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Create Grainy Illustrations Using Adobe Illustrator And Adobe Photoshop

teacher avatar Olga Hashim, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Sketch & Concept

    • 3. From Sketch to Vector

    • 4. Mountains & The Sun

    • 5. Cactuses & Clouds

    • 6. Composition & Color

    • 7. From AI to PSD

    • 8. Adding Grainy Texture

    • 9. Touch Ups

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class


Learn how to create beautiful vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and add trending grainy texture to them in Photoshop. We'll be focusing on creating simple yet eye-catching artworks. I'll walk you step by step through my process from sketch to finish sharing my tips and tricks that will help you to achieve the best results.

Key lessons include:


  • Learning to think outside of the box and create emotive concepts.
  • Creating beautiful vector illustrations using simple shapes in Adobe illustrator.
  • Preparing your Adobe Illustrator file for further work in Photoshop.
  • Adding grainy texture using Photoshop brushes.

Everyone is welcome to join this class. All you need is basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Some of my other illustrations for your inspiration:




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Olga Hashim

Illustrator & Graphic Designer


Hi! I’m Olga Hashim.

I’m a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Houston, TX. Besides lovin’ illustration, graphic design and art I also enjoy yoga, healthy lifestyle and mindfulness. 

Let’s stay connected!

Follow me on Instagram if you want to see my illustration work, sketches, before&after images and much more. Don’t forget to mention me if you share your project from my class on your IG. It makes me happy when you do!


I also have a YouTube channel where I share useful stuff for illustrators and designers such as book reviews, tools that I use for my creative workflow and fun speed up videos showcasing my illustrat... See full profile

