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Camtasia Masterclass: Complete Video Editing + Screen Recording Course

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

42 Lessons (2h 23m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. Camtasia Software Interface Overview

    • 3. Record Your Computer Screen

    • 4. Manage Files And Projects

    • 5. Understanding Canvas & Timeline In-Depth

    • 6. Create Project & Add Media In Timeline

    • 7. Split & Delete Unwanted Portion Of The Video

    • 8. How To Add Text In Your Videos

    • 9. How To Add / Install New Fonts For Your Videos

    • 10. How To Add Typewriter Effect In Text

    • 11. Add Images Or Logo In Your Video

    • 12. Use Different Behaviors In Text & Pictures

    • 13. Add Watermark In Video

    • 14. Blur Out Any Confidential Info Or Watermark From Video

    • 15. How To Zoom In and Out Over Your Footage

    • 16. Using Crop Tool & Add Some Cool Effects In Video

    • 17. Adding Captions In Any Video

    • 18. How to Do Freeze Frame or Extended Frame

    • 19. Add Transitions Effect In Video

    • 20. Cursor Effects: Change Mouse Pointer To Highlighted or Magnified

    • 21. Create a Cool Spotlight Effect

    • 22. Make Video Slow Motion or Fast Motion

    • 23. How To Make Lower Thirds Titling - Step by Step

    • 24. How To Do Color Correction - To Make Your Videos Look Professional or Artistic

    • 25. Cool Video Editing Effects: The Comic Book Effect

    • 26. Color Animation Effect / Change Video From One Color To Another

    • 27. Record Your Microsoft Powerpoint Slide Presentation

    • 28. Basic Editing Of Audio

    • 29. Remove Room Noise From Video

    • 30. Add Voice Narration (Voice Over) In Camtasia Studio

    • 31. Convert Video To Audio

    • 32. How To Add Background Music In Video

    • 33. How To Add & Play Multiple Videos In One Screen

    • 34. How To Make a GIF in Camtasia Studio

    • 35. Green Screen Video Production

    • 36. Create A Slide Show Video From Sketch

    • 37. How to Make Your Video Look Cinematic / Hollywood Film Effect

    • 38. Square Shape Video Editing - Best for Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok

    • 39. Importance Of Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 40. BEST Render Settings For YouTube, Facebook, Web

    • 41. Custom Production Settings For Rendering

    • 42. Conclusion + BONUS

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About This Class


Get started with Camtasia Studio today and start learning screen recording & video editing LIKE A PRO.

Camtasia Studio 9 is a super powerful video editing tool. You will able to record your computer screen with this software and can able to edit those recorded videos. Not only screen captured videos, you will able to edit any types of video with this powerful editing software. 

This course is a course of complete video editing and screen recording with Camtasia Studio Software. It will take you from the very beginning to advance. Open Camtasia Studio software and learn the various panel to editing clips together, audio work, effects, animations, color correction, exporting and much more!

I use Camtasia Studio for my video editing & screen recording because it is very easy to use & fast with a user-friendly interface. There is no complexity like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere software.

Why would you need this?

  1. Camtasia Studio is a powerful, easy to use and user-friendly video editing software. It will become handy to know how to work with it.
  2. Make Fantastic Videos for School, Office, Home, Work, Sales, Shows – Suitable For All Industries!
  3. You will able to record your powerpoint slide presentation with this software.
  4. If you want to make a tutorial and need to record your PC screen then Camtasia Studio is essential for you.
  5. I will talk about everything you need to know in order for you to make your video professional.
  6. Express Your Creativity.
  7. Deliver Your Message to The World.

Be sure to check out all of the course reviews to see how students love this course. From beginners to long-time users, you WILL learn how to best use Camtasia Studio.

My Promise to You

I'm a full-time video editor and online instructor. I'll be here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the course content or anything related to this topic, you can always post a question in the course or send me a direct message. I will answer your questions.

Go ahead and click the enroll button, and I'll see you in lesson 1!


