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Create Professional Looking Infographics With No Experience

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (1h 43m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. What Is Infographics & Why Does It Matters?

    • 3. Few Examples Of Infographics To Generate Ideas

    • 4. The 7 Common Types of Infographics

    • 5. A Checklist for Every Good Infographics

    • 6. Some Basic Qus & Ans About Infographics

    • 7. Create Infographics With Online Tools #1

    • 8. Design Infographics With Online Tools And Graphics

    • 9. Finally Export Infographics

    • 10. Create Infographics With Online Tools #2

    • 11. Design Infographics With Online Tools And Graphics

    • 12. Finally Export Infographics

    • 13. Create Infographics With Online Tools #3

    • 14. Design Infographics With Online Tools And Graphics

    • 15. Finally Export Infographics

    • 16. Get Tons Of Royalty FREE Images

    • 17. Get Thousands Of FREE Icons

    • 18. Generate More Infographics Ideas

    • 19. Conclusion + BONUS

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About This Class


Do you want to create professional looking Infographics? If yes, then you’re in the right place - and I am happy to have you here!

Learn how to create professional looking infographics design (zero skilled required). So you can create amazing infographics for free using fully-featured online tools and graphics.

I am Masuk Sarker Batista. I am working with graphics designing for past four years and still now. I am the instructor of this course. In this course, we work with three different online tools that come with great free templates and tools that you just customized and share!

A few minutes later you have attention-grabbing infographics that you can use in your next presentation, your website or your social media campaign or anywhere you want. 

You'll also learn how to find thousands of Royalty Free Icons and 3 websites where you can download unlimited Free images to use in your Infographic, on your website, or in any design you are doing.

There is no prior knowledge required to complete this course. If you have access to a computer and internet, you can create these super professional infographics.

This course is for anyone that would like to share their ideas and projects using Infographics.

I Hope you're enjoying the course. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm always here to help you to achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


