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Create Hand-Painted Textures for Games

teacher avatar Simon Sanchez, Game Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Introduction to Krita I


    • 3.

      Introduction to Krita II


    • 4.

      Wrap Around Mode


    • 5.

      Stones - Gathering Reference


    • 6.

      Stones - Basic Shapes and Colors


    • 7.

      Stones - Adding Details


    • 8.

      Stones - Refinement


    • 9.

      Stones - Final Adjustments


    • 10.

      Horizontal - Basic Shapes and Colors


    • 11.

      Horizontal - Adding Details


    • 12.

      Horizontal - Refinement


    • 13.

      Horizontal - Final Adjustments


    • 14.

      Wood - Basic Shapes and Colors


    • 15.

      Wood - Adding Details


    • 16.

      Wood - Refinement


    • 17.

      Wood - Final Adjustments


    • 18.

      Add Sharpness to Your Texture


    • 19.

      PBR Material from Texture


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About This Class

In this course you will learn how to make Hand-Painted Textures for Video Games. You will learn how to make beautiful textures from scratch. You will gain all the knowledge that you need to paint stylized materials that you can use in your videogame.

You will start by learning the basics of Krita:

  • How to make a new document

  • How to make a layout

  • How to use the tools

  • How to paint seamless textures with the powerful Wrap Around Mode

After learning the basics of Krita you are going to work in complete textures from zero, we'll take a look at the workflow of making a texture:

  • Gather the reference to learn from it

  • Paint the basic shapes and colors

  • Add details like cracks, holes, bumps and highlights to your texture

  • Refine your texture

  • Adjust the contrast and colors

  • And create variations to break with the monotony

We're going to work in 3 textures from start to finish. I suggest you to follow along making lots of different textures, the best way to learn is to practice.

The course contains lectures that will teach you step by step the process of making a stylized texture, at the end of the course you will learn how to take your texture and turn it into a 3D PBR Material.

I offer full feedback on the work that you produce, I will also answer all the questions that you can have about hand-painting textures.

So if you are a game artist, game designer, programmer wanting to learn how to create hand-painted textures for videogames this course is for you!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Simon Sanchez

Game Designer


I'm a multi-disciplinary game developer into Art & STEM. I have a technical-designer profile with a great passion for creating systems with an empathetic approach.

I've studied graphic design and then in 2018 I've graduated as a Designer and Animator for Videogames. Since then, I've been learning and teaching online multiple skills related to game development.

