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Create a Zendala / Mandala Canvas with Acrylics

teacher avatar Zoe Ford, Paint | Zendoodle | Art Journal

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Painting the canvas


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      Drawing the zendala / mandala


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About This Class


In this class, you will learn how to draw a beautifully detailed zendala using a white acrylic paint pen, on top of a colourful abstract acrylic-painted canvas. You will use affordable, easily sourced art supplies to create your project and discover that drawing zendalas is a lot easier than you think!
NOTE: It's really called a mandala, but I like to zendoodle and I like mashing two words together, so I call it a zendala :)

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Meet Your Teacher

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Zoe Ford

Paint | Zendoodle | Art Journal


Zoe Ford is an artist from the United Kingdom who loves to create zendoodles, paintings and art journals.

She is the author and illustrator behind the e-book 'Freestyle Zendoodle' (no longer available), and sells her original paintings and prints.

Her zendoodle art has been featured in magazines and art exhibitions, and she has received commissions from a world leader in the pen manufacturing industry as well as individuals.




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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I'm sorry, Ford, and I'm going to teach you how to draw a Zen dollar. We're going to create a colorful canvas that you can display on your wall will give us a gift. I'm enjoying mandalas and zen doodles for about five years Now I find them really fun and calming to draw. I'm going to teach you how to paint canvas with acrylic paints and then draw ascend dollar on top using a white acrylic paint pen. The beauty of learning this skill is that once you know how you can draw them on any flat surface, you can think of any size, any shape and on any background. Let's look at the things you're going to need for this project. 2. Supplies: Okay, so here's what you're going to need for your project. First, you'll need a square canvas. This one is eight by eight inches and has a wide profile the size YouTube's doesn't matter . As long as it's square acrylic paints. You can use any brand you like in any price range. Only really need is a red. A yellow and blue white is optional. A paint brush, size and type are not important. We will only be using it to paint the edges of the campus. An old credit card or key card will use this to spread the paint, so we get a smooth finish to draw onto and we don't get any brush marks. Something round to draw around will be drawing a big circle. This is a seven inch plate that I'm using, a white stay below all pencil. This marks absolutely anything and is removable. It's stuffed so it won't leave any marks on the canvas. A rula. It doesn't matter what length we just needed to find the center of the canvas. A white acrylic paint pen. I'm losing an ultra fine point. Uni pasta penne in the class files below. You'll find all of the's supplies listed with suggestions on where you can find them. Let's paint 3. Painting the canvas: before you start, you might want to put some newspaper down to protect your table from paint. You don't need to do anything to prepare your canvas. We really just need to cover it in pain, so there's no white left showing. Okay, I'm just dropping the different colors of paint onto the canvas straight from the bottle. Use your scraper to spread the paint around. It will all mixed together as Ugo, and that's how it will end up with an abstract background. - The more colors and layers you use, the better it will know. You can see I'm only using white, blue, yellow, magenta and red as soon as you're happy would have it looks you can stop. You can see it took me a while. The reason we're using a scraper instead of a paint brush is so we can get a nice, smooth finish, which will really help when we're ready to start drawing. When you finished covering your campus, you'll need to paint The edge is using a paintbrush to get the best look. Use the color that stands out the most on your campus. Don't forget to rinse out your brush. Now you're ready to move on to the next stage 4. Drawing the zendala / mandala: the first thing we need to do is draw around our plate to get our outer circle onto the canvas. Then we need to measure the halfway point on each edge and make a mark. My canvas is eight inches by eight inches, so I'm making a market four inches. We can measure between those marks to find and mark the center point, give you a paint pen a shake and press the nip down a few times on scrap paper to get the paint flowing. Never do this on the canvas because you're likely end up with a puddle of pain that you can't get rid off. Mark your Centrepoint again and then I'm also during a small circle around it. This is my starting point for my Zen dollar design. I'm now during four triangles around that starting point and connecting them with a slightly care of line. I'm coloring inside the segments, but not right up to the lines. Next on drawing petal shapes around the whole thing and a circle around those. I'm being really careful not to smudge any of the wet paint with my hand. I'm during another circle around that one and filling you tin with a strike pattern. Now I'm going back to those petals and drawing a smaller petal inside each one another circle around the edge, and then I'm going to draw some more triangles. This time I draw eight fairly evenly spaced, and I'll be marking a dot above each one for our next step. We then draw lines from about halfway between each of the triangles and connect them with the dots to give me bigger triangles. It can really help to me of your canvas around if you need Teoh. Now I'm coloring in those smaller triangles and adding a few dots. I'm connecting the bigger triangles with some big curved lines. Uh, next, I want to add some big pointed petal shapes. I'm starting each one from the midpoint of the curve, blinds going right to the outer circle, back down to the mid point of the next care line, Going back to those care of blinds. I'm adding a smaller care going in the opposite direction, and I'm filling these spaces with small lines and dots deliberately kept this design fairly simple, so you can easily follow along. Usually, I had a lot more details on flourishes. As you can see in my other designs, I'm now drawing lines between the triangles up to the corners of the spaces I just field. I decided to fill them in on about half way through. It got tedious, so he brought out a bigger paint pen. This is the bullet tip uni Pasqua, and it's a great fulfilling in bigger spaces back to the ultra fine tip pen on. I'm dividing up those large petals. I decided to add diagonal lines inside 1/2 of the shape, and then I'm going over the pencil line of the outer circle. I had some dots in the other halfs of the petal shapes and then outlined the petals for the finishing touch. I drove some tiny petal shapes all around the inside of the outer circle. Now it's your 10. Click on the Blue Start Project button and you'll find some downloads showing you some of my other designs and some ideas to help you with your project. Hopefully have enjoyed this class and will join me again next time I look forward to seeing your completed projects