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Create Stunning Wix Affiliate Website in 1 hour no coding

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. Promotional video

    • 2. Start an Affiliate website with wix

    • 3. Join Amazon Affiliate Program

    • 4. Getting started with website construction

    • 5. Create a website tutorial no coding (Part I)

    • 6. Create a website tutorial no coding (Part II)

    • 7. Create a custom shop

    • 8. Sending external traffic

    • 9. Picking a domain name

    • 10. GoDaddy: Save 25% hack

    • 11. Website example

    • 12. Webstore example

    • 13. Create a squeeze page

    • 14. Wix App Market

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About This Class

Create Stunning Wix Affiliate Website in 1 hour no coding

This course been designed to teach you how to create a stunning professional looking website without using any coding or needing any inventory using Wix. Unlike other courses on this topic this one been designed to teach you how to create a website for very specific use for affiliate marketing and how to do it in the fastest time possible with is less then one hour. 

This course will teach you how to create a Wix Affiliate website in under an hour and how you can easily monetize this site by using Amazon Affiliate links or link it to your eCommerce selling platforms such as eBay, Amazon FBA or Etsy.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sergey Kasimov

Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher


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1. Promotional video: how everyone and he was a problem that a lot of people are actually having. They want to create a beautiful website and they just don't know how to start. And I was one of those people I always wanted to quit and stunning working website. But I didn't want to pay humongous amount of money and this was everything. Before I found out about this website called Weeks that come with weeks that come, you can create a stunning website off, out needing toe program about knowing anything, how to program itself. The best thing about weeks itself is that you can not only create the website without any coding, you can also go about and create one that's gonna look very professional now. Discourse itself is also gonna be teaching you a few things. Hajto added. Weeks itself had toe customize it. And the best thing about customizing Wicks itself is that you can customize it to do just about anything. Also, we show you how to use the free section off weeks that come and had to utilize it for your own business, how to mask and domain and how to make it work so good that Nobody will even know that you are actually created using weeks itself. Now, if you want to pay the extra money, you can remove their weeks commotions. But that's not even essential. One of the great things about weeks itself is that you can create a stunning working website and it's gonna look super poor fashion all you need to know any coding you can create it fast. Within less than one hour, you can master domain and you can go about and do any kind of business that you want on it , and it's gonna be very professional. There was no cost to pay for it. You can use the free version and then you can impress your clients. It is unbelievable the results you can do where weeks itself. So join me in this course and you'll be creating website as soon as one hour. Once you've finished this class itself, enjoy the coast and see you on the inside 2. Start an Affiliate website with wix: thing is complete until you decide to create your own website with your own website, you can go to inexorable and you can start to own money as in a few it marcato. And now you're gonna be totally in control. You can take the traffic and pointed to the website itself. When somebody comes to the website, they quick on one of their classes on the website. It's gonna go directed to you there commission and the money. So the first thing you want to do is to create a website itself. Now I like to use weeks itself. It is easy to use. As you can see. I have a few websites. I created some of them. I put it in as the ones I didn't and most of them have been pretty successful. So I don't really suggest for you to do this because it's easy to do and it doesn't take much effort for you to go about and create a week's website we have to do is very simple. You go to Wickes that come you press on Queen a new site. Now it's gonna ask you the question. What kind off site do you want to create here. You can choose whatever you want, and if you choose an online store, it's probably one of the best choices for you. There's two ways for you to do this, though. Is great website with weeks a D I I have not used this before. And there was another one. Create a website with the weeks. Ditto. I really like the editor itself. Posting you want to do next is to find a template for you to actually use. So those are sample templates we can use for your affiliate business itself, and then you're gonna go in it and modify. That's why he was one of my favorites factory. This looks really good. So you want an e commerce platform, and the reason for that is quite simple. When somebody adds up the classes in the e commerce platform, the class itself goes to check out and you will get paid for it. But you have to pay an extra fee in order to create it like this. I use the free once on weeks that come. So if you want to use the free ones, you shouldn't use the e commerce platform because there was a price to them. You want to use the ones that are giving out for free. Although I did use the e commerce platform itself, the way I used it was a way for me that I don't have to actually pay extra money. So I'm gonna go into this and show you how exactly you could do it as well. You can create your own template. You can create your own site here, and you can go and start making money on weeks that come as soon as today. The first thing you need to do is to go into the app market itself. In the upmarket itself, you're gonna be working for one specific thing. It is the HTML editors html and the HTML editor is html I frame. That's the app you won't actually get. So I'm adding it to here and then I'm adding it to the website itself. Now, with this app, it makes everything so simple here. You need to know any programming whatsoever we have to do is paste the code. So we're going to go into wing show that calm, ongoing shell you're going and poisoning on the product winks themselves just person on that. There was a bunch of different classes you can actually pick. He'll form. It doesn't matter which crisis you're actually gonna pick, because I'm going to use them as an example. And here is one of my classes, actually, Right at the top of this. I'm going to get the link. This is exact class you're taking right now. Um, taking the in code itself to it, Getting it right, though, and copying it. Now what I'm gonna be doing next, I'm going to go back to the website itself. And here I am, back in the site itself. And I'm just gonna paste the code, await into it in person update. And this is it. This is that simple? That's all you will. You have to actually, Dio. So now what you have here you have that coarse itself that you actually created it and you have a link to it. So when somebody goes and presses on the class itself, you're going to get credit for the course Now, another thing that you want to actually do here is very, very simple. You want to change the tax? Sometimes they have a little text around. So there was a text like hell and you can easily just put the tax remove this so somebody doesn't accidentally quick on the long place. If somebody cooks on this, it's just gonna show that tax you. That's what you want to do. You know, I'm placing my down and I'm gonna be going all the way to the top. And here is what you have to do here. Have to go in hell and you have toe typing in by yourself. What kind? Of course your actually signed. So this is called a few marketing class. You don't have to do this manually and make sure you spell it correctly. Sport jacket. We're doing this. We're putting the name of the cross itself because even talk, we're putting the wink toe what you're selling. It's not going to go and show it in weeks. That come what the website is itself so like to quit their