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1. Introduction: Do you want to make beautiful a style I structures to use in your game environments or objects? Or do you want to take your texture and converted inter incredible treaty material like this one, this one or this one? Then this course will allow you to learn what you need. We will start with an introduction to create a and it's powerful wrap our own mold that will allow us to quickly make seamless textures. In the second section, we're going to start making our first picture. We're going to start with the process off gathering reference. Uncalled to learn from it. Then we're going to great. Our arm rushes to make our textures, and finally we're going to start painting our texture, making the basic shapes and colors and then having the tells on refinement, were going toe and Allah for textures. With final assessments on, create variations to take our textures to the next level. In the next two sections were going toe great tumor textures on horizontal texture on the was Dexter. When, with the courage we're going to take those textures and convert them into a PVR material, the idea of discourse is to allow you to start creating very quality textures and to give you the knowledge that you need to keep learning and improving, I will reply to all of your questions and give you honest feedback on your work. So there's nothing to lose and run now on a star making. 2. Introduction to Krita I: Welcome to the learn to great hand paying the textures forbid the rooms. In this first video, we're going to have an introduction to the tools that we're going to use to make the textures. This stool is called cleaner. The good things of off the stool is fierce is free. Second is open search unti here. It has a really nice option that will allow us to a great level. Dexter's really fast. So so don't like Rita. You can goto clear that that are. And you is like, get greater Now on your going toe donut. The stellar on you will start, Creator. You can if you want, use photo shop or any other tool. In that case, you're not going to have the option off that the campus that we're going to see in some videos. So once you have open Creator, you would have something like this. We're going toe, start creating and your file playing here or control end are going to file new on. We'll have this window here on with on height. We have the weight and height off our document my case and going to put 1044 24 story. You have there a solution. In my case, 72 is fine here on content. You have the name off your document, Clinton eight. Test the number off layers that your document will start with the background color off your argument. In my case, I always choose to have a grey like this. Right on. We're gonna click, create. I'm here. We have our document. Before we start doing anything we're going to configure creator. For that, we're going to go to settings Configure created on. We will change some things here. Fierce on Shin. It'll windows were going to change both deeply. Segment mouth from tabs toe, sir. Windows here on miscellaneous on their on. Those tax eyes were going toe foot here. 1000 right. This is the amount of stains that you can go back on forward here, give or shirk its We're going to modify some shark. It's You have some shortcuts. Presets for schemes. You make gays April fair. The photo shop compatible shortcuts. So we really have the photo shop shark. It's We're going to add some personal shortcuts. We're going to search here. Wrap Romo, These were going to click here. Here in custom and going to use w on the turns firm tool concerns day. There is a little bug in greater You need to set this shortcut again. So you braced here. Controlled the I you click reassign on is the Then we are going to go to a color selector settings. So the color selector is Theis thing here on going to change it Toe thinks we're here. Frankly, except engaged. You went S o windows options to be a play deception here in window of windows. You need toe rest, Art leader. So what? So Windows allows us to do usedto have facing right here We can click the middle bottom Thesis one. On this way we can come toe window your view and click our document name. We can have another view on if I modify something here. Release Also going to modify here the point off thesis that I can have, for example, I call her ballot here, or you can have a much reference on work here watching ticks. All right, now we're going to take a look at the interface, including we're going to start with these stubborn. So you have filed where you can make new files open files on save your files. You have edit with things that in general I I will use shortcuts for this kind of stuff you have. You here is they were up arrow mode. This is the moment that I told you about. We're going to take a look at that later. We have some things. For example, instant preview mode. This is when you are working with really big brushes you might want to have thes enable on . You have things they rulers, the pixel agree on some other options. Very. So you have some properties off the image to scale the image and more size to your campus. Some properties for the layers option for selection, filters, settings. And so here on the bar below, we have some quick option. For example, in your file open file, say file, greenback part great forward. So undo and redo. You have some options for the grade. Ian's the color. Here you have the Bruce settings. You have diverse pres. It's it's the same thing status. You have the foot ocean mode. This is to erase Have the Alfa look that we're also going to take a look later on. You have some other options capacity. If you click the arrow, you will have access to the flow. And here you have the size on the symmetry tools on the left. We have all the truth that we can use. For example, the rush, the lion tool square selection tools and someone on the right. Right now we have the advance of color selector. This is where you can select color. You have the tool options. These options will change the pending on the fool you have selective. You have an overview, right? Like that. Here you have the layers. The china's off your image all diversions that you can use. You have here the thanks right of the rushes on. You have all the brushes that you have used. In my case. I prefer to make my own layout. So we're going to the death fierce. We're going to eliminate things I don't want. For example, the channels either really used. So I go to channels on it like these here. I didn't used diverse precent history that on in my case, greens movies here. Hey, I removed the layers here, my color selector here so What I'm doing is clicking here on the name, dragging on dropping. All right, this I can recite this windows with those thoughts. Uh, like fees on the green toe, more metal options, clicking, dragging on, going to put it on the off roots brush presets. And this way I can taps right now in green to add a new tab. So for that, we're going to go two settings lookers on going toe. This one called grades and guys. Right. So here I have it been going to move it on top, off brush presets on. There we go. And now, angering to save this layered for that, we're going to click here. Here we have some work spacious or ales You were inside. Name here. Your breasts, say, and you have your layer. If you want God, go back to the different, like default. You have some All that layers. Now we're going tonight. I would do navigate the interface in creator. If you press and call a space on your click and drag, you can pen If you move your most well, you consume in and out. If you press control space, click on. Move at on down. You can also. So if you press the number one, we're going to set your some level right here on the corner. The 100. If you're press number two, you're going to fit your documents on the screen. If you press shift space, click on move here. Clockwise are anti clockwise. You can rotate your campus if your best for you will rotate on fix angles and seeks to the right on. If you press number five, you will reset your rotation. 