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Cómo Editar Fotos con un estilo Minimalista - Lightroom Mobile CC

teacher avatar Diana Muñoz, Canva Verified Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introducción a la clase


    • 2.

      Luz y balance de blancos


    • 3.

      Color Mix HEAD


    • 4.

      Detalles, efectos y curvas


    • 5.

      Cómo ajustar el preset


    • 6.



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About This Class

Bienvenidos esta clase :) 

Yo soy Diana Munoz, instructora online.


¿Qué vas a aprender en esta clase?

En esta clase, vamos a ver paso a paso, cómo crear el preset Minimalista en lightroom.

Este preset o conjunto de ajustes preestablecidos, le van a dar a nuestras fotos un estilo bastante moderno, tonalidades tirando a lo frío, colores desaturados para darnos un look bien minimalista que va a resaltar los negros y blancos, los cuales traen una sensación de limpieza a nuestras fotos.

Este preset es bastante versátil y nos va a ayudar a tener un estilo de edición consistente en tus redes sociales, website, blog, tienda online, etc.

¿Qué tendrás al finalizar esta clase?

Al final de esta clase, tendrás el preset/filtro Minimalista en tu celular para que lo puedas usar en cualquiera de tus fotos de forma gratuita. 

Requisitos para tomar esta clase:

Solo necesitan:

  1. Un smartphone, tablet o computador (también puedes aplicar estos pasos en Lightroom Classic)
  2. Tener la aplicación de Lightroom instalada (Versión Gratuita o Paga)

Notas importantes:

Esten pendientes de los otros episodios de esta serie de clases para que aprendan otros estilos de edición de fotografía.

Meet Your Teacher

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Diana Muñoz

Canva Verified Expert


If you want to follow some of my courses in English, I recommend you check out Ronny's SkillShare profile: https://www.skillshare.com/user/ronnyhermosa

