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Create Time-Lapse Videos of Your Art

teacher avatar Jessica Mack, BrownPaperBunny

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Camera Mounts


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      Camera Angles


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      Skillshare Time lapse Example


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About This Class

Ever wondered how artists create those time-lapse videos of their work coming together? 

My friend, you're in the right place! Time-lapse videos don't have to be difficult to create and they certainly are eye-catching.

In fact, I contribute the majority of my growth on Instagram to these sorts of videos. While Instagram rarely promotes my photos to the discover feed, my time-lapse videos end up there all the time. 

One of my simple time-lapse videos (which I created in about three minutes) has been viewed over 2.4 Million times and brought me over 5,000 new followers in less than a month!

I'm going to show you how to create and edit your own time-lapse videos from start to finish so you have eye-catching videos to post to your social media channels. No previous experience is necessary, but you will need a smartphone (I use an Apple iPhone in the demonstrations) to complete the lessons. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Mack



Hi there! My name is Jessica Mack and I'm an Australian illustrator and social media coach living in Seattle. 

My favorite mediums are ink and watercolor, and I'm particularly drawn (pun intended) to fashion illustration and bright colors!

I love to learn, and share the knowledge I've gained over the years, so I hope you'll join me in trying something new today!

Check out my latest class: Create Watercolor Flowers Using Markers and find me on Instagram for daily inspiration, or visit the blog for tutorials, freebies and more!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: I'm Jessica. From Brown Paper Buddy Studios. I am an optimist, Fashion Illustrated and social media coverage. Woman Ever video is vital to building a strong online brand so super carded to teach you how to phone time lapse video of your. It's a great way to show off, notably the finished product, but you'll process as well. Tom videos, in particular, very popular and could be used on the Web side, Social Media Channel in gallery pitches, public relations activities, op Schaars and so many other places. 2. Lighting: the first and possibly most important aspect of the video is like so day light but not direct. Sunshine is the absolute best life of filming or shooting photography. But if your work face or your schedule doesn't allow a natural life, for example, I do a lot of my painting at night time. That is really important to get a daylight lamp. Regular household bulbs, Cold tungsten lines have a very rule sort of yellowish huge, which gives you harm really nice creepy feeling, but can make your outward come out looking. Gillard and the colors. Mahdi. Oh, great. Here's an example shot under daylight land. Notice how pleaded. Look, this is a tungsten bowl where everything looks really yeller. Definitely see a big difference. There are a lot of really great debt collapse of a world that come with it can be used with daylight bowl, and that won't get in the way of filming. So right now I'm using a ring light with a flexible bends down it like the workspace and really nice, even way and the hole in the middle. Let's using a tripod and a camera import farm without passing any shadows. I also have a longer herb ahead day lifeline, which class to the edge of a table so it doesn't take up any deaths, and it's easy to position that exactly where I want. If you're painting at an easel, you might want to invest in a standalone studio softball to make sure that the space is really well. They have their earning tripod like stairs so you can move them around space. Make sure you check out the downloadable equipment guide for more details on all of the lights that we've been talking about. 3. Cameras: most newer pointed to cameras, GoPro cameras and even some digital s. A lot have a time lapse speech of built Friday, and this means that you could film high quality time lapse videos. But today I'm actually just gonna show you how to use a phone capturing and editing. I mean, after all, it's the best cameras, the one you have with you. And if you're using the video on the website and on social media, you really don't need it to be any higher quality than what you can capture. Using a bottle house, I find that you get greater control over the finish product for enough. Then you do using just the savings on your camera. And if you're interested in the Point streak camera that I used mostly for photos I don't usually use at the time lapse, it's the Kevin Powell shot G seven picks Mob to. It does have time lapse feature built in reports video, and it allows you to send photos and videos directly to your firm's without needing a computer, and has a really handy flip up screen, which is great self fees or recording video. If you don't have someone, so make sure you check out all the details in the downloadable 4. Camera Mounts: keeping your phone cameras still is one of the most important aspect of creating a Thomas fear. You don't want the viewer to get seasick because the shots are taken for me. That's with same place each time. So I use a tripod, which has an urban arm attachment, and I simply wedge it between the wall and my debts. It's very sturdy, but it isn't the cheapest option in the world, so I'm gonna give you a few of us. Thier Late expended option is to use a selfie stick in a pocket. Warm maybe which behind the wall in your death, just be really sure it's not gonna topple over around. You could get a date a selfie stick from this little of $7. Have a few other options, like guerrilla part, which is great for side views. If you have something sturdy, like a strong lamp, or you could even attach it to get a top down single, they're relieving expensive. But make sure you get one that's strong enough to hold a way to burn or your camera if you want to do something a little bit bigger, I even have a girl per plant with a foreign adapter on the top. It's really heavy duty. You can clip it to just about anything, and it's strong enough that will hold the weight of a camera and definitely have foreign in place. The one thing that I say you should definitely stay clear of is these may calm attachments . That's really long. They clip onto things, and they seem really nice at first. But I've tried maybe 45 liquor brands, and after about a minute rotary, they start to sag and room around. They never seem to be able to even hold the weight. Probably so. I've included some length and details on each type of tripod in Del Irritable. 