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CPA Marketing With PPC Advertising: To Get Sales Consistently

teacher avatar Pawan Dhakal, CPA Marketing

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (2h 22m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Microsoft Ads Over View $100 Coupon Info

    • 3. 3 Contacting Microsoft Ads Live Chat Befor Adding Payment Method

    • 4. 4 Free Tracking Tool Bemob Overview

    • 5. 5 CPA Networks Overview

    • 6. 6 Finding Profitable Offers & Keywords

    • 7. 7 Selecting Specific Offer To Promote & Deciding Keyword Match Type

    • 8. 8 Tracking Links & Postback Url Setup

    • 9. 9 Get Final Url of the offer using Free VPN

    • 10. 10 Create Campaign, Headline, Description, Insert Final Url & Tracking link

    • 11. 11 Creating Sitelink Extension

    • 12. 12 Create Action Extension

    • 13. 13 Create Callout Extensions

    • 14. 14 Bid Strategy and Adgroup Bid

    • 15. 15 Advanced Campaign Setting & Save Campaign To Get Approved

    • 16. 16 Understanding Important Things in Bemob

    • 17. 17 Campaign Optimization & Manual Ad Spying

    • 18. 18 Listen To Me This is Not The End

    • 19. 19 Copy Adgroup & Change Keywords

    • 20. 20 Add New Keywords

    • 21. 21 Change Your Ads in New Adgroup

    • 22. 22 Understand Overall Things That We Have Done Till Now

    • 23. 23 Overview of 4 Different Ads

    • 24. 24 Create Sub Account inside Main Microsoft Ad Account

    • 25. 25 Exclusive Pro Tips For Future Final Lecture

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About This Class

This course is made with my own personal experience and I am still using this exact CPA Marketing strategy to launch profitable CPA Marketing campaigns in Microsoft/Bing Ads. This CPA Marketing course will guide you in a step by step process to launch several CPA Marketing campaigns in Microsoft/Bing Ads by using the best CPA Marketing strategy that is capable to bring sales for you consistently.

*Exactly You'll Learn These Things From This CPA Marketing Course*

- Step By Step Process to launch profitable CPA Marketing campaigns again & again with Microsoft Ads.

- Learn about getting a $100 free PPC Advertising Coupon in Microsoft Ads to promote CPA Marketing Offers.

- Learn about a Free Tracking Tool Bemob & how to use it properly to track CPA Marketing Campaigns.

- Learn about the best CPA Marketing offers to promote in Microsoft Ads.

- Learn to promote CPA Marketing offers by the Directlinking method.

-  And Many Minor & Major Things About CPA Marketing.

This CPA Marketing course covers each & everything that you need to learn in an easy to follow way.

You can easily learn & implement everything that is taught in this CPA Marketing Course.

Everything is taught in a simple & step by step process in this CPA Marketing course. So you don't need to worry either you are a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced Level CPA Marketer.

You can watch the course preview video to learn more about what you are going to learn from this CPA Marketing course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pawan Dhakal

