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Cómo Editar Fotos con un estilo Fresco & Neutro - Lightroom Mobile CC

teacher avatar Diana Muñoz, Canva Verified Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introducción a la clase


    • 2.

      PARTE 1 - Crea el Preset Fresco & Neutro


    • 3.

      PARTE 2 - Crea el Preset Fresco & Neutro


    • 4.

      PARTE 3 - Crea el Preset Fresco & Neutro


    • 5.

      Cómo aplicar tu Preset a otras fotos


    • 6.

      Cómo ajustar tu Preset para que se vea increíble


    • 7.

      Crea tu Proyecto


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About This Class

Hola me llamo Diana y bienvenido esta clase :) 


¿Qué vas a aprender en esta clase?

En esta clase vamos a aprender a crear un filtro dentro de Lightroom para que nuestras fotos tengan una estética más fresca, neutra y minimalista.

Este filtro me gusta mucho porque nos ayuda a alcanzar un estilo profesional y estético sin que necesariamente se note que nuestras fotos fueron editadas.

¿Qué tendrás al finalizar esta clase?

Al final de esta clase, tendrás el preset/filtro Fresco & Neutro guardado en tu celular para que lo puedas usar en cualquiera de tus fotos de forma gratuita. 

Así se verían tus fotos aplicando el Preset que vamos a aprender a hacer en esta clase:


Requisitos para tomar esta clase:

Solo necesitan:

  1. Un smartphone, tablet o computador (también puedes aplicar estos pasos en Lightroom Classic)
  2. Tener la aplicación de Lightroom instalada (Versión Gratuita o Paga)

Notas importantes:

Esten pendientes de los otros episodios de esta serie de clases para que aprendan otros estilos de edición de fotografía.

Meet Your Teacher

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Diana Muñoz

Canva Verified Expert


If you want to follow some of my courses in English, I recommend you check out Ronny's SkillShare profile: https://www.skillshare.com/user/ronnyhermosa