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1. Enroll Now: which grabs your attention more A giant block off fixed or a colorful, smartly errands biz. Well, obviously the diesel, right? But if we're tryingto quit engaging communications with North is an experience than how do you turn this into these? Easy Welcome to the queer professional looking infographics with no design experience to share your ideas and stars. Also, you can use infographics to all social media to reach more people. I am magic Sugar Pakistan. I am a professional graphics Dana and working with graphics today what past four years and is still now I am the instructor off discourse. In this course we worked with three different on light poles that comes with quit re templates that you just customize and chef. A few minutes later you have an attention. Grabbing is well that you can use the new next presentation on your block your social media campaign. As you still love us, you name it also a show you two different websites. You get unlimited Dr Crackles to use your infographic or any other projects you have. You also have access to my least off three years of sex Why you get thousands of reality free functional looking images and also we were able to download them with no cost that you can use your infographics or upset our any other projects. Thank you so much for your interest or he scores Hope you exited as I am. So what are you waiting for? Take these goals now and Easter grating professional looking infographics with online free tools and graphics you inside. 2. What Is Infographics & Why Does It Matters?: What is infographics? Actually infographics Use busy wells sometimes separated by text to represent information. Our data. Now my second question is wide. Oh, infographics matter. Actually, infographics are an effective way to mitigate. Are informed an audience and they can be used to make complex that are easier to understand . And I just So if we create high quality infographics, then people must like it and they will feel free to shut it all social media and anywhere on the Internet by adding our logo RFC in. For in our infographics, we were able to drive more traffic and get more Angus man in our life, said our brand. Actually, it will boost our visibility. Infographics are converts really, really well, let's see some statistics very this 70% weight off understanding for text only levels and 95 part from right off understanding for text and picture based levels. People actually follow instructions over a tree dance better with the text and illustrations. Heart says those following text only instructions. People. Rico, 80% off what they see and do doing to person off what the street and pain person off. What the hair 65% off people are busily honors. It only takes 150 millisecond for a symbol to be proceed and another 100 minutes again toe at us a meaning off it. Actually, images are great. Teacher and infographics are awesome to share ideas and it is a weight media to get pure set in shop. 3. Few Examples Of Infographics To Generate Ideas: proposed. Let's see some examples off good in photographs. That's why we were able to Janet our own info. God's better Now I'm in pinter's dot com. Www dot p i n t e r e s d dot com Now I'm in pinter's dot com home page. We see various type off being post. Being test is very popular. Social Media and Sergeant Gene In every day, millions of people are visiting the site longer type off, post image. Our combat very well in interest. There's white people share info, graph hair. I follow some social media related board. Inp interest there straight in home page, I see the social media related resolute. Let's see example off info graph this one. That s your puzzle. If I click on this, I see a good infographic Bertus color. They represent very well and goody statistic care. All right, now I check these. This is the infographic that represent have to promote our block toe promoter block. This is essential to collect email correct with social media like Facebook. Google to telling pimp interest shut on popular social bookmark site. So this is essential toe share block post in social media bookmark site. They put the logo here, read it. Delicious is Tom Laban and dig You two last niche social book marking sides. They put some example here, a long infographic, very good looking fantastic. And finally, in the very end, they pulled the credit off. Info graph Infographic by blogging wizard Fantastic. Let's see another example. 12 free and low cost tools to quit being tense traffics in this info graph. They want to represent 12 free tools to generate fantastic Pinter's graphics number number . They put the little description hair and number two could you dot com and so on. And finally, the boot they are were set address and auto name toe branding. There were, say, ah, business. Suppose, for example, we were health related. Infographic. That's why it's essential to check out health related infographic to generate ideas. To do this. You just simply in Pinter such box type health infographics. I just type this and then I press enter Lourdes off. Razors are coming up. I just simply clean the 1st 1 Look, you way to better health. What did the benefits off walking in these infographic? They represent justice. Very simple and good looking their seed. Uh, another Infographic heresy Meditation guide for beginners Find a quite and clean place to meditation. They pulled the information here and for the circle Immense writer. Fantastic. And this one is pretty amazing. It is all in the eyes. Heresy. These are representation off some mysterious tea, new Christiane deficiency, allergies, color vision change, liver problems, autoimmune diseases, etcetera. And they put some description and also the port relevant logo in every description. And finally they put the credit off this infographic. Also, they put there were site to promote their business. Our brand. Not only interest, you can get ideas from Google. I just simply go to google dot com, then simply tied food in photograph. Just type these food infographics and the breast ender. If we click on image, you get lots off food. Let it in. Photograph in Google search. You can game here and get some ideas and inspiration from Google AARP interest to create your own infographics better. Thank you so much for watching 4. The 7 Common Types of Infographics: There are many types off. Infographics are available. We divide them in seven common types. Let's see who are there. Number one is Buswell article. It makes a piece of writing more Buswell. This is basically used for car Don't on text to make a plane article more interesting to increase, share important shell off Infographic and number two East met these type off in photographs basically used for chokers. Data trends based on location to compare places and cultures. Pierre Settings Centric data and I Am a Tree is List. This type of info graphs supports a claim. True Cities Off Steps. This is basically used for support, a specific claim. Our argument and number four East Parsis compares two things in a head to Head East study, for example, Highlight difference between two similar things highlights similarities between two. Unlike things, Group one option is superior, are inferior to the other. And number five is data busy Lazy Sean to communicate data, truth charts, graphs and our design to make Ratter driving arguments easier to understand. To make fax and statistic more interesting. Toe observed in Infographic on number six East Time Lane. These type off in photographs still a history through a chronological floor. This type of info graphs, best used to show something, has changed over time. Make a long, complicated history is yet to understand and to show how one thing leads to another, and our final type off in Photograph is called Flow Chart. These type of Intergraph provides specialist answer to a question. Buried our choices best used to provide personalized answer for leaders and to show CAS how multiple situations can reach the same conclusion. 