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Create Your First Video! A 5 Day Challenge.

teacher avatar Anne LaFollette, Surface Pattern Designer & Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials & Class Project

    • 3. Day One

    • 4. Day Two

    • 5. Day Three

    • 6. Day Four

    • 7. Day Five

    • 8. Thank You & Next Steps

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About This Class


In this class, using just your iPhone and the free app, iMovie, we will create beautiful videos together.

This class is organized as a 5-day challenge with daily, short assignments. By day five, you'll have learned everything you need to create and post your video in the class project area.

Since the total class is only about 22 minutes long, feel free to watch all the videos in one sitting and create your first video in record time.

Download the attached workbook that I created to support you throughout the class. It contains all the daily assignments with room for notes.

Join me in this super fun, 5 day challenge!



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anne LaFollette

Surface Pattern Designer & Coach


Hi everyone!

I'm Anne and it's nice to meet you!

After a long career in the corporate world, I got laid off! Instead of seeing that as a disaster, I decided it was a sign that it was finally time for ME. I dusted off all of my old art supplies and a new career in surface pattern design emerged! 

I love to create pretty patterns and share what I love through teaching!  Sharing my tips and techniques with students here on Skillshare brings me great joy.

I'm also LIVE on Facebook every Wednesday at noon PST. You can set a reminder for yourself to join me HERE.

Email me at and tell me your story. I'd love to help you get started in surface pattern design. 