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7. Intro: Hello. I am a little hush in I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic design Your basement. Houston, Texas I go into administration fuel through social media. I will share in my work and wide for fun and really quickly started getting freelance geeks . My style is very colorful. I like to use texture and emotive color pellets. I find inspiration by looking and everyday things from a slightly different angle. I pay attention to small details, so I only need make mental notes en translate them into illustration pieces. Today I'm going to teach you how to create an eye catching yet simple green illustration. Using basic victor shapes the mental and texture you great vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator and then at beautiful, grainy texture to it. Using brushes and Porsche, I will walk you through my entire process from the sketch to the finished piece by sharing my best tips and tricks along the way. This glass is pretty much open to anyone who wants to learn illustration or improve upon their skills, excited to see what you'll create before if you're free to share your work and ask me any questions. So without further ado, let's get started 8. Sketch & Concept: I want to start my process with a quick sketch. I'll be using an iPad go and appropriate to create the sketch. But if you don't have an IPAD inventory paper and pencil, you do as well. The secret of creating a captivate administration starts with the closet. Don't limit yourself and open your mind. Administration is a wonderful field because it practically let's equate things that you don't expect to see in everyday life. Today I'm joined a deserted Nika. I also start my stitch Barataria lining the whole composition. It actually is a really great practice to start with the hope and then wonder smaller details. This way of drawing helps you to always focus on the big picture rather than finding yourself distracted by small details, which often results in unsettled compositions. The administration is a good example of how you can think. Outside of the book. Try to combine different objects together there. Waas. The aren't usually since side by side scale ships up and down. If something appears big in real life, make it small and vice versa. It's a great mental exercise that helped you to break down stereotypes unless your creativity flow free What a great in a stick. My goal is to create a strong foundation for a future illustration. It includes an interesting concept and, well, total composition. I don't try to like my schedule. Absolutely perfect. There is no need to do so because I'll be perfecting everything in Illustrator later. Once my steak is done, I saved to my iCloud In order to further transferred into my illustrator document, You can also mail it to yourself. If you're using traditional paper and pencil for the thick, simply stan it or take a picture of it and email it to yourself. Now I finished with the state Should stop. Want to demonstrate? 9. From Sketch to Vector: have created a new illustrator document and drove my sketch, pondered Now I'm skin and allying into my are good. I like to duplicate my initial sketch and keep it next to my art board in order to use it as a reference both it down the road is my original schedule gets covered up with victor shapes. I look in the duplicate layer and lowering the capacity off the original sketch down to about 50%. And then looking this layer is work. Let's start building the cup a Click L to bring out their lips to enjoy a serval. Many artists working grayscale whilst building shapes and composition, but I very much prefer to introduce color of some sort right away is it actually helped me to determine the composition of ladies in the beginning. Off my work, I shoes colors very loosely, keeping in mind that I will adjust the overall color for that Later in the process, I chose light blue and adjust their lips. According to my sketch, I want to lower the opacity off the ellipse down a bit so I can see what's going on behind it. I also want to change the light blue color to pink is, their lips will be more visible. This way I'm going to create a rectangle and lower. It's a positive, a zoom in and adjust their bang, go to their lives. I grew up the mental and create an additional anchor point on their tangle at the sport where it means the Arabs. I pulled down a horizontal guide to help me put another anchor point on the opposite side of very tangled. I'm going to look my writing for now so it doesn't mess with me when I worked with another anchor point. Okay, I've entered the anchor point, and now I'm simply pulling the bottom edges of the rectangles, the worst. Its center. I cannot look my guide now in dilated, I said, Let both of my ships and grabs the shape builder toe from the to spend it. I click on the unwanted upper part off the lips were holding option to cut it off. I select both shapes once again and head over to the Pathfinder panels to unite them. I graduated stew to pray the upper part of the cup. I adjusted for my first cop shape and bring the a positive for both shapes. Vector 100% in order to see better how the cup comes together and now changing the scholar to a darker ping in order to distinct the two shapes one from another, and I'm lowering the positive that down again so I can see my sketch. In the beginning of my process, I go back and forth with capacity all the time to create the saucer, a great they lips to again and draw a shape, placing it according to their sketch. Then I drag it down, using the selection to whilst holding down option. This move helps you easily duplicate your shapes. I bring the passage to pick up and draw a rectangle listening in between of the two circles , I see that the two circles are misaligned before I have to select both of them. Click on the top one and head over to the airline pellet to align them. Now I want to bring the bottom and lives down, and it and then align their dangle to the right edge is off the two circles. I select the bottom ellipse and they're tangled and click unite on the past. Find your panel. I choose a slightly darker pink color for this new shape and bring it under the top ellipse . There I grew up. The soldier shapes and drink them under the cops layers in the later sped it. I bring