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Complete WordPress SEO course, Part 3 of 10 - Setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics

teacher avatar Sivakumar Kannan, Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Google search console 1

    • 2. Google search console 2

    • 3. Google analytics setup

    • 4. Google Analytics Tracking Code

    • 5. Linking Analytics and Search Console

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About This Class

Visit the link given below to watch all my classes.

This is Part 3 of my Complete WordPress SEO Course.

In this course, you'll learn step by step how to setup Google Search Console and Google Analytics the right way.

Meet Your Teacher

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Sivakumar Kannan

Digital Marketing Consultant and Coach


Hello there, I'm Sivakumar Kannan. I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, trainer, and coach. Teaching is my passion and I do this online with videos. 
I have created several marketing courses over the past few years.

I also run an agency called This agency provides an opportunity for me to connect with the real business world and their marketing challenges.

I wear different hats like SEO, Content marketer, Social media marketer etc to provide solutions to marketing challenges faced by businesses.   

I Invite you to join with me in our path to freedom and success.

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1. Google search console 1: Welcome to the dashboard off Google Search Control. If you remember, we want really linked Google Search Console to training folk dot com website as a part off are used s e o plaque and installation. But I just want to give a little overview about this very powerful tool because Google search console is to s you what oxygen is to humans. So CEOs cannot live without Google Search console. It's such an important toe, so it's really worth spending some time learning how effectively use this tool to improve your S e o. Most importantly, it's a free do so nothing really stops you from con figuring and start using Google Search Council Fire s you. Now let's dive deeper into this tool to see the various components of it. Let me go here and click on training Forgot com website. Now, as you can see here, it is giving me an alert stating that severe health issues are found in your property and this alert as mainly because I'm discouraging search engines from indexing and ranking this particular website because I use this website Onley for demonstration purposes and I don't want Google to rang this website And if you remember at the back end up my website, I have clicked on this box to discourage search engines from indexing the site. And this is the reason why you see this alert in Google Search control, not let me go ahead and click on training for dot com. Now they're on the dashboard on below their dashboard. You can see messages, and that's nothing but the messages you receive from Google on how effectively you can use Google Search Consul to improve your rankings so they are like mail messages. But now let's focus on these four areas. I would say These are the four components off Google Search Council, our main categories off Google Search Council, and there are foot and six ones, and they're also important, but they are self explanatory. As the name indicates, this is about security issues, and this is a mark. Other resources, but search, appearance, search, traffic, Google Index and trawl are the four major categories off search console that we're gonna dive deeper to understand better. So let me go to search appearance Now, As you can see, search appearance contains five different sub categories and this search appearance section as such helps you visualize what your website would look like in searches us. On this mainly contains sub categories such as rich cards, rich snippets, accelerated mobile pages, hedged, Iemma improvements and so on that can help your website stand dark on look ultra informative in search results. Now let me go to structure debt, huh? Structure Dera is nothing but rich snippets. And when programmed into hedge, do you accord marks up your content so that Google can categorize and index it better. And these are also called rich results in the surge in your results Page, let me show you how this looks like in the surgeon your results page. I search for the key work, no matter ketchup. The first result is that Rich Nipper the second and 3rd 1 are you do videos and again four and fifth ones are rich new pitch. So this is just a example of how a rich Nippert are structured. That up looks like in certain your dessert speech. These results are visually appealing, so obviously people would prefer to click on these results to see what's inside. Google currently supports rich snippets for articles, local businesses, music recipes, reviews, TV, movies and videos, and Rick Snippets definitely make a huge difference in your ranking. If you want to incorporate rich snippets into your website, you need to refer to those key Mardar art for court snippets and help. Otherwise, this section off good search console tells you very have gone wrong with your rich snippets coating and provide you with the tool that helps you just live data. Now let's move on to reach cards. They work similar structure that up, but they are even more visually appealing. Let me show you on screen how they look like insurgents. Results page in the same example of tomato ketchup on your left. Inside, you've seen the rich snippets, our structure dinner. Now how would this? These are rich Kharj on. This looks very appealing on. It provides additional data about your search query, especially when your content is visually appealing. It may translate to heavy user engagement and thereby increasing your traffic and sales. Google Currently, I loved users to deep plie rich