name to it. And then I posted right over the course itself, and we are trying to go and send this back. So just copy this one that's in a bottle. So one thing you could do is actually go and copy it. So you have a few of those and then you can go back and you can put a different kind off image Indo so we can actually do this. That's actually much more simple. So let's get another quest into it. Since we already all doing this. This one right here, Emil copying it. Eido Going right back to the weeks itself. Thank you. And it's code. And we can do this. Still bond your different classes. And he was the updated. He was the next class. Now I do suggest for you to send this back. So that's what I'm trying to do it. Now I'm going to go and send this wingback. So we're just pressing on this Once he was the overlapping items and arranger going toe orange bling sand to back to do that once. And here it is, that name off the cross itself just moved to the front. No, there was some something right here and I don't like it. I'm just moving it away, pricing on it a few times now. We wanna go and change the call off this because you can't do we see it So picking the best one. I like this call like hell and that's it. So we have the class itself guard at the top, that directory selling. And now, every time somebody places on the coast itself, there's gonna be a bunch of them. So, for example, I just use an initial starting example You want to go about in creating five off six or even more of them on one page and keep on doing it on every single one off your pages on weeks that come. So the template itself doesn't really make that much of a difference. What does make a difference is how the classes are arranged and how you're gonna sell them . You're gonna go back doing show itself again. Now the next thing I want to do is to get advertising wings to it. So the battles and the images, that's what you're doing. You're placing on that now. Sometimes what they have is something like this, which is you can get any class for 15 to 45 bucks. I like the ones that are giving every class for 15 bucks, and they don't have the same right now going on. So we're not going to actually do this, you're gonna go in it. And they're just going to use the biggest said that they have today, which is taken on on Christ for 15 to 45 bucks. This is a pretty big ad. Hell, and I would rattle, have a small and so I'm going back on the bottom. He was a small ad, and I like this one. I'm getting this and my dough just going to copy it, and I'm gonna go back two weeks itself. Now I'm gonna take the same exact thing I just had because it already has the code in there . So I don't have to go back and get another one going to go and duplicate it. Que It isn't just duplicated. Now, I'm gonna be pressing on this a few times, and I'm gonna be piecing the code in it and updating it. So what's gonna happen is very simple. You wanna have a link at the top that's going to give you and going to give every kind of student who comes to this website access toe any of your courses for the biggest discounts . You don't even have to get individual coupon codes for instructors because now forcing they're doing is checking on the classes. But then if they want to get them at the cheapest discount, they have to just pass on the top wink right here. And that's it. And you're all set. So they get the discount and you get the commission. So those are all the things you have to do to get started with building your weeks website . It might take your bet. Wrong. Go to actually go. We arrange things. But this is some off the ultimate basics that's gonna definitely get you started with it. Now, after you're done, make sure you person save because if you don't person save everything is going to get lost and then press on publish because then you can see how decide itself works like online, and that's it. And then you're done, so make sure you do everything I told you to do. Try it out. See how it works for you. You don't even need to pay extra for weeks that come itself. I actually myself use weeks, and I dont pay even a single cent. So when it comes to creating a website, I like to spend as little money as I possibly can, because when it comes to money, you have to be smart with it. If you can create something that's going to look amazing at the cheapest possible price, why should you pay a huge amount of cash when there is absolutely zero benefit to it? So try this out, see how it works for you and see you in the next lecture. 3. Join Amazon Affiliate Program: Welcome toe, Amazon Associates. This is one of the best view it programs on the Web itself. Well, you can own money without having to sell any physical product whatsoever. This is a website that I have been using for what, Off times, and you probably have been as well, you probably buying stuff from Amazon all the time. Now, how about you get started and get paid for actually selling products on Amazon without even having to create eight or even go and create an Amazon F B A account? How cool is death? So what you're gonna be doing is very simple. You're going to be joining now for free and become an Amazon associate with Amazon associate. You can all different kind of commissions for a wide variety off pilots that you can sell on the line. The fourth step is to join. Next step is to advertise, and that's how you can start making money. The great thing about Amazon associate is that you can go about and you can send the Amazon links. Do acted to your clients A. For example. I'm gonna go in tow Amazon itself right now and show you how the program actually walks. And once you're in that count itself, the great thing about this is that Amazon gives you a code for any specific product. So the first thing I'm gonna be doing your show you how you can easily take an Amazon product. And we saw the same identical product to your current. It is easy and simple for you to actually dio. First thing you have to do is to go into Amazon itself blouse and find a product that you want a self for somebody else. Then you have to place on it once. So this is a product that I'm considering right now to buy it for myself. I like the part of and I'm gonna go review this product once I get it. Once I get this product, I can create a commercial on it on YouTube posted on YouTube itself. And then after I do this, I'm gonna be posting the part of cold into the description off the item. And then if somebody is gonna buy it, I'm gonna get commission for it. Now here is the way I go about and do it off, Amazon associate, or you have to do is to press and to get the wings, you can get a tax link off the item itself. If you want to use it in your bog, you can get just an image link if you want to use it for the image itself. And that's how it actually works. Like on this side. Oh, you can use text and image, and this is exactly how it looks like as well. So the first thing that you have to do is to go at you, copy and paste this and use it in your HTML code in Europe. Set itself if you don't need tohave the whole specific code and you want to use it and send Let's say you have a friend and you want to recommend them something over the text message . So if you're gonna be doing it like this Doctor, somebody on Facebook, you tell him, Hey, Liz, and I want you to get this product is kind of cool. I'm using it myself, and then what? You're gonna be doing personal tax like hell, high writing it, copying it and sending it to your body. Once he buys this product. Now you're gonna get commission for it. That is the most awesome thing about being an Amazon associate member. So you get a bunch of warnings, bunch of money using this method. In fact, you can even in command this part of to yourself by the product, and you still get commission for it. And the reason for that is quite simple. Every single item that is sold on Amazon itself already has built into it a small amount off boners for anybody who's gonna advertise off this product for himself off with somebody else. So this is a cool way for you to get some additional extra cash, and we all know that you all need extra money. Now let's go into YouTube itself. And over here, I'm gonna be showing you how I do the same exact thing I just told you about. The force thing I'm gonna be doing is going into my account, and I'll be showing you how I'm doing