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Create Mock-Up Template with any Images

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Important things to know

    • 3. 1st project

    • 4. Mug Template

    • 5. T-shirt Template

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About This Class

Hi. My name is Jestoni and I'm a freelance graphic designer. In this class, you are going to learn how to create a mock-up template from any images. I'm going to show you the simple steps on how to put your label, logo or any design you have to any images you like to look like it was there or like it was printed there.

I also provided the resources file so you can follow along with me. This is a step by step class and good for any levels.

So if you want to learn how to create a mock-up template or just to want show off your design but don't know how to put it to your shirt photo, this is the right class for you so enroll now let's get started.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Intro: Hi. My name is just Tony and I'm a freelance graphic designer. In this class. You are going to learn how to create a markup template from any images. I'm going to show you the simple steps on how to put your neighbor logo or any design you have to any images you like to look like it was there or like it was printed there. I also provided the resources files so you can follow along with me. This is a step by step class and good for any levels. So if you want to learn how to create a markup template or just want to show off your design but don't know how to put it to your T shirt photo, this is the right last for you. So in their own now and let's get started. 2. Important things to know: Hi and welcome. My name is Destiny. First of all, thank you for enrolling in this class for our first video of the class, you will learn the basic few things in creating a markup template. The first thing is, the smart object smart object is a powerful tool. When it comes toe images not only photos, but to any object. Inside the adobe fort ship, I've uncovered the few things about smart object that are related to our class. So it won't cost any confusion. Toe other beginners. Smart object preserves the quality often image In Fort shop, we work with pixels. So if you keep on transforming your image, you may lose its quality. So before making any adjustment, we convert our image in tow. A smart object. Let me show you what I'm talking about. I'm going toe drag this image toe this document, and here I'm going toe duplicated on my alky and shifty to get there. All right, so we have, uh, doing the gift here. And the other one, I'm going toe rightly here, this one right click, and then select the convert to a smart object. And now you can see this icon like a document. It means, say, smart object. Okay, so control De Transform told. And then I'm going to make it smaller, get it down, then press and they're or Glee diss and now control the again in your uber. And then I'm going to scale it up today there and then drug get up. Make it a big something like this and then press enter and then controlling the again, Let me sum of money and didn't go about make it, uh seems the original size like this and then the other one. I assure you, what will happen if not smart objects, something like this. Click the right layer, control your keyboard. Then I'm going toe skated down funding my shift key like this and then press enter again Control D and we're going toe. Scale it up. You will see what will happen. It's not smart object. There's some expressing here and now you can see it's becomes blurred, you know, really lost the quality of the image. So let's go back in here making me regular size and now we know the quality becomes blurred , So it doesn't reason why we turn our image in tow. smart object to make it to preserve its quality. Okay, some time to delete that. Another good thing about this smart object. It's weakening a place, the contents off it by double clicking the someday in the layer. This is ideal. If you want toe, save your design or share it, share it with other people. They can easily added the source file, either deleted or add new design. Let me show you what I'm talking now with this image and going to convert it into a smart object. Now you can see there's an icon here. Looks like a document. Thank on number. Click that and you will come toe this window. Now you can hide it or you can add another design. Say, uh, a custom shape. You're getting that and find a trace. It I go in here, maybe don't put God make it here and then exchanged the gold orderto something like this. Now let's close it so we can save it or control. It s in your keyboard. And yes. And now here the if you remember, we have placed here on apple and we just replaced it with a dog food. Right. Begin change attention again, It's a petition in dif we can control this or make sure your urine that be okay and we have changed it again. So that's the good thing about the smart object we can add. Or did it? The contents of it finally, about smart object, which is very helpful. The ability to save the transformation settings, for example, and going toe add a custom shape here and documents. It's a city one from the suppress it kicks this one that's next. And now your script and drug use canvas and then release. Okay, I'm going to duplicate it, hold your alky and then shift to make a perfect line. Both align. And for the second copy, I'm going to convert it into a smart