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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is Mograph?

    • 3. Getting Started with MoGraph

    • 4. BONOUS: object along text

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About This Class

Mograph tools are one of those unsepertable  toolbox of Motion graphic artist in Cinema 4D.Mograph is the main reason why most Motion graphic artist choose or jumped from other software into Cinema 4D.

In this class, i am going to talk about Mograph Tool in 30 minute with a Bonus Lecture as well.I am covering mograph different tools like, Cloners, mo text, fracture vornoie,mospline and mograph effectors with project based examples.

We are using Cinema 4d R18 for this class if you don't have it installed on your PC/ Mac, download the trial version of it from

Lets get started:)

Meet Your Teacher

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HU Shahir

Motion Graphic /Visual FX Artist (Polygon Motion)


Hi, I am HU Shahir, Motion Graphic Artist and UI/UX Designer based in Germany.

I love to share what I already know and what I learned from other people in the creative industry.

I have 6 years of professional experience working with major TV Channels and Media productions companies in Kabul and Germany.As I always loved to share what I know and help people to achieve their goals I have started building my teaching startup Polygon Motion.

Polygon Motion is a provider of online training courses and tutorials in Graphic design, Motion Graphic, User Interface Design, 3D Animation and Visual FX Fields on different online training platforms.

Polygon motion helped those of students across the world to learn creative skills.