37 are the most common type off in photographs he owned. Next lecture, we see a checklist for every good Infographic. Thank you so much for watching. 5. A Checklist for Every Good Infographics: in this lecture, I give you a checklist off good infographics. We divide this checklist in three parts and there focus, data clear design and shareable History focus that a means we always feels really even. Doctor in our infographic. All this remember a great infographic l a stub your toe grab star implication off Big Jetta And then fact check. Because if the data you were working with these untrustworthy then you're in photographs will be affected too. And finally, credit you resource when food data in your infographic always give the credit off the resources in in photograph. Yeah, it is in section. Always remember, limit your color petal off info graph. If you use more than five color in one in photograph, it looks disgusting. And then you simple graphics. We all know simply the best. Always try to use simple graphics in your infographic after that used data visual addition that most clearly illustrate the data and then confidence. See the message at a glance to take a lot of data or a number of concepts and the boil it down. You wanna miss it is the best practice after that, established a connection between sexual that means establish collection between between one section to another section in you. Info. Graph. Good info graphs Utilize the hierarchy off the information and thesis to basically the same placed infographic structure. Utilize the hierarchy off information. That means it's step by Easter in photograph converts better, and it attracts BRC attention. And when you used data bizarre position, for example, graph chart, etcetera. Make sure that the Gulf's and numbers match and that Eastern that with off infographic is seven Hartnett and Terrified Pig's ear I always try to maintain this is trend that quit and anything over 5000 pixel tall. We'll lose attention. That means to many in photographs now are too darn big. I always try to size used in photograph in between 4000 pigs. L tall Always try to put Cheryl History in in photograph. Answer an interesting question toe grab the audience. Always remember a good infographic. He starts with a good white question and then use regional data toe. Elect an emotional response and, you know, in photograph of this, remember graphics should tell the history. Always try to use great Met and clean graphics in in Foge, a great infographic tells and meaningful history in an instant use as little tax in a clear form. If you're in photograph is supplemented with 1000 workers. You have missed the mark, so always try to use little text with more graphics. Infographics make the fight as small as possible. I recommended you toe compress your infographic in dot jp e G format without sacrificing fidelity. And finally, don't forget toe. Sign it. We an embedded good. And this is basically the jet list for every court in photograph or less. Remember three section Who knew? Quit infographic forecast data were designed and shareable history in four grafs. Support for Gazeta with good design toe tell a terrible yesterday in a clear and Kansi's men are. 6. Some Basic Qus & Ans About Infographics: in these course Poland how to create professional looking in photographs, right? But before we make in photographs, we need toe answer some basic questions, and these questions are where these infographics are going to display it and who is going to be viewing it because it is really matter. So think about what audience is going toe being our info, graphs and how they're going to use thes infographics against your business, our brand. Maybe they're going to beauties on social media, all the going to beauties on website, and maybe it will be downloadable to save info graphs in their computer. It is going to be image RPG a farm are it is going to be something that can be actually printed and hang off in the room, are offish and answering these questions give you a good idea that what type off dimension you want to go with, Facebook posts have certain type off Grandma Jones, you can post to parsis Pinterest. Post Pinterest is a good for infographics Biggles. Eat apples for long images, and you also find out why are you going to be posting thes and what type or for mitt and dimensions to use now. Another questions that you might want to ask after downloading in photographs from your upset. If they're getting it off your upset and disappear format, you pretty much have free rein toe make any dimension that you want because they can do mean and out off the pdf and move around. What have you and then also are they going to print it out? If the printed out you were going to want to try to ist IC within Dimension off eight and they have by 11 sheets off pepper or legal pepper or whatever common pepper that is used now, I found out that the most common ratio infographics is a one by tree are 1 to 4 ratio. So that means if you have a 500 pixel with immense, it is going to be either 1000 and 500 are 2000 pixels. Long, long images are going for info graphs because it kind off tales of history. From the next section. We're learning how to create our own professional looking infographics with on land free tools and resource excited her. See you in the next section 7. Create Infographics With Online Tools #1: now I'm in big toe char dot com b i g a d o c h a r t Creating a diesel project in picture chart is super easy. Visual project means, for example, presentation infographics. Except for now. I'm in big to charge home page. You can sign up here for free. I already have account. I just signed in by clicking on logging. Now it died My email Descent Bossert. Now I click on signing. Now I am in signing in picture I am in dashboard panel in dashboard panel. We see our previously created projects. There are also some dead available. For example Infographics, we see the free Templars off picture chart and these Templars are infographics templars. If you click on pro TEM players, we see the premium Templars off Picked a chart. My account is free. If you want to use this template, you must part just their premium subscription Were working wheat free Templars in picture. They're also presentation Tab. We see beautiful presentation. Templars have a level and bring table Templars. They receive posters, template reports template and he's all the available Templars. We can use any off these templates and also able toe eded them in picture If you want. Tobe, you'd this template simply cling on Brivio and we see the preview off thes infographics template To use any off this temporary simply click Use Templars Picture char Take me into that design dashboard Now in descend dashboard we can easily he our text big Just background extra in the left panel. We see these editing tools in graphics tools. Heresy Attack is called ships and lines. If I expand this with see different type of ships and lies Also some available icons large so very level icons in picture chart. These are the general one Lourdes off categories also available here. By clicking on this, we see the relevant icons. All are free to use. Not only that, you can search I gone by using their Sarge Box Lord Soft relative free photos available in for the step. You can use photo frame which are available in be cool