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introducción a la clase: I think this kid share just gonna Manuals instructed online E N s stock class A In particle atoms happen they agree are fit. Throw sse in, then light room. But I can just just put those things gone One aesthetic, our own feeling Months Friends CO Come on. Never throw e milli Calista A musta personal method which is the senior high perky is from the government. Okay, put office. You know I'm inconsistent. Is that because I don't know some field throw Kosiak Almost Super Fourth Akesson. Note in your feet for the foot. No. Okay, see seminar must aesthetic hospital notices A dramatist in me Something you feel Drancy You want bypassing in this tutorial nemesis? It'll know Danielle Element they question and delicacy They like from insula A about a second tutorial. No necessity. Never see the light group. Well, not seeming approval. American levels, younger people. Tomato Minister Welcome party list, kid. As the Corso was a classic as a part of human savior, they're all trust classes in a squalid sequence in your ultras. Differ in this field rested for an oblique are but a assertions. Photos can be found in steals. Does a secure money, visit our member field and sketcher, whatever. Sort of like a last orders classes, Yes, a point. Open the ultras Estilo day additional photography and says our see no seeing the most bounce at every minute. 2. PARTE 1 - Crea el Preset Fresco & Neutro: least I just throw the light room a kamala Z hipper, notably side light room. Glad Quito. Or is the power nine even problema e A perimeter Cameras said Sister has nothing any good. A photo and address too late from the momento. So listen, listen. The perimeter Mahmassani doing a photo shoot is implemented. Leon, click a liberal access. So I asked Valeria Cellular e i Point selection Alice photos chickens with like Mika so posed for the photos e and Oona aka seen edition carry out the research that is the is the classic Cinquanta stuff article camps No, the emission know a ton says Obama is the Is the photo Maria Cardona Cone When a camera a cannon? No, for concealer When it was No, that's fantastic. This issue just released photos because I can't go on common us His lower or cellulitis nine ng a problem I know en does is it was hard to see in Passaic. I can never tell about who System Quinta I own community grants election. The defendant is a menus. It was in my new one C protocol. Oh no, They're still standing confident Sex units now intends to promote Accomazzo say is Tempus are grown. Airman knew the loose for light. Joe tangle me light room. And unless Berto sister that in In Espanol points against the tutorial, is he in the women? The formulas equal no skill. Wear two condoms. He a lower than they those. The finances of the salaries are Bama sample Circon. Instead, they lose or light Saudi low e labrum. Erica Mazza said Issue. We'd left Exposition. Ask your Cinquanta is a school or parameters Bottom ecosystem poco school and to asses Boy , a survey. Let's put issue on Cameron says center. I went to see them independent for today. Who stays not better looking. Como se is a circuit ministers photo. Seven. Broken mass. Illumina's no list of our local, Mazza said, is Bihar. No one was hurt. The kind of contrasting easy look at Moscow state is a hard maestros. Highlights Love. Llamosa moving us. Yeah, I scare them. A summons. Carmona's. I use them kilos. Shadows. Responses were party. Oh, no sink win. The main thing I feel is in effect. Bogota must plan, I know, But off miners, a critical single sour cheers CNR gamo. Mentally, there's the process of electricity on the feud Raising Coming, we know knows talk, NFL, Newport Are you gonna help in a seminar? Kentucky Western Super cheery list of our A protest Al Masoudi and the laws Shadows per case. The sperm, it tapers Common disease, Then there. Morning my hand muscle e tambien them in the temple. No surgery. I can circumvent the victim Poco mas nanometer logo. Los Blancos members as who We lost a court Anti your true is the time in looking statues and oh, I'll say isco Marcelo Blanco's must Blanco's Blanco's comparison in the photo? Yes, and we've been about Blanco's determine the surgery on Monday. Mentoring poquito scholar is delay my rental car Photo Mantis You in this place as his Costa cannot be order must have a hard losing negatives. Muscle minusca Moment t What? But Okay. Comack Obama sat right in contrast, Telephoto Kanok Phantom Planet No list of a mystic filled through the moment. Anonymous Atocha Laporta LaCour Buses. They don't know. Mama says that island 3. PARTE 2 - Crea el Preset Fresco & Neutro: a Saudi balancing Blancos White violence Oil Okay, don't be independent of photos. You stays See photo just octomom A The most money jump was intent on common contra imbalances. Baroness the castle Joel Osteen Marina Poquito cli chop rocketing Tampoco money The colleges like mash a when nicotine e is vibrance. Not over yet. A car We'll see what IOC Baki told us equity issue on ASEAN led nature. I said I scared up for them Muscleman isco molest minnows ds But I do like look Thomas Olympia system in Yordanov Almost lose effect. Clarity A yes, he she it that when I make here on this year, don't say infect us. Get minimus Constantino. Yet another Almost I that the tail a job for you, Detective al apart is a nice reduction. See, Is the colour system independently? Every Gusteau you stairs secure end up when you are biased of in your true Quentin Ineffective. I still in my handing, hinted at see Sam Quetta home. Okay, that X toodle mpl seven book on my foot from seven Euro. The pendulum photos account in me Castle person and the Gamma sinister photo in Spc People Peon Sokolova said Hey, photos. I see your true parquet comas. They will appeal, but no one knows the custard. Almost I hide a Lego looking saying