Chec... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys. A trade from polygon emotion and welcome to this class in McGruff Inter 10 minute class. I'm going to talk about McGruff tools in cinema four e We're not going in Dept. Of thes stools Bear if you're new to Cinema four e And if you want an overall introduction off McGrath or what we can do with McGruff in cinema for E. This is a perfect class for you guys. We're going to talk about Cem Polly Effect McGrath for effect Tours. No, it's blind, no text and a bunch of other tools. So if you're really let's get started. 2. What is Mograph?: Okay, Now let's talk about a mugger off itself, and I want to have a very simple definition off. McGruff, if you don't know about and McGraw are. If you're new to cinema 40. So McGraw is a tool for emotion. Graphic artist in cinema four e for creating complex scene without copy pasting without doing manual things. It means that you can build scenes with different copies are you can dip lick eight on object to to to thousands of copies, and you have a general control over that copies. For example, you can scale it down and then scale a dab. You can add Different effect, or Zanette or its procedural copy pasting are procedural on dynamic control for your de placated objects. So it is simple definition of McGrath in cinema Fourie bad, but the murder of itself. It's not simple like this, because you can create different kinds of things by mixing these defectors by mixing these tools from McGruff sections in cinema four e to create complex things. And on another Han cinema, Fourie without moke, Raph is it is useless for for emotion graphic cars. I can definitely say that McGrath is very, very powerful and it is the bass part of cinema foreign. At the early stage of my carrier I was using, I was I was a treaty max user and I was used treaty Max for for years. But once I jump to Cinema four e and and I tried to know Fourie with these tools and the the main thing that I jumped from treaty Max to cinema for his dis McGruff at tools because when you want to create different things in motion graphic, you were encounter for creating different kinds of complex scene like you have hundreds off objects and and you have to create different kinds of shapes and you must have a general control over that dip located chiefs over that Ah, that that object. But in treating Max, you can't do it as easily has cinema. Fourie has mocha reference Cinema four e. So I dreamt to cinema four e ah, for McGruff. It's my personal Chuy's. But the main thing about cinema Fourie that makes cinema Fourie a very famous among motion graphic artist. Is this McGruff and the ease of use of thes tools? As I mentioned with McGrath, you can create complex scenes very easily without consuming time and without dip locating and copy basing and things like that. So that was a very simple definition of mo graph in the mix. A. Listen. I'm going to cover some important aspect of McGraw, for example, how to create outed implicate shaves, how to add effect chores explaining different effect tours and also about a mood if Iris McGrath modifiers and also about Fracture Varnai that is new to cinema. 4 18 on on using cinema 4 18 The new version off center for the study version on Make sure you have if you have install it on your PC or Mac. And if you don't have cinema four e, you can down the trial version off it from maxim dot com. So to you guys in the next lesson. 3. Getting Started with MoGraph: So now let's start with McGruff. Morale is located in this section of cinema, for you can easily access to thes kind of PIRA mentors. All of them are a murderer of objects. And in the first section, we have defectors that different kinds of effort tours, and we're going to explain some of the most important effort towards that. You're gonna need it every time that you want to use McGruff on by. By using of them, you can create amazing ethics. So in the in these areas, we have selection tools and McGruff weight pin ping crashed thes air, some off advanced tools of ah mo graph that I'm going to explain them. But I'm not going through them and depth of them. But because the important things are these kind of objects once you once you being familiarized with these tools, you can easily jump to these sections and work with them. So these are the main and important McGruff the tools we have cloners that one of the most important things that were going to use these tools Um, always when I when we want to use McGruff when when we want to clone objects, we have Mataric staying to cologne to clone in different options and different cloning options. We have fracture to explode, polygons to explode different objects and we have a multi ah object multi object and the next one is fractured. Born I. It's Danny Vist. It features a mo graph that is added in cinema for er 18. As I think it's it's not available on our 16 to do to being able to use fracture of or no, you have to use enough for er 18 Onda. We have mo insistence that they're there acting like a cloner. But in different cloning options, we have mo text that is very, very important. You have a text you can create your tanks on. You can apply these effect or through that tax to create amazing things. We have tracers to trace objects and create an ISP line from the animation of them on. We have most plying to create SP lines that we can control it by these epic tours as well. On the other hand, we can create SP lines. We can create text weaken cologne objects we can fracture on these kind of a staff by on B side of them. We can use the Pacific tours to have to put affect to do US objects like takes in most plan . We can do it by traditionally spur line or standard explain. For example, we can create ticks from here as well. Bad. We are not able to use these victors with that text. And also we have some modifiers, like most worth and