chart. If you want to use custom graphics, you can use that as well. Simply click on upload and browser image and use them in your infographic. Also, you can change back down easily from here. Suppose I want to change these black background. To do this, simply click your background and then select any of this. All right, I just under these and different type off Texas tail and typography off available in decks Step. I just leak any of this and Jaggi tear. You can easily now modified these text typography. I just did it. This one different type off Texas tail also available. If I click on tools we see, we can easily add charts, different type off charts, maps and also we add piteous in our infographics. Fantastic. We learn how to use all of these tools in our next lecture, so don't worry about that. If I click on menu and then when to read their block post big, tortured block post, you simply click on block heresies. That reason related block posts. You can read those block, post and earned with your knowledge. If you want to see others designed toe, inspire yourself. You can see this as well, by simply clicking on inspire me. We see the other artist design pants off dance of design. You can came here and see others design to generate design ideas and inspire yourself if I take any of thes. You see the video off infographics berry? Cool, right. You know, next lecture. We show you how to use picture template and to eat them with picture chart free tools and graphics to create our fantastic infographics. Thank you so much for watching. 8. Design Infographics With Online Tools And Graphics: in this video, I show you the basic use off all available picture tools and graphics. Duke it our own infographics. I'm already logged in in picture dot com In our dashboard, we see all of our previous grated projects. We can definitely beat our previously created project by clicking on it it But for this time I create a brand new project. I click on infographics. I had a C all available info graphics templates. We can use any of them. I simply choose this one. Very good looking infographics, right? If I want toe, it'd thes templates. Simply click on use Template Peter Chart. Now take me into the descendants board. These infographics is created with several blocks. If I click any of thes we see this is one block. This is another block off text. Well, pepper, Another block click to select block. Few set off blocks is used to create these template. If we want toe change these headline off these infographics simply click to select block. After that double click on title, our title is activated for editing. Now die whatever you want, I just die. How do create awesome block are some infographics after that I discredited and drag it up a little bit If we want toe change the subtitle off Infographics you can simply a big piece text and our click on this after that select and it Dext And he moved these anti whatever you want. I dive learn how do yet infographics with pick the chart Now I scratch it All right If we want to change these headline 40 Still you just simply select this headline after that. After that, Jews will front Estelle from here. You see, the preview in our work is best. I choose a very simple one. I just impact. And after that I change my fun Fun size from here I said it from 95 to 75. All right, and then dragged down. Okay, Now I want to change these background to change his background. You can simply such photo from photo step Or if you want toe at custom background. You can do this as well to l a custom background. Simply click on upload browser image from her pc. Remember you image must be less than two MB. Our photo is being uploaded. Wait for a moment. Our upload is now complete. We see the preview here. After that, I see, like, this block and praise deal it from my keyboard to delete this background. Okay, now I dragged my decently opulent photo here. Now I simply is scratch it like this and from Ed and step I choose saying to back accident . Now I the position my background a little bit more. All right, now I drag this up. This is another block off text. You simply double click on these two little text here. You see a picture off computer. If you want to change this photo, simply click on graphics, expand for today and search for laptop to replace these photo. I just type laptop and press enter. Now I chose this one and drag it here. Fantastic to reposition this photo. Simply double click on this, then jagged whatever you want. I just Greg here and he turned down all right. After that, in the similar way, you can change these headline and these description as well. If we want to add another piece off text block, you simply drag it up and June image. And after that, click on text and C leg bullet text and drag it here. I just died. Source BBC News. You can change your dick sides from here in the same way we can change Texas style. I just drag it here. All right, this is a another piece off block. We can change this logo Di del and description as well. If you want to change these background, simply simply select this block. And after that, click on background. And then Jules, you preferred background. I choose the black one. I changed these text color a little bit. I said it in orange. All right. If I want to change thes icon and went to replace with another one, simply click on graphics leak icon and and search for your icons to find similar icons. I just die leapt up. We see Sam, I cancer. I just simply see like this one and press steal it from my keyboard and to drag this one here. Excellent. If we want toe duplicate this plot, you can do this as well Seem perfectly simply, select this block. And after that click on this icon to play on this block, I just simply clone this fun. After that, I said to chair and deliver this logo. All right, Now we add a map here. United is this map here to do these? You just simply Klay on tools. And after that, click on maps. Now tie for your preferred country. I type U S C if they choose united the stairs. We see that you know that Is this map I just click on insert map. Very cool, huh? Now, I changed these background color and this map color to do this, simply click on this background, and after that change color from here. I said it it in Fill it in this and after that, to change thes map color, simply click on this it taken and then change you map color. I said it in orange and heat on abdomen. If we want to change this particular region color, you can do this as well. In head, we see these stairs name and color. If you want to change Washington color, simply choose any off them from here. And click Abit man are Washington Stairs is now in red color. Very cool, huh? Now we see another piece of block. If we want toe change, thes circle color simply select circle. Remember, this one is icon and these Sarka all our individual. If you want to change the circle colors simplistically on color and then select your preferred color, I change all of the's circle color. Okay, If you want to de let any piece off dark, you can do this as well. If I want to delete this block, simply cilic this block and then choose this icon to delete blocks. I just click on this R block is dilated now. I changed the color again and I dont sap little color. All right, now, if I want to deliver thes doc off text, simply choose kiss and then click on the let Now I add a analytics hair. To do this, simply click on charts. We see different types off jars available. If I want to add this, simply change fellows from here at best orange biddies if you want toe and cannot write them simply at you. Item. Here I died mango and said Hello. In 25 we see the preview hair. After that, I click on insert