the same identical thing I just told you about. So let's go in hell and take a look at all the things I'm actually so it now and you can see there was a video. I don't off how I'm doing and woke out and in hell. When I'm doing the walk out, I'm showing this bench that I'm actually selling, and here is the product code right here. 4. Getting started with website construction: If you want to make a lot of money buying and selling gift codes, you need to step outside the box and start selling things by yourself, especially you want to create your own website? Well, either you drive or the traffic to it. Well, you have your own eBay store. In this section. We will be exploring. Are you clean your own website and using the website to get traffic to it? So those pros and cons of using this system. But the pause about is pretty simple. Forced off. You don't have to pay the fees toe eBay, and second, and the most important thing about is that when you have your own website, you can easily do drop shipping without any inventory. So, for example, if you have a lot of gift cards that you can get from one specific location, you know they're reliable. You know they will send it to you. Now you can pick some of them up, put them on sale on your Web site, and when somebody buys it, you drop ship, their gift out directed to your customer. And the good thing about this as well is that on eBay? If you do something like this and a few times you will be out of stock. You will get kicked out of eBay. But if you have your own website, it's not gonna happen because this is your own side and your own business. So you can just easily we found the person and say the item is out of stock. So the next thing you want to do is to go into the templates section and with the template section over here. The Apostle on that would get many different choices, and I suggest you toe pick either the online store or the retail and fashion section. So when you go to the online store for this example, you're gonna have a lot of different choices for you to pick and out of all those choices you can pick whatever you want. But keep one thing in mind that those templates cost you more money. So every single month, you have to pay he instead to the eBay store you're paying two weeks that come, and then what they do is you can easily just post items for sale using those specific templates. And when you post those items for sale you can easily buy and self so it does all the work for you. So it's not that hard for you to wasting. So you have to do is change the images to that icons that you will be actually using. And when somebody buys dining, you can drop ship and sand that directed to the customer. But I have another solution for you if you don't want to pay the e commerce speed. So what you want to do is something simple. You goto retail and fashion, and what we're looking for is for a website that you don't have to pay any fees. And this is everything that says the comma is you have to pay an extra people it so we don't want that. We want something that says we own it that you're gonna use as a template, and we create that and make it into our own website. So let's go into that and take a look what we got you 5. Create a website tutorial no coding (Part I): So now you have two different distinct choices for you to choose. 11 is the computer with power, and the next one is the electronics shop, and you can modify each one of them and created to look like a real gift card shop. So that's what you actually want to do. You want to make this up to a quicker. We'll actually give college stops that you can go into it and you can buy and sell different items in it. So that's what they actually did. And they're gonna go into the computer repair one. And this one is the one, that template that I decided to use, modify and make it look like a gift card store. So I just want you to take a look at the one that actually came with weeks that come so you can tell the difference because I took this particular one I edited and made it look even better. So let's go into the one that I created, and you can see that my books a lot more battles and more professional. I put different clothes in it because it makes people really want a quick one things when something is really flashing. And second of all, which you want to do. You want to change this sections? You wanna haven't East O section? You want to have a buy in cell section? You wanna have a section that those about us who are we would be awful to you. And why should people trust you? Because since this is a standard warned website, people really need to know more about you before they make approaches for you so you can put over there like recommendations from different people. Rocky bought something from you privacy. Or you can put the link that goes directly to your eBay website, and then they can tell more about your history on that particular site so they can get pulled, and the actually can buy most stuff from here. So, in fact, you can sell almost everything that you're selling like now on eBay, and then you can give people who are your clients on eBay. Just give them a business card that tells them to go into your weeks that comes site and bite directive form. Use you actually moving traffic that you're getting from eBay and you're moving and directed to the weeks that come sank itself. So what you want to do here is to pick three of the best images white in the foreign page. Then you want to say the name of your store, which is gonna be a gift card exchange or whatever you want to use. And you want to put a place here that those people, what you're giving them in here, which is going to say I need money for your gift cards. We can help sell your gift cards, tow us for cash, and hell is for them the option that tells them toe get cash now. And in this particular button, you can put anything you want. You can say whatever you want in it, but I do suggest for you toe put something that makes them really want a quickly and then you can change their wink. You could just change the different wings so they can either email you here, which you can put your own email, or you can get them to actually go directed to your Weber to us, which is gonna be something that you want them to go into. So that's a few choices that you actually have here. So the next thing you actually want to do, Mr Features some of your best selling Plateau Expo on the website. And we have some right here, and I just can't take them. So you're gonna be featuring the ones that are most likely to be selling and the past ones right in the front of the store, because not that many people are going to actually go into the east or itself and take a look for the West. So you want to make sure you're getting sales right away? You're getting sales, right when somebody just goes into the site itself, and they like what they see here and they just want to buy it. Now, keep in mind, the last thing that you want to actually do and I didn't do is you want to say that this is gonna be your company, and you want to change the little text here that says created with weeks that come and plus you want change? They're the date. It was copyright. This one says 2020 fully. So you want to change it to 2000 for 15 actually. So those are the few things you want to do. That's Devon. You're gonna get you a lot more gift card sales, and we'll get you started in this new venture of yours that's gonna get you a lot of money in the future. 