Childhood Memories : Learn to make a Paper Boat (Origami) | MOHIT BHARDWAJ | Skillshare

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Childhood Memories : Learn to make a Paper Boat (Origami)

teacher avatar MOHIT BHARDWAJ, Creative Explorer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Material Required

    • 3. Boat Making

    • 4. Boat In water

    • 5. Bonus Tip

    • 6. Project Work

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About This Class

Transforming a sheet of paper into a work of art is a fulfilling and meditative art form.

This class guides you through the basics of origami to make an easy boat. Also this class will help you to relive your childhood memories.

You don't need any previous knowledge of origami to fold these! All you need are a few sheets of paper.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Creative Explorer


I'm Mohit Bhardwaj, an Engineer, Artist and an Explorer from New Delhi, India.

I started Art as a hobby but with time it became an important part of my Life. I find my inspiration in my day-to-day life See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. Welcome to my class. In this class, I will show you how to make an easy paperboard that floats. This is a very simple or they can be class that even the bigness can attend. So this class is for everyone out there. In the next video, I will tell you the material that I'm going to use along with suggestions for the kind of paper to be used for this board making. After that, we will start with board making, followed by floating that bought in water. I will also share the bonus tip at the end. That will be very much useful for you. In the end, there will be a fun class project for you that you all have to submit. So let us start. 2. Material Required: For this paper board, we are going to use a thick sheet. But note so t, That gets hard to fold as we have to make a load. So fold for making this paperboard. Also, the sheet must north be so thin or verbal absorbent like paper towel. Because we have to make this board float in water. But yes, if you want to make only bought and not want to float in water, then you can use any kind of paper. Here. I am using the sheet that is a little glossy from one side, which makes it good to be a part of the project. As the shining side will absorb water very slowly. In this class, I will make the port in such a way that the shiny side will be outwards and non shining side of the sheet will be inverts. So I suggest to observe the sheep carefully and proceed as per my steps shown in the video. So let us begin. 3. Boat Making: Let us now start with board making. This is the non shiny side of the paper, and this is the shining side of the paper. To start, we have to keep the non shining side of the paper upwards. Now, fold this paper into half. And again, fold the paper, tend to have, make sure to fall and make these really that now unfold it. And along this crease made the kind of Ford I am making, make propyl trees to get the proper conditions. Now from the boredom, take just one sheet and fold it. As I am folding. Make sure to pick only one out of two sheets. Make a proper crease by pressing it. Now flip the paper and fold the other sheet on that side. Make sure to fold it equal to the other flat. Make proper crease. Now, you will notice this packet kind of space here. So just open this from this side. And four days, I am also put these clubs all over the place properly. Now fold this, could turn it into a shape triangle. Just as I am doing. The only thing here is to make properties to get proper finishings. Here, again, this pocket kind of space is formed. Now we will repeat the same step, open the pocket area and make folds as I am doing. Now is the final step. Take a close up look and observe here that here is a flap that we have to pull out from both the sides. Just pick this flap and follow the steps I am doing. Here. Our board is ready. Just press all decrease for ones. And it's done. This board is looking really nice, isn't it? We will try floating this board inverter in the next video. So keep watching. 4. Boat In water : So guys, as we are ready with our paper board, it's time to float it inverter. So let us put this both inverter. Here. I have this container in which I have some water. And now let's put our paperboard in it. And it is floating. You who and how hair the voter is still. That is why the board is at once port only. But during veins, the border keeps moving. And so the boat floats and move along the voter. But don't worry, I have a bonus tip for you, using which you can make your board float and move in still water. So what's the next video to know? The bonus tip. 5. Bonus Tip: So here is your bonus tip. As in previous video, you'd noticed that the port was floating in still water but not moving in it. This step will make this still bored, moved even in distilled water. Firstly, here I'm using the same board that I used in an earlier video. But I recommend to use a dry board while doing this so that you are bored floors for more duration of time. Now, I'm here using a small amount of hair shampoo and applying this at the bottom of the paperboard, the brand or type of hair shampoo is often no concern here. Just use any hair shampoo. Now, observe carefully. When I place it inverter. The port is moving itself. Isn't it? Great. Amazing, right? This is the same board that we used in the last video. And it was not moving at all. It was still here in this video. It moved itself. So this was the bonus tip that made your paperboard move even in distilled water. To just apply a small amount of shampoo and enjoy the magic that this, I'm wrapping up this class. Your project work is in the next video. 6. Project Work: So guys, here is your project work. Try making this paper boat on your own. Make sure to use the paper that is suitable for voters. You can refer to the lesson materials required of this class to know about the paper type. Click a picture of their boat and upload that picture in Project and Resources section of this class. Also, I would love to see if you're bored, floats in water. So it would be great if you add a picture of your boat in the water. This is totally optional. Also, if you don't want to miss any update regarding my newest class on Skillshare. Do not forget to click the follow button on my profile. Thank you so much for joining. Bye bye.