chart and drag it here. Fantastic, right? And finally, in search section I d Let this piece off block by selecting these and prayers dealer from my keyboard and delete this one too. And after that, I choose. I see lactic step and then select these one and drag attack. And here I dyed my wife said the water and I said it in middle after that. If we want toe link this text with you wanna simply cilic this text and then click on link ? And after that, I type my evil off my website. Okay, Now these text is linked with my oil city. Well, this is actually the basic use off all picture available tools. Hopefully, from now you will ever to create your own infographics with pictures are free tools and graphics. Victor Cha editor doesn't pretty work for us. All we have to do is customize their Templars for our needs. In our next lecture, we will see how to say our edited infographics and save it in our computer. Thank you so much for watching 9. Finally Export Infographics: we have created our infographics and the last thing we need to do is just save it in our computer that we can use it letter. But before this rename your filing, I just leak on these and tied sample infographics and that breast enter after that click on down looked are a countess free. That's why I can't download in pdf format. But don't worry about that, because we can download this orginal image file. After that, you select J P g R PNG format. I see. Let high quality paint If I and then heat on download s BNG our download east processing. Wait for a moment. Our download is now complete. I just closed This one had a see the full preview. Excellent. After that, if I click on a picture, I want to go home page in our dashboard we see, we see our projects also saved in our dashboard We can use thes infographics letter and heated them and download it again. Using picture chart free tools and graphics, you can create a limited infographics. Thank you so much for watching 10. Create Infographics With Online Tools #2: now I'm in Canada dot com. Www dot c a n p dot com Camba is a very popular, cloud based graphics descent tool with Gamba using can buy free tools and graphics week and create excellent amazing graphics with no time before using Kampe, you need to sign in. You can sign up easily with Facebook. Are Google are you can sign up with you even address? I already have an account. That story. I just log in with my email address and password after typing in her dissent. Passenger I just simply click on log in in our main dashboard. We see our previously created project and in created isn't section. We see the popular tempers Social Media presentation, poster, Facebook, Post blah Graphics Exeter. If I click on more, we see the all available can part Templars under, uh, blogging and a book sexual. We see a template is called Infographics. Which resolution is 800 by 2000 pixel. This resolution is not fixed. You can create your custom resolution as well. To do this user symbolically use custom, dimension and type height and weak, and after that, he don't deserve I just choose the different implant. After clicking on this Gamber, take me into that descend as board in the Zen dashboard we see on the left side, we see different death In layout section. We see the bunch of different sample infographics. We can use any of them and eating them easily. After clicking any of this, we see the preview in our works. Best I can June this by clicking on this part classing to see these better. Some of these templates are free, and some of them are paid. If I click on elements, we see a bunch of different options in free photos. We can, Sarge. We can use any photos for free, all I royalty free. And in group section, we can use custom, greed and in frames. We can use friends in photo to make this more interesting and in shape section, we add different type off shape in our design and different type off lines, off available illustration and good correction off icons to add another days that is also charged option. And finally, I left camp option. He's available for designing. If I click on text F, we see the heading, savaging and normal text, and with Lars off typography. We can use any of them in our design. If we want to change background easily, we can change our background from thes options and my final death is upload. If you want toe custom logo backgrounds from your PC, you just upload them and use them in your design. This is basically the basic overview. Off Can bodies and dashboard in our next lecture we Easter, creating our infographics with Camba Promise kept. Thank you so much for watching. 11. Design Infographics With Online Tools And Graphics: now I'm in can about descend, dashboard using camp a pre made templates and tools We can easily create professional looking infographics With little time in our Lord section, we see a bunch of different templars are available for use. We can use any of them and eat them by our needs. And under these, we see some blank templates also available. You can customize thes templars from Muscat, but for this time I choose this one at the Betty. First we see some life. If we want to change this life, you can do this easily. Simply click on elements and then bleak. Onlive's different type off lines are admirable hair. I just relate this one by pressing deal it from my keyboard. After that, I choose this one and drag attire. I drag it again. All right. If we want to change these dollar Langella, you can do this every simply. Select any off this and click on the's color to pick a color. And Dan choose any color you want. I just choose the Navy blue. I changed this color a game. All right, if you want to change these text same place like this text lock and then see, like everything anti whatever they want. I died. Example infographics bad. Easy After that. I want to change thes infographics data to do this simply see, like this one and die whatever you want. After that, if you want to change this Texas style CMPC like your text. And after that from here Juice. You preferred one. I just like this one. All right. For changing dick size You can just you take sides by clicking on these drop down meadow. I change the stick size from 35 to title fight to 42 and I drag it up a little bit. Now we see another block in these. Look there. Some circus are available. If you want to change thes block color, simply select this block. And after that, change your background easily. If you want to choose custom color, simply click on this last sane. You see our color picker. Then choose any color you want. I just choose. Uh, I just choose this one. If you want to change logo from here, simply click any of thes logo and then praise Deal it from your keyboard. And after that, in icons, we see bunch of different free icons available. I just jewels this one and regulator. After that, reposition it and it eat Here. You can change this icon color as well, by simply clicking on this color. I said it toe Ahrens, and in white collar and in cream color, it's OK for now. In our text we see, we can add heading, take savaging and some normal text, and some typography are also available. I just feel it this text by selecting this and braves delete from my keyboard. And after that I chose this one and drag attire. Changing text color is very easy. You just simply click on this color picker and Dan. I change it to white. Sorry to change text color. Simply select your text, then change your color. I just trained this color from black to white. I just removed thes second lane. If you want to change a positive from thes border, you just symbolically on this transparency icon and then minimize the's a little bit. I just said it in 80 in elements depth we see