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introducción a la clase: Well, it's because you know when you says the classes killed share even been you something Casa just so Ian Emmanuel's instructor online. And it's like, alas, Obama. Several pass up a soca McCreery. Preset, minimal ista and light from Is the preset Oh, Comprendo There. Who's this? Cresta Palacios Live in L. A and Nostra's photos on a steel over stand fresco e moderno A. But in there, tonally listed on the Kamala Free your core loader is the Saturday Allah's E s. The scholar is a Saturday looking about Hillary cell. Early on look Must meaning my least that the mother No, you know, But you are Infratest are a hero Assault our lows negatively. Uncle's law school isn't gonna Julia at reconnaissance has you on the limb pizza on Mr Foot as the process is based on verse A T E Lumberton is vaginal at in there in a steel odorous , young, consistent and the business just photos. Let's give our support there yesterday So Seattle is website Look, the unknown line accepted Even though sister son levels and miss classes the skill cheerless Quinto que is the classic a supporter You know Sadie and local avoid insinuated, referring to 60 lows this young. The photo interfere in light room. Asik Asik in open directory, Atrophied throws pointing our me per field and skill shirt e where less address classes, the light room getting guys Ponyville. But again is this necklace. It's like, let's say Valerie here are tempering. The Lord is going Use the negocios Okay, Dutra persona que may hold are less static asses for third off years. Popularly known Imogen most professional as was Marcus, Tennessee Tampa S a G A necklace, solar necesita 10 there in style, other light room and noon This positive or more E s application Lapointe discourage Are the four Margaret Twitter an iPhone or an android? Easiest Ersten Angela Mercy on the part of the light room. Some be important. Seguis The tutorial does. Susie's paucity was more meanness all these days, whose computerised system and location asserted that the incompetent in a psych class a apartheid happened there. A career precepts, minimal ista, your printed Ah, who started Opelika civilian and the photos dumb. Being listing own projector and equipment upon it, Impractical tells us is there's no it was a really allies, but I thought you know. Photo boosters miss most Garden State. No priest. It even see less interests are happened that accredits the preset. Little recommended were soil elections in stock Class A E. First M person was conducting the election. 2. Luz y balance de blancos: nobody else has. Alexi. Um, I just think super emotion application for final, the Masonic there in the party they heiress, you know, in the Quattlebaum, Zakaria is the preset or else they feel drill into really light. Those arsonist momento cuenta most. But suppose you come across is the prison when they're debris, Malukus says Early, Anna said, It's women. The Swede, Una Foto Mafia or la Fotakis task in a new tennis are, but is the projector e para city is stopped If the nuttiness is for coastal areas, we hasn't try light from Mama's um kind of party in fairy or the richer mom's encontrar unical getting mass when the lion click liver other access. So on a particle every year, the cellulitis even a point in the future for orchestras, they say. And so we are light from even. But I stay heresies here and look at Joyce. Well, he s the food. It's a lot for the cameras are a retard. Went a dollar corso e a personal mentally, he por que argument and it's the preset look again, it was a status in control. Or can you notice the steel look a more negative more there No para tambien amendment tempo say one ascent to our which was Blancos. No, Anton says. Peninsula. He has a pretty Is chika it in a note case. Blankly negative. Even order a typist. Guest for stolen country him interesting. So the sisters nothing in a photo. A think more Blanco's in there. Jessica movie Innocent to us when it up. Interest in the project. A list they work for. Must a Federalist said people more choice. Depose a photo. Thomas. I think Mom's heart and we know the secrets better. A lesson on a typical Here's the photo in particular, we start to see some visit a can. A parting for your the light room was gonna just Thomassen opportunities. Young man America Human You support the moment a cowboy directamente I'll equal Okay, so light or use any castle Just utilities under light room. And unless entrances but boost Connecticut nicotine. A solicitor executor mentally, ST Louis was the response. A game is more than they lost this list. Other skills. Yo yo, could he serves? You