not in my view. Now I'll go ahead and lock this because I don't want to move on. Check this one. Click and go ahead and click on your shape that you created just now and press I on your keyboard to go to the eyedropper tool. All you can go ahead and click here and now would choose the color of the phrase. Now let's go ahead and make years because you want. Let's make the half us because we can barely see the face with this white background said Go ahead, click. I'm just going to click and drag to make a head kind of thing. And let me just drag it up a bit because we want it like this. Go ahead to your Daleks election toe. So now click and select only these two top portions. Oh, it selected this as well. That's not a good thing. So go ahead and sell it. Only these two things click and dragon in, so it's a little bit ground that looks good. And now we're going to color it look, but the faces behind this head. So we have to modify that things to click on this can do right, like a range and sent back all you could do is come on shift and open square brackets so that it sent back. All right, I had looks fine. You can move it up a little bit to give a little bit off a bump. That looks fine. And now this place is too big, so we can just do something about it. Click on the rectangle tool and we'll make some rectangles here. So are fringe, for the girl is ready as well, and the rest of the face looks fine. It's just that we need some years as it can see its nothing but tiny circles. So I'm going to, right click and go to my elop stone click and make a circle by holding my shift key down so that it is a circle on. Then I let go. And now, while color it color off the please let me just look at it. It looks fine. Click on it. Well, you're optional. Archy down. Click on the shift key down and drag it so that it is a line so clicking you're all the option key makes a copy off the element on holding a shift key. Make sure that it moves in a straight nine. Be quick outside. You have two beautiful us. Ready. Let me move this a little bit. Okay, You can adjust your hair now, and if you feel like it's too big or too then or whatever, there's like the perfect time to do that. And now let's go ahead at the neck, Nick, like Tonga and go ahead and add a tiny Nicole here. Now click on this and Holy shit canned. Click on this and press come on or control G to group them together and let's hold the three square. So if you have interest, command G to group them together. Now click and Celik everything interests center line again. You can find this under window and then align and it'll be fine. So a basic face is ready. And now it's time to on the body. It's time to add on T shirt, but before that, let's when you eloped. Stool on, make a rounded things like this and that's just gone. I to make sure it iss It looks like this. OK, and next up is a rectangle. Go ahead and make sure this covers, like from the inside off this place on to the side of the face on you draw a rectangle, go back to your dad selection tool, click, hold, shift and click, and then bring it in like this and it should look something like this. Let's go cover it the T shirt color. Now we have to make one more where it is thes shoulders. So I'm just going to click on this in control. See to copy Control F to pace. Don't off, and I'll just drag it out so that it's a little bigger than this one, and then I'll color it really dark red. Now move it to back like looking control shift on open square bracket, but your hair is now in the back, so I'm just going to click on this and press command shift and open square brackets so that its centre back I'll click on this outer rectangle on drag it in a bed so that it forms sleep. And next, let's go out to direct anger and click and drag and make a very then color like this and let's go ahead and send it to back and try to give it the darkest color possible. That's this one. Now it's time to make the hands. The procedure is the same. Just click and drag and make sure you follow this bottom line here and make it like this. And let's give it the skin color and send it to back. Okay, so your hands already as well, But you cannot see it because it's Freddie White's. So let's make sure this one has to come in the front. So let's bring it to the front. But its not aligned properly here, so I'm just going to bring it a little lower. All right, so basic shape is ready, and now it's time to add some eyes on this one. We do that in the next video. 6. Drawing the Character 2: Now it's time to add the final touches and make this administration a little cute and fix those tiny things to make sure it looks nice and beautiful. Okay, let's just still that so First of all, I'll start off with this one. I think I need these two. It just to be a little more flatter so that we have a little flatter face. And I think that should look okay on Let's make this part of the body a little up. Okay, I just made a shot. The neck and the Children. Fine. All right, So now let's add in the eyes because they form important parts or right click on your rectangle till and go to your lips. Stole Click only ship key and draw tiny I and let's just colored it black. So you can also go to your color again on the window and in color. Black here, and you can just crawl in and then dress really on your keyboard to go to the selection tool and click and drag it in somewhere Over here. I'm just going to drag it a little bit outside because I like it like that. Now hold your option called all key down click when you shipped down and dragged so that it goes on and forms a copy. Now I'm just going to sell it these two by holding my shift key and command or control G to