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Create a One Page Art Portfolio Website in Wordpress

teacher avatar Sarah Leigh, I'm Knot Tangled - Illustrations & Art

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prepping for Your Site

    • 3. Hosting Setup

    • 4. Why Wordpress?

    • 5. Installing Wordpress and Passwords

    • 6. Picking, Installing, and Activating Your Theme

    • 7. Adding Your About Info and Resume

    • 8. Adding Your Portfolio Pieces

    • 9. About Pluggins and Adding Contact Info

    • 10. Final Project - Make Your Site!

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you will be able to make an art portfolio in one day!  This class is suited for beginners, so no web experience needed.  In this class I will go over ALL the steps to web creation - from hosting, domains, installing Wordpress, picking a theme, and adding content.  Nothing is left out!

I have over 10 years experience in Web Development, so you'll be getting my real opinions on things in this class as well - no sponsorships here!  Just real opinions and experience. 

As an artist, I know how tough it can be to even get started on a portfolio so I even broke out the beginning to show what items you'll even need for a portfolio.

I can't wait to see your new Art Portfolio site!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Leigh

I'm Knot Tangled - Illustrations & Art


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1. Introduction: hello and welcome to making an art work pressed in one day when this class we're gonna go over every little step that it takes to build a website on that includes getting all of your materials together hosting remains. Why? I even picked word plus for this setting up a theme, plugging everything so everything is taken care of from start to finish. So the whole website and you will be able to do this something that anybody could do. It's perfect for beginners, anybody that needs, like even a little refresher on a wordpress website. This is also a good idea. Little bits in there. I have over 10 years experience in what design and development. And that's what I actually majored in college, so super comfortable with websites and building portfolios and other things like that. Wait to show you how easy this is. And I can't wait to see what you're gonna create and show off your art to the world. So get ready on. Let's get started 2. Prepping for Your Site: guys. These are the things we're gonna need as preparation for your website. For this first part, you're gonna want a name, right? So what is the name of your art business? Is it just your name? Totally fine. Um, And you you'll use whatever you come up with to help define your URL for your website too. So you might need to do a little bit of research on this. Like, if you're a very common name like Jane Smith. Nothing wrong with your name. It's a beautiful name, but you might need to differentiate yourself just a little bit. So, like John Doe are, you know, the little common play around with that. Find a name, make sure it's not used somewhere else, but yeah, having name ready. Also, two would recommend having a tagline. So if you are an illustrator for Children's books, you could say a fun and whimsical artists for Children's books. It does not need to be super complex, but something that defines you, um, start to play around with that. Of course, you can always change it. It's the web, so but just try to think of something that you like. Um, now, here is the tricky part. The artist's statement. You might already have this written, so it's no big deal. Just a copy and paste it in. If you don't, there are many different ways to do an artist statement. Um, I I would recommend maybe telling a little bit about how you got into art are a little bit about yourself or even some places. Maybe that your art has been displayed. Um, some people like to do it in third persons, and people like to do it in first person. I know that, uh, there's a lot of strangeness in the art community about how serious these have to be. An I know that some people even argue it could make or break you. And I think that is very, um, almost damaging man, just because if you never write it, you know you don't have one. So I think it's more important to have one and make sure that it's grammatically correct. You know, definitely check that and your spelling and everything else. If you need help writing, you can ask a friend or you can hire someone to definitely rate it for you. But yeah, have one ready for the website. Um, don't just don't kill yourself Trying to spend months trying to come up with an artist statement because that's time that you you have that you don't have a website. That's time that you have that you're not telling the world about yourself. So take your time to make something well crafted, but don't get stuck. Okay? Another thing, too, I would recommend is a resume for your art. So, um, your resume could include, even if you're not classically trained things like places that your hardest and displayed, Um, if you've been published in a magazine or if you've done freelance art, if you've done volunteer, If you've taught classes, anything like that, anything aren't related, put it on there just to show that you have some experience. Another thing that you're gonna want to definitely for an art portfolio is have some pieces of art to show off, okay. And I'm gonna argue that you start off with at least six and you're also going to make sure that you have titles for these pieces and a little bit of information about these pieces, maybe like a sentence or two that could include what? The medium is a little bit about it. Um, what you used to created the size Anything like that. So definitely get your six pieces together. I know you have six pieces. You could do that. Now, the other thing is, I know there's a lot of fear and I definitely talked about this about are getting stolen online. But one of the easiest ways to help prevent that is to make sure that your pictures are no bigger than 1600 pixels with. I would even argue they could be a little smaller than that. Where they 1200 is totally reasonable. The other thing is too. I know a lot of artists come from a point of view where they have their art at 300 dp i to make prints. You are not making prints with this. You are using it for the web. It does not need to be higher than 72 dp I Okay, um, for sure. 100%. 72 used to be 72. I run into that with a lot of people who do classical art. No, make it 72. It will help the load time on your your site, which is great. Um, which means that your site will load faster. People can see your stuff faster. Search engines like Google appreciate when stuff loads faster, so you tend to bump up in ratings a little bit. So good stuff for the next thing. I also to you can do all of this in photo shop. If you want to download a trial for photo shop, there are some other free online tools can va able you can resize your photos in. So get those pieces ready. Um, but yeah, six pieces. So also, you're gonna want a background image because the theme I picked has a nice way to add a background image, and I would recommend making it very simple. Um, maybe you have a piece where you can, like, really zoom in on your artwork. Um, and you could make it darker. I would lean towards making it darker because you don't want this to stand out 100% right? You want your portfolio pieces and you yourself to stand out, And then you can add, like a slight blur to this, like a Gaussian blur. And photo shopped, for example, Do that um, So doesn't you know it isn't too obnoxious? You want to be kind of subtle. No matter what you do, the background image shouldn't be your focus. Okay. You wanted to be like a nice accent. I will say to you, I would recommend coming into this. Just a sense of branding. Like who? Argue, right. Like it was back to your tag line a little bit. Are you fun? Are you whimsical? Are you, um, very serious and dark. Think about the different type of person you are, because that's going to reflect your look and feel. Now, with this one, if you're not sure Keeping plane, keep your fonts plane, keep everything. Plane. That's not a bad thing for this were mostly just showing off your artwork anyway. Just get to keep that sort of in your mind. And then also to think about your logo. If you have a logo, definitely use it. The way I built this is you don't need a logo to do what I'm doing here. But it's always kind of nice to have a logo. It'll make you stand out a little bit, so play around with that. Get these things together before you start building. It's always a good idea, and I will see you in our next video 3. Hosting Setup: Okay, so for this, we're