CPA Marketing


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1. 1 Introduction: Hello friends. My name is Pawan Dhakal. And in this video, I'd like to tell my short story on CPM marketing with some social proof. So that I can make you feel confident while learning and implementing the teachings of this course. I started to do CPM marketing on Maxbounty from November 14th, 2018. And I got my first lead on November 15th, 2018. And it was off $1.30 on me. I was very much excited at that time. So I made a post on social media by saying this is the most valuable ordering of my whole life. It is just $1.30. But the ordering is not important in the way I found is to ease the game changer. So I was really excited at that time. And for several days I didn't get any conversion. And in 2008, in November 2008, I got another conversion of 70 $72. And again, I didn't make any money till December 2018. And after that, I am continuously making money till today. So I have been using several strategy to promote CPM marketing offers through Microsoft ads. And I'm going to share some strategy in discourse that will definitely help you to get convergence in regular basses. So in 19 January of friend who might have made online gave us out to me because he was able to generate $216 and he was only one day old into being. So being means Microsoft AD, it used Microsoft AED was called being adds previously, but now it is called Microsoft ads. And he was doing marketing for four years on FB. But I have given him some tips and I have soon him some strategy implemented that and he got a conversion of $216 in max mtDNA that time. Similarly, max Monty has a performance bonus for new CPM marketer would join their platform. And that performance bonus is worth $1000. And I was able to grab that $1 thousand bonus at that time. So in 1950, I have messes my manager, affiliate manager by saying, I think now I'm in Israel for pollen della performance bonus. And she told me, yes, congrats, you need to finish this month off strong and your bonus will be added to mass cutting payment. Ooh. So everything was going well for me and it was all because of the process. I was falling falling to promote the offers. And same process I'm going to see or you see, or we do in this course. Similarly, it was the biggest hit in the month I have made. It was on 11 March to column 99, mid 1700 men and $92 NCBI marketing in one month. And I've also made this pushed. I have removed my friend's name because of privacy consent. I hope you can understand that. So this was a big hit in my CPM marketing career. And after that, I'm constantly making good amount of money. And now I'm making a course to help CPM market or who are struggling to get sales or any new CPM marketers who want to learn CPR marketing and generate sales on a consistent basis. So this much for today's lecture. So I will see you in our second lecture. Have a nice day. Take care and learn and implement everything that I'm telling you in this course. And you'll hopefully see positive results in coming this. Thanks for watching this lecture. Bye-bye. 2. 2 Microsoft Ads Over View $100 Coupon Info: Hello friends, welcome to the second lecture. In this lecture, we'll talk about Microsoft ads. It was previously called Bing ads, but today it is called Microsoft ads. And Microsoft ads provide you a $100 free add credit. If you spin twenty-five dollars in your account, a new advertiser. Soon to visit this kind of Bays of Microsoft AD, you can simply type Microsoft as dollar, dollar 100, DuPont. And searching Google and you'll see various site popping. You can click on any one that you want and see for the one, it is not snowing there. So you can see here various coupon. Now you don't need to worry. Wherever your country of residence, you can simply click on a 100.100 coupon. And you can also click on your Anyone link you want. And you'll visit to this kind of pins. So you can simply put your email address and follow the instruction provided by Microsoft ads and you'll be able to create a Microsoft AD account. So I'm not going to make you by making an account because I already have a Microsoft account. So if I keep on making various account continuously, then my own Egon could get banned. That's why it is a little bit impossible for me to make account. And so you so it is not so hard. You can simply put your email address and follow everything step-by-step. But one thing is important. In most case, when a new advertiser ad the payment information, their account instantly, good, God gets blocked. So if that happens to you, then you can appeal for deactivation of that band. You'll get some linked to contact support at that time. But if you don't want to face such kind of problem, Then after you make an account on Microsoft air, and at the time when you are going to add the payment information, you just contact support through live, live, Jack. I'll sue you that also in our coming lectures. How to do live chat, how to contact Microsoft as support, supports life jet. And you just messes them firstly, before adding the Permian method, before adding your payment method and tell them that going to add your payment method and you have heared that Microsoft AD blocks account after adding payment information. So I don't want to face such kind of problem, please help me. You just ask your support. Asks this question to the support and the support will guide you properly. And you'll have a ready to go Microsoft AD account. And once you spin twenty-five dollar in that Microsoft AD account, then you'll receive a $100 adequate it, which you can use to promote CPR for. So for today, you just go and make microsoft add a count and be ready for our next lecture. Have a nice day. Take care. I'll see you in next lecture. 3. 3 Contacting Microsoft Ads Live Chat Befor Adding Payment Method: Hello friends, welcome to the third lecture of the course. And in this lecture, I will show you how to contact live tech support of Microsoft ads. So once you've signed up to Microsoft AD, you'll see either these type of screen or this type of screen. So if you see this type of string, then you can simply click on here and click on start a light debt. Once you click that, you can set with the support team, are. If you see this kind of screen, then simply scroll down below and click on the this type of account that you have created before. And then you'll see the same screen as it was before. So once you've come to hear the split on year and click on start a live chat. And you just type. I'm going to add my pimp payment method. I've weird that while adding payment information, Microsoft adds block account of new advertiser. So I don't want to face such kind of problem, please help me. Just type that much. And the support will guide you to add your payment method and your account will also be safe. And furthermore, you can enjoy your $100 add credit once you spin twenty-five dollar. So for this lecture, I just want to, I wanted to show you this much. Now I'll meet you in our next lecture. Have a nice day. Bye bye. 4. 4 Free Tracking Tool Bemob Overview: Hello friends. Welcome to the fourth lecture. In this lecture we'll talk about a free tracking tool that is called B mom. So if you click on pricing, you'll see they have a basic plan that is for free. And they have a three month data retains. And that means you can look at the data for this time period for absolutely free. Similarly, they have a 100 thousand events per month for free. And while running paid ads on being, you never reach this kind of events of a 100 thousand. You may reach up to 1000 events, to pollen events, 5 thousand events, 101000 events. But it would be pretty hard to hit this threshold of a 100 thousand events while promoting. You offer your CP offer on Bing ads. So if mistakenly you reached that threshold of a 100 thousand, then you'll pay six or 1000 events after that. And you get this thousand events for free each n every month. So you can simply visit to their official site and click on sign up and follow their simple step-by-step process. And you'll be able to make an account on B mom. So I would like to request you to make on an account on the mom. Yeah. One important thing that you need to use your payment information here also because once you, if you were crushed this limit, we will need to charge you 600 per 1000 events that flight. They asked for your payment information and you need to use UDP, provide them that. So these to make this account. And I'll see you in our next lecture. Thank you. Bye bye. 5. 5 CPA Networks Overview: Hello friends. Welcome to the fifth lecture of this course. In this lecture, we'll talk about Cp and networks. If you simply type base subpoenaed both, then you can see a 100 of CP and networks that are available. And some of the popular CPA networks are like bank, CGF, LET max bounty. So for this course, we are going to use macs bounty. If you don't have an account on Macs Monte, you simply visit their official site and click on RUN affiliate. Once you do that much, then we can become an affiliate. Now you can simply fill up this forms. Fill up this form, and you can skip this because it is asking your affiliate ID. That means if you already have an account on next Monday, you again put that athlete ID and the email associated with that account. And as you can see here, sign up for an account today and you can be eligible for $1000 per phone is Mona's. So next Monday as a performance bonus for new CPM marketers who can make $10 thousand consistently for conjugative three months. So everything is fine. You may face one problem while applying. They may ask you for a website. And if you are, if you have a website, then that is not a problem. But if you don't have a website, and then what you can do is you can simply go to fever and type blogspot website. And you can order these gigs to get yourself, yourself website. Like it is $10, 15, $1.5 dollar. You can, you can ask them to make a website and be sure to ask them to make a website that is related to cryptocurrency. And you also provide name your picture so that they can put that in your blog spot website. And if you know how to make websites and blogs for yourself, then that is great. You can make it yourself also and till them to make a cryptocurrency blog. And then submit that worksite link at year if they if maximum Diaz asks you to submit our website and if there is any option to select incentive traffic, please don't select that. Incentive traffic means that you are going to give some kind of rewards to people to complete, to purchase, or to submit their email address in any offer that are available inside Max Gaudi. So while filling form, if you see incentive traffic, please deselect that. So once you complete all these process, LAN after two to three days, next Monday, we'll call you for a phone interview and they'll ask you some simple equation. There are more than simple to answer. However, while learning from this course, you will learn various things that will help you to answer those questions in phone call, individualism. And once you make your max laundry account, then we can move to our, we can move to our next tip in this course so far today, if you don't have an account on Macs bounty, I will request you to make an account, and then we can move to our next lecture. So there is this much for this lecture. Take care bovine. 6. 