6. Create a website tutorial no coding (Part II): So the next important thing for you to do is to pick the niche you want to actually specialize in. And this is highly important because what we're going to be doing is using this particular image to create our own website. And I like Camilla. So this is what I'm gonna be using so you can choose what ever niche you actually want. But you have to pick one that you like and you know a lot about because then you'll quit a very interesting website and you can easily create this website in weeks itself. So this one that that would equated hell is the camera store, and what I'm gonna be doing here is selling digital cameras. But the haunting about my Kemalist that I'm selling is that you don't have to pay money for you to keep the overhead here because first off, I'm using the free application from Wickes. And second thing, I'm not really selling any actual goods. All I'm doing is cleaning my own a few it marketing website. So when somebody goes in hell day, see something they like, they quick on it and decide to buy. They buy directive from Amazon I'm not even doing anything. What? So I will hear after you quit this you just posted up there and the money will just start hoeing or you have to do is get the traffic to come in into your website itself. And that is the key, Theo. Success. So what? Usually the next thing you have to do here. So after you created the website itself, get a few images, though set up a different kind of poise is make it to look fancy, make it look like a real store. The better it looks, the mobile fashionable it looks, the more likely that quiet itself who comes to your digital store is more likely to go in and try to buy something. So there's two ways for you to go about this and I'd be show you the easiest way to do this . So the first thing you want to do is to find something that people want to actually buy. So there was different kind of cameras and I like this one, is a very fancy and cool working. It is a bit on the expensive side, but that's what you want to do. You want to sell the more expensive products. So my primary reason for picking camel is a fairly simple the port sent that I'm gonna beginning is gonna be much bigger for bigger ticket items. So if it is something that somebody really needs and they're gonna buy form you, they're gonna pay the extra money because they need that particular product. So when you're actually selling something like cameras, you also wanna sell access. Elise, do them because people only by camera once every few years, the accessories that my by a few of those every single year. And that's how you gonna make money when the small and the large equipment combined plus volume, the more people come in, the more money you actually make. So the most thing you have to do here is to go into the image itself. And he was the whole code that you have to go into and over doing is copying it in here. After we copy the code, you're going back into the wicks itself, and they're gonna be pressing on the app market. In the market itself, you have to find something that's called HTML. So it's put that into your h g m how and you're getting the html I flame embed that's the one we actually want. Now, after you have this app itself, you just add it to the site and it is free. So we added to decide itself. Now here is the app that we're actually gonna be using it. Gonna look exactly like this by pressing on their setting. You're gonna be pressing on code, and here we're just gonna paste it in here. An update. So what's gonna happen next? You're going to see something that looks exactly like this, which is that Camilla itself? So that's one of the options we have here. Let's go back toe Amazon and pick something else. So we had an image here, but I want text plus image. It doesn't look that fancy what they just put in here. So let's go in hell and copy the whole code. Go back. Do the site itself. Person edit code. We're gonna go in, do eat everything here and based it in the in person update, and that's really that simple. Now we have something that looks exactly like this, and we just have to make sure it looks fancy So you don't want the boaters to work like this because people have to school in here. It looks kind of wield when the make sure it works just white, which is like that. Then you have to take it and put it anywhere you want in the site itself. So it's pick a location that works good for it. Keep going down. Yeah, let's put it right about here and behind Basel cameras like those. So let's move that away from hell. And who is the digital camera? This is one product that I'll actually be signed now on my website, which is kind of cool. So somebody goes to my site, they see this particular product and they can just buy it just by pressing on it and then get money right away, which is really nice, actually. Now, if you want to save time, there is a simplest way of doing it. Since we already have one appeal or we have to do is plus on duplicate. And here is another one of those who we don't have to even go back to the store and get any more of those because we already have them right here, so you can either duplicate the one that has nothing in hell. Oh, you can go back to the one you already got and its duplicate this one. So it's stupid it down when we have another one right there. So now if you have a bunch of those and we can make his menus, we want until we have the whole page actually full of those and it's best to arrange it that in a way that works fancy. So let's get free of them up here. One more person in duplicate, because I want up to six of them to populate the whole page itself. But indefinite don't want for them to look the same. So this is just toe space them out. And what I don't have to do is very simple. We have to make sure they're all look kind of straight. So when you actually winding up, you see, like the winds, there was gonna be the weather, different lines in here, and it shows. I doubt that it actually lined up and you're keeping having to move it and you see the line that goes for all of them. That means that it's definitely is straight and it grinds up with over the west of them. That's what you want to do. You want to make sure they're all lined in a way that makes it work pretty fancy and then equal space, every single one of those to make it work like a professional job. Because if you make it work, not really fancy, people would think, likely that this guy is not paying attention. Today's he's not professional. He's not serious about what he's doing, and that's definitely going to cost you in sales. The next thing you want to do is to go back and ended the code itself really have another coat in hell. So all we're doing is the reading it and putting the new code in pressing update. Now we have two different products in, though Now you have to go in eventually and every single one of those items we have to be replaced on the next item that will be going into and getting is gonna be something that's gonna be an accessory. So it's get an excessively for Gopal. Go quote accessories get because that's gonna be a cure. But of money is the kid themselves For every item that you actually be selling, people want to buy the item, but they also want to buy all kinds of equipment for the item itself is. Well, if you get a go pool camera, just the camera itself, it's practically useless if you can mountain toe anything, so you have to have a bunch of different things that you could use. And something like this that gives you all kinds of fancy accessories is gonna keep them busy for a very long time. Let's go to tax an image. Immunity is going to copy it. Go back to the site itself and we have to make sure it's right next to the item that there actually are going to be buying right next to it. So don't make the mistake post off off using the existing code. You have to replace the whole code before you put the new one in. So I'm actually updating it laid out. So now we have the accessories for the go pro, but the first thing you want them to see is gonna be the go pro camera, because if they get the camera, that's when they would want to get the accessories to the cama, not the other way around. So we have two items here. We have one camera. Let me have three. Most spaces toe fill up. So you definitely want to get something that's gonna be very, very expensive here, just in key. Somebody decides they want to get some really good came up. Mark. Free camera is one of the most expensive and professional cameras you can get if you want to do real photography and by professional, I mean, you want to get amazing images. So this is the camera a lot of people will actually buy if they want to become a poor fashion or photography phone, and it is expensive. But guess what? This is not as expensive as it was when this just hit the market. It was around 4000 bucks when it just came out. So there's a humongous difference between that. He s o five d mark free and any other camera on the market today a special. When it comes to this price, you can't beat this particular camera in terms off image quality. And if you want to do like wedding photography or do some real professional photography. You got to get something that's