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Celebrity Level Voice Lessons 101 - Beginner Level

teacher avatar Ashley Mandel, Professional Vocal Coach - Producer - Songwriter

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Intro and Class Project


    • 3.

      Lesson 1 - Breathing


    • 4.

      Lesson 2 - Turning On Chest Register (Singing Low Notes)


    • 5.

      Lesson 3 - Turning on Upper Voice (Singing High Notes)


    • 6.

      Lesson 4 - How to Balance and connect Voice


    • 7.

      Lesson 5 - Style - Vibrato/Licks and Runs


    • 8.

      Lesson 6 - Mastering Your Song (CLASS PROJECT)


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About This Class

Ever wanted to learn the tricks of the trade that Celebrities are keeping secret to how they acheive a flawless sounding voice? Well you are in the right place! 

In this class you will learn how to sing with celebrity level vocal tips and lessons to help master your craft. With each lesson specifically designed to target each area of the voice, you will learn how to sing stronger and expand your vocal range with a few simple lessons! No prior voice lessons are required to get started! Any voice can learn and benefit tremoundously from this course.

We will cover how to breathe, sing in chest and upper registers, blend voices, and how to develop your style and Master any song to fit your voice! 

Start Celebrity Level Voice Lessons 101 - Beginner Level today and lets get started on your dreams!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ashley Mandel