5. Audio: I didn't do a ton of talking in my videos because the majority of people watching on social media have this sound switched off. But if you would like to record your voice is a few really easy options. If this basis pretty quiet and doesn't have too much of a thinker, you can just use the microphone directly on your burn for the water on camera using film. This is a really inexpensive lapel mines and even plug those directly into your friend of camera, depending on what device used to record. And you know, phones these days actually capture reasonable Paula to get what here. So you can always recorded voice of separately to your firm and then added to the video indicated in stage. 6. Camera Angles: It could be really nice to include a variety of different camera angles, and you finish meteor to spice it up to your viewer and adds that little bit of extra interest. For example, try a top down shelf, then makes in one from the side and then maybe a close up view and then go back to talk down. I'm just make sure that when you're setting up your camera angle that the hand that you draw paint with isn't going to be looking shot. For example, if you are right handed, set up a camera left and vice versa. If you're elected, you can also make sense, um, shots of your materials, or make your studio to help set the scene and television more of a story. And I'm included a few different camera angles in the sample time lapse that you'll see a little bit later. 7. Backgrounds: no matter where you're filming, always check your surroundings and make sure there's nothing in shopping you wouldn't want to include. There's nothing more often than adult looking itself in the background. Well, forgetting to move some unpaid bills from the desk next to you. And depending on your personal style, you may want to create a really clean and clutter free filming space. Or maybe you want to add a few extra props and some hot material to the shot completely up to you. In my opinion, light of surfaces generally look better, not videos, dark ones. And then let's distract you from your But if your desk is really dog or it's just not terribly attractive, there's a few super easy and inexpensive way is to change it up. Merced. How by stores will actually sell vinyl that looks just like wood, grain or marble, and in a video, you'd have a really hard time telling that it wasn't real. You could also use a large sheet of paper from your local crops, stole a plane or patent and change it up, depending on what you're creating. Another option is to buy some wood or some really thin laminates and just laid down over your desk. You could even just use a nice tablecloth in the equipment guide, have added a few links to background to confine online, so go check it out. 8. Filming: nothing to you got your background, live ing and tribal set up. It's time to actually feeling the time lapse. Clyburn's come with the timeless feature built right into the camera, but because I like to be able to delete individual frames, I tend to use a separate app to fill. You just never know when you're gonna have to get off Nancy. The door will lean across your work to grab a different paintbrush, and it's nice to be able to edit those pots out really easily. So lately I've been using a cold laps it, and that comes for iPhone and for Android. But I really encourage you to test out a few and find one that works for you. And I've added some lengths to the downloadable equipment guided. So check those out. Wind laps it. You open the app a new farm secure two tripods and then I generally film and landscape orientation. Unless ignore that. The only place I'm gonna use the video is instagram stories. Well, somewhere that needs a portrait orientation, you probably want to download a time lapse app for your farm. The one that I've been using most often lately is called Laps it, and I'm gonna walk you through it. So first you want to start a new capture up the top, and you've got a few options you can play with in the bottom menu. The 1st 1 here is how often you want the photos to be taken in your time lapse. So if you're painting something fairly quick, you'll want the photo interval to be close together. If you're painting something that takes a long time, you might even want it to be 60 seconds or longer. I'm just going to do a short video, so I'm just gonna do every two seconds. It'll take a and image they done and set the next one. Along is the size and resolution of your video. I recommend leaving it a 10 80 p. That's great for social media, your website etcetera when Kit said again. And then there's a few other options you can play around with. The exposure can make it doc or Aleida, but again, you know it's always best toe have good quality lighting, you know, at your actual workstation, and you can adjust a little bit in editing as well. So I tend not to mess with it too much here, sir. I might just look the lighting and you can also go through here and you can look the focus or you can have a dynamic. You can play with the white balance if you don't have daylight. If you're using tungsten household lighting, you can put the temperature down towards the cool end to make it look more white and lists of yellow and muddy. You can also play around with zoom and you can turn the sound off. I recommend training the flash off, and I like having a grid on just I mean, I don't have this lined up right now, but if I was doing a top down shot and I wanted everything to be perfectly aligned, the greed really helps with that. So we're ready to go. So let's just film a short time lapse to show you how it all works. And we're just gonna hit the capture button down the bottom left. So once you're done with your outwork, you can tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the controls again. If you think you're completely finished, you can hit stop, But if you need to pause and go away and, you know, get a class of water or answer the door. You can always just pause it. I'm going to hit, stop and move onto the next stage. So here we have a few different options. The ones that I used the most of the trim. And then you could add music in here. But all add music in the editing process. And this also under effects. There's a variety of filters which I tend not to use personally, because I like things to look clean. But I am gonna use the trim feature. Sorry. Let's just