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Create a Social Media Graphic in Less Than 10 Min

teacher avatar Lindsay Marsh, Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Create Your Facebook Graphic in 10 Min


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      Using Multiple Photos to create a collage style ad


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About This Class

You might have heard of Canva, but Have you used Adobe Spark?  Create a social media graphic in 10 min or less using a combination of the right stock photos and layout. Speed is the name of the game! This class is for you if you need to create social graphics on the fly and time is of the essence! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Lindsay Marsh

Over 300,000 Design Students & Counting!


I have had many self-made titles over the years: Brand Manager, Digital Architect, Interactive Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Social Media Expert, to name a few. My name is Lindsay Marsh and I have been creating brand experiences for my clients for over 12+ years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects both digital and print. During those 12 years, I have been a full-time freelancer who made many mistakes along the way, but also realized that there is nothing in the world like being your own boss. 

I have had the wonderful opportunity to be able to take classes at some of the top design schools in the world, Parsons at The New School, The Pratt Institute and NYU. I am currently transitioning to coaching and teaching.


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1. Create Your Facebook Graphic in 10 Min: today, we're gonna create a social media graphic using Adobe Spark, and we're gonna create something in about 10 minutes or less. So if you have an adobe subscription or software or free trial, you will have access to Adobe Spark. Just go to sparked out adobe dot com. Log in with your adobe lock. Um, I d. And you'll be able to come to this page. So let's go ahead and start a new project. We're gonna do a post this time. What's going? Create a post and we're gonna do Facebook. Of course, there's a wide variety of sizes available, so here we are. Right now. It's set on simple, which is just one background photo with the headline Let's go ahead and change your headline. This this was created Ken were to say that this is her sample headline. Let's go ahead and change our background photo. Just go ahead and replace uh, my family. I find a lot of my photos on pixels. P e x e l s dot com It's ah, live variety of free ah, stock photos you can use. So what I like to do is go to browse and discover photos or do popular photos to see what's trending go and scroll down. I would have downloaded a few of these already. Um, especially like this photo right here. So let's go ahead and upload it. Go ahead and replace this main photo. All right, here's a good upload a photo. Go to desk talking to see what we have here. Right here's couldn't upload it. Why, that's downloading. I usually like to flip over here and just continue to find photos that I think it worked well so that you don't have any downtime. You're doing graphic. All right, here we are. I really like this color match with yellow and green already, so I feel like done. But let's say I want to add some kind of call action, but add a text. It's going to be the website that bomb Just be kind of are. Website is still a headline. It's good. Make change. The font on some of this highlight this element. It's gonna let us change shape. Make it circular. That is graphic, too. But it's kind of like how it wa since with cancer, I had picked out a lot. I really love that that would spring to test out some other ones. Feeling stick that it's gonna drive this, although my size it kind of like it on three lines. Let's make it a little bigger. Yes, he also move on to our call to action website, so we're gonna go to shape. Maybe this is a good is a background like that. There is a call out. I don't highlighted text. See, It's good pops out the best we like what we had. Cancer so far and still kind of a skinnier weight waited far quite a variety of wants to choose from. Well, it's perfect this Italian but smaller nice that align with headline graphic 10 with alignment. Do any kind of alignment. Do your center left right and you just keep on clicking that icon. Just go ahead and do different alignments for you. Change the capacity with spring back Change is facing kind of like a type of spacing. Photo filters want to that might pop out some of these other groups. I actually think I like the original, and so it's layout. This is just one photo, but if you wanted to add a nice margin, we could do that, too. That's a nice border that really helps at kind of pop out on Facebook. So let's see do banner but cattle, like how waas cancer back do grid will actually have to photos where we have a head on to the right. So what? Everything looks better. Tons and tons of options. Just click it twice to flip it. So far, I kind of like what I did originally, but you can add multiple photos. So if you wanted to go down here, you could have an entire collage click on here they need at the time. Let's go ahead and go back to I think we're done. So what we're gonna do? I wanted to resize it. We would save this. We have evidence. We already have it saved. Then we can export it, Download it. So let's say OK, we've already downloaded that that image we want to do Instagram now. So is it so easy? This is what's so great about this is it's created once, and we re size it very easy. There's always a pain to do Photoshopped. So we go to resize button instagram force you have to noodle around with to make it work. Different size. There you go. I have some consistent Brandon consistent look. Well, let's say you do Twitter Pinterest stoop entries post That all looks great. You have to be too much to that. You two thumbnail producing videos. I was tweaking a little bit. Videos usually wanted make text a lot bigger. Facebook ad just wanted a pain. Adds a certain signs. Those I'll cover. Obviously, a little bit of that one line. We wanted to to go a bit more horse zone. It's tough done. I don't so we just created as something in less than 10 minutes. 2. Using Multiple Photos to create a collage style ad: So you we are back in Adobe Spark. I wanted to kind of show you some different layout options the first time. It just kind of did your plain simple one. I wouldn't see show you kind of collage out like So we're gonna go back Post. We're gonna dio headline those here. We're going to do Facebook post. Then you okay, Here's what we're gonna do. You're going toe ad layout. It's at a collage style. So to meet collage styles or three or more click on which layout thinks he worked the best . I see. Well, it worked. It is a nice This is a nice light out. Let's go ahead and start adding some photos, went to pixel already and got some kind of random photos I thought, Nice it Go ahead and let those in. Take a while. Load in continued with photos that could work. Come on, pixels once again just finding photos that work so this could be done up in resize it. Let's go ahead and upload so you replace it. So this flower graphic and I'm downloading at a really high resolution. So takes a little while for the photos to upload has been downloaded. Texel, you're downloading full resolution so you could use it for projects to It's a social media without here place. See what else we got. Do the same image we've used before that since the fantastic resource. For there we go. That's kind of driving around. I don't like that color, So I clicked on this colors. Let's go. Pallets of blood. Have a nice one Pallet that's too jarring, Like That's nice. So far my balance is done. I don't like that thought. It's not driving, too. So for that one works out the best I do like this small. What's missing? Framing out what's going to layout. Want margin spit out of order? One ad spacing about. Same with it's help space out things like that. It's been a palette. T. J. You should change individual fellows, too. One like you, we continue to click on the palate to see a different combination. Using the same colors actually applied and go on forever. That's how you create a multiple photo collage version. Four sets for Facebook that's four is almost the size. Let's see what an instagram looks like. This could be a little bit different, so you have to go back to lay out. You have to tweak it. Maybe two works. Maybe let's go back to four. Maybe this works out better. If you continue to click this, it's gonna rotates in our headlines. Here, one headline. Really stand on Instagram. It's going to continue to click it. I see a lot of different combinations. You like that? Probably the most kind of a big photo up top. That's great. It's now that at our margin a little bit spacing two bedrooms. Click this so that the headlines in the middle fortunately, do put that you do have to add your margins just like that. We say that we export it. I don't