Create a Beautiful Floral Illustration (pen + watercolors) | Margarita Bourkova | Skillshare

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Create a Beautiful Floral Illustration (pen + watercolors)

teacher avatar Margarita Bourkova, artist | dreamer | infp

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies & References

    • 3. Creating your Sketch

    • 4. Inking Process Part 1

    • 5. Inking Process Part 2

    • 6. Coloring Process Part 1

    • 7. Coloring Process Part 2

    • 8. Bonus : Editing in Photoshop

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to create beautiful and unique illustrations, but felt like you didn’t have the right supplies, or simply didn’t know where to start?

In this class, i’ll show you how to draw a floral illustration using only a regular pen and a few watercolor paints. For each lesson, i'll share with you a few different techniques and/or exercises, and then i'll show you how i apply these to my own illustration. I’ll also share some personal tips and tricks to make your illustrations look more professional.


The floral illustration you’ll create after completing this class can be used for greeting cards, one-of-a-kind gifts or simply to decorate your walls.

Level : Intermediate. I'll explain everything i do, but you'll get the most out of this class if you already have some basic drawing skills (using references for your sketches, for example) 

What you'll learn :  

  •  sketching techniques : create an interesting composition 
  •  inking techniques with a ballpoint pen, shades and patterns
  •  watercolor techniques, dry and wet paint, ... 
  •  editing your illustration in Photoshop 

Basic supplies you'll need : 

  • pencil and eraser for your sketch
  • basic ballpoint pen for inking 
  • watercolor paints (3 or 4 colors are more than enough) 
  • paper : you don't even need a textured watercolor paper, just drawing paper thick enough for watercolors - i use a very smooth 200g/m Bristol 
  • optional accessories : empty palette for blending colors together and tissues for the mess :) 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Margarita Bourkova

artist | dreamer | infp


I'm margaw, a freelance artist based in rainy Belgium. I'm self-taught, and i really believe anyone can draw if they really want to! I created this channel to share my drawing techniques, my personal tips and tricks, and to support others on their creative journey. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or if there's a particular technique you'd like me to teach -- i'm always interested in your feedback!

Ballpoint pens are one of my all time favorite art supplies, i really enjoy using them for almost anything : rough sketches, stylized drawings or even photorealistic illustrations. They are easy to find, cheap and, once you've got the hang of it, really fun to use. Sadly, most people aren't familiar with them... that's why i teach several... See full profile

