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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Conquering Digital Marketing: Intro

    • 2. Email Marketing & Storytelling

    • 3. Subject Line Project & Email Templates

    • 4. Email Marketing: Analyzing & Growing

    • 5. Next Level Strategies

    • 6. Search Marketing Intro & Terms

    • 7. Recognizing Search Marketing

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About This Class

Ready to conquer digital marketing? Learn what exactly encompasses digital marketing and how to gain valuable insight on your customers to effectively grow business. From Google search ads, B2C email marketing, SEO, leveraging influencers, and those remarketing ads that follow you around on the internet; Brittany Whitlock will guide you through the ins and outs to make you a digital marketing champion! You’ll walk away having the tools to take your marketing strategy to the next level, with a true understanding of how to approach digital marketing by meeting your customers where they are.

Meet Your Teacher

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Brittany Whitlock

Owner of Big Mood Digital


I turned my passion and career of digital marketing to start my own business, Big Mood Digital (@bigmooddigital on Instagram) my main focus is to help people like you elevate their digital marketing skills by stacking their toolbox to have an elevated digital presence online for their brand. I teach everything that encompasses digital marketing from your website, SEO, Google Ads, Showing up on Google, email marketing and everything in between!

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1. Conquering Digital Marketing: Intro: Hi. My name is Brittney. We're going to be conquering digital marketing together. It's not that hard. It actually could be a little fun. My entire career I've done digital marketing and for the past eight years or so from a lot of commerce, Lee Generation mostly be to see. But I always say that you can get inspiration from anywhere. Doesn't mean that just because I know you to see do me to be non profit, get a British, never were married together and make it work for you. So some of the things we're gonna be talking about today is email marketing. How does help me calm for it With understanding so direct lines, templates, things, talking to customers and recognizing marketing, storytelling through marketing. We're gonna touch on that in each subject. We also don't touch on search marketing. That's all you're paid ads. How as an advertiser, can you make keywords and retargeting? And despite advertising work best for you, we're also going to be talking about social media. How can we conquer that and really become one with our brand, our brand culture, and connecting to our customers, and we have to close the loop people we have to You talk about data and analytics so we can understand our customer behaviors and make sure that we're we're success. And if we're not, we're gonna learn from it, and we're gonna see what other things we should be looking at. But just so you know, I have a couple approaches to my marketing at all times, and one is being very customer centric. I'm always thinking about the customer. What are they thinking? One of the different sides of what they're thinking? What are they gonna understand? This? There's a big difference between industry speak and customer speak. They may not use the same word. So understanding how they think that's important. Uh, also called global learning. But just official in the marketing department, or just because you're in operations or whatever it may be, it's important to sit down and talk to other people in other departments. Understand what they do, because I always say, the more you know the morning girl, these your your job is so very boring. Also believe that you have the coolest product over because you do or the service, because once you truly believe your product is the best. Uh, you're you could do anything, really and then very important. Going experience your product. So whether it's a service or product, use it, touch it, feel it, go out there, see how customers react to it. Be a fly on the wall, see how customers react. It s having a really good example of this. I have worked from in German house. Where is English? Unaware super heroes and wizards with Warner Brothers for their e commerce shop on. And now I'm in marinas and storage. So doesn't matter the industry. You really have to always believe that your product is cool. You experience it, go out there and then you could be the rest. Digital marker, the rays, that product or service. So my example is the German housewares company I work for. They had this whisk. It's not always like this. People this would you think whisk is You're missing out? Well, they had a patented Wisk. It was very special on every raved about this whisk, I said, It's a whisk cares until I used it. This thing is patented, and when you whisk gravy, pancakes, whatever it may be, no lumps go on and Whoa! This is what they're talking about. Instead of sitting there like whisking with this traditional one to get those lumps and bumps out the other one did the trick. What? I experienced it myself. I then could talk about it myself. And that is so important. Marketing. He gotta get out there. Be first hands on everything. So we're touch a little bit about everything. Today we will be able to conquer the entire digital marketing subject. No, Why should approach him or if it's right for you. So to get started going, the project section Tell me your name where you're from and your favorite restaurant and why? And I will tell you in the next class issue see you next class. 