gonna go over two basic types of hosting. And one is your, um, sort of bare bones, but cheaper option which you could do things like Blue Host Go Daddy se grounds. Any of those e do believe they have more deluxe versions, though, but we're going to stay with those to say, like the simple versions. Or you can dio more supported one, which would be flywheel and flywheel does a lot of nice support and you can see there there a little bit more a month. So that's the big difference. However, they will do a little bit more for you. So that's a thing to notice when you're first looking at this is how much time do you have and how much do you want to start playing with doing backups to your website and things? If you're already getting overwhelmed and you're nervous, just do flywheels. I don't get it. Kickback. From this, I feel like I need to clarify that I probably should, because I'm advertising that right now. But honestly, there's no kickback. I've been very impressed with flywheels customer support. Um, so that's always nice, but you guys can see about what the cost would be. You get one WordPress site and it would be $14 a month. And this is as of December 2017. Prices change all the time on these, you're going to see coupons. You're going to see prices go up. Prices go down, it just what it is. Um, you know, and you can even check out some of this stuff you're only gonna need for your portfolio. This is more than enough to start. Now. If you start to become very popular like you're getting more than 5000 monthly visits, your prices going to go up. Um, so again, take that into account. If you don't want to have to worry about some of that stuff because fly will help you manage your for example, how many people come to your website if you've ever going to a website crashes because a whole bunch of people have discovered it. That's because there's not enough bandwidth for the site. It's not built for that many visitors. Um, it can be difficult for sure to get that many monthly visitors, though. Um, so take that into consideration. If you're new and you're just getting your thing. You're probably only going to need this one. Um, so I'd start there. However, if you're like, man, I really want to learn how to do this. This seems really good. What you can do is you can do blue hose like you're like, I am strapped for cash, but I got time. Um, most of us that have I have ah, web experience is you guys have heard will do our own for this stuff because I don't mind putting in a little bit of time for it. It's not a big deal for me. So you guys can see its un metered. So again, that band with a little bit different You guys can already see that that's there for you. Um, support for blue host is okay. Um, flywheel tends to really hold your hand more. So just think about what you need. Um, so here will go through the basic with this and again, this starts to get when you want to get really more powerful and stuff. So website space again. You're not gonna need a huge amount of space. Can you know a lot of that will be taken up by different software things but you guys wouldn't use and possibly a lot of video. And that would be like if you were hosting the video on your server, which chances are you'd be hosting it more likely through YouTube or another server. So I would again stick to the cheapest plan, and I'll show you a trick with these companies. They love to show you that three year, let's go back and do that that 3 99 price. But here's the tricky thing. That's usually the price that you would pay if you sign up for two years. So this price is probably gonna be closer to that $8. Um, they all do that. It's it is what it is. So let's try, um, and also it's you. I'm hoping at this point that you have figured out your domain. Um, and I talked about that in a previous video, of course, but, um, your domain needs to be available, and I recommend something easy to remember. Of course, you can do any of the new ones. DOT CO is starting to become really popular. Um, you know, stick with dot com. If you're your concerns um, you know, your demographic. If your demographic is a little older sick with the dot com. If your demographic is, like, really young and they're OK with, um pushing the boundary a little bit, you could maybe do like a dot CO. Otherwise, I would stick with dot com if you can, um and be careful. Be really careful to if your website is under a dot com and you pick the dot co instead. Just because you really want that name, you're gonna run into issues with search engine optimization and stuff, So really try to be original. Um, see what we can dio. We'll just type in my last name three times. So you guys, because I don't have a very popular last name, you guys, couldn't we see the process on how this would work? So you fill in all your information, See? Just like I warned you guys. Oh, okay. So 12 months, it would only be 5 45 right now. Not so bad. I was wrong. And like I said with flywheel and you've seen this, the prices will go up and down. They just dio um it seems like for everybody, though, you got to sign up for a month. Um, now, here's where it gets a little tricky. The site back up is to 99 right? And this is again where you have to start looking because secure SSL right has become very popular for search engine optimization, which means that your site is more secure and Google was looking favorably upon that. So that's an extra three bucks per month. The site lock security. I don't know what that is we can look into that is Oh, it's an extra thing. Okay, I wouldn't worry as much about that. Um, the backup can be really nice, though. Even though you're not going to do a lot of stuff to your website. It is nice to have backups with the one click restore and all that stuff, especially with WordPress, right, because, you know, things happen with wordpress sites there, one of the most popular website builders out there, and sometimes they do get hacked. It just happens. Um, and the best thing I can tell you is you know, as soon as people hear that they panic, don't panic because you always want to prepare for the worst, right? So you always want to make sure you have a backup of your website. So what this does is it does the backups for you something to consider? Of course you can do it on your own. Um, that's never a bad thing. There are things that do that through WordPress. Um and that's also to why flywheel, um can be kind of nice, because they also do backups for you. So that's again where it's kind of tricky, right, which which do I do, which is more cost affordable. Throughout this, I will be showing you how to use, um, blue hopes, because that's what I have and will be doing it through their, um, see panel, I do believe. And I know this is a lot of words that you're probably like what? But basically what it is is a website. Are there just files just like you have on your computer, just like a word document? They're just different files with different extensions to them, and you have to host those files somewhere so that other people can see them. And that's all that we're doing is just figuring out where we can put these files so that they can be viewed. Um, so who's gonna Who's gonna hold our files? And, um and so we're putting them on a server. So that's basically what this is. I'm trying to take this to as much base level ones I can if you already know this part. That's awesome. Um, do do what you need to do. Feel free to skip it. But that's that's all we're trying to do. And you have to do this for a website. Um, now, of course, if you know someone that can hold your files, that's cool, too. Some people do have dedicated servers. It's not as popular anymore is it used to be, um, however, honestly, it's kind of nice to go with one of these companies, because if something happens, you could just yell at them instead of yelling at someone you know, because you know things, things happen and it's it's still very Wild West. It's awesome. Um, I do personally also to go back to this like the domain privacy protection, because when you do a domain, um, the problem is with doing its domain is that your address and name will be displayed. If you don't do the privacy seats you can see. So when it's generic, it's this. But when you know if you have a location where you're doing your portfolio and you don't mind, the address didn't go for it. But a lot of us, especially when we're setting up our own portfolio for on Web, that's our home address, and that can be kind of invasive. Um, you know, because that means anybody confined it. Of course, they confined your stuff normally, anyway. But I personally like the protection. You tend to get spam this way. You will get more spam if you are public. So I think I