6 Finding Profitable Offers & Keywords: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll talk about profitable offer and keyword selection. To do so, we firstly need to log into your maximum d account and click on sorts campaign. Once you see this kind of interface, then just click on salts opsin and deselect everything except starch. And click on My approved offer. And select country, the United States of America. And in category you can promote on any niche. But I would suggest you to go with health niche because there are various offers, profitable solver, profitable offers that you can find in health needs. Click on surge, and then click on this EPC. So this EPC will so you highest converting offer. So EPC means earning part B. So you can see several products there. Now you can check each and every product manually just by making a right-click here and opening, opening it into a new tab. And you can see details about this offer. So before looking at every details in this offer, you firstly need to notice the salts restriction. And there it says no restricts and that means we can bead on this keyword. So the name of this product is genuine. And we can bead on the keyword that is genuine. So I'll copy this keyword and see if it has a source volume on Microsoft AD. To do so, firstly, you need to log into Microsoft account, Microsoft AD account, and then click on Tools and click on Research keyword. Now we'll see the source volume of this keyword. So United States pre-selected. So I can simply paste that keyword here and click on search. So you can see there was 54 sorts last month. And the average CPC while embrace cost-per-click while $0.89. So this is not the actual data, but it is, it. It is closely mast data for this keyword. So you don't need to worry because of the low sorts volume. So the offer payout is $80. So if that means if we make a sale, then we can earn a t dollar revenue. So you can promote eaten US, Canada, Ireland. So you can see about these offers, will talk about these offers and keywords Lateral also in our other lecture. Similarly, you can take on another product. So it has a morning per-click of $1.18. So as you can see in salts districts and there is no restriction, that means we can beat on-disk keyword, the name of the product. So now I can simply based that keyword here and sorts if there is sorts volume per this keyword. So it has a 1077739 last month's objects, it's average CPC is $1.99. So this is just an overview of keyword research and you can bead on the actual name of the product. This is also called brand-building. Similarly, you can see other offers two in same way. So here is also no restriction. So the name of this product is not of actual pinch solution. So it's payout is $55 per cell. So you can simply paste this keyword and see if there is such volume. So as you can see, there is no sludge volume for this keyword. What listservs volume of Norvig shell. So you can further go and resource if that product name is just Norvig shell. So I have sourced some offers for you like ghetto body done. You can promote it on the United States. And it also doesn't have any kind of source restriction. So you can simply copy this product name and do a keyword research and see it is volume per discovered. There's a volume of this keyword. Every CPC Tito $0.8136, click one 46, last month's arches. So this is also a good productive primer. Similarly, I've already shown you avoided skin sale, bro. So I have also shown you about Gen Ren, Ren supplement. And there's another popular offer that says sorted all would its payout to just $20, but it, it may have a massive volume of source traffic. So let's see if Jerry search volume of Tokyo trip. So it is not a massive volume, but there is still a volume of Boolean per Tokyo Madrid, and that is 214.430 risk cost-per-click. So you can promote this offer to my bidding on the actual name of the product. So for today, you understood how to research the profitable offers that you can promote. Now if you see other offers, there are several other offers like, let's see, k2, t 99, D 9-1-1 CPS. So it doesn't allow you bidding on the brand name, I think so it does allow it also allow you, you can source the source volume, OK, finding the exact name of this product, so it's name. Most p-value would be good to E9 11. Or you can also see, click here default landing page and see the name of the product if it opens. So as you can see here, it is also told that here also it is saying Cato De Nang 9-1-1. So name of this product is K22 19, 11. So we can simply copy it and let's see. So there is no any search volume per this keyword. So let's see an Arctic blast. So it is just put email. You can only promote this offer through email. So let's see if it is flexing their growths of lament. So disproved a name is maybe full vaccine, as you can see here. You can just source for the skewered volume also. But before you need to check here. In source restriction, non-negative SU had line can be used on by 3D. Don't buy the discourse. You can, can't use heading like this. No brand name bidding is permuted so you cannot beat on the fall acts in. So if you need to notice about this kind of restriction. So we can promote Tokyo treat. Similarly, we can Ramachandran, Similarly, we can promote a skin cell Pro-C level. We can promote Cato body don't will promote Anyone offer in our other lecture in Microsoft AD. So for now you understood how to find profitable offers and how to check the volume of the keyword. If there's volume or not, if there's no Bowden men, that doesn't make any sense to make an ad on Microsoft ad for that product with that keyword. So for today, this much, I'll see you in our next video. Have a nice day. Take care. Bye bye. 7. 7 Selecting Specific Offer To Promote & Deciding Keyword Match Type: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll decide the offer that we are going to promote in this party scores. And we'll also talk about the keyword mass type that we're going to use in our campaign. So you can promote any offer that we have previously talked. We can promote the skin cell pro. You can promote gender wherein you can promote Tokyo trait or any other offer that meets our criteria of no any sorts restriction. So far this course we are going to use the offer that is called Cato body Don't. We have already checked the keyword volume sorts volume of this product name. And the keyword mass type that we are going to use are called phrase match. This is called the phrase mats. So you need to basically type small literal name of the product and put it in between quotation. And it would be a phrase match keyword. So we are going to use this keyword. And this keyword simply means that every sorts that contains this word triggers our Add to sue. In being. That means if someone type what is good to body don't, our ad will be shown to them. If someone types metabolic don't pricing, our ad will be shown to them. If someone types, what? Sorry, how do I get to work on panels, our ad will be shown to them. Similarly, if someone types ghetto body two and scam, then also our arrow will be soon to them because of this phrase match keyword that we're going to use in our campaign. Similarly, another mass type would be exec mats. So to make a exec MySQL, you need to put the name of this keyword. So the name of this product in between box bracket and that would be our exec met secured. Now this exact match keyword means people need to type the object name of this product, then only our ad will be shown to them. So if someone type ghetto body Tony scam and this cure would be unable to sort out add to them. But the skewer wheel. So our add to them if we, if the type ghetto body don't Scam. So we are using two type of keyboard. One is phrase match and other is an exact match. So decide a product that you are you want to promote. And then make two keywords that MIT Duke yours. One would be phrase met, one would be exact method for that specific product. You can promote several offers with by using CMB strategy. So for this lecture on legitimate will move forward in our course in another lecture. So thanks for watching this lecture. Have a nice day. Buh-bye. 8. 8 Tracking Links & Postback Url Setup: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll set up our dragging link and pushed back URL. You just follow me in a step-by-step process. Firstly, you log into you be Molly count, and then you click on affiliate networks. And then click on add new front templates, template and salts for Max Bond T. If you want to prep for big bank, you can salts glib bank, any affiliate network you want, you can soldier. So I'm searching max Bondi. Now you can just click on this and click on Next. So year, everything is done for you. So you don't need to touch anything. You can put, you can change the name as you want and just click on save. So remember our name is maximum D desk course. Similarly, now you click on traffic source, traffic sources, and then click on add new from template. Now just search for meaning and click on it. Everything is done for you. You're also, you don't need to put anything in this post-fact UL section. You don't need to touch anything. Just click on save. You can change the name. You can put it, anything you like. Click on Save. So now we are not going to use flows and landings because we are going to direct link. That's why. Now you can go to offer and click on add new. Now, you can go to login to your Mac Svante and open the, open the specific offer that you want to promote. For discourse apps we have selected that we are going to promote. Good, Nobody Turn that so I can just simply copy the name of the author and put it at year. Similarly, in case of country we are promoting in the United States, this is not necessary to put, but also it will be easy for you to remember if you are launching too much camping. This click on United States. And in case of tags, you don't need to do anything. And in case of affiliate network, just click on it and select the affiliate network that we just created before some time and that was Max multicores. So click on it. And then again go to Max bounty. And in, and scroll down below to the sulfur and click on bool tracking link. And click on slots. And click on a. You can click on salts are rolling, it's your choice. I'll click on Search and the link will appear here. This copy it. Now go, let's go to be more. And just, let's paste it here. So you don't need to add any better embedded material. You just need to paste the link that you get from maximum D, the scroll down below. Now we have already set up our offer, and I'll just click on save. Now. Go to campaign and click on New. Now name the campaign. That would be good to body don't. Or I can write k, BT. And traffic source. Just select the traffic source that we created before. And that is being desk course. Select the country. It is not necessary, but you can still select the targeted country. So if you click here and you can read chondrocytes and is required to navigate easily through the offer list deselects and doesn't, does not affect that rapid distribution. So it is non-essential. So in case of tags, you don't even need to do nothing. In tracking domains. You can select your custom domain. If you know how to add custom domain are, you'll, you'll also create three domains. Treat dragon domains from B-mode, you can select any one. Now, you don't need to touch anything here. Just in case of caution modal, click on do not track. Because being or Microsoft AD will not send us how much we spent Barkley to be mom. That's why it is also non essential. So after clicking, do not drag. Just click on wilting flow. And then everything is fine here, just off this landing because we are not going to use any lending bits. And once you have this, then it says direct linking enabled. Now you again add offers and offer. This kind of interface will appear and you just click on Year and select the offer that we just. Made some time ago that was united states. Get to Bali. Don't just click on that. And we are done. Now, just click on save. Once you see this kind of pop-up screen appears. If it doesn't appear, then if somehow if this doesn't appear, then you again, we'll do the camping Nim, that is United States Being course gave me D is given to you at outta, offered. Just click on there and click on camping links. And then see pushback URL. So yet is the bush regulator simply copy it, simply copy it. And VO2max Bondi. And then scroll down below. And would it add year? Now year is one important thing that you need to you need to do you just after, you remove it and everything. And based on this, I will also give this thing in the description of this lecture. You can simply copy this much and click on, copy and paste this much. N, Click on Save, sorry, you, you need to select URL, okay, URL. And then you can click on Save. So also you saw so this again. So let me delete it. So firstly, you copy that pushback URL and paste it here. After, you remove is n everything. And then copy this parameter that I'll provide in the description of this lecture. And just select URL. And then click on save. And now, this is our camping URL that you we are going to use in the Bing or Microsoft ads. Just copy it and save it in a nor bad. So for now I'm saving it at year. You just see if this can be a URL on the Nord bad. Now you can cause we're done. You're now just follow these tips and sit up. You're dragging link and post back URL that I have shown you in a step-by-step process. And then move on to next lecture in which will move forward to our camping willing process. So guys, thanks for watching this lecture. Have a great day. Take care. Bye bye. 9. 