3. Introduction to Krita II: Welcome to the learn to create hand painted and extort for Billy Graham's in this video, we're going to end with the introduction to create a We're going to start looking at the first stool. The shortcut for the stool is very. If you want to see the shark, cut off any tool you should cover over the tool you click over right? This one doesn't have a Sure good. This one is control are, for example, Right. So here we have the brush. I'm very being to start by looking at diverse resets. So you have all the brushes that you can use. You can click on select different brushes thes I think you have the tax that are like categories for the Russians. Some group paint have some paintbrushes on. So on the attack, all you have all your precious If you want to paint, you can choose left click for with your pen in your tablet. If you want to a race, you need to press plea or click here antes is going to door your current clash on an eraser . All right, so if I grab for example, this brush on I press he I'm going toe a race with that kind of fresh if I went to undo a compress, Control said several times on. If I want to redo a compress control, Schiff said, Now we're going to take a look at the Alfa lock option and going toe. Erase this pressing a this present be again to go back to my normal brush on. I will make us fear here on my empty layer. All right, he's I'm now in green to select a like their color here. Anti Alfa log option is thistle right here. So you click on this pain, for example, outside on you received that we cannot paint. But if I paint inside the pictures off my layer thes right, sen, I can only paint on those specs is now we're going to know how to change the opacity on Desai's off our brush. You can change the opacity dragging like this, or you can get here on in. Put a number to change the size of the same thing. You come here, you're gonna drag on. You can include a number, but there is separate shortcut to change the size. You just press shift, you click on you drive left the right on. This way, you can change the safe. If you want to pick a color, you can press control and click release on your back to your brush stoop. Right so we can do things like that on. This is really pass way Devlin colors. Now we're going to take a look at the tools in Creator. We're going to start with shaped stools so you have the name you click drag, you click. Drag impressed, Chief, and this is going toe restraint. Young girl. Have in mind that the tools in Creator uses your current brush. You have for extended right here into two options. You can choose to have a few direct hunger are ifthis, so we need to put on a link with the rush. This have a circle falling on? This should occur on some other tools. Now we're going to take a look at the selection tools. We're going to start with direct, angular selection tool. You click Dr Release, and you have a selection. If you want a perfect square selection, you click breast chief on drag. You can add to the selection person shift on dragging again. You can save Striped from the selection person Al clicking Dragon. You can delete something from a selection pressing that politically you can invert a selection person control shift. I you can transform a selection pressing control T right, Going to invite the selection like this. So you're gonna rotate scale and things like that. And if you don't have a selection and you press control D on you click will be able to transform your whole layer. If you leave upside off these boundaries, you can rotate person shift, you ever strangely angle. You can change the people off rotation with this little thing here, you can precise you cover size on both sides are seeing all you can resign, maintaining the proportion person shift on If you go to the inches and you click, you can share. Now we're going to take a look at the market. So is this one right here with the shark out F? The problem with this jerk out is that this tool, the brilliant will also have the same shortcut so we can come here setting computer agreed that keyboard shortcuts she'll pull this one and then going to use she All right, so Let's see where we go. She on with this? If we select a color on repressed is going to feel the whole layer. We have a selection. It's going to feel only the selection. Now we're going to see holy layers work. So if I have something like thes circle Andi, make a new layer with this bottom on this you can see this layer is about they're layer to with the orange circle on. They make you unsuitable. This grand circle is going to be of all the orange circle. If I click on drag, I can move the layer below and now they are in circle is a vote Dick Greenwood, you can delete a layer Racine, he's been come here and you can delete the content off a layer, but not earlier. President. Tell it if you don't want to modify a layer, for example, the bagman you compress this. Look here on if you know kick in the lane, you can free name your later twinned. With this video, we're going to make our own brush. We're going to fierce great and you're died. So you click here on you input a name, for example. Come painting and you press enter right here. We have our tag. We're going to choose a brash here, for example, this one right change, the color is on. We're going to modify this brush. We're going to go here to the settings on. We're going to start with the brush form or to brush tip. We're going to go to breathe Fine. And in my case, I prefer to use the stranger right here on the scratch path. You can't There's your brush. I'm going to say it in my spacing to Syria Point cereal fight, for example. Or maybe Siplin CEO like that's fine. Going to change, to, say, here to 100 default, maybe want Let's spacing that that is fine. Now the capacity I'm going to choose this pressure car that in your one going to enable the pressure for the flow right on and going to create here at this point. Great to be it on 38 and your point on Dragnet teas Pacific Carl's and want to have allowed off variation on the flow right this fine. I'm going to disable their site settings and here on rotation, I'm going to enable reputation for the driving uncle going to the sable eight or the pressure on going to check. Look right, Auntie. She's dipped Brush that we have. Now we're going to save this fresh clicking here on Say, your brush. Pres it these We're going to put the name and fainting. We're going toe klik low from Aiken Library. All right, We're going to select any tools that we weren't here. This issues for the icon, right? You click. Accept on your paint here. On that we have on I go for our brush. You could say, unless you can see here we have the rush. If you're gonna find it, you have the search button up here on painting every vote so you can go toe rightly that some name saying to thank. And we're going to choose the tack that we have. Great. Right now we go to that. They're on Dhere. We have our rush. Now we're going to drive a sphere with our new brush. For that, we're going to great a ballot and going to rename the layer DoubleClick sphere and we are going to choose some color fears. I'm going to make our weather sphere, so I'm going to come here, here, on this fire. You have the hue from right to left. You have the saturation on top. The bottom you have delaying this right? Truths are went like this going to put it here, for example. Now I'm going to make a darker one. For that, I'm going to increase the saturation decrees the likeness on going to shift, the hue, the worst blue. Now I'm not going to move from left to right. But I'm sure is going to clear here. Because here I also have to read. And the blue is closer to the red. If I go here right, so going to shift a little bit like that. And we're going to have a purple like this. Maybe this makes another one darker on this. Make a later one increase the likeness warming up the crease. The saturation were left on going to shift the huge, the worst, the yellow A little bit on another