feel like that's kind of expensive for pumped to see. You're getting my honest opinions. Um, I've seen it where it's and I guess usually it's around 10 bucks for the year, I guess. That's right, Um, and you can always buy your domain somewhere else. If you already have it, that's fine. It's kind of nice when it's all together in terms of ease. Google also sells domains and privacy protection, which is really great if you're doing a lot of them for sure that I, uh it's great to manage them in Google if you have a whole bunch of domains. But I'm guessing for this, you're really just gonna have one. So I would recommend getting it through whatever service you choose. Um, and this probably is the most overwhelming part for everyone. So if you're kind of overwhelmed, don't worry. You're doing fine. This is super normal. To be like what? Because this is the part most people I feel like don't talk about is where you're gonna host your files, cause the fun part is making it look pretty and updating your anything. Really? Do these pop ups, man, you know, the fun part is really just getting your information up there and getting your website, you know, ready and beautiful and content up there. That's the part that most of us like. The part you can see. This is the stuff you can't see, but you have to dio um and there are other different types. Like I said, there's another competitors to fly wheel. I can't think of who they are. If you just google more press hosting that, you'll see more come up. Um, so it's just, you know, some of them do monthly. I would not do monthly. If you can swing it, do a year and then just be done with it. So it will be 165 for this one. The other one was No. Let's see this one, Waas. I said take off this. You want my honest opinion? Um, backups kind of nice up to you. I do the month. You know, you could do a year just to make sure. So that's your girl for free as well. I there on the privacy. It's something I dio. If you're not sure about how to back up your site, I'd throw that on there. If you are super strapped for cash, take it off. There's other ways to do it. So there's your total on and that's something to remember If you are ever interested in having someone build your website a lot of people, this is like not talked about, But this is something you have to do and we all have to do this mine. I have a couple of websites their hosted through Blue Host, and I have to pay to um so I you know, it seems like this part should be free, right? a lot of people think this is free and not so even if you maintain, you know, some that maintains their own servers. Those surfers are very expensive, and they usually need to have very, um, expensive Internet packages to manage all that data going back and forth over the lines. So sadly, this is definitely a part that you know, you have to figure out where you want to go with this. What you want to dio um and this is also something to remember. These introductory prices only apply to the first term, so sometimes you can yelling at more coupons, but generally your price will go up. But, yeah, I figure out what's best for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me and be like, What would you do? What do you think? You can tell me a little bit about what's going on with you? Um, what I like again about flywheel is you can literally put these guys right here, and they will walk you through on what to do. Blue Host will too. But I have been very I am. I have personally just because I like to do, um to test companies before I worked with them. I like to see how they are with weird questions. And I've given them a lot of weird questions. If you can deal with the cost, something you might want to consider. So just I understand, though, artists, but he's not always there. Do what you need to dio. So yeah. Yeah. Thanks, guys. And I will see you in the next video where we start to install wordpress and get everything set up. 4. Why Wordpress?: So the reason I picked a WordPress for the skill share class is because it is open source, which means a lot of people work on it and it's not proprietary. For example, um, I like that it could be scalable, so it's great for a small website, and some bigger companies will use it to from 29% of the Web uses it, which is also great to If you ever have an issue, you all you need to do is type in what your issue is. WordPress into Google and you're getting answers. It's nice. It's a huge community of people like that. It's not proprietary. You can use it on any hosting. You can have WordPress and what WordPress is is it's a content management system, so it's a C. M s. You will see that. And what that means is that it is a database of your content. And then there are files around that database of information that design how it looks. And that means that you can fill in your content and then change your theme or look and feel of your site without having to redo your content. Back in the earlier days of Web. What we would do is every time we would make a Web page, that Web page would have all of the content on it, right? So any time something that needed to be changed, you'd have to completely rebuild a website like let's say, you decided you wanted it to look one way, and then you decided to you know, it had to look completely different. You would have to totally rebuild it from scratch. So a content management system saves time in that respect. And, uh, it contact management systems also usually come with things like, um, different ways that you could input the content so that you don't have to know code so you can have ways to view your content. You know, like you could just typing in 100 will say What is my websites named you would enter the name when what is my websites content for this page and you enter the content in that way. You guys don't have to code to do this. It's a big fan of that, Um, also, it's you. Uh, now here's where it gets a little trickier, Um, now and also to that's that's nice that there are plug ins. So, um, plug ins can be very helpful again. It's open source, so it's a little bit of Wild West. You get a lot of the benefits of that. That's where, Like I said, I could get tricky. You get a lot of benefits, but some plan. You get a little bit of problems, and you can go over that for sure. Again, the community is a big deal with WordPress. Huge. There's clubs now. It's so cool to me. I've been in this field for a long time now. There's clubs. I love it. Um, and there are other CMS is out there. WordPress is the most popular. There's Drew pols. There's UMWA. There's there's a bunch they all have very similar, you know, starts in the fact that it's a database for your content with files around it, the dictate how the content looks. And if none of this is making sense, that is okay. Just keep moving forward with it. Just bulldoze on ahead, and that's one of the other things I can really emphasize with Making. This is it's very easy to get overwhelmed because it is information overload. It's information vomit, and I mean, look at this. This is You're going to see a lot of words like, What is this right? What is this? All that means is that the WordPress that's the newest version of the open source software , and they named them, so don't get overwhelmed. I mean, it's easy to, but don't don't just stop, because that's the choir. It where it's so easy just to stop done. I don't understand this. No, With WordPress, it's It's not always gonna make sense, because again, it's open source, which means that all the people that have worked on WordPress have probably done it for free as a passion project. Which means there's a lot of love, but not always a lot of oversights. So whatever you're working with with this, think your time have some patients. I realize that it's not always gonna be clear, and that's okay and also to I want to emphasize something here. WordPress itself is free because it's an open source software that you're placing, and we're going to use it to build a website. However, you still need to host your website files and the WordPress software somewhere, and that is not free. So that is very, I don't know, say it's misleading for people, but it could be kind of tricky for people because that's not a lie WordPress itself. It's free. But you have to host your file somewhere, and we will go over that in the next. And, um, from what we were able to or what I was able to come up with the prices or anywhere from around $77 a year to around $150 a year. Um so to host your files, with this system, you're gonna have to pay. Um, I basically to make a website, you have to pay, Um, and, you know, you see a lot of like, Oh, it's free. But then there's that tiny little ass trick, right? So just noticed