said looking And miss spaniel. It doesn't want start an enemy more than intense is not difficult. Our that's just a maseca and Minu they lose you look and say in a castle escape were so you know, poquito export. Its young will exposure Mr Castle loyal, hard instead of 20. Dress fitting. So can you say they must sell executive regular Obama's Bihar A under the southernmost? Behold the contrasting those highlights E Obamas as we don't talk it on me And those highlights July Hurry, Amazonas Common DS. It's so nobody will Arcade Last part of Muscle Amina's in a photo, a democracy ascent to win a program assistant and poco mas tambien Vamos a Salem is no court. That's some bliss s original budget that ihsaa Clementa last some bless protectionist and moving, Moving, moving your school years even when I mean live in Los Blancos It's the question you nobody that I think toward Los Blancos. You look at my booster, they more waiting listlessly Sell her the live link up with a lot of nature s case. Totem, you know, said you come on, sat through their own pocket. Marcelo school orders came in Musina Fota I see my parasitic Um okay, simply phenomenal. Tacoma's month streak. Osama, we Grant is no luego no Llamosa Elderly souther, their blacks *** e i o u up on their own Pokemons for articulos otras foreign bank. Particular killers never assistant Mass ascent twelves and dressed The sport's gonna go some way, Elma. New the cool or almost every day. He a nothing better to run, boy Loc Okecie though more scared up, Mr Castle. A handmade. No single. Yes, a lot of particular Okay, Is the precept ing a coma? So, in a sense, issue on free your mama's, uh stone on a what is well at the ballot ASU list He a man in a part They come on me No say's it in the lower your heart A central in a situation Tambien love you Don Salluste heroes You want Okecie airport technology care? Okay, get them! And comical assaulters! Collarless setback and political I understand, Tom be relentless And through the best of doing a few even a Khodja Amos Terminal HLA partake a is the explosives Yone e j Lo's balances There'll, uncles, all those white balance you don't know them aside Palestinian election they color meets or the miss Logical Order is it is super interesante in a vaginal area element that can be our last Attica. The stuff Fotografia instances sentencing and corrections 3. Color Mix HEAD: never. Neil said Alexey. Um the color mix or Miss clerical arrest in the seleccion becomes answered is realmente Giacomo Enter a party in LaQuan Obama's A host are lost colors. Is the photo by that K seven Tacoma 60 Laina Miriam intercom Okay. Told me for Sidebottom, Informa is the precinct and this is normal science aka Andelman knew the color your case? Exactamente minimum A focused almost totally. Sando Cuando host Thomas A white violence well balanced. Easy, Cinquanta kind apart. The superior the estimate. Um Idol, botanists, neighbors, you know, Carrie say bay either Blue. The other cases mixed mamas are eat the mix. Okay. A no sorry common woman Completamente no e a couple. They must host our column. No school or escape the most. A left foot and toe Sasae Geno Saturday Directamente rock. Okay, here that imam aside. Pass Apostle. Most are more comfortable. The cardinals, the school arrest. But I guess the preset or is the federal MP settlement form and those is love America Area said is more where Laporta don't know the hue then Rojo, a little more family e a kid. Okay, Indra, host their thinking link. Don't be in love or you're superjumbo commas. Particular hose, nothing in common. Poquito mas. They for yourself was calm. Okay? Saying nothing in Kamas, but a key knows Rocco's Simeon Hamas. Offscreen Candace Parma's Latvia's This is this place. Okay, seven. Thomas, we will antis the so let me just come on. More and more, no more. It was a Saturday sparrow in Kenya. Doc Aceto interest in data foot Legal Almost losing that. I trust a Boyata Me in a moment. Luscombe. Oh, super poquito a don't know. Huge Oyamada may no way Tambien 40 k in dozen Adamkus Siqueiros Bookie Today is settled soon Il Drago in the Luminal Sierra del Nadon, Huh a C England recommended stairs comedian depending on the corner or the peel the Catacosinos photos does the pronto And who knows? Castle second kid, a CIA and those is in a state. Caso sisters Karen Esa Lumina and sell up with in Bihar happen in the kitten Was Corita kidding? Serious A spear list The gun was Newcastle a job boria they have Second Amendment does issue a tro Barrow Saleh pronto If they're scared and Kayla Ph seven book almost Larry jalape o And in a dose dependent Eustis. And it's the cats have been circular. Where