9 Get Final Url of the offer using Free VPN: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll get the final URL off the offer that we are going to promote from this tracking link. To, To do so we'll need our BBN. So you can download of BPM of Donald beer. Just visit their official site. They have a free plan, just click on get Donald beer now. And they have a free plan of 500 MB. You can just click on try for free and complete the sign-up process. And then you'll be able to download these kind of application. Once you get this kind of application, just select the country that you are going to promote the offer. So in our case it is United States. And just click on here, and the BPN will be turned on. So let's wait. So our VPN is connected now. Now, just either open your account and click on the campaign that you are going to promote and click on campaign links. And then you'll be able to get your camping URL. Or if you have followed the previous lecture than I told you to save this tracking link in your node pair. You can use that to this, copy it, and paste it in your browser. And it the inter. Now let's wait for some time. And this is the offer base that we are going to promote on Microsoft ads. Now you can see there is use parameter. We should ignore everything except from this question mark symbol. From this question mark symbol to the lift copy each and everything from this question mark symbol in each and every offer you need to do this. Just copy it and save it in your notepad. So now this is the URL that we're going to use in the final URL section. And this is the tracking link that we are going to use in tracking template section. So this link is the same link that we have copied from our beam up camping URL, descend. This link is the same. So after doing that much, you can now turn off your BPM and close it. But don't close this is because in our next lecture, we are going to use the texts that are available year to make our camping. So for this lecture, only this much. In our next lecture, we will learn to make ad copies, headline, text, description, and will also place our final URL. That is this one. We'll use this URL in our next lecture. So I'll see you in the next lecture. Have a nice day. Take care. Bye bye. 10. 10 Create Campaign, Headline, Description, Insert Final Url & Tracking link: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll start to make our ad in. Microsoft adds. To do so, firstly, you logging into your Mac, login into your Microsoft account, and then you click on campaign. And then you click on create camping. Please follow me each and every step as I'm showing you in this lecture. So just click on visit to my website and then give the name to this camping. You can give any name I'm giving it gave ET. So use the budget of $80 because in case of Quito body Don will get $80 if we are able to make one sale. So would the price of one cell in your daily budget. However, you can also use $10.50 dollar, that's your choice. But I'm going to use a t dollar and I would suggest you to use one sale amount in daily budget. After that, we are targeting to United States. If you find that in year. You see, if you see here United States and Canada, then you can just simply warrior and link. Let me choose a specific location and type United States year. And hit enter, and then click on target. So in my attic count its source, United States here. That's why I'm going to select it. So in case of WHO just deselect this, because it just means that if people watching from Canada about Cato Bodhidharma in United States. And then it did, this ad will be shown to United Kingdom people. That's why it's extremely important to deselect this. So Lidice remains selected because it is called people in your targeted locus. And that means we have targeted the United States and people of United States and only see our ad. So in language, you just select English and click on Save and go to next step. So here you give a name to your ad group. You can give K b, d a group. And then here you can see inter keyword. So we have already decided what keyword we are going to use. Just copy that keyword. And based here. And once this is done, just click on save N will go to next step. So now it's time to create out AD. So just click on Create Ad. And first thing you need to do is you need to put final URL year, year, and in the tracking link at tracking link at that fragment template, Let me show you. So we have saved our final URL previously in our previous lecture. So I'm popping it. Nudges warrior and paste that link. Sorry. I need to copy it. And then now may do base to do so this link and in more value RL serves the same link. After doing this must just copy you're tracking link. And then go and based in the dragging trim templates, sex and not in any other thing. Lean tracking template. And Gwen based it. After doing this much, now we need to make our title and description. So to make title and description, you need to find everything in the landing based off that offer. So yet you can read these things and see what thing people can be interested in. Like if I can see a hundred, one hundred percent money-back guarantee can attract people. A 100% natural ingredient can also attract people. So in our title one, we are going to use, in our title one we can use by ghetto body, don't know, Saudi duty by good, nobody tune today. As you can see that POD are now entitled to. Let me firstly, bested a 100% money-back guarantee. I've already done a little bit research on what type of title we can use. So under personal money-back guarantees, so this a 100% men in money you guarantee will appear like this in your ad, and it will also Appia, in your offers landing bits. And that can trigger people to buy the product from your link. Similarly, incase of description and the description. So in description one, in Ad Text one year, it will appear like this. So what you can do to right this kind of description it. So let us first read this description. Burn fat faster than ever with 30-day ketosis by using ghetto body don't, I don't want to use this one fat faster than ever with tarp didn't ketosis by using get two-body term. So as you can read, 30-day case ketosis, the easiest way to burn fat natural and see if you can write like this. But if sentence makes sense, then people will be attracted to read this kind of description. So add selected bond pad faster than ever from year. And then with tucked dedicate doses by using Cato body don't talk deduct ketosis is written here. And it didn't get to body, don't need our product. So you can make any beautiful description by. Using the words that are available on the landing bits of that offer. Similarly in Ad Text To get to body tune is a 100% pure ketosis formula. So I took this from a 100% all-natural pure ketosis formula from this work, I have made this and then get your risk-free bottle right now. So it is written here, get your risk free bottle. So because this landing page is made by testing too much and this is all already converse and oriented landing base. That's why if you use the words that are already available on year, then the chances of getting sales become, I'm here for you. So after doing this much, we have made our one AD. So we'll make similar kind of other two air. So as you can see, bike into body, don't today a 100% money-back guarantee bond pad faster than ever with 30-day ketosis by using kid nobody don't get to body, don't eat a 100% pure ketosis form like get your risk prebuttal right now you can beautified these wars, the sentence, but always make beautiful sentence by using the words that are available on the landing page of the offer. So now after doing this much, simply click on save. So once you save, your one ad is already laid, already ready. Now what you can do is you can click on Copy Add. So it will appear here. Now, after that you can click on, as you can see, you can click on ADD. So now everything is same year. Now we'll change some not description. It's okay. You don't need to keep on changing your description. You just need to keep on changing you title because it is the first thing that people will see. So in second title we can use ketone body turns especial promo. Body turned especial promo. We can leave it a 100% money-back guarantee. Or we can also use Get your risk-free bottle now. So for this, we are going to use a 100% money-back guarantee only. So if you want to use this kind of trademark symbol, let me deleted four 1's. You can simply go to Google and source for trademark, trademark symbol. And then just copy that symbol. And from here and paste it like this. And you'll be able to use just kinda trademark symbol. Now, everything is fine here. Our final URL easier, our tracking linkage here. Now you can simply click on Save. Now you can again click on Copy, Add, and go to Edit and make another heating will make another heading. And fish like this. And you can change your secondary. As you can see, a 100% pure ketosis formula. So this a 100% pure ketosis formula is from here. You can even add natural ketosis. Harder question, natural getDishes formula. You can even add that thing also, but it's up to you. So try to make your headline catchy and your description beautiful and easy to read. And if you do that and chances of getting gone version will be high. So now, after doing this merge, just click on save. So far this lecture will we have came to int. Now there are several other things like cycling extension exe and excellence and all odd extension sixteenths. And we'll use this kind of, these kind of extensive in our, we'll learn about these kind of extended sense in our other lectures, funding lectures. So for now, thanks for watching this lecture. I'll see you in another lecture, another lecture where we will make our cycling extension. So thanks for watching this lecture. Take care, have a nice day. Go by. 11. 11 Creating Sitelink Extension: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll learn about site links. So as you can see, we have already made our ad. Now if you scroll down below, you can see add extinction 66600 AD extends on section. And this is where we'll make our site links. Now cycling simply means this kind of result. So whenever anyone sorts, if we have made cycling extensive in year, then it will show up like this. If you make two cycling extends and these two will be soon. If we make for they will see for cycling extensions. Now I am going to teach you how to make these kind of cycling extensions. Now these extensors are extremely important to make because as more element you use in your ad, the higher chance of getting your ad at the top position in being Microsoft AD will be possible. So now to create a cyclic extension, just scroll down below and click on add new side lengths cycling extension. So now firstly, we'll put our final URL and in year we'll put our tracking template. Firstly, we'll do that thing. So just let's put our final URL here. Sorry, I didn't copy it. Let's pay pasted there. And interacting template. We'll use this tracking link. And after that, we'll just select, click on select days and hours. And we'll deselect 24 hours and add bureaus time June. Now, we need to put our headline. So these airlines also, you need to source from landing page off the offer, as I have already made a research on that. And as you can see, natural, safe and effective. Let me put it foster care. Here in LinkedIn. It is. So this means like Nike, new releases, new NYC, Thirty-two costume nights, shoes. So this kind of word that appear in the top of the cycling, it's called link text. So now we'll add description. Again. It is an optional, but I would suggest you to always put the description or beautiful description that can grab the user's attention, a 100% natural and peer. And then ketosis formula to burn fat. So this makes sense. Nigel, safe and effective, a 100% natural and pure ketosis formula to bond pack. Now if we save this and once our atoms start to so our cycling extents and wouldn't be sown in this way. So to get this kind of work, I have used this landing page. So as you can see in link text, natural, safe and effective. I had copied it from here. And a 100% natural NPR ketosis formula to bond pad, a 100% all natural period ketosis formula. So I have edited a little bit here. So you can make a Senseval sentence, the description and I getting linked text. And once you do this much, you can simply click on C. So it says He did exit by one character. So what I can do is I can delete that exclamation sign and everything will be fine. So now we have made our one side think extinction. Now again, you can make and those cycling distance and you can make at least two cycling extensive minimum. You can make Optimized Recycling extensive, but you don't need to make that much long, just make do cyclic extension. That will also grab a little bit more space for your AD and people will notice your ad more. So again, click on Add New cycling, extensive. And now we can select adverse time June and 24 hours. And now we need to put our final URL earlier and tracking template here. So firstly, let us finish that. So now again link text you can find from the landing page. The spec does to make beautiful link texts like limited time offer. I have copied it from no offer. And here it is told that limited time only. So I've media limited-time offer order now to get you Risk-free bottle. Now this risk-free bottle, I hope you understand from where I have brought it. As you can see, and get your risk prebuttal, have made it a sentence auto now to get your risk-free bottle. Now it seems a little bit more beautiful. So it is necessary that you put your striking extension so that you can grab an extra space while people sorts far, get two-body term. So after doing this much, just simply click on Save. Now you're to cycling. Extensions are ready and never forget to click on save. So once you click on Save, then you're cycling, extends and will be sewn to the people whose hearts for Cato body tone. So for this lecture, this much only in our next lecture, we'll talk about X and extension. So thanks for watching this lecture. I'll see you in the next lecture. Take care, bye bye. 12. 