that whenever you're building a website, you know you don't see things, but I didn't know I had to pay because I've had people come up to me. Uh, you know, there's other platforms to you Still generally will have to pay. And that's because the servers that are gonna host your website, our team. So basically, that's what it is. It's a business. You know, you can't just put your files out there even though we can't see them right that our files air out there. There is hardware behind those files, and that's not cheap to keep up that hardware. So there's a real base level reasoning and if you ever, you know, interested in that. And you're like, Whoa, rabbit hole Google Server rooms. They're really cool. If you've never been in one there usually super organized and kind of fun to see networking people are awesome. It is not my specialty, but, you know, in Sir, and you can really get into all that if you want, go into a rabbit hole and not Mildred website, which is super easy to do with this, to try to stay on track. But anyway, WordPress is good stuff. Um, I like it basically, like I said, for the community that it will have for you guys and the available themes and plug ins that you could buy or that we can use. I'll be trying to use free ones for you guys, cause I understand artists were starving, right? Not really, but maybe a little, maybe a little starving, so but feel free to always buy and a big fan always buying digital assets if you need him to. Anyway. So that's my WordPress thing. I get obviously no money from WordPress like I have to say this in all those. It's open source. That means nobody owns it. I get no money for this. I just think it's really good for this project. Um, thanks. 5. Installing Wordpress and Passwords: So for this next part, we're gonna install Wordpress. And as I have explained to you, um, WordPress is software that you put on top of your hosting. So there's a couple different ways to do this. I believe with flywheel, it might be already installed again. You're more basic, like blue host or state ground. You're gonna have to install yourself, which basically just means clicking a button. Very exciting. I'll walk you through how I'm gonna do my sight. But, um, if this screen looks a little different, do you remember these guys will update stuff all the time. Everybody's trying to be the most friendly, the most user friendly do with the best. And, you know, it's based on how much time they have and how much money they have to invest in. Making this screen look nice. Um, depends on what you're gonna get. So you might be seeing what they call see panel, and it'll say to install word press. Or you might see this screen from Blue Host. Depending on who you're using, I mean, you'll see a button that will say, install wordpress, cook it, so I'll show you what I'm gonna do because I already have sites coming in. So I'm gonna create a new site. You can see some of my stuff there. Right? So we're going to call this now, even make this, I guess available to you guys. You can see like what I've done, for example, So I'm gonna call this one skill share example Sample. It's like, Okay, now the reason I have mine, you're going to see in a minute. I didn't want to buy a new domain because I don't need one. Um, I have at least two. Yeah. Welcome, Teoh Web design development. You'll just start buying them because they're fun, and then you'll forget how many you have. If you're organized, you'll probably know. But that's OK. Um, so I'm just gonna make a subdirectory on the one of the websites I already have hosted. So don't worry about any of those words. You don't need to know them, so you can see I already have my domain. And this will be my directory. So this will be how we'll get to our new install. Um, man, I don't. And you're going to see things like this Like anything with web, right? You're going to see what what opt in monster I don't think is necessarily bad and WP forms isn't necessarily bad. They're free. But I'm sure they have a higher version where you have to pay and you'll see things like this helpful quote unquote And it might be. And it might not be. It's it's everybody's trying Teoh, um, make a living, you know? So just it's not bad if you have these installed, but I'm gonna show you the ones I know a little bit better. So that is what it is and click next and you can see that's about it. And it'll set up WordPress for me and we'll get started in the WordPress screen. So I'm gonna let this work. It'll take a couple of minutes. Don't make you guys watch this, So just hang out for a second, Okay? So we're back and you can see it's installed successfully. Um, if it has trouble installing my recommendation is just try again. Sometimes things get buggy. It wasn't you. It was probably just the system. Um, again, you don't need to do this. It can help if you get, like, super stuck. But there's you see, with WordPress, because again, it's open source, which means that anybody can work on it. You have this stuff everywhere. Um, but anyway, you don't need to do that. We're gonna log into WordPress, and this is a part that I want to show you guys to. If it loads, um, wordpress has a tendency to get broken into. And I recommends being very careful with that. When you do your log in and your user name, I'll be changing my user name before I publish this. Um, so don't ever make your user name admin bad. It should never just be admin. And your password should never be password, although chickie example. And I have no evidence to really back this up. I was using for, um, company. Once I was using password generators I had found online to generate really long, complicated passwords. And I noticed those sites are getting hacked the most often, so I'm a little suspicious of password generators right now. Um, I would really recommend honestly, just doing one of the best passwords you can do is a sentence. Don't use this example, but you could say something like my cat is 12 and use proper capitalization. No spaces. Use 12 for the number at a period at the end. And that's actually kind of a hard password to crack. Um, you could even make it kind of long like and try not to use pet names. That's another really popular example. But I find that using a sentence could be really helpful. Way to do things. But anyway, this is what your installed screen is going to look like. Make sure you change your user name and your password, and we're gonna get started by installing some plug ins and our theme kind of fun. We're getting ready to go. This is the fun part. 6. Picking, Installing, and Activating Your Theme: okay for this next part, Um, sign into your WordPress section of your website, and from here, you can see there's a dashboard on a bunch of other little stuff. And what we're gonna do is we're going to first decide what theme we're gonna use on. I picked a free theme for you guys on. I'll put a link to the website where you can get it. And again, I have no ties to any of these companies, which is kind of fun, because then I can tell you the things I don't like about it too. So I'm not advertising any him here. You're getting a pretty real experience, which again is very freeing for me not complaining. Um, for sure. So I picked this theme because it was pretty simple. Um, and I'll show you guys the demo for its Here's the demo. Okay, so you can see this theme. It's responsive, Which means it looks nice on tablets, phones and desktop. And it's really simple. Is that what has your sex portfolio items like we talked about before? An about section and some contact info. And I picked this about, um I picked this one just because I feel like some of the paid ones can get very deluxe. And at this stage of just getting into websites and making your first portfolio, I figure start simple because you can always come back to this. It's really easy to do a complex one and to get very overwhelmed and give up or to make something that's horrible or just to be dairy to satisfy. So I say Start simple then you can build, especially because these air very basic things about yourself. A resume can be helpful. Um, that when I talked about near you exit up to you. If you want to include that, um, you don't have to, but it can be helpful, especially debating if you've done like some art licensing or if you've done a lot of shows or if you've been published, a resume can be really good for that. But some other things, just a couple examples of your work or great you can see. But then I wanted to mention this. You might see this around the Web says she's kind of a fun fact. This is called Lauren Ipsum, and Lauren Ipsum is basically just filler text and The reason you use something like warm ism is because this isn't gonna bother