time. There we go. No, I'm going to select my dark. A scholar with the surgical shape, though I'm going to make a circle flick shift. There we go. I'm now going to paint this year. Remember? that you can rotate the compass, things like that. I'm going to color big her. Goto a racer, though. Fix the shape it is knowing, going to activate the Elsa look. Going to select May next, like color green tourist sites. My brush. Alan, she's going to paint like this shaving sphere now next order. Now, the good thing about this kind of rush is that you can blend colors, release issues, color baking really fast on making brushstrokes thes on. Let's say, for example, that you want to make a hole in your sphere. Now, off course, our light is coming this way like this. So if we want to make a whole, we're going toe color big like color like this. And here on the shadow for exam brew going to paint high like this. Create the truth and Eric color on on the other way and going to paint like these, All right, And now when she's going toe color pick, I refrained this social color speaking. I'm blending the is if you press harder, we have a really strong hedge. This way you can cut shapes on. If you press later, you can blame. All right, so this way we can make holes, controls, market color. I want to on They can't have our reflection here for the ground on. Let's say I want to make a shallow on. I'm not gaming going to make a new layer on mobile below because with this kind of rush, you can make stuff really fast, which was, for example, painting here. I'm not going to care both overlapping this fear. So we think like these. You can go darker being here. And if I want to fix this because I have this kind of rush I can show sickly here color big on really fast. I could have miss fear back and they complained again on brisk Are there everyone got shape really hard. Let's shoes. Plenty shadow. Right. And as you can see, we can work really fast with these kind off rush. Right. So I will see you in the next minute 4. Wrap Around Mode: welcome to the learned to create hand painted text word for video games. In this video, we're going to take a quick look at the wraparound. Both include a So to enable the small we can go toe edit. Sorry. You on our own. Both are the shortcut. W All right on. Theis is going to make us on infinite campus so we can enable and disable the small with w . This is not adding This is not increasing the size off your campus. This issue styling your campus in both directions so I can paint like this and I can make a line on. I can connect the left off the campus with the right and this really allow us to do tell level Dexter. So, for example, I can enable these on. They can paint some circles like this on the seventh day were a problem. Oh, annually. Cover some directives. So when you take this texture, the game engine and you repeat this texture, you won't have any scene. And then a section we're going to start making our fear stature 5. Stones - Gathering Reference: Welcome to the land. Okay, campaign that textures for video games. In this video, we're going to start making our fears, Dexter. For that, we're going to start gathering reference image so we can see how to make our own texture. In my case, I recommend interests or Google images. So in my case, I've searching for Hunt. Paid that rock texture in both on issues the love for or five thes that once you like on in my case, I made a folder for my texture. This one right here I'll here have another folder for the reference on these Aren't that for it? Reference images I had been. All right, so here we are in clear, we're going to make a new file. We're going to change the name, toe rocket, texture, the dimensions you can use. For example, 112 for 1044. 24. Sorry for thes. Or you can go up to four k My casing going to stay took a on going to please Great on going to modifying my lay out a little bit more going to go to settings Lookers. I'm angry to select a specific color selector right here. And this way I can control the amount of blue green red on my color. We are going to save this document, going to file, save I'm here and going to save your ass, Rookie texture. And now we're going to great another document for our reference. First, we're going to click this button right here to minimize this window. We're going toe ria scale. This window is on fired. You on this great. Another one. Right. So here we are. And now we're going to import our images part that we're going to go to layer import export input layer. I'm here on reference and going to blink 1st 1 shift. Frankly, they last won and scope. Right. So here we have our images. We can move the layers with these two right here. All right. If you press the letter r you however a layer on your click you're going to select the layer on. We are going to know thes thes. And now we're going to grow up this document for that, we are going to go over the crop tool Here. You click. Once on here, you're gonna precise this, um, breast ender. Uh huh. we're going to more again these now We are going to save this new document as a rookie, Dexter reference in the next video, We're going to start making the concept off our fears texture. 6. Stones - Basic Shapes and Colors: welcome to the land to create hand paint the picture for video games. This video We are going to make the basic shapes and the colors off our Dexter fears and going to activate decree that All right, so we have a feast on going to set the spacing into eggs and way to health off my dog. Men size, right? So the officials, the one and Thies is going to help us and see where our document is when we die the talking . So before we start painting, I'm going to make a new brush and going to make a brush with color variation. That way we can have some difference in color, as you can see. For example, in this reference you have darker stones and so are more blue, some other arm or wear lighter and things like that, right so ingrained to make on your brush, Going to come here on to add variation. We're going to go here to color on. We are going to activate Hue saturation on value. So now we have something like these is not something that we want tohave like that we are going to modify some things. So here in Hue. We're going to activate time on the activate pressure. Right. I'm going to show you what this those. So we have three seconds on RePet. So at the second, Syria is going to have May news 1 80 The with on the color wheel on on the 2nd 3 is going to have blues 1 80 degrees on the color week on when it ends because we can't repeat is going to start back to Syria. Seconds. Let's see what that looks, right. Three seconds and respect. In our case, we're going to set Federation, do something like zero point by on. We're going to move both points. Our own Tamudo gasps with a mind that amount of variation we went less on. We're going to add some noise like this on this. Do the same for the saturation on for the value so you can have a point shoes clicking on you can delete points with the key. All right. See how that moves. And as you can see, we have some call our bodies. All right, so now we are going toe, analyze our reference to understand how we can paint this so we can start for example, with this one. Unless you can see we have some rectangular shapes on. We have a highlight here. The doctor about here. Right? So our life in this case and green to make move this layer here, I would like is coming. This'll way on. You can see we have some shapes thes some strong shapes. Have some holes. Okay. See what else? Have some drags here. Have Ah highlight. That is not on this part. Brought a little bit inside. So we have one face here. No, there weren't here. Here we have some color variation here we can some yellow tones, some purple or blue ish stones. Kevin some darker bucks. So we're going to have that in mind when we paint our rocks. So we're going to select a vase color for our rocks. I'm going to say fears manual brush. Say new brush presets on painting a creation. Make another thumbnail frieze, maybe