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Create Your Own Personal Manifesto Poster With Ease: A Journey To Self-Discovery

teacher avatar Cherry Reyes, Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Definition & Purpose

    • 3. Organizing Your Thoughts

    • 4. Self-Reflection Guide

    • 5. Writing Your Personal Statements

    • 6. Creating Your Personal Manifesto Poster

    • 7. Adobe Spark: Full Demo Poster Creation

    • 8. Image File & Poster Size

    • 9. Date Significance & Closing

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About This Class


Have you ever been captivated and inspired by some of the manifestos available online and in stores? How would you like to learn how to create your own personal manifesto poster...with your own personal values and beliefs printed on it (and not someone else's)? No special graphic design skills required...just an easy-to-use free online app! If you've never created one for yourself, then here's your opportunity to define your true self. Who you are and what matters to you!

This class are for individuals young and old who are looking for inspiration to better themselves - I call them "lifelong learners". I also see couples and families who are sharing their lives together doing this meaningful project together :)

This 25-minute class is designed to take you to a journey of deeper level of self-awareness and self-discovery and cultivate your creativity. I will help you organize your thoughts with my Life's Core Four so everything flows when creating your manifesto statements. Best of all, you'll learn how to create your own professional looking manifesto poster. All with ease using the very simple and powerful app - Adobe Spark! I really think you're going to enjoy this class!

BONUS: Your finished project will give your life more meaning and inspiration. Not just to yourself, but also to the people you share it with!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cherry Reyes

Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator


Hi, I'm Cherry! I'm a personal development coach, leadership workshop facilitator, and the creator of #TTFTD Vignettes online. I'm an independent certified member of The John Maxwell Team and currently credentialing for ACC with International Coach Federation to take my coaching to the next level. I've had the privilege of serving small business owners, community leaders, managers, young professionals, parents, educators and teens in the U.S. and Philippines through my coaching practice, speaking and workshop facilitation. My focus is on helping people develop a higher level of self-awareness so they can see more possibilities and experience life with more positivity.