anybody If they see this, they're just gonna think it's nonsense. And it's really easy if you're tired and making something and not paying attention to what you're typing to write things that are very weird, like you might just be quickly typing and stuff about yourself. The I like art are good. And that can make you look kind of, um not professional, right? And I'm sure at this point you want to come across is professional for whatever even just feel you have, um you want to stay true to your brand? And I've seen people when they have been tired filling out stuff for websites, put in things they don't make any sense and have offended clients. And, you know, not negative necessarily. But just silly, silly things, and it can make you look like you don't care. So even about yourself, make sure that you put in things like this called Laura MEPs. Um, so just fun. Fact don't really have to worry about it for this website, but I thought it might be kind of fun, you know? Okay, So what you're gonna do is you are going to go to this theme download page. I've given you a link you have to side in for their services so they can correct your email and possibly sell you stuff. It is what it is, but it does give you access to this re download. Okay, so you're gonna do is download up and you're gonna notice that it comes in a zip, doc, is it file? Um, a compressed file. And usually when you see those, you think you automatically have to unzip them. Do not leave it. Is it WordPress is gonna handle that for you? Yes. And easy step for real. Okay, so from here, we're gonna go back to our dashboard screen, and then we're going to click on appearance. They're in a quick themes. You took us there. So from here, what we're gonna do is we're going sue at our new theme by uploading, and you can see that there are other ones already included with WordPress. And they're not bad. I mean, check him out. Um, you can switch between him. You can download other themes. I just recommend this one again because it's simple and you're not gonna be a blogger. Focus these air. Definitely more blogger focused. I mean, unless you want to be. That's cool, too. So, look, there's a ton in here already. Pretty cool. I can't really beat that. Right? So, lots of different stuff you can play with, and you can see how already this could get very overwhelming, right? You're like, Whoa. Well, it's a lot of the M. C. Yeah, you might already be panicking. Which one is best, you know, on going through. And that's what I said. Just start with this free one. We're gonna click, upload. We're gonna choose their file. Gonna grab this one Z zip number, keep it in a zip format. We're gonna still now give it a minute. See? It's waiting. It's installing and see. It's already installed. So from here, what we're gonna do is give backs or themes, and we're gonna activate those. Okay, That means that you're turning it on basically, so give it a second. Maybe you need to click it's voice. It is sometimes a little strange, cause I'm recording right now. That's cool. So we're gonna do is we're just gonna start to customize those so you can see what I'm customizing. And this is See, it already takes you into, like, another little screen. So your site identity you can put your site title that get this is your name of your website of your brain and put that in there. You can say that you do are or whatever you'd like. Um, the square iPhone would kind of be the little icon in the very top of the screen. That could be, ah, logo or just a small version of your logo. I recommend those if you have that ready, of course, which you should from the beginning. Um, I have looked at some of these fonts. Um, I like this Sarah font for the top, which is like, these little Saref. So these little lines under here and then the Sand Saref underneath here. And I picked those because I went to this little bit earlier. Just a double check. But you can see some of these fonts. They are not as professional. And I mean, that's fun, especially if you're maybe doing Children's art. But if you are trying to come across as a very high end, um, gallery artistic with the planer ones. But if your art is very whimsical and fun, my art tends to be pretty whimsical. Um, I still actually go with the plane or funds just simply because I want my art to showcase now. I do. Actually, Dufault work too. So it's kind of up to you what you want to use, but I did real way Android. Sarah, Um, other stuff you can play with, and you can see how it will look on all of your devices. It's kind of fun, right? That's what those little buttons are for down there from back here. Um, you can see the different background colors you can have. I'm just gonna throw it in a dark right now, right? You can actually see my star. Um, now, I'd like to show you guys, this is we're gonna put that background image that we talked about in our you x part, and I'm gonna show you a place to get some free images while we're here. This is called pixels, and it's free. And it's an awesome, awesome website. If you ever need, um, just different artwork to show off. However, I will warn you the problem is with using something like this on your website, especially if you are an artist or photographer or any of this stuff. People are gonna think this art is yours, and you're doing a disservice to yourself, for sure. Um, by not using your own artwork. So I would really caution you against something like this. If you're doing your own website for your own art, if it's not your show, you guys, how easy it is that even down this stuff. Um, you know, so I just just be careful. Um, you're doing yourself a disservice. You kind of doing them a disservice can see me going back your my links. Here we go. We're gonna select an image. Now, I would recommend when you, um, upload yours, you could say like my gonna let it download first. See my Internet super fast. Um, you like my background, and then you want to start thinking about putting in things from this, right? You want to start feeling this stuff out? It will help your S e o. And it's a good idea to do that. You know, I don't like how this photo is in here. So what you can start to dio start to play with this stuff. Yeah, See you like that a little bit better. You can center it. Put it up further. Put it down. Yeah, that looks kind of fun. Right? And I do want to scrolled the page. If it doesn't, you can see it just won't scroll. Um, do I want the background to repeat? Let's see. We'll find out when we do it. So that's kind of cool. How that's gonna look on all the different versions. Menus. Don't worry about that yet, because even built our pages home page settings will keep that for No, you might have to go back to it. I'm really hit. Publish published means you're putting this stuff live. So you're literally publishing it to the web. So it's you are sites, and there you go. We already have our site started. Now we just need to add some extra little features. See you in the next section. 7. Adding Your About Info and Resume: Hey, for this section we're gonna add are about information, and we are also going to add that button at the top. And I really, actually, the more implying with this theme is is how excited I am. Share this with you guys because it's really easy, which is nice. So, um, we're gonna do is you're gonna click on appearance, and then what you're gonna do is you're gonna click on theme options. Now, if you do another theme that's more complex, like you need more on a website, it's gonna be set up differently. And that's something to remember with every theme. It might be a little bit different, even located differently in the left side menu. So it might actually be under pages. It might actually be under a different section for the theme. So it's really helpful to go through the themes instructions that they'll usually give you . Um, and if you pay for your theme, I do recommend you can reach out to the developer, but as a cautionary thing, they're not gonna build it for you. So the answer questions, but don't, um, and the answer questions usually, which is absolutely wonderful of them. But just don't expect them to copy and paste your stuff for you. Just think of it that way. Um, So what we're gonna do is this is a good place. Also, if you want to upload your logo, um, this would be a good place. This is the little icon that you see in website tabs. So you might want to do that to, um you don't have to you We're not gonna go over that for this, but for your message, it's also that's below your site title. Now, we're not gonna do that. That was in the other section. So for this about hopefully you already have your about written. What I'm gonna do is do what I talked about before with the Lord MIPs