group them together, and I align them so that they're aligned in the senator off the face. Now it's time to make a month. So to make the mom go to your tangle toe on, let's make a really tiny mouth as because this and I'll click on center line so that you know how it looks. So this is Look at that I was scrawled in. Now go to your data selection tool and click on this holy shit key and click on this on Dragon in so that it's completely around in the bottom. And now let's make the bottom part of it. So for that, good your lips, too, and click and making a lips. And let's just move this up a little bit like this. And let's give it the red color that we already have a hold on shift key and selling these two things and go to your Pathfinder again. It's on the window and then part finder. And let's just click on Divide and now has command or control shift and G um, group them. I can click on this part and just could contemplate if your face is almost ready and now it's time to add these cheeks. So I'll go my lips still again, and I'll make a circle holding my shift key so that it looks something writers on. We're gonna give it the pink color from the medal. My home on shift key down optional archy down click and drag and keep it like this so it's too dark. So I'm just gonna hold my shift and click on both and go to Transparency Window and then transparency and really use this transparency, too. And then 60%. I want to make sure that the eyes are in the front, so click on Come on, shift and close square bracket to bring it to the front. Or you can also right click, arrange and then say, Bring to front and your face is ready and we start to make some hair for concern right here , which is different colored, so right click. Could you rented rectangle tool click and drag to make these tiny ones. I'm just going to color at the color off this one so that, and click and drag and pull them on. Make a couple off them. Now it's time to make a pocket. It's the same rule as anything else. Rectangle this. Just make a rectangle. I'm just going to place it here to make sure the sizes all right on got your that selection tool Gone this and this polling shift and drank it in. And let's color this as yellow. And now let's go ahead and make around erectile on click and then drag to make a top kill. That's color it. It's white. Let's increase the size of them on the side. If you click outside, your girl is perfectly ready, and now it's time to make the background elements, and we'll do that in the next video 7. Drawing the background 1: Now it's time to make the background. So before doing that, let me just just this girl a little bit so that IHS ah, little wider to make it a little bit more queued up on. Also, I'm just going to Celik everything. Click hold my shift key down and dragged to make it a little bit more tinier and the click select everything and group them together by pressing Commander Control G. And now I'll click on center and then center so that it's placed right in the center of the airport. Your outboard is this white Bagram that you see here the chicken edges by clicking on this , but we don't need to adjust it now, So I'm just going to go ahead and make concert action toe. So let's get started with the background so you can see that this is the whole background. So we have some clouds. We have buildings here. And then there's this structure here and we're going to start off with the building because that is the most complicated thing here in this complete background. So let's do that. First, I'm going to go ahead to my Leo, which has to girl on unchecked this I button and click on lock to make sure it's locked and we don't see it. We have a brand new cameras, so I'll click on new layer, click and drag it down below the kneels the girl. You can also go ahead and name these layers by double clicking on these names here. So when you're doing a project which involves hundreds of layers, this is a very good tactic so that you don't have to go ahead and every time press on this I bottom to check what that layer actually has. So let's just go ahead and do the building. Now we'll be using the rectangle tool. So click and make some rectangles. Don't worry about the color right now, but which is going to go ahead and make some rectangles so that we have some basic building shapes? Ready? Know that I'm not holding my shift key down. If I hold my shift and make a rectangle, it's going to turn into a square. So now we have a few beliefs, but we want to edit some of these curves. For example, for this one, I'm just going to go here, click on my dad Ex selection toe. Click on this on this particular around here on Dragon in to make it a little round it like this so you can make many more things like that by having rounded edges. For example, let me just go ahead and make a square here and I'm going my dad ex election toe click on this on turn it in and we can actually do that like this. All you can also cook and and do it like this on place it here so that it forms don't. But you can see the tiny gap here. I'm just going to click and then go back to my selection tool and drag it so that it matches the attacker. So you see the pink lines here. If you cannot see it, it's called smart guides, and you can find it on the view and smart guides. So smart guides kind of help you figure out the center off circles or rectangles and aligning and things like that. So it's always good to have it turned on. So basic building block is ready, and I'm going to click and Celik everything and go to my part finder and click on Unite. So now this becomes one whole night shape, and now we're gonna go ahead and attach we nose and other minor things