2. Email Marketing & Storytelling : even looking any marketing that you're doing, you have also storytelling traffic light here says. I've learned that people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but they never get how you made them feel. That's still important with marketing to, uh, feeling wanted to evoke emotion out of people because at the end of the day, we want them to form of certain action, whether it's cooking something, Um, you know, putting something in the car or may be entering a form for an inquiry, we will continue to do something, but we need to make that connection in some type of way to you. But so I have a video I would love a few watches in perfectly video. German student named Eugene Created and a Beatus Add no Adidas. Never use it official eyes. But he's really a great job of story telling you. Feel free to leave Parliament, telling what you think and how you connected to video and why you think this video evoke emotion. What type of motion Deputy boat like it? Most of our friends before all this started in. Yes, thing I'm working, but any month in is recognizing marketing. So I have an email here proposed me. Um, you know, I believe that the mission is to kick your discount, but one cure three and oh, I hope I picked the right one. I want the biggest discount. Well, funny thing is, who is that? All three of these links are the vaccine you take you to be exacting T on Saturday generated teach all the world is seen. You're getting a discount that post me want you to get. Now it's recognizing marketing kind of dissecting a little bit and turned to see the angles of the company's coming from doesn't mean they're bad. It just never dressed in a message. But no today, untrained eye there is going to say, Well, this is great with my discounts no matter to fall 10% the so important because the brand is dictating the must. The brand is telling the customer what they want them to do. So if they never expect people to know what you want them to know, who's the brand child, how in a way, in this environment this time, where you're on a Web page and it's so easy, just look at X You type in the address bar Google something else. So how can we keep your attention? How can you tell them? What do you get them to dio so, such as it is very important. Speaking of subject lines, we have couple different backward breaking news. Now a lot of these air beta see that mom less. You'll get the idea of what I'm talking about that you can use in the subject. Lives even should be to be known plastic never. Maybe because I wanted to create some of urgency if sensitivity conclusion important in the time frame. Email. Dickau. Now not all of them are one. Using some of those elements will really help your army take action when you want them to take action. Words like cruise ship bangs offer base. Fischel play Holi now saving this weekend only fire shoe. No, they must have some type of word that says I need to take action now In this time claim Really going to help you? What makes a good subject? One. Well, there's competition element, but first I was just be aware, Uh, typically five different words I would recommend, but Max, 70 characters is in a show on a desktop and 40 casters on mobile device. So don't front load your subject line. That's important. Uh, do you get his idea practice? But it doesn't have to be that long. It could be a little bit longer, a little bit shorter. The good thing as we can catch These doesn't talk about that later. Drafting a detracting coming. So what makes a good subject line here? Some one of my favorites that kind of crusted over time. And they used elements we talked about. So only he said three words. They'll on sale say no more there on again saying that Urgency fell on sale this month. In fact, I want you within the female probably bond side explicit offer with your name on it, 20% off everything. So if they use the word exclusive offer a little bit more. But unless it was your name on it now, not saying Britney about a thing. This is something for me. Got a qualifier as the fading or sometimes a discount in years of the farm. She don't always have to do this. A qualified to me as a cost are lower customer. I know this is a pretty good deal, especially because everything, um now also I don't like them. I'm using all cats in the subject line. They used one world. I would say that traditionally you can pretty much see here. For example, First letter of every good is capitalized. I like that format. A lot of different things won't talk about that. Some different subjects, it just works made well, said the new bags. Everyone wants. Well, everybody wants that. I want to be it again. Bring some people need opening on the border they had. Let's give them something to talk about. Play on words. Always fun. If you put your brand personality, try it out. I different from bare minerals makeup around. But this is not a Muslim female. It's a quarter confirmation, you know, So it doesn't mean anything to say for the confirmation. Talk a little bit more public, so they said, Nice order. If you do so. Socket dot com This is a roughing night in marketing example. This weekend, only 1000 double coupon code by available 200 off while the left. But that's a little bit this weekend qualifier of time, Urgency maybe 1000 global bond. Okay, all money. 