Christmas Ornaments in Polymer Clay, Easy Sculpting Techniques | Jackie GERNE | Skillshare

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Christmas Ornaments in Polymer Clay, Easy Sculpting Techniques

teacher avatar Jackie GERNE, Polymer clay artist and illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Making the Snowman

    • 4. Making the Polar Bear

    • 5. Making the Fox

    • 6. Making the Penguin

    • 7. Painting and Details

    • 8. Attach and Varnish

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class


A fun project based class where I will guide you through creating 4 christmas ornaments to decorate your house for this winter season.

No special skills needed for this class ! It fits well for beginners. 




Making the Snowman

Making the Polar Bear

Making the Fox

Making the Penguin

Painting and Details

Attachs and Varnish


- Please note, is children take this course, it will need to be done with adult supervision. 



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jackie GERNE

Polymer clay artist and illustrator


Hello creative people ! I'm Jackie :) I always loved art since I was a little girl and have been sculpting with polymer clay for several years now. I'm very pleased to share my tips and tricks with you to create some cute things because art can help so many people to feel great ! Let's have some fun together ! 

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1. Introduction: Hello, I'm Jackie. Polymer clay artists on Etsy since 2017 where various jewelry for all seasons. I also have a YouTube Chanel while my biggest club, sure, like video yams cartel. And in today's video, we are going to prevail for Christmas. We are going to make this Christmas ornament. For example, we are going to make snowmen as sanguine folks. And these are very easiest. Make sure you step-by-step. And so let's get going. 2. Materials: We're going to need a MRC sclera this time. Black, white, gray, dolphin, bright pink, light thing. This is a tangerine arrange and read in Indian rate. And we also need some tourism and basic doors, digital life. N, some paint, black and white paint to make written details at the end. And important. Some fabric you can use. All close. I found this at my home. This will do just fine. Also gonna need some textile fabric, glue, glue to glue the fabric on pieces. Once we once they make it out of the oven. 3. Making the Snowman: So to start, we're going to start with the snowman and the like and make it about this size. I'm going to make the betting. After snowmen. We don't communicate through Lenny. So it's sort of this side. And same thing, we are going to make the head. So try if it fits. And so trying to make it about the same size. And now I'm going to make the arms. You see if it fits, which fits, you make a ball. You see the size of this bar. And we are going to make another to make the other arms at the same size. See if it's bigger and reshaped. So you take this bar and we are going to press just at one side. So you get this shape, this shape, input bits, and get down. The same thing with the other arms. And now we put it on. And now to finish. Just not finished yet. I'm joking. Where the burden of the hat so try to make flat band safe it fits. And we put it on later because we have to put the grant. But first, let's make the bar at the end of the hat. So they're going to make carrot knows under snowman. So take a little bit of orange clay like that, make a book about this size and shape it into a cone like that. And with the pink, then we're going to make two toolbars to tiny birds about this size to make the cheek. That pink cheeks land. Again, make snowmen sat. And so take Makkot bar about this size, and we are going to shape it into a triangle like that. See if it fits. Make it too big at that. And we're going to see and stretched it a little bit. And then like that. And now we can take this part. And we met area, sit and talk. And then I use I use this because it's the only thing that, that I clean. So to a place. With this store, we're going to nine. Nice. You can make. So it's a tiny little holes to go. And to finish, we are going to make tree most blackboards and predict the snowman lady that make it flat. And don't forget to go home. 4. Making the Polar Bear: And the further back, we don't like Jay, you're going to make about this size. And they are going to find out how they can save them. And what I'm going to try to make it so we can fix your recovery. Try to make that happen, to make the head. And they kind of feel it fit and to make it in an entire sake. So we're willing to join the two clouds, compress down a bit. Childhood two thoughts. See, I'm covering service m. Now, let's make a guess. So same thing. First. Let's see if it fits. This is too big. This is, and so let's make a var to do at the same size. So you wanna craft. And with love. And I couldn't do that. Now, it fit. So let's make a bar. So press one side and then you now do the same thing with fitted on each side. And now we are going to make the bizarre. So take dolphin grey clay and Mecca bar about