pull effects. And I'm going to talk about prolific. That is very, very important, and you can create nice animation. So let's a star with Polly Effects. I'm going to create any Cuban here on I'm going to display just changes to ground feeling, to see to being able to see their segments. And I'm going to, um, sorry increases segments. So now let's changes to edit herbal object by pressing seat Now is that Ah, appalling. An object on a wet McGraw off politics test is that you can you can change some off. The parliament is like a skill position and rotation off these individual polygons, and you're not able to create this kind of effect in normal mode and because it's very time consuming. But with pollen effects weaken changed those polygons and rotate him and create amazing if effects, what I'm going to do in his put this politics. And now, if I If I'm going to poly effects, we have different sets of tools. The 1st 1 is the mode. Off this tools, we can have a partial Polly's. If you have some some cat out in these polygons, you can use it about. Full policy means are very good option to start with. So in transform, weaken, transform. Does Polly wants you see that we can create amazing effects. We could enemy there we can. We can have some some effect tours and these other staff. You see that we can change this scale of them and we have some position like this. And also we have effort tours. If you want to add some efectos from McGrath that I'm going to talk about a later on, you can add it. You can add it, your defectors in here and also fall off. You're going to see these kind of menus in all of the Moger of objects like fall off like defectors and transformed your like it did. The menus are sane, but the functions are different, so in fall off, you can control the amount of ethics, the weight of ethics. We can also call it Byeon Bounding Box. For example, if I go to shapes and changes to a linear, you can see that now I have a fall off object that I simply act simply a skilled app. And if I move this around, you see that it just controlling the amount of effect. And you would probably see these kind of effects and most of emotion of graphic scenes on their creating like this. And also we can change the weight of it, the transition and also the weight. You see that it can simply animate it like this. If I created a key in here and go in this key frame and change this this kind of unchained a position of it. Now you see that it's animated on. We can change the shape of it. That's now linear weaken. Have a box in here. You see that we can have different kinds of things we have. We can have some some capsules like this, and also we can change the orientation to being able to effect two different axes like this . It is from politics, and the cool thing is that we can are defectors these f Victor's from from efectos pal, for example, we have some sums of Miranda mythic towards that that AH allows has to create random position and a random scale by go to politics and in effect, as you see that it's applied automatically. If it's not applied in, Most does some cases. It's it won't work. You have to go to epic tours and politics and drag this random random to defectors. Now it's going to affect on your mobile off objects. And if I go to random, you see that we have the same menu as politics. We have some fall off that we can control the amount of randomness, and we have some effect, chores and pictures that we can control on its 20 of it and things like Dad, we can animate it, and also we have parameters. The main things that which, which parliament is you want to. You want to change and randomize it, for example, and how we have position like this. And now it's random random position has random position like this. And if I and now if I'm going to just change our delete, ease key frames and also go to poly fix and follow fun. Infinite it. Now we can change the parameters like this and you see that now Dior randomized. We can change the scale of them and different axes are. We can use uniform a scale like this, and we have rotation. And now if I go to fall off and changes to Lanier and scale it app, if I an immediate now, we have a very nice effect. And if I go to poly effects and in transform and zero down this rotation, we can now have a very nice animation like this. We can animate it. You see that? But doing these kind of things mentally, it's It's very, very hard to achieve this kind of perfect, men willing battle with politics. It's very simple. So now it's from politics. It's Ah, nice, a McGrath modifier that I'm going to that I talk about it. Now let's talk about Kelowna. The main thing, the main on an important mo graph object. So for McGruff, I'm going to create an atmosphere and and I'm going to decrease their ah segment off this issue And now let's add a cloning and put this on the need of this Kloner. And now, by adding this, you ceased that we have some, uh, colognes and duplicated objects in hand. And the cool thing is that your dynamic once, if I change some parameters in the sphere, for example, changing the radios all of dues duplicated arc luhnd ah, objects will take effect of its And if I change this segment of this, it's work fine in all of this and include er if I go to object, we have different kinds of parameters we have Moz in most which type are annoyed cheap. You want your objects to be Clunes and and here we have some linear. We have Linux, we have radio. If I change, you see that we can change account and the amount off there. Clinton shapes and we have ready use. You see that and did great array like this. We can change there. A mountainous clone objects like this, and we have honeycomb parade that is a kind of new in cinema. Four e are 18 version and it's created honey camp a Wraith things. And you see that this line is a straight line is a little bit offset and things like that on