object, OK? And then goingto for me D and then in this corner, place your controlling key. Okay, Don't you start like this. It's up to you. What you want to do with this started like this, Okay, And the other one, it's not converted toe smart Object Control T and then passing control key on your keyboard and then distort the shape. When then, like this Jake Martin, or best enter in your keyboard and let's go back to this one where we converted to smart object Control D And you can see we just saved the transformation settings where we left off. Okay, so this can see note and see this one Control D and you can see that the bounding box is still the same. Like we didn't the shape. So it's idea that when you turn your shape into a smart object, you can save the transformation. Say things like you did like this one. OK, Price control in your keyboard and then again are looking right. Click here and select which one here and you're like, Okay, maybe they see the perspective. Me one toe aided this part. Okay, you get the idea that saving turning your your element into a smart object will save us, we'll be transform information settings. Okay, So keep in mind in that I mean then it peace. And these are the ideas for the smart object. Another thing we need in creating a markup template is a selection tools we can use. Also, these shapes available for quick selection, often image. We can use it as a container where we will keep our logo or design. If we distort this month object shape, our logo insight will distort us. Well, I will show you later in the hands on project on outer duties. Let's see the other selection tools that we can use The 1st 1 is the pendulum. Actually, mental is very easy. You have to do is just We can click. And if you want a busy again or a curve just click and drug. Okay. And one more time. Click on drug Great a curve. And then I'm gonna close this and you will see a circle on my icon. Depend too, like one. And now we can make it a selection by clicking this one reduced begins like one picture. And you have it like that. Or if you don't have those collection this option I mean, you can go toe pass or you're not. It's not opened. You can go to window, frankly, but Okay, now, what you want to do is hold your control key and then click from this campaign, okay? And it will turn in tow a selection. Okay, so that's Ah, good thing about mental. You can create a complicated selection and this one year began. Yet this done without a marketable And when there and for the last little and this group, South Philly Freehand sanctioned tools you can trade seen a mouse, and then the other one is only going on national? Yes, Like a pendulum. Well, not painted, but straight line for this. You know, um, the other thing here is the magnetic lasso tool. And, for example, I'm going toe cynic, this apple and magnetic lasso tool the takes, the sides often object. Okay, The edges. I mean, the in just off a shape. So they make an e c selection making their find it. You can see on top click here to find a GIs, and you can play with this. I just I mean, the you can play with this. This options she wouldn't see here available. And the other selection tools now, most common, is in a brick selection toe. And there are other options here as well. Actually, it works like a brush. And for a boat, I'm gonna click here and brush on the airport and automatically I consider the apple. Okay, so that's how it works. And you can subtract some part of it by holding your alky Your keyboard stepped out on the selection that you don't You don't like. You can add as well. Yes, I brush. Yes. You know, I think will be some brush. And the other one is a magic wand door. And what it does is actually select all the same color in an image or something related to that. You can last contiguous. So you mean and one Only those really close to that color. All right, so this out blue and the city for the selection toe open or create a smart object, it's actually very important. You can drop on image on our police image here, for example, I'm gonna get this image and then bring door, drop it here on this argument, and then click this check mark and they see the layers panel, and you can see it's already converted. Indoor smart object. Okay, but if we they say, open this one, if we drop here on tough to make a new window and recheck the layer and you can see it's not converted into, uh, smart object. So but you, on the other way, is actually open a smart object. Okay? and I didn't want this place to bend it, select image and then automatically converted into smart object. Tennessee for this one is dropping year and it's not converted or we have to do it. Yes, then in tow. Smart object. Make sure he selected. And then it's Ah, right. Click here and then you can convert to smart object. Okay, that's how you convert an open an image toe. A smart object. So that song for this video, I hope you learned something. And, uh, in the next video, we'll start making our markup template. 3. 