cards for recipes and movies. Now, when it comes to Google search console, it tells you very have gone wrong with your rich cards coating and informs you how many cards you can enhance, just like in the rich snippets section. Who will provide you with the tool that helps you just live data in the later part of the scores. I'm gonna show you How do you structure that are? And reach cards to improve your search rankings. Now let's move on to data highlighter. This is a fantastic substitute for a structure data and pretty simple to implement and, in fact, marks of the same content that structure that are dust. But there are a few limitations. And using this tool, you have to write the tax individually for each your. Basically, if you have thousands of pages on your website, it can be a real pain to implement highlighter for all of those peas. Now let me show you on screen a simple example off how to do highlight it. So let's go ahead and click on. Start highlighting. After giving in your Lipsyte name, you can choose one of these options depending upon your requirements for demonstration purpose. I've just chosen articles, and you can choose either one of these two. If you have several pages that are similar in nature, you can choose the 1st 1 for this example. Purpose. Let me choose the 2nd 1 and click OK, now on this page, the tool requires you to highlight the piece of information. So let me do that. Has your strategies is a title. So let me choose Stichting. Let me choose category for that. That's it. I just need to publish now. As you can see here, the Bates had published the data become available as Google recross your website. The next item we need to cover his festival improvements. This area reviews if there are any problem. Areas that Google has discovered while trawling are indexing your site that are a few problem areas that are covered in the support like duplicate are long or shot meta descriptions missing are duplicate title tax, not index herbal content and Schwann and so forth. So whenever that are some problems reported in the Syria Ali Guardado's to fix those troubles. If you are strong in the on page s your factors like creating titles with 65 to 70 characters long and descriptions with 155 160 characters, approximately each page supported by unique tighty and meta description and a loving Google . Control all the pages off your site to rank them in the Serb. And most importantly, your critical pages are the most important. Pages are not blocked by robots. Doc. Txt are dark. HD access files are some of the fundamentals you need to follow to ensure that there are no errors reported in this area. And finally, let's move on to accelerated mobile pages. It's considered to be a very valuable portion off Google Search console. It's a technique that I love developers to build fast loading, hedged GMO and jealous trip pages. The idea behind and B are accelerated mobile pages is to make webpages render quickly on mobile devices. The number of people using their mobile devices that browse the Internet is drawing exponentially. So Google introduced Ambi to help website owners to remove any pages loading sluggishly for mobile devices. In the later part of the course, I'm gonna show you how to make your webpage and be complain, so don't worry about this now. This area will only show you there are any courting enters that affects MP. In fact, this section digs deeper into your rankings and reports on links to your side how your keywords air ranking penalties imposed by Google, mobile friendliness and the like 2. Google search console 2: Now they're on the second section, which is search traffic. On of that, there are several subsections, and let's take a look at Search Analytics. This report, in fact, digs deeper into your site and shows you how often the site showed up in searches. Us. The report even displays click Parky were how each keyword rang. Geographically, it's click through ratio and many more things. Now let's quickly take a look at what each of these items moved here. The number off clicks, but keyword helps you to learn how each keyword ranks in Search results on how many clicks it received. You can build back, wings are optimized content are create specific landing pages, increase the number of clicks Berkey work. The next one is the total number of impression spur keyword. This helps you understand how users interacted with a key word. For example, a high number of impressions and a low number off clicks implied that your pace title and description is not 100. And are you not built in structure Donna. Then comes CDR. This is reported as a percentage. It's basically clicks rewarded by impressions expressed as a percentage, then position. This tells you the search position for a keyword. For example, Position number 2 20 implies that a particular keyword landed on the page Number 22 off Google Searching in Results page. You can then optimize key words on pages based on the key words you want to rank higher. This queries filter helps you search specific key watch from within the results. Check how one Q. Were compassion with another and sarde the key. Watch the filter to gives you a deeper insight into each keyword. You can use this to drill down into key. What an improved performance of those that are already ranking higher for you. The pages filter helps you filter yours and then compare one page with another so you can use this far a be split testing and sorrow the pages in terms off clicks. You can use this filter to figure out your best and worst performing pages and then deploy S CEO to improve your rankings for those pages, and this country's filter is applicable if you are targeting global audience. This helps you filter your site performance by country and compare the site rankings between two different countries and the devices filter shows you the devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile used to access your site. You can compare search figures between devices and get advanced insights. You can use this filter toe. Optimize your site for devices often used to access your website. For example, mobile devices make up most of your searchers. You can focus on improving your mobile user experience and creating faster loading pages. The search type filters the next one. This reports the volume off searches for of lab images and videos. Let's say you are an art gallery got our ranking low for image surges. You can then optimize your all dags and image titles to help improve your image. Search rankings and finally, the days it helps you set up a date range. You can compare the site performance between do different ranges, just as you would do in Google Analytics. Under the links to your site, you can see the website that link Do your euros and the key words used by most back wings. You can gain a lot of valuable inputs from this report. There are chances you'll see some back wings in this area that you may not want to pass the link juice, too. These may be spam sites are suspicious sites, so you may want to dis above those links, so you get a good perspective off who's linking to you and what they're linking to. This information can help you increase the number and quality off back wings by targeting. Similar sites are by increasing engagement that already lied to you the most so pretty useful area to keep an eye on the next one is in journal Ing's. This section reports on the number of internal links pointing to a page. Many internal links to off the page inform Google that this is an important page as a result, that paid should rank higher than other pages for keywords presenting that page. So you should always focus on building internal links to important pages that do not have internal links pointing to them. So use internal links to strengthen your deep internal pages, such as content reach articles are information pages, and you can also identify pages that I've internal links pointing to them. But I've been collegiate, are rename, so they must be identified and redirected so you can use this subsection to do all this such more the next one manual action, this report informs you and Google penalize is your side for any spam or black hand as your techniques. Keep in mind that a manual action is different from an algorithmic penalty algorithm. Penalties are automatic on will not be reflected in this section. Manual penalties, on the other hand, all more severe and acquire you to take extensive action. After fixing the reported issues and ensuring your site contains meaningful content, you must file a reconsideration request. Get your site ranking back in the searching your results speech. So if your site is affected by some manual penalties, you can see that in this area. The next one is international targeting, and this section is applicable if you're website translated for users and different geographies beyond your made location. For example, if your Web site attracts viewers from India, you may want to present Hindi version to visit us from this area or, if you sell to customers from France to Germany, are from South American countries, use you translate your website into those languages for better targeting. In such cases, your Web developer will imply Hoekstra flank tag, inform Google to serve the appropriate page according to geography, and this search console section reports on the accuracy off your head straight flange tags . This information can help you fix and optimize your according related to this. Now that's more want a mobile usability. This report lists radius problems that might be keeping our website from delivering a positive experience on mobile devices. Google reports on elements that are too close together. Our content that is wider than the screen are the content for which the view port has not said, and the places where the text is too small to read. Everything in this report matters. Mobile optimization is a significant ranking factor, and your website needs to be totally up the bar in busy area. So if you find any issues in this area, fix all of them and make sure that your website delivers a great experience on every device . Honda Google Index section You'll see how Google is crawling and indexing your website and key watch the first subsection index status displaced. You are else indexed by Google and those yours which are blocked by robots dot txt from indexing and any yours that have been removed so come across any pages which are blocked. You can find out what's happening on your in and correct the errors. And whenever you find some blocked pages are indexation issues, you have to check your robots, doc. Txt file Are looking to the accuracy of your excellent site map. The next one is, um, a block resource is ruble needs complete access to yard JavaScript, CIA says Jay Equity Image files, etcetera in order to index and render your pages cranky. If you block Google from accessing any of these, resource is either by disa loving access in your robots dot txt file are by any other means you stop Google from indexing and rendering your pages to viewers. This section informs you where the block resources are hosted, so go ahead on block them. If you find any in hans your search engine rankings, the next one is remove ur. You may want to keep some areas off your website private, for example. You may want to prevent search engines from trawling your members. Private data are third party content are content that is of no value to your viewers. This tool in this section informs Google that it's bought must not index such yours. After filling in this temporary high field, you can specify that you want to remove ur girls from the cash are such results are boat you can even temporarily hide Yours are Make them index herbal at a later point in time, so use a section to remove you. Ours that are containing