if I don't come with manuals, does it? It's OK. Uh, a when called her the period, or when it was karma, Kassin was to call her the bill e a memory just secure. Okay, Tommy Natalia Coma be in a ciolos. A marriage also. When a human low. Emma. Welcome on my nose. A year ago. Last time in the Yellow Sea. Porky quandary. Lose Collison to rescue the memory. Geo locate So yes and autumn UNESCO Mom A a saloon. Look. Cover mass nebula. Fotografia Piccolo's Kocaman Osama regions. They totally Mahan. Yes. A que Los Blancos. This stocking mask. Seven days. He loved women in CIA love William Away May knows they they go a bomb saying delivered this . Okay. A bomb. Assad. See Champion The hysteria, Lucy, but stunted lows of air. This the guy must kick off much. No, por que No May boost a typical Kayla for Okay. Come on, Tom. Lava. A per kilogram. A sinister Kasam. Particular cinquanta teniamos community boost Alatriste. Lebanon's sister exist on a continuum photo seat arena and quit thinking moochers Greece A . So it was nothing. Compare this Independence Party and you are being via nausea. Classiest asean a Barkindo schedule area. Remember Camilla from who knows where the seat is kissing and in a lumpy in the telephoto. You Andrew luck. It's talking my language. E en la Puerta del aluminum. They lost Where? This Maybe you're being LCN scared after, Like a lawyer heard in Minassian particular K lows. Very this Get in Vienna school does a magical telephoto. Syria Momus Escolar Sakamoto Most consistent speculating mosque A This talking less negative solo. So schools Minister photon, Does this mean there s a k A. Carlos Brothers is then gonna Illumina's Yeah and minutia Grigorieva Color C and cases The ulcer fled Ito San Quentin Those a Solis he will hear, see and kissing mislaid a But I still boy a Jaguar. Asean, Castiel Scheer That may no sin cuenta So is he looked sequent x factor police them a ete boy uh, move away a less and less human done being camo being a Sally's years for they said Minassian depend. You know, enough of circumstances that money founder in this because of no avail What you're seeing enough with the Gadhafi escapology when you said manioc in Palestinian millirem away Muscular Central. A photo e aluminum boria mean disease? A way I don't know Soon boy, they are losers to list from Boca Mosisili Scare that Iraqi proceeding critical Mazzei That morning minutes produce is kissed. It's a homicide. No see Open the kinder when. Minos Thorsett, Ambien That's a total Soon Kiddo Jr tambien Lucy and scared And now we are removing e a. I am innocent. I don't see a tambien. Some was intent. On the contrary, they look Wanyama's sniggers commander. So schools Cinquanta, commander inflate hold a little cooler than Cielo. Kept going as Ventanas in a statement on the estate. Fisher he a by that animal. Where is their school? It was a movie. Never been done. Us. When was that? Um, awareness? He sees someone seven. Common is they Look, kitchen gets ever say Come on, move their enormous a course. He will discover sympathy now in Moscow issues E. A. With most certainly not is the particular cigarettes. Quinto came Palace in Paris. Interest apart is like finishing the colors when homicidal poor porta e a camp being where you are a hue lost Ono says Here lie Scheer that But Casey, the front entrance photo even poor. Put up a se compared must come. We don't know what story. Legolas Attanasio in a joke. A moment. Strain Maria say e a alumina Luzia Army knows CN And this is like mocha Lucas to intent under say is Come on. Remember where this is? Cooler is poor. Put us E k c A guy we don't even put put on trial A photo samaj a masala tonally, actually, even a kinda looming on set and being Cummock. Imagine a case. The school recep Mass mass of supporters. The regular homicide on books here A Obama. Some tambien moment is to school Doris else, you and they scared the practice area. New book almost three years. I mean, you stating that Abrams Allison rescue anyone says early? Yes. Okay, Tom Uncommon poco mas de Via Luz. Folks, you care and trailer photo He a mama's alumina and Sam surly Cinquanta, you know, by the cure, Sultan Quint, when you get a sense and massive clothes. Books? Yes. When you see jacket, tell me now most of us departed. They literally sell. What is the quarter mix. Tommy and Michael start Yemen's United Lyski, then stop particle systems eight. And on the photo Tom being a center Santa camo I finally saw Take a Loris caramels a rem over the last four does, but I can't base in a tomar a literally a consort screams. This is in a state Castro. Locate your staples candle. Eskom intent are trim, aware Los colores or economy