1000. Maybe a limit of 2000. Maybe they didn't. I'm hoping that one. I don't know. Maybe I might get that this guy, but again Giving your number Wall fall. Give me defense. Double coupon double code. What a great dad. You twice like a statue Discount. Really? The brand is saying. Well, only $200. All but double now. That $100 Twice what they did. Lots of lives lost. Classic time. They're using a lot of different here. But you what? On the border again. So you're hungry? Another fun panel. Oh, maybe this was a Friday, something phone. But they said Don't panic. But wait, Come, Dio might be really I need open at least what they're talking about. You practice even using all these a combination of inclusion is being exclusivity qualifiers. A good subject line, especially, would be to see side. But again, he thinks he does kind of every so in the next boxes in the wanton activity on the test on some lip lines. No, with burns that we all know love. Now we can talk about no 3. Subject Line Project & Email Templates: Hi, guys. Welcome today's class. I did want to touch on something that I mentioned in a previous class. I asked you where you from? What is your favorite restaurant and why? The reason I asked you is your favorite restaurant is marketing to you. It's part of recognising marketing. So what are they doing? Well, you're probably there for the food, right? It's good. And next might be the atmosphere. You might have met someone there like a girlfriend or boyfriend. You meet front friends, they're all the time. So, you know, it's somewhere you celebrates when you get together. You love their customer service. Um, whatever it may be, they're marketing to you and they're voting that feeling at from you were telling a story with you. Uh, and they're getting you to love their room to so recognizing market new, super important. But we're gonna get into the class project pretty soon, and it's a great activity that I am sure you'll have some fun with Let's get into today's activity and it is the class project as well. So you're gonna be creating a subject line for the email that I'm about to show you from a popular fitness brand and then just know there's no wrong or right subject. Glide, weaken, test them. We're gonna talk about testing later on in different classes. But give your best shot with, you know, the different tips and tricks that I gave you. Um, in our previous class. So here it is. There is a creative. Now, this is a real email that one out from under armour. Take a look at the different elements of the email. What are they selling? What are they saying? And if you'd like to view this image bigger on your own, really? Study it. You can go to the Ural at the bottom of this slide and viewed a little bigger. When you're done, please Post. But your subject line or subject lines if you'd like to put more than one, would be for this email on Ben. I will reveal the rial subject line later on. Okay, so I hope you have time do that project. But I do want to move on to email templates. So this is a typical template that you're going to see kind of across most emails. At least they're going to include these elements and mostly in this order. So at the top, you're going to see what's featured in this email A little bit of text. Now, remember that this first text that you see is what you see underneath the subject line. When you're scrolling through your emails, that's gonna pop up. So just summarize email one couple short words Short sentence also usually a link to view in your browser. That is pretty standard there. You're gonna want your logo at the top in some type of way so they can recognize and validate. Yes, this is coming from the person who said it. It was when I opened up my email server. Then your body, you know, six Tony by 400 is great if you're using mail Chimp I like to personally use around 5 90 by 400 from my main image. But again, make it work for you know that whatever text you have on the image in your body, if you haven't image at all, is not gonna be read by the email servers. So you want some subtext or terms and conditions very important. Make sure pretty specific in your terms and conditions. You just you never know. You know, again, look at it from the customer side of things. If you're doing a sale that includes only certain items, I would say, Oh, sale items included in this link here. Whatever it is, take them to the product category with only the sale items is not only going to help you and your marketing in the success of your campaign, it's also gonna help your customer service team to have something to refer back. Teoh again put some social icons If whatever which ones apply to you are the ones that you you know, you're trying to get a following. You have the most following. If you're just starting out a YouTube channel, maybe you want to put on there. Maybe you're not ready to show it to the world. Don't feel like you have to put all social icons on here, but it's a good place to put it. Also at the bottom. Please put unsubscribe link. I know you don't want people to unsubscribe to your email, but if you if they want Teoh, you want them Teoh because you just don't want them to be clicking spam on that's gonna affect how other others receive your email campaign. You don't want to go into their spam folder and you don't want toe Can't bump up that abuse score. Definitely not something we want. So if they want to update or I'm subscribe, please include that. And then at the bottom, simply some company info it just validates. Okay, this is what we are. This is who we are. This where we are again. Just saying this is a credible email that I can