to it to go back to your tongue, er, tool and let's make some random rectangles here. Go to the round of direct anger. So now let's go ahead and make some balconies and go back to your title to click and make a balcony. And now he's going back him. You can get this pointer. You can press optional old click on your shift key down and drag it a little bit. So there's some space and now you press command d Come on or control E. It would repeat this action to give you formal off these things like this. So let's make balcony here as well. But for that, I'm just hold my shift key and select all these things. Well, my option are old Click hold shit and drag it to place it here and now I'll just click on this and drag holding my old or option and shit, and now you can see this tiny adult pop up. It says that it's equidistant, so I'm just going to drop it there and just come on d to repeat the action and make one more off that on. Let's do that. A bit more may be on this side. I'll just take this on and copied over here. Just keep one of those head and a couple of them were here as well. Let's make thes a little bigger. And then on the doom, let's put ah, tiny one here schooling. I'm just going to go here to my selection tool. So, like this part and make around second so that it's more off our don't turn OK, so I think our basic back structure is ready now. We'll click and select everything. Interest unite so that they're all one particular point now and you can move it and it should be all right. So, like I said, now it's time for some windows. And let's just do that cornea rectangle to again. But before that, let's color this one so that we have an idea of what color we want. Let me just bring this back in just to look at how big their structure looks, so we don't have to do any windows, anything for the structure right behind the girl. But we'll have to do for some things around her. And also I think it's too big. So I'm just gonna hold my shift on till this and press center so that it's nice thing online and this is going to coincide with the Porta More for background so they should be okay unchecked the I so that we don't have it anymore. All right, so let's make some nice buildings here. So first of all, I'm just going to take my rectum little and make up this one, and I'm just going to call it a bit darker. By pulling this down, you get darker color, and if you click outside, you can see that it's taco. We can change this color later on, but initially when you're doing this, I would recommend doing it on a different layers. So I'm just going to go ahead, love the building layer and make one more. And that's the be all window layer. So I'm just going to go ahead and copy this and press command D to repeat the action. Maybe one more on let's make some here as well. Let's make a square and make a copy. It's Simic that I mean, when you want to go to your selection, tune in between so that it's much easier to switch option, click, shift and drag and then press commander Control de to repeat the action. And you could do something. Here is where on, Let's make a door. And over here, let's make some window spot a grieving Mendy one. Okay? And for this particular do we need something which is like this, but we gonna con around the corners with us. So let's just go. That and that's make one more here. No, I think I don't need this on. We could probably make a copy of this. All right. And that's some over here, because it looks very empty. Okay, so let's just go ahead on duh do this and see if it looks older. Yes, it looks all right. So I'm just going to cross commander control here to select all these things and group them by pressing commander control G on their old group now. So if you want to change the color now, it's pretty easy. Just double click this on Whatever color you want on, you should be good Okay, so that's, like on the girl. And that looks perfectly fine. And Sylvia finished making a building. And now we're gonna make the other things that we see over here in the background in the next video. 8. Drawing the background 2: all right, so we created the building in the last video, and now it's time to worn to the different other things that we have to make. So we're making this structure in the background because it's the next complicated thing in this whole picture here. So let's just do that. I'm going to change it up a little bit. I would make it a little different from here, so let's just do that so good to erectile until But before that, make sure you have all the layers locked. Whatever we had. Let's create a new layer on here. Let's go ahead to our rectangle toe and make sure you draw a rectangle about this size. I'm just gonna move this older. We don't behind the building. And let's give this some really nice red color. Now it's time to make these elements on. I'm gonna show you how to do that next. So go ahead to our rectangle toe on and draw in a tangle like us. This is just to give you a night off idea of how picked these rectangle boss should be. I'm just going to ready. Is this a little bit making Valentina initially all right. So I'm just going to bring it up here, go to my dad. It's selection, tool and drag all the points in to make it like this. Now I'll click with my option key down on copy it and drag it so that it goes on and sits snugly next to it and press command d to repeat this. So we need basically the length off this rectangle right here. So I'm just going to keep making more. And then now we can adjust these things to create this effect on How do you do that? So for the 2nd 1 I'm just holding my option. King down Click called My Shift and drag it so that I will make a copy