have toe recite my brush a little bit, Save Let's go toe on. Here we have our brush right click assigned today and painting on. Here we go. So in my case, I want some bluish stones going Going to select color like these with a little bit of situation on blue like that w to activate the proper moment on, Let's start painting like this. And now we're going to sketch the shape off our stuff. So what, you can see with agree with capital limits here on going to select a really, really dark cooler like these that you can see here in the reference the color between the stone. It's really dark right on this black. So we're going to this that that on green to pain for stones. So in Green's have pain, the basic shape fears Andi was going to connect, and now we're going to have some cracks on some variations in shape. She's schooner picking on making things like that. We maybe can cut stone calf thes, noting health. See a reference for Sambou, Spain. Another stone here on the crack. Remember that you can land like this pressing light or your tablet, and if you want a sharp corner, you color big color surrounding these on you press her is on you. We have something like that, all right, and now we are going to color pick some off the school or variation on, Let's make some places. - And now we're going to blend a little bit the borders off this song so you can be very messy with your strokes. And now we are going to paint some general dark terms. And like those I'm for that we're going to analyze our reference a little bit more. So is you're going to see here. We had some direct these you have here. Say the labor, all of the's. And then you have a darker one, and you will have highlight singeing arrow here of here. Maybe we have a face that on disparity screens of your darker but in general, use something like that. All right, so we're going to lose that. Very going to faint sundered birds on this size off our work. All right. Something like that. We can refrained here a little bit if you bring these together more, right. And now let's bring in some Greek elites. Try making angular shapes thes on a voyage. Of course, unless you want to have run the stones. Right? So because our life is coming here when we have a crag, they said off the face is not going to be like that. But this part is going to have a highly on. This is not a crack. This is another stone on top off this one. So we're going to put her like there, so a course, Not right now. It's looking pretty good wealth, but on the refinement media were going toe dedicate a lot of time fixing all the shapes on . We are going to blend these like you shouldn't be. But the boy off thes stage is to get the final colors really fast on the shapes. And then you can worry about the smile Didn't. So if we want to make a crag, you can select, for example, on their color. I'm going to make something like that. Maybe we got a brash, I think just going to make great strokes following the shape. All right, on, you're going to call her pig, for example, this then I do like that. So something that until then you will have a highlight. So in the next video, we're going to keep refining our Dexter 7. Stones - Adding Details: welcome to the land. Took a hand, paint the texture for video games. This video, we're going to add more days, toe our texture. All right, so we are going to start by rotating these a little bit girls when something broke in a stone, it doesn't stay allying with a stone. All right, so we're going to make something like thes right on. May be we can try to select this on, Move it a little bit With that sometimes transformed tour selections and things like that get a little bit broken from Europe. Paramo. But it is what it is. We're going to go toe my background layer, going to select the stark tower on with the field too angry and to feel the whole layer. All right. And now we should screen to fix really first this issue with our brush. She was scholar peaking, right? I'm going to blame thes, So let's go pick a little bit year unless overcapacity relive it and we will add some variation in the color that this sounds really flat without worrying or thinking too much. Where to paint shoes? Paint right? Even I always color, pick and fix mistakes later. - Now we can start making more complex cracks. Hey, So for example, we can come here triangle thesis and then disagreeing to go up and then like that for me, the shape it's going to go there. Broxham. Right? So that's gonna big Hungary is. - Now let's add some holes in our works like this were here, all right, he's And it's basically the same things with the cracks. So we have our leg coming this way. So we're going to pick their color on this, make a collect these. We're going to have a highlight on the's part. Right. So is that scene. All right, let's make up for one So you can get a better idea that on may be here on the old tape border. We're going to have a really flourish border. So we could be on. We press strongly like that. And here we're going toe live. Right? So does the general idea off a whole. So everything to make some. Okay, If you want to make a bump into stone, then it is the other way around. So we're going to have the highlights year on the shadow on the other part. Take that so we can make some little bumps. All right, Something like that. And now we're going toe even a brighter highlight. So have we're, like, coming this way. So and going to add this kind here, just like that green to set my a positive act to one country on with an even greater one. All right, so something like that in the next video, we're going to start with our famous section. Then it's video is going to be a timeless goes there. Refinement can take hours or video on. It's nothing unusual is fixing the shapes bring color picking, blending and things like that that you Sure already now? So I will see you then. Expedia. Thanks. 8. Stones - Refinement: - way . - Oh , - all right, - huh ? 9. Stones - Final Adjustments: welcome to the learn to create Hand painted their search for video games In this video, we're going to make the final assessments toe our picture. All right, so we're going to rename the slayers. DoubleClick? The name background on talks were going to create a group. So leg one control, click another one and you press control. She seems like we have toe on a shortcut for that. If you agreed that. Okay, we're shortcuts, player that said I couldn't hear come from she reassign except stray again. There we go. Smoke the lawyers side the group. Now we're going to make some color corrections toe our texture or that we're going to right click on the group. Let's go toe ad on filter mask on. We're going to start here on Earth shares with color balance Here we can modify the colors in the shadows, made phones and kynect off our image. So, for example, if into shadows I go to my agenda. The shadow part is going to go toe more by violet or purple color Solis, who were a little bit again. Scient. Let's see what we have. Intimate tones. Yeah, that still a little bit read on the legs can go breath green on a related feel. Oh, maybe that that's perfect. You click, accept. And here we have thes feeds, rumors that we can rename on you can always activate or the activities, but you can also do is right. Click on this freedom. Ask angle the properties on You can always modify again. Serve. Let's have another one. This time we are going to use for Exxon brew the HSV. That's just man, I'm here. I can modify Hugh Saturation vacation thing went a little bit less of federation anti like this. Going to the Christian it a little bit, said another one for their mouth on this time, I'm going to use color assessments, and with these you're going to make a little bit more off contrast. So we're going to make on a score These? Maybe they went to turn down there, so I'm going to. The very stories were true. Now we are going to try to add some more variation to the rocks piercing going to the activate the filter masks on. In going to go to a selection tour, I'm going green to select. For example, this