1st project: Hi and welcome. Many missus Tony in this first video off our hands on tutorials way are going toe design He mark up for this box and our plan is to put our logo on the side and maybe on the side and hopefully some designs on top here. So before you proceed, I would like your toe download the resources fighters that I'm going to go. I'm going toe a use for this class. So first download it and then extracted or unzipped it. And then you have despite Okay, So if you have a demonstrator, you can also open these retro noble designs. Uh, this one and you will have on the no ghosts and brands different events. Actually, I created this for the other tutorials here on skill chair as well, so you can enroll it if you want to learn how to create this basics in for that nobody signs in the administrator. If you don't have it, you can also get a I don't mind the, uh, gambling I got. When you have to do, just open it in Adobe Fort Chef. And you can also follow along with me. Yeah, giving this file and imported in the document. Let me show you later how to do it. And here's the design that I included for the four shop users. So let's go back here. This box open despite actually just drug it here and then after my job. Airport shop. Okay, so what we wanted to do here is to on our design year on this on this side. So there remain many ways how to do it, but take one at a time so that zoom in and it's gift be London told. Okay, What I'm going to do is I'm going to cover this side in the shape, the shape that I'm going to do all ending my space bar. Amazing. My Dungan like these. Okay, I'm gonna put a causa running him off. The top points are, And then before I do anything about this, I'm going toe converted into a smart object, right click and then finicky Convert to a smart object, okay. And nice. So I can see the box. I'm going toe lower down the rapacity, maybe six deport person like this, and then I'm going toe press control, transform this our hunger right click and then click on the start. Okay. And now on this side, I'm gonna Lacey here on this Corners. I don't have to be perfect. Just make your desk your cord getting the inside of this box. This package box, okay? And then when done, bleakness checked to commit, transform our best and better And then and flair. I'm gonna click this icon when you come nail w coming number. Click on that. And we will open a new window. Begins a year. Dangle one that based. Okay, I'm gonna put my design year first. I'm gonna Hi. This go to may not being straight or I'm gonna get this one, and then I'm gonna get this, Get the maid. Don't be in courtship like this. And now it's here. Gonna makes it. May be in a sander. Let's see, bigger. And when it's done because Jake gone, Just take mark and thereto way. Didn't say this. We can close this or control s okay. I'm gonna less control as to save this smart object. Go about but his bucks and fear. Okay? No, Maybe it's not perfect. It's not a line, so we can go back here. Merrigan, 12 d, then the needle rotation, you know, and then saving bucks. And here we got nice looking design. Okay? No, again. First, let's go upto opacity. Make it 100%. Okay, Not make it look more believable. Way can change event. Vote the vending too. What the plane are You can actually baby this. You can cycle through this one and see which one is. It's better in your insane. Maybe I'm gonna finish this darker recorder, then maybe never done your capacity a little bit, so it looks fading out. Okay, Right now, it looks like we printed our design on this box. Let's do it. Another one. Undecided it. Zoom in. Get the jungle tool again. Nets cover up this side of this box. The bigger the better. Okay. Make it Logan. Off the stroke. And then right on this layer. Cynic, they convert to smart object. It's lower down the opacity toe. He's or maybe 59%. Okay, so thanks, Grain door. I told the keyboard and to see these mounting box now we can transform this begin rightly. And on the start, No, it's make these corners. I believe this. Scientists. Well, so he's one the other one. Decide, right? And then click on the check mark. Now, let's double thickness. Smart object gone. I called her blue. I'm gonna sing it one year, and that's here. Okay. Something. It's actually Tyler trial and error. So we don't know where this I can only show in the local showing our smart subject. Okay, get out. No cities. Yes. And okay, it's a pump up the party 100 and it's no good, actually. So I gave it me and then claiming this depending options. Yeah, you know, so yeah, well done. You know, uh, our mock up family 20 spokes. So maybe we can add something here or maybe in the corner. So let's do it again. But actually, maybe I want something different. I'm gonna get this This one in this home office also coming from weeks of age. First, I'm gonna close Niece. Okay, so I want to put a something like a logo somewhere here on top. Okay, so I'm gonna go what we need. Employees get tangled, and it's gabara Strange toe loop. And then gonna on 30 Smart of you and control senior people transform. Never Don't know. Pastie vacancy. Right click and start. Okay. Now in Spain. Door fourth here on the site. Okay. I took over this much possible here and down. It's busted messing it up to 100%. Don't click this icon. Smart object on. Let's see which one here. Maybe the spindle Quiet. But at peace on that happened here. Okay, make it smaller. Tennessee. Zander, I'm not really sure if the kid if it's going toe the, uh, decide. So maybe this put a deer. Yes, that's right. Okay, uh, bigness check Mark and then hide the recorder close niece, we're doing yes. And there actually is not that really perfect one turn you And on the other side. So let's go again, Miss Saigon and 20. So I'm gonna control key And, uh, when holding my shift key, plus training perfection. Okay, so put it here. The smart. Okay, Closeness me. No. Yes. Dinner did it. Okay, so that's our logo or whatever you're saying is that, like a note butter something are banned on paper and that's it. Congratulations. You just finished your markup template here in Adobe 40 shop. So again, if you don't have this any design, you can open this and use it. Okay? Yes, Senate. Which one? Uh, night here. Maybe this one gets run in tow. Right. And you in the next video. 