gonna cost you a lot of money, because for you to make money in photography, you gotta invest a lot of money in photography as well. So that's the reason I like to sell cameras, and I think I can make half the amount of cash with it. So the first thing you want to do is go back in here. We're going to be copping the code. They're using a fairly expensive camera four days because we think that we can make a good amount of money. They only needed one or two people toe by this in a year for us to make, like, 200 off 300 or knew you like 300 bucks. Poor item sold. So you wanna have expensive items in your store. Anyone have a bunch of cheap items because that's going to give you a lot of money in the whole process. That's the way you want to go about. You want to make sure you have both in scuffled, and that's how you make a lot of money with Amazon F B A and using Wicks as the Poteau gateway for you to make cash 7. Create a custom shop: in this video, I'm going to be showing you how I'm gonna be actually creating a custom Amazon shop on Wix itself. So the first thing you need to do is to hug into your weeks, then go into ad and next page. So that's what we're going to be doing. So I just added an extra page to my website and it says what he'll new page? This is gonna be my Amazon shops. I'm gonna be calling it Amazon shop so you can just call it your shop whenever you like. So I think the best thing forward is actually your shop. There we go. Then what you need to do is to pass on Dan and it adds an extra page to your website. Now we're going to be taking this page and moving it because right now it is featured right in the front and I don't want that. I want to move it all the way. Well, it says, um, around photo it here. As you can see, it says, Why doubt your shop and it looks much better. Hell, we can move it all the way. Well, it says the block, so I think Maybe that is gonna be the best location for it. So I'm gonna be doing it like now, moving it all the way to the bottom. Me dio Here we go and you have to make sure that you don't accidentally put it in the long location. As you can see, I put it buried inside and no menu. We definitely don't want this. So we want to drag it all the way to the left side until it's gonna get and touch, and it has to touch the apple side off the left. Here we go. Now it is exactly what we want. So this is gonna be my shop. Next thing will actually going to be doing is adding just an image to our website and that's it. That's the easiest thing to do. The next thing that that will be actually doing is adding a week's HTML template to my Weeks website. And then after I do this, I'm gonna wink it toe my Amazon associate account. So every single time somebody buys something for me, I'm gonna get a sale for it. So I'm going to be doing is building up my own Amazon shop on my weeks website. So every time somebody goes to my weeks website and they buy something for me, I get commission forward. How cool is that? So to do this I go to the app market. I type in age CML go to html I flame This is the one you want Wasn't Ed to site so we get one right heel. Next thing I'll be doing is just super keening it a few times. So I wanted to east for those putting it right down and you can arrange it in any way you actually like. It doesn't really medal, but you want to make it organized so it doesn't work on a fancy. Next thing that I would be doing hell is adding another thing and it's just gonna be text. So let's go and get the big text and type in why people should buy this. So right here I'm gonna go and type in when court mended items and check the spelling, make sure the spelling is always collected. I want to make mistakes with that. And they just called it recommended items to buy. But that's not good enough. You can even see cool. You to have. That's a member. Now, some of the things I'm gonna be putting Hugh is gonna be the gear I use myself because it is best to recommend things that they use myself poses to go about and just grab a bunch of things that I just don't know about as much. So with that said, Let's go and grab some things that we wake and we use. And I like Camilla equipment. So it's type it in Canon Cama. Now we have some camera equipment, right? Heel and take a look at this. You're getting an awesome deal here. For 489 bucks, you can go along, you're getting a D s allow plus a wins. Plus in other ones plus telephoto plus almost everything you need to get started for next to nothing. That's a whole bundle off items that you're getting. So this is awesome And I love can it. So you can't really go long here will bind this. Plus, it is the number one best seller full reason. So if it isn't best sell, you already know it is selling. So let's go in hell. And this is my Amazon associate account we're copping down this whole taxed going to the weeks itself. And now what we're gonna be doing is pressing on setting. Now, the next most important thing is to person code and peace thing. And in after you pieced it in just Preston update, and it automatically did update it for us. So now we have to do is to make sure it is. And it is going in the flame itself. And it did just that. And you don't want tohave a menu that looks like this. So you want to make sure it is flamed collective like this just did. Next thing we're going to be doing is going again toe our Amazon associate account and looking for something else. So since we are already talking about Ken and stuff, you might as well grab something else that is also cool. So there was the ones that I love. And this is the takina, um, and 2 16 2.8 millimeter. The reason for that is that it's gonna make your pictures look like in the movies. The white Anglo of it is gonna make you amazing images. So if it is something you want to do and you are photography. When it take pictures that will quick this the coconuts. You can only do this with a super wide angle, Marantz. And to do this you have to get something that goes from 11 millimeter or even better, 10 millimeter. But those are very expensive. So Takina makes 14 can make. So if you're grabbing something, it works combined together with something else that you are also selling, meaning If you're getting Ken and equipment, you have to get the canon camera with the cannon Wentz so you can use aftermarket takina only if it works for Canon camera. Now, next thing we're gonna be doing is the same thing we did before. Now don't use just tax or just image. You stacks an image. It's the most effective one that you can use. So it's going up the whole tax like hell. Sure copy everything down. Going back to the site itself, placing on it, poising on, setting again, placing on code, basting it in and it updated it already by itself. Very cool. Now we adjusting at Ideo do we have the second item that we just got to malign ums going back in hell and let's get a DSLR came on. So the next thing we're gonna beginning is for people who don't like those heavy, big duty cameras and want to get something small. So let's get the one that I use myself, which is the Canon G seven Tex Mark two. That's the one that use. I'm recommending a product that actually use, and here it is Amazon Choice number one with us on this, get the text and image in the same exact deal. Walks over here as well. Copy the whole flame down, moving in back with hell and doing the same thing here. Putting the code indoor an update and we have another one. So that's how you do this. So that's how you start your own website in your own weeks account. So now what you have to do next is just to create the whole website itself. So that is the cool thing about going about and creating a website on weeks itself is that you get to go about and create a website within a website, and now every single time somebody goes and buys something form you, you'll get a commission from Amazon. But keep one thing in mind. The grating amount Amazon itself is that the prices when somebody clicks on it was is the same exact price. When somebody goes directed toe, Amazon are identical. Which means that auto, you're getting a put sent form. This and it is a commission. You are not charging them anything extra. What so ever. So this is a coating toe for you to actually doing this. How you can get a bunch of extra money when you are queen in your weeks website because now you have your own sponsorship in the website itself. No sponsoring yourself. You're sponsoring some of the equipment that you're wearing your using and you like, and you're getting those people to buy it as well, and you're getting paid for it in the process. 