the cool thing. One cool thing that I really like about this mode object mode. Arctic more is a very nice mode that weaken dip lick aid. Our objects are clone shapes are clone objects into surface off Arabs, for example, Allen clone these sphere to surface off this this box and and we can use it. For example, creating ah brought water drops and things like that. So if I agree to cleaner and drag this cube into the object now, watch this. All of the's spheres are cloned and distributed alongside of these very heretics. If I go to Cuba and add some more vertex on segments, you see that it's completely dynamic. And if I change the skill of this cube, these objects are a stack into the box, and that is very cool. So if I could go to cloner now, we have some different modes. For example, if you want to randomize the the shape of the Claunch objects and different kinds of style , we have sorted. If I go to Victor's so that we can change the irritation, Onda randomize them and we have distribution mode. For example, if I want to distributed alongside of the surface or alongside of the Vertex, we're going to tell Mo. Grab this Kelowna that dip lick aid this fear onto each word takes off this cube on. We have a judge. If I go to age, you see that in a in each age we have some some objects and we can make this offset and we can change things in hand and also randomized. There's you see that and transform, weaken. Create an overall transformation off thes clone shapes. It scales in these stuff and in effect, or we can add efectos. Now let's talk about if Victor's imagine we want different kinds of a scale. We want to run the mightiest scale of these duplicated objects. If I go to McGrath and in effect or on, I just had a random. Has I added on politics. If I go to effect yours in a random and let's go to Kloner and drag this into the defectors , otherwise you won't get ah, the random ethics. You have to, uh, put it in the effect or meaning you in here. If I go to random. Now we can randomize different kind of kinds of things. If I don't want to change in position, I can simply on the scale and in uniform scale. Now we have this. If I change this and good his fear and make this a little bit smaller, go to display in ground chaining. Now you see that we can create this kind of things very simply. You see that? And if we are going to do this manually, imagine that's how many time we were going to waste and create this kind of effect. And we can also change the fall, all things that were just discuss about it and a strain of this We can simply animated and we have other effort tours that is very nice. And it in here is time that is going to any made a randomly your objects in here. If I go to Kloner and Epic tours and at a time in here, if I go to time now and select properties now it's ah added. Now petition is on, but we don't want which is disabled irritation and go to maybe in position and change the position like this and now watch this. It's animated. It just any made it infinite as much as you have the frames in timeline is going to an immediate, randomly. And if I go to scale, change, uniform skill, you see that and what I'm going to do in here is go to object and maybe randomize its. And at this two volume are maybe Vertex of it. Now watch this, and also we can control them. Fight this and maybe just adding in in scale. You see that already an immediate and we have restraint like like random. And if I go to other factors like we have four more that is going to Annie made according to an expressions. And if I go to Victor's now its added automatically and go to formula, play this, you see that now it's have a very nice animation without any key. Friends would have any things it's going to animate according to UN expressions. And then we can simply change the parameters chained at scale and in rotation as well. We can simply as this and also weaken change restraint of it. Or we can add a follow, for example, that the main thing is that when you want to create a complex scene, you have to makes these pictures with each other and maybe with one if it towards you won't get your perfect result. You have tea, makes these defectors, and you have to play with values. And, for example, I can simply create a very nice ah animation by simply adding a fall off into a fall of animation like this. Now it's it has the animation bad If I just trained a position of this fall, if you see that now it's just coming back to its very first position. These objects and you see that now it's if I change this, you see, it's real time and very nice. You can enemy that also we have some other effects, some other effect towards, like delay and plain that it's going to, ah that we can simply at some efectos like positions and a good Kloner and add this plane. You see that it just give has ah different accessibility, different PIRA mentors on a scale. We have invitation. I can simply change the any need this would fall off and we have some other ethic towards like a delay that um the allows has to create some delayed effect on bond weaken simply change and motivated to spring, for example. Ah, if I let's create and you seen too, I won't show you the exact effect off dealing if I created a very simple cube and just skillet down and add a cloner and put this in a cloner object. And I want to changing, motivates, agreed array and just dip lick a tsum objects in here. Or maybe tree is okay and change the size of it. This ticket crown on me like this. Like this. Very nice. Now let's add it. Um um make me a random efecto and so automatically added on Kloner. I'm going to off disable that position and just add into scale scale like this scale like this and maybe added irritation and also maybe a little bit of position in one axes like this. Or maybe, and also later at, um if it tour off plane and in plain, I just wanted scale of it, you know, from