4. Mug Template: I end. Welcome. My name is just Tony. And in this video, in the second video of this class, we're going to create a markup template for a sit in the garden form like this mug. Okay, so what we want to do is tow Put our a label on this monk on this side of this month. So I want you toe open this image so you can follow along with me and just drop it year and adobe fort shop. And if you don't have any label or design remember, I already, uh, uploaded some fights. And here's the adobe Illustrator so you can get some of the file here. And I also said this adorable photo shop. So you can You're someone defined here this open in adobe fortune. Okay, so and the design, what we're going to do, I'm going to put the other like it's printed in the monk. Okay, so they start the same thing. But this time, the same thing that we did starting with the sheep. But this time you do something different. It's like we're going toe, um, manipulate the selection. So let's get our tunggal and I'm going toe. No, a shape. On top of this of this month, you're gonna Can I change together to something new? Name of the corner. And then before I do anything here, I'm going toe convert it into a smart object, right click and then select Convert to smart object. Now you will see some. I can hear the document on the layer like a document icon. And then that's never done your capacity. So we can see now control to show deep in its form told transporting box here in this note you can actually make this work or begin my click and then click on work. Okay, so what we want to do is tow, um, work this shape in tow like the monk here, so it should be a sitting wriggle. It looks like a integon. So I'm gonna start here on this corner also in this one and then dragged here. You don't have to be perfect. Uh, this is our first time to do it. This one is actually a little freaky. Our monkeys Felidia It's not straight, actually. So it takes time. So what? You're doing the outside you should do in the rights on the right side should be something that you know. Uh, this will be our guide, As you can see here, this will be our our guys on top of it. So we're going to follow along with this line for our work. It looks like, you know, going around this mug. Okay, let's say you were done with that. So I'm gonna click on this Jake and then double click on this icon, and then I'm gonna get a design from this. So let's see. I'm going to use this mounting going toe. Did I get here? Don't be fooled. Shop. Okay, so I'm gonna meet the needs, Skated down. I think this in century, and then click on this. Check my make sure you're in the window. That would be okay. Then I'm gonna remove this blue collar. It's changed the goldar double click on this layer. Great click on color. Overly. And then that Not that. Don't light me on this color. Yes, the hex code is the three d 33. Okay, Pick. OK, then it's close this window on this stuff. Yes, and that's our insane. And it's not really perfect at all, But that's a good thing about smart object We can edit this design I'm gonna quality and them gonna click on this. I gone And here you can see we preserve our transform setting. So now we can and again basically the this basic idea. Okay, let's say you were done with that so way we can pump up the opacity again, But I don't. It's better if we stayed off. 80% are maybe at least 50%. Okay, so it seems so minuto. You know, some since it's fading away from us, it's going around. We need toe, um, delete some part of this corner or began hide using a layer at their mask. Okay, I'm gonna click on it here and then here on my feeling my for Grant gold or it's actually great, which is I wanted I went in a great corner because if it's blood, it will hide. I'm gonna get my brush doing so many. But I should be here seats exciting. You know, it's, uh, the leading it. But actually it's were only hiding it. Begin switch. Make sure your foreground his wife? No, we can get it bargain, you know. So what you want is just love, but no, I agree. All right. Now make sure your capacity is not more than 100 but maybe, like 60%. 60 plus. Then get Russia on. Decide. Okay. And we're done that south journey. That's how you at the you are labored in a cylindrical form. But you can change the past. Our Casey one 80. The dress form this. You want to edit this in this label you can actually need. You have tow unlit unlinked disperse. Because if you don't, If I pressed me control the you know don't allow me. It says he's an ink layer mask and try again. Abdel Witness chain icon. Now I can rest my control D nice form and then plague on this. I got okay. Now I can edit it again in case I'm not satisfied with my design. Okay, Now click. Click this in the middle of decisions. The link. OK? They can also do the same thing with the bless or in the battle. It's nothing. Okay, let me do it again. You cannot do it on the battle like this. So in the same thing. Or if you don't want toe, you know, I just drop your local here and then yes, you'll be fine if you're not and are planning door look like ex wrapping around in a button . You can just put it here. My time for me. It's better if you, you know, if you make some adjustment to it. See