Masuk Sarker Batista

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


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1. Enroll Now: You are inherited because we want to make better videos, right? Welcome to the complete video editing goes with Camtasia Studio. Muscle chapter about the staff and I am the professional delete it or working with deleting or past three years and P Still now, I am the instructor of this course. Now, let's talk about cost or value. At first, we talk about the basic interface of Camtasia Studio, softer than live alkene record you can play this game is played and delete unwanted portion from your video. Adding depth images and logos in your video, adding different type of transition. We were in our video clip, that of any confidential info and watermarks. And adding some cool effect honey. Adding different types of brands which include audio, pilot the defect, the mouse pointer. We're super cool. Spotlight effect in your video. Adding slow motion. Our first Muslim in your video, zoom in and zoom out who they're adding captions manually in new, every type of video recording, Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow presentation, removing noise from you, adequate, adding custom background music of any video, adding bias, Neither Sean. In our advanced video editing section, we will learn how to make GIF inside in Kansas. Yeah, how to play a multiple videos in one is green. Green is green video production. Slideshow video from his cash is step-by-step. So you learn advanced color grading. This way, we can easily make our video cinematic. Not only that, we also learn how easily we can eat it. A square-shaped videos using Camtasia, this table videos engage really, really well in social media. Also, we learned the best rendered studying for your final edited video and mass, mass more. Thank you so much for your interest in this course. I hope you are excited as I am. Now. What are you waiting for taking this course now? Lighting is good recording and editing with Camtasia Studio. 2. Camtasia Software Interface Overview: Hello, What's up, guys? In this lecture, I'm going to talk about the basic interface of Camtasia Studio. So let's get this started. Heresy, different type of tab. In Media tab, we can add different types of media, e.g. images, video. There are also a library tab. In this library tab. We can see some built-in media file are available in this section. In Annotation tab, we can add different type of annotation. In different tab. We can see there are many types of annotation available in these software. In transition tab, there are many built-in transaction available in Camtasia Studio. By going one screen to another screen, we can add beautiful transition effect by using Jack and drop. From here. In behavior tab, we can add different type of cost behavior in our text. Animation Deb. In animation tab, we see German band every level where we can easily zoom in and zoom out our video or insulin hair. Under innovation tab, there also any mention tab available. There are different type of animation available here. They are built-in actually in Camtasia is to do software. We can use them easily in carceral effect. When you record every screen using the software, we can add our mouse cursor effect. By using this invoice tab. We can manually add our bias using this feature. Simply instead was recording and it records your voice. In audio effects. We can add different type of audio or video clip bias or video clips out. There are also some built-in visual effects available. In interactivity tab, we can add a quiz to timeline, to adding subtitle by simply clicking at Capture. This is our canvas. We can customize this canvas. Basically this is a previous section. When you add different type of media file. Here. We can see the preview in our Canvas. We can change our media properties from here. And finally, this is our timeline. We can add different types of video clips, audio clip, text, transaction behavior, etc. This is basically the basic overview of camtasia, is to do software. Thanks for watching. 3. Record Your Computer Screen: Hey, what's up, guys, welcome back to another video. In this video, I'm going to show you how easily you can record your computer screen with audio narration. At first, I just open up the Canvas software. Now here we can see three different options. New project, new recording, open project. Now to Eastern regulating our computer screen, I just simply click on New Recording these patterns. In the select area. Here you can see fully skin is selected by default. That means our fully screen will be recorded at. So I hope you understand it. If you want to record part of your screen, then simply select custom or click on the arrow icon and choose your preferred in dimension to select the recording idea. Alright, we can change our dimension, recorded dimension from here. If we select 70, if we take 701,000 and paste it into our PC screen recorded on just this portion. By Jane. This we can move. Recorded is going position. Now by default, we select full PC screen. In recorded inputs section, we can enable our webcam. Select our microphone. By default. Our system audio is recorded and our and we said Blue Yeti microphone as, as our default microphone. We can stop our audio by clicking here. To enable the audio leak again. We can also change our sound from here. Now for recording these screen, simply click on Record button or press F9 for Easter transcoding. Now we click Record. Now, whatever we saying or display anything in our busy all is being recorded. Suppose we open a browser and type and search for anything. All is being recorded in the show is to do. Now for Easterbrook encoding, simply prints on actin from your keyboard. Are recording is complete and gum tissue is to do automatically open. Now, look at this. All things are recorded. And in this way, we can easily record our PC screen using, I'm sure is to do. 4. Manage Files And Projects: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to manage your culture is DO files and project. Let's get started. In our previous lecture, we'll record our screen. We see these here are recorded. Raw file is saved on our deck stop. In TREC format. Our file is automatically saved on desktop because we select Export file as local shown to temporary is tourists recording file. You can change this by clicking on Edit, preference, click on Add bands, and change your location. Here. In Medellin section, we can see our row recorded file are recording, file is rho is going recording. This is also a cross platform compatible. That means we can use this file as Camtasia is to do for PC and come to your Mac project. If you are using Camtasia is to do harsh on 8.3 or idea, then you recording file will be dot cam read. This file is only compatible with Camtasia is to do PC. I'll write to save these recorded file as a project. Simply click on File, click Save, and type any name, whatever you want, select your saved location and click on Save. Our culture is to do project file is successfully saved in our deck star in CPR or J format. This is our raw recording file and this is our competition is to do project file. This is the file we need to open to continue working with this project. 5. Understanding Canvas & Timeline In-Depth: our new country shoes to do campus and then and then give us the flexibility and power took , waiting where it's going cast and very editing in this lecture we talk about How are you gum tissues to do can bath and family. So let's get it started. What is canvas? Basically Easy's. The previous section off Hampshire is to do what we see in our campus. Our viewer see at stake. Ladies, we can do mean are Jew mount by simply click hair and jack it down. All drag it up. This is automatically maintained. Did you expect Croatia if we working with biggest screen and see the details off our campus simply he care. Antley 200 are 300 to June out. The's Gamba's click on 50 are simply press control and plus or minus two. Junie and Juno our gun mess. If we jacket over there, we see on Lee what is busy able in campus. This will not be easy, but to be visible. Jagged. Don't How do you see when we to mount? There is back color is visible there. We can change this color by simply click on project sitting. We can change our color by changing her. We said it black and our gamba's damage in we can change from here we select the best sitting 119 20 by 180. Okay, we also wrote it our canvas by simply drag your mouse in media and then to move it to rot it toe crop any portion, simply click on crop and you can crop whatever the what person you want. Now we talk about gambling. Indemnity income tissue is to do that is all about track. In every jack, we can act different type off video are you transition effect? An addition. Also, we can add pictures in our family if we want to add images, Then lead the plus sign toe at a track and then import media from your busy and jagged her . We can add unlimited check by simply click on plus two separate audio and video files. Simply click on here and right click on it and click separate video and audio. We can eat it. Are you file and be Do fine separately using traveling. Now we can it it our audio And did you find separately for our editing purpose? We can zoom in and zoom on our tech by using these and we can also increase our breath height using these. So this is basically the busy overview off come to share is to do can bus and family cancel watching? 