12 Create Action Extension: Hello friends. In this lecture we'll understand and make our X and extension. So as you can see, here is a button and that has a text of by now in an ad. So DC is actually called Exxon extension that forced people to click that button and visit the base of the offer. So we are going to make this kind of burden in our ad with the help of X and extension. So let's head over to our being arrogant. So till now, we have made our three ads and do cycling extinctions. Now we'll create an axe and extents and to create x and x tensor, just click on add new Exxon extension. Once you see this kind of thing, this kind of box, simply bring final URL and best here. And in Acts and extensive URL opsin click here and use the fragment link at there. After doing this much, click on select days and hours and select Add beause tangent n, 24 hours. So now the bottom that you Sawyer was by now, but at year you can see it is act now just click on your and you can change the button text to by now. So for this kid to body don't offer it would be good to use AC now because people may want to get a risk-free bottle or people may want to get a 100 person money-back guarantee. So they can, there are higher chances of people to click on act now instead of by now. So after doing this much, your accent extension is ready. You can simply click on Save. So after doing that much, you can see it at year and don't forget to click on, save for this lecture. This much only, I'll see you in our next lecture. And that will make a call out extents and will understand and make our callout extinction. So thanks for watching this lecture. Bye-bye. 13. 13 Create Callout Extensions: Hello friends. Till now we have made three ads. Do cycling extinctions, 1X and extinction. And now we are going to create call out extinction. Goal out extinction simply means this type of format that appears with simple dot in between of each call out text. So now to make lot extinction, simply click on add new extensions, and then click on select days and hours, and click on Add bureau standard. And just see in the landing base on repulsion money-back guarantee or money-back guarantee can be R1 colored extension that can grab attention of people. So let's make this our first colored extends and you can interoperate going to FAP characters here and simply click on save. Once you do. Once you do that, again, click on Add New colored extension, select days and hours. Click on Add bureau standard. And 24 hours. And let us see. Another would be a 100% natural. We can make this head our colored text. So let's put it in here and click on save. So just keep on finding the call-out texts from the offer page. So now again, let's click on add new cortex tension. Select days and hours. And they don't add Bureau time, dune and 24 hours. And our target colored texts can be loved the way you feel that is at here, loved the way you feel that we can put this call or text add here and simply click on same. Similarly, another collared extension can be risk-free bottle, or you can also write, get your risk-free bottle. So this prebuttal can be, so it is written, already written, you'll get your risk prebuttal. So this matches our lending mistakes too. So you can simply click on Add New Column extension for the texture. Click on select days and hours, and click on Add bureau standard and 24 hours. So we've gone same. After doing this much. Don't forget to click on this. So now we are done. So these are the essential extension that you need to use while running. Camping on Microsoft AD with the strategy that I am teaching New Year. Now these other extensors are non essential for this campaign, according to my experience. So we'll only use three adds to call out, sorry to cycling extensions 1X and extensions. One for call out extensions. So after doing this much, again, simply now click on save and go to the next state. So then you'll see this kind of screen. Now, I'll talk about this in our next lecture. So thanks for watching. See you in the next lecture. Take care, bye bye. 14. 14 Bid Strategy and Adgroup Bid: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll learn about business strategy and ad group B. If you have already said you're camping budget, you can change it at year if you want to put it 40 or maybe 50. But I'll use 80. It's your choice. So after doing that is simply, I can click on here and you'll see three type of BD strategy. You completely ignore, maximize click. And I always suggest you to use enhance CPC because it will really help you to get more conversions. But if you want to whom? If you will, if you need more control over your bid, your bead, then you can use manual. If you use manual and you bid $1, then being will. So only to the ad. So only as so add to the people only if it is going to charge you less than $1. But if you use enhance CPC and being can so add, if being believed that that source could bring new convergent, then it could saw your ad and buy even being $1.50. If you have saved your Baidu $1. Or if being thinks that this sorts foreign bring your convergent, then it can reduce your bid to 50 saints also. So that is, that is the benefit of using enhance CPC. So I would suggest you to go with enhanced CPC while using this strategy that I have taught you in this course. So always select in NCBI seem if you need more control over your bed, then you can go with manual. It can also bring your conversion, but my preferred method, it will be always in nth CPC. So once you do that, you just saying you need to have conversion tracking set up to you to use this BD strategy, but you don't need any kind of conversion. Tracking in your disk. Offers, lining bids because simply you cannot put conversion tracking in this landing bits. We only can track out on wasn't in third-party tracking tool. And we are dragging that in our beam off. So simply emerged these things. And now in case of ad group, bid, ad group made means the bid that we are ready to pay to the keyword that we are using, that to keyword phrase mats and exec met. So I would suggest you to go between two to $4 whichever you like. So I always start with $3 or $4 maximum for peak. So if I'm bidding for the lab, that doesn't mean that if somebody clicks my ad and I am going to pay for dollar, that would not be the case. It will be 75% to 50% low. Sometimes it may charge us for dollar per click also. But we get a sale of $80 if one conversion happens. So that's why you need to be high because large volume is already low. That's why it is essential to bid more, more. While using this strategy. You can be anywhere from $2 for dollar. We can also use $3, it's your choice. So in my case, I will use for dollar bid so that I can see the data as soon as possible because the volume is extremely low for the keywords. So in daily budget, who'd previously we could have selected accelerated, but now being Microsoft, only provide a standard, standard daily budget opsin whose miss then intelligently pick and choose the right time to serve you ads. We do not have any opsins at year. So after doing this much, there's another thing that we'll talk in our next lecture and that is advanced campaign setting. And this is extremely important. We'll talk about this in next lecture. And we are also, we are also common in nearly the end of the launching, this camping. So for this lecture only this much. So see you in the next lecture. Take care, bye bye. 15. 15 Advanced Campaign Setting & Save Campaign To Get Approved: Hello friends. To now we have selected our BD strategy and we decided our ad group bead. Now we'll see at once camping, sitting, and this is extremely important to do. So, simply click on advanced compensating and then come to add distribution. Now where we want to distribute our ad, where we want to, so our ad. So there are basically three opsin, just select being AOL and Yahoo salts owned and operated only the select this. So that means we are only ready to sue our add on Bing or Yahoo and it's owned and operated search engines only. If you select this, then they will soil add to being AOL, Yahoo and syndicated search partners like dot, dot, dot, dot, go, our scores. Yeah. And there are several other things. I've been I didn't have any experience with them. So that's why I suggest you to only select being AOL and Yao sorts owned and operated only. So if you select this toward one mean UL and yellow syndicated salts partner only that means those sorts induce that we rarely know about or some native ad platforms. These ad will be served at their end that cannot bring good conversion to us. So it is inputting to select being AOL and Yahoo search partner only, own and operate partner only. So you can also reduce the beat of smartphone and tablet, but I would suggest you to not do so. So for advanced camping sitting, you just need to select this. And once you select this, now we are ready to go. Now we can click on Save and wait for our ad to get approved within 48 hours. It takes up to 48 hours to get our ad aptitude. But if you are a bidding high, then chances are that you add me get approved within 24 hours. Also. I've seen that so much with Microsoft as so guys. So let's wait for this ad to get approved and then continue the course properly. We have more things to come. But today we successfully are going to successfully lunch hour Microsoft ad campaign with the offer ghetto body don't in the United States. So guys, thanks for watching this lecture. So I'll see you in the next lecture. So let's wait to get this ad approved. Take care, bye bye. 16. 