and text, and I'm just gonna grab it. Somebody go back to my theme here and I'm just gonna copy and paste that in and I'm gonna click, save cool. And now we can view this and also a cautionary part with this. Every change we're making to our website here is live. So be very careful updating your website and changing it because this is what everybody is seeing. Um, so if you make a mistake, if you break your site, it's broken in real time. Um, Web developers usually use a de version of the site, Um, where they will be on the guess, wholly different server when they do websites. So take that into consideration that and to be very careful when you're making your changes . That's one reason it's always a really good idea to keep a backup version of the theme to stay. Make sure in case you break something. But it's also kind of good to do changes when people aren't as likely to be looking at your website. So if you're up like 11 PM, is not really a bad time to do it. Or if you're an early bird doom early in the morning, Um, try not to do them, you know, in the afternoon where wherever the afternoon might be for your target audience. So for morning, try to stay away from those times if you can, so we'll go back and you can see that it's already there pretty exciting. So we're gonna go back to our dashboard right then from here, we're gonna click appearance again. Actually, we're gonna do is we're gonna go to media and we're gonna add new and media is where we're also going to be putting our photos, but we'll get to that later. So we're gonna do is we are going to select their file. I don't know why hasn't go into documents? No being downloads. So here is my resume Example for my skill share class. Gonna click that and it's there. Cool. So let's just click on media. We're gonna click on the library next, and you can see here it is. And this is the background image. So if you're getting an idea how stuff is kept in skill share excuse me in WordPress? No, you know. So for this, what you're gonna do is you're gonna grab this euro. You can see it's pretty long and you're going to copy it. So however you do that, you can right click copy you could you control, See, do whatever you need to dio. So we're gonna close out of that, and then we're gonna go toe appearance and then back to theme options. So then what? We're gonna go? Is there gonna do button link and we're gonna type in the word resume or whatever you would like to have it say. And then you could do your link. Now, I would recommend that if you're not gonna dio your resume there be very careful linking to other places because you kind of want people to stay on your website. Part of ah, marketing funnel, if you haven't, etc. Might not be a bad place to put liken etc. Because I don't make you money. But otherwise, be careful linking to some other place on the web that takes you off the website and save your settings. And one thing I feel like I can't emphasize this enough to is test test test test test everything you dio because look what I did. See? See, I made a mistake. No worries. So we're gonna go back to the dashboard. You like Sarah? I totally saw you do that. You should have said something now. And this is why you constantly test so you can see what I did is I switch those two and the best other advice I can give you for Web is never panic. If you panic and say Oh, no! What did I dio? You know you can really overwhelm you. You'll get frustrated. That's why after every little thing you do, especially with the site live test test right away. So you could know exactly what you did to see what might be broken. Because that I immediately knew I switch those two, save your settings, does it site and see there we dio When you click this button, your resume comes up pretty cool. We'll go back. There you go. So pretty exciting where we are so far Next will be adding our gallery after that will be adding some contact info and then you guys are done so almost there. 8. Adding Your Portfolio Pieces: okay for this next part, we're going to get into another fun part, which is out in your gallery. So from here, the first thing we're gonna want to do per the instructions for the template is we're gonna go to settings. We're gonna go to media. Okay, So our thumbnail size, we're gonna want to do 600 by 400. And these air pixels for you guys that know, um, digital stuff. So that's all these numbers are. And then your medium size we're gonna do a max with of 900 with but no height. I'm on a max with for your large size of 1600 pixels. And just these are a decently large size. But generally they are good for not theft in terms of printing. So, um, I know a lot of people worry about getting their art up online. Will stuff get stolen? Possibly. I mean, I'd love to tell you that your artwork will never get stolen, but let's be realistic. It does happen. I mean, I've had it happen. Teoh, um different. Various things, just like oh, man, somebody will usually tell you hes this yours? Yeah, and you know, again the best advice I can give you is dope panic Because it happens to all of us. And, um, depending on the medium where you find it Like if I've seen stuff on Pinterest, for example, when I'm like, Hey, that's mine. Oh, you have to do is message Pinterest and be like that stolen. Take it down. Interest has that down in like less than 24 hours. It's awesome. Some of the other websites to will totally help you. Google will take things off of search engines if it's stolen because nobody wants to get into legal battles with that stuff, right so and all you usually have to do sometimes have to prove that it's yours to say, Hey, look, I published this on my website back in December of 2017. It's mine. You can see it was here first, So once you do that, you know you got a little bit of back up. Um, it's generally a good idea to water mark your images to, um, I say that so and I don't do that enough, But it's good, Teoh, it can, um, but don't worry, don't worry about it, cause it might happen it might, but again, as long as you start and sometimes even if you tell the person that posted it Hey, you can't do that. Because a lot of times I have found two people get really excited about art they see. And then, oh, I want to share it, forgetting that when they share it, they should include a name that's not theirs. So, um, sometimes even just telling that person hate, that's mine. Um, can you take it down? Or if it's getting you a lot of traffic, you think that it might produce some sales? You can tell them hey, repose that with my name and a link to my website. So, uh, there are lots of different ways they handle that, but yeah, you will always be in the right. You have the law behind you, depending on what country you're from. But generally you could just a lot of the different places for, like Pinterest, instagram, Facebook, especially the social media, to communicate. That's mine. And they will take notice of that rather quickly, which is a really exciting thing. Not a lot of people know that. So anyway, saver changes, and then what we're gonna dio as they're going to go up to media and we're gonna add new now. These are not my artwork. I grab them from pixels again. Obviously. Don't put these photos in your portfolio because they are yours. Just kind of like we talked about. I'm putting them up. Here is examples. Um, and we're gonna go to downloads, and I'm going toe upload all of them pixel sodas. You can do that because they're royalty free. So, um, and I did not shrink the size to these, so you can see it's going to take a minute, so we'll just pause this while this uploads. And don't be surprised if you just take a minute to Not a big deal. Just relax. Go get a cup of coffee. All right, we're back. And all of these photos are uploaded. Pretty awesome. So let's just check out our library of all of our documents and photos and everything else you can see, they're all there, which is great. Let's click on each one. So what I'm gonna have you guys dio is for each of these put in a title, so this could be photo one. This is my caption. This is my and I'm not going over a lot of S E O in this one. But I would recommend for all these Also, do your old tests because this won't show up in the website from what you can see. But your web, um, Google Wolf, we'll see your all text. And what all text was originally developed for was for blind people who want to know what's on your Web site. So you just want to do a description of your photo or your image or your painting justice. Very simple description. So always make sure that's filled out. Basically, the more of this stuff you fell out generally, the better you are. So do the next one. So what I'm gonna do just to speed this up a little bit, will