the capacity back up and change its main whoa color to a slightly lighter pink. Two distinct it from the sausage. I grabbed their tango to again to create the saucers. Bates hasn't head over to effect and then down to Rep and Shoes barge. I play around with its settings until I'm happy there is up the ref menu. Options are fun to play with, and you can create all kinds of shapes simply by playing with different settings. Once I'm happy with the effect a quick okay and head over to object and go down to expand appearance to make the shape permanent, I then manipulate with my new shape a bit more to achieve the look. I won. I create a rectangle and place it over the future saucers. Bates. I said it both shapes and click minus droned on the path when you panel I scaled the Munich created, shaved down and dragged under the saucer Slater. Now I go to align the base to the saucer. I'm creating another Ellipse scale. It and alliance do the previous shape. I make both of them the same color and unite them. I am making sure that everything is aligned properly. It's in has habit to check on multiple times during your process to avoid running into issues later. 10. Mountains & The Sun: Let's go over the Pento and started drawing margins. The pendulum is very helpful when you want to draw more going shapes, but at the same time give them precise. Let's change the color of our force mountains to a more earthy one. I'm starting to draw the top of the mountain now to modify the shape I used, the direct selection tool that allows you to manipulate each anchor point separately using anchor handles. Once that happened with the shape I sincerely both of my mountains pieces and cut off, then wanted part using the shape builder to I said it both shapes again and group them well . Keep in the new group selected I right click to call the drop down menu and just transform and reflect. I want to reflect this mountain vertically, a great Korpi, and as a result, I have two mountains now, so this is a quick and time efficient way to multiply Graphic in illustrator while keeping them looking different. I say let the first mountain and breast right bracket on my keyboard while holding down shift and command to bring the shape to the front. I'm going to quickly finish join us to margins isn't depend, too. And 80 things that I just show you notice how I make some mountains smaller or vigorous than the others. It's a nice technique to use as it makes the illustration more interesting to look it. I want to create a rectangle to use it as a temporary background. I give it a bluish color lower down its capacity and locals there. I don't first of all, because the white part of the mountains blend with the current background and secondly, because the white background struck's me. So I want to tone it down. For the time being, it started to have some more details to the These are very important is they give a kick to your artwork. I'm going to draw a ring on the cup by using the same techniques I used when I was drawing the cop itself. Now I'm going to draw sand in the saucer vision that mental. Here's when I need the duplicate off my sketch as I can see this part of my original sketch anymore, and I don't feel like war and down the cup of capacity, I'm going to choose the call of the sand it to a more sanjuan and drag and drop it onto the So, sir, I make minor shapes adjustments. And then I used the shape builder told to cut off their unwanted parts of the send shape to make it look alike. It's actually sitting inside of the saucer. Now I'm going to draw the handle using the mental. I changed that velocity to see my sketch. I could create the handle using ellipsis and the tangles, but I want to keep their handles shaped more playful before adored with the mental. The final touch is Agent some sent on the top of the handle. It's a desert after all. Joe the sun up. I wanted to be big because again, it's a dessert, so the sun should be hold. Andy. I start with the basic ellipse and then goto object. Parts of setbacks. I said it for 55 pixels. Uh, look at the review. It was good and hit. OK, I just a different color for this new shape. I will be the same steps to create another bigger lips ahead. Do a six the story and transform and choose Parker in both. Okay, this is it was good. I go to object, expand appearance, I said. In my shape, with dire selection door and browned, it's corners by Dragon, one of the region's who was the center of the ship. Let's apply the same affect through the shape I made earlier. Okay, the sun is done now I have to scale it, bringing behind the mountains and the cup and position nicely. 11. Cactuses & Clouds: okay, It's time to start on campus is a draw, a rectangle and changed. It's color coded are green. I used life corners around the upper part of my future characters. I grabbed the direct direction, too, and select the bottom anchor points off the rectangle. I grabbed the scale toe. Bring it over to one of the selected anchor points and drug towards the center of the shape . This is a fast and easy way to scale a certain part of your shape. I'll be using the same method to create the rest of the cactuses. I'm also using the rep effect to give them and more organic cook. Joan does. I grabbed the mantle and Joe a stroke. I just It's planned thickness and color. Then I simply distribute with Scorpius over the characters. So, as you can see, arrange and rearrange the needles in order to achieve the best book it's done to create a flower using defend toe, I roughly joy and then correct. It's shaped by using the anchor points and the direct selection toe to create the rest of the toe practises. I see the coffee and your friend the 1st 1 and scale them to make them more distant, one from another. Next, I'm going to join other capitals by using the tango, ships and the scale toe. You can see how I'm coping and modifying the initial tango in order to make the character species look more guy. The door needles a draw a stroke again, but make it a bit shorter than the one I made for that captures. There are different types of practices, so I want their windows Teoh be different as well. It's time to great more flowers. I grabbed their fully going toe. It's located under the rectangle toe. Aiken, I said in for three and created Triangle, reinstated at 180 degree angle and around its