under lending options here he's one. Looks fine. Yeah, but for me, it's better if you, you know, try to wrap around your design into a sin in the form. So because you know it's perspective, have basic idea. So the soul for this video And in the next video we're going to learn you're going to learn how to change a clothes off a person in an image and also at your design or label. So that t shirt markup simply. Okay, so I don't sound thing in this video and see you next time 5. T-shirt Template: Hi and welcome in the last video off this class. My name is Gaston E. And in this video, we're going toe great. A teacher mark up from scratch and this hour example image. I want your toe open This image from the resources find that I included for this class. Okay? Yes. Happy New Year. And you would have it here. Okay, So what I want to do here is to say, like this, Fisher, maybe change the colder and then what? My design on this picture. Okay, so if you didn't want this t shirt, maybe you can take a picture of your T shirt, What you are wearing right now and then follow along with me. Okay, so I'm going toe, select this T shirt and the selection tool that I'm going to use a mental paint on because you're going to see the image is quite complicated there, so many sides on it. So the best so senate, this Fisher is a mental so and then and show you how. Yes. Click on here. This will be may start off my path. Make sure you say that the but again and not in the shape you know, make on this one. You mean the needle? This will take a lot of time, of course, but don't worry. You can, uh, take your time And like I did there and just pull it, You know, click and pull. And if you want Oh, remove this and start again. Yes, on your rug. And then click on this point here, you can start from its likely start from scratch again. Okay? You know, you can hear on Mayaki, then click and then I'm gonna post this video produces. Really? You know, boring watching me doing this. So I feel in the no one's gonna Boston. It's a big deal. Hi and welcome. You can see I'm almost done already here. And this might start of my mental off my path. Just one either going to get a but it's like three senior and I don't have the perfect Uh, it is your first time, okay? Yes, it's much possible. Cover D because and then every plane with you make sure that your core getting the T shirt and then I'm gonna close it here like there and then gonna satisfy tiene precio control key . And then they can disappoint Popes. We go on this point and then somewhere you like. Okay? Yes. Pressure control, key toe change that mental in tow, their extraction tools. And when you're done, let's see now in your layers panel, anything you, you, uh, layer. And then yes. Cooper. Yes. I'll cover this with our shape. Get the tools over. If shirt I think this on the ball of blue and then in our butts, we'll have another here. Okay? If you don't have the butts open goto window and better. Okay. And here I want toe make thesis T shirt in tow selection. I'm gonna I'm gonna hunt my control key and then click on here. I think that now a selected the T shirt from this money I'm gonna go about two layers. And before I had a layer must I'm gonna magically convertible, smart object, and then click on a add a layer mask like that. Now we like we cut out Tosa rectangle rectangle. Okay, so next what you want to do is tow Add our design Inside. Inside of this are Fisher's double click this smart object icon when it opens. Let's get I designed or you can use something custom shape doing here. I'm gonna go to adopt a straight or and get maybe sign here. Let's see this one going toe drug toe, adobe photo shop. And when it's here in adobe Portia, we can precise it. Maybe it's precisely the little holding my shift key. And then and straight in the center. Click here, check Mark. And then this maybe. Yeah, it's, uh, close. This like yes, and design is not in the center. So this let's go back longer again. Here. Troicki, I'm gonna skated. Don't put it summer here and then yes, still nothing. The sender here in their way have centered our the same. Next thing that we need to do is click on normal way Need toe people on multiply. I think there way have changed the T shirt, the color of the T shirt of this man. So that's actually pretty simple way how you can change the color of your design on it. Look like you print and your design on this month so you can change different corners on it just publicly again. And this I don and you will have these rectangle one point psb make sure you're on that window, exchange the dollar, do something green and then close it. Yes, and we have changed together. Okay, Are maybe we went toe change the golder of our logo. It's pretty simple. Just double click on this layer. Put it aside so we can see Click on the color overlay and it's already in the white in case you wanted toe something for maybe white click. Ok, close this window. Click. Yes. And there it's against you. And the good thing about here in changing the blend modes is how are the same Looks like reprinted on this T shirt. Okay, so that's basically the simple way on how you can make a markup template from any images from any Amy. Yes, you have on your hard drive, you can test it. Don't forget toe. Get the resources so you can practice with this Simeus. And that's all for this video. And you learned something and keep practicing. And if you don't get it, you can go back and watch this video again. So that's all And, um, for you next time