on dragging down. So that's somewhat like this. And I'm hold my shift and select both of thes good, my Pathfinder and click on this So it creates this dent Kind of a thing. No one. Go to my next one that switch to the selection tool and hold my adult key and bring this down a bit so that it looks like this. And for this one, let's make one more off this so on the auction Click and dragon and make this on hold bold and create Masaka not Let's meet this as well. So I'm just gonna do this for the entire thing. - So basically, this thing is ready. So click and select everything in press on, unite so that everything gets united. And now let's go up to the rectangle to I mean it to create a flat structure here, so click and drag and make sure it does not exceed the length. So be careful about that. The slicks could go back to your selection tool will your shift key and sending both off this and you can click on just this part is left behind. No, you can go ahead and place it on top of this and you can see it kind of exceeds here. So in this hold shift key on Dragon in to make it something like that. So I'm just going to click on it and change the color. So we're gonna make one more copy off this by holding our shift on option kid out and dragging it. And let's just move it here and let's give it a darker color, okay? And let's send it Teoh behind, and I'm just going to move it around a little bit. So if there's extra was click and drag and make it look like this and now you can probably move it on a little bit as well. No right click and select rounded rectangle to a click and drag and make around a direct anger on top. And we're going to give this the same girl as this one. I think it should be. This on has changed its swell. And then let's check out a rectangle click on drag and make a rectangle right below that. And let's give this darker color, which we have here already, and they should look something like this. So the only problem is that it is very close to the head. So we're gonna make some changes, control A to select all of this and press command G or controlled G to group them together . And now it's nice. So I'm just going to drag this down a bit so that it's a loop. Let India and we're gonna adjust the rest of the layer so that they go sit being little down as well. So let's just go ahead and unlock these three layers. That's the girl. The building and the things on the building come under control. A. To select everything. Click Konishiki down and dragged below so that it comes and coincides with this bottom layer, and you can see that there's a lot of space in the top right now. So if it's cool down, we can see that the girl is pleased in a way that there's some space here. So I'm just going to do this and double click on this rectangle so that it goes into the isolation ward. And then you can drag this down a bit on make sure coin sites, and then you can click this animal to go out. No, let's make some circles. So let's lock the other layers unloved Leo, where we want click ownership key and make circles on. That's make it black white. So we made our background Lydia's well, so now it's time to go ahead and make the other things in the structure. So let's just do that in the next video 9. Drawing the background 3: Okay, so now it's time to make the crowds and crowds a super easy to make. You can see a is just combination off you of the structures, and that's really easy to make. So let's do that so good to your lips. Still, click and drag and make a circle. Let's go ahead and color this one off are blue Goddio around a direct anger. Click and drag to make around the direct hunger. And let's make one more here. Could the selection tool click and select everything and go to your part finder and first on Unite, and this will make your cloud so you can make lots. Similarly, you could move that, Um, for example, Let's just go ahead and move that a little bit up and you could make that even Tina Attica , depending on your choices and then click on Unite. And this would make a. Now we have made multiple clouds here, and I just took this to separate clouds and put them on top of each other. So we just going to do that for the whole thing here. Okay, Clouds already on. We had one of these buildings with a little smoke coming out, but I changed the buildings completely, so I don't know if you really want to do that. But if you want to do it, you can make some smoke coming out from one of these buildings. That's right, Click and then go to a lobster and you can make some grey circles in a weird way like this on this work. If you color it as grey, it's got a color, and there's some great ones here and they should look like a bit of smoke. I can just put them behind right here. All right, so I think we are done with this part awful. And the only thing left is to add a very dark purple background on that. Still that so that's locked this layer. I'm going to make one more layer and place it behind all the layers, so this is going to be a top layer. That is what is traceable on top, and this is the bottom most layer. So this is like in the background, So I'm just going to wait ellipse to I'm going to click and drag on, make an Ellipse, and let's just give it some colorful now so that it's darker and easily visible where we can go to your selection toe and just this humble you want. I think I would bring this a little down something like this on maybe bring it out a little bit. And that's presente so that it's nice and center. Okay, so Circle is ready. Now we have to crop it so that it's not visible over here. So go to your rectangle door, click and drag. So that covers the part. Goody a selection tool and