Professional Vocal Coach - Producer - Songwriter


Ashley Mandel, is a Celebrity level trained vocal producer/instructor. She has over 7 years of experience in the music industry. Ashley is Berklee College of Music certified in Voice and Songwriting and is continuing her education in music production working towards her Degree in Music. Ashley is a 6 year YouTube Sensation with over 20 million hits on her videos with her channels combined. She has an extensive knowledge with the background of the music and social media industry and can help you reach your full potential of your dreams. Specializing in Celebrity Vocal training, Ashley has changed voices into gold. Whether you are a new singer or are an Advanced Vocal performer, Ashley Mandel is the right fit for you. Ashley teaches WORLDWIDE through Skype or ichat (facetime) so even if y... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. And welcome to celebrity level singing lessons. 101 My name is actually Mandel, and I'm going to be your instructor for this course. I was so excited to have all of you guys here today, and this is something that you are going to love. Have you ever wanted to learn the tricks of the trade on how celebrities get their voices to be so strong, so clear and it sounds so easy for the missing? Well, I'm your share with the method that I teach is so easy and it progresses your voice so quickly That was in the first lesson. You are going to see results. So each lesson is specifically designed so you can get a stronger, clear, more balanced voice and is a healthy way of saying a lot of other singing methods out there tend to make a strain and you squeeze this method is going to really help you. Nice, easy feeling that celebrities feel and have throughout the whole singing during this is gonna be a stress free course. You're not gonna feel that stress of having to take those notes right away, but you're going to see every single lesson. A result in your voice. You don't need any prior experience to take this course. If you're a beginner and just starting out or you're a professional, you've been singing your whole entire life. This is the perfect course for you. It's gonna help you get a stronger balance voice and gonna help you progress to reach your dreams. I've certified from Berklee College of Music in voice, piano, song writing and music production. And I have been teaching for over seven years and I've loved every single bit of it. I am basically land area, but I also teach on scut. And my students ranged from 3 to 85 years old and counting. So I enjoy enjoy what I do and it is summer worried. So this court is going to cover every single part of you boys that you need to know. I was gonna help you with breath control breath management. How does your low notes have us in your high notes? How balance your voice and also like grado, which is kind of a little bit more style and how to gain your style so perfect herself. So whether your country artists with your rock artist or you want to be a country and extract artist. Pop artists are being hip hop rap with everyone into We're gonna cover it all. We're gonna help you get started on your dreams so but could start. 2. Intro and Class Project: Hello, everyone. And welcome to celebrity level singing lessons. 101 My name is actually Mandel, and I'm going to be your instructor for this course. And I'm so excited for our class project. The class project is going to be a song of your choice. Whether you want to see a Mariah Carey song, you've always wanted to sing your whole life. But could it or one of your favorite tunes on the radio? We're going to get you to Cygnus all crystal clear perfectly and have a amazing balanced boys without that stress. And it's gonna be so easy, simple and quick. So what you're gonna have to do is on your first lesson. Take a recorder. Whether it's an MP three, whether you're recording a video like I am right now, take that. Can record yourself singing the song of your choice. Don't worry. There's no perfect On our first lesson. You're going to see that this is a test and the test boys, we're gonna kick that. Compare it tore and result with each lesson we're going to track our progress on how are boys sounds. So your first lesson is gonna sound totally different than your sixth lesson when you recorded yourself. But that's the beauty of it, because you get to see how your voice transforms. All I have to do is upload your MP three or your video to the Class Project Gallery to gain some work for you back from your fellow students as well as myself, and we will get started on your dreams. I'm gonna be here every step of the way to help you guys, to get started and to achieve every single goal that you have wanted to with your voice. You already contact me any time and I'll be there for you. So excited to have all of you here as a part of this class, and our first lesson is going to be on breath management and how to breathe properly. So let's get started. 3. Lesson 1 - Breathing: All right. So in this first last, I'm gonna show you guys how to breathe properly. One singing We're start making any sounds of their voice. It is important to know how to breathe properly. What a human told about breathing before. Have you heard that you're supposed to breathe from your diaphragm? Review her that you need to take really, really deep breaths. So I'm saying breathing is one of the most important things you need to do correctly. So I want you to take a breath for me. How did it feel? Did you feel you couldn't catch her breath? Or do you feel like you got a really nice, deep breath? Either way, I'm gonna show you guys how to do the best breathing exercise in the entire world That will even help you with your everyday life. Most people take really shallow breaths when you breathe. It's like caught like right here and your shoulders and chest move. That's not as good for your singing because you can't really get the most maximum out of breath. And you can Have you ever saw babies like lie on their back? When they breathe? You see the bones expanding. That is because they're taking the most deepest breath that they can and getting all of that air to the bottom of their lungs instead of just being a shallow breath like this favorite correctly. There should be no movement in your chest or your shoulders. There should just be a 360 degree circle all around expansion of your shop off your body. So when you really want to have a go instead of are we want to just have a knife. So I'm gonna show you guys how to do the deep belly break. So what we're gonna do is I want you guys to stand in front of him here for me. If you have one, wherever you are, and this is gonna be able to show you guys how you are breathing, it's gonna show you over your shoulders, and it's gonna show you everything that you're doing incorrectly and also correctly. So all these lessons I want you guys to make sure that you're standing a problem here so you can see your progress and how you are