trust and fun fact about this email. This was an email that Burberry actually sent down about You're in half go or so in the holiday season. This is a lesson learned were all human here. But no, everything you do should just have a second pair of eyes. They sent it out with that 6 20 by 400 placeholder and didn't have an image. And then about an hour later, they sent it out with the real image, which we will see later on. One of the other costs is, but it happens. People just double check your work. You know, you look at things all day. Things start to Blair. Everything looks the same. Get a second pair of eyes to check your work. I think we could all benefit from that. Okay. See you next class. We'll talk about some open rates, promo calendars and building your list. 4. Email Marketing: Analyzing & Growing: next, we're gonna talk about open rate trends. This is very important because it's gonna help you understand. When is the best time to send your email to your customers? And this one will talk about some time? A so important. There's a couple of factors I want you to think about before. Explain this graph. So everything that I dio always want to get to know my customers. I'm always analyzing the data, referencing different pieces of data, seeing when people are interacting with the Web site and then also taking action in some type of way. So, for example, I had some customers in one of the companies I worked for, for we knew that, you know, we're on the East Coast, but there are customers. A good portion of them or the loyal customers were on the West Coast for whatever reason, and we knew that they like to shop later at night for us. But for them, it was kind of right after they got out of work were on that time. So we started to understand and move our e mails to send out at that time to customers. We knew that we're on the West Coast. We're talk about segmenting to in a little bit, but so a lot of people, they will send you 6 a.m. Not a huge fan of that because you have to think, How many emails do you get when you wake up and you see 2030? However, many emails that came in all around 67 a. M. And now it may be 8 a.m. and you're just ready to go. Delete, delete, delete, delete, delete, delete. Unless something crazy sparks your eyes, I like to send things at a time that makes sense for my customers. Also not be in the bulk of when everybody else is sending but across all industries. Moving back to this graph. You will see that initial interest and spike and clicks and maybe even conversions most of time conversions at the time that you send it. Never do you see here at 11 a.m. Sent an email big spike there, lots of opens. It's gonna shoot down for the next hour or so, and it's gonna kind of trickle down very lightly, and then you're just gonna see tiny little bumps When one or two people opened that email. That means I got back to it. Later you survive the mass deletion of emails coming in, but again, really stressing. Get to know your customers and what makes sense to send an email And at what time? Now I really want to talk about promotional calendars. It is very important. I've really seen it work tremendously for different types of businesses to implement a promotional calendar. This means that you are not only going to track promotions that you do, but you're gonna plan ahead of time and see what Perot Shane's work best for your business . So and OK, let's say we're starting to plan May promotions and its march or April, I would say, started playing out a month, month and 1/2 2 months at a time. She could get all your ducks in a row. Think about if you're planning a sale, you chef stock in the items that you're going to promote in this sale. Think about the images that she'll use in your email marketing, or that's gonna go along with it on your website and other advertising outlets on, and so you have your promotions planned out. You understand how many days they're gonna go for and when promotions run and you say Okay , that went for five days. It lagged a little. Maybe we need a reminder email. You can reflect back kind of a retrospective on that email campaign and see how you did to do better next time. Now, fun thing is that I like is Okay, now, we've have one year promotional calendar under our belt. We planned track everything for that year. Now it's October of the next year. Oh, my gosh. Really slow. We need something. We need a sale. We need a push. You can look back and go. You know what? Last year, in March, it was a little slow for us. We used this promotion and wow gave us a great boost. Now, time to reactivate that promotion and tried in another month that you may need it. So promotional counters, big advocate of it. A lot of people ask me, what do you used track it? Honestly, it could be a simple is printing encounter and writing it down in pencil or a pen. Whatever it may be tracking on Excel. Really? What works for you? There's no fancy tool it's just planning ahead of time. Muskie Building your list is also very important for a mo marketing it always be thinking about How can I build my list? How can I increase my loyal fans and spy Byrs to get them to be referrals for you? Bull customers and keep have been buying, having keep coming back for your service, whatever it may be. But there's one important theme I want to say before I say anything else about building a list by traffic. Do not buy lists. You're gonna get emails we're going to contact you are you know, someone were coming to say we have to grow our list by this much percentage than you think . Oh, should