16 Understanding Important Things in Bemob: Hello friends. In this lecture, you learn about things that are extremely important for you to know while using beam up. So first thing is affiliate networks. Once you click on add new template and make a template for sorting athlete NIC Network. And you don't need to keep on making new templates for each offer. So basically you just can't create one template and use it for multiple times. Similarly, in case of traffic source, once you create a new template, like we created it previously. And we can again and again use this template for our different offers. So affiliate network, you just need to make onetime like we created max bounty desk course. Similarly, in case of traffic source also, we just need to create it one time. And after that, we need to keep on adding offer and use same traffic source M, F let network multiple times so we can use it multiple times. So you just need to click on add new offer and create an offer that I have already shown you how to create offer in our previous lectures. If you are confused, you can, again was that so you just need to create a new offer and a new campaign. And then just select the affiliate network as maximum de corps, the cylinder traffic source ads being desk scores, and then the offer that you created and then launch you another camping, I mean, make you another campaign inside be mob. And once you do that must then you'll start to see widgets and unique click. Once you start to promote in Microsoft ads and receive some clicks, it will be sown at year. And if you see, if you go get any conversions, then you do be soon at year. So as you know, I have several offers running currently. And all these clicks are from beam up, Sadi, from Microsoft apps. So the camping we promoted previously was K2 body don't fall, United States and this is the camping that we made in beam up. So after several Day, this is the camping that we created in our previous lesson, in our previous lectures. So this we, this we had created previously and then it got approved. And it just got one-click. Today. It is almost one today. So we've got one in prison and 1-click. So in prison volume was too low in this offer. But that is not the bad thing that you will understand in upcoming lectures. But for now we just got one click. And if I do for entire time, then also we got total FOH imprison after this campaign was approved. And then we got just one click. So disclaimer, it's sewn in our tracker, our camping in beam on. And now to see the essential data for these camping, you just need to click on the campaign that you have created in the mall. And then you pick, you just go and click on report. Once you do that much, you'll see this kind of interface. And then you just need to click on custom. And you just need to go to keyword ID. You can see other data too, but the important data is keyword ID. So we need to know from which keyword that plague came and from which keyword we've got converse. And if we have go, if you get em converts and you can see that through this. So just click on keyword ID. And then you'll see this kind of number. So it is called keyword ID. So now you can just copy it by selecting all just press spandrel, see the space controversy because if you do live, then it will say Report and drill-down report. So just select this all number. It is called keyword ID, and you can copy that. So as you can see, we have got one digit, one uniquely. And there isn't really any data. If we have got one conversion then e2, so year one. But we didn't go to any conversion indices offer because liquids just one. And now to Jake, from which keyword we have got this clique or conversion. If we got converts and then just go to your microsoft adds account. And then what to click on the camping. And then go to keywords. And scroll down and just move it a bit. Right? Then you can see here keyword ID. Now what you can do is if there are some camping, what people do, they put lots of keyword. And in that case, what you can do is you can simply click Control F and paste that keyword and it will be highlight area. And you can note that this keyword have brought ofs click, we've got three imprison and one clique. So let me see which keyword it didn't, it was a phrase match mass type was phrase, and the key word was ghetto, body don't. And we have the beta for dollar, and we didn't get any converge on MC. Do we have got only four impression that is too low. But this is not a bad thing. So the more you, more click you get. And without any conversion, that is a bad thing. But if you get low click and without any conversation, then there are some ways that you can. Make some profit with that camping, which you learn in coming lectures. But for now, these are the essential thing that you need to understand about be mops. So you learn how to track, how to check which keyword brought Yukon version. Now what actually happened sometime is you don't see this kind of keyword ID section year. And if you don't see that keyword ID section, then you simply go to call on columns here. And then click on modify column, and then scroll down below and you'll see your keyword ID and you just click on add. And it will be added yet year, and just click on apply. And then you'll be able to see this section. The similarly. Now if you want to check ad group ID, then you can click on Add Group ID. So we have just created one ad group. That's why it is showing only one year. If there were other ad group and we have got various links, then we could see civil law must idea. Now to jig that AD group, which ad group from? From which ad group that we got clicked. So we only have one adverb here. And if you see your ad group ID, this is same. Similarly, you can check which device type AB brought us display. So you see means computer, em in small mile admins mobile. And then there are others, the other datas that you can take. One of the important data is where the string, you can click on that. And you'll see the dawn that people use to source our ad. That was ghetto body don't GNC. And I don't know what this GNC means, but it may be something. So someone typed this in and then I'll add was sown and he clicked on our add and we got this data. So guys, now you can dished several camping using this strategy and see if you get, if you can get conversion. So I have launched several camping that we'll also talk about in our Upcoming upcoming lecture. So let me show you. So all of these camping, we have launched all of these campaigns. So I'll just talk about these things in our upcoming lecture also. For now, you've learned how to crack the important things are see the important things that you need to know while using VMO. And one important thing that I want to tell you at the last is, so you may be using any other network than maxval d, that is the case then in case of pushback or anything, if you have if you have any problem, if you get into any problem, you just go to support and click on open live chat and ask for their help. Ok. So in that way, you can ask about what is the pushback that I need to use on other networks like Sierra sale or anything other. Big Bang doesn't have a post back. They have some secret key type of thing. You can learn about those things also. And you can drag each and everything in beam are for absolutely free. So I hope this lesson was a little bit hard, but I tried to explain it to you. Add simple as simple as possible in as simple as possible way. So guys, thanks for watching, and I'll see you in our next lecture. Have a great day. Take care. Bye bye. 17. 17 Campaign Optimization & Manual Ad Spying: Hello friends. In this lecture, we'll learn about campaign optimization and men will add spine. So we have already learned how to see which keywords have brought us clicks and conversions. So as for now, we have got a plate from this keyword ID. So we'll copy it and then we'll source for it. And now we know we have got a click from your someday skewer. But let's assume that we have got some 23 convergent from this keyword. And then what we can do is we can simply click on another keyword and pause it. So we don't want to spend on this keyword anymore. We only want to spin on this keyword. And that way is a perfect way to optimize this type of camping. So you can simply pause it. Or if you have got wood conversion from both keyword or you can leave it and you keep on getting conversions. So now to optimize your camping, what you can do is you can also change here, ad text that are not getting. Clicks are impressed. And just in this case, this ad is not getting imprisoned. This ad is not getting click Eigen Pogge this boat. And only keep on running this. Or what you can do is we can just simply go to keywords in that particular camping. And just click on here and click on ad preview and diagnostics, as you can see in delivery section of any keyword. This go to this three dot and click on ad preview and diagnosis. Once you do that, then you need to wait for some time. And you'll see this kind of interface. After seeing this kind of interface, just click on preview and wait for some seconds. And then now you'll be able to see your ad that is highlighted. And you can see everything that you have merrier. So now you can also see all those ad related to same product that is good to body done. So this is not the related air, but this is good to body turn off hl by three, get to free. So this ad, you can see learn something from these ad by reading. And you can also change your ad copy at year. To do so, you simply click on Year in the ad. So let me show you again. Just go to the ad that you want to change. Or you can also save this add and create another similar type of ad using other texture. So for now, just click on here and click on save and create another. And then you can see this, this ad is claiming buy three, get to free. So you can write this exact texture here or any other texts that you can find interesting from this is mine. You can just again click on preview and see if there are more ads that you can see. As you can see that these are of cycling extensions that we've made previously. So there are no other air swing right now. But you can keep on checking time to time so that you can see all their sopping heirs also here. Or any other apps we can keep on seeing. And you can change your ad tapes and your taste in the descriptions here. So to change, just click on this, delete this, and write y three. You'll get two free and just click on save. Once you click on zip, it will be saved. And after some time you are, this text in your ads will be sewn to the people. So for now I'm not saving this, I'll just simply cancel. You can save that. In that way. You can optimize your camping by looking at others ad. Now you may be wondering, we didn't see anything like by two, by three, get to free our offer landing pages. Then we'll talk about that in our next level. Lectures that is coming. And you can be, you will be totally clear on how this person made an ad that is claiming buy three, get to free. Will talk about that in our next level lectures. So don't worry about that. So for now this month, in this way, you can optimize your ad copy or you can pause your keywords and get, continue to get convergence. So we do not have any kind of volume in this product. But this is also good thing that you will understand in our next level Lee lecture. So for today, this much only in this way you can optimize everything in Microsoft dads. So thanks for watching. I'll see you in our next lecture. Bye bye. 18. 18 Listen To Me This is Not The End: Hello friends. This is not the end. Whatever you have learnt till now will make you capable to bring up a limited number of cells or conversion. Now from our next lecture, we'll start to advance our strategy so that we can get more sales on a consistent basis. And I will guide you. Each and everything in a step-by-step process will make several, we'll modify several things in our initial camping so that we can get a bit more traffic and abit more shells on a daily basis. So as you can see, you are currently on the stairs when I was in 2018 of making a limited number of sale. And then after that, I started to make sales on a regular basis. So now I will take you from this to, this is just to our next level lectures. So guys, for this lecture only this much. So if you have understood everything properly, then you can heat up too in the next lecture. Or if you are confused, or if you want to learn, if you want to launch a campaign, then you can firstly launched a campaign by following the steps that I am not doing, starting level lecture. And then after that you again move to next level lecture. And I'll see you in the next lecture. Take care. Have a nice day. Bye-bye. 19. 19 Copy Adgroup & Change Keywords: Hello friends. Now we'll start to use our advanced strategy from this next level lecture. And the first step would be to copy paste the ad group and chains the keywords for that newly created at Google ad group. So to do so, just click on your camping. In our case it is KVD. And then you go do ad groups and scroll down below and select the Add Rule that we need to copy and paste. After selecting, just click on edit and click on Copy. And after that deselected. And then again go to Edit and click on based. And it will ask you, pause new ad group after pasting. Just select it because we need to do several erasure. So click on paste. Once you do that, you'll see another ad group here. So here you can see give me D ad group two. So now after that, just click on, give me the ad group. And then select these two cures. And click on Edit and click on delete. So now if I again click on give me D camping and see the ad group. And there are two groups in one ad group that is giving the ad group, that is our original ad group. There are two key words that is specifically targeted to the product. Get Awadhi done and all our As. And if you see our next gimme the adverb bu, they are seen as which will change ladder. And we don't have any cures here. Now we need to add some keyword that will talk in our next lecture. So for now, you just complete this step. So I'll see you in next lecture. Take care Mobile. 