No school or is receive less and try the foot does a sinister castle. Cesium cuenta laws a mighty just come across away by NewCo commas, Droz said in Kentucky, in some Barredo and the ceremony, just even Atlanta's feel this place. Listen, buddy, just those German was mask Amona, tonally a Drossin, he a fonder. Tambien summary Jos e a ekhomu jemima. Some being the party has been turned us and, they say, than a Solis. Yeah, with a corn instead. Issuing a mama's in Greece does this Saturday was completamente yes, Were there Lasorda boosters. Time income. Okay, then Saturday Massai. Call your ideology mamas also scooters, but but but removing tobacco, the done to stand to scholars and telephoto Ekeus, MPC America, Mama's course, even photos cooler than threatened photo seven and march on Moscow s Use your stop. Nobody. La Montagne cities Apprentice stays can present a Soviet photos to instagram. Also website off. Kertes progressing on the continue secure and SNP and say Albarran Poco must Kocur Kito has come. Okay, saving underneath Mastella then their own. Press it on Frederick. Um oysters public are low interest photo this vaginal our own even let an innocent party they Larry tallow opposite the computers and the color is a champ. Mammals Ellison and Alexia, like Obama said Brendan Boco mastery the charges. Defectors, Even just a minute. Corba para que is the photo e a static? Oh, Imus Polio photo jab but finally silenced about the vanishing. 4. Detalles, efectos y curvas: when you look almost seven is dialects. You noticed the professor intense is a commission is almost quaint. Telephoto, jumpy, Summer says. But Linda Aesthetic a age led accessory estilo grandmother until says, but a London Seals poise, perky Japan's Okayama seven Cell West on almost a Carla Pantoja Preston Are you even supported Atlanta's? Yeah, I would have almost in this place when so even thinking I started looking for someone so even I can a part of the minimum bombs away soon. Casey Effect Mammals are really lows. This Lisa always comes in with a cancer in the clinic that e. L. A case lack. You have the more like minor strain $20 b hay, some being It's the look in about July strike move. Boca Mazzei did Dodge a Clearly that are no stars. Photos cuenta Cuando prison for Atlantis Oklahoma Soiree E quando Jenna Cases effective Survey Mamas Regular. Well, yeah, I need a combo. So that is the 1,000,000 GameBoy reading menu with the the tragic oh detail cases they tranquilly toe. I'm sorry when a Alamosa tried elderly Saturday sharpening us here, lovely Children was a more elaborate master, Qin said. But early they digest a photo. A radios detail is so low that family, while important radios detail when the cinco even though some away Nice reduction muscle minusca money s benevolence poco every day Fatah mama's cuenta he party day Koehler noise reduction or reduction. They really they galore is this? You know, um, Osama wait for, like, a moment single Mr Nobody That grandma that living on look must pull your photo e a going detail smoothness, lovely family people's incantation Quint Even under six seconds. And now that cuenta or not opens a case because, technically, the party defectors e they are Gisela for Tokamak talking mass. Finally, Selma's profession in Moscow static Well, a photo a when out at sea and say that the party could advocate um you know you that Jon Feeney said esta an issue No, second prison, I must say DACA in a party. The intravenous young, you know, part of superior human bottleneck I cannot support. It's a communal quality Cola una linea completamente director. There even was a turn on talk aceto part time income. Okay, don't members former esta pre city Syria mass Aesthetically at least ramos up God a kindness the one inquire and they superior the nature muscle minus Come back Unless Kenya No, I am awake, but rather the daily One second I got on sale in the pinto and as they say the quality Okay , it's coming Segundo day The nature his care that a little more And we will ultra camo circle Bolsa most of my nose in this the choir in Pakistan toe through deeper photography and this is no safe level, but also in its the quarter. Just sitting in here for Low Squadron is the You know what I can say is more is to sequiturs. But I in effect on the tomato party the main issue in this photo e buzz come back and say poquito different Jack Definitely sorry is the president imposes my will Is the point ok? Is the Laputta skin a superior? The richer look away a say is poquito Quinta, Locust Air Sea and Iniesta party The love photography against on a participating in the nature is talking with super Illumina and this is conduct s A as your