Please check ou... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello there, and welcome to this introduction to create your first video. This is a five day challenge class that I'm super excited to bring to skill share. My name is Angela Folate, and I'm a blogger, illustrator and pander designer, and I now teach a variety of classes on skill share. This class create your first video is a five day challenge, and all you need is your iPhone and the free app called I Movie that you can download from the APP store. Here is a 32nd clip off the type of video that I love to make. It is a behind the scenes look at how I do my watercolor work. It's amazing that today, using just your iPhone and one free app, you can make beautiful videos and whether you're an artist or you actually want to take a family video or you want to do something fun with your dog playing at the beach literally. All you need is your iPhone and one free app. I've organized the class like a challenge, and so there's a short assignment each day. Over the course of five days, however, the total length of the class is only about 22 minutes, so you can absolutely listen to them all in one seat sitting and crank out a video in no time at all. I'm excited to show you how to create your first video using just your iPhone and the free app I movie hidden role and let's get started. I'll see you then Bye for now. 2. Materials & Class Project: welcome to class. I am so excited that you decided to join me for create your first video using just your iPhone. So, as I said in the intro, All you need in terms of class materials is your iPhone and the free app I movie that you can download straight from the APP store in terms of the class project. It's very straightforward. I would love for you to share the topic that you pick for your video any photos that you decide that you're going to use in addition to the video snippets themselves and then also a link to your video. And I'm going to be sharing with you how to set up a free account with video dot com, which is a service that will hold your videos for you. And I'll also show you how you can get a link from video that you can then cut and paste into the project area so that we can then all go to directly to your video toe. Watch it so that's it in terms of materials and class projects. So let's jump right in to Day one of this five day challenge. I'll see you in the next video bye for now, 3. Day One: welcome back to create your first video. Today is Day one of this five day challenge, and today's assignment is for you. Toe pick your topic and then also get yourself organized in terms of other materials that you might need. I'm going to throw out a couple of topic ideas, but these are just suggestions. As you saw in the intro, I love to do either a tour of my studio or ah, behind the scenes. Look at my creative process and I had shown you a video of me doing my watercolor work. But you may prefer to film a birthday party or a family gathering or a gorgeous tour of your garden in bloom, or any topic that appeals to you. I want you to pick something that's gonna be super fun. The second part of today's assignment is to get organized and think about other materials that you might need before you actually start filming. So in my case, if I am going to be filming myself doing my watercolor work, I need to make sure that I have my watercolors handy, that the table is kind of clean, that I might have pretty vase of flowers behind me because that would be a pretty backdrop or any other materials that I think I might need so that I don't actually have to interrupt myself when I'm in the filming process. That's it. In terms of day ones assignment. Pick your topic and get yourself organized and ready to move on to Day two of the challenge . I'll see you in the next video bye for now. 4. Day Two: Welcome back to create your first video. Today is day two off our five day challenge. Have you picked your topic at this point? If you have, please put it in the project area. And then also did you download the workbook? I forgot to mention that I created a complete work book for this class. That is, if you go into the project area, you can find it. It's a PdF along the right hand side bar there. I just wanted to make sure that you all know it's there for you to download, print out and use throughout the class. Today's assignment is all about storytelling and taking just a few minutes to zoom out and ask yourself some key questions before we actually start to film. The first question I like to ask myself is, Am I clear on the story that I'm trying to tell? Then I like to think about how am I going to create a beginning, a middle and an end? What are you going to do to draw the viewer in? And then, once you've decided on that, what overall mood are you creating and what additional elements might you need? So I do find it's helpful to zoom out and answer those five key questions before you pick up your phone and actually start to film your snippets. So take a few minutes, think about it. And then tomorrow it's gonna be all about filming. I can't wait to see you in the next video Bye for now. 5. Day Three: All right, Welcome back. We're on day three of the five day challenge. Welcome to day three. Are you ready to start filming? Do you have all your materials ready? Let's do this. Today's assignment is for you to film several video snippets and also for you to potentially take a few photographs. If you decide, you might want to add those either at the beginning or the end of your video. Here are a few quick tips before you get started. Check that your phone is fully charged because it does use a lot of battery power when you're actually filming, turn your iPhone horizontally when you're filming, and if you're going to pan or zoom, do so very slowly. My other advice is to remember that, especially if you're going to be uploading this video to social media, you can keep your snippets fairly short. Each individual snippet can be between 35 to 45 seconds long, and you'll only be able tow. Have a total length of a minute if you want to actually put your video on instagram if you'll be uploading it to your website or if you're going to be using it in some marketing or if you're just going to share it with your family, you can absolutely make it much longer than that. But I just wanted to let you know what the limit is in particular for instagram A few other things to keep in mind our lighting and audio. If you're going to be filming outside, just keep a sense of where the sun is so that you're not casting any unwanted shadows. And if you're filming inside, just make sure that you have good lighting. In addition, if you're going to want to use the audio straight from your phone, which you can absolutely dio, just make sure that you're speaking clearly and that the phone is not too far away from you . We will be able to add one audio track that comes with the the phone version of I movie, and I'm gonna show you how to do that when we get there. So you don't have to actually include any voice over if you don't want to, because you can use a video, a music track instead. The final thing I wanted to mention is that you've seen in my videos that I'm actually filming myself, and I'm doing that by using this Jobe stand, which is available on Amazon for under $35 I find it's super handy, and, as you can tell, it's got a little bit of a grip on it so that you can actually attach your iPhone straight to it and film yourself. It is super handy. So today's assignment is for you to go out there. Film several video snippets, maybe on optionally. Take a few photographs in case you might want to add them at the beginning or at the end of your video. But have fun. That's the most important part of today's assignment, and I will see you in the next video day. Four of the challenge is all about editing Bye for now. 6. Day Four: who welcome back we are now on Day four. So welcome today. Four. And before we jump in, I just want to make sure that you've downloaded I movie on your phone. This is what the map looks like. It's the one in the middle on the bottom row. It's purple, and it has a beautiful white star in the center. And actually inside this, the center of the star might be kind of hard to see is a little camera. So ah, please take a minute to download it, and then we'll get started. We are ready to jump in to today's assignment. We're gonna be editing and I movie and optionally we will add several effects, which I will walk you through. So now grab your phone and tap on the I movie icon toe. Open up the app. The first screen will look like this across the top. You'll see video projects and theater. Make sure that you select projects and then you're going to click on that big plus sign. The next screen you'll see is going to look like this. Click on where it says movie, not on trailer, and here's where you're going to need to be a little bit patient. It can take up to 30 seconds, which feels like a long time for I movie toe actually load. Once it has loaded, you're going to select your video snippets. Your screen should look something like this, and you can just select each one of the assets that you want to use, and they will get a little blue check mark next to them like you can see here on the screen . Once you've selected all of the snippets that you want to use, hit create movie, which is in blue there a the very bottom of the screen. What you'll see next is a screen that looks like this, and since I imported four different assets, you can see four squares along the bottom of the screen. Now