20. 20 Add New Keywords: Hello friends. At, you know, previously we have removed keyword, keywords from our new ad group. That is, gave me the ad group two. So now we need to add some keywords that are related to product. So to find out what actually the product is about. Now our guests, you can simply type, get to body, don't review in Google. And you can see there will be several reviews related to that specific product. So if your product is anything other, you can just type that in here and type review and see the reviewer sees some reviews of that product. So once you read this kind of previous, you'll understand actually what that product is about. So in this case, I know that this product is a ghetto Bill Arkin to supplement, or you can also say ghetto diet pills. So I came to know about those things after reading. So this reviews. So you can do same. You can read some reviews so that you again know what type of keyword you need to target in your next ad group. So not after reading reviews and finding out on which keyword you need to target, you just go to Tools and go to research skewer and right-click and click on open link in new Deb. So now we'll do a little bit keyword research to add those keywords at year. So first thing I look for is Ghetto. And other thing would be ghetto fields and other thing would be good to supplement. And then that would be here, due date bills. So just kinda keyword. You already have an idea if you reach some review of specific product and just click on Search. So it is not swing at the moment. But we can see in another country, let's see for Canada, it is falling or not steady spoiling for all of these givers. What you can do is you can simply type only ghetto, because this product is related to big Cato. Cato or Quito, whatever you call it. It is for Canada. So you need to source for United States. But I have noticed that from some two to three days, the United States is not showing any sorts volume for viewers. So that's why for now we'll search for Canada. So you can size for the United States. And see there are various keywords that we can use it to. Keto diets. You do investigate to date, are in case of Quito builds legacy. So this sludge volume for ghetto builds wished ghetto bills get appeal. So once you have that kind of idea, then you just make a copy of that, those keywords. So let me type it first. So you found maker surge. And then all of these skewers have source volume. Bigger soil's volume is with Quito in case of Canada. And you can sort for the United States, but it is not currently sewing. So that I'm unable to sue here, but it will show you when you will be using. So now what I can do is I can copy it. And then I can go to Add givers. In new ad group four can be selected. And just click on add keywords and then bested. But before saving this Buddha partition map, because we are going to use phrase match only. So once you put all the condition marks, now if people type best ghetto and then also our ad with the song to them. If you will type best ghetto bills, then also our ad will be soon. Whatever Soyuz Tom people type. If this type of wars have there India source term, then our ad would be soon to them. Now you can simply click on save. So now we have successfully added these skewers, but we are going to change the bill because it is important. We are not going to read for dollar for these keywords because it is extremely broad in relation to the product that we are promoting. So this for dollar bid, it's okay for specific yours like the product may mosquito-borne written and we're directing for good avoid eaten, that would be good. But in case of a bit broad targeting, we need to reduce our width. And you can start to see if you are going to users click on camping. You go to, and then you go to ad groups. And then scroll down below. So this is our new ad group. Just select it and click on Edit and change current beads. And said, do you start from 0.85, most of the products you're recording. And you can start testing with $0.85 bid Paul keyword. So it can give you certain amount of volume and gigs not use Oman, not low amount. So this is a perfect read at the moment, as for my experience. So you can just click on preview and you can see one add Ruby, Ruby. Scenes do. New Viggo went eighty-five dollar for dollar. And the speakers there. Now if you click on Year are here, then you can see the beta of the keyword is already genes to 0. In fact, Allah. Now, after completing this step, will need to make some changes in the ads. You need to make some changes because as you know, the people who solves for these kind of trumps doesn't know about Cato worry don't already. That's why we need to change our ads so that we can infant, give more information on this product. Institute. They'll buy this product or buy that brought up instead of those things, we are going to make some informational as so that people wouldn't know about this product. So once we will see our ad, they'll know that this is a program that is called kid overridden. And then they may also sought for ghetto body done after some days I instantly. And then at that time they will seek out add front this ad group, which is four cars to make cells. So guys, for today's lectured on it is much, I'll see you in the next lecture. Take care, have a great day. Bye bye. 21. 21 Change Your Ads in New Adgroup: Hello friends. Now we need to change our ads that are already available in our new ad group. So to do so, let's click on camping, that specific campaign. And we'll do new ad group and the economy. After you do that, and just click on ads. And then you'll be able to see the ads that you have made previously. So now here, if you see this is, this ad is focused on sailing, decide is also focused on ceiling. So we can just simply pause this too. As an a if you see this ad, then it says a 100 portion peeled ketosis and order your get to body don't now. So what we can do is we can simply add by clicking on that ad. And again, simply the mood order your ketone body don't. And if we remove this, now our ad, will this look like this? Good, nobody don't. A 100 portion period ketosis formula. So what you can do is get the body don't do. So we can make this kind of a little bit informational content. So now this one ad, if you read this description bond pad, faster than ever with 30-day ketosis by using good nobody junk get about Don is a 100% pure ketosis foreign luggage, you risk free bottle now. So you can change the districts and also what Allard change? It seems okay for me because it is providing information. So now to add, to make more ads, you just simply copy the URL, your final URL, and open it in new dam. So this is the offer base that we are going to promote. So now we have this add also. So this simply save it for now. And now. Let's remove these two ads. And let's select it and remove these two ads because these two ads have no use in this AdWords and this new ad group. So let's just simply remove that. And now we have one ad ready for this new ad group. So simply click on year again in ad and click on save and create another. Now let's see in our offer bids if there is something more that we can change year. To provide more information. One thing we can add is born fat faster than ever. We can add eat Institute of this. So let's delete it and lists. Let's add it. So it seems a little bit we'll get to body. Don't lose with bond pad faster than ever. Thus, we will want to lose weight, maybe interested in these types of dance. So just click on save and create another. And this ad will be added here. And you can see this was our first l, this is our second add. Some. Similarly, you can look a little bit below. If there is any. The proof turn the thousands who are already losing up to one ivy four-day lose. So what do we can do is lose one IB per day. And this could also be a great time to use. So let me copy it. And now instead of von fed faster than ever, or we can do is lose up to one. I refer day into body, don't lose weight, lose up to one I report day. This may get capital. So you can change it, change it in this way. And again, save and quit and other. Let's see if this molting inside. That are interesting. Good US forces your body to burn fat for energy. So we can use burn fat for energy but to not be a little bit effective. So let's scroll down below and see body turn advance. And as it could donate, we're going to use this advance and educate Dani's if this make some sense in our ad, but I don't know what this kidneys is. So year lease and other dump put your body into ketosis. People use Quito products so that they can put their body into ketosis and lose their way. So will this may interest our viewers. So we can indeed this. And so we have already created three ads. You can create as much ad as you want, but at least create triads. So get to body tend to lose with who lose weight, food your body in ketosis are, we can remove the stone from year and only make it tomorrow. You don't put your body in in ketosis. In ketosis, yeah. Good avoided tune. Get to body tone. You can also add ghetto bills into body don't best GitHub bills. Keep two-body turn-based ghetto Bill. Top top ghetto bills. To put your body into. In ketosis are into ketosis. You can add it into get to body don't talk ghetto bills. Get appeal into body. Don't talk into field to put your body into ketosis. You can make that also one. So we have made for, so because this is a bit informational add, that's why elements add so many air you can make many ad so that you can taste which ad would do well in terms of click-through rates in prisons and convergence. Because these add this damping will also give us conversion. So that's why now let us see there are other terms that you can use. Vaughn Pratt in trouble areas, get into ketosis fast, bond fat for energy. Without the jitters. So get into ketosis fast would also be a good Don. I think what we used right now, that person will do just to put your body into ketosis and we can use this. And other DON. Yeah. Get your body to get to Bill to get into ketosis fast. So now again, we have already made a lot of ads. You simply click on Save. 1-2-3-4-5. We're made up to five ads. And now we can simply go to campaign and ad groups. And now we can simply enable this ad, ad group. So now all our viewers are active. All our ads are active. Now in next lecture, I'll tell you what happens after you do this thing. So I'll see you in the next lecture. Take gear, MNIST, mobile. 22. 