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Canva for Beginners: Design an ETSY Banner and Shop Icon

teacher avatar Tamara Hall, Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Designing an ETSY Banner from a Template

    • 3. Designing an ETSY Banner from a Blank Canvas

    • 4. Designing an ETSY Shop Icon

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

Learn how to quickly and easily design a custom ETSY shop banner and icon in Canva.

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Tamara Hall



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1. Intro: Hey, so welcome to this class. And this class I'm gonna show you how to create your own custom at sea banner and profile picture. Because a lot of awesome resources that I'm gonna show you how to use, such as elements, how to format text, and how to incorporate imagery into your backgrounds. I'm gonna show you a couple of different ways. First way or to use a template. And then the second way I'm gonna walk you through exactly how to do it from the ground up. Alright, let's jump in. 2. Designing an ETSY Banner from a Template: Okay, so first just go to the Canvas website, And from here we can search for the ETC templates. So in the top search, just type in C. And it'll come up with the Etsy shop cover and an Etsy shop icon. So we can make both. Let's start with Etsy shop cover. So click that. And it'll open up a screen where you can choose a template. So there are a bunch of different templates that you can start with. If you see one that's along the lines of the design that you wanna make. Click on it. You know, it's super easy to change the font and the colors. So if one is pretty close, I would recommend starting with that. If not, you can just click create a blank Etsy shop cover and start with that. And here you can also sort by color. So say if you're Brian's colors, pink can click pink. And it'll show you in this case, there's only one that has been going up. So I'm going to show you first how to customize the template and then I'll show you how to create one yourself. So let's say that we're making an Etsy store for I'm greeting cards. So I really like this one. And I click on it. Alright, so this is our awesome little design that they've done already. I am pretty much like almost everything about this. But let's say I want to change out the photos. On the left hand side, just click photos and it'll bring up all the different photos available so we can do a search. Let's search for laptop. Alright, I really like this girl for the laptop. So all you have to do is click on the photo and drag it into spot and it will replace the photo. If you double-click it, you can drag the photo to center in a different way. So in that case, I just moved her to the center. And then the other photo, let's just replace the picture with a greeting card. So that's pretty cool. So same thing, drag and drop. So that's how you can replace the photos. And then if you wanted to change the text, just double-click on it and it'll make it so you can edit it, highlight it. Pi cubed shop. And in this case, they've got an effect added to the text. You'll see it's kind of got this rounded shape to it. To adjust that, you can click on effects on the top. And you'll see curve is selected. So if you drag this slider, you can change how much or how little ITS curves. If you want to get rid of the curve completely, just click None and it'll reset it back to normal. But I think the curves pretty cute. So let's keep that. There are a bunch of different options in here. So you can just play around with the different text effects if you want to switch it up. But in this case, just going to keep it as that. If you want to change the actual typeface, click on it. You'll see in the top here it says Chloe. So if you want to change something else, just click on the new font and it will update it to whatever you like. So that's pretty good. And then you can change the size, pressing the pluses and minuses, or just typing in the number. And you can change the font color by clicking in here. And if you click on this, you can change the letter spacing. So that's just the spacing in between the letters. But I think it looks pretty good. Double-clicking here. And you can update the text. Same with this one. Okay? And then if you click on the background, you can also change the background color. So I kinda like the teal a bit better. In that case, I'm going to want to change the color of the title because you can't see it because it's the teal as well. I'm awesome stuff. Let's change that to white just so it's a bit easier to read. And yeah, this looks really great to me. So once you're done creating your banner, all you have to do is click download on the top hand corner. Png. It already Bruce sizes that perfectly for Etsy, so 1200 by 300 pixels. And then click Download and it'll save it directly to your computer. From there you can upload it right into ETC. 3. Designing an ETSY Banner from a Blank Canvas: All right, so this time I'm gonna go in, but instead of using a template, I'm going to create a shot cover from a blank file. So I just click create a blank Etsy cover. And instead of starting with a template that gives me a white background. So from here you can choose a quick background color. Let's just minimize that. You can minimize it by. There's this little arrow here, tab. So if you click that, it'll hide it, which is kinda nice because then you can see a bit more of what's going on. So from here you can change the background colors. So whatever color you want, you can just drag it around. Like so on. If you want to use a photo as your background, just click on photos, find a photo that you like. So a lot of different options here. I have the Pro version, so there's a bit more options that you can use, but the free version has lots of pictures as well. And then you can just drag and drop. And while you're holding your mouse down, if you drag it and it doesn't fill up the background, it's going to place the photo on top of the blue background. But if you drag it and