6. Create Project & Add Media In Timeline: Hello, My daddy Student. In this video, I'm going to show you how to quit project and add Millea in company is to do timeline. So let's get started at first open you a petition then click on Create new project are softer is open now click on file and the import at then select media. Now we see like a sample image and see like a sample video. Now click on open heresy Our image file and we do fine. Now drag this file into our 10 lei. How do you see our video and audio file is embedded in this video clip Two separate peace simply rightly on these and click separate audio and video. Now we can idiot video and audio file separately in our come to show is to do timely before you want to add image after this video Simply click on this image from the media being section Jagjit After this video Then if we bled these heresy after finishing this video, I want em s buffs up. We can act different type off video images and transition in Templin. So in this way we can is liquid a project in calm pleasure is to do and we'll ableto add different that off Media five in family Thank you so much for watching 7. Split & Delete Unwanted Portion Of The Video: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to exploit and car portion of the video in Asia is to do we already have a sample? You in our family. This is our audio track off the video. And this is our actual video. If we want toe Yes. Did the video in this portion then simply click on split Our press s from you keyboard. How do you see? We successfully is strict. Our video track two is split this audio track peak on audio check and Lee, we split again Now we satisfy early spit our audio and video track off our bill You if we want toe split this video just in one click that simply right click on this and police is free to all By leading this, we can easily east beat rund Do check just in one click to deal it Thesis segment off this bill you simply click on got our press control X from your keyword Our audio is remote. Now to delete this little video portion simply see like this clip and please God. So in this way we can successfully east it and cut the portion of the video. You think, um, she is to do tags were watching 8. How To Add Text In Your Videos: Hello. What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how toe a text in your will You using come to show is to Dio So there's get started. This is actually a little bit confusing. How toe act text in William Because there are many types off shape available in an addition section be doing this one and this one thes two are very much similar. One text is small size and another is big samples. We act this fun If we see like this one, we can change our our tech phase mentally for distant with me like this and dragged here Well, let's remember Put your takes over your William For these we can see text on our period. So change this text simply click here and double click in text Then our text is highlighted . Now type whatever you want now is graduate toe change the front size You can still eat here . They're also Alan meant option available This is the eastern front off the text. If you don't like this text, then you can easily changed our Texas style by legal hair There are many die off front available simply like any of this. Then we can make it bold, bold, italic and Rabel There toe Change the color off this text. Simply click on her. You can change your dicks together. Suppose we add the's diaper off shaping text in our video. Not only that, by selecting all we can see all of this shape available income to share is to Dio for this time we at this one now drag attire for change Dis text simply doubled League on you Next Our text is highlighted Now again, dive whatever you want. Okay, Done In the same way we can change our text from here Art can change our color if we want to change color off this shape Then click on these annotation properties. How d c that blue collar off these shape? We can easily change our ship by clicking here are using mental Simply click here simply click on mental and then select any of this color. No, we can also change the opacity by dragging piece also can increased thickness against capacity. We can also change shape by using these drop down menu. We also can use any off this text and customize these by using the property section. So, guys, in this way we can easily add text in our video using company shares to do. Thanks for watching. 9. How To Add / Install New Fonts For Your Videos: Maybe you are working in camp Tishia on it. Want a sardine front in your project that you're working on but come to share doesn't have it. So in this particular case, we need to add custom phoned in Camp Russia. So in this video, I'm going to show you how to download and install custom phone and use it in Kampuchea so we don't need for the delay layers He started there some free fund of sex out there but one of my favorite toys that is www 10.1001 freeform start calm. Large soft reforms are available in these outside on these are the least off categories and Harry see also new forms and forms categories. Let's say this to my C Leg Martin Fund and these are the available modern farms. Let there this time we download these sf is sports night fund down with this one. Simply heat on download. Look, our forties just download it. Now I just open this up and how you see edge If I now I yes, simply extracted And here you see a couple of bucks shirt off these sfp sports night formed . I just simply installed the 1st 1 to instill these. Simply open this up and he don't install. So are installing is now complete. Now we need to restart these companies. She's to do software to realer than you farmed. I just close this one and opened this again. Now, toe Allah, taste simply go toe Anna to Sean on this time I selectees seeing both farmed. And this time I dive. My name is but his dad. All right, now on the right side Under formed their search for asset his boss Night wand on. Here it is. I completely conditions And look at this who just actually at a custom foot income touche studio. And in this way, you can easily download any type of farms from online and use it in camp Tishia. Pretty cool, right? Thank you so much for watching 10. How To Add Typewriter Effect In Text: Hello. My idea is to dance in this video. I'm going to show you how toe add supercool type. Little effect in any text, just like these. Hello. My name is Batista. Awesome. Right. So, without any further delay, let's see how to do these. So adding this type off type pet effect is actually pretty easy at first to add a test, simply goto energy, Sean, and select any text. Estelle, I choose this basic one and Reagan drop it in tabling. And now these two might die. This is the typewriter effect. Now to James Days 40 Still simply select these drop down uniformed. And this time I add a formed is just like a vibrator front who just called baristas Elect STD! All right now I said it in media, and this time I navigate to the behaviour ours and select these revealed labor and drag and drop it in these extract. All right, let's play the sleep now. But this is not a typical typewriter effect. So to do this type a terrific in these days, we need to customize teas to do this, select you to extract, and from the very right side here we see option, which is called reveal on, revealed their mystery sections in During and Out in Doing, I said is style non and in out I just simply say it is the man and under in type select this dive, drop down goto text and then select faster. Last are left right wisdom choose fast to last. And now there's greatest Lee. But this is not the exactly what I want to add a supercool depressive effect. Simply said your ISP it from 88 to 100 and by default Officer Sit is 0.5 seconds off. Said is basically the dealer between each animated character. This now I said offset balloon in 0.17 seconds. Now that's played Eastleigh awesome. Right in this way, we can easily add supercool type red. In fact, in our any text, this is the 1st 1 and you should just a good one. Awesome, Right? Thank you so much for watching 11. Add Images Or Logo In Your Video: Hello. What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you how to add images Are lago in your video? So let's get started in our media Been file. We already import a sample video. Now simply drag it into your timeline. Now we add a events Are logo in these video to do this at your image, our logo in your media being You can do this by leading on file import media and then select this. Oh, you can typically drag it here. Now, we at this logo in this period to do this, simply drag it here. You can scratch it in down or up it automatically maintain our expectation off this image. Suppose, Louis. He says this and more. Each year in directo we see our logo. You need to scratch this off. Are you video from beginning to end? No. Let's play how it looks. This came out a couple years ago. It costs a whopping $1500 over today. You could pick them up for about two or 300. What makes Nitro special is that it is a completely different way of taking a photo. So instead of a traditional, you want to customize this level a little bit. Then click on this and in properties window heresy weekend is killed up or down these level and we also can change opacity from here. We also can change our rotation. So, guys, in this way we can easily add image are set level in our video. Thanks for watching. 12. Use Different Behaviors In Text & Pictures: Hello in the new I'm going to show you how toe act be able in our image and text Income to share is to do so. Let's get started in the middle. Been section we already at a sample video and image. Now I simply jack our sample with you in timeline he sees our sample video in our an addition Debt, We see different types off shape available by leaking all we can see all shape have a level income Fisher is to do Suppose we at thes one simply drag it into your timeline. Do it This text simply in double t Condi's now our text is highlighted. Died. Why did he want now? I scratch it a little bit and baggage here? No. In the behavior section we see a very different type off Baber. Every level fit jumped off or pop up real sliding extra. This time we add the sliding beaver toe, Add sliding river in this text, Simply drag it and put it Here are fever is successfully added in our text. Let's play how it lose. Hey, I've got something hot. Far as I know, this right here is one of the world's first Unboxing videos of this heresy. We successfully and sliding beer in our test in beaver. Their tree portion, the being off the bush in is called in the middle. One is during and the end portion off the Babel is called out. We can change the key part off the area to change the beginning off. These people simply go to the property section. Received that in there we can change. Our is starting beaver. We can change the type movement did a shot also can change speed and also can change offset in the hard. During section off these veterans, we also simply We also can change the stand child movement, capacity loop, time offset and delish in the same way in the out that we can change the end off the behavior. By changing these, we changed a little bit off his baby. Let's play how it looks today. I've got something hot. Far as I know, this right here is one of the world's first Unboxing videos of this actual device is from honor, and it's called the Six Pack. So in this way we can easily customize our behavior. Suppose we don't like to be there anymore. Now we need to remove this giver from this text toe. Do this simply right. Click on this text and click. Remove and select all effect or its axis will remove bigger from these text toe. Add another. Simply click any off these on dragons Here. I've got something hot. Far as I know, this right here is one of the world's first Unboxing videos of this actual device is from honor and it's called the Sixth as the same before we can change the Bieber from the property section. So in this way we can easily a different type off our text. Now, we at a image in our video toe an immense I simply go to media vin and then track it in our campus. All you can simply add in your timeline. Now I drag these little beach. Yeah, If we want toe ad be able in this picture that simplistically on the table and seem to drag it here or practice in you Tambling we successfully add beaver in our picture. What you do before indexed in the thing where we can customize picture be even from the property section I changed. He's a little bit. Let's play how it looks. Part here is you're looking at top specifications for a price that's unheard of this baby rating. So guys in thes easy way weekend at different types off Faber in a while and it a text on picture. Thanks for watching. 