22 Understand Overall Things That We Have Done Till Now: Hello friends. In this lecture, we will understand what we have till now. So we have made one campaign that is gravity. And we have launched two ad group inside this one campaign and one add in one ad group are keywords, are targeting the specific product that we want to sell. And in next ad group, we have added several phrase Matzke wars that are going to inform people about that product. Now we can get sales from both of these, both of these ad groups. And do know from which keyword we have got sales. We need to use our free dragging tool that is B, mom. And in this case, our camping in beam Bobby's gave me D. So I just click on there and click on report, and then click on custom. And now we have to add group, right? We have to add groups. So to check which ad group have brought us clicks or convergent, just click on Add Group ID. So, and here you can see one ad group have brought us plenty for visits in which 22 is unique. Unique visitors. So just simply Sorry, the simply copy it. The GIP which ad group is. And this group click on camping and click on ad groups. So click Control F. And based there, that no more. And scroll down and see the ad group that we made yesterday, which ever eighty-five, zero point eight, five dollars. We'd had brought us clicks. That was 22 unique clicks. And now we knew that this ad group is bringing us click, not this. Similarly. If you want to find out which keywords are bringing or split, just simply click on that ad group and then go to cosh Tamir and would do keyword ID. And your disk keyword has brought us pointed to unit widget. So now let's go and see this keyword have brought us. So you just sink 20 clicks. So this keyword is bringing us more clicks. Similarly, you can take other things also. And these things are important because this will help AASHTO whether we need to increase our obeyed. Our degrees, our bid. If we need to pause some keyword. Similarly, you can also see where the strings and what type of query strings have brought us clicks. So as you can read the words that people typed in to see our air. You'll find out everything yet. And even if you find some keywords that are bringing us want multiple convergence, multiple sales, then you can use that kind of query strings in your keywords also by clicking on add keyword. Similarly, if you click on camping and click on overview, and scroll down below, you can see the solar storms here also. You can click on view also stamps and you'll be able to see what people are typing do CRS. Similarly, you can see all that information from where our most clicks are coming from. Comparators 66 two-click spam, tablet, 13 kicks from smartphones and you can check in prisons, how many prisons we have got. So basically, what we accomplished to allow is that we have made one ad group that is targeting a specific keyword that is related, extremely and highly related to the specific product. And another ad group is targeting for the broad prompts like good do, good to bills, get to supplements. So now dish dumps will inform people about the product that is called Cato body turn. And it will help to increase the size of our specific brought up, building off the keywords in this ad group. Because if people know about that product, then they will also start to salt about that product and our air will be shown to them. Similarly. While targeting it with the broad yours like it took me two bills. We also can get sales from those keywords. Also, as you know, we are willing too low in comparison to get her body don't ad group one. In dispute. In this ad group we are bidding for dollar per click. And in this we have, we had bidding it dephase since bulky. So you can also reduce those bids if you think it is high for you, you can simply reduce it by clicking on this pencil icon and you can make it how much you want to make it. Similarly, in case of this, you can increase or decrease will by clicking here. As you can see, that it is a hill like saying, that you can click there and bid on other make ginger bid. Or you can also use that pencil icon and you did this beat two. So if you start to test various offers in this way, then you'll see which offers can convert will for you. And you can just simply skill that camping by either barging keywords forging AD group, or by increasing the meat of ad groups are by increasing the bid of the doers by adding the query strings that you see in your tracker. So not all offer converse, but you'll definitely find some offers that will do really well for you according to your skills that you developed throughout the time. So the main thing is the ads that you need to make while permitting these strategies, you're asked me to be extremely good. So it is better to taste due to three ads at once. One time that you can know which add ads can bring you more clicks and convergence. So guys, in our disciplines for this lecture, in our next lecture, I'll show you other S that I've launched in while I was creating this course and Al two. So you thinks they're, so for this lecture are legitimate. Take care. Have a nice day launcher camping, and test it and optimize it. And make refers. Thanks for watching. Take care, bye bye. 23. 23 Overview of 4 Different Ads: Hello friends. In this lecture, we will see for different ads that I had launched while I was making this course. And these ads are related to the Baroque that we have already talked about in distillation. And the first product that I am made AD is a volt. Took you treat as you remember, we have talked about Tokyo, true? So in this also, just launch more launched 11 ad group. And you can see that two good jute official site for Japanese candy and snacks. Similarly, Tokyo jute of shill site Auto snag box from Japan and sky enough 3S that are focused to seal this Tokyo trait. And the keyword that I had targeted is to one is phrased meds took into it and other is exit MET took it. Similarly, if you see another ad that is about skin till Pro, that we have talked in this relation previously. And these are also focused on selling the product that is called a skin cell Pro. And you can read these ads if you like. And the keyword that we have targeted for this is skin cell pro, praise and object. Similarly, another product that we have that I have made, the ad is about genuine. So this distance also for Bush to make sales. And the keyword that I've used is genuine present, exec. Similarly, this, another product is get to body don't, but you did fall Canada. So in this, I've only made one ad that is highly focused to make sales. And Dido was like, good two-body, Don't forget it as special chromosome and discount for limited time only exclusive offer for Canada are preferred per $1 million Ribot and free shipping get into ketosis fast and one fat faster than ever with good two-body don't Nazi add pre-MPF, $50 million rebate and free shipping, but it is not available in the offers bees, but liberal. So you'd offer bys. So it is not available anywhere at year. But what you can do is you can use the BBN and you scan it as your location and fill out this form and click on Ross my order. Then you go to another base that is check out base and in that tick out Bea's, you'll see such kind of inflammation like $50 million Ribot and free shipping. And you again, include those things in your ad to make your ad copy even more better. You can do that. So this is for Canada and the keywords that I've targeted for the same good or morally don't. Phrase and act, act. So you can launch several camping by launching different type of ads. And see we can give you your initial convergent suited important to get your first one or two convergence. And then only you will follow the next level lectures and launch another ad group with informational ads. And then you'll be able to increase the search volume for these givers are in ad group one. And you'll also be able to make sales with ad group two keywords that are a bit broad. So guys, currently, I'm spending an average of $50 in one saw big on-off microsoft S. So you can also create up to five or six Saba County in one Microsoft AD account. And I'm spending, and if there's a $50 in almost all of my solving count. So and you can also create saw back on and I'll tell you about that in next lecture. So for this, only this much, jake, you have a nice de Beauvais. 24. 24 Create Sub Account inside Main Microsoft Ad Account: Hello friends. We're nearly in the indoor discourse. So in this lecture, I'll show you how to create multiple sorbet count in Microsoft as main account. So as you can see, this is, this is my mean account. And this is one saw beyond where am running all of these ads. Now in order to create and others albicans. So you just need to click on your and in this min account, just right-click there and open link in new debt. And then you'll see this kind of interface. The scroll down below, and click on create account and give this account another name. And sit your primary contact and your language. And not just optional. And sit upon time, John, scroll down below and choose your business location. And I guess it would be United States and into a new building, new address solely in magnificently to remake country. And again, just select the information that I've already filled while mic on making this Microsoft AD account. And the gardens, you would be US dollar in my Casey to prepay and primary payment method, I would use SIM. I have used previously. And then now you can simply click on Create. And once you do that, you'll create a new Saba County in Microsoft AD. And in a similar way, you can do it up to five or six. Saw becomes where you can run various ads. So this is the account that I have created. It is totally Forest. And this was the conduct was made previously. You can see the spins, sorry clicks, impression and spin here. Now if you click on new account that you have created right now, then firstly, you need to add the font minimum, $10 you can add. And then you can start creating camping in this account. So why would this be useful to be straight sometime what happens is your account Soviet envoys to review, and your ad may take up to one month or 15 days or tomb wants to get approved. And in such case, it would be hard for a CPM marketer to wait for that long time. That's why you can create another new account and make ads and start running it within four to 48 hours. So guys, this not for this video. Now in my next and last beam, next and last lecture, I'll be giving you some pro tips to take your CBM marketing molto up bro level. And thanks for watching this lecture. Take care, have a nice day and Buh-bye. 25. 25 Exclusive Pro Tips For Future Final Lecture: Elephants, where in the end of discourse. And this is the final lecture. So I'll give you some exclusive pro tips that can help you to take your CPA marketing game into pro level. But for that, you need two halves, several things. Like a WordPress website. You need to know how to build a Wordpress website and how to push contents. Similarly, you also need to understand about sales copy. So sales copy simply means and a type of article that persuades people to buy the product that you are promoting. So it is the stochastic story or a description and that is highly informational and totally related to the product that you are promoting. And it would be in a form of article and that article you need to push in your website. And then you need to promote that article by using affiliate link deers here. So to write sales copy, you can learn eight by yourself or you can also hire several freelance writer to write highly converting sales copy for you. So while writing sales, well hiring writers, you need to at least get three different sales copy for a single product. And then Tish, those sales copy through by creating an ad on Microsoft ads, you, if you are adding content writer too, since copywriter to write sales copy for you, then you can ask them for some headlines that you can use in Microsoft ads. And you can use that dish sales copy that could bring you convergence. So if you could make a with Wordpress website, if you can manage sales copy. And if again, insert affiliate links and related images in that particular sales copy, then what you can do is you can start to track conversion in your website. So you just have to create a huge beauty Dang and place it in the head or the body section. Once you do that, then you can create converse and bull and create, create conversion goal. And you can name that conversion. And you can then drag destination URL. And you can track every time someone visits or WIP is as a conversion. So you can track that. That means everyone who wants to your website. To read that sales copy. You can track those users. And then you can make another other ad by retargeting them, by creating remarketing list. So if you did that in that way, then you'll have more control or your ads. So what you are basically doing is you're driving traffic from Microsoft adds to your website. And then you are dragging conversion as a, as someone visits to your bids to read that sales copy. And then you'll be creating our remarketing list. And then you can promote that rode up to those remarketing list. So whenever the type, the name of the product in being again, and then that ad will be soon to them. Or you can also use analytic strategy inside Bing. And keep on swinging them whenever, keeping, keep on showing you, add to them whenever they are. Surfing on being. So in that way, you can take your CP marketing game to next level, two pro level. But it is a little bit complicated. So you need to have a good amount of experience to do this kind of stuff. So to start doing CP marketing to get sales consistently, you can follow the starting level and next level lecture and launch some heirs. With the learning that you have, with the knowledge that you have gained from those starting level and next level lectures. And then see how effective it can be for you while doing CPM marketing. So guys, I wish you best of luck for your future and take axiom launched camping and see convergence coming consistently. So there is no, I want to take a leap. Thanks for watching all of my lectures. Take care. Have a nice steak. Nice dear ahead. Buh-bye.