that your assets are actually in I movie, you're going to select a snippet and you'll see yellow bars appear on either side of it, which you can see on the screen. You condone drag those yellow bars. My snippets are super short, so I took this picture of a much longer video that I did so that you can see your bars will be much more spread apart with your video content in between them, so you will tap on either the right hand side off that yellow bar and then drag it towards the left. Or put your finger on the left hand side and drag it towards the right toe. Edit out any material at the beginning or at the end of your clip. A couple of other things that you can do once you have a snippet highlighted is you can tap it and hold it for just a second and then drag it either to the left or the right to reorder the assets that you have on your timeline. Let's talk about a few other effects that you can play with an eye movie. I'll quickly cover the Ken Burns effect filters how to add music and also fade in and fade out features. So let me show those two now on my phone. One of them is the Ken Burns effect, and you can see here that it's currently enabled. All I need to do to turn it off is click that little insignia that's to the right of the words can burns. If you're not familiar with the Ken Burns effect. What it actually does with a photograph. It actually doesn't do anything with your video, but with a photograph. What it does is it scans across the video of Sorry the photograph and creates a little bit of movement at either scans, from the bottom of the photo to the top or vice versa. Or in certain situations, it will actually zoom out from the center of the photo and create a sense of movement. Let's talk about filters now. If you see the CAW guy on the right hand side of the screen, tap that and it will take you into project settings where you can see that there's some project filters at the top, and there also are some themes. Just tap one. If you want to apply it, you can also toggle on theme music or fade in from black or fade out to black. You just swipe your finger to the right to turn those toggle switches from being black to blue. When you've finished applying the effects that you like just hit done, which is in the upper right hand corner, and then you'll get to this screen where it says my movie eight. And in order to name your movie, you just tap on my movie eight and you'll get the type screen. Click the little X next to those words, and then you can just type in. And what I'm doing is typing and flowers. And then you just had done again. And now your movie is finished and it's actually in your project section. Today definitely involves a lot of heavy lifting. You're going to be editing and I movie and playing around with a variety of those effects that I showed you. So please take your time. I recommend that as you're watching this video, you can pause it and then actually go to your phone and do that particular action that I'm talking about, and then restart the video and move on to the next step. In addition, in the workbook that I mentioned and again, you can find the workbook for the class. If you go to your project and then look on the right hand side in the sidebar area, there's a pdf that's called Workbook. You can download that, and then you can go to today's lesson and those same screenshots that I so show you in the video will be on available to you there. And that might also be a really great visual aid. As you go through this step by step process. Please have fun. I can't wait to see you in the next video where I'll show you how toe upload your video to Vimeo so that you'll be able to cut and paste a link to it in your class project so we'll be able to watch it. I will see you in the next video. Have fun today and bye for now. 7. Day Five: welcome back to Day five of this five day challenge. Today's assignment is going to be creating a free account on video dot com, because that is where you will upload your your video, and it will create a link that you'll be able to cut and paste and put into the project area here on skill share so that we will all have an opportunity toe Watch your video. So let's jump over toe video now. Okay, so from your desktop, you're gonna need to actually go to your browser. And I like to use Google chrome and then just type in video dot com, and it automatically recognizes me because I haven't account. But if you don't have an account, you will be going to a sign in screen where you're going to be able to log, create a log in and a password and let me show you what that will look like. Let me go to an incognito screen and go to video dot com, and the first screen you will see here is I can log in because I haven't account. But if you don't have one, you're just gonna hit join free and it's gonna ask you to input your first and last name your email address and create a password and then join with your email. And like many programs today, you can also, instead of doing that, join either through Facebook or with Google. And then, once you're in, let's go back to my account. You'll see a screen where they're going to be a variety of places where this blue button that says upload will appear and all you need to do is click on that upload button and then click again. Here, choose files to upload, and then that will allow you to go find the movie that you uploaded from your phone onto your desktop. Teoh, drop it in to video. Once video actually uploads it, you will be able to, For example, if I go to my videos and I click on one of them and open it, you will be able to see up here in the, um, where you would normally put in the name of the company that you're looking for. Appear the U R L. You will see that it says https. Colon forts. Last force last video dot com Ford slash and then there's a big, long number, and so all you need to do is highlight all of that material and copy it by doing command C like Charlie on your keyboard. And then when you go into the project area on skill share, you can just paste it in there by doing command V like Victor, and that link will then allow us to go visit your video account and see your video. So it's pretty straightforward, and I really encourage you to actually do this part, even though this does require you to go on to your computer because otherwise we're not gonna be able to see your videos. And that would be a bummer, because I'd really love to see them. I'm sure they're all going to be amazing. And I always learned so much from the students who actually participate and upload their projects, So I highly encourage you to do so. So this is the last day of the five day challenge. Go ahead and create a free account for yourself on video dot com and then upload your video there and go to that You are l that I showed you and copy it and then come back into skill , share into the project area your class project area and pasted so that we'll all have an opportunity to watch your video. I really appreciate you taking my class. Let's go to the last video where I'll share a couple of other tips with you and a few final words. I will see you there. Bye for now. 8. Thank You & Next Steps: thank you again for taking this class with me. I hope that you enjoyed it. And I can't wait to see your first video. Please make sure that you also download the workbook that I created for you. It has all of the step by step processes that we went through. And I think it will be a very valuable guide for you as you complete your first video. And also, when you decide to make videos in the future, I hope you'll check out some of my other classes here on skill share. I have one called Create Awesome Videos, which actually takes you onto the desktop version of I movie, which has a whole bunch of additional tools and features to help you make even more fun videos. So please check that out. And then my art specific classes and my most popular class is called from sketch to wrapping paper, and I teach you how to take your schedules or doodles, digitize them in Adobe Illustrator, turned them into a pattern, and then order your very own wrapping paper. I also offer a class on how to create art prints, and this is a combination of a mixed media class where you create floral bouquets together with me. And then I teach you how to create an account on society six, where you can upload your artwork and sell it as art prints or on a variety of other products. I also offer ah, beginning watercolor class. That's a great introduction to this wonderful medium. It can feel intimidating at first, but I take you step by step on how to get comfortable and get yourself started in in Watercolor, which is a really beautiful medium. And finally I have a class called watercolor florals three ways, and in this class you learn how to take your watercolor work and create floral bouquets. Ah, still life and finally, a pattern. Thank you again So much for joining me in this class. If you enjoyed it, please do give it a thumbs up. And I always really appreciate positive comments. You can follow me on Instagram at an la Follette art. If you'd like to join my email list, I send out weekly art inspiration free tutorials and provide access to both workshops and monthly freebies. You conjoined by going to my website and low folate art dot com forward slash join And finally, I would love to invite you to join my private Facebook group and art club. I'm live in the group every Wednesday, and it's an amazing, supportive and encouraging community. So thank you again and I hope to see you in another class real soon. Bye for now.