scroll through and you can say each one of the frames in the video. So where my hand is going away to get more paint? I'm going to cut that out. But bringing this other one to that frame and he named a late frame in the bottom left. Okay. And then we can scroll some more. See where I went away to get more paint again. I'm gonna delete that frame, and you don't have to delayed any of these frames. But you have the options are just say you leaned across your work or spilt something or something happened that you didn't want in your video, you have the option just to really easily edit it out before you render the whole video. Sir, I'll get ripped this one as well. It's gonna be very short video because I didn't go for very long. But that's fine. Okay, I'm happy with its Are putting to the slide is at the end, and the next thing is to hit this render button on the far right side. So this is where you can choose how fast or slow you want the video to bay. So right now it says frame right. 15 duration is 2.6 seconds. I can speed it up by having more ah, higher frame rate or I can slow it right down. If I want the video to be a little bit longer. Sorry, it will pop up to just check, and you can move things around in here. Yes, a set. Then I'm going to give my video and name. Let's call it birds it done, and now I'm going to hit the render button and it's making the movie for me. So I'm going to say publish and you have the option to send it right to Facebook or Instagram. I'm going to save mine to my camera roll because I'm not quite finished with it and we're done. 9. Editing: thief. Next thing I normally do is I'll open it up in video grade. That allows me to adjust some of the lighting, and, you know, if it wasn't quite straight, things like that. So I got into my photos and choose this top one hand. And so, as you can say, there's a lot of options down the bottom. The ones I use the most often are the 1st 1 which is exposure and contrast, sir, I might I want this brightness up a little bit, get a tiny bit more contrast and then hit it again to close its The next one is temperature . I'm happy with the temperature, so I don't need to change it. But again, if you had a really warm light, you could call it down a little bit and make it look more neutral. The next one has been yet Often when I feel my my iPhone, the corners are a little bit dark, so I might actually decrease of in yet to bride number of those corners, sir. And then you've got some shadow and highlight recovery options. I'm gonna leave that next one is sharpness. If it's in focus, you really shouldn't need sharpness. It'll so leave that alone. The state's finest noise, preferably You'd have really good lighting, so it wouldn't be a sort of Dakhil grainy. And you shouldn't have to mess with this eyeball. But it's there if you need it, and then this saturation. So I want my highlights, like my background to be really wife. So I'm going to reduce the saturation of my highlights a little bit. But my global saturation, because I like the nice bright colors. I'm gonna bump that up a little bit. This next one here is just more detailed options on brightness, so you could just brighten up the shadows a little bit or play around the third's. Next. We have some different looks, you know, filters and things like that. I tend not to use them. So leave that again. You can play with the color channels if it's just not quite looking the way you wanted, and he can play with tint, so show you how this works. I'm going to leave line back and secure. The next one along is huge. Does sort of the same thing. Look at mine to see where then we have levels I'm not gonna mess with the levels too much. I think the highlights and another shatters and everything is fine. And then the last option is just say it wasn't quite lined up the way you wanted. You could move it around and rotated until it's just will you are, so I might leave it there. There's also some other options at the top, more detailed information on the tonal range and things like that. I tend not to mess with these options too much, but once I'm happy with the video, I'm gonna hit the green check mark in the corner. I want the resolution in the frame rate and quality to be the way it waas, so I'm simply going to hit export and we're done. So once I'm finished in the video, great half or usually bring things into our movie, hit the plus to start a new project and then hit the movie icon at the top. Do you get that? Going sometimes. Just takes a little minute. She's our most recent video and hit create. Maybe so here we have a whole maybe, and you can split it. You can drag these little yellow balls to take out portions in the middle. You can go down to this stopwatch icon. You can make it slower, Foster. Just great. If I had music, you could adjust it. I can also add music in this app. You can add text so you could have titles or credits at the end. Or you could have saved brown Paper Bunny, written across the bottom of the whole way through I may be, also has filters, which I tend not to use, but they're there if you want him and up the top here, you have a little magnifying glass. If you touch that, you can zoom your video to be exactly where you want it from. That could be really handy. So I'm actually going to the fourth sections of these old way out because I'll be able to put them straight into instagram stories, and that made a correct ratio. So once you're happy with it, click Dub and then used the share. I come down the bottom here to save your failure plan, Granite slipped 7 20 which is the highest click. OK, and we're done. So the law step that I usually do is cropping so I'm using this app called video crop and we will select a video. Yes, that's the correct one. And now up here you have various ratios. So if I wanted Teoh crop this down for Instagram and just make it square, I could choose just a piece that I wanted to show, sir. Just this bird, for example, and exported If I wanted Teoh just have the video in instagram stories. I'll choose nine by 16 which is the correct format for that. And again I can carpet a little bit moving around, get it exactly where I want it, and then hit export save video and we're all finished. And to show you how that works and instagram stories healthy instagram up and go to the camera Iconic top left and swept up with your finger. And you can say you've got a lot of videos down the voter. I'm going to choose the loss from the region's craft and you can scroll through filters. I had lots of fun, fetches it's 86 degrees, things like that and you're ready to go 10. Skillshare Time lapse Example: