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Create Amazing Whiteboard Animation Video Using Sparkol VideoScribe

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (1h 7m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. What Is VideoScribe?

    • 3. Get 7 Days Free Trial Of VideoScribe

    • 4. Setting Up

    • 5. Software Layout Overview

    • 6. Add Images In Project

    • 7. How To Change Image Properties

    • 8. Add Text In Project

    • 9. How To Change Text Properties

    • 10. How The Camera Works In VideoScribe (In-Depth)

    • 11. How To Remove/Erase Particular Element

    • 12. Move In An Element In Different Ways

    • 13. Changing Hands & Backgrounds

    • 14. Add GIF In Scribe

    • 15. Create And Add Your Own GIF In Scribe

    • 16. How To Add Music In Your Whiteboard Animation

    • 17. How To Add Voiceover In VideoScribe

    • 18. Create A Simple Whiteboard Animation

    • 19. Import & Syncing Pre-Recorded Voiceover

    • 20. Export Your Animation To A Video File

    • 21. 5 Helpful Resources

    • 22. Conclusion + BONUS

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About This Class


If you are want to learn how to make your own Whiteboard Animations, rather than pay someone else to do it. If your answer is 'YES' then you are in the right place!

This online course will teach you how to create PROFESSIONAL WHITEBOARD ANIMATION with Sparkol VideoScribe Software. No need any previous experience!

Videoscribe is one of the most popular and easy to use whiteboard animation software. It's widely used by Business/Website owners, Marketers, Youtuber and Small Business Owner to spread their products/services or presenting something. Also, used by online instructors who want to create high-quality explainer and engaging videos to their students.

These videos are great for small businesses, startups, and even teachers.

The goal is to learn the basics of how to use VideoScribe, advanced techniques within the program, and finally to approach the designing of whiteboard animations with a more artistic eye.

I hope you are enjoying the course. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm always here to help you to achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

It's time to create some amazing whiteboard videos, so let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


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1. Enroll Now: you are held because you want to create whiteboard Animation, right? Welcome to the great Amazing Whiteboard. Animation with Sparkles Release Grind. My name is Marcia Chalker Battiston. I am an online instructor starring course over 50,000 East Bears all over the world. And I'm the instructor off. He scores in this course I show you how to produce. I get Weibo animation that will highlight it. Your brand are perhaps whiteboard. Animation usually features a hand that draws text images in today's stream. This makes the bures focused, whatever it is drawn in the time I have using the restraint for past years and East Lounge and I produce over 2000 videos these courses for everyone because I teach you from the very beginning or police guy. And also I share a deep streaks on a level researchers being your ideas to life in graphical engaging way. Also, you have 30 days money back guarantee in this course. So there is Nordics to handle this course right now. Whiteboard animation is perfect for all types of business. Mike in Rome, over deals and even for teaching. So what are you waiting for? Take these scores now and start learning whiteboard animation with these guys. You inside 2. What Is VideoScribe?: Peter Briscoe is one of the most popular white book creations, after which is grated, a company named Sparkle. Now I'm on their official website. Currently, they are offering a seventies off region off video scripts after and also they have different subscription plans. You can buy your lease execution monthly subscription, and also you can buy be do scripts off there for Lifetime. They also have a provisional licence and multi users. Discount for business if this is your first time, is starting out. I saw the steel toe the start with seven days free trial to get an idea off what the program is all about. After that, if you want to continue with the described, then you can choose the subscription, which is best for you. In our next lecture, I will show you how you get seven days free trial Hopi do ascribe to get it. Start it 3. Get 7 Days Free Trial Of VideoScribe: to get seven days free, kill or be described, simply open your browser and then type it described dot co and then press enter. Now, simply click on you. Start your free trial Now to get seven this retail. At first we need to sign up in this parka. Put you in a dress. First name, last name and pass arc. I just tied to mine and then check. I agree. Toe sparkle stamps and condition. Jake, I am not through. What? And then finally hit on. Sign up. Now check your inbox to confirm your sparkle account. I just loved in in my email address and here we see we got emails from Sparkle. I just opened this email and click on Gone From Now look RBD Skyped softer is he start down early. How are downloading is no complete. I just click on showing folder and here you see our start filed. I just double click on this to set up period script in my PC. I just leak on next. Just your installed folder from here and click next and hit on install Our Peter scraped softer is successfully installed in my PC that you registered even address and password now and then click logged in. That's it. Now we're ready to work with B The escapes after 4. Setting Up: Once you open pit describe, you see these projected screen from the project. We screen in bottom, right? You see these gear icon. Just click on this autos having time we said, Trim in it. That means when it working with you describe our project automatically saved after terminates again and again and before transit. Sometime we said syrup went toe to change their simply click on plus and minus. Sign our click on this number and attacked your dessert number times 0.2 and click on the stick side. And if all past time we said syrup on fight and t fold Meckstroth time, we said 30 different door maximum means how long you add and draw each images. I said it 30. It doesn't really matter that what are different number is this number is not fixed. It will be changing this number a lot in each drawing and default image quality, we said. A fernet pixel 800 pixel means honey import and images in the image file, for example, PNG ARJ epic file format. The software automatically convert our image in 800 big there image file Victor, as the file format can't use in these settings language We said English. And finally it on this dig side in our next lecture will give you a brief overview. RPGs scripts, softer inter fests. 5. Software Layout Overview: at fast When you log in, barely describe you. See these projected screen to Easter, the new ascribe click on this plus sign, and this is our main project window in the top left side off the screen. There some important tools. Using these tools, you can insert images dext, jocks, musics and boys over to you describe. Each section had only really so. Don't worry about this specifics for now and after these important icons, there are two icons that change over a look off your project. From here, you can change your background and default handed style for each object on the top right side. We have review and publish button suppose distance. We add a simple text in our campus and we sexually at taste in our campus. Actually, we can add different type off text images and everything in thes campus. You can zoom in and zoom out. You can pass our by clicking on fit to screen. You can fit everything in your the screen by clicking on T's fit to screen button. And this is our timeline from Time Land. You can add and change different objects and change animation. Actually, you can customize you every previously al it object from this timeline and the bottom right , the car copy and paste button also also, you can set your camera position using this camera I can and using piece I would like on you can see here an object in your can pass and this is the basic overview off produce scripts after from our next lecture will work with Big describes off perpetually Thank you so much for watching. 6. Add Images In Project: Hello, Wetering. Guys, In this video, I'm going to show you how to add different type off images in Candace. Once you log in, prescribe at first you see this project of screen toe quit a new ascribe. Simply click on these, plus sign to add a new match from the toolbar. Click on this image taken to add any match in South books. You can die. What type of image you want. This name. I type woman and I heat on, Enter in social. We see different types off images off different. Oh, man. To see the preview any off this image, simply right. Click on these and click preview image. You can see the drop review off thes Oh, man. All right toe. Add any off this image in Camba. Simply click on this. You can resize you image by jacking on this corner. By holding in middle, you can rotate the rematch as well. I just select my image and to move my image here and said the camera position using these that came in about on in the bottom right. The icon just below is directly a camera button, which will research the camera position off your selected element. You also have God copy and best option as well. Cable short cards. Also our care control Expert Cat control. See for copy and control, be for past to area and other rematch. Simply click on this at an image a con and such for image using keyword, for example. Money. Honey Extra. If you click on these history, you can see the recently added images. Here There is a bus celebrity off images in police strip toe xs the library. Simply click on this. Browse the based library. Yeah, you can see a different type off categories. If I click on money, I see money related images. To add any off these, simply click your selected image. I just said it here to add another simply leak at an image icon. Click on library to browse thes. I choose people, and I see like the 2nd 1 two D. Let any of this image simply click any of these and press still it from your keyboard to remove image from can path. You can also move the selected element by clicking on these and press the Iraqi from keyboard up and down and left and right If you want to add your own image in this campus, you can do this as well. Simply click on these at an image icon and Blake on import and browser image and Peter's grave automatically. Importantes. You can see the preview here to add this one. Click on days. Click on this right take on Very cool right in. Our next lecture will see how we can change our image. Properties Imperious cried Thank you so much for watching. 7. How To Change Image Properties: when you have an image in campus, and then, if you want to select your image in the bottom, left in came that you see this image and some controls. There is a hide button. If you want to hide any specific element for editing purpose, you can use the's right our show. But on. Actually, these doesn't dilate your element from ascribe. It is just temporary. Hide it by kicking on the's plus and minus icon. You can change your draw. Time off your each element. Click on this number to set a specific bellows. This time I talked to 0.5 and I heat on Dixon. If you want to see how the element draw out, then simply click on this icon that draw time looks very good, but I don't like the tomb in in the end. To remove this effect, simply click on your element. Play on this and antic this june at end to remove this tomb in effect to change the propriety off this image, click on this change for a party, but on and again you can change your draw intimate time pastime transaction time. Also, you can replace a rematch. Military manage our move your image as well. When you change anything from thes properties window, you can see the preview by clicking on this plague on for savior change, pick on the sticks and our or discard leak. On this cross icon, I talk about more about image parties in our later section. If you quickly back into the camera view for a specific element, then simply double click on the element in timeline. 8. Add Text In Project: Hello. In this video I'm going to show you how to act, test in, describe to edit text from a portal, click on this text a con and then died. What makes you want to act this time? My dad. Hello. My name is Natalia and then to select formed take on these F icon heresy, all available for which one are installed in your PC. This time I chose this aerial black. I just click on this and choose what type off letter you want to import by default. Basic character silicate I just chose letting extended as well and I click on this ticket gone. Our front is importing. Yes, we have done. If you want to add other type off letter, then click on this phone taken again and delete this using this crash icon and then click aerial black again and then select everything and then click on the stick sent to import. Yes, we're done. We sex fully imported our aerial black fund. Once you have imported by using this plus and minus sign, you can never get to other forms that you imported in prescribe and finally click on these color icon to select you preferred color. This time I chose the's red one. Now I click on this ticks in tow. Apotex inscribe. Now you can change. You take size. Also, you can rotate this as well. Now you'll see in Thame line. The text is now in a second even occurring video. I like to text dry speed in one point. Fight to change these. I just lick on the's draw time and said it in 1.5 2nd Then I said that camera position So it matches up with the previous element. Let's see the preview now to remove the tomb in effect. At the very end, click on the's, play Khan and I'll check this to Mitt and let's play this now. Fantastic. In our next lecture, we work more about text properties. 9. How To Change Text Properties: I already added a simple text in my scribe toe. Change this text or at something simply select your text and click on this Change properties off this element. I just look on this and from this window click on this text taken for changed The text are formed. I just click on this icon now I tied My name is Natalia, and I also and and I think you already know it. Now I click on these sticks and toe people This text simply click on these Blake on now I change my joining mid day from 1.5 seconds to see. Second, to make this more natural, you can change your transition team as well. Also, you can increase or decrease their gap off you text using this plus and minus I can also you can add angle off your text using piece dig Avello. Also, you can change your text element. You consider it to the left, are middle using these better you can move items in from off they can pass. I chose this upper meadow and I changed. Moving is still from its move into bouncing. And I'm Jake Drawback works. Okay, let's see the preview. Now, if you want to say this change, click on this. Take a con. If you want to add Custom Foot in your prescribed, I recommend you to visit this were said there font. Choose any phone you want to use or such for them using the search box and simply download this by clicking on these download button. After downloading, instal this, offer PC and then click on the sticks. Take on who was farmed and sash for your installed farm. Then simply choose your custom formed form here on Install it and easy, very simple. See you in the next lecture. 10. How The Camera Works In VideoScribe (In-Depth): in this video, I show you how to focus on the particle, a section off the camera using very scribe camera feature, and have to move the camera to an empty space off the canvas to start a new section in clean background billions. Good fundamentals actually has three simple things. Place objects in campus, for example, text images, said the camera position off each object and changed the drop. Dying in these video. Basically, I show you how the camera works. So let's hear some, even just and text in can pass. After that, we set our camera position to add a new text form in portals. Click on these taken now I type my wife City water. Now I hit on down. Now I just researched this by clicking and dragging on this corner, and I moved these decks and said it here. Now I add image in this portion to add this click on this image. A gone no way. Such for a laptop using the search box and presenter. You know a such adult we see we see few redshirt before using any of this. If you want toe the preview off image simply right, click on this and click people image. Excellent. If you want to use this one, simply click U P 40 minutes now why 30 chair and I have some text in dispersion to add few text in hair. Simply click on the text again and simply type of texture. I just am picked. I I loo fast. Earlier today from online now I changed the front off this text. To do this, I just simply Klay confront a con and a select and they choose this one. I just click on this and heat on this tick icon to import. No, we had done to change the fun color off this text, simply click on these color picker icon and choose your preferred color. This time I choose thes green one and click on the tick, saying I just said the chair Now it looks good as a simple project. Say you want to draw the scene without any June effect and camera movement. All you have to do is find your position, want by simply dragging our two in and two mortar campus. I said it here and then Filic your fast element from timeline and then press control key and Cilic you second and part element heresy are objects are selected in canvas. Also in another way, if you want to select all of the elements off the project, simply press control A to select all element in jam line. Or click on your first object pressed Shift key and click on the Last object to select everything. Then click on the camera icon to set all objects in callin position. Finally, quickly changed the draw. Time to match the better length and complexity off each object. All right, let's see that review now and even But I'm take this June at end. Fantastic. Now, if you want to add a hair icon right here, simply click on 40 icon to import at all. Such for Addo by using the search box and then he don't enter. Suppose this time I chose this one. I just select on these, and it's cool down these heros eyes and fitted here. Let's see the review now. Oops, this video place normally expect. In the end, it's just zoom in and draw dello. But why did this happen that because we don't said that camera position for this arrow? I just said the exact same position that to use for other elements. I just like on my fastest and double click on this to get back the current Come in a position off this text. Now I see like this arrow and sit coming up with Sean here. There's play these video now that's awesome. Suppose if you want toe jump in effect when you draw this picture of the man to do this, select your image and then to in your picture a little bit. And after selecting your image, sit you Garrett oppose on right here. All right, display these value now Fantastic to work with new text and images in the same video in new Banke space. First click and drag your mouse anywhere in campus and last object withdrawn was an arrow. Move the canvas through the bottom right to the arrow. And that's why movement looks natural. All right, now I just add a text by clicking on this text a con and type Got insulin. Now I said that charitable shown right here off this text Let's play this now. At first we see these draw and then a leader transaction just happened. And after that we see this 2nd 1 right? If you want to add post time when we never get from one scheme to another, you can add this as well. Simply click on you last object for this portion Our last objective. This addle click on image properties and then fit you Boston right here This time I said five seconds I just die fight and I hit on down. You can also change that transition time from here as well displayed his video now five second Bost And here we see are coming soon Text in another position. Fantastic. Hopefully now get the solid idea there. How the camera works in police crime, Right? Thank you so much for watching. 11. How To Remove/Erase Particular Element: Hello, worsening guys in this video, I'm going to show you how toe it is any object from a describe. So let's get started at. Actually, there is no building areas animation in p describe, but there is a trick to do it. To add your effect in blue Scribe, simply click on import for daikon and search for it. ISS and Chris Ender. You see four search results Choose the tard white one, and after that said your camera position. And then if I want to eat as thes wife said, you are simply reset this whitey square and city to what this was said the well. All right now I just change the draw time. I said it in two seconds. Now let's see the privy. Oh, but here you easing default hand. If you want to add a hand with the Raisa instead off this default hand, you can do this as well from time land, click on this image and click on change properties and chose handle Harry, see few different helps And then I click on Mike and I never get this Here. You see a hand Quit Eliza, I just click on this heresy the preview. I just accept these and click on the right saying, Let's see the preview now. Excellent. Right in. This is the way we can easily add razor effect in Billy's cry. Thank you so much for watching. 12. Move In An Element In Different Ways: There are two options. Invidious crime toe. Add an element in campus. One is strong and 2nd 1 is moved in. In this video, I show you how toe ad MoveOn effect in different ways by default. In this text, we add dry fact Click on display. Gone to see the preview All right toe. Add moving effect in thes text. Simply click on this change in its properties and then select moved in. Here you can select which anger that image or text moves in from I C lack and left and let's see the Brivio. Now I decrease the animator time a little bit toe. Add this move in any machine on a little bit faster. Here you see a median, line the middle and control how it moves in. For example, the straight line. If I click on these again, we see the card one right. Also, there are three different movement effect. By default, it is selected on a smooth skin and other is go to fire and bounce in. Also, you can change your hand is still as well. If you want to add animation with no hand, you chose the's no hand feature. There some other guy's hand. Also available. This is the hand off Mike Daniel and few other people's hand. If you want to add your own hand, you can do this as well. Simply click on Add your own and up to do you hand image. When everything is done, click on the stick side. Let's see the preview off these debts now. Fantastic, Right. Thank you so much for watching. 13. Changing Hands & Backgrounds: In my previous lectures, we change the hand in Here is that effect and also in moving innovation. Changing hand can also be done with drying out. Images are writing text. We already added a sample text images in canvas. Let's see the preview off this text to change the hand is still off this text. Simply click on your text box and then click James Properties and then simply select this handle in b Describe hell. Levity. You see different type off hands are available. Also, different type off pans at other people's hand also available. You can use any of them for our green text. I juice Ben and they select thes win pen. Now I check this. Let's see the people off this text. Ah, some. If you're satisfied with this change, simply click on this sticks and, for example, system. You want to change the default? Hand off this whole video to change this in toolbox. Click on this hand tool and select two preferred hand to change your default hand. And if you want to change these pidio background, simply click on this paper icon and you can see different types off backgrounds available. Also you can say the custom color off your background. Simply click on this color icon and choose your preferred color. This time I choose. This time I choose these blue one, but in these blue back down. What happens if you want toe? Add Erez, affecting these background. Let's that this I just died. It is, and I choose this one. This is color is white, right? If I play on this, we see it's looked very much awkward. To set this problem, you have to use the creek. Simply click on it is from timeline and click on change properties off this element, then changed thes option from full color to sit out and then click on this color icon and choose blue. So there's ladies fantastic. When you use colorful background for creative animation, you have to careful with one thing. You spend your file as a transparency for your immense. Otherwise, it looks is friends. Okay, Thank you so much for watching 14. Add GIF In Scribe: the new police script. There is an ability Toe Chief I'll in Whitewood animation. There are some in the library, or even you can use your own that I show you later on. But in this lecture, I show you how you can add ghee file from even celebrity. I already added some text and images in campus. This time, I add, you file before these salary men's. There's away from timeline. I click the second demands because I want to add a new element before this from Taliban. Now I flick on at an image, and I never get to the browse, levity, heresy, some categories off image I just never get on this base. And Heresy Affection, which is called Jeff's. I just like on this heresy some building deface which are available in B describe. You can use any of them by simply clicking this step. I chose this one. I just click on this. No way said that, giving up with Sean and I said it. Yeah, all right now from timeline, click on your chief file and click change properties. If you want to play or defile continuously, then check this play continously. If you don't. Then don't check this. This time I take this to play continuously. Also, you look from here. You can change your chief enemy Time, Boston and transition time. If you satisfied with the sitting, then simply check this. Now there. See the radio. Awesome, Right. By adding different type off, Chief, you can add some variation in your whiteboard animation. But it depends in your personal preference. Thank you so much for watching. 15. Create And Add Your Own GIF In Scribe: Hello. What's happening, guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how toe create and at custom chief in Police cry. So let's get started. Actually, the remedial sex available that you can create your own tive make achieve dot com Is it that type off or side? Using existing pictures, you can create your own chief. But for these example, I use chief pain dot com oil say to create our own Dave. Here you see a simple white campus. There's a paintbrush. Feel back at Ling Drop by and chief brush. You can change your size of the brush using the slider. You can change your brush color by selecting these. This time I choose red one Now in white canvas. I write my signature. All right, there's ladies Now I slow down. The animation is speed. Using these initial speaks later, and I struggle on uni skin. Using these buttons, you can add a frame removed from copy friend and passed from as well. If you made any mistake, you can undo that as where Let's play this now. Awesome. To download this chief, simply click save a Jiff and then simply hit download. Now I simply opened my prescribe from tool back leak at any match and I import this G fell from my deck Stop. I just see like this one. And I just threw resize thes from these chief properties. Now I change my intimate time from one point Facts against to once again and I take this play continously and I heat on down. Let's see the video. Excellent, right in p describe. Actually, you can add any type of the file and using custom J if you can make your whiteboard animation more interesting. Thank you so much for watching. 16. How To Add Music In Your Whiteboard Animation: in this milieu, I show you how to add music in Paris, right? You can add music file as a background music. Also, you can add empathy. Voiceover in it Paris Scripts After comes with the white Barrett off sounds that you can use in your video toe. Add music and video. Simply click on the's music icon from Toolbar. How do you see are available Musics in prescribe You can short. You can short this music by name, derision and intensity to listen any music. As a preview. Simply click on this play con Lourdes off lots off musics are available in these beauties. Grab softer by checking on this slope. Also, you can add a look off any music. One thing must remember. Toe Xs their music. Levity. You have two connected your computer with Internet to add music in your project. Simply Klay any off You preferred music. I just click on this and then I click on this. Takes aim. Our music file is at it in these video. Let's play this now Fantastic right in, then releasing that our music track automatically fade out. Actually, police automatically fade out your music and a few video I just click on these music taken again To add your own music in your project, simply click on file icon and select you preferred empathy from deck stop or you just simply put your wherever you are well off music and you can use that in new project. You know, the next lecture will see how we can advice of our in various cried. Thank you so much for watching. 17. How To Add Voiceover In VideoScribe: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to add price about invidious cried toe advice over in b Describe from toolbar. Click on these microphone icon. Make sure that you use the microphone is connected. And on now, click on record button. Just you recorded device from this list. And after that leak on big microphone toe Eastern, you record ng. You should only use this feature if you already finished your video and you have absolutely no extra time. Corporal Parr Price of our for this time. I just close this. I recommend you to record your voice of our fast before you start on the video creation. It is really hard toe advice over in already created video because in be described, there is no audio editing feature. I saw this dude to use a softer for boys of our and this after name is Alice City. Simply die. Download audacity in your browser. Open the first link. This software is totally free and available for Windows Mac and Linux Box. I only installed the software on my PC. This is a software called audacity. Very easy to use. Juice your microphone from here and after that leak on record button and then record your voice over and after that, simply pasties. You can easily cut you extra portion. Also, you can remove your noise using these, after versatile free teachers are available on the stopping on you to I highly recommend you toe record your bicycle with the softer and after that after that leak on file and exported audio as a high quality and a tree after exported your price over simply click on the microphone icon from you. Describe and then import you MBA tree boys aware and at the new It is great. I know it sounds like a lot off work having to learn a new multiple programs, but to make you really a professional, it Israeli or did a worse off order. City free tutorials are available on it. You, although you can take boys over in Paris crap, but you have to do it in one take and plays it exactly how you plan to in emitting in be described 18. Create A Simple Whiteboard Animation: big difference between rich and poor people is their minds. Your mental and emotional disposition efforts all fares off your life, including your health. Wealth and happiness, On the other hand, was dip. Mental attitude goes a long way in helping you reach greater financial at yours. This is because the positive mental approach to life face you mind from destructive negative emotions such as we are an exit e anger regret, says Betty. Rebels. Heh, trade and and greed in the section. I'll show you how you create these exact same whiteboard animation with Bill describe So there's get instead it Now I'm in was a page to add New Step. I just simply click on this plus icon now from toolbar. At first I sash for Esquire and Peace time, I select this one. I just recessed this and then I said that camera position I do my canvas a little bit now. I search for poor and rich people for this to I said that camera push on now I added dext four, and I said galler black for this to test. I also said that coming up with Sean right here now I had a brain in mid air. Let's see that dry state off these little brain. But before this I said that camera up, Assume right here and let's see the video. This time I changed the dry style off this little brain. I just lick on properties Select Move on and I see like this angle and James intimate time . And I said it in 1.5 seconds. Let's see that trivial looks to remove this hand click on hand icon and select this blank one. Excellent. I just hit on. Done. Let's see the video. Fantastic. Now I add another text block. Now I tapped your mental and emotional disposition. Now I changed color from black to red. And then I accept this all right? He did this text a little bit and I said the camera was shown right here. No, I that three different text block one is hild and a very spoiled and happiness. - I just changed the color off well, and Final one is happiness. And for the state takes block. I said that coming up was shown right here. Now I move my canvas a little bit and I see, like, 40 toolbar and such for money. And for these two images I set my camera position right here. No, I changed my D scan. Best background to do this, I just look on this pepper icon and and never get to know Big net toe solve big net. And I see like this 1st 1 Oops, I don't like this. I choose the 2nd 1 Now I add a little before this line. I just searched for Adul. This time I select this one. I just started this a little bit and I said that coming up with Shaun Wright. And now I sash for a teacher. I see like this one. And now I sat for a whiteboard and I chose this one for these two images. I think my camera position here now I added text distractive negative emotions. And then I died. Fair an exit E and God, we get says pity, revenge hit art, envy and greed. Now why change color from black to red and I heat on Don? I just said it. Yeah, and for this to text. Look, I said my camera position right here we are almost done. Let's see the video off this whole whiteboard animation actually, these whiteboard animation Seems to me very slow Tow it Spit on my animation. I changed the draw time from time land off these every object And now I changed my dropped him from t second to do it again ends once again once again. This okay? No, I changed these Pullman daughter from dance again. 22 seconds. All right. I just changed my all of these text and images draw time and make my animation more faster . Were splayed is now excellent . In our next lecture, we will synchronize our boys over and add background music in this white book Animation. Thank you so much for watching. 19. Import & Syncing Pre-Recorded Voiceover: in these video, I show you how you can sing parts of our with white boat animation. And at a background music, you can import a voiceover that you record it with another program like audacity, and in this white board and emission, I add my political head voice over and synchronize it with this cry file that I created in our previous lecture to import my voice about. I just leak on this music icon and then I click on for like on and eyebrows, my boy so far from my PC, I just select my Bryce of Olympic to file, and then I just he turned out. Now, if I play this file, both bias over and beady will play, but you notice that pity will play with totally out of seeing. The big difference between rich and poor people is their minds. You mental and emotional disposition affects all fax off your life, including your health, wealth and happiness. On the other hand, positive mental attitude goes a long way. So, basically, to sing boys over with this video, I go into the timeline and changed the draw time at or minus pastime and check this again and again until it seems to in perfect, I recommend you toe don't work with to mass text because it will be harder to seeing these techs with Biseswar in pre describe. I also use at a premium for post editing. Sometimes he spit up in emission. If I having travelled to sinking it up with the describe when This morning, Mika and other video editing program can do this trick to. But now I am just focusing on parts of our sinking with piteous cry. I gained the animation time for each element and play it week a price about until it seems to me perfect. I am done to sink my boys over with these video. Now I add a bag on music. To add this, simply click on music icon from Cuba and chose any of your preferred music and then don you William down to set this music as a background. After that hit on down, we'll see the bridge you. Now the big difference between rich and poor people is their minds. Your mental and emotional disposition efforts all fares off your life, including your health, wealth and happiness. On the other hand, once did mental attitude goes a long way in helping you reach greater financial at yours. This is because a positive mental approach to life face you mind from destructive negative emotions such as fear, animosity, anger, weight bag, says Betty. Rebels head trade and angry. Awesome, right? Thank you so much for watching. 20. Export Your Animation To A Video File: in these new I show you how you can export your an immature to a video in videos Crab. Actually, this task is pretty easy. After completing your video animation, simply click on these published icon. You can upload your whole animation directly in you to phrasebook, and also you can export it as a part points lighter. If you want to save your animation as a video in your computer than simply click on this survey con and then choose you preferred BDO for meant. This time I chose Quit the mob and size I select 7 20 days D and from red I choose 30 and finally I give it a name. PDO save location. I chose text up and finally I just simply click on this tick icon. Our animation is just rendering Wait for a moment Yes, we are done and index top heresy Our exported be do file lurks ladies. The big difference between rich and poor people is their minds. You mental and emotional disposition efforts all perhaps off your life, including your help. Well, so in this is the way you can export you any machine on to a video file. Thank you so much for watching 21. 5 Helpful Resources: in this lecture, I share it You. The five resources that I heels when they create bilious number one open click are dot arc . Decide off are an archive over seven thousands commercial user public domain images you can download in as busy PNG format and able to use them in B describe. My second does. It is as it is to do dot com. This is owned by a sparkle which company is also created? Billy scrapes after thousands off reality free as busy images are available, which are run by professional artists. Great collection of images, which are perfect for police crack and my tyres. It is different. This is a great asset to download forms for free. I talk about in, the source said before in my course, and the 4th 1 is you to argue Levity in this YouTube argue levity. You get 1000 self royalty Free music's. You can easily download them and can use them in your radio, and the final one is free. Make dot com Free make Video Creator is a software. There's a great for converting video files, and also you can convert in audio in different format. 22. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.