weekend and charged in on infographics. I just removed thes house. And then if I want to use chart. You just simply drag it here. And I said it here. If I joined this, we see the item one Billy Sting. I attempt to Heather 20 and so on. If you want to change these graphs, Velu simply double click on this. And after that change Bellew from here, I just type either number one Louise 50. You see the preview here, right? I just said to do 25 and James discolor to read. Fantastic. You can add different type off Shea from shape up shown and also ableto add illustrator from these illustration section I just use this watch and said Eat here, all right. You can easily change your mobile number here, And I just deliver this donut north shown And I died BZ deaths. And then I dyed My wife said, You are real hair and change these dick size on drag attire. Excellent. In this way, we can easily use any temple from Camba and eat them. We can't have free tools and graphics. Not only that, if you want toe at custom graphics, you can do this as well. Simply click on upload and then upload your own image. Image mints. You can add custom background icons extra. This is actually the basic use off. All can be available tools. Hopefully, from now you will able to create your own infographics with Campbell. Free tools and graphics can buy. Editor doesn't pretty work for us. All we have to do is customers their template for our news. In our next lecture, we'll see how to download our edited infographics and save it in our computer. Thank you so much for watching. 12. Finally Export Infographics: downloading process in Canberra is pretty simple. To download these infographics you just implicitly on download and then select your filed a PNG are jeopardy. I recommended you to select high quality PNC After that heat on download our download Our design is preparing for download with For a moment Our desire is ready and downloading our download is now complete Heresy That radio Very cool. If I leak on Gamba in our dashboard, we see our recently created project here. We can easily elite our project in future as well. Using camp a free tools and graphics you can easily get unlimited different type off infographics to your needs. Thank you so much for watching. 13. Create Infographics With Online Tools #3: now. I mean, then guess dot com he an n d a g e dot com This is one of my favorite offset for creating infographics on. This course Said is totally free for signing up for sending up. You just simply click on signing up and then diaper first name, last name, email, address and password. I already have account. That's why I just logged in with my email address and password after log in. I see my previous project here in under my infographic section. If I click on Plus, we see five different category Infographics reports poster promotion on social Under Social . We see Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Pinterest, lengthy and bloggers. And under promotion, we can create the space event email infographics extra under poster. We can create motivational post holy days really stared, etcetera under deports that also, some category and thes type off Templars are available in Pen gets dot com, but in this section we just focus on infographics. If I click on infographics, we see some to friend categories. Layouts is statistical process comparison timeline, geographic chars tutorial. These type off infographics templates are available in this website I received. There are three different categories available in this template. One is beginner template and another category is premium and started his business. Our echoed is free. This way we can use business template and premium Templars, but as a new user, bigger temple is good. But if you want toe, use this premium and business template you need to upgrade your account toe are great. This simply click on ab Grete and you see the subscription charger monthly $19. If you charge early, then $16 per month. All right, If you want to see preview any of this template, then simply how everybody or mouse here and then click on preview. You see the full preview off infographics template if you want to use any off them and he started it, did them then simply click on Create and Bangles take us into the descend. Export in our working space received the full infographics. If I click on settings, we see we can change our dimension. Here right now are diamond shone is 620 by 2526 pigs. You can change the size toe exercise for size legal letter extra, or you can put Kasam dimension. Here you can download these infographics using the's bottom. You can share them, and you can publish them as well. In the left panel, we see a bunch of different depth if they expand this chart. Different type off analytics available here and these are free and premium mints. We need toe out. Great account under map. We see different countries map. You can search by keyword toe. Put your desert Country Mac on the tech section. We can see different type off text and some beautiful topography. And under icon section, we can search for the icon and a bunch of different categories available. This course it has a good quality. I can slightly here pictograms. You can start them also. By getting very on that image, you can start by key one for finding you prefer sediments. Also, if we want to upload custom graphics and background, you can directly upload em from your PC and use them in your infographic. Also, you can use in its friend as well to change the background. We see the background color. We can change this color picker right here. This is basically the basic overview off this website designed dashboard. In our next lecture, we see how to use these tools to create our own infographics. Thank you so much for watching. 14. Design Infographics With Online Tools And Graphics: now I just logged in in Bengies website To quit a new infographics. Simply click on blasting under infographics section. We see different types off categories layout, statistical, informational process, compared time, land, geographic charts and usual. Take a couple of minutes to look through the different temperatures stay off our the other a wrench off different kinds off infographics templates available in Bengal. It's called through the template section, and you will notice that the categorized as either big in our beginner business and premium . I definitely recommended that you east it out with the big inner template and work you way up to the more at Pence's ties. And these are that is statistical infographics. If you want to represent some statistic in visually, you can use thes templars, and these are the informational Templars. These tempers are good for bizarrely represent information in infographics. Last off large soft template. If you want toe represents some is to base the process. You should use these templates and comparison. Template is my most favorite to compare one element to another element. Let's see the video iPhone six s, Parsons Galaxy s seven. This is a great example off Cos on template. This is the time Land Templars, Geographical Templars. You working with geographical elements. You can use thes Templars. And these are the charts for bizarrely presentation. And this is the attitude real based Templars. And finally we see the sovereignty in place. Not only that, nonprofit templates also available here monthly and internal Report Templars sales and marketing Dem Blitz, Lourdes Off category and lots off templates available in Bengal. Super cool. Right now I choose a very basic one. I simply leak on. Quit to work with this template. Now, Bangles, take me into the deep end as bolt. To change these texts simply double