thin are not so valuable are useless content, and this can improve your issue. The next section is crawl. This report scrawl Attar's found by Google Bart crowd statistics Fletcher's Google A very important tool Robots Doc txt tester site maps and you are pedometers In the crawl intersection, you'll see the information like the last day Google Trottier Side the silver enters the soft photo four letters you are pointing to a non existent page. You are else that redirected and irrelevant pages, and you are us that are blocked for mobile devices. Fixing ADDers in this area will improve your issue. The next one has crawled statistics and this report on Google's daily crawl on your website pages scrawled the total kilobytes. Download it and the time it took to download a page. Much of this information is not very actionable to you has a hold. This report shows how active Google Bart is on your website on how heavy are like your pages are. And when it comes to improving your loading page speed, there are other tools available in the market. And as we move on in this course, I'm gonna show you how to improve that so that you can see better results in this page. The next one is Fresh Air's Google. This allows you to test the way Google Frejus your euro and renders it just enter the You are here and choose either desktop or mobile and press on, fetch our fish and render this fetch button checks. Whether the you are all connection and whether the two encountered enters redirects are any security loopholes. It just checks the court, but it doesn't render the page, but the fish and render button French is the page and checks. For all the issues mentioned, black editors redirects are any security loopholes, and it also renders it after you fetch and render a page you sure submitted to Google for indexation. And as you can see here, the results can be any of these. If you're blocked the Google from indexing, you'll find this kind of result and if it's not blocked, you will see this and so on and so forth. So if you encounter any of these problems, fix those issues and fetch and rendered again so that re submission re indexation can be completed. The next one s robots Doc Txt Tester This informs Google, barred about the pages they are allowed to crawl and those pages that are not allowed to crawl so you can give your commands here like this, allow so and so pages and allow so and so pages so that these commands will be followed by Google. This tester tests your robots, doc txt file and reports enters and warnings. It also allows you to test pages to check for any blocking the next one A site maps It informed search engines about the Urs on your site along with the day they were changed. It helps search engines crawl and index your URAS effectively and efficiently. This section in good search console I love you to submit site maps. It also informs you about the number of yours that were submitted and indexed essentially the dual helps you find. Soon your site mapped our XML file to ensure all your yours are indexed. The next one is your paddle meters. This section I love you to tell Google how to handle your yours. This is a highly technical area and acquires coding knowledge. So it's better you find a developer and let him handle this area. If you really want to work on this because setting wrong para meters can ruin your S u. So if you do not have coding knowledge, it's better to stay away from this area. The next section is security issues. Your site has been compromised or hacked are simply one notable the hackers you give it to find out about that information in this section. At that time, you'll be also given detailed information as to what you should do to come out of that trouble. Otherwise you'll see this message all the time and finally the other resource is you can see several links that Google has given over here on all of them are optional not very essential, but you can always explore these areas to improve the S U off your website. So what have given over here is a mere overview off this powerful Google search console. Once you have a functioning website in struggle search council, come over here on, dive deeper into each of these areas and explore further to improve your website s you 3. Google analytics setup: Now let's see how to set up Google Analytics for your website. First of all, go to google dot com slash analytics. You come to this page and go to sign it and click on analytics. If you already have a Google account, use that design in. Once you're on this page, click on, Sign up. Now you have two options. One is to track your website, which is default. The other one is track your mobile app. So in this case, I want to track my website so they leave it as such on Do the name. I want to give the title tag up my website over here. So let me go back as your strategies. Is the title Dag off my training folk tar combat side. So let me just type in the title tag over here. Copies of website, name and website You are. Since it's a education and training later website, let me choose jobs and education. Then click on good tracking. I d. Now you need to accept the terms of service of Google. Click on I accept. No dashboard is created for training for dot com. Here is your tracking I d. You need to include this in your lip side so that analytics is linked to Europe. Side and analytics can capture the site was its page views and conversions and other site metrics off Europe site. Now click on this and you have account options, property options and view options and on your living inside, you have various metrics like audience acquisition behavior conversions and so on. At any point in time. If you want to know very your tracking ideas, you can just go this property area and click on tracking and full and again flick on tracking court. This is what you're tracking ideas, and you may go ahead and install this on your Web side to start tracking