corners. Now I have the base for my flower. Next agreed to think in loops and align it to the central left lower base. I grabbed the rotation toe. I think once at the base of their lives said it for 15 degrees and click OK, then I seem to hit Command E to duplicate the pestle at the same angle, so this is a quick way for a perfect circle or duplication. You can continue to hit command Z till the moment the whole circle is complete. I don't need so many puzzles. Trade. Oh, before I simply coffee and reflect the three of them and adjust them on the opposite side off the basic. Next, I bring the base off the flower influence. Play with its size a bit and align. The pestle stood, the flowers complete. All that's left is to Kobe it a few times, and just to bring the flowers around the doctors. Leslie, a group all the characters shapes. Next, I'm going to draw the last characters. I used a lips to pass finder panel the mental, and they reflect panel to create it. As you can see, you can create all kinds of different shapes simply by using a handful off illustrator's basic tools to create quotes. I simply use the mental 12. Composition & Color: I don't need to have the sketch and the blue background anymore, so I'll quickly hide. You can see that I have every single graphic, my artwork group. I do this in preparation for work on the compositional defeats. At this stage of my process, I like to reflect back on my illustration and see what I can improve. So I think that it will be a nice touch. Dirt, some they mentioned to the handle. I don't by using the handle, throw my process. I also like to zoom in and out about. It helps me to see the piece from the distance and analyze embedded. You can see that caucuses and mountains are just roughly thrown on the top of the cup. It's done to fix it, so I select this elites and click come and see command to duplicate it. Next, I say, let the GOP and the front walk off the cup and click minus front on the past finer panel. Then I select the cup except off their lifts and bring it to the front. All that's left is store just the cops contents to make it look like everything. Seats inside of the cup you can see that the mountains on the right blend with the background, so I'll go ahead and change their color. Oh, change the tops on the left to a light blue. It's always a good idea to play with the warm and cool colors. It creates a nice contrast in your artwork. Now, if you like modifying the clouds, I want to scores them because I'm joined the desert here. So there is not much community for the clouds to be nice and party. Now I want to clarify the position of the sun and the mountains. Finally, I simply select everything by the cup and move it a big toe. The I didn't so that these small pieces of the cup were visible on both sides. Let's get started. Don't call her first. I want to choose a different color for the cup. I don't want it to be. Think the four. I'll go for a light Sienna college. Next, I'll change the color off the so Sir Toby. Darker hue. I've experienced it up some switches that I'll be referring to while working on color for this illustration. I want to use the War Percy colors to create a sensation off heat and dryness, and I want to hit some greens into this illustration. The great nice school color balls. Hello. I'm taking a more traditional color old right now. There is actually no limits when it comes to your color choices. You can make the desert bloom and the doctor says, yellow or pink or orange. It doesn't always have to be in alignment with the reality, and I think it's fantastic. From sometimes is a color. My illustrations. I realized that any through it, some more details. So let's add another detail broke up. Leslie. I want to align my composition to the white background. So this is pretty much everyone. My vector is ready. Next, I'll walk you through the process of preparing your illustrator file for working for the show states, you know 13. From AI to PSD: you can see that I cleaned up my file. I'm talking about all that stuff that I had sitting outside of my heart board. I usually create a new document and based my illustration onto this way. I'm able to keep my initial document untouched with all the sketches and graphic elements that didn't make it to the final. Repairing your illustrator document for working for the show is a very important part. Off the process is it determines the comfort level off you're working for the shop. First of all, I have to separate my artwork into different players because, as you can see, I have all the elements located on one single air. If you skip this step and expert your illustrator while is you will end up hating only one layer in your photo shopped file, which won't be very convenient to work with. Also, keep in mind that if you have any off your better shapes group together, you will want to Andrew them simply because if you will leave them group do you end up being all in one layer. The only elements I'm reading group are needles. I don't want to have a separate later for each and every single needle, as it will result in heaven. Way too many others. Let's click on the little arrow right here. Throw everything up. Now I make sure that nothing is selected. You can do it by a click and anywhere outside of your artwork. Next. I have, like my rare like so I go to This is a menu on the top, right off my layer spelled, I head down toe released a wears sequence. Then I select all of the new leaders I have just created and drag and drop them above the line where now I've got to head back down to find the very bottom layer. This is the original later that used to hold my artwork. As you can see, it's empty. You know that it's empty because when you select a layer that actually has some content in it, you see it this little colored light on the right. When you select an empty where there is no light, which indicates that the letter is empty, we don't need them to her deleted. Simply drag and drop it into this little leader basket. It's done to export my illustration. I go to file and then down toe expert expert as a name, my father. And choose for the shop as a fire. Former and click export. Make sure the truth. Right layers here click. Ok, that's it. Magistrate file has been saved s BSD It's tend to want to texturizing. 