is stop partisan Taylor, TNT. Hard in the photo survey is the seventh defector. Massive seven main is no mama salad and poquito corn Esta dupont circle Orozco Mr our dup Labem saying, Oh, throwaways party. They you know, part of the area No Obama cited in this case, it makes 4. PARTE 3 - Crea el Preset Fresco & Neutro: our up Labem side. Otra vez. I love party. The cooler theory Well Obama. Zionist about on Casey makes Llamosa doesn't like, you know Saturday is the main Know the Arctic cold mix. Cesium quinta can apart the superior, my friend, this pointy toes, they find it. The school orders and this is Obama's selection that will be made. OK is no our that Obama's close despite Mama's move a hue poco a Schiele Rachel Muscle minus particle Mumbai. Quattro. Yes, Okay, said is Kambia laterally that the most of raw host E ccm cuenta kamal Standard menu polygamous opponent. Boco Mass. Cal Use. Furthermore, Moses yell at a chump A well, apart is a to this uniform. Samo made up for it and that, you know, must Romano's come according. And, uh, I got In the end, he and Luminoso Obama's main event use It's still okay, Emma said. She said, I'm cuenta que paso con me. Slavia's Once, however, Lucero I use common colores Thomas K. A. Bajammal Amino See at the minute 20 years come okay Later. Must must force alcohol or no, these two hours and Hugh numbers. I heard he well, that's the dress. Enormous a So we didn't. Yeah, Conlumino CEO. They in my nose? Yes. Minnows DS A weapon in the like Almost a photo you still open Bihar May knows using and is the castle when the poor kid normally host a chemical or the people You know how many zeros in Mama Baria care? Soon poco com Your school appeal instances from second and minnows? Yes, but just a spark. Emma Peel is modernity CIA pronto Off this enough for 10 and on a personal Getting a on appeal being Blanca A print acidified and Behar asked. May knows he's in a coma, but living color You're going to say that Mighty Joe A. E bombs have a harder Hugh Meneses and a single e mama scientist rescuing adieu are no menus or change dies yet them e let me know. See that I am still your theories. I can look a stay at the end, of course, is the cooler money job she said I'm cuenta a car seeking Thomas a la Marie Jo Completamente telephoto Cassidy you are no, because he wanted to rescue nous and may know, Sergeant, I say's equal. No, no. So, Tristan Imams a Carneros Imola Saturday in the marriage or normal mental intravenous photos ? No, you're up in the most effective. They would throw in many man for Keiko McKusick 4 to 7 from Olympia Must be and God knows, we aluminum in a llama. It must pain with Antos. Assist apart L. A. Money Joe is super important. But a concerted defectors they are invested. People feel drove. Kistane Brando is the interstate tutorial When the special a list of your most sacred currency in the color case very their mamas. Hugh a. Mainers a Hamas uses stays. It's the Zambian. You said you were the senior economist effect fresco because the same Quintal is very disappointing that the marriage Akesson upper they scare the don't knows mus free use is he stays safe. Is the Nevada authentic almost 1/5 Atomium fresco a list? Rosalie Several of Obama's. I heard Malcolm Weston, Our most alcohol You're seeing Mama says your way. Think photo. 4,000,003 is said them in. 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Okay, for me equals Obama Sell despoil the Mosqueda photo Stockham Oh, Superman Illumina say they must Fresca predicament in a common Not only must they would drop a minimum even a jacket and me nemesis the preset Barmasai Alusi and election in like Wallace Boy exploit car comma a settlement Hold you so this the preset 5. Cómo aplicar tu Preset a otras fotos: De Santis is our that almost kill, Mazza said back. It does not stress photos. Thank and la misma consistency Sinton QPR car Who knows that I am effective? So that least of skill a psychotic, mentally ill Obama's a so called solamente own click. No, listen, this is a cup was just a photo. Jackie and Doris Effective K Akamas our dad. Look, um a sustained Is here Afghanistan me noodle distress, pointy toes and a participant here. Yeah, nobody is that least that bonus. You're not really said Create present. I am Almousaly He was scaring that kind of suit. They're really in a person. It's automatic commented even more Southerly would normally is the field trip Laser Flay school he knew through Imam says that in Is they don't order actually took a policy. I the curious say it is cat caf job Youssoufi photos when almost rattle is coma replica Is the prison the synthesis? A car bomb aside and in a part in the press. It's Linda. I even started Look even so scarred. A preset kcom used a career. A camp serialised Oh a can a party of a holy said user presets. Exactly you can, you know somebody say Frisco E news. The settlement economy leak. Yet the name of does lows effective Karma's a Africa Enough until you're practically optical, aka Casino Seconds Haven't been apart. A superhero into a little car, actually. Toe Yeah, China's kiddo in efecto Africa. Otra former de prickles specific Tres una foto alotta is dark Liquica in those transplanted . So there, even your most other clicking a copy. Settings. Eight Masala, click or control Ito even side a blessing in the photo. Getty Most affect our contest effect almost out of a second apart. It they lost responded, does eat based settings, and those is asi gia. Automatic comment is defective. Secure Bigelow in history photos Ella Misma in s doubled solamente Conan click jacket. So I feel through Africa, he says Cinquanta. A protest on misma is coming. Contested field throws Cinquanta Is those a researcher? Communal gallery of photos Esta is common. Most minimalist blank We NATO commune feed the instagram around the Quinta e. Africa passed on TV in criticism. Quintiles disc mask, Amo Feed. Kick your butt in my head and say come upon a cheek via Heda Communists personas que via humble tone moon. The competitive Shorter's aim, Tom and Opelika is a super lindo en esta Tamika mamas in Attica seat arena. Khankala. Raise must never trolls. Must Newt come on seeking muscular spls greases. Blanco's Dominion host a custom Syrian? Is this another means, because for its pristine Miss More, a castle is based on a very Satti e Kamala Zygo. No se no teccamore Extra Mom indicate a free throw Kissed at Cinecitta Sisters for the Syrian consistent. 