I have been married for more than two decades, have 3 grown children, and I'm the queen to our Italian Greyhound.... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I've always wanted to create my own manifesto posters so that it's authentic and that every word that's printed on it are really my own. But always holding me back at first was that I thought I had to use some kind of a sophisticated imaging software like Photo Shop that I can make my poster look professional with all the good at the cool graphic effects. But what I discovered was so much simpler than that. And what matters to me really is more of the message and not so much on the graphic effects of the message. My name is Cherry Raise I coach. I teach, and it also create teachable thought, being yet some right. How would you like to have your own manifesto poster printed with what really matters to you? And here's the easy part. You don't really need special skills in graphic design to create your personal manifesto poster. To be honest, we do. I'm not even skilled in using photo shop or any kind of imaging software, and I was able to create my poster. I really think you're gonna find this class inspiring as it will take you to a deeper level of self discovery. This class is perfect for individuals, young and old, who are looking for inspiration to better themselves. I call them lifelong learners, not just individuals. But I also see couples and families who are sharing their lives together doing this project together. There are two parts in this class. First, you're gonna write your statements for your manifesto. Writing your personal many Fastow can get a bit overwhelming, so I'll help you organize your thoughts with my life score for then, the fine part where you're getting your age, your own professional looking poster. Here's what you'll need for this class. All you need is an Internet browser, pen and paper, any type of word processing application and most especially, your thoughts and your creativity. I'll see you on the next video as we talk about some of the basic principles and help you organize your thoughts with our lives core for 2. Definition & Purpose: in this video, we're gonna briefly touch on the definition of manifesto, and I'm also going to share with you one reason that might inspire you to write to manifesto. According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, a manifesto is a written statement that describes the policies, goals and opinions of a person or group. Although this is not the kind of manifesto that we're trying to create in this class. Just so we're on the same page for the purpose of this class. The kind of manifesto that we're creating is a personal money faster, which is a statement of her own personal life, valleys, believes and principles. Here's a picture of my family taking a Disneyland in December of 2016. I want to share with you a story about my son Carl. He's the one with glasses. He wanted to celebrate his 21st birthday at Disneyland, and I thought that was fine. We all had a great time. Finally, home, my son kept watching this video of himself that his big sister took of them while he was in this one ride. He was creamy, laughing, just having a blast. He get watching his video over and over and over and remember what he said, He said, I wish I had a friend like me. I thought that was a profound statement, as I've never met anyone say that about themselves. Here's someone who knows himself so well. I shared with you that story because it reminded me of what I learned about the highly successful people. There are two common things that they clearly know about. They're clear about knowing who they are, their strengths and their weaknesses and knowing what they want. As the saying goes, The first person you need to lead is yourself and this part of the class. I want you to share with us your reason why you want to create your own personal money faster. And where do you plan on displaying your poster? Once you've completed the project, I'll see you in the next video. 3. Organizing Your Thoughts: creating your personal manifesto can be a bit overwhelming in this video. I will help you organize your thoughts. Have you ever had a moment when you feel like you have so many things to tell a friend or write about and you don't even know where to start? You might experience this in the process. That's why we're going to start with some basic principles. I want to share with you my life's core four principles that I use in my coaching practice thes air, basically the four main areas that you're going to deal with for the rest of your life. You already know these things, but I just want to bring them to your awareness to help you prepare your mind said as you embark on this journey of self discovery. In a nutshell. We have our physical health in herself, finances and relationships. Physical health is your physical body in herself. Is your mind so and spirit? Then we have the relationships. Thes are our personal and professional relationships. Regardless of the changes that happen in our personal rolls or job titles, it's all about the relationships, and lastly we have the finances, you and I know that for the rest of her life, we're going to deal with money matters. So these are our lives core for I've provided a worksheet with exact image on the screen so that you can print your own coffee. Please find them in your my Projects folder. I'll see you on the next video as I guide you on how to go about yourself Reflections. 4. Self-Reflection Guide: In this video, I will guide you with some questions to help you think about each of the core areas of your life in your project. Fuller. You'll find exact sheet with the self reflection questions. You don't necessarily have to answer each of these questions. Just keep in mind that these questions are there to help expand your thinking. If you're doing this on your own, you can just imagine that you're in a coaching session with me. And I'm asking you some of these questions. Or you can even ask someone who is very close to you to ask you these questions to help you really bring those thoughts out. If you're doing this as a couple or even as a family, well and good, you can do some brainstorming in your project folder. You'll find a blank form that you can use to write your thoughts on your core four. So each and every question that you go through and every thought or idea that comes to mind , just write them down on the blank form. Whether it's a word or a phrase, just write them down. Here's a tip. Please try not to overthink this process do yourself a favor and give your thoughts of time and space. You'd be actually surprised as they come out in unexpected moments. Just enjoy the process. Once you're done with this exercise, I'll see you on the next video. 