skill like this on now let's Annie made them with Fall off. If I'm going to fall off in random and changes to linear and skillet app and in transition . Follow If I want this to be very smooth and let's and he made this fall off from here, create a key frame going here on chained a key for him like this. Very good. Now we have a very nice animation. And also now let's go to plain and create another linear fall off and the skill adapt and just enemy this like it before you see that. Now, if I play this, watch this, you see a very cool effect in here that you can create. Now if I go to Kloner and add a delay effect, it's going to delay. It's going to create a delay, that kind of effects for me if I going to. If I'm going to mod and changes to spring and add delay, it's already added, I don't need to added minimally. Now watch this. You see some kinds of spring G animation very smooth and elastic animation. Billy is working like this, and if I strained it and if I increase the strength now watch this. You see that it's very nice, and you probably see these kind of effect in most of the motion. Graphic scene because it's that kind of train allergies. You see that it's still working off DeLay. We have different nodes. We have often different kinds of things and bland. They're working like this. Just disputed. Out about spring is very nice. We can also create a fall off for this as well. And also we have a d former that the base option, I think, is the polygon that it's just affected on their actual policy in itself. Very good. So now if I go to Kloner and add maybe at sorry, uh, former law to it and maybe just add this to scale and rotation And now let's go to fall off . And you can also ah, visible and and And she indivisibility off this bounding box and you can also in Very So now let's skillet up and change smoothness and changed it. So now I'm going to off this visibility from thes full offs to being able to easily any meat it easily create key for him in here and change this. Now you see that we have creep just created the very nice effect, simply adding these defectors together, and also we can add some time effect. You see that and we can add some steps that it steps. Ah, step is going to create just just a scale different objects with different valleys and random skill like this. If I add this to scale of them the cloner efecto risen just at s tips You see that it's going to make things like that from bake a little bit and very small. You can make this in each parameters in each positions and rotation and different staff. You see that it's very good. So these air from very important and the best. McGriff efectos. Now let's lead them. And let's talk about another mcgruff object that it's going to be fracture of all night. Ah, if I create cube in ham and change the segment 10 and at a fractured bone I and simply add this underneath of fracture. When I man you see that my object is simply fractured and I can simply are samo craft F. Victor's on By adding McGruff defectors, I can simply change some of the, uh, parameters and to some of the at things off these pieces. For example, if I go to fracture will and I and we have some different offsets. Ah, off parameters like there's we can offset them on. We can colorize fragments and we can create in guns and things like that. We have sores, weaken, generate different sources. And if I added distribution sources here and point, we can increase the pine of it. You see now we have different kinds of pints. By adding the suspicion we have transformed, we can transform them like this. We have effect tours that I'm going to add an defectors in here and McGrath, for example, if I add random, she and now it's randomized, and we can simply create, maybe scale as well and create a full off and linear. And now you see that we can simply create these kind of effects. You see that with fracture Vona. It's simply it's very simple to use, and you can you can use it by adding some epic tours and things like that. In McGrath, we have some other things, like more with fixed. And if I create analytics and here simply, you have you will have a thinks that you can control on McGriff, Victor to it. And now if I type Polly and if you used the's FX option in cinema Fourie. It's same, and the only difference is that you can add McGruff defectors and you can subdivide it and you can change addictive it. You can change fonts and things like that, and you contain the caps and round things, like if you want a flat caps and things like that, I'm not going through all of them because you would probably knew about it because it's very here simple and very easy. And the main thing in here is that we have some all that we have all menu in hand it if you want our defectors that affect all of the's awards toe all of these texts, whatever thinks you have if you have two wars, if you have three wars, you want a bad effect toe effect to all of these things. And if you want to just effect on lines if you want just that, if you want that effect to just effect on, um, wars are individual letters. So now if I go to McGruff on at a random and you see that now, its added and later, if I change the perimeters and random, you see it, It's it's going to affect on individual letters. But if I go to mow Tex on, delete this from letters and have this to ward now you see that it is applied and effect to all of these wars like this. If you have lines and all of those fix weaken simply applied in here. So for this, I'm going to apply this to a leather and now we can create amazing things like before. If I changes to Lenya and change the direction to Maybe I'm not sure Me too x m and smooth and scaled app and animated like this. And you see that just an immediate individual things. We can also maybe add some scale options like this and add another victors like plain and at, uh, scale to it and also go to fall