do This is this beautiful? Noticed was called great. It was great. Um, and again, try to keep these descriptive of what you're doing. Descriptive of the photo. Definitely fill these out. Definitely a sentence or two about each is really hopeful. Maybe what mediums you used and we've gone over this in the u X but trying not to leave these stuff blank. And I know it could be really, really difficult to type things about your own artwork. So if you need to have a friend help you, you have to do it. Have Teoh, and it's it is the worst, isn't it? Because you like. But I made it. Why do I have to talk about it? To try. If anything, you can say if it's sold or not sold, that's always a good one. Um, all right, so we're done with us. So now we're gonna do is we're gonna go back to our appearance and then theme options, and we're gonna go to the portfolio. We're gonna upload or select our images. So these are the images, and what I'm doing is I'm just selecting them and pressing down. No, I don't have to. Preston shift. I'm just selecting them in the U selected images. And this is also taking so long because I've put up giant photos. Um, I know we went over this in the U export again. Make sure your photos are resized. That also prevents them from being stolen too. So the smaller it's a fine line, right? You want to show off your beautiful photo. But you also don't want the photo to be too large. So it loads nicely and that it doesn't get stolen. But you want to make sure that it's pretty enough that people can see it so you can save your settings. You can see portfolio settings updated successfully. Months of viewer site. You excited? I'm excited. Todo kind of get an idea of how it's gonna look. Pretty cool, huh? Soon, Ugo, the last part is just the contact info. You guys will have a website. Pretty extreme eating. I hope you're having fun. Thanks. 9. About Pluggins and Adding Contact Info: we're on to the contact part, which is the last part will be doing for those. So I want you have to do is to go over to appearance again. And then editor Excuse me. Theme options, not editor. You won't need to use the editor. That's for touching code. So for in contact, I would recommend doing something like email colon. And then for your email, I would recommend doing like this is my email and then doing the word ATS, and that will prevent you from getting a lot of spam. You can even put like, a nice message like and you can always make it a little more professional leg for pricing inquire readings or anything like that. You can do your phone number. If Blake, do you realize you might get more cold calls for that for Syrian people trying to sell you stuff. And then one other thing we're gonna add is we're gonna add a social media button plug in. So we're gonna save these settings and then remember, always test. So we're going to go and visit our site, works gonna open a new window. So we're gonna go down and you can see, there's Aaron, so pretty awesome. Also, something you might notice to with this website that I think this photo you can see that it could be a little hard to read some of this stuff. So it's always good. Maybe even need the photo that you do for your background, which is totally fine. Just take some of that into consideration whenever you're doing this. So let's go back to our theme and what you never is a little bit of plug ins because this wouldn't truly be work for us if we didn't talk about plug ins. Right and onions are just different things you can and you sweat years websites add different functionality, and you'll see where press would come installed with some, uh, blue hosts came automatically install because this is blue hose this Hello, Dolly one. Um, you can read this and you're like, What? So basically, you'll see a lyric at the right hand top. Sometimes it's there, that one weird jetpack. I swear to God, I have never seen anything good from jetpack. Maybe I am the only one. If you've had good experiences with jetpack, that's great, but I feel like it's so bloated and bloated in terms of software just means there's a lot of extra code. And I'm sure you guys have seen this like it's everywhere and I am not a fan. And again, that's why I've been excited to present this to you guys with, like, no endorsements from anybody. So I can give you my real opinions. Watch this watch. Is this deactivate those? Look at that. Look at that. It's all gone now. Maybe it will help with some security. You're s CEO. And there's other things you guys could do for that. For the simple of a sorry. With good content, us eu is not gonna be in a bad place. And you're also not going to really have to worry about six speed because your site is already kind of small. And you already resize your images before you put him up there. You're not in a bad place, so, um, pretty cool. You don't need this one. For example, because you don't have a blogger up there, Ray. So you don't have to worry about that. You can activator the week if you want. I was gonna have a contact form on the website, but I didn't really like how it looked. Um, and I have very mixed for you feelings about contact things on websites because I feel like sometimes they get lost. And I found people just do well with just an email on a website, especially for an artist. So it's kind of up to you if you want to try toe search and install one. I'm not sure there is a huge benefit for an artist doing their first website with it. Just get honest again. See, this is the fun part, right? You guys get to see all of the, uh the real nous of not being endorsed. So for this one, what we're gonna do is I did these social icons. That's the plug in that I did so to find these I Pons, what I did is I typed in social media sharing icons, and I went up. So you add new right? So from here is I searched. We're just gonna search this name, right? It has a lot of installations, has decent reviews. And then I installed it, So just click in school Now. I like that It wasn't updated that long ago. Don't worry. I mean, you're gonna want to test this for different plug ins, but this one worked fine. Already tested it for you guys in general of it's good to see that and the versions of WordPress mean that they will fix security issues and possibly even update stuff. So it's good in general to keep your WordPress up to date but just isn't up. Why? I be careful when you dio because sometimes things will break. So anyway, um, so let's go back to our plug ins just so you guys can see and I just plug ins again and what this is, Is this just us a list of all your plug ins? So again, we've been over that, and it is a warning to whenever you install plug in, because there's no hard and fast rules with those is to remember that your the way to access the plug. It might be in different places. So for this one, there's no settings like if there is a settings under here set up, that means generally you would have access all of the different parts of the plug in under settings. But this social media icon one actually installed over here on your left side menu. So it can be tricky when you first install plugging to be like, Where do I find it? Sometimes there's instructions with the slogan on the plug in sexual website and some things they're not so again understanding that what you've got is a free product, right? These plug ins are free. You can pay for them to There are definitely paid ones out there, but generally human free one. It's a little bit of a free for all. Maybe somebody made it is a passion project. Maybe somebody made that so that you purchase one of their other things, but understand that there's no hard and fast rules, so it might take a minute to be like, All right, where is it? Don't get frustrated. Just be like, OK, I'm gonna find it. So we're gonna click this access press social media hype on, and what you're going to see in here is you're gonna see the short code. Okay? Ignore the template. Short code. Just look at the short code and what that is is a kind of legwork presses version of code. And what that is is you're just gonna be able to put that into one of the templates. Because if you try to actually use the code like the PHP over here, that's actually huge. What that would do is a lot of the templates and repress will strip out code because ah, lot of code when it gets inserted into a like a template like we've been working with or templates is malicious. So it's bad. So a lot of like hacking and things like that will use drop a script, PHP and, um, insert themselves into template, then COMESA Pete website. So the thing is, if you know, sometimes you're like, Oh, man, how did I get into this tablet? Well, usually shortcut will handle that for you. So we're gonna do Is this one