it. Now Google Analytics is like an ocean. You can get vent of information from the stool about your site, visits about the demography, off your visitors and many other faction you can find all that on your left inside, For example, click on drill time and or view. We'll give you a complete overview off your page views. Stop active pages, adult locations and so on, and you can dig a bit deeper into each of this by going into these staffs. If you want to learn more about your audience, click on this audience dab and click on Overview to get an overview and shoes from these dabs. For example, if you want Google Analytics to send you regular emails about the audience or view, you can click on this email and type in the email idea that you want to see the report on Let's say, for example, I want to see the report in my same email lady. So I just copy Paste and I want in the Excel for Midge. So let me choose Excell. Give the next year based on the subject. I want weekly report on every Monday. I want to see the support so I'll give send, so I'll be getting an audience hold of your report on my email Addy every Monday of the week. Likewise, you can go into each of these staff to learn more about them, click on acquisition and click on Overview to see the acquisition details like your top general sessions and conditions and click on behavior and or view to see the page views, bones, raid and so on, Then conditions and you can set your goals here, since I have not said any goes. I don't get to see anything here, but you can go ahead and said Goes And your goals are nothing but the targets you want achieve. For example, if you are an e commerce flipside, your customers making the payment via your shopping cart could be set. His goals. If you're a blogger, your goal could be that your customers giving in their name and email I d on your landing beach. So, as I said, Google analytics is a big ocean. He may want to set up and come here and explore each and every area offer to make full use of its potential again. It's a fantastic dual that is available completely for free for any website user, so please make use of it in full. 4. Google Analytics Tracking Code: having set up Google Analytics account. The next step is including the tracking court within your website. Let me show you on screen how to do that. Go to the back end of your website. There are actually many methods include your tracking core into Europe site. I'm gonna talk about two minute Which one is using a Blufgan called Monster and Sites, which is the easiest and the most reliable mentor to insure your tracking court. And the other one is manual mentor, which is a bit complicated. You need to goto appearance and editor, and you can find your team files here. You need to search for a file card header dot PHP. You can use control left, define and click on it, and you are within this final now. And this is the file within which you need to include your tracking court. But one more thing. This is the main theme file, and if that is any change in the team and if you are baited, the changes you make of this fire will disappear. So what you need to do is create a child team but headed our PHP in it and insert the tracking core into it. After creating the child team, you can choose the child team over here and that LaPierre here, and you need to select that and find headed dot PHP and within their headed out BHP. You need to use control, have to find and go ahead section and above this head section. You need to insert the court, and you can go to tracking and four and tracking court and grab the court from here. You need to copy the entire court from the script, the script and go back and insert the court here, but not for the main team again, that should be done within the child. My creating child team is another process, but again, there is an easy method to create a child. T There are plug ins available to create child T so you can search for a Blufgan on. With the help of that Blufgan, you can create a child team and copy the headed our PHP into it and based in the striking quarter than they're headed out. PHP within child E. But it's a complicated process, so if you want a wide that on, I want to take you through that easier and most reliable plug intrude. So let's go to Blufgan section and add new and search for monster Inside. This is the blood in view one. So install now been activated. Then go to the settings idea of that Blufgan that we see harder. Ticket with your Google account, click on it, then click on next and click to get Google Court and hit a low and copy to score and based in the same here and click next. Now select a profile and click next. That's it. You included the Google Analytics Tracking Court within Europe. Side close, and you can see the tracking ideal here and press save changes, and you can find some more options with this tracking DAB. As you can see, some of them are available only for premium members. But you can't always explore the cabs like demographics. Enhance link attribution file downloads and affiliate links so that it can track these details within your analytics. 5. Linking Analytics and Search Console: now having set up Google Analytics Account linking it to your website in Google Search Console. It's a very good idea because you'll get to see some of the search console data in analytics and within search console in the site links area. You'll be able to access some off your analytics data. Sort of. Go ahead and link Google Analytics, and we will search console Goto property settings, go to the bottom and click on a just search control and then click on Eddie and you can see the website appears here. If you don't get to see this, you need to add aside the search consul. Now click on this and save Click. OK, now go back to analytics and click on Done. Now. If you click on a just search control, you can see the linked site as training for dot com.