this size. And one to trace. Right? And now we are going to make time to time the board about this size. Very tiny. This is going to be the thing that we are going to make. Tiny. Nor too low. To make the wrong place in touch data. And run. 5. Making the Fox: Now we're going to make the fox. So we arranged to make a bar about this size. And we are going to make it flat. As we talk about. About the same thing as when we are going to take the Beck. And now we can make the legs. So follow folks, try to make the legs thinner. And like that. When it keeps more friends and put it down in a bit more flat. And we are going to cut my income. Graham shape. And look from the brain. Okay. Now, the head, we need little bit more play. And let's see if it's the right size. I don't sing so old, the big, too big. So Morne and doesn't make Anwar ROS. So yes. So my bar is about the size of C. And we are going to shape the 0s. So press which your fingers to make to make death. It was shaped on both side. And when she came in. And let's try to put it to the body and to see what it looks like on the other side. And it's a bit over the neck. Is part is going to be we're not going to see this bug because the scarf. So there's Amanda, ours looks so now that we, that we can dig into their claim to make. So the modal shape and that. Ok. And now for the arms. Yes. So make a boat in the same size. Second in terms of done with the folks, because this part and this part we're going to find it afterwards. And the Yanis, well, I'm going to bring them in black and the laws. And this will be done after we bake it. And also very important, don't forget to make war on itself. And so we can put a dash to hang it afterwards. 6. Making the Penguin: Now let's make the penguin. So with the black Claire, make a ball about the size. And four are going to make that case. Now, let's make the hand and see if it fits. I forgot to pick up the tab and make it even. And now let's see. So what it says is this bar. It's about this size. So make it red. Putting in the two tracks to see. And let's make ours are gonna be made bit different. Doubts. And show you what size. So. Make a bar about this size. And now going to like this, like this. And good, another bit Schroeder and read of some standard of same size. Now, we're going to take the orange Claire. A Mankiw, wins nose shape. Given triangle. Lag, lead dust, no man like that. And we're also going to take make two balls this size to make the fit. So make it flat. Take your pick and make 29. Like that. Same project. And we did enter Finland. And we're going to take the fink Clegg. And again make tiny balls to make the cheek. And the last thing, the rest of the Penguin lid, the faint. Much more easier. And that and thank you to Mike Law. The penguin. So I meant that this line. So I can and make two balls about this size it out and put it right here. And you can make tiny holes to make them look nicer and finish. But don't forget to make whole. They picked carefully that oh, he's nose. Now, let's put them into the oven. 7. Painting and Details: So now that everything is baked, we are going to paint the details. So for the snowman, we're going to take black paint. I use a tiny peak to make such tiny details, but you can use Tiny Bradshaw. Everything you want. I prefer this. So we're going to draw and it's now It's going to cut the fabric. So I took this one for the snowman. And I got approximately a piece about the science and to make it to put it into tonight in this spot. And this. So let's see. And usually I, for insulators press against this width. We are going to make with the black paint. He xyz. This is I'm going to cart it night. This is what ones the faint is dried. I scratch. Correct. Some of the mistakes are made and like that. And there are swans are to dissuade Prince. The heated above and group BY other folks. We're going to take who I thanked and put it on a rush and thing that 1M over his face. And he's very good. And you can click Done. So then the idea is, and for sure brush. And now with the black, they were going to make it a full. And gt. Now the flux is dry. Weekend make his eyes. First is nose. So it would be easier if we make listeners first. So we can play scored three PIs. Folks, I took this one. And again, a big piece, a tiny piece fits a MOOC. Okay. So now further, we are going to pay it basically space to a great date. So be careful you're so close. And so the first one, I'm going to make money and put them on the face of NPV. So great, creative. And now the Dr Earth, so creating XYZ. This might look good. I took a break and I filled out a new piece. We can see again, put some glue to sift. And the kill terrorists. Now. Press. Or it can, she knows. Best. 8. Attach and Varnish: Oh, to attach them. I just took this space. We'll call them. But you can use your own, you can use any type of code you, you're going to put. And then a bit of a foundation that we use. The symbol first brownish. Yeah. Okay. 9. Conclusion: So here, there and drawing. So I hope you're enjoying his bass. Leave me comments and see you next time. Bye bye.