work. Just stand in front of a mirror with your hands on your ribs and your film in your last rib in your back. So it's gonna look like this. This is gonna be your support system. One saying and what we're gonna do this. We're gonna do this throughout every single lesson. Until you start breathing properly on your own. I want you to pretend that you have a really small coffee stir between your lips or, if you need help. You could also use a coffee store or a little strong like this to keep your mouth nice. And Parker So this is gonna help you get the maximum capacity without having too much or too little. So we're gonna keep her hands right here, and we're gonna do a nice inhale through our lips and go, and you're gonna see if any of this moves. That's not what we want. But you want to make sure that that's why we have the support system because you're gonna feel your wounds expanding. If you're feeling along is expanding. That means you're doing it correctly. If you're seeing your shoulders go up and down in the mirror, that means doing incorrectly, so just kind of practice with it. But we're gonna do a nice Miller breath again like this. And you have a nice breath. My chest to my shoulders didn't move at all. So I'm gonna show you the incorrect with We don't want that. So that's why we're standing around this miracles. We're going to see exactly what we're doing, right? And wrong we're gonna do what we call the snake sound is gonna help. You have a nice correct breathing and how to balance your breath breathing, Bennett. And we're gonna do the snake to release the air. So let's try to do this on account of eight. So put your hands on your wrist. Take a nice inhale and hiss thief when I try to do this on account of eight. And this is gonna really help you have proper breathing. So every time that you're doing this makes you have that air going in the bottom of your lungs and a nice inhale so you can see rebs expanding. So the last we're gonna do is on account of 10. Are you ready? All right, let's try to get. And now we're gonna hiss. Look, we're blowing a house down for 10. Theo, You could try this on 12 you also want Teoh, but just for beginners. 8 10 works pretty well and it's gonna help you get the best breath over. Let those are deep belly breathing exercise. Make sure you practice this on a daily basis to continue your progress and help you get better and breathe deeper. 4. Lesson 2 - Turning On Chest Register (Singing Low Notes): So now we learned how to belly breathe. I'm gonna show you guys how to turn on and trigger your chest voice register. It's also call of your speaking voice. A lot of people use the chest voice to pull up and what they call belting or people who just don't really have those, Highness. They might go into something that we call also just sitting really high notes, but they're not a strong. So I'm gonna show you guys how to sing in the register that we speak in every single day. All right, So what I want you to do is stand in front of the mirror and hold your ribs. Justus, you did in the previous lesson, and I want to take a nice inhale, and I want you to shall go just does he What? If you're saying someone go because this is gonna help you turn on and trigger your chest register. It's take a nice low in him and say go, and this is gonna help. You guys have a nice, clear sound. So now let's get into the first exercise. This is gonna really help you get a stronger, clear voice. So let's start right here. Take a nice little breath and I want to hear you say go. Just that. Gonna help you match the pitch, so go nice and strong just as you're calling it out. Okay? Time to go. Good job. You did great. Getting to the exercise. Go, go, go, go, go! You think right? It's not that hard that do you feel the strength? That's exactly what I want you guys to feel nice and strong. Try. Here. Go, go, go, go, go, go Right. Feels great. Right going. Go, go, go, go, go, go T o Go, go, go, go! You take a nice inhale with each one. Go, go, go, go T o perfect. And it's gonna get the most strength out of your chest. So that was great. Great job. Let's move on to help. Trigger you're up. Arrest 5. Lesson 3 - Turning on Upper Voice (Singing High Notes): So now I'm gonna show you guys had a trigger and turn your upper high register. So as we learned before, I showed you guys have to get a nice clear cells in our speaking. But now I'm gonna get you guys to have a nice clear sound in your upper singing voice as well. Upper hand voice register usually goes on you some cigarette holder chest register and don't use their upper register. People confuse it. Also with falsetto is a completely different thing than your upper voice. Speak in a chest with minister and it's nice and strong, but usually where we sing, Our Highness, it's not a strong gonna show you guys how to get a nice, strong, clear sound in your upper high knows register without feeling such a string. OK, so now what I want you guys to do is stand facing him here. Just does he did before, make sure your hands are still under ribs with film in the last room in your back to the Taliban eyes expansion, breathing. And you can take your two fingers like this on hold here. Don't worry. If it doesn't sell strong at first, we're going to continue with regular practice to get this to be a really clear sound. If it feels like it's training, try again. That's why we're gonna hold our hands right here. So we don't feel any strain is gonna give us a more support we're going to say is we? We like we like it. So we're gonna start on this note right here deep. What are you here? And so you keep the tongue down, so make sure it's touches your lower bottom team. You're gonna kind of feel it behind your nose. And that's kind of where you want to be going. Well, up there, it's gonna be, like behind yourself. Palette. Not gonna be straining is gonna feel nice and smooth. Try get way, Theo. Great job. That's how we turn on the trigger off the register. So now I want you guys to do is we're gonna take it a step further. We're gonna say the same exact thing. We could also do me need me or you. We're gonna do what we call a three step scale red in our upper hold here. We're going to say it on a year. Why e like you say, Hey, have you have a really nice strong sounded thin hold here? Also, we can also say new. No way. We could also say we way. Whatever feels the strongest team you have most released. Make sure dolls nice and dropped. We don't want to have a clenched jaws. You're not gonna get good sound you, Theo Way, Theo. A great job. That's awesome. That is how we turn on in trigger our upper voice. 