I buy a list? Stop. Think about this when you're buying a list. It's people who don't want you know whether they're interested in that topic or not. They have not asked to receive emails from you. Different services, email services, credible services like mail Chimp is one of my favorites. That's an increase. Your spam score people. You're sending people on the list and they click. Span up your abuse rate and you're gonna no longer be able to send emails anymore. Plus, I think you want to be authentic and credible. Source buying lis. But no, no. Think about where you can build your list. You can. You know, if you go to different events, I'm her website. You should have a little box, maybe the foot or head, or wherever it makes sense in your website. I like the photo. Probably Teoh entering any male justice Sign up for a list. Ah, lot of these email services, they'll give you a name. Bad html code. You put it in your footer and you can click the listen it up close right to that service. So there's not a lot of less management there, you know, you can manage it more and segment it later. If you want to lose your tax from email, always think, How could you be capturing emails or an event? If you have an iPad, get clipboard, However, right down. If you meet somebody, encourage them. Hey, sign up for our newsletter, get updates, promotions, staying there now about our business and how we can help you better always rebuilding your rest 5. Next Level Strategies: list. Segmenting is also very important part of your marketing. The you should consider, although maybe a little bit more of an advanced step, it's something to keep in mind. You try to build her list on three more customized approach to email marketing. Teoh, Align with your customers behaviors. So let me give you an example. We sent our first in mild last one, they announcing a 25% off your entire purchase. It's not Friday, and we want to announce It's the last day to save. We are looking to have a Markus my message for the people who opened and did not clip. And those who open flipped but did not purchase there some ways and your email services to kind of set up conversion and things like that. But I'm a basic level. We can, pretty much all you see in an email service with male chimp that open and clicked. Get that list and so give him a little bit more personalized message. So for the people who opened and clicked but did not purchase and the people who opened and did not click, we can say something like, we saw you looking well I'm not going to say in my email, text or body that I saw you looking. If you never even open email now, we're getting a little creepy. So again, you've been segment by different things. I mean, but you want to customize the audience, they feel important, and I feel like it's personal message, and then they're more willing to take the next step with your brand. When people are getting used to these types of behaviors with an email marketing as well, you can also segment by. You know where they're from. Who talked about that earlier? I'm soaking hit A certain time zone may be loyal customers. Maybe you have an idea who you're loyalists customers are and again by different messaging and different actions. Always be testing a B. Testing is testing 123 Whatever. It is difficult you start a control on a variant, testing them against each other to see what yields better results. What can you test? Just subject lines so as amended before there's necessarily no right or wrong subject line . It's just a matter of what fits your audience. You start with someone who loved long subject lines, and I was a fan, shorter ones. And, you know, we tested it and we saw what data told us. You saw the data told us about our customers, so we made it work for us. You can also text test gives me embody text landing pages. Add headlines at copy imagery not only in your ads, but in your marketing on your website. You're landing pages wherever they may be. Call to actions. So I did a test for the full action with To call to action's a little confusing, but unless to call to actions limited to just one. I thought about the color of the button, and all of that tested that, and it yielded 30% more sales. So sometimes the little things that make a difference. And sometimes you're gonna test things and you're going to see a 49% 51 split. It just you have to test it to know and get to know your customers. And that's how you make those incremental winds on your website and come up in it. Also test form fields, maybe to form for the email by subversive, and you also have to be tracking a success. So What is your success? You have to determine. I would be multiple things you should have won that you focus on so that a sale or convergent a clip? Two calls. That means they're calling you. Put it on the website, your mobile device or bear to adopt that number and called the time on the page. Do you want to spend more time on the foods? You spend less time on the pavement you redesigned paid. You want him to get page into next one onto the car around purchasing, maybe faster, adding something to apart filling out a form. Maybe it's the clips early. So tests everything but one thing wasn't born a test to many elements at once. Tried it one element in one medium out of time. So we're just testing an image. We're not testing also the text underneath it and what the link says and where it goes to me elements we're not gonna be able to understand our results. So in Corrente tests to understand the customer next we're gonna be talking about your landing