13. Add Watermark In Video: Hello, my dearest student. In this video, I'm going to show you how toe add watermark in your radio. This is our sample video we already added in our timeline Suppose we add water MMA in these video to do this goto annotation there had a C There are many types off shape every level we can see that dext ah different tape of shade. For this example, we see that the shape toe add these Simply drag it into your emblem on his quest. It's a little rich Could change middle of this text Simply double click on these as die part of what you want. I died Austin events. Now it is worth it A little bit now over your mouth here and you're did a little bit no movie chair and we scratch it a little bit more toe change these background off the shape goto annotation properties Have you see the blue color just big on these and select you preferred color The stent we act east other Now we said our capacity 50 more. We can change our front by leading hair. Done now is Christie's over these video Firstly, how it looks what allows you to do is cheese the focus, the depth of field, even the perspective after taking shots. And here is the camera itself, which is actually bigger than I thought. There's almost nothing on here. There's a big touch screen around back, a couple of buttons, and that's pretty much it, if you so in this boy, we can easily add watermark in our any video. Thanks for watching. 14. Blur Out Any Confidential Info Or Watermark From Video: Hello. In this video, I show you how to bat out confidential info. When we eating. It's one capture video. Also, we learn how to black out your watermark from existing video so that that is started in our timeline. We already imported a sample. It's going recording video in our sample video, which log dean beings dot com with our email address and password. But we don't want to share our even a disk with others. That's why we just blurred thes portion to do this. Click on annotation. How D C Black and Highlighted Step. This is our blood. I come. You just simply drag it into your campus and it scratch it like this. Now we set our blur position with these video, and it's great it over their deaths by nobody see our even that just let's play a little bit. I got my even it. So in this way we can easily bladder our confidential info. He you want toe plan any portion off the screen or pigs allowed in its screen? Then you can in the same way you can use the bladder option. Oh, you can use digs election. Suppose we don't want to show visitor my projects. Indians, we just We've allowed this. When you upload anywhere from the Internet, nobody see my begins project on my account. So in this easy way, we can easily bladder are confidential info and some in for what we don't want to show other. Now we import a another sample video. I just ragged in media. Been now delayed all of this fact from our timeline. And importantly, sir, how do you see a watermark pepper in his with you? Tobler, These out Go energy Sean on and league here and said it here and scratchy over all the Corning Click on Blur in the property section Here we see we can increase our decrease in density to make this natural. We said it in 50. We also can empire blur for our guest known it. Okay, let's Leno. So, in this way we easily blot out any confidential info. Are any portion off our extreme? Also, we learn how toe remove watermark from video. Thanks for watching 15. How To Zoom In and Out Over Your Footage: hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to add Jew me and do more different in our recorded Isman video or any type of food is. So let's get started. We already added. A sample is going recording video in our sample video. Here we see in our browser. We died www dot gmail dot com toe peel These better we add a Jew mean effect To add the simply click on any machine heresy. June and plan. This is our actually the screen TV's hair. Now we just described it like this and who in our type is complete and go to the log in page. We simply jagged like these are simply click. It's going to fit in our temple and heresy to go past it. Who is added for June in toe speed up u ju mean effect. Who can simply is Chris it a little bit? If you want to add Juma in effect slowly, then is Chris it like this? And the second it'll ease for June out. Let's play how it looks. I love now we die Our email address and password, now at a Germany correct in middle of the screen simply jagged. Yeah, and move your disk compression after type E email, address and password. We need to zoom out to do this. We just simply click. It's going to fit. Ah, mentally, you can scratch this. That's playing now again on finding you great. No way, my Jimmy Nichols. If you want to deal it any June in or doom out, you can simply see the people here. If you don't like this, simply Klay any of these and breath stealing from your cable to remove any type off Germany and Jamaat event. So in this way we can easily at Germany and German effect in our Iskan recording video. Now there, See another example from Army Debbie Deb. We import a sample footage. This is our sample footage toe add German effect as the same before we click on animation and Joe Meat and 32. But if you want toe ad June in effect, slowly, we have to discredit it and it'll be more. Let's play again. Now we see the difference now for Jew mode with Blake. He's got two feet to make this Jamaat effects lower. With its prestige like this, we can also copy Thies to me and to Mont Effect To do this simply right. Click on this and play copy best the same Juman effect that look here and league best I copied you Mart Effect a copy and Dan Best in the second, but off Junior and two more defect. We need Fuster to do this sketch out like this. Like this. Now let's play the whole video. So in this way we can easily add Jew me and Joe Artifact in our recorded its familiar or any time all beautiful this. Thanks for watching. 16. Using Crop Tool & Add Some Cool Effects In Video: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to grab any portion, offer video and adding some cool effect. So that's good. He started. We already added a sample video in our timeline. If you want to cut any portion off this video, then a plea on you'll be do tray and leak on grub. I had a C There is the blue line around these, William, for dropping these. You just drag it like these and we are done. After dropping this video, you can please it in your car. Toe on. Select these cramp option leak on here completely continues. Now you can is get eat are down Now I copied these track and this cheat again. No a J jar. Look by using crop tool we at a different type off effect and here to CDs in our campus. Now I show you a another example off giving crop food again. I tracked our sample. Will you in Tambling now Italy. Now I see like our sample drag and click on Rob. Our group option is activated. Now get up. He's a little bit now from the annotation section at any fixed. For example, I died. All that is bolus and said it in middle now is grids. Now is grich this text over the video. Now there's play these video a little bit by So by using cropping toe, we can add different types off. Interesting, prolific in camp to show is to do Thanks for watching. 17. Adding Captions In Any Video: I actually had a very hard time figuring out how toe actually get that close to capturing. To show the final video, I had to play around and figure it out myself. I find that the mental off doing caption works best in our caption death. Andi, In setting here we see a speech to text. If we select this option Camp Vicious after did the boys and they go it for you It waas completely wrong and it really didn't work out. So in this video I show you how to add caption minimally in your radio Using come shows to dio so they get it started We already added a sample you in our tending Now we add a caption in the video to do this click on caption debt Yeah, we see a button at caption Just click on this battle in duration step We said for second when we hit the play button on our video with live far force against we just listen and type are caption hair Just play guys. This channel has just hit 200,000 subscribers He says guys thes general has just hit 200,000 Subscriber now I died exactly these here, This general? Yes, just it. 200,000 south scrapers Now click on the blasting. Now I listen the after four second Read the play button again And this is the best day off my life in this force again, he says. And this is the best day off my life. Now I tap this exactly this here Now click on the blasting again. You don't play with him If you could watch the video from the beginning to the end that mean the world to me on with that if you could watch the video now I said that derision day for president And again if you could watch the video from the beginning to the end I don't mean the world to me this time, he says, If you could waas w from the beginning to end and that means the world to me I just typed these. Now I click the plus Sign Onda ladies, and with that being said, Let's get started. 24th of I said this direction for cheese againt how he deeply with him and with that being said, Let's get started and died. Look, we have done Let's play the whole video, guys, This channel has just hit 200,000 subscribers. And this is the best day of my life. If you could watch the video from the beginning to the end that mean the world to me And with that being said, let's get started. 