6. Lesson 4 - How to Balance and connect Voice: guys are doing amazing. Great job with our last lesson. Now what I'm gonna show you guys to do with how to connect in balance both our chest and our upper voices. This is exactly how celebrities practice. We have two different voices and also our middle boys. We have our speaking voice as we did in the first lesson, as it is in her second lesson, we also have our upper place. With both of those voices we needed to connect them. So it creates a stronger balanced voice throughout. And it sounds like one in our own brain. We're gonna think we have to constantly be thinking, switching from our low notes to our high nose and it's gonna have a nice connection. This is how celebrities do it up. You ever wonder how those celebrities have those really balanced voices over really low? No, to really high note like this. And you don't hear any breakage? This is exactly how they do it. I'm gonna show you guys a little trick already. Been into what we call a lip trip. Gonna sound like this? Put your hands here. We're gonna start on your jaw. We're gonna push up. Oh, this is gonna help her voice get a nice, strong sound and it's gonna be really even. It's also gonna help Relax your voice. If you ever feel like your voices tired out, This is a great skill to do. All right? So keep your fingers here. Joining you got Okay, let's get into the scale. Start here. We're gonna say it's gonna feel it already. Feel that nice, even feeling. I feel a switch over from here. Let's switch into your upper register and just let it go. Don't squeeze. Nice, easy feeling tongue still down Got this way . Makes you constantly breathing way We owe a great job That is the best exercise so we can go from you Oh, nice, clear, imbalanced and that's exactly what we want 7. Lesson 5 - Style - Vibrato/Licks and Runs: Okay, guys, let's talk style. A lot of celebrities have a really great by broader, and if I brought is what we call something that adds a little bit of character to your notes. Just having a flat like Whoa, that's boring, right? We want to have something that sounds like, Whoa. It has a little bit of curvature to your voice. Did you guys have a really great by so no right here facing the mirror and I want to hear you say, no, Just you want Yo yo, yo, let's try so great job. Get nice. Yo, thinking there's a bouncing ball. Oh, perfect. You feel that bouncy ball? Let's say a word. We're gonna do it on three. Just do three by bridal bounces, right? You, even if it sounds like it's strong and it's also choppy, that's OK. It's on our way to getting it there. Okay, last but not least, we're gonna do one last thing that's gonna help with a little bit of stuff. So, Christina, angular does always licks and run. You show you a really great way on how to get your was flexible. We're gonna be saying four different words. We're gonna say, Say me. Nay, no new on a on a scale. So this is the skill guys right there. Right? Keep your hands here. Nice breath. Say no. No, You weigh a little more A little style. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Something only And and ask you on your way to get a nice, flexible voice. Let's try way. Just say, with just one work So needing any we're gonna do with me walking down the scale. Perfect. So that's how we develop our style. 8. Lesson 6 - Mastering Your Song (CLASS PROJECT) : great job. Guys were completed. All the lessons now is the fun part. Now it's time to work on our song. So this is the product for our whole course. I want you guys to pick a song that feels comfortable with you, and it could be any song for choice. Whether it's pop rock arm be. All of these lessons are gonna help you be able to sing that song. Clearly. Don't challenge yourself too much. We also want to get yourself a little push. So if there's a song you always wanted to say, go ahead and try it for my favorite songs and just make sure you pick something that feels comfortable with you every single day that you practice this course, make sure that you sing the song and record yourself. You can upload all to the class Project gallery, and we could all trap each other's progress and how we gain so much more strength and flexibility and balance with their boats. Don't worry at first. If you don't get it, it's totally OK. We're all here to learn. I am here to guide you every single step of the way. This all of my twist today I'm gonna choose is I will always love you by Whitney Houston So my absolute all time favourite songs and it's such a classic I love her. She's incredible singer. I should ride the difference between a celebrity level trained voice and also a weak voice and help to implement every single thing that we did today. Your song. Okay, so I'm gonna close on the piano, but you guys could definitely use a karaoke track, even works. Chest voice. We're starting off with the chest even though when you sometimes starts off with breathy, This is kind of where you can balance it If you could know how to switch back and forth You could definitely do that. But I'm just gonna sing it nice and strong. Strong. So this is the celebrity train level voice. This is how it's gonna sound if you're gonna take it slow. If sure stay. Can I live with my brother on there that I wrote? That's the beginning of that song with the sole every little train voice. How much sugar is the weak sounding ready? Hey, so you can see it stays and it's really flat. It's not my style to, and it's not a strong, so let's keep it going. If I brought up if you need a little more, but you can still do it, I will work with you could work with the word I said. See it. Use one of your tool today. If you feel like you need a little bit extra more helping, it's not a strong you can stick your tongue out and go use your tools that I tell you today you can implement it into your selling to get that clear, Strong balance voice. So if you're the someone on creating in the upper, it sounds a lot like also, it sounds a little bit breathy, but it's actually made upper register that I'm using. But I'm just toning it down just a little bit. The next person gonna have is going to show you guys how to balance your voice is even more and go back and forth from upper register to lower register and in between to get that sound, that sounds like see, keep the drug dropped. Oh baby, you So, uh oh, thank you every step and that's how we do are really strong. And then he could add a little bit of that style in there. You a little bit that Brown also mixed with our balancing that for you. Way to make sure we dig deep into the chance you can get. You can go right into saying it feel the same. So So please don't cry. Way, way, way So we got to go along, guys. And that is our style development over soul. I'm so excited, and I hope you guys close all of your class projects in the Project gallery so we can go in common on each other. Speed. You can update your songs and change him. You could do anything from, like a country song rap song, any song you want posted in the project gallery, and I would love to see your work. Great job practice daily. Make sure you go in front of them here and keep Erian's here. Makes you practice every single day from the premier and track your progress and you will have a celebrity level trained strong voice. Thank you guys so much. All right, life. She's you kind