click on this. And after that dive whatever you want, I dive sample infographics. After selecting these, you can change you Texas style. From here we see different types off Texas. Tell East available. I just select this one and drag attire and change my deck Saves from 68 to tarty Saudi. I said it in 56. All right, Now, if you want to change thes text color, simply see, like thes and change your color from here. Okay, Now we just removed this icon and at anyone to delete the simply select icon. After that praise deal it from your keyboard and I expand these eye contact. But before this, we see we can move this circle our anything because the circle and this background is locked toe unlock these simply cilic any off this element. And after that, click on lock toe. Unlock this. Now look at this. We can move our circle. I just said it here and too long. This for our leading purpose. Now I type part from thes icon, Search box and press enter. We see beautiful icons available in our social adult, the's Bengies icon. Slavery has over 10,000 icons. I just simply drag this one and said it here and the position it here to change this color , simply click on this and then we see there to corruption. If I change this blue color and using color picker, I said to read, I changed my cholera paucity from here. Not only that, using hex accord, you can use your kasten color directly. Now, if you want to add dwell color in your icon, simply click on these second color picker and after that any color you want. And then from these field you choose the person teas. I said it in 50. Look at this to change the circle color simplistically on circle. And after that, seeing your collar, what color you like? I just said it here or GIF removed. This block off next is very easy. Simply select any block off text. After that, click on dealer to dealer, you block off text to add another. To add another text, simply click on fixed. We see different types off text and typographic Here I just choose this one and drag it and it scratch it like thes and said to tear and chains my color. All right. Another cool feature is we can use any type off limits as the logo using image friend suppose from images I, Sarge, Bart and Presenter We see the different result. If we want at these part in this circle do this. I just simply dragged here We see our boxes is very weak. I just scratch it. And after that I expound image frames and then I select saw girlfriend And then I said this circle seeming like this one. And after that I dragged this image here Fantastic to change this whole background. Simply click on this background and change your bag on color using tele picker. Amazing, right? I just said it in orange toe. Add custom photo or logo and use them in your infographics. This one is pretty easy. Simply click on upload and dragon. Drop your any image you want and Dick use hair. Let's see example. I just leak here and C leg brows and choose my picture from my PC. After that, I'd click on upload. Our photo is being uploaded. Wait for a moment. Are uploading is now complete. I just simply drag here and after that in the same way I heels image from and select circle and then dragged here and I will click on this and reposition these image Berry Cool. I just said it. Yeah, like this. Fantastic. They're also shark feature and maps are available. We can easily add them in our infographics To see this example there's go ahead and choose another template to cheese. Another simply click on Templars. Now I just click on is testicle. Now I see like this one have a c it chart graph is available. I just did it. This one by selecting D's and Braves delete from my keyboard and after death, I click on chart. We see different type off Buswell Representational chart is available. I just use the Circle one and drag attire, and I scratch it like this. Tow it. This chart simply double click on this. After double click on this, we see the Step data DEP in data debt with C May and person is 18 June 12 to lay six. I just changed his fellow six door 20. We see the preview here. I just add another item and said it in 40. Look at this. If you could change these December color from the circle, you just simply leak this color picker and change your color. Excellent. Not only that, if you don't use thesis argued, just changed thes and went toe. Add this column to show your statistic. Simply click on column. There is also bar line, different type of shape. Excellent. I just used this life for Represent our Bello, and after that, if I click on settings, we see a bunch of different options. If you want toe, add title off these graph. Simply turn it on. I just saved these. You can also add bad with brother wheat bother color. Actually, you can customize anything off this graph. I just leak on safe. After that, I scratch it like this and said it Here. Suppose we want toe add map in our infographics. To do this, simply expand this map. And if I want to add United Easter's map, But before this idea that this portion and then I just simply drag united is dis Matt in our infographics. Just double click on this. Tow it it this map. We see the Easter's off united the stairs by clicking on settings we can add died ill show legend to show levels. I just turn it on and I drag it and said it here. Berry cool from indemnity. We also can add YouTube video bull field from basic Devil directly in our infographics. This is basically the basic use off pain gets in. Our next lecture will see how to save it in our info graphs in our computer. Thank you so much for watching 15. Finally Export Infographics: in Bengal. When we're in each thing mood, we can see our preview by simply clicking on. Publish who in a click on publish. We see the option is called Preview. If I click on this in a new tab, we see the preview off our info graph. To publish that info graph, simply click on publish button and I just hit on. Publish. Now we get it. You other off these infographics. You can easily share this infographic with your friends or family are your client. Tow em. But this in four of in Europe said you can easily copy because this script in your upset to share this info graph, we have a share option hair. Simply click on this on. She had it in social media like interest. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Also, you can share this info graphic design privately and finally we get the download option to download is simply click on download, but our equities free. And for this we can download this info graph to download this we need toe agreed these account, but this is not a big issue for us because we can publish this info graph and also we can share link with your friends, family and client. Also, we can embed this court in arrests. It also you can shut this in your social media, so download is not mandatory. Thank you so much for watching. 