5. Writing Your Personal Statements: in this video, it's time to write your statements, declaring who you are and what your values and personal believes are. What you need to do next is to choose your top 20 thoughts from the previous exercise. It doesn't matter which core area they're from. If you have less than 20 then you're all set for the next step in your project folder, you'll find worksheet toe list, your top 20 money facile statements. The order is not important here. What's more important is you owning those thoughts and writing them as a statement. It doesn't have to be with every statement, but as much as possible. Try to start your statements with an I like I am, I believe I know I waas. I will you get the point? Once you're done writing down your statements, you need to type them up in your word processing application. So whatever application that's available to you, whether it's mike, Self Word, Google Dogs, pages and iCloud or any type of word processing program even note bad in your computer or some type of electronic notebook like every note or one note should work in no particular order. Your documents should look like this. Each statement typed in as a sentence and each sentence separated with a period. And please remember to save your document. Once you done with his exercise. I'll see you on the next video as we start on the fun part, creating your poster. 6. Creating Your Personal Manifesto Poster: So now we've completed part one of this class, and we're now in Part two, which is creating your personal many faster poster. The app that we're going to use the Creator poster is Adobe Spark. If you're not familiar with Adobe Spark, it's a free online and mobile graphic design app. They made everything easy for us to create out from images, videos and Web pages, so I want you to head on now to spark that adobe dot com on the next video, I'm going to show you a full demo of had occurred HR poster from start to finish to go there now and follow along. 7. Adobe Spark: Full Demo Poster Creation: So once you're inside spark adobe dot com, Where you want to go is to click and click on this. Start now for free, and you're going to get this pop up window it gives which gives you an option to logging either with your Facebook account or Google. Um, or if you don't have an adobe I d um, you could click here and sign up for free. If you haven't adobe I d Then you log in right here, so I'm gonna go ahead and laws in with mine. Sometimes he takes a while to load, um, everything. But this is pretty much my dashboard. Um, you could see some of my projects year from creating the video. So this is kind of like the menu bar. And if you quick there, you get to see all my projects, which is going to go back to that page with Adobe Spark. I'm not gonna teach. All these options were just getting goes trade ahead to you creating our poster, which is creating, opposed, and this just briefly a page is kind of like a website, and then you could also create your videos here, which are pretty cool on, and they made it really, really easy to create a website and a video. So we're gonna go ahead and create a post. Yeah, this one takes a wild sometime. So what do you want to say? So this is if you were creating ah, like something to post on Instagram or Facebook, like with a quote, you could put it here. But since we're putting in our personal money Fastow, what I suggest is we go back to your word, our document, and we're gonna copy, copy the whole thing, and then go back to that page and we're gonna go ahead and paste it are a So it's all there . And then you just click on continue any time now, Gary. Go. So by default, a spark adobe. Great. You know, like, um, um a design filter for you, but you don't have to choose that. So what we really want? Usually I go in here and I want something that will just be a plain print. So that's what I'm looking for. Um, you can play around with this, um, when When you create your poster and create some other stuff other than the manifest a poster, which is gonna be fun like this one. I like this. This is playing print, right? And what we want See how it changed everything. What we want is really Ah, a different background. So right now we're on the design. So all these default designs Adobe, is, um, suggesting these things. And it's pretty cool because even though we selected this right, um, you could change other things like, ah, the shade, which we're not gonna play around with that. But usually I go right. He right away for my poster to res ice it, Um see how there's already a set of signs for instagram, Facebook, Twitter, all that stuff. Um, even their profile covers if you want TEM ah lengthen. It's really, really cool. But I go down here and a select poster K and you saw that he kind of Reese iced it. And then the next thing I do is and what to take out the background. Okay, let's just go ahead and select. You could actually put a different photo there. Um, it's up to you how you want to you decorate or design your poster, but we're gonna go ahead and just select a white collar for the background. Apply a caller background. Yes, it will remove the photo. See, now it kind of stands out. Right. And here now. So you see these, um, circle and arreaza a square. I mean, the line margin. So what you want is you can resize it. Just stretching the pulling out dome. Ah, the circles. But make sure that the square stays inside the frame because that's going to make a difference when you print your posters like, take it to you, Costco or any prints store. Um, which happened to me. I had to do double trips because I messed up from that one on the margin. Eso I'm letting you know to to watch that so we can leave it there. I want to leave a space here at the bottom. I'll let you know why later on. But I see I like this already. Okay, But you could also change the color of the font here. You kid. Ah, maybe Do you? Ah, red. You know, or just go