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Create a Gmail Signature Using Canva

teacher avatar Morgan Province, Writer and Content Strategist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Part 1 - Introduction

    • 2. Part 2 - Brainstorm

    • 3. Part 3 - Canva

    • 4. Part 4 - Gmail

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About This Class

Are you ready to set your emails apart?

This short tutorial walks you through how to create a customized Gmail email signature with a free online design tool called Canva. In less than 30 minutes, you can create a visually appealing Gmail signature that shares important information about you and leads readers to key destinations online, such as your website or social media pages.

Presented by Morgan Province, the Training & Development Specialist behind Built by Books.

Meet Your Teacher

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Morgan Province

Writer and Content Strategist


Hello! My favorite things in the world include finding insights in large sets of data, reading, teaching others how to be stronger leaders, spending time with my family, and watching KU basketball.

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1. Part 1 - Introduction: I'm Morgan Province, a training and development specialists who helps women get to the next level in their careers. Today, I'll be walking you through how to create your own Gmail signature using Can Va. There are 11 easy steps when creating your Gmail signature using Can Va and I will walk through each one with you now. 2. Part 2 - Brainstorm: All in all, it should only take you between 15 and 30 minutes to get it done. The first step is figuring out what you want to design. You can do this in many ways. I like to go to Google and gain inspiration from different color palettes and mood boards. Think about the color. Do you want to use the fonts, different shapes and possible elements? Remember that the email signature is not very big. Do you wanna make the most impact? But also keep it clean. The tool will be using today is Kimba. But before we start designing, I like to recommend sketching it out with pen and paper. First, I'm a visual person, and I do still like to use my journal and agenda and pen and paper. So I like to kind of sketch out how I think I want the elements toe. Look, if you're more of a plane around in the tool kind of person, then we can go ahead and jump right into Canada. 3. Part 3 - Canva: If you don't currently have a canvas account, you can easily sign up for the free version with your email. If you already have an account on Canada dot com, then go ahead and log in. I like using Handwara for many reasons. First, the free plan is amazing. Even if you don't have the money to invest. Right now, they're still so many different things you can do with Canada. Of course, it's a design application, but you don't have to be a designer to use it. In fact, it helps when you are in a designer like me. There are many different templates that offer you the option to create from scratch or use a template already designed by a designer. Additionally, can Va is pretty intuitive. You're able to play around and learn different elements and functions within the application fairly easily. Another reason I like Canada is that you have the option to save as PNG J. Peg and PdF. So no matter where your graphic is going, you're able to either save it and upload it or print it. So today we're working with email, and one of the more popular designs is an email header, and that's what we'll be using today. Now I realize it says Header and not signature. But if the email header is the right size for the top of the email, then this template will also be the right size for the bottom of it. So go ahead and select email Header. Now, when creating your signature, you can decide to use an existing template over here on the left, or you can create from scratch using this blank canvas. Today, I'm actually going to start from scratch, but she is the best option for you. The first thing I like to do in Canberra is to get the big elements on the page first. So there are four things that I like to have in an email signature. First my name. So although an email may say my name when it comes to you, think it's also important to have it at the bottom as well. I also like to have my title. My position as a training and development specialist is an important piece of who I am and what I dio, so I want to have that under my name in the signature. I also like to have my girl. Even if I have my signature click through to my website, I think it's still good for branding to have it written out there for people to see. Finally, I like to have a picture of myself in the signature. This may be a little bit of a debate. I know specialists who work on resumes highly recommend you don't add your photo to your resume, but with your email signature, I think it depends on your purpose. If you use this email account for business emails to send enquiries and to receive enquiries, then it might be helpful, depending on your business to have your face there toe welcome, people and to let people kind of get a glimpse of who they're talking. Teoh. It's a personal decision, so decide what's best for you. But for me, I'm gonna have my photo. I want to have my name, my title and then my website. You are all so let's get started. Based on the research I did on design, I found that I gravitate towards sunset colors, so I've kind of saved different photos and colors that to speak to me today the palate. I will be using. I found off of Google, and I like it because it has the color codes that I will need to use in Canada. Later, you'll see varying codes for different colors. You may see that are G B, where you have three different values. And you may also see this code that has a pound side and then six letters or numbers. Campbell uses this one. So this is why I keep it pulled up so I can easily input those codes when needed. I also gravitate towards rounded corners for squares and rectangles. I don't know why I do not have a design background, but that tends to be what I like to use. So for my photo, that's the frame I want to use. So I'm gonna find the shape that most matches what I want to use and it looks like I have three different options. So I have very rounded corners, middle of the road and slightly rounded. I also have the option to put a frame around it, and I kind of like that option cause it sets the photo off of the background. So I'm going to choose that one with the email signature because it appears