lawful Imagine that. Come on a case that's part this Super Illumina's telephoto seven Tomas cuenta Okay, Francis partisan. You mean us less Uruguay say win the point. Oh boy, Tried Raka are for you simply Severin Bocaranda left no person advocating Ask you one more sort responders. Eva, come on. We're say, before this place, Lisa was so we live so sentimental about you. Like a matter in the Bahamas. Aluminum photo that's participate. Luminous. Say Lumina Nobuko mask went up. Level ist apart. The instep want Italia. Cam A is a those stress tercer pronto that he was here. Louis A train must Romano's communist but dry last artists kissed Anchorman can know something completamente school just need tampoco completamente luminous in the Pamela's less Portis Milius Luminous you? No, I said that I don't poquito aim. I didn't mail you 40. He a s departed dead loss, Kamala part the less part days must've school us. Mamo Sometime in the harness milieu e esta parte Kamala Turkistan Castiel finale last year . No, I almost said that I don't poquito CIA e and you will team up on tiptoe. Give me Maseca. Obama's try. OK is the look at me. What? You let a status killers native skin last Nader's book It don't Nice Must notice motherf in years. Almost a minus. The Huntington Newport Thomas Bless you, hope Intel says our down jackets me nemesis. The party A status points and came into commodity car. He who start American journalists notice Coastal city. Gummo says they pointed toe. It's just there's no dysentery, something the last participant mean Ask Mama's technical talk. Imus Criminal Sold video Joe Work illustrating most. Ask your sisters. No, listen, Tell a satanic a moist, efecto months plan Enormous model Upon the yes, he looked Uncles Uncle Almas A months for this, but maybe second ksc Collmus e The most part they lack Corba Mama cells are click aka and done And Sir Giacomo Cater Minuto Bartella Configured issue Is the preset being away? Almost a royal welcome party Whom are the tips? Super important. That's going nowhere, you know, Really Side is the preset. A notorious foot was not the case that preset the printer phones, you know Perfect Pallister Photo pedo a Cee Lo Piccolo and other photo reefer Nantucket in a moment on the color is different Enters a print Keep moving Party hostess impetus decelerated in those is most trellises The preset in action in northern photos different and just but okay, Who's there? Some important Harlow Monday following different days is in that year's no and long lasting . 5. Cómo ajustar el preset: is that like it? The nemesis, the preset A truck Got the name? I'm still has no stress. Comfortable Ascione. Is it the perfect Astana's addressed when in its class a look. A list, you know most of it is coma. Utilities are welcome opera, which, at maximum and stay preset. Pakistan, whose day in the fantasy CNN's and different this foot He still everywhere, sir, is either kind of party. Superhero religionists, distress, potatoes, even most Arco PR settings. Almost other kick mechanised actually tow that party superior. The nature, Yeah, is the computers, you know, scare copious, but Oculus Palmer is bigger. A Notre Foot sisters caring Tambien were coma. A agree are presets Nikolas Scale and this Pony Relays, aka in a statement with the presets, responded to decide. Revel in different photos. Will any army or through course off the fresco? We never thrown a coalescence and you say who preset Francisco in Notre and one in this election is less moister. Calm locally are presets. Intel says I need a job when they have 18 minutes. Alexia a mystic or so a place where most are cinnamon Tacoma host artist preset are different institutions and This is the tango is the computers unions? A Coppola's You already always said, You know this is the photo. You look away or say they see a photo completamente friends eat boy. A uterus has to stress pointed toes about the superior e based settings or bigger cities. And the singer? Is the photo a preset applicable almost everywhere. Atlanta's He did this voice say A parental. Jochen always goes too macho or I'll kick you in. The host are here and right inside a car you know their stores. Italy says there is scheduled to be someone, something. The mountainous, the castle. Boyaca interpretative but a toda boy. Otto will talk aceto MBA's They may know Cinco. I had to come when my nose, those procurement policy moving more free stuff for the rest of pienso que pasa, por case was called or decency? Or is clear, isn't it? Support to son come abreast on day now. Trust knowing more. Check on Venus. You on the colorist? Intel says cocaine. No, it's moody face feeling that stuff