24. So we successfully add the caption in our video if you want toe customer This caption did a 10 simply click any off your caption Click here. How do you see our farm? We see that formed idea. We can change these from here. I select this one and seeing our for color. Go read it. We can also research our caption foreign states and our caption bank ground. We set it this We can change the element from here we customize our caption a little bit. Just a game, the whole video there. See how it looks. These guys, This channel has just hit 200,000 subscribers on This is the best day of my life. If you could watch the video from the beginning to the end, I don't mean the world to me. And with that being said, let's get started 20. So in this way we can easily add caption in our video and can customize you caption instead . Thanks for watching 18. How to Do Freeze Frame or Extended Frame: Hello My day students. In this video, I'm going to show you how to do freeze room are You may say how Toto extended from using country she's studio so we could any further delay. Let's start it. You might want to be doing this because you are doing like a tutorial all you're teaching something and you want to extend it because you need to Time to explain. Eat are you may be doing like a cool video and they're the crazy scene happening And you were doing like a slow motion or fast motion and you want to freeze it and then fast motion are slow. Motion it again. What about you are using these? I'm going to show you how to do it. So for this particular example, I already imported a sample video. The estimize volatilities are do trek from this video and this is the sample video clip. All right, now, if you want toe add freeze frame just in this position. Then said the Stamler alligator in a preferred position and then right click on it and select extended friend. And here you see by default judicial on selected is one second. Now, if you want to say division in five seconds and hit? OK, then in Templin, Harry. See, that is like some cause is stitches happening here. And five seconds later, there is another cross. Instead, it's happening here, and this is the extent a tram. Now let's play the stick. It is just freezing this friend for five seconds, and now it is simply going back to normal. So in this way, you can easily do for his ram. Are you messy? Extended from in your video clip. Thank you so much for watching. 19. Add Transitions Effect In Video: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to add different transition effect in our William. In our medium term, we already added to image and one sample radio We just direct to immense in our template. Leslie, when you go wanting us to another, there is no effect to make this more realistic. And professional oy a transition effect between two years toe transition effect goto transaction death. We seal it tight. All that's why we see all of our available prosection effect. Now we add four drowsy shown between two image toe At this transaction effect simply jack this and boot each. Here, here we successfully added four transition effect between two images. They're split. Harry. See some green portion If we want to modify this transition if it, for example, if we want oh, play this transition effects lower. We just is question it now blame in the same way. If we want to add this transaction, if it faster, we just scratch it down. Not only that, we can add different type off transition from the beginning off this image or video are we can add transition effect in the end off these events Now we add a random transition effect at the end of the image and we at fair transaction from the beginning up to Seamus from the media. In Jeff, we add another really on and from the transition debt. We at diesel transition from the beginning, off the video, Let's play the whole track now. So in this way we can easily a transaction effect in our photos, our previous. Usually I use transition different at the beginning and at the end off my bill. You. Sometimes I'm speaking for a long time or if I am talking a mystic or something, and I want to cover it up with boot in a transaction, you can use any off this transition effect. Whatever you want. Parents were watching. 20. Cursor Effects: Change Mouse Pointer To Highlighted or Magnified: What is Carson? If it It is basically when you use your mouth you can make it larger for people and these is helpful when you are doing tutorial videos and you are explaining this stuff on your busy screen. If your mouth pointer highlight it, then people can follow that you are doing on the screen. In this video I will show you how to use this feature income. She's to do so. There's get started Heresy. We already added a sample recorded business screen. Remember you Onley add this carcelle effect if you record your is created using come to Sha show they are Iskan recorder. If you record a video using your mobile camera or go pro or something like that, then you can't at these Carson If it now if we want to castle effect in these skin recording video then simply plea on castle If it how do you see Castor highlighted effect Car store magnified effect on castle is part late Effect I personally like Castor highlight defect toe at this effect, simply track this in you video In our campus we see our car sarees already highlighted yet to remove these cars to effect on Add another You just simply rightly on your view, Jack, and remove all effect. Now I drag cars are magnified. If it e r bill, you drink heresy. We successfully at Carson magnified effect. Do you know the seam being removed? Our select all effect? Not only that, we can also add most left Lee on right click effect to do this simply drag any off you preferred effect. I just simply drag in our blue clip for the right leak off mouth. What? Yours Whitely ripple effect To add this, simply drag it in. Julia, check. Explain heresy. We successfully ad rift Lee on right click effect. In this way, we can easily add Carcelle effect. Cars are magnified Effect our car So is sport Lady for custom lived on right kick If it thanks for watching 21. Create a Cool Spotlight Effect: I just played a clip. Right now I see it just went black on the outside and then it is highlighted. What? Waas on the feature article on Wikipedia and that is called the spotlight effect. In this video, I show you how to add cool spotlight effect in our video. So let's get started. We already important a sample video in our timeline toe. Add the spotlight effect simply goto allocation and sleek blur and highlighted. How do you see that spot that effect? Just drag these you can us. Then I sketched these in our feature article, then said, You're the spotlight position to make this more professional. We had fifth transaction at the beginning, off spotlight effect and at the end, off the spotlight effect. We're done. Let's play, you know, dish, eat everything else. Sarah is darker and a little bit bloody out off focus. We can also modify this spotlight effect to modify these simply take on your spotlight effect. Then we see the intensity we set our intensity. 70 heresy are surrounding is more Duncan now? So in this way, we can easily at all the sports lead if it in our early video. Thanks for watching 22. Make Video Slow Motion or Fast Motion: hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how toe add slow motion and fast motion effect in our periodically So there's get started now. We played a simple video happy That's Parliament. I was reading a book because it's 2017 about Well, this is a video that I am going to be doing a test for the slow motion and fast motion. At first we add fast motion effect in this sleep to do this lightly and league at clippers beat in the property step. We see our normal speed is 1.0 and our total beautician for one minute and 22 2nd and Tremlett is for him toe add fast motion. We simply change our speed from 1 to 1.5 and press enter. After adding fastest speed, we see our total Bidu Delusion is now for one minute and once again now our video ease is being it up. Now our politically is speeding it up. Let's play. A lot of people get lonely. I think that most suicides, most breakups are all in. It would be funny to fast for what his boys are. Slow down his glass Now. If We want to add slow motion effect in this video clip, then simply changed. This is from 1.502 little 0.50 heresy. Our video division is far cream in it and four second. Let's play the video grip now. Sure see the difference between slow motion and first motion. We can easily do these by changing. The expediently is big. Go back to default with it. Are is bit 1.0 and press enter Now our video is back to normal. So, guys, in this way we can easily add slow motion and fast motion effect in our video. Thanks for watching. 23. How To Make Lower Thirds Titling - Step by Step: Hello. My name is to dance in this video. I'm going to show you how to add Lord stars in her very ugly. So at first, learning to know what is lot ours, Lord Turner's actually is like a little thing that pops up on the S queen. And it is really saves your name and your tighter in the beginning of the video. All right. I already added air sample. We look live in Deming. Let's say you want to lockers at the very beginning off this video clip. So to do this select media and then go to the library tat and had received by two different options. And one of them is motion graphic waters. Just expand these. And here you see, a few different garters are available in these companies to do so after you can use any of them lurks a system. I use thes lord, our template to add these in these really symbolically and drag and drop it right? Yeah, all right. On Garrity's now to set this up simply is quite it and set it anywhere you want, and I just simply say that you are all right now by default Here you see, the text is tickets. Mid wicket. Smit, come to Shia and campus here to change this text, simply click on this little plus icon to open the group. And now here you see three different elements off these laptops. Now, this time I see, like the 1st 1 on a double click on these on these text blocks is not irritable these I might die. Number one You do, Jenna. All right, now I see, like, the second break off the slaughter. And it is these days on this time I type teaching man session. All right. Now, for the last one, I was simply tired. He style pistol and fitness. All right, we are almost done. Let's play the sleep now, in case it hasn't sunk in already. I care for you guys. I really do. And I don't want you messing up with your scanner. How you overall look. So today I'm gonna go over the top six mistakes. Supercool. Right? So in this way, you can easily add LA tires in any video glare. Thank you so much for watching 24. How To Do Color Correction - To Make Your Videos Look Professional or Artistic: Hello, my dear, is to dance in this video. I'm