8. Sending external traffic: in this video, I'm gonna be coming in showing you how you can go and send external traffic using Wicks itself. So, for example, I have a bottle, Robert, that I saw one, etc. So we're gonna be taking the product form at sea and actually selling it on weeks. But because weeks doesn't have something that winks, it directed toe a check out to a payment check out. And for that feature, you have to pay a lot of work some money. We're gonna go and show your hack that you can use in order to just send the traffic directly to the site that you're selling the item at. So to do this, what we're gonna be doing is this simple listing about So let's go. Forced over, he'll even be placing on ad. They're gonna be picking either an image or a button. And I highly suggest you pick an actual image. All we can even use something else. Such a box. And the box is one of the most simplest ways to get started. So the first thing you need is the box itself. So what's pick on the box will be using This is the box. You can use any books you awake for this method, and now we're gonna be moving it to the poise that we will be actually featuring the product, which is gonna be the top of the page. So it's price unsponsored deals, move it to the top and you're just gonna call it cool items Full sail right here. And here is the container box that we're gonna be moving. Next thing that we need is toe add tax to it. So let's go person ad and the taxed on. And we're gonna be picking this size off the tax that we actually want, which is the site title. That's the small text. And then you would drag it to it. Now I'm gonna be calling it the name that I want, which is gonna be a battle or but and station it in the middle. And I already have something similar on the bottom. Hell, Now, the next thing you want to do is toe end an image. Do this and you can add any image that you want. But the forcing that we have to do is to go toe at sea and over here we're going to just pick the image that we want to use its place on the image itself and that when you think you have to understand, is that with this method you have toe have your own picture for a directory walk. As always, it's not gonna work. So let's go and do a screen shot off the image that we're gonna be using. We took this screenshot over it, going back two weeks itself, and now it couldn't be placing an ad personal image at an image. I upload the image going toe image, upload again, picking the image that we want was an open. And now what you'll be doing his personal ad to page. And here is the image that we're gonna be adding. Now it is kind of big, so we have to scale it the size or we have to do just drag it a little bit more down. No, we go and it is still bit too big. So let's keep on drinking it down. So now it took small like it's gonna fit over here. I think this you're gonna have the text, something like that, but I don't like it looks a bit of messy. So what's moving down? Like you, I doubt. And now one thing we need to do is to keep on moving in a real bed. So it three sizes itself and it's gonna try to resize and fit itself into the image So you can see it coming off a little bit here. And I don't like that. So since it did that we have to go and we size it again. That's one thing that can actually happen if you re size it the wrong way. And if this does happen to you, this I wasn't forward is to go back person change image, bus on the image again present. Choose image and see if that's gonna solve the problem. He was not the one who tried this one. But if this doesn't work, you can, of course, delete it and try it again. So we're going to be doing exactly that. Let's go back. Question one head praising one image a couple, the image specimen image itself and add to page. Now this one is much better. So we're just gonna least size I think this and this time don't mess with the whiff of it. Otherwise it's going to do the same thing again. It's really likely. So here we go. We put it in hell. We wouldn't make this a bit small. The text itself, with a little bit toe big forward. So it's go and make it more manageable. Most motive size. And now the next thing we want to dio is another story with a trick you. Now it's a for example, this was overlapping. You can go in over a weapon in a different way, so it now destroying all the correct way. But sometimes it will actually show you and arrange in a one way. So when you send it to back, as you can see now it's gone. So if you did it the wrong way, it would accidentally send their product to back. And then what you have to do, Mr. Price, on the item press on the option price will move backwards again. That's placed on that. It's not working. Go over here and see book point off. Want Bring to front. There we go. It actually worked, so sometimes you have to foreground with Boeing Tabak being performed all those things so it actually shows up the way you wanted to show. Next thing that you want to do is to link it. So after we created the item, we want a wink. It directed toe our website which is going to be at sea, which puts on link. You can link it anywhere we want. But here we're linking it to the Web address, which is at sea, going back to the Etsy site right here. We're gonna go into that sea listing manager leaving the site and in the listing manager you're gonna go into the listing itself, pressing on this bottom like hell. And now we're gonna go into Well, it says shout once and it's going to give us that tax we want. We're copying that going back two weeks itself and pressing with paste. And now make sure it presses on new window, not the current window. That's a classic mistake. If you do that, it sometimes want to adopt corrective. So make sure you don't do it for us on New window was done. Now, next thing you want to dio is to go and placed on Pally Vo. Now we have the speed being previewed and we want a plus on the item and see if it loads up and it goes directed to our website, which it did. So it is walking, so you want to always make sure that whenever you're doing here factually Woakes and everything that you quick on moves it to the next page. So now it is your Otan to go and create an example off an item that you'll be selling outside off Wicks itself in using the same exact format that I just did. But the next thing you want to do is to fill up your whole page off different kind of politics that you're actually selling. So this where you have your own shop and then you can send people to different kinds off places such as at Sea, Amazon and B A and eBay, all in one neat location, which is in your weeks website. 9. Picking a domain name: welcome back. Everyone in this section will be exploring. Why should get and domain name how to buy it Which one you should get and why, Of course, you should even get one in the fourth place. Domain names is the name of your business. This is the full step that somebody sees about you. This is you and it represents your product Toe everyone else, There's many different domain names out there. The most popular one and the one I would command for you to get is the one that ends before dot com. That come is the most recognized one. And this is why you should get it next step for you when it comes for you to get your domain name is of course, toe Put the name to it and when it comes still naming you have tow niche name whenever you're the main name is all about. So if I was going to sell canon cameras and this is the store that I'm gonna be cleaning, I will have to write something like Canon camera and then try to see if it is available for sale. So the next thing I'll have to do is press on such now. It is very important for you so far in one that doesn't cost too much money. So when I did the soldier for Kevin Camera, of course it was already taken. Somebody already bought this name itself and then gives me, like, commendations off other choices for me to get. Some of them are more expensive, the nozzles. But keep this in mind that you don't want to get something that ends with something that's not that come like film. Steam Video does a well looking names. It doesn't make