6. Cómo ajustar tu Preset para que se vea increíble: our come almost like a mature virtual is the field She stares when care pronto. Yellow kitten Cam MacKinnon knows a host of a start immune LF or to kiss a Nintendo Every time a bomb aside And Elma New they lose in my judgment a look a comma K who started poquito cada que last for the skill and being Islah party The exposition exposure depended LF Arctic I wouldn't know a print undergo knows momentos and I'm gonna see Does your illness a secret Victories Perfection RB noomi Holder Chantho All the producers foot suggestive investment income Winston Salem into 20 people Influences make or come on Ah, who started pretty murder exposure. But ever see a printer jerrycans and nothing that in effect to the cell He a different the champions kid. And I am gonna pocket a corner so more But my more up one morning coffee Thomas, a secular literature kid and tried in a coma. The luminous he had documents they feeling the MPs and ministers photos well in Seville Poquito Better see when kickem a telephoto history in the movie level that I can lose their world. That's really secure. The politically must contrast your foot being circuit. It was Commander Tomas Essence yet common. Who? Car Corn exposition Illa Sambora's u tako second point us, say a CIA pronto status pasok um Operation pianistic Kasam. That is the photos that you could test and then email you say available. Camp Okumu in and help Obama Gusteau am cervical Most eyes those broads Gallery is basically the people in Atlanta in dances issues happened to the mix even Eid Al Nahda Unless I wound options. Local pharmacist SUV Lumi Nance Hiya, Poquito us here. Rachel. By that remember Poco com oyster set to address you on Dell cooler Nyanga Unless peerless aecom Okay, well, Obama's cholera must not know you witnesses and see, you know, speaking new steps coming by this year. More important, they communicate in Instituto relatives that let me know. But as a Carly and McCormack corporal, Rachel is the future in Esposito 7. Crea tu Proyecto: when you least intense is our Jack a tomato party? They already came up in the most about the Mpoku Masashi Ando Mega story A k a gamma Soon project. Oh, come about that element upon their total impractical the pimento violence history and test que a supplementary or nervy they all of a tutorial. Okay, keep on doing practical. Intense is said in this project is so him in the return photo Cornett through the day is top class knows. But, boy, they were classy or no Soc Gen Luciano Me most impact Iranian fed. Okay, okay. I'm gonna processes that does Am Kamioka on a daily from us and Palacio stairs can look upon God commanded reason Come on, so does the no commercial Listen, Senior Drago, Come Secondo Passo que second host Al preset cap on the planet and so forth. Number K total for the song different stores. Anton says the panto local funds. You know any photo bombers in pocket? Arado Enough for the roosters. E buzz Jealous, explicated in election until your coma said was picking yourself up in a current Barack. It is the presets. Who's they being a telephoto? Carlo? No, those is keeping an eye preset cap in the most is Ogando Kayla host in practice Arabian enough for the looseness. Ika Motors, Air Paso Megastar eu que a su and so photo original. It'll be enough Photo Rita in future influences the bomb Most sarcoma skc hace esto A car uncle So critical thing like I'm scared. Share the lonely, cook it in and get serious. He can apart Oreo home. Then they say projects and resource is most likely Katie just to Afghanistan. Patina Yahaya Bottom Burdick is a creative project. Bam aside, I can click Yaka a promise from the LTTE. Okay, when a bump on the projector for the hundreds years quest even as a kid and Pam Panamericana scripts he on the Toronto the commerce isn't there in a moment of said, is the CEO no sitting a while, okay? No Salazar whose story upon the 100 description e megastar really look very sick year ago A particular point NPR such as photos, um, as his computer Lawrence for email Or when Philip on transfer digital computer It'll ever count the image because on the one Aida was curses, photos people in their love for the original in a photo. Nazi mammals and then to this basketball been secured their super interest int e geno syndrome. Ask a champion. Hey, Rana, Jen and Biello is the project O'Connor Justice you well, So the Children gave Arjun insistent me. Battlefield is political. Comiskey is s a c skilled share slash user slash the animals fornicating go different and the school so scarce to save ridiculous bond interest. At the moment, that thing weighs. Does Plato called tempo Your second window? Am course so scared on my soda presets, bubbles insinuated months presets in the light room It tambien must historias a must see their social assist areas a instagram artistic Rando different of the seniors and come by listing on the comedy front and to see the ass into the city. So we and the common man discourses and these categories e when nothing was in the most speculative and can tell us the course off main Kanto Army celebrate KCK is on record, So movie value also is the precept encanta e sick Eliza who started little backyard for the Super Lena sisters and Sarah see respectable end once again to tell