going to show you how to do a basic color correction in campus. A studio So we don't any further dealers started. I already at IHS sample you clear in template to Easter doing color correction before that to see the difference better. I just simply split it right here. Now my one politically divided into two clicks. Now let's say we do color correction off our second part off this sleep toe. Do this, select you perfectly and then click on these bizarre effect Step and they receive a bunch of different bizarre effects. Are available to do correct action simply Seelert color adjustment and plead and dragon Drop it off. You prefer tely and instantly heresy. By default, it looks like a black and white video clip for color adjustment on the right side. Here we see a color adjustment up shawls and under these are you see brightness, contrast and situations later. I just simply slightly many mates. The bill off contrast, brightness and in Christa paella off saturation. To make this colorful, I just simply said contrast in around 60 and increase the value of situation a little bit more to make this more colorful. All right. Yes. Our basic color adjustment is done listlessly. Basically, for whatever reason, Google decided on Oreo on the pixel to excel. They will show just s RGB, which is a certain range of colors, All right. And this is the BVs one do about it. That's just the way it is. It's not a deal breaker. It's not a deal breaker to most people s RGB, which is a certain range of color, makes sense. Right. So in this way, you can easily do correct correction using color adjustment inside off time to choose to do , to make your videos look professional and artistic. Thank you so much for watching. 25. Cool Video Editing Effects: The Comic Book Effect: Hello, Miter Instruments In this video, I'm going to show you how to add cool comic book effect. You know you clear so we couldn't afford the dealers started by the forties. We need to know what we're trying to do in this video. We just add a super cool comic book effect just like this one list lady slave. A little bit about how much time throughout the year you spend on YouTube just watching advertisement. So when you're signed up to you to read, no ads, In fact, I've signed up for you to read toe have no app. So this is basically the original one, and this is the after adding supercool comic book effect to add the same exact this effect on these flu Klay actually processed pretty simple, go to visit effects and drag and drop it this color adjustment. Then by default, it is going to be a black and white video. Now I minimize the contrast a little bitch and decrease the brightness a little bit more and save situation below 20 to make this milieu totally color less. And now I goto an addition, and it on these chefs icon and they receive a bunch of different shares. Now I see, like this white one and drag and drop it in this previous screen. Are you just simply drag and drop it in Tambling All right. After that, simply click any off this corner. It's ratchet like these and then simply feel the ship off this whole video. All right, now, from this timeline, I just is quite it. Like these took about the whole video clip. All right now, from the very right, I select thes annotation properties icon and change feel color from white to blue on, minimize the opacity and said it in 40. All right. And yes, we are done. Let's play the sleep Earth the $10 a month that it costs right now at the time of shooting this video. So here's kind of the five most important things that you get with it, and then we kind of give are also you can is littering this color by simply using these drop down menu on using the scallop Icka. Choose any off you preferred custom color. Let's say this time we add green are you may read to make it more interesting. There's a month that it costs right now at the time of shooting this video. So awesome. Right? So in this way you can easily air different type off super cool comic book effect in numerically. Thank you so much for watching. 26. Color Animation Effect / Change Video From One Color To Another: Hello, My streams In this video, I'm going to show you how to add a different type off color animation effect in your enemy . You clip. So this our sample very likely. All right. It looks like very natural toe. Add different types off animated calorific in these very quickly, simply at first, go to an emission and then select any Mr Tab and Lee, Custom and Dragon. Drop it, in your view. Do track. Now. I just simply scratch it like these to make this a little bit longer. And then I just simply goto visual effects and select colorize because I want to add color off these or one a video clip. Now I simply drag and drop it right here and said Color green and minimize thes mellow a little bit more right now, I said my damage and negative right hair and from these calorie section off this color drop down menu said color it. And, uh, I said this damage and negative right here and said Color in Lou on. Finally, I said, Gala in this Barbara, all right. And yes, we are done. Let's play honestly right now for only five bucks, including free shipping. The Dollar Shave Club has a special offer for all of you guys. So you can try out their amazing service for basically nothing. I mean, $5. That's what you spend at Starbucks and Starbucks isn't gonna make you look as good as this will. So, for only five bucks, you get the sample there, Charlie. A bottle off their cleanser. Awesome, Right. It is just changing color over and over again after a certain period of time. And you can easily do this using the custom animation and calories effect. Thank you so much for watching. 27. Record Your Microsoft Powerpoint Slide Presentation: Hello. We're seven guys in this video. I'm going to show you have to record you. PowerPoint. Slight presentation. So let's get started. Basically, we can record our apartment presentation with companies use to do softer. But before that, make sure our come to Sha Alan is at it with Microsoft PowerPoint. Do check these. I just opened my Microsoft PowerPoint Now. Now go to file and click on option, then click in advance heresy. Our competition, adding, blacking is already activated in our minds. Off PowerPoint, Please. Not that when you instill you come to history softer in you busy come to share, adding automatically activate it in Microsoft PowerPoint by accident. If you come to Shia, adding it's not activity, then click deserve a late him from here and leak go. If you come to just do adding visible, then we must see that accomplishes to do adding option. Here, Just simply click on these Aunt League level. Our comes. Your Allen is already activated. That's why we close it now. We already have a sample pop into condition. I just opened these to record these parkway and slight show. Simply go toe any step. How do you see a record, battle or microphone are with game Gammon a preview and accomplishes to do record in option . You can active you webcam by clicking here. Now go to the camp to share record ing option. Now I talk about the few important option. If we want to add watermarks in president is recording. Then simply click on in good water Lock after these. Jules, you logo. You can see the regal in little window. You can be scaled up. You watermark are down or change the position from here. Okay, when you record ng you, we can sit our microphone by clicking here. I used to it the microphone. That's what I see. Like these the microphone bullion from here. For the record, these you can capture the system audio too. We can change the video from let a select 15 you against set abou gamut from here in recording time, you can pulse record by placing controlled blasts. Shift class F plane from your keyboard for Easter record E just brace Gone through blasts shift last afternoon. All you can use greatly space for Easter break 40. Okay, now we start our our points like to record to do this simply on record. Our partner and slash or now in full swing. Vote for Eastern recording. Simply Klay in these battles lead to being record. Now I just eat this bottle and come she's Did you disturb rectory? Let's go study. I talk about the recipe off a rocket stir Delavan. I am matching sugar, but instead the founder off Emma's the production. At first we talk about orders barters, Delabar every corners and Delabar can goat. Some of us are brilliant Gouda. Some of us are gigs Some of us have solved 100 off. Easy. Um, problem. None of us are Delabar. Order gold and double ovens de Lima. Why? Delivery matters How many offers? Did a project that we did Don't finish How many off as did the project? We never deployed harmony off us. T the project no one ever is. You will never learn toe delivery Anti. You join the industry backed. You may not learn toe deliver even after joining now is the escape from making work for Mr Gregory. I plea on the stop liquidity. Now we need to say our companies your record E project fight detect friend. I just typed my project name as a rocket start dellape on and save these in our deck stuff to eat it. This part went regularly. I simply click on it. You record. Okay. Now, from the media in section we see our record for DXE file. Just drag it into your family. We don't need will record are working with you too. But we don't need these for this example To delete these work on video. Just right. Click on these and separate you'll audio and video. Now I deal it Our Web cam video. Okay, lets lady slash a record ingredient A little bit story. I talked about the recipe off a rockets to deliver I am much and general by can goat. Now I praise now we got the extra portion off thes William. Oh, Okay, look, we add our watermark and sexually recorder holds bar points light show. In this way we can easy Reckord PowerPoint slideshow presentation with camp she is to do adding tents were once you 28. Basic Editing Of Audio: Hello. In this video, I talk about the basic off audio income to his studio. You know what them then head to see a sample audio. Each audio track in Templin is away from This is the bizarrely presentation off the sound. We record it. You can jag your audio again is lead off also can deal it. Any portion off all your vic. You know what time then? We have to argue. One is recorded with microphone and another is building with this video. If you want to remove audio from this video there simply right, click on your middle track and click separate audio and video. Now our audio is separated toe abilities. Simply select your audio track and kill it. No, we have no sound in thes video. We just under this okay, you can spend the track up for a better look when we select any