14. Adding Grainy Texture: so I have my illustration open border shop. Let's start agent texture. First of all, I want to make the sun edges look softer. I select the move to and click on the outer part of the sun to select its layer. Next, a hit E on my keyboard to select their razor to I choose one of my custom brushes from the drop down menu on the left. As you can see, this brush has distressed edges. You can find a brush that can give a similar effect among order shop tickled brushes. You can either choose brushes and adjust their settings using these job down menu. Or you can head over to the window and then brushes or brush settings opened. The brush is Spanish. I started to raising parts of the sun moving around. It's itch. The texture doesn't look very permanent. Before I want to increase the size of the brush. This is way. But so I think another brush toe had a slightly different effects. I just want to make it look like the sun is melting into the background. I'll finish extra rising the rest of his son, so this little we would helps you to control brush angle. This is a wonderful feature because, as you can see, if my brush has different texture around its age, it allows me to achieve different results using one brush just by changing its angle. Now you can see the advantage of pagan, every single element located on its own separate layer. Right now, I'm raising the richest part of the sun. Is Emma Reason it reviews the orange under it? Keep ahead all three son forest sitting on one later. I wouldn't be able to achieve this see through effect simply because their razor would raise the orange part along with the red one. I'm going to play the same process, the center part of the sun. I got a little mistake just now. See how the son of relates the characters? I didn't much that earlier, but like I can easily rearrange the letters vector. No, no, I just drag and drop it. Under the character Slater, I would repeat the same texturizing process for this mountain for shading. I'll be using custom grain and brushes. If you don't have custom bring impressions, you can find an alternative among poor teashop default brushes. There are. Brush is native to four shop that can create similar grainy texture. I was told me to have a selection around the later your working with in order to keep the texture within the layer to do so, I left click on the later stumbling while holding command. Now I want to great and you layer right about this elected one. I'll be using this layer for texturizing. I find this method the best because it allows me to mess with texture as much as I want without interfering with the original artwork. Although this matter does increase the amount of fuel layers dramatically, I chose a dark red hue for the texture, just like the brush toe. I simply he'd be on my keyboard. I like to use a larger brush size to make the brain more visible. The size of my brush is 1400 pixels. Right now I live, although the setting says is, keep in mind that this is a stem brush, so don't drag it and make your clicks as steady as possible. How can senior texturizing my illustration by using their razor toe and the brush toe as you could notice Elvis, where I the size of the brush and its angle. I want to make the clothes here look almost through because, as I mentioned earlier, it's a desert. The quote should look very airy and almost blend in with the background. It's so they're about to disappear. - I am losing different colors. To texture is the send. You can see how I later the texture. This green works really well for this end, so I want to take the advantage of it. I later dark texture on the top off light and vice versa. The texture is the cup. I need to use a larger brush size. Here. I'm going to use the same brush to a texture and then partly erase it. So I feel like I want the shading on the cup to have a more British car. I don't want to delete the texture I've made, though, so I'll simply apply color balance adjustment to this layer. I will plead with stagings until achieved effect. I like. I'm asking this adjustment so it only affects the texture layer. I want to add a pop of brighter color on the cup. Then I'm wanted extra rise all the rest of my illustration, so they keep wants to remember here. Make sure to separate you later. Spin illustrator. Great and you texture later for every element of your work, your selection to give the texture within it. I don't dread. It's them brushes later, Dexter or interest in effect. So I finished extra rising this illustration. In the next video, I'll make some final patches. 15. Touch Ups: electors. That bet on administration wants textures company, just like I like to do so after I finish working on my vector, it helps me to analyze my artwork is hope and see what I can improve. Sometimes it's a good idea to take an hour off and do something else and then get back to your illustration to look at it with fresh eyes. I don't like this empty space right here. I want to book another mountain in there to do so. I head over to my illustrator while and quickly draw it using the bento. Then I cough it and then baste it onto my Photoshopped document. Then I proceed to Texturizing. I want to read something shading on the top off all the mountains. I do that because the clouds in my illustration are pink, so I want that pink to reflect on the mountains. Next, I want to dark in the inner part of the copper beat. This you create an illusion of death. I also want to make the border part of the sculptor's darker same goes for the mountain sports. Lastly, I want to make the crowd on the left a bit smaller I select a slayer and hit command tea on my keyboard to transform it. I make it smaller. And my illustrations company. I hope you've enjoyed the process. 16. Conclusion: and we rolled on today I have shared with you my tips on how to come up with great if I years we created this cage, digitize it in Adobe Illustrator and finally added texture to it Important shop. You have also learned how to prepare your illustrator file for work and for the shop. I hope that you have picked up some new tricks and techniques today. Hopefully you got some inspiration from this quest and are ready to create more beautiful illustrations. I am really happy that you joined this class and I'm very excited to see your creations. Just make sure to share your work in the project gallery. Thanks so much for washing.