16. Get Tons Of Royalty FREE Images: using relative free image is essential when we're working with our InfoGraphics or any other projects. In this lecture, I show you where you get royalty free images for free. We will also talk a little bit about the license so you can piece of mind when you using these images in your project are were set. Are anywhere in the Internet who and you need images. My first words said is called unpledged U N s P L F h dot com, and these were said is great. This, oil said, has taunts off high quality images, and all of them are totally free. This is the English or sex home page. Here we see some random photos in our home page in three Different Column. If you see images in one column, you just simply click on these Icahn. I just like on this great view to find our images quickly. Now let's talk about license. If we click on do whatever you want, I would typically go into the, um, splash license space. The state All photos published on on Splash are licensed under Creative Commons zero, which means you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purpose without asking any permission or providing attribution to the photograph ours on unpressured. That means you can download high resolution photo and can use them whatever you want. If I click on new, we see the latest photo off out less dot com In our home page, we see a falling feet. If I click on getting start, we see the categories here. Suppose like any males, cities and people after that League Dem. Now, if I click on following, we see THESTREET categories. Photos in falling section. If I click on the's icon, then click collection. We see the beautiful collection off on Splash. I had a C, some good collections. India Photos, part related photos, 479 party related photos. If I opened these, we see all party related photos in this collection. Poor Fred or intuition. Michael Wild Rhodes is street art and show If I opened these, we see the beautiful collection off Eastern art and soul. If they want to download this one thes image in full resolution, you just simply click on this. After that, simply click on download. Our photo is being downloaded. It and he received the progress. After clicking on download photo automatically download and save it in our PC. Here we see the preview excellent. Sometimes we spend our offs time to find a good quality picture to use our projects or website, and on splash is the great solution for us. If you are a photograph fire and want to share your photo with us splash, you can do this as well. Just signing with on slash After that, click on, submit photo and then click at a photo and up to do photo and shattered photograph with the wild and my second favorite, Oh said. For reality, free images is called exists www dot p e x e l s dot com I personally working with technology real things. This website has large soft technology related photos, for example, left up computer etcetera. I used this website very off them. This offset is little bit similar toe are splash in the search box. You can such what type of photo you want support space them a child laptop and presenter. We see lots of different laptop related images. If you want to download any of these, simply click on any photo after that, Click on free download, then June this photo to see this photo in full screen. And after that, to download these photo right, click on these and click save image s and then save you. Invest in your heart. Break in any location you want. I just don't want this photo in my deck. Stop and had we see their download it photo. All right now why? Back to the swift site? These offset photos are also totally royalty free. You can use any of these immense in your wife said our project or infographic whatever we want. If I click on license, we see the same team waited Common zero license. This means pictures are completely free to be used for any legal purpose. These pictures are free for personal and even for commercial deals. You can modify, copy and distribute the photo all without asking for permission. Are sitting a link? Are the source so activation is not recorded? Fantastic. These are the popular search dessert Business Art school. Oh, man. Effect leak on. Oh, men. We see beautiful, poor Fred pictures off women. Not only poor fret, different type off pictures. All are absolutely free. Fantastic. If I click on browse, we see the popular photos off thes pixels offside these Arda popular photos for last 30 days to see the all time popular photos off the strip. Searched completely on all time 10. Awesome. Awesome. And to see the popular Searchers simply click on, browse and click popular searchers. We see the category wise photo books financed camera Guter Forest. If I click on books, we see the popular photos off books Fantastic and my tart and finalists at ease E stocks that I owe. Here we see the Sarge Books off is Text Nephi. Oh, and these are the popular search on the left panel. We see the Sarge box. If I click on friending, we see the friending photos off this website. If I click on abuse, we see the more beautiful to us again. All these photos are totally free. If I click on license again, how do you see this is also cease your license That means created common zero license All photos on stock snap fall under the creative common cc zero license. That means you can copy, modify, distribute any photo on the site even for commercial purpose, all without asking Parmesan to see the all photos. Click on all photos. If you sarge any off dumb, simply type hair. This time I type people. We see our starts result all our high resolution photos. You can use them anywhere on the Internet download process. It's pretty simple. You just simply click any off this image and bleak down looked. Our photo is being downloaded. It had to see the progress. After completing this, simply click on image. We see def preview. Fantastic. Hopefully thes three or sex will help you a lot to find out high resolution topic related images and save you time a lot. Thank you so much for watching. 17. Get Thousands Of FREE Icons: In this lecture, we see where we get unlimited royalty free icons to use our project Project means, for example, you can use those icons in your website, other infographics or any other projects you want. Well, I have. Trio says There that I will recommended you, and Fast One is find icons dot com f i nd I see. Oh, and s dot com. This is my personal favorite or set for finding icons supposed system. We need people related icons to find the step off icon simply in such books by people and people, and then press enter. We get all people related. Icons available in thesis have said not only these 46 pages. Look at this. All our people related icons, right? You can download any off them different size and use them in your infographics. For example, I die computer and Breast center. Suppose I used this. I gone in our infographics. I just simply click on this. And these icon resolution is 128 by 128 and a different size is available. If I take on other side step, we see different resolutions icon, and this one is 512 and 512. If we want to download this icon, simply click on these. You can download. I conversion who it is. I cough I also you can download in dot PNG format, which is image file. I just click on download PNG. Our icon is our icon is download successfully. Heresy. That preview and my second film it all cities and less icons. Www dot e n d l e double s I C e o and s dot com. In their homepage, we see some Icahn's. I just click on pace to also not only these icons. You can search them by using their such box, and my car favorite was said is called Icon monster dot com. I c o N m o N str dot com Here you see Lord Soft, black and white Icahn's This is gaming. I gone Amazon gift card icon paper like on beat going icon, for example, in Sarge Books, if we die WiFi and then press enter from your keyword, we get different WiFi icons available. You can simply choose any of them and click on this and then if we want to download being PSD for mentally on PSD. If we want to download in PNG format being this image file, simply click on this Benji and after that, click on I get to the license and click on. Download this icon automatically download and Eastern in your PC, and these are my tree for. But with said that you can game here and download you Tropic related icons and use them in your project and all I royalty free icons. Thank you so much for watching. 18. Generate More Infographics Ideas: way. 19. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.