at the bottom of your email. You want to use as much space on this template as you can, So I'm gonna put the photo on the left. I'm gonna put it a little off go and I'm gonna go ahead and I upload my headshot. Mine's already uploaded, but if you need to, you click, upload, and then choose your photo from the folder. That may take a second to upload. So let's go ahead and move on to some other pieces of your signature. So there are three different text options. Obviously, you can change the size font and the color once you add it, but for my name will go ahead and start with a header, and I'll be able to move things around later. So right now I think the big thing is just to get the pieces in place, so I'll start with my name and then I'll choose the fonts. Now again, I don't know why, but after a couple of years of working in Canada, Bavis, New and a Leo are a couple of my favorite funds to use, and I like the combination because the baby is San Serif, and then a Leo is Saref with those little feet. So I'm gonna go ahead, make this just a little bigger to use more of the space, and I'm going to left Align when I have a sharp edge like this. I like to get things on the other side aligned as well. So now that I have my name, it's time to move on to the second piece, which is my job title. Like those capital letters today. I want to get everything on one line. So I will adjust the size until I get that. And then I will change the front to a Leo like me. A little more room. So again, I like using San Serif and Serif together. If you use a scripted funds, you know that's cursive and maybe a little harder to read. You'll want to pair it with something much easier to read with it being your email signature. I think being legible is really important. But test it out and see what you come up with. So then the third element for me will be my girl. What? See on we can do a Leo, babe. Us. I don't know about you, but I think a Leo is definitely easier to read, so I'm gonna make it smaller. So that way, there's a hierarchy. Most important 2nd 3rd and then I'm gonna play with the police until a little bit. Okay? No, I can think about color. So I showed you the color palette. I'm attracted to you, but I don't want to get too crazy using all of them. So I think keeping my name and black is bold, and it also mirrors the frame on the picture. So let me just make sure this is black. We go for my title. Maybe maybe I can do blue. So I'm gonna add a document color, and I'm gonna use this code from the blue. Right here it enter. There we go. So when you're thinking about design, it's easy and Campbell to play around. So I think I want my title closer to my name. Just so when people see it, it immediately connects. I don't have no idea if there's any psychology or design reasoning for that, but just to me, it makes sense. And I think a let's my you are l aligned with the bottom of the picture. Okay, so maybe this will look better in the middle. Just play around space scene. Kind of like that. Then the last element is the picture. Again. If you're not using a picture, the step is not necessary for me. I'm going to go ahead and use my head shot, double click to adjust the crop and hit. OK? Simple. Yet more effective than just having my name at the end of an email. So I think I'm gonna save this one. I'm gonna change the name. Whatever pneumonic devices you use or naming structures, I'm in a do G middle signature province. And then I'm going to make sure it saved so I can return to it later if needed, and then finally download P and G and J. Peg will both work and Gmail. My default, for some reason, has always Jake Peg. So that's what I'm gonna go with. And for easy access, I'm going to save it to my desktop 4. Part 4 - Gmail: Okay, so now that I've created and saved my new Gmail signature, I'm gonna upload it to my drive on the Google drive. This makes it much easier to add the signature, and it also prevents broken links. So did you have file upload, find the new signature and let it safe? Awesome. So from there, you want to open your Gmail using chrome. Now, you may already use chrome from the beginning. I also like Firefox, which is why up until now, that's what I've been using. But for the Gmail signature, I have found that I get too many errors using Firefox. So I'm gonna go to my email and then I'm gonna click the settings wheel to go straight to settings. Once you're here, you stay on the screen and scroll down. The defaults for Gmail is no signature. When you're ready to add signature, make sure that this radio button here is clicked. Then click inside the box. Next, click the insert image icon and you'll be able to upload your new signature from the Google drive. You can also upload it or add something from an existing website, or you are. I've seen the most success, though, from the Google drive. So I'm going to scroll down until I see my new signature. I clicked at it, and then I actually like to make mine medium. I feel like large is a little too in your face Smalls too small. The nice thing is, you can come into these settings at any time and make adjustments as needed. So once you have your picture in here, you'll want to give it a click through u R L to whichever destination you want. I'm going to have it go to my website, so I'll type that in here and then click OK, and that's all you need to do. There is also the option to add text underneath or create additional links with text underneath. For example, if you would like to add links that go straight to your social media page, this is a great place. You can also put a line above to separate the body of your email from the signature. Whatever you decide to do in here. Once you're done, you'll scroll down to the bottom and save changes. So now that that's done, I like to send myself a test so you can see signature down there already, but let's just see what it looks like once I get it thin that all of you, the message and there's the signature. Let's make a little bigger and see how that does changes. And let me just respond to this now, when you're replying, it doesn't look immediately like you have your signature, but if you click these dots, you'll actually be able to see the additional content. So as you can see this medium size excuse me, large size is definitely more legible than the medium. Let's just make sure it clicks through to my website. Fantastic. And that is how you make a Gmail signature in Can Va. Thanks for tuning in and sticking with me, and I hope your emails are much more beautiful now that they have your personalized touched . Have a great day