rock on, I will press control you. And here we can only sigh the selection students. So I'm going to start with less lightning. I'm going to make that. Then maybe we can have What will you again? I got a shot. Zeman's you have to bring you here and now we're going to have some deer tothis so green toe use miss a velocity on the shoes. Screens of length ease rock a little bit off life here. No, Maybe we can have some more color variation to some off the rocks. So for that, you're going to select a different color. And here on the blending, more off the rush, we're going to choose. So no, If I paint IHS in going toe fight a color look right so sad here for some food. So, Lester normal. What is more last year over this activate our filters and right? No, we can maybe What if I the filters? Little pizza? Now we're going toe Sharpen our image a little bit. So going to computer and green to duplicate layer off my rocks on green to go to freeze There in hands Anchalee sharp going to go to filter I played the frigid again. All right, I'm now in going to lower capacity to control the intensity off the field skull these Sharpton's city to 60 all right, very going to export its texture. So we go to file export and here off five type and going to select being itchy that on now we're going to great variation off this texture. Now the safest way off Great evaluation that you can connect toe other variations is to modify only what is inside off the texture. Because when you're tile, a texture, that texture is going to connect by dis ice. So if you modify whatever is inside, so in the center we will not have any problems. So in going to deactivate the filters, I'm going to make on your layer on, we're going toe some press. So let's a leg. I went colors and track that we are going to paint. So for us, you can answer at some variations to Iraq's itself. Goingto file, say, pass on green to name these variation on. So we're going to keep our old version Andi variation. All right, you can see we are no working on the variation Fire. Alice make some variation going through the activity to sharpen on its at, for example, thes what you can also the ways, for example, press control T right here on the dole options. We have these little icon with a drop on this way we can make some modifications toe our works like this. All right, we breast entered. - All right, I'm now We're going to up some corner to regress the star with shallow more such rate that darker on here A little bit more blue. - All right. Perfect that we have digressed. We're going to export these new version file export by the ocean. Actually, I forgot into dough. Something's so fears going to make the sharpened again. So I'm going to delete Slayer Going to merge the grass with their looks. Control. Sorry. Control shade to duplicate Hunt Just named these sharp Let's go to fill their in cans sharp my country. If there were, we're going to go where these that right? And now we're going to activate our filter masks on May be I want to make a new layer. I would say this group on never to make some highlights for cigarettes export. So here we can our texture with variations. You can see if you saw mean we will say a lot of noise. Pacific ALS off the sharp in. So you might as well decide, though. Do not use it. My case. I'm not going to recede anymore because this noisy is very likely to be honest. What is you can see in China? The picture looks Reddick. Right? So I'm going to my views there on a perfect. So in the next section, we are going to make on horizontal Dexter. Thanks. 10. Horizontal - Basic Shapes and Colors: welcome to the learning to create campaign that they stirs for video games. In this video, we're going to start making our second Dexter. I already have the document here and going to save it as cental picture in a new folder. I'm not going to use reference in my V a good idea to use, but in this case, this texture it's going to be pretty similar to the previous one. It's going to have rocks and things like that, but the difference is that this structure is going to be only level on the X axis or the horizontal axis. Right. So the problem is that if you try to do that when you go to, they were up around mode. You can only die your cameras on both axes at the same time, right? So if we want to make some rocks here, that up and you are making big brush strokes and things like that, you can also see that you're also painting on the vote, Um, off your picture on that's abroad. So with the fix that we're going to paint our first layer. So the back room with another color like this and then we're going to go to the corrupt, too. Let's crop this. All right, on going to delete the scholar like that, going to make a layer more. It's low on. Let's use something record. All right, greens, um, merge those layers, going to countries like whoa on green toe. Look it. All right, So now again, Look, the Alfa off this layer on when I tell it's like another color, You can see that I have this merchant that will allow me toe paint at the bottom of my image. You know, if you work with really big brush, you might have that problem. But in any case, they don't work with that kind of fresh, So this is fine for me. All right, so we're going to work with the local for enable I'm going to side having some color variation. So I'm going to Sediq. No, with a small brush it is, and going to start the sketch, my picture. So I can used an angel to make things like that. - And now with a smaller brush and green disturb spending a little bit off the lunatics. And now we're going to paint the basic colors analysts the same thing as the rocks from the previous picture. This road is going to be a little bit inside there. Well, so should have shadow here. Theis Rocks are going to have a little bit of aggression shallow here. Here we were like the stick on the show. This couldn't be more separate than movie on a thesis. Answer. Going to cast shallow Spend some highlights. Here alone, it's been somewhere. Some of these will also be darker on some will be faith Spain. Some shadows. Sounds a little highlight here under we've had some basic colors you campaigned really raised, like here. So know that we have the basic idea. We can start correcting things, cooler shapes, having cracks and things like that. So two tips fears you don't need to use reference. That is a stylized you can also use for a reference from the real world on. I also suggest you at the first stage toe, work some out, so I'm work like these. Right goes you will get lows in detail on Interfere Stage. The most important thing are additional shapes and the colors. So now we're going to have time lapse off, correcting some things here. See you in a moment. I know that we have the basic colors. We can start to add some highlights. Okay? - No , we can start Wells Greg's? Yeah. - Yeah . So there we have the basic and jenalia off the colors. And in the next video, we're going to start. Well, some details some or grab stole the little rocks on to disbar within work. Right. So you see you in the next video. Thanks. 