you look official. The only way we look official f it has dot com toe the name itself are trying to find other names, and nobody takes you day seriously, unless you have dot com in the ending. So that's what your enough to do this you have to keep on trying different combinations off that don't may name itself until you get one that is gonna walk for you and it's not taken . So if this one doesn't work, you can definitely add if you acts the extensions to it. Some people like to add the wacky numbers if you have two different numbers that work for you. And you think the rocket digits, although as two digits off the U. U O born tried them out and see if it is available. So I just put 98 here. As you can see, this one is already available, and I can get in if I wanted to, for when you free box for the 1st 2 years, and that is a definite a good deal. So if I was gonna get this, I would definitely selectors, because this works, so I can Okay, domain name the numbers don't meddle this march, especially if it makes sense with dazzle. Two names and it's easy to white. You want to make sure it is as easy to memorize and as easy for whoever is going to go in, though. Don't get in and buy whatever product they want from you, and you don't want that mission to be too complicated. If it is, the person who is getting in is more likely to misspell it and more likely to make him a stake in it. And if it is pretty wrong, they won't remember it. Just think about this way. If you go outside, you meet this posting. You start talking to them and he doesn't have a pen. How do you get them to the website? What you do? You just tell them that my website is Kevin Cameron Idea. This is easy. This is simple to spell, and anyone can just go about and remember it. But if they can't remember it, it's not a good domain name and you should and actually use it. So it has to be catchy. It has to be simple. And it has to be something that doesn't cost a lot of money. So free box for two years is a great deal. You don't want to spend too much money on it. So after you do this, just select the one you want. Please don't continue to count. You only need one domain name, and that's it. After you do this, it's asking you to do it. Private and private is what happens is when you register. It shows all your information, and anyone can find out more about horns, that domain name and who you are. I don't actually do this. I think it's just a waste of money. If somebody really wants to find out who you are. They will eventually will anyway. So what's the point of me wasting eight bucks a month on this? I'm not sure it even protects you this much because your info off our privacy and your info with privacy it doesn't make much of a difference. It still shows where you ever and it still shows your others, though anything it doesn't show is your name, and that's about it. So it doesn't really do much for you. Those Asil extra services is trying to sell it to you, but all of them are not wolf it. I said, Just just say no things toe. Have we one of them? You're just buying one item and it is the domain name and that's it. I don't get anything. I was extra. It's waste of money and you don't actually need it. So after you do this, the next thing you want to do is to check out and to buy the domain name you got. Just make sure whatever domain name that you're getting your 100 ports, and so you want to get this name in your be OK off it in for the next two years. Because otherwise, you just wasted this money. And if you're not happy with that, you can't really cancel. Didn't mean name. You have to go in and buy another one. So that's an additional waste of money. Now, if you already build a website, just make sure you're happy with the name. Then you go to check out and you buy. They're name itself. 10. GoDaddy: Save 25% hack: he was a great way to save. At least 25 puts an off your subscription fee to go. Daddy, the best way to go about this is very simple. After you pick their domain name that you're actually, when they use and add it to your cut, you have to proceed all the way to check out. But then don't until their credit card information, you gotta wait at least a day and then the next day if you did give them all your information, including your email, they should actually email you a poem, a coat and ask you to proceed with it so you can save up to 25% if you do use that code for Go Daddy. 11. Website example: So let me show you an actual example off in the same exact thing that they did on my own website. So the first thing that I did on my site itself actually have a section that exclusively made for Amazon affiliate in it. And it's in my photo section. There was as a different places here, but the most important part is the photo and the block. And those are the two places that you can use as well to post different items. That gives your few it wings for extra income. So what they did in it is very simple. I put in this suggested equipment that I use myself toe film, my own or in classes. So when somebody goes on my site and wants to do the same exact thing, they see that different kind of wings, two different kind of fairly essential equipment. So all they have to do is to place on the link itself. And I'm gonna automatically get commission for every cell that they get for my website itself, because when somebody presses on it, it goes straight toe Amazon and anything that they buy from Amazon After that is the commission that I'll be actually getting viewers of things that I want you to keep in mind is that I use the flea version off weeks itself. And you can tell this pretty easily because you can see that time point right here that says great. A weak side on this side of it, it itself. And then if you're gonna be scoring down all the way to the bottom off the page, you're going to see this, that this site was created by weeks that come and you can create your own for free. So for 20 bucks a month, you can definitely move those advertisements from your website if you do think it is essential for your business. But for me, I think it's not. So I kept it over there. I don't wanna pay extra 20 bucks for just two different signs on my website. The next thing that actually did that is well for you to pay is to remove the weeks that come in the title off the site itself because it's gonna look kind off well, and another thing that I did, which is also kind of cool. I'm asked the domain. So if you placed on any different section off my website. It's still going to say the website itself and it's not going to say the full weeks that come whatsoever in it. So that's the reason I use the mask domain itself and it is very cool and it works great for me and it can work for you as well. 12. Webstore example: So he was an example off what actually did with weeks itself. I went in and in my website I created a place that is called an online store. And you can see what Hewitt says. A store in it and what actually did is I winked all the products that I'm selling to my Amazon associate account. So I was single time. Somebody goes about and buy something for me. I do get commission for the product. So here is how I went and did it. First off I went and world taxed, telling whoever is coming to my website what I'm exactly doing here. And I tell them that by clicking and buying any of those wings, they support my business and my website, and I get commission from Amazon itself. Now they are not getting charged any extra money because that's how Amazon associate actually works. So regardless, if they go using Amazon itself and to find the same product, all they go using my wink, they still opening the same identical price. Next thing that I went, I walked up and they found an image that looks like a store and they added toe this site So it looks a little bit better now because now it has a macho kind of was still window to it . Then another thing I did, I put in the title for all the products. The time actually sounds. So there was four different products in each off those ministers in it. So one is shipping and packing. Have one for photography, Gil, and so on. And on the white side, I put in featured offers. Those are the Amazon bounty or force, where I get exclusive deals that are featured from Amazon. And when somebody clicks on it, I go and get commission format as well. Then, after I finished all of