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1. Intro: everyone in this. Plus I'm sure you have to create a unique and beautiful floral illustration. You only need a few basic supplies like a pencil up and other people of color finds. I share review my personal tips n tricks on how to make your illustrations found out. I'll show you how to sketch your ideas and have fun with ink and water colors waiting for that starts. 2. Supplies & References: here are the supplies all used to create my Floro illustration. First of all, for the sketch and laying droning unit, a pencil on the razor and a regular pen. I'm using a block ballpoint pen for this particular instruction. But if you feel like you can use any in, call you the most important thing, Mr Hafun, and unleash your creativity. And now for my water call supplies I use on them people. Let's to blend the columns from extra scrap paper to try out different car combinations. If your brushes and my sets before the color pains though I only use four columns for this illustration, I recommend you test your supplies before you use them to make sure that they work well together. I made a quick test earlier with two different pens, and I found out that one of them was in what proof? And now let's talk about references. Here is some interesting elements I found in my house, and I ended up using two of them in my illustration. You can use both online pictures and floral elements from your own collection. Don't I stay to combine multiple references from ritual of the flowers you draw that way, you create original and one of a kind illustrations. Your references will not only help you drawl rarely seek shapes. They can also provide inspiration for your color palette with textures and lighting administration. I also have intimacy collection flowers. So if I use now in need of inspiration of your colorful that before some interesting pictures, be sure to take a look at please I share doing to my Pinterest IQ out into class description. 3. Creating your Sketch: it's now time to plan your illustration. You can make it simple or complex as you like. Just don't forget that more different flowers and details. You're having your drawing, the longer it will take you to finish it, you can start by choosing the shape of your drawing. I chose a circle line. Don't be afraid. Feels bold and creative. Choose a shape that you find interesting and fun and that will keep you excited about. Once you have chosen the shape, you can create a small skitch. Make sure that you like to come position you have in mind for your administration. I usually start Nice kitchen, the main subject of my composition. In this case, tree off for flowers. I want you to the thing I feel the rest of the booth Here are the father references I used to grade my sketch. Don't forget to keep yours standing when you draw. I saw my sketch by drawing remain flowers. Now they make slightly larger than the rest Miss shapes and just make a composition. I then fill in the rest of the so called small farmers 4. Inking Process Part 1: Now that I have a rough sketch, it's time to start in Canada. I was a black ballpoint pen and a piece of paper for the blots of ink. It's important to clean the tip of depend regularly. Otherwise, you might end up with thinks things all over your drawing piece of extra paper also prevents me from sneering drawing with my wrists and hands. You will see that I don't always follow the lines of my sketch, so don't be afraid to change your mind even came from. Keep your references handy in case you need for inspiration and draw the outlines off for illustration. - When you're done, simply erase the sketch underneath. You might find out that you've missed a few lines in your in drawing A that some parts of it need more details. Mine doesn't quite look like a circle. For example, I'm going to keep adding more details until I'm happy with the composition. Now it's time to show you a few different banking techniques that will help you troll shadows and created illusion of volume and texture. The hatching in close hatching kidneys are the most widely used simply draw lines on, depending on how hard to press weapon you could great different shades of black. You can also combine several layers of hatching and cross hatching to create even darker shades. The same can be done with thoughts around those people's. You can download this worksheet in the class project description and practices sickness, or even create your own unique balance. 5. Inking Process Part 2: in the second exercise, I'll show you how in can be a part of the calling process of floor illustration and the first drawing. I'll use the inking techniques and I just showed you to simply at shadows and volume to the Flower Inc will simply be that contained the color it makes. The power with more realistic doesn't have anything Ribs national. In the second drawing, however, I used the ink as a color and opiates arts and problems like it now don't hesitate to use this technique separately. Are the combined for your illustration, And now it's time to at some shadows and sex shows to my floor demonstration. And then I used. The hatching is with techniques that combine FREEHAND lines. There. You can add as many details as you like, or even skip this part entirely, and at shadows and pictures with your phones. 6. Coloring Process Part 1: just like with think there are a 1,000,000 different ways to use a lot of cones testable. I'll show you what to expect when you mix. Trauma and weapons always require a combination of border in paint, so even with the dry, you always have to add a little bit of water to your paint. The positive water Well, the German How the Bangui Axe the quantity of payment with them in the call situation. Here's an example of my coloring process. Usually, I start with the least warm, wet on wet layer to make sure that they cover the white of the paper. I use water to wipe my brush and a piece of the chutes. Dry it out. I also mostly used the same 23 calls and mix in an empty Pillette for the wet on wet technique. You have to work with me on to what your brush regularly. Make sure to let your layers froth many of how much water you used it can take from a few minutes more than an hour. Seven. Patient E players of what's on dry paint, depending on what effect I'm trying t o dry on. Dr. King gets perfect for creating called draft and clean patterns like in this example. Now that I've covered this basic techniques, let's start coloring off. Lower illustration. I start with the weather. What wash that covers my whole drawing. I see like a tree calls. I'll be using magenta, blue and green, and I make them with a lot of photo. At this point, I don't worry too much about where each girl ends up, because what the calls always looked after. Wonder wet. Once this first layer dries up, it will be banned. Invisible, wonderful Slayer of fainting dry. I started meeting the way I use a rather wet things, but with more saturated color, and they also makes different hues of the same three colors to make interesting combinations. - I make sure to call off Mama's that I'm not immediately next to each other, so the pain has enough time to dry at when I create patterns with the saturated color, I like to soften it a little bit 7. Coloring Process Part 2: - I do the same for the rest of the main flowers in my composition. Then I let them dry before going on to the small flowers I only use for college man Lima. James loves a bit of green and the other My Floro illustration ended up being very colorful only because they used a lot of saturate pains. You don't have a lot of different columns like a bride and calling for administration. 8. Bonus : Editing in Photoshop: it's not always easy to take a good picture of traditional drawing. That's why I prefer to scan and clean off my demonstrations and polish. Here's how you do it. I start by getting rid of the mist background. I go to image adjustments levels on a touch of the columns until I'm happy with the results . Quick selection on step by step, I select my entire drawing. After that, you can either get rid of the background or simply copy past your drawing and turn your documents. Don't be afraid to experiment. Makes different colors and try out the techniques and exercises special. Do I really hope you enjoy this blast and I can't wait to see administrations?