11. Horizontal - Adding Details: welcome to the learn to create hand painted texture for video games. In this video, we're going to start detailing our second texture. Now there is an important comes up to understand here in machine that we are painting a character. So you draw a character on you, start detailing making wrinkles and things like that. Now the problem is start, for example, you have drowned a neck where the hand should be. The point is that even if you have other off details that you have spent hours making, if your anatomy on the basic shapes off the Eric there are bad is going to look bad. No, mother, the moment off the days that it has So here it's important that you don't goto the detailing stage unless you are satisfied with the basic colors and shape a stage. In my case, I don't really like right now home what it's looking thes. We're here, so I'm going to make sure that I like the basic shape of stages looking on then and going to go over the detaining stage so and going to spend a little bit off time making sure that I like all the basic shapes and colors off me texture before going toe cracks and things like that. All right, so know that I am a little bit more happy on how this looking we got start adding cracks on bumps. Andi holes in our works on National detained more of the shapes, so I guess we already know how the Houthis we made it in the previous texture on. We're going to make the same in this picture censoring birth. And to understand that you can make this kind of stuff with a lot of different ways. You can play with blending molds you can make you can use for Dexter's. Also, there's actually one guy that you says photos off Nicolas Cage face to have some color variation on. It also works for radical from So we can make some kind off spider, where with high legs like these, this will give it an interesting look that we can break a little bit shape here. I hope you can hear, so it's not like I really straight line on its own. - Okay , now let's work a little bit this fire here, And if you want to make some scratches to the world then we have toe grab like color will make shaped like this and same with other color. He will pain the other part, right? That's so If the night is coming from here, you will have the shallow this part on the highlight here. So it's basically the same thing with the Greggs and understand no review of the one to go off state of Are you can make a selection is then you will only work inside. And now let's work on this park. And now we will work on those rocks. - No , let's add some strong shadows between two rocks. Separate them a little before. All right, so there we have some retailing's some holes from scratch. Is this cracks and things like that on in the next video? We are going to have that airframe inspection so even see you in the next video. Thanks 12. Horizontal - Refinement: - way . - Oh , - all right. 13. Horizontal - Final Adjustments: welcome to the learn to create hand painted texture for video games. In this video, we're going to make the final assessments toe our horizontal texture So fears we can already crop this black thing. So because the crop tool click ones and here we are going toe move these handles until there, you press enter on. Now we're going to rename thes as detection. For example, on we're going toe expert This section I sometimes takes to her like that. No, we can't start drawing some color as husbands. So right, click Add a filter mask on this start, for example, with some color balance. Now it's sad. For example, some HSV Justman on we can end with some color assessments. Leadsom contracts. We make aan s shape thesis African modify some coolers that can lower a little bit Those stones price How Where is a little bit off with ease? Car works here you have the doctor calls, so figure out thes on go up and green to increase the likeness off the right bones. And if I go down and going to increase the darkness off those dark tones, right? And here you have direct owns on the in betweens so you can play thesis until you find the perfect spot, right? You can see now it has a lot. Maar off, gun dressed, going to the name thes. Maybe I should have made these A shipment for a sporting goes. This takes around two meters to export these my computer just green to export it and going to save the document. It's concern s on. I'm going to goto file save as on we're going to create a variation for peace texture. We're going to tell her real have size off the government's basing won some division on. We can start to make some variation right and going to deactivated color. Just more fears on Let's start work, - Ira . So we may some variations of the rug and now we're going to add some clothes hanging here from this part too, and going to make an your layer above the texture Going to empties clothes handing in to use some kind friend ish color is on going to start so I can always move these move tool. I'm now with e l for look, There were normal brush. We're going to start finding some falls in the clothes so we have thes toe attention Points on. We're going to make some curves like this. Right way We're going toe disabled Golfer, look on. We're going to start finding some shapes here. All right, on the that's shaped these little bit right ? Maybe some reflect laced days. I can big thes the rapacity said color P countries set And there you have your color to paint Here. No, let's make a new layer. Move it below the clothes. We're going to make a shadow for our clothes. Alice. Lower capacity. We have also shut over here so yea would to sector weight with we can merge the clothes with shallow. If you want on, you can always move Thies to the position Want right? And now it's at some Colonel edification Toe this clothes? No, of course I may discuss really fast reference Is your friend right on thistle? Tony's it refinement stage perfect . No, we can activate this'll And now we can export these variations the fire export save. So in the next section we're going to start making some ham painters will Thanks 14. Wood - Basic Shapes and Colors: welcome to the learned to create campaign that Dexter for video games. In this video, we're going to start making our both texture for a video game. So for years, I'm pretty sure I have already saved us. But it's really important to know hoe to analyze the reference on hold to learn from reference because maybe you cannot always rely on a tutorial or a course. Go some days. You just can find one off. Something that you want to do on our you have is a reference. So if you could if you could have a reference like this you can start, for example, saying Well, we can start with the basic stuff with blanks are rectangular here. As you can see it, this is screwing up like this in a car and he starts to go, especially at the end. Right? You also have the highlights in this end. Okay, here, when it's up, disgusting. A shadow over the order for their planks, right? These things are like use the like use like this. You can also see the Carver tour off those notes on co toi Hope they are farm, for example. Here we have no no one. Hey, they go like these on they start with direct. Oh, Then they are leg on day n dark again and they have some length. Like thes there. Braganza. Have some Grax in the world's something similar to the stones. Have some really dark shadows on again. These Langs are casting a shadow on the planks below. What else we can analyze? We can analyze. For example, the color variation. Here we have some less A trade. The dung Have some reddish tones. Right. You can come here. Grafton. Ethan painted. Here you have a later tone. Highlight another shadow on with the color big. You press on, you move on. You can see here on the advance of color Director. How the color mother face. Right. So hope it comes more darker. How much darker? Easy. It is more saturated, less iterated where the hue shift. Right? Like these on the same here on things like that. All right. So in general is important to learn. Hoe to analyze. Tell our friends on not ho to copy, but ho toe. Analyze several different reference on how toe makes those concepts in one final piece. All right, so we're going to start with our basic work float very going to have some color variation on Let's start We I was in color this. We can go with a small brush on paint and and now let's start having some shadow and we got start on Greg's. Some guys shadow from this blank. Now this planks is really clearly above this one, so it's going to have a little bit of shadow here. Also, try to not limit yourself to the first line to make. This is issues are reference. You can always make some trick these and go thank evolved the slain. I would say this lane right? So coming things like that with no problem. So some quick Langley thes That's faith along the way. - Let's make thes cracks. It's stronger, and then maybe we can add some off. This looks all right. So, for example, here can go here, Auntie Skulls something thes. It's, uh, other one. No, we can start to have some highlights. I'm going to make a quick color correction, so I press control. You and the cast are playing with colors of it, right? Maybe now we can use the shadow we can start. We're freaking on, making some lines thes following the shape to blanks, which held off our color variation, can make those squares that we talk about. We're going to have to relate. Faith is Andi. I would say that there we have some off the basic shapes on. In the next video, we're going to start adding some more details. 