better this way that when they can't open Poco mas defeat, my Messiah knows a homicide nose in the daily frequent the system Photo. A simple comas, A marriage, Scalia e quando Literally. Africa is the setting most of based settings left photo mingle. Study, I guess you for like, Ramon de pronto Hockey mask. Illumina e book Hamas Free A mom seen on this? He this place particular okay, Toe photos, Think on a course. Yet this has been so k. Is the photo in particular bringing in a particular you have 100 broken. Must nothing better to do that. But I can see in Boca Moscow issue koalas, Amos photos My someone is coming means catorce it. A boy did not part of the exposure or they loose him. See the use of the light volume aware exposure Commas, Aschiana Nature But K Syria must be doing a Pakistan must e a jackhammer Campion Some very simple must cause you're gonna start risky. Any dentist also addressed a does. There are downside. Also get the NuWave difficult. You think? Ultra photo Gia Least even Saleh. But it stays. Think of those photos and earlier. Then go messed up the cheek against like a mind on a tender fruit dust e moments up regard it presents mechanised A sampling particular points. Okay, So poco a deficit. So does not become a killer. Preset no. Seven Turning clearly army percentage of different of sailors Go stop Pedro and me Castro Europeans. Okay, Almost a photo. Teeny dantos element was very this communal bananas less. And the case is a little different. A b in circus email. Listeria cases Colourless Kocoras Sultan Thomas for Casey Nobuko tried to send a foot doesnt boy even a part of the Cold War Ebola in a corner mix Mm. Were you directamente alcalde or very Nosaka? You look away. A say in elementary Poquito Illumina's here for Came apart a secular where this is ankle moving your scooters it a minute ago reiterating poquito mas is to rescue. We'll see a way I'm awaiting doesn't see And Leslie said We're moving. Lisa would ask your nature My someone has come. Let knows Corriente No particular spirit does no Syrian Tembisa. That's Barona. Si Com. Okay. Month angle aesthetic allies the prison. I don't think I must get lost. A a template. Maduro's home was the refi less break a little bit. Okay. Lore and precept case. I must I must have for test a foot If you go Electro castle Kaniskina Moster is estate mom Melissa up to guard based on preset ism. Quantock Okay, those phone locator calcium blank. We never come on. It's callegary says you want a bus? That commune effective charity. I'm basically 70. Some telephoto status young. I don't see the front of servicing contest a photo print or is Focus Area on Green Area Will Fund also said exactly Mama's everyday mix. So really, in the Obama side and a party, they lost a shoelace. A Brigham sinister custom. If there's no something might be in CIA Paronto. Ella always here is CNN office sued for Kayla's, thus encompassing. Realize Intel says, Look away and say they see the kind of state port and she took it in a common sericolo. UNICEF. Wichita's a colour will literalist. It's coming up on there, Does it? Look away, I say is a Cottam income. Okay, s the minimum taken apart in failure? No, but it's a hue saturation in humans. My other Harlan saturation, he look away. I said this car. Camilo Minister Casa Potocari. Lava. Ola's Montagna soil. Cielo even remember me. The A c l E A s total chaos. A waas in Malaysia became a serious trade. A little each other as Yeah, manage says Full said Lucie. Everywhere some fantastic candles. Montagna Esteem you in the media. More Hadron poquito myself. But I come in much in a day. Does your partner know more? E a symptom. Emperor Almost gone. Elderly Southern Escalera Nature. I just asked you up. It's a lot more isolated Jack and sex act. Um, in Rio that Okay, I m occasionally talk Aceto Month The astral parking. No, Sylvia Tom Blank win digressed a photo. People most asylum in Monaco or knows where this Llamosa tried. Poquito must call your Esther's. Very this a mama. Someone does your mother Nature. What was it hard to come with? What in, uh, e a Lumina? Zia. They lives a solar system in Korea. No minted us. Timothy. Aluminum is, you know, a copy in circular effect. Ok, Melissa. Fat diets common poquito mas to rescue. So try. This is a sorely says. You're that image. He one time in Kenya. Most analysts on the cost interest something. Yes. Get corn Instead, Montero, a even defeat. Tarkin is the fourth in a Partagas McDaniels and maintenance The end of the school. Arrest Tennessee in 18 years. Stool does. That's quantum one. Was there to ask. You are really nature. Who knows? 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