so your mouse kinda hits the edge, you'll see it fills up the whole thing. And that means it's going to be replacing the background with the photo. And then when you double-click on the photo, you can adjust what part of the photo displays. So once you've adjusted it, just clicked done. So Alex, pretty good. I'm going to add some text. So you can just click Text at a heading. My shop titles are not the most creative. But hey, so one thing you want to remember when you're adding and text over background is you wanna make sure it's easy to read. Here, you can see that that one e is kind of covering the dark part of the hand and gets lost. So in this case, if I really want to use this background photo, I would probably want to add a background behind the text so I can read it better. You can do that by clicking on elements on the left-hand side and under shapes, just click the square and then adjust the, the square shaped by just holding onto these little corners, you can adjust the height and the width. Since it's now in front of my text, you want to right-click, send backward. That'll make sure that your text is on top. We're gonna change that text color to gray. And let's change the font to something a little bit more feminine. That's kind of cute. So got that. And I'm just going to adjust this slightly so it fits a little bit better around the text and it's even on all sides. And I'm going to change that color to green. There we now, so it's a bit easier to read. We've got a background color on there. If I wanted to add in a website address or e-mail on this banner as well. I can just, So basically all I would do is just copy, so highlight and it'll select those two items, Command C, Command V, and it'll paste it. And I can just, I can basically resize it. And if I wanted to add in some more information, let's say something like that. Let's change the font so it's a little bit easier to read. When it's small, it's a little bit hard. But yeah, so you can basically audience More info like that. Another neat thing that you could do is if you want to start adding elements. So I've added a square element, which is pretty simple. But there are a lot of different other kinds of elements available in Canvas. So if you roughly know what you kind of want to add, just type it in the top. So let's say I want to add a leaf type in leaf, and it'll show you all the different elements that you can add in this watercolor leafs, pretty so. Just click on it and it will add it into your document. If you want to rotate it, there's a little rotate icon. You can just click it, hold it down and drag it around. And then I'll let you adjust the rotation of it. Because my background's already busy and I'm putting this leaf on top, it's looking pretty messy. So I'm actually going to go in and choose a different photo from my background that's a little bit less busy. What's just type in abstract? So here's one that's a little bit easier to see. The things on top abstract backgrounds are, are pretty nice for for Etsy banners, especially if you want to add a lot of little elements on top. So since this backgrounds a lot simpler, we don't need these squares. I can just delete them. I'm gonna change the color of I'm gonna change the color of the title to black so it's a bit easier to read. So I'm just going to adjust where my text is on the banner. And let's add in a flour as well. Since this has a watercolor vibe to it, I'm going to choose a flower that also has a watercolor vibe so it matches. Re-size it by dragging on a corner and bringing it in or out. And you can adjust the rotation or overlap them. If you want to adjust the arrangement of the elements, I have to just click on one, right-click, send backward, and that'll put it behind the other element. Once you're done with your design, just click download on the top-right. The settings are already all set up perfectly for Etsy and click Download and near file will be downloaded to your computer. 4. Designing an ETSY Shop Icon: Okay, so next up we're going to make an Etsy shop icon. And since you've already created your Etsy shop banner, if you haven't, that's okay. You can just go through these steps. But if you've already created the artsy shut banner and you want them to match its fairly simple. Just click on create a blank Etsy shop icon in the top left. From here you'll get, you'll see a white canvas. Then go on the bottom left you'll see folders, click on folders, click all your designs, and then you'll see your most recent designs at the top. So since I want my design to match my banner, all I'm gonna do is click on the banner. It's going to load it in here. And it's gonna look kinda funny because it's just putting the banner kind of in the middle and putting the background color. But this is okay because it's enough for me to work from. Because this is going to be quite a small icon and no one's going to be able to really see the small text on there. I'm gonna delete the text and I'm gonna keep my main shop title, but I'm gonna make it bigger. So to just the size, you can either click on it and change the sizing here. So let's say 150. Okay, that's like way too big. So you can adjust it that way or you can hover over the corner and click and drag. And that'll also adjusts the sizing that way as well. I'm not going to worry about having pictures in the graphic because it's going to be quite small and you won't really be able to see the details in the pitcher's anyway. I'm gonna go back to my elements and add in one of the flower elements and adjust the tax so it's easy to read on top of the flour. Once you're done with your design, just click download. And it's already formatted for Etsy, you can ingest the sizing here if you want a bigger image. So the default is 500 by 500, but if you want it bigger, you can just drag this little circle over and it'll, you'll see the size change right down here and then click Download and your file will be downloaded and ready to upload to Etsy. 5. Class Project: Alright, and for your class project, I'd love to see the ETC. Graphics that you created.