off this audio break the green line. Just a pair drag up or down toe at just w. Now our polio is much higher. Let's play the video a little bit. I gotta cover them here. I'm always looking at the latest and greatest in a wide right turn. Your William Down. Just leak you are directly and just drag it down. It's there now, the latest and greatest. Maybe you heard the difference between two right to add fit in and fit out options. We have to add audio point to add audio point, just like on your audio track and double click on this. Our one or do point is set up toe another simply right click on the audio break and select . At our new point heresy, we successfully add two different audio point. Now I drag it up and 2nd 1 is down in this video. Are William is going higher? Two. Lawyer. Let's play. Cover them here. I'm always looking at the police by adding, or do plea point. We easily add reading and fed or defect in our audio clip. This is basically the basic off campus Shia audio 29. Remove Room Noise From Video: to make your video more professional. It is essential to real noise from your video. Removing noise from video is very easy in camp dishes to to heresy. We already imported a sample if can recording video. I said the marker from beginning to here. Let's played this portion off the video. What? You listen her. If you are using headphones to listen this video, then you may recognize thes room knives to real this noise from our whole video clip. Simply click on Adi Effect. Here we see the noise. Removable audio effect. Simply drag this in your audio track. Yes, you are right. Our noise is completely removed from these video. Let's play the will you again. Hello. I am much sugar on. Welcome to my wife site Online game So in this is the way we can resume our bilion eyes using camp dishes to Dio. Thanks for watching 30. Add Voice Narration (Voice Over) In Camtasia Studio: Hello. What's happening? Guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how toe advice so far off you any video. So let's get east Edit. We already imported a hitman game play Bill, you file in our timeline This is actually prerecorded game play video off mine If we add boy so far in these video that simply said your market at the beginning are you against plays whatever you want then leak on blast nation then press He started by segregating and Doc what you want toe say Okay now I press is stuck Boyce Record Hitman is my all time favorite game Hitmen is an episodic actually Adventure Will Jurgen Tablet by Io Interactive and published by this card index for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation four and Xbox one. This is the sixth entry in the heat. Minces now it breath it stop and saved you narration anywhere off you hard disk Then we can see No I Liz thinks narration at the beginning off my video. Well, William up our narration a little bit Let's play the view now Hitman is my all time favorite Men and Efficiently Action and Petra Beluga deputed by Io Interactive and published by this car in eggs for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation four and Xbox one. This is the sixth entry indictments is so in this way we can easily and price aware in our any video. Thank you very much for watching. 31. Convert Video To Audio: Hello. In this video I'm going to show you how to convert any video toe audio. So they get started. We already imported a sample billions Song In our timeline, we already know we can separate this audio and video track by league on this and take separate audio and video the his hour Pediatrix. And this is our audio track. But how we export these? Are you fine to combat this beautiful as audio simply click on share That is the option expert audio only. Click on this now select your destination folder. I see that dext of this time now lake on safe heresy are audiophile successfully He stood in our text off. They explained the audio file now way successfully export Are are you fine In this way? We can easily convert any imperial toe audio using counter She's to do softer Thanks for watching 32. How To Add Background Music In Video: Hello. What's happening, guys, in this video, I'm going to show you how toe add Bagram Muzzi off any radio, So let's get started it in our time land. We already imported a sample video. Let's played is really a little bit of a great job. You've decided to eat healthier and clean up your diet. How do you see there is no background music in this video toe? Add a bag down music. Simply important you preferred music. Then drag these in you, Tamblyn and God. The extra portion, all music. Let's play the video now. No, you're done. Summer will be here before you know. And this year you're bringing our background music. Seems to me bad allowed here. We need to William down in. These are different. To do this simply bleak on your audio fight and drag it down. Let's play that. Will you now decided to eat healthier and clean up your diet Summer. It'll be here before you know it, and this year you're bringing its strong. You can also control the William by clicking in your audio track and simply click on properties. You can increase and decrease Julio from here. In this way, we can easily add any type of Bagram music in your radio. Thanks for watching 33. How To Add & Play Multiple Videos In One Screen: Hello. In this video I'm going to show you how to play multiple video in one scream. So let's get started. At first we import our feel sample loosens go to file Click Import League on Media Now I see Let our sample will you and a music We successfully added millions in our media being Now click on library in our library section Come to show is to do gives you some building backgrounds. I see like this one and directly drag it in our canvas in our medium in section I simply drag these video here and now It's scratch these a little bit now I split it here. Okay, now from district I separate audio and video. Now I d let all UK from these periods song because we use our own background music letter. Now we drag my second so and is grich it again. Now you stick this on a separate audio and video on deal it are you again? Now I drag are another sample beauties song Andi is lead it separate our audio and video and did elect audio. Now we add our foot video Now we had a background music. We already imported a sample background movie with Simply drag it here on east. Let it the extra portion. No, we add here, sample text. Andi, scratch it like this from the property section. We change our next cover now from the diesel. If Victor we at some drop shit effect by dragging this effect on our every 1,000,000,000 we had done, Let's play how it looks had we add animated bag down and for different produce song. In this way we can add and play multiple videos. In one scream, tens were watching. 34. How To Make a GIF in Camtasia Studio: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to make JF using Camp Dishes studio. In our timeline, we already added a sample video. If you want to make Jeff with these little portion, then east it it and delayed the unwanted portion off politically, we want to make this video at the GF To do this. Click on the video clip and click on ship our production Wishart Window Papa from her we select Casto production settings. Then click on next and select jf an initial file on he'd click next as the frame rate. We select automatic and and a ball retiring and he don't next. Our currently do resolution is 1920 by 1080 We can customize thesis resolution from here. Beautiful. We choose the current one, then hit next and yeah, we get at watermark You Jeff, he was simply a level these and you see the preview here and a simply select your waterman and then click ok would don't at watermark in these example a plea on next. Then choose your destination folder off the air. We select Dexter Now click on finish now click. Finish heresy on Undated Project Fuller. We see our GF Let's play the GF now. So, guys, in this way we can easily great Jeff using Gamma. She's studio. Thanks for watching. 35. Green Screen Video Production: Hello. In this video I'm going to show you how to use Grace Cream easing camp dishes to Dio. So lives get he started. This is our sample greenest green video. A lot of people to like to use green screen because they can put any nice bag down. We hang them Now we change the background off these video toe. Do these click on visual effect that How do you see a real galler basil effect? Just drag these in. Gammas are regular in you Media track From the colored section. Select this mantle and just click in these green background. Now our green background remote toe. Add a new background off this video. Just select your background and food thes background under thespian Frank and it's scratchy over this video. Let's play how it looks. Have the company. You are whipped treated. You badly tell us about it. No, really, tell us about it. It's why we're here. Black box insurance reviews are fast becoming one of the top. So in this way we can is lead removed. Venous came back down and Adamu background using Come to Shea Studio. Let's see another example. I removed all of this crank? No, we drag it a blend. Sample video If you want to add the state type things in background, this is very much possible to do this simply big, visible effect like you, baccala and drag it into use track and then on color Felix Pento Then kick anyone off this background. Now our background. It's remote. Now we add a bill you as our background to do these important simple background on and scratch it like these. Let's play the whole video. So in this way we can is the remove green screen background and add new movable are studied . Background using competition studio Thanks for watching. 