page. It's very important to again with the storytelling continue story. Have it make sense for that customer here. I have a Nordstrom rack. Email example, really email that went out. And so Rebecca Minkoff she sells bags. I get this email, I see the red bag and the blue bed. Oh, I love that red bag. But want it click? It takes me to a landing page that makes sense. I am seeing the brand name again, I'm saying Came from Nordstrom Rack. I'm seeing that red and blue bag had landed in the right spot, and that's what the customer wants. They need to land in the right spot and know that Link took them on a journey off that story that you be in. If I would click this email added Sandy trace of this red or blue bad. Had it been like, Come on, they take you to the wrong page. Where is that back again? Reminder. If you will be to see you're gonna for B two b nonprofit, maybe you're selling tickets for an event. Whatever beauty don't take people to a place that it sold out, you know, unless it's like a time flash sale and things are going to sell out fine. I think people understand that just a regular old day. Don't start a sale with an image where the items are. Get a stock. Cross it off. You can't use that image, but haven't made you have your landing pages. Makes sense. 6. Search Marketing Intro & Terms: next, we're gonna go over a CEO in search marketing. This could be very beneficial for your business, but you have to do right. It's not a set it and forget it thing. But first, I'd like to go over what I call Google's magic. Uh, because we will very magical for the customer. Don't you type in what you like If I'm predicting what you want? Boom. There is such a result. Quick. Great, Thank you, little. So is it for the hour? Tassan. It's a little more challenging and more complex than a lot of things going. Who wants to be in any search engine? Being baby wants to be the best. They want to serve the customer in the best way, most welding laying possible so things we'll be demographics. Google is, well, he at your location. Where are you? A computer Prevue searches. The matter has anything to do with what you're searching. Exhibit different behaviors. You click if you convert all these things, and so as an out wiser you want these things to so you can drill down to location, clothes and what not target target customers. But now someone says, I didn't show up. I didn't see our computer. I know that they may not be in the right location, but your advertising him and you have to work with graphic. Its search may not show that this is possible. Maybe, but there's a lot of something to support local sluts. But I want to show you know how we can take it in. I can understand a little bit more. Nope. A treat for you, since my son was very term heavy. Don't want to be intimidating, but we're gonna go over them. So I'm going to read some of these and take your time as I'm talking through them screenshot whatever you need to have all the terms there for you. Well, pig searches the whole his appetizers opportunity. Google AdWords to show ads to relevant. So customers about bidding on keywords. We're gonna go through this, but organic result is more of your CEO area. That search engine optimization area. We were just calling your site here, and it's not feed ads, and advertiser is putting out there. Keywords, words and phrases off it on by the advertisers at two, you know, relate to specific searches, but we're gonna break down those keyboards for the advertising. You put them in the system in a couple different ways, people. So that's sort of the most basic is a broad match similar to what it sounds like. Best example is if you type in cool shirts in the back and is going to keywords No food, you know mutations, and I'll talk about that in a second. You're setting cool shirts as a customer. They might get results like cool T shirt, school sweatshirt specialists, exceptional single wide variety of results. It's not very exact. If that's okay, you might want to track this customer. I know that people accounts from the spellings, so you don't have to get on this stuff phrase. Minutes of it. A little bit more. Find out in the back. And if you put in body by keyword by man C shirts, Newport quotations around us, that would be to people I'm buying. Freeze mats were getting a little bit more fine, and now we're gonna see results. I managed T shirts, new arrival men solutions, men's T shirts on sale. So getting a little bit more down exactly what the person may have search, then exact match Exactly. Literacy. Exactly. Have a town's I'm back and you're going to put brackets around keyword as an advertiser on the front end of someone searching What dress? They only show results for what are thus not cocktail dress. Not even this a part of this just wanting Just because I'm not because you're saying I only want to show up when they type in music. And then there are modifiers. So this is really important and especially incident because you have a boss. I in next to assist Sica poured. So I'm looking for fitness and Shilin. But I'm a worry. I don't want my boot shop on the fitness. Maybe I they do. Maybe I don't if I don't want to shop on the fitness because it's a very balm. I'm gonna call Sign that's or food, which to note that I need that word could be in the surf with the word shot as well to show up in certain people. Now you can't remember any of this the White Book Club with them. Remember negative keywords because pop culture can influence your you're a few words, So I have an example. During the Boston