off and in Linux shoes plus X and also at this plane to him later and in plain, just enemy this and also in plain. If I go to play and change the amount of skill, Yeah, and also change this to like this. See that? And also do you think we can have some rotation in him? See that on we can lead to plane. And also we can lead to random and Addis Um, for example, time You see that on different kinds of perfect tours, you can apply all of these defectors and my recommendation is that you have to check all of these defectors and make familiarize yourself with these defectors on mo text. And in McCraw, we have some most blinded. We can create its blinds on a motorist blinds that is going to affect We can create this blind stad. We can easily we can create this blinds that thes McGriff defectors will will affect on on that explain. For example, if I add more formula in defectors off most plane, you see that formal is added. Now we have this blinds like this. This plane is a McGruff object. And if I go to object, weaken, just create changes starring pint and in pined and can offset out like this on we if you want to create explained on on a pad week and simply out of the creative apart and attitude here and in symbol, we have lent of it. We have segments. We have different kinds of things. We have curves on different parameters, like paint and twist and like guard. Like I say you can at all of these victors to being effect on these most planes. And you see that like this eso. And now another thing is that I'm going to talk about a moat racer. Very nice things in him. If I create a cube and clone it me as a radio and Adamo graphic victor off time to it any being time, I'm just adding in position Did. And now if I add a Motrin Theresa and an entry, sir, here is we have a tracelink increasing. I simply I can add this cloner to it, to trace to be increased. You see that It just create ISP line according to animation, off each individual cubes on. The cool thing is Dad Ah, you have access to all of these things in here. You have access to all of these parameters. And it's not just working with mobile politics. You can simply applying different objects, the normal objects to being traced in lines. And how can we use thes lines, weaken extra these lines as well or weaken sweep, for example, If I simply we can use the whip to create a object because now they are not. Render herbal there, nan, render Renda rubble and we can use, for example, a sphere and create a sweep and put all of these traits or interest feet. Now you see that we have these kind of effects. It's very cool and very complex looking things like this. Which feet you have to add your shape. Which sheep you want the streets or to be an entry and tracer. You must add this circle and trees are into a slip into a sweep modifier like this. Very cool. So that was from a graph. It was It was a very brief introduction. If you didn't use McGrath from in your life, it's a good introduction. It was a good introduction for you guys is not a complete McGrath. It just overreach to mcgruff into cinema. Four e. On. Don't forget to check out project off this class that I'm going to create and put on the class project. And if you create amazing things on McGrath with McGrath in cinema, Fourie, please share it and the meat of this class in class project area on. Don't forget to check out other polygon motion courses on a scale share. My name is E to share and see you guys next time. 4. BONOUS: object along text: Okay, guys, it's a bonus. A lesson for you guys has a project as a class project. I'm going to create the fixed on. I'm going to, um out of some different shapes to it. And I want those shapes to follow this fixed. So now let's start with this project. I'm going to I text in here from from this area and skilled app and change This takes to Polly are no McGruff hand. Put it in him now let's create our sphere in hand. Also created a clue in Kelowna. Put this any cloner options and an object for for for following for creating those type of effects to to put this a sphere alongside. Of these is supplying to follow Jesus plein of the fixed. We have to change the motor object and simply advest Text in here. Now you see it? All of them are at it Onda stacked into SP line of this text so we can simply offset them like this and also weaken Simply increase the counterfeit like this and distribution I think it's Smith irritation and also randomize it. Now we can change the raid that we can change it storing pint like this. You see that To create these kind of perfect? Very nice. Ain't also leads. Scale it down a little bit. I think this is few. Just scale it down like this. And also, I can add some some other objects in here into one Kelowna like cube. You can simply add it in here. And it will also add alongside of thes things in here. And also when I'm going to doing Hayes, go to text, maybe just changed it spacing. And also at another objects like this. And now let's add an effect. Tours off random. Not just in position, but in skill. And if I read that you see that we have You have a good nice is starring pine offs. It'd if rates for aviation, we have random seed. You see that We can change this count. Amount of counts. Now we can add some formal effect. See that? Like this? It's very nice. We can simply change around the my seeds. Yeah, and also at a plane to scale. And we can anime this starting point in him like this. And and I mean this I made this. You see, Now we have a very nice effect like this alongside If I were fixed, it's very cool. And you can even do some some other things. For example, changing the size of this a few years and around them seat and also change if effective. This Ah, Victor said we have just apply like this on other amazing things. So that was from a bonus lesson. And I hope you guys enjoy from this lesson as well and see you guys next time.