that and one thing I wanna show you is how it links it. Direct e using the coat. So pricing on cold, every single one of those goes and links it directly to the Amazon associate account. So if somebody wants to go in it, that's how it works. Then after I did all of that, I also went in and I posted to YouTube videos to some of the products the time actually saw . So we saw you it. Now how you can do this as well, and it is very simple type in YouTube. That's all you have to type in. Then you press on video Poile by Wicks and your person that wants. Then you place on add two sites already. Did that already posted one up here. And it is this Well, it here then what you're doing next, you're placing on change video and it's asking you for the web address for it. Do it the old weapon. Doris, go back to YouTube and we're gonna be using this one and all the hue. Make sure you're not using the top wing because that's not gonna walk. And also you exactly what I mean by this. So it's used a top wink basted in hell, and it's gonna tell you that it's not OK. What you have to do is go in hell and use the video. Your telling on the side of the menu in pleasant copy. Then go back two weeks pasted in hell and present update. And here it is the second video appear. So I also have video reviews off some of the products that time selling as well. So now if somebody wants to buy something, they quick on my video to watch the video. Then they go to my YouTube channel. And then they came by some of those things. Directive from YouTube. Off course. They can go and buy them directive for my website itself. So that is the great thing about creating this whole online business that is actually created 100% made without having to invest almost any money whatsoever in it. And you get passive income as well. How awesome is that? If you enjoy this video, make sure you wait this class. If you have this course mambo, this is how I get paid. So your honestly view is gonna help me out. And, of course, make sure you write something, though at other students Know how much he enjoyed this class with that said, See you in the next video. 13. Create a squeeze page: In this video, we will be covering something known as a squeeze page. But on weeks that come, it is known as the white box, so you can take a light box. You can post it on any specific page that you want. The first thing you want to do is tow. Add a white box to your page, so to do this it is pretty simple. So let's go and start to quit. White books and edit toe our website. So the thing is that you have to do is person ad now. You have all kinds of different things you can add, but you have to go all the way down. Well, it says a white box, and now you have a bunch of different ones that you can choose for. So pick a team that works pretty good and works excellent as your squeeze page and then, which you can do is to modify it so we'll use this one. It looks very nice and head office funky working sunglasses to them. What's plus on that, that is the force you have to do is to press on it. Next thing you want to do is just to change things that you see in the white box itself So you can change this size with you can change the tax to see you can move the text around as well. So it's changed attacks that he'll use double quick on it, different foreign sizes that we can use. We can use different phones as well. If you know, like the funds that we have, we can use as a wants to. We can go on animated by pressing, animate, and here, when you press on it, the front itself is going to just pop in by expending you can place on not how we can use this whole right box itself and animated. So when it just comes in, it looks like this isn't that cool. And there was all kinds of different effects that we can pick for and the fade in, and you can just put on a video sometimes and to see what it actually does. So pick the one you like the most like this one that you suspect it, and I present X. Now, next thing is what we want to do is to manage the white box itself. What's person manage white box. He was the second, like box actually have. And the operation? When This brother night, he'll And now we're placing on setting all you complacent manage white box. It's almost the same thing now, blessing on setting. It lets me of this choice which is automatically display toybox on pages. So we have two quick on. Yes, if you wanted to display White away automatically. And now what we can do next is to choose a page that we want the white box structure appeal . So what's used, etc? One, That's the one that want it to appeal. Now, after you create the white box and now you have a few the ways off how many seconds it takes before it actually shows up on your screen. Next thing you want to dio is two points on preview. You can see exactly how it's gonna look like on my website. Another thing that I highly suggest for you to do is to link it. So let's go back to and the editor itself. And now we're going back to the white box. So person home place on the white boxes, plus on this one that we just created and next thing we can do is continue to cite placing on that. We're placing on the wink and he'll weaken. Do a Web address so we can direct. You wink this those specific Web address so we can either link it to a specific page, and we can just choose the page with hell. It's going Get to the ads page. Begin the link it to an email so we can just go and send people to send me an email for number. There's all kinds of different things. Weaken Dio. So that is an example of how you can use the white box tool now, after you made all this work on the white box itself. And let's say, for example, you totally dislike it. Let's go back to the white Books and here it says, Hey, you and I dont like it anymore. I decided I don't want it, so let's go place on this part of the heel, present the wheat, and now it says, I'm sure you want to do it. The right box. Former Yes, I dough so we can place on the wheat and it's going to be all gone. So now there's your job to go and create your own white box. So go ahead. Go and create one and see you in the next video. 14. Wix App Market: of other cool feature in weeks is called the Weeks App Market. With the Weeks APP market, you can choose different kinds off weeks APS and add them to your site. We have to do is just pick one you like and go and edit when you're going into the week's market. One thing that you need to know for show is that Sanders APS cost your money, so you have to look at what it says on them. So this one is free. That's when, this way as well, this oneness, we and poorly me. Um, So if they're free and Pollini, um, you get a demo and then if you like it, you might have to pay money for the advanced features of it. No, I think you want to keep in mind Is the reviews This one has a lot of them heal. This one has a few of them, but make sure you're getting one that has a decent amount of reviews to it. Another thing for you to keep in mind. Some of them are premium money such as this one night. He'll you can't get this feature in flea at all. Now, One thing I do. A command for you to do is when you go to the weeks at market going press on the free APS the free APS and give you 100 puts and free APS. They don't have any Pollini, um, features included to them, which means you're already getting that whole 100 puts on access to the best off those APS themselves. So over here you can choose one you like and add it to your shop. Now, some things I do recommend for you to use how the one that says at sea on it there was the paper one. And of course you can go and choose which ever one You actually like ending a bunch of those who enhance the ability of you to market your weeks website. But keep one thing in mind. If you have way too many of them on your side, it's gonna clog it up so make so you just pick the good APS and you don't pick too many of them. I would suggest a few of them full page. If you have, like 10 or 20 of them, that's way too much, and then it's gonna be really school loading. So the user experience is not gonna be this great. So make sure you pick the good ones, experiment with them and check them out now. 11 Now one of them that I love is that I form one. I used this one. A what toe. Add additional features to my website. Thank you so much for watching this lecture and see you in the next one.