bombing, unfortunately, years you don't want because of the bombing in Boston. You don't want your business showing off. People are researching why that happened. So that's that's a negative bomb with Hamas. A negative America has a negative Boston as a negative and doing better because you don't want to associate it with something, or investment has not been that drastic. Overpopulate and influence things, maybe just something that's a little bit so. Violence sound storage units. I don't want cloud storage to show up a phone. Stores have been set. Those is offy words on them. I would think that as the base system by bid $3. That's my max bid. People ask people but $3 for this keyword, Um, the person or company blow me says they're actually dollars from sends. I'm only going to pay a dollar 26 cents over $3 model. Yeah, some more turn so quickly, Um, Google outwards. He was on a cross booklet, and you're gonna pay one puts so someone to do that, but they don't sober and oppression. No, that's a big thing. AdWords just sort of a whole still brand impressions of Consider that your budget as well. You also may see out there paid search CPM just possible 1000 to every 1000 impression. Eyeballs, Eyeballs on the ad. You're gonna get charged every 1000. The cooks already but impressions. Eyeballs on ad at a blanket rank if someone calls you, But I am getting top of period. Good luck. It's probably because I have all been talking about. Maybe it'll get you paid. I don't know what you're paying for. And honestly, we will decide as it's not how much you pay a lot of things cleans the quality score moving down. Yeah, he considers okay, You cost per plate with food. Are people engaging with your ads? Are your abs at headlines? There's a lot of things are going through it. You can't just pay to be on top and it makes sense because he wants the best well product for the customer. Everything is built on campaign level. I think that is a top here with your most broad category. So, for example, if you're selling apparel accessories, you choose to be maybe three campaigns and absolute under Carl's from subcategory, it would be shirts, sweatshirts, pants, dresses. And then you're gonna have No, I havent towards in and adds within those groups, but no every ad campaigns. But so you want a budget regional to separate the mountain didn't campaign. So, in fact, more accurately Accenture's gonna go through this later, but very, very important. Use it. Real estate Still pacing cost per click based on the key word search a lot of different add extensions used them to go into detail in later lesson. You can edit your settings. We want that to a little later. But Geo targeting anybody touched on so you can drill down. Does it go to neighborhoods? Town states, radius countries. Whatever it is, don't put in the entire country state. Start with a small town area. Don't budget United States in them to put down good Chatterjee Republican charges out there . We're going to that as well. But it basically Gruebel you said a budget daily budget on they average out over 30 days. And what I mean by that Abbott out. That's not quite the right word. What they do is if my budget is $10 a day and, um, I've already spent $9 cents in one day and may see for 11 cents. I get They get that. Now. I'm one sent over, but that's OK. You can have a throughout the month. They're never gonna go over 10 or 15%. Never go over that in the daily budget. Never go over your monthly. They consider as a mom when they're doing things like that. So he's thinking of your next click and optimize it for you, but know that you're safe. Um, not people. 7. Recognizing Search Marketing: continuing on search marketing again, you need to be able to nice marketing to market success. So some basic things at the top here you see your new the top results are paid search results and I have a little example here. If you look under the word might be on the top of what you see. A brain, it says ad, and it's doing online with the greenback breaking down, you see that on the night it's still been a white, but the bathroom is white, it says at even Google A B tests. Now they didn't shop together like this. I just kind of mocked this up to show you an example. How people a B tests. They're trying to make their product better for the customer anyway. The top will be paid. Search results will be about two or three. Not see any ads on the side. You remember that done well, decided that was not respected for their customers and advertisers moving down the organic results. So I was talking about is organic ago bottom and just a note Because a lot of people ask you this when you writing Google ABS that as taking form versus sentences. People are quick, but buzzwords keyword in there. Billy Best not wanting to attendances until they're a little more invested, scrolled down the page you're looking for organic is old tomorrow. Sentence stays because their point from the meta descriptions other things on the website. People are more invested at that point, but at the top, you got to get their attention quick with buzzwords. Now when I was helping out the terms also mentioned at extensions. So these are three add ons you can adding your Google AdWords. They do more real estate on page with your with your initial ad, you're still paying the same cost per click as the wood that was impaired in that bid on, but not there, almost a show up. At the same time, it's just again. People turn often eyes review and customer what they're looking for. You can see two types of site linking central agency condensed