click on the circle as well. Holding your ship case of in Both of these are selected and trust. And now you have something like this where the background is perfectly feeling your rest of the illustrations. Okay, so we're done with the an administration, and now it's time to export it, and I'll show you how to do that. In the next video 10. Exporting artwork: Before we can export artwork, we should make sure that we had done with everything and it's ready to be exported. An optional thing would be to add text here. Like if you're actually working on something like making the invitation card or something about you can always go ahead and click on the textile and at some text here, and then you can actually sell it this text and modify the properties like the bond, and you can change the size and do many, many such things as well on. You can do those things to your ministrations if you really want toe. Otherwise you can just leave it as this and uses to export so you can export things in a lot of formats. Andi Ah, a few of the main things between use usually are exporting it as a PNG Ajay Bhatt on a pdf In this video, I'm gonna show you what is the difference between the three onder how you can figure out which one will suit your needs much better. But before that, I'm going to go ahead and uncheck this color layer because otherwise it's going to show up in all of my exports. So any layer which is selected here as shown will be exported and that's how it's going to work. So let me explore this as a P and J first could a five export on expert as in here We're gonna make it us A. P and G said go ahead and select in the Farmer S P and G. And now there are a few options I can get. I'm not gonna click on user port if you use click on you sort board. It's going to select all of the spaces in that. So let's just leave it like that and click on export. And here you can exported us. What of a resolution you want? 300 would be a very good choice right now. One people had won 50 because I don't really need it for anything right now. But if you planning to export, apply to websites or get it printed, I would recommend having a 300 peopie are so click on. OK, now everything. Go ahead and open up the file. I didn't show up like this with no white background. That means you can put it in any colored background so this type of export is perfect. For example, when you want to place it on T shirts, the T shirts come in different colors, and if you have a white background, may not look that great. So this is a very useful kind of export, and I use it in most of my outlook as well, because it's really nice to have something without a background, because then you can choose any color background that you want when you're putting it on things like, you know, bags on dumb clothes and things like that. Next up is Jay Pack, so you can go to file export on export us, and here you can give it as jape it. As you can see, there's so many different formats you can explode it in. But we just gonna do change back and then get a the choose use. Outpolled or not, it wouldn't matter much, so click on export and now that'll give you an option on what palimony one. Since the document was an RGB, this is what comes up. But you can change it to see him. Why K Just know that the colors are going to change about if you choose that, and then you can make equality higher or lower anything you want and click. OK, so let's go ahead and look at the cheap bag. So this is exactly how it looks like. But it has a white background. So if I had selected on use our port, this one where ground would have extended all the way a little more, that's because that's how off I looks like right now. So that's the difference between J. Peg and PNG and now for the pdf. So the pity of option does not come on the export, but it comes as when you you can try to save this fine as a pdf. But I would highly recommend going for an option. A same a copy, because what happens when you try to say this particle off buying as pdf? And if you choose that you don't wanna have anything capabilities, you would you lose the file. That means you won't be able to edit it anymore. And that's a really sad thing, so you can go to file and save a copy. In here, you can choose Adobe pdf and then you can give safe and here there's an auction. Carless preserve illustrator editing capabilities. So if this one is checked, the file is going to be super huge, which you really don't want. So you can uncheck that on. You can click on save PdF can take okay, And this is going to save it as a pdf. And if I go ahead on and double click on this, that's my pdf ready to be printed. So now, depending on how you want to use this, go ahead and explode your artwork. I'll see you in the next video. 11. To conclude: I'm so glad you followed along. This tutorial on you created your own in frustration. I would be really happy to see what your created. So applaud what you're created to the class Project section and I would love to come and talent you can don't know the color teams from the description box off this project. And I've also put in links that I mentioned earlier in the class. If you get stuck in between on, have trouble finding how to do certain steps, don't hesitate to common in the discussions on I would respond to you at the earliest. I hope youll really enjoyed this class. And if you did, that is all I would ask for. I hope you create minimal illustrations and not get intimidated by illustrator. It seems like a very busy too. But it's so easy to use one to realize how everything works. Thank you for being my students for this class. I hope you have one and hope you create more and more illustrations.