15. Wood - Adding Details: Welcome to the current location. Paint that picture for for the games. In this video, we're going toe Alstom details toe our both texture beers and going to modify some Children shapes. If the world you're going to make this plank come above the other one under four, we're not going to have a highly here. We're going to have I shall no less a brighter highlight. - All right, I know that we have that highlight. We're going to add so darker shadows. - All right, now, in going to work on this, not now . I'm going to add some nails, so I'm going to use separate color. Okay, let's say some today that if you have one name missing here, so instead we're going to have hope. Spend a little bit off a question shallow. All right, just like that. And now maybe some highlight on in the next video. We're going to go over terror finance section 16. Wood - Refinement: - No . - Uh , here. 17. Wood - Final Adjustments: welcome to the learnt. Okay, hand painted textures for video games. In this video, we're going to make the final adjustments, tow our boat texture, and we're going to make some variations. All right, so we're going to add some filter mask the same thing. Let's start with color balance when always crank up those values to see what is exactly the thing that you're modifying. So there we have the meat. Those on a suit don't see we don't have an ankle it. So we come, for example, before having a color balance we can have. I called out assessment, but this you can answer at feed their mass call saturate on. You should use this metal right here. All right, let's see. You would have some hi legs now. Well, there we have a little bit. It's not enough. Let's see. With some levels on, we're still with no head is. Well, in that case, we are just going to you see it this way, right? We have the corner balance. Let's work with well, going to modify with shadows make my fire a little bit the myth ums that in my case, are like this part. I Let's see what else we have. So there we have. That's Trestman. And now we can save thes on. We can export this texture, all right, and now we're going to make some variations. In my case, I'm just going toe modified the colors and the shapes and things like that so I can come here to compress control shade to duplicate or right click. Let's see duplicate layer mask contra shape on going to disabled this layer. I need to call this world one, for example, ongoing to other filter mask on the HSV assessment. So here we can make some collaborations. So, for example, if they want to have that was more, there's a target rule there was. One can duplicate again on counties with two on instead of having a new mask and going to use my previous mask, right click properties on here. This make on Laura British rule on a later one like that on if we need to mollify something , we can Al, for example, color adjustment. And just like that, we have made some variations. Toe will 18. Add Sharpness to Your Texture: Welcome to the learnt. Okay, a hand painted take search for video games. In this bonus lecture, we're going to see how to add sharpness, toe our texture. Right. So in this case, I'm using a different software. Guy was angry into use a filter that, sadly, is not available in creator. These filter, you can find it in photo shop. I'm pretty sure that game also have it on in this case and using affinity for So here have my texture and green to duplicate keys on going to filters. Sharpen on high pass this filter. We're going to have this kind off. Great thing. And as you can see, we have some off the highlight, a little bit brighter. We're going to play with their values on. We're going to find all the highlights off your picture. Try no to go really high because it's not going to work. Really Well, just try to have the highlights on the sharp corners of your Dexter, right? So something that play and we're going to change the fusion mold off this layer to overlay . Right? So that's the effect right now. It's not a lot. So we can duplicate a slayer. Confer Shea three times, for example, on going to merge everything down you can do of the 100% assume. Let's see the difference, right? You can always regulate hormones off effect with capacity of the layer that fit you. Unless you can see it is high pass. We have a lot more off clarity in our texture. Right. So help have, like this months lecture. Thanks. 19. PBR Material from Texture: welcome to the land to create and pain that texture for video games. In this furnace lecture, we're going to America to convert our basic Dexter into a tree. The material, in my case, angering to use thesis work of Sifton. Witness to material. This is where is $100 for their perpetual license. On with these, you don't have a big map. Angina, right? All D maps, the normal roughness. Metallic. I'm integration and so on. Right? There is also a free and open source. Alternative call materialized, but I couldn't get this a word to work on my computer. Right. So we're going to open with not to material I You will have something, ladies. So we are just going to grab our with texture. This one, for example. Um, we're going to drop it here. This part on, we are going to love in us a mine input. All right, on like that, we have something like this. You can click and rotate and you can't the reflections. And so here in Sherman Tree you can change the cemetery of tee off, shipped. All right. Going to keep the run. The cure. You have all the options for who the maps are going to be made. Right? You have there a solution on some other options. That and going to go really quick. Oh, we're them, right? So you have the method in which the normal lives on things are going to be generated? Have luminant slope on a mix. I'm going to keep it luminous. You have to relief where you can modify the normals. Right? So you have their low me and high frequencies. 25 tim owned details, Kathy, intensity off the normal up. You have some options to change to the fuse on if you want to consult a ambient occlusion that, like so on half the roughness goingto have something that I'm going to use a key on going to exclude the dark tones Thes. I'm not going to have metallic in this case so we can go toe Oh, put on disabled that channel. Can we fight them? Inclusion. Here you have the maps, right? So you see what you're modifying. You also have some rash toe adds some texture you compress on and you have different choices here. We can play with the capacity. Let's see which one do you like. If it's this one on green to disabled capacity on the refuse, she's going to keep the roughness. That that's a variation. You can answer Play with the height. All right. You can answer. Go to materials default definitions. You check for thes little. I go here and you can use the solution, right? And green to move these here on. We're going toe play here with the scale on. We just said the solution, that desolation factor this Is there a solution, as you can see. But this way we can give it a more treaty. Look, I know we're going to export these maps so we can use them on I mentioned. So become here a sport speed map on. We're going to select our open. So we haven't been schooler roughness, normal height on ambient occlusion, my case and green to use a PNG on. We are going to create father for the maps that selected fuller arm we click expert. And here we can all the maps so you can bring Thies to unity blender, marmoset tool bag or any other tools to sell your material. All right, so wake up. You have leg these one offs lecture on cabin eyes. They thanks