back to the original. Okay. And, um, if you go into taxed Oh, yeah, we've got to save it and see this circle style suggestions. This is the fun part about spark Adobe. Um so if you just kind of, like slowly turn it, he changes this style, and it's so cool. So, like, this one. Let's see you like that. And that's a You do save it. You could even change the alignment. See, um, how it does it automatically for you and the font is definitely as well. So there's other things that you can play around with this, um, year. Uhm so what we want to do now as at the bottom, If you click down here, it's gonna ask you, Do you want to add a text, a photo or color? Um, we want to add a text. And I'm Tennessee written by and Cherry raise on March pry 17. Okay. Yeah, it looks big, but see how I'm making it small cause I wanted to go down here and he changed is you look like that aired. E can see the There's the margin also were inside the the margin, which is good. Oh, save. Um Also, since we're working off of the browser, so everything's on the cloud. You have to see everything once in a while you see that adobe sport flashes of saving here . So when you make some changes, it automatically saves it for you. So which is good? But then also be careful, cause whatever change you make, it just saves. It s Oh, yeah, there is the margin, and we can still bring it down a little bit. All right, that's that's good for me. Um, I you could change the font here. Um, you can make it bold. Uh, can I want the fun to be black, so it stands out and, um, that's about it. And once you're darn and happy with how everything works, I mean, looks, um, you click on share. So here, this is a title. So this part right here, it's just for the purpose of if you want to create a public glink like, let's say you want to post it on Facebook, let's see you created a quote. You want to post it on Facebook, and there's an option for, um to remove the adobe sparked branding. If you are paying the subscription with Adobe, are you will? This will be enabled like you'll be able to take it off. Eso it doesn't show, Adobe Spark. Um, so, like this one, I'm just gonna call this a my personal then Festo and I'll pick a category, maybe causes I'll just you causes actually out make education, And I could turn this on, she re raises. Um, since I have to subscription, I can also turn that on. And I could create the link if I want to you. But I don't really have to. Um, but here's so the good thing about this is you get to download it. Okay, so there it is. Now, I'm gonna go to my download folder, which I'm here right now. Where is it? Okay, so there it is. There is our poster. Now look at this, Okay? The file is big. The quality of the print is really gonna be awesome. I printed mine on 16 by 20 and 20 by 30. A really big one. And he came out really very nice. So, um and that's about it. I'm gonna go ahead and close this, and if you go back here, click of my projects and your project is going to be there. And there's an option here. See how there is no name here So if you click on this little circle, you could rename it. And this is just for your own filing. Uhm, sister, I mean naming system. It's it's not be conceived anywhere. So Al just put oh, my manifesto like, Okay. And let's say you want to You create a duplicate copy. You could click on that, and we will just create a duplicate copy here. You could also download it from here earlier, we were on share. That's how we downloaded it. Ah, here. You could Elson download it from here and then delete, but we don't want to do that. Okay? And, um, that's it. So, uh, I hope you enjoyed this creating your personal manifesto coaster. And if you have any questions, just go ahead and post it on the one a class, uh, feed. And, um, i'll be happy to get back to you with you. Answers to your questions. 8. Image File & Poster Size: I realized that my screen did not switch when I was showing my download folders. So here it is. I wanted to add this short clip. This is my download folder. And so Adobe Spark. Once you click on download, it will go to this folder, and it will name your file Adobe Spark. So when you right click on your Adobe Spark Image file and select Properties, this window will pop up and you can go to the details tab to see the pixel size of the file . And like what I was seeing, the file is pretty huge. You get this 25 60 by 34 13 pixel size of the image, so it's a really good quality for your poster image. So I created two projects in Adobe sparked just so I could see. The difference are using a different color front and a different font style as well. Both of these posters I was able to print on 16 by 20 size. This was a day I picked up my poster. I was so excited. And as you can see on this next one, it's a bigger poster. It says 20 by 30 size with different dimensions, which out teaching the next class. And here's a poster that I have on my bookshelf. I'll see you in the last video as we talk about the significance of the date on your poster and to talk about your project. 9. Date Significance & Closing: I hope you find full demo video helpful, and you were able to follow along. If you've completed all the exercises. Congratulations. You've never reached the end of the class. The data on your manifesto poster has significance. If you were to read your manifesto a year from now, you'll be able to measure how much you've grown and changed. Perhaps you can ask yourself a question. What valleys have you been not practicing, and what valleys have you been strongly living by? So for your class project, after you create your poster, go ahead and upload a copy of your personal money. Faster poster dated and signed by you. Or remember when I asked you in the beginning, Where do you plan on displaying your poster? Well, here's your chance. Now you can go ahead and upload a video or photo where you have your poster displays and as a second part to your class project, share with us about your journey to self discovery. If you go to the class project description, there's some questions that I posted there, and you can choose one of arm to answer it and share your reflection with us. I'm so excited to learn more about you. And I'm looking forward to see your unique work with your manifesto poster. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope you enjoyed it. And if he did, we share with a friend.