already came, installed this test. So what I did is you're like, OK, this is kind of huge is you can decide how you want to do you like on. So let's let's go back. So you guys can just see that I did that and we're gonna delete it, and we're gonna start over. Yeah, I believe it. Also remember to with something like this, a lot of these plug ins and stuff. You saw how I deleted it. It's gone unless you have a reverse set up, like with flywheel that you could maybe go back to an earlier version. When you delete something going, you're not getting it back on. And that's why a lot of times I mentioned this, that developers will work on two different versions. It's because if you're like tired and you accidentally delete something, you don't have to necessarily rebuild it. You just grab it from the staging server or wherever it may be. Or at least it's not ruin on the live site. Right? So just is that a precaution? When you do this, just be careful. So we're gonna add new and we'll just call this. This isn't really matter, because you're not gonna have several sensitive. You're only gonna have one. If you were putting a bunch of different versions on your website, that would be a reason you wouldn't want to make this. But what is called it social corns? The rule. Let's choose from teams so you can decide here for which one you're gonna want years and this will save you some time. Um, for the website were using. I like these dark ones, but up to you, which ever one you want to use and what's nice with this, and we're gonna wanna displaying horizontal. In my opinion, I like a good school tip. Um, I wouldn't worry about this now. You can always add a little bit of animation. We just kind of fun. Some people don't think it's fun. And those people are no fun. And this is where sometimes it just comes in the personal opinion, my artwork tends to be kind of fun and whimsical. Also, a balance for me would be totally appropriate. But if you have very serious stuff, um, I would maybe do like a, um I really do. You know, animation or maybe a fade. You're me. A bounce totally works. So this is where you can start to add in, Um, you know, whatever ones you wanna link, so you would just do your facebook and then linked to whatever your Facebook page is. So you do want to open into a new window. That means when they click it, it won't take them off your website. It'll open up another page, someone every year linking to something that's not on your website. You wanted to open up in a new page. They always keep your website up. It's a good thing. Um, and of course, you can change, because I just leave him for how they are for default. But you can play around with different pixel sizes if you like. And for now, just because we're just testing this, I'm just gonna put in Facebook's. Cool. Um, silly point. But make sure that your icons match the website. Make sure Facebook matches Facebook. Right. Um, you have a Pinterest. No more dates with her right now. Um, let's do Instagram Instagram is another popular one, and then we're gonna hit, save I concept fun. Right? So then you're gonna take the short code like we mentioned before, and you're just gonna copy it so you can right click, copy or do whatever you need to copy that. And then we're going to go to our appearance theme options from here, going to school. Now we're gonna make an entered too. So it's on the next line and we're gonna put in that widget. We're gonna save our settings. Yeah, because when we made that before we just hold it. What? That section to hold. We didn't actually put it on the website. When we go back into this appearance part, then we're putting it actually on the website. So let's go back to our website here, take it, let it load. And you're not seeing them quite yet because everything needs to load. I apologize. My Internet is slow. Uh, now see the bouncing. You might be like, Wow, that is not my style at all. So you can change. Others appear, and you can also make things a little bit smaller if you'd like to. But there's a nice way to get your social icons up there. I believe, like they had an example in the 32 pixel by 32 pixel would actually make them a lot smaller . Here's a tip, though. I feel like some people make them so small that you can't find them or click on them, especially on mobile, and that drives him crazy. So make sure they're not so small that there are incredible. Um, I would I would honestly make them a little bit smaller than this, but I thought it was kind of fun to see. But you know your artwork. You know your style. You know your brand. Figure out what fuels. Good. What looks good play around with? Yeah, basically, you have your website right now. You can tweak it if you like to do more with it. You can add some more about if you like it here. I probably would, um I'd use a different background image to you at this point, but maybe a little plainer, but yeah. Have some fun with this. And congratulations. Because you have a website. I think so. 10. Final Project - Make Your Site!: you are ready for your final project and for your final project I want you guys to Dio is to share your link to your website. Make a website. You can do it even if you're not sure if it looks terrible or you have questions. Share it. Get it out there. Do it. You just got to take that step, right? Get that ball route role. A So, you know, get your portfolio pieces out there. Get your about section out there. Get your contact, get it out there. And, um, no paralysis with this. Share it with us. If you decide to do something totally different. Go for it. Um, you have more experience, and you want to try something different. Go for you have none. Do this one, so I just have a good time. Also, something I want to mention to you. I've noticing this with several different, um, hosting examples. And this is new. So, um, you might notice No, since I can see my website because I'm logged in, but always make sure you test your website on your cell phone and in another browser and then have a friend look at your website or a family member and make sure they can see everything. Because one thing I noticed is if I was not logged and I couldn't see this website. I'm like, man, somebody added something to those. So what you're going to do is I want to, um when I want you guys to do is I want you go to settings, which is in your left side menu and then hit general, which is already clicked. Now, I want you guys to scroll down all the way here and you're gonna notice blue host out of the spectrum stuff. And basically, what it is, is it adds a coming soon page or eight. And what you want to do is gonna make sure that is off. Now you might notice do that. That takes a minute for that turn off. And that would just be different. Cashing things and different Um, you can see here cash. If you really wanted to be off, you can shut it off, cashing help Speed up your website which would help search engines rank you higher in use. However, it can be very annoying when you start to make a lot of changes and they don't show up. What? Itwas so up to you? When I'm making updates, I turn it off so I could watch what I'm doing. And then I have to turn it back on when I'm done. It's just is an idea and saying of the s And basically you are ready todo but yeah, just make sure whatever you're using if you try to view your website on a different thing and you notice it says coming soon. Turn that off. Yeah. I can't wait to see what you gotta share. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Um, these share your artwork. This is a great way to get started and think. 11. Conclusion: So I hope you guys have fun making your portfolio website that you didn't get to frustrated and that now you have a website that you can show off to the world. You can put on your business cards. You can link to it on your social media and for sure linked to it in the group. I want to see what you guys have done. I'd like to share it with people I want to see that you're creating and that you're able to promote yourself. Definitely promote yourself. It's a good thing. Get out there and just continued to create and continue to add to this portfolio and continue learning. And thank you guys so much for taking this class. Feel free. I know you're probably questions. Feel free to put them in the discussion. No question. Stupid. Put it in there. Ask. I loved answer questions. I love to interact with you guys. If you want a message me instead, you could message me, but yeah, I post them out there. You will not be solely first and thinking that question. I'm sure so, um but yeah, Thanks for watching. And I appreciate you taking the class. I really, really appreciate it. So thank you and share a week. How are you today?