into central. See them extended here with a little bit of description number need, but know that you really should be doing that description underneath. Uh, I think that that works best. I like to put him up before because the legal show tour for They're not gonna show more than four paid section. So I want to control the outcome as much as I can. I'm not gonna put five or six in there. Really, Because I want a certain four to work. But if you're trying to test and see what they're gonna do that maybe a little bit more moving down, call it extensions or Isaac Future based. So free shipping 147 Customer service price matching what you know for basically called extension. And you know, if you're saying something like extensions been repeated call extension. Are you worried about it? Would that stop you? Because you don't know if they're both himself together or just one one non, depending how group wants optimize. It may see a lot of reading exceptions. Now, these air example Googled automated extensions on If you have Gruebel regains your views on Google. It makes sense for your business. It's gonna stop here. Typically, you have, like a brick and mortar location, the upper use, and then with that location, call extensions. These are the top ones kind of can apply to everybody now location called scenting path. Their physical location Obviously that makes sense. But if you connected to my people business, those things account on, it can pull in the phone number there. You could have a call extension and then also address on. Then people could find you. So that means sometimes you know, people are not cooking on ads. That's all your getting that brand impression, the calling. 1st 1 on that main street, all it is the one on industry. Okay, I don't click, but you answer the customer's question and then going in my car, and I'm going to see So you know, Google ads is not just strictly are oh, I it also Brando, when it's please be aware of that on budget that explain that to you need to explain to. But it's a portion of brand awareness. You know that, too. But for that, so also on Google, even by despite advertising. So here I found the blogged, some display advertising. It's on it. The display advertisements, odd buying, light, electric and guilt. So they're part of People's Network submitted image ads in certain sizes. I mean, we will add words, and they said I would like to show up on these types aside. Also that Google WiFi ahead is an ad from Google again. Google Ad Network. So they said, I would like to show up on sites and search subjects and specific sites in some cases if they have a bards weather dot com and we see that very large conclude that it's called placements. So they went home to court. I think that I think that aligns with my customers. So that's where the display everything Sean home before blog's that support the global network, which blam your side and website side. That's odd sense for the advertisers side people. Now, do you remember my email template? Lesson more missing in image number. This is this foot in it showed up, but this is a target. Lovely. Targeting this is more, more, more every day. So this is you've been to a site already First impression, and then some of that. I want you to come back. And so they served. You add, Did you come back? Not now. Typically, you don't see a double Brandon, add here. But that's a good example. You're talking is also those ads that palling around with looking at Chu and then I saw you finally is retarded because then people outside and I wanted to come back to finish that sale. And sometimes they don't know that you actually the sale so that she stays off. But I'm lost That what purposes? You could do that through Google. AdWords is retarded, much highly recommended. I get a lot of number guns on my target unless it doesn't have to always be injury ads. Retargeting. This can also go. So let's touch on SCL quickly. But FTO content his team. So you gonna want have a couple different things here. You may want to talk to you. Don't developer from them for your website to get into some of these things. Maybe that system has an area. We enter some of these things nonetheless, talk to the person, have the conversation, make sure these things are filled up. You want relevant title tags? So what is the name of your website shows? Head bond. You'll get sent. Result or no abol been want title website so incorrectly. What? Correct? Each one meditate data meter, their wells relevant and descriptive. Want image. All tags on every image has this little piece of text describing the image. Well, localized keywords. If you have a local business in a certain area, so talk about were in these neighborhoods. This is our address things like that because people calling played since information I wanted to be so most relevant results in most areas on. So they're looking for the best words on and back lines. Every talked about back wings, just having using different places that went back to a sense of credibility and a lot of words. Please don't stuff people slow bunch of keywords in one spot and then, as a page loaded covered it up with Now Google Smart didn't recognize those things. That's a big no no. Reserve your abs because you see that you find keep so a couple quick ASIO tips. This concludes part one of this conference. Digital marketing. Although playing out another class competitive marketing Part two, it's along more analytic to talk about social media and what's right for you. So you used minutes plus and following so that you know, when I post