36. Create A Slide Show Video From Sketch: Hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to create a cool slash video. Using camp to Shira is to do so after. So let's get started. At first, we input our even yes, Then from the levity. At first we add a animated background, for example. I select rainbow webs. I simply drag it in our again bus. No, we added dext, go to the an addition and I select this one. No, it died. Okay, open the actress off all day. Now we add a little friend of Sean at the end off this text and at the end, off these animated background. Now, from the media being I add all of these images, you know what damn thing Now go to the animation death In our initial death, Harry, see, some building an emissions are available in camp. To share is to do softer For our first events, we add tilt effect tells ragged and seated in your events. Now we add some from the in effect for our second events were some Juman and do Mart effect . Now I moved my marker a little bit. I was just doing my family and to do my editing better. Now we add another transaction on and for the tarred image we add. Cycle is fresh elections and we at you get it down any mission in our tardy mints and for the fourth Erian's We and full capacity and also and zoom in and zoom out. We heard some page full transition between he's image on and last two images in Beaver Step . We all know there some cool behaviors are already built in income, pushes to do softer. Now we randomly add the's. They were in our every images and and shifting be ever in our first image and add sliding for second and reliever for our card events. Now we add a bag music off the slight show video I just imported from my dick stuff and faggot in your tender. Finally, God out, you extra portion off that rock music. Let's play the whole slash video. Let's see how it looks. - Heresy . How is Lincoln create any slash video Using Can T shirt is to do softer in little time. Thanks for watching 37. How to Make Your Video Look Cinematic / Hollywood Film Effect: Hello. My name is really being this video. I'm going to show you how to make your really look cinematic art. You may say how toe add hollow limb effect in your and in lutely. So we took any further delay. Let's started. I already added a sample blue clip in family. There's latest Live a little bit So this is basically are sampled audio clip toe Add Hollywood lymph It in these very quickly actually process pretty simple. I already imported to files in this middle section. One is grand overlay and another is While it's been bars, these two are actually identifies. You will get this two fires in the Azusa section off these course, So don't worry about that now. I see lack grand Oh, my leg and drag and drop it in this timeline and its gradient like this Dugard A whole video. Now here we see in the previous screen, our video is now a lot more darker. Now from the timeline I see like these grand overlay and from the right side here, you see, we can scale up and down off this crunch overlay and increase or decrease the opacity. Now, I simply decreased a pillow off a positive a little bit and then go to the desired effect. Step and Sylar, colorize and dragon. Drop it on these grounds or while a track. All right. Now, if you want to make you calorie hip er than filic green and decrease the value off amount a little bit are. If you want toe, add something like winter called the style effect. Then select color blue and increase or decrease the amount off this color. And now there's a lady. Sleep a little bit pretty cool. And to make thes warmer simply said color rant and incredible off around a little bit. All right. And now eyes goto the immediate in section and drag and drop it while risking bar, right? Yeah. And for these heresy toe black borders in our video clip on Finally, I just select my main BU crack and then goto visual effect and dragon dropping thes color is option on it and sit color these darker black. And did you the off amount, it'll be it more. And yes, we are done Left lady. Sleep now. - Awesome . Right. So in this way, you can easily add cinematic effect are you may say holy Muslim effect Union video clip. Thank you so much for watching 38. Square Shape Video Editing - Best for Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok: In social media like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram is Catia videos are performing really, really well. So in this video there, so we are going to learn how easily we can eat it is quite short. Videos inside, in Canvas. Yeah. So let's get started. So I just simply open up the campus. Yeah, by default here you can see 16 by nine ratio is our project settings. Now we need to modify, eat at fast. Now to change the genes this project settings to the square, I just simply click on this drop-down and select Project Settings. Here. I just simply select Custom. And this time I see it width 1920 and said height, 1920s as well. And hit play. Right. Now here you can see that is crashed ship is crashing a project we just created. Now. I just simply drag and drop my 16 by nine ratio of video, which is not E squared. Okay? Now I just simply drag and drop it right here. And see our video ratio actually 16 by nine. And overall canvas size is square shape. There we can see two black bars at arab and at the bottom. Now, this time we will add few text to make our video interesting there. So I just simply open up the Photoshop and this time I click on create new document. And this domain set width 19, 23rd, height, 1920s as well. Now I click on Create. So similar type of eschar ship document we just created. Now then again, I just simply create a new document. This step I said width 1920 and set height hundred 80. And this time I'll choose the background color, document background color black. Now a heat on, okay? Alright, so basically this is our video default size, and this is our canvas size on campus here. Right? Now, this export, this video, export this image, and save it on desktop. Right? Now I click and drag and drop the image right here. In these two white portion, actually, we can add text. Hope you understand. Right now this dummy text, let's say, we say my type. Why are there? Now I said that the x position right here and create another text layer. And this time I died seven days in a week. And this demonstrated the color red, right? Actually, you can choose any of your preferred color. And then here, this time adjusting to watch a video. And then just tell my dad, follow us. This time using color picker. I just simply tools that yellow color. Excellent. Now I just simply hide this layer, this black image layer. And using Paint Bucket Tool, I just sit our background color black. Right? Now. I just export this image and save it on our desktop. All right. Now, from the dead stuff, I just simply drag and drop it right here. And I just moved the position and move it to the top of this image layer. Alright, so see how easily we can eat it. Is cache video instead in campus, yeah, actually this type of a Skillshare videos part from really good in social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. So just follow along this video and practice, practice yourself whenever you want to share your 16 by nine to show a video on Facebook and Instagram. Recommend you just convert it to the scholarship and then upload. Hope you will get better results and better engagement. 39. Importance Of Keyboard Shortcuts: cable chart Cox allow you to quickly complete task in Can't. Isha is studio, for example. If you want to record deal is skin you can simply press after from your cable. So we stopped recording. Simply press after in thes time land here, see a video toe, Play this marker and cities in our canvas You can simply breath Is this if you want to, he sleeps any portion off the video You can simply breast s just click on your dilutive and press ask for splitting toe Undo anything Simply breath control plans Jet. They're bilious cable shortcut available in captain shares to do I just talk about the most important fight. Give a shortcut. Check out all give all charter in our next lecture. Hopefully it will be abol toe. So you're really getting faster Using keyboard shortcuts in company shares to do Thanks for watching 40. BEST Render Settings For YouTube, Facebook, Web: hello. In this video, I'm going to show you how to rent it out our video with best quality. So there's good, he started. Suppose thesis. Our final irritated video. If we want to rent it out these video, then simply click on share. You can save this file on Google. Dread are directly can upload the video on YouTube. All the more are is king cast dot com for this example, who rendered out thes Phileo and save this in our local hard dicks. To do this, I click on local our production. We reject. Just pop up. From here we see some different options and before Onley upto for 80 b and for only up to 7 20 b and then for only upto 180 p. Yeah, we also see and before with smart there for 87 20 and 180 p for best redress sitting you do for his book and where we simply select and before with smart, they're upto 180 p. Then click on next. If you put it name on and truth your destination folder I Truth East. There are Dexter and click on finish. Let's play the final rendered video. You guys Johnson here. With holidays rapidly approaching, I thought it would be a perfect time for a holiday tech gift guide. This time, though, for maybe the first time ever, I wanted to get these out early. See, had plenty of time to pick these up for this video. Because if you couldn't tell, I do not need this many mugs. Just look the quality. This is the best render sitting for you do Facebook and where compasses to do dozens support for could rendering sittings and 100. It would be the best rendering sittings far. Can she studio? 41. Custom Production Settings For Rendering: I suppose this is our final militant video. If you want toe, customize our final render sitting, then simply click on Share on and leak Look up Heresy, Some different options. We can definitely share this video on YouTube. MySpace, Google Day Are chemo are rendered. This in thes resolution to customers are render sitting simply click on custom production setting and click on Next. How do you see some different options for audio and four format toe Make Jeff file. Click on these audio video Interactive Blue File late on a B I for Windows Media Video. Click on WMD are recommended for Mid East, and before then he next. How do you see that Contra more option When you embedded our video on the Web, we see the's controller. We can customize this controller by activating. These here are changing on this. Then click on sized M here we see our final resolution off periods says, and this is the ambulances. We can customize this size from here and from the view sittings. We can change our family it from this drop down menu. I select automatic. We can change your key for him and some other sittings we can change. We can modify these from here and in our do sitting step, we can change the secret off the audio and we use Davidoff content. Our caption. We used the's option tests. Now click on Next toe. Add watermark. Simply click on watermark and use your icon by browsing any off logo from hard disk. After choosing in watermark events, click on OK and click on next. Then seal it your destination folder off output, then the finish button are rendering is complete. In this way, we can easily customize our render sitting in Camp Dishes Studio Thanks for watching. 42. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.