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Cómo Editar Fotos con un estilo Capuccino - Lightroom Mobile CC

teacher avatar Diana Muñoz, Canva Verified Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introducción a la clase


    • 2.

      Luz y balance de blancos


    • 3.

      Color Mix


    • 4.

      Detalles, efectos y curvas


    • 5.

      Ajusta el preset


    • 6.



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About This Class

Bienvenidos esta clase :) 

Yo soy Diana Munoz, instructora online.


¿Qué vas a aprender en esta clase?

En esta clase, vamos a ver paso a paso, cómo crear el preset Capuccino en lightroom.

Este preset o ajustes preestablecidos le va a dar a nuestras fotos, tonalidades cálidas, texturas suaves, un look bien moderno y estético.

El preset Capuccino es bastante versátil y te va a ayudar a tener un estilo de edición consistente en tus redes sociales, website, blog, tienda online, etc.

¿Qué tendrás al finalizar esta clase?

Al final de esta clase, tendrás el preset/filtro Capuccino en tu celular para que lo puedas usar en cualquiera de tus fotos de forma gratuita. 

¿Para quién es esta clase?

Esta clase va dirigida a emprendedores, dueños de negocios, creadores de contenido o cualquier persona que quiera mejorar la estética de sus fotografías para darle una imagen más profesional a sus marcas.

Requisitos para tomar esta clase:

Solo necesitan:

  1. Un smartphone, tablet o computador (también puedes aplicar estos pasos en Lightroom Classic)
  2. Tener la aplicación de Lightroom instalada (Versión Gratuita o Paga)

Notas importantes:

Tengo otras clases en las cuales puedes aprender otros estilos de edición de fotografía.

Meet Your Teacher

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Diana Muñoz

Canva Verified Expert


If you want to follow some of my courses in English, I recommend you check out Ronny's SkillShare profile: https://www.skillshare.com/user/ronnyhermosa

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introducción a la clase: electricals Remember news as the classes killed Sher e Champion be in venues a Mi casa Just reading pneumonias Instructor Online Investor class violence over the past. Paso Co. McRae R L Preset cappuccino in light room as the preset all ah hostess Bristol issues a little another and Mr Photos in Estonia is Kallias Tech students Travis E. Look being mother No, you aesthetic as the preset is was Sunday. Versatile individual undetonated distilleries. Young, consistent interlace. Fortescue pajamas as we are most certainly sociologists website block and online Exited sisters are No, I was in this class. Is this kill shirt? Let's go in the case that class it as a party you know, Sadiyah in liquids Branson and refill UNTAES presets. The light room or different assist illustration. The photography and light room and princess ticket and up in the backyard must feel trust otra systems different desperate need of people feel even less a trust less is the light room Kate and go Hispaniola site E. When a product in its a stack class is the class, civility here are imprinted or it is when you're the negocios Oh cualquiera drop persona curriculum, A hotel aesthetic asses for 35 years, but early you name again. Must Professor non assume Marca or a serene socialise e se necesita policy is tactless. Solo necesitan Turn their light room. Install a interest this paucity. Women will e when a supplication Aleppo in the scar guard the former grad Tweeter. It's just there's in a lover See on the Fargo Common points against the tutorial. There's this Houthis paucity was more realist. All those this was computers and a stock class A a part of the open directory are a preset cappuccino. Yep, in there. Ah, who started a practice area of union told us Whose photos? Zambian listing on projector and required one upon their impractical. So the sisters Noel severely allies but a little on a photo boosters. Cronista No presents. Even securing upended, accurate heart is the preset LaRocco, me and ozeki. Total election is sinister. Class A e rse pharmacy empezar con le Premier Alexis 2. Luz y balance de blancos: when it does, CIA can't really me night room e A system still be nothing. And so photo so well read I dropped by most aka in the party Failure. They Come on Unico No, they photo even Must Mama's act quickly even appoint excited at Dulles photos. The local area, several artists e and selection like chickens with later e language of famous episode Cohen Alexi Um, even a judge Your thing work are four talk acute illicit. But that is the cool so that integration is the preset. Even some person in its Dalixia mama's Africa are algunos cameos and a party they lose E day a balance a day. Black sentences Obama. Sorry can we knew the light blues e when a champions used sustenance. Ooh, light room in Espanol support gear Bordellos Mean most equals camels almost radical and threw the election. Ernest Etem Bey and Lows doesn t sell or rescue on America, Bannister toes or many Selves, and they're more than just an English foreign Espana. It don't say is I'm sorry Camino E. A mom's episode, my lovely model, Fichera said, And Este caso in particular witness the photo boy also lacks position por que? Come open is the photo. Okiro all considers communion effectively in a common swallowing cream aceto, the Amazon Skate Orchestra Photo statement, Lumina. But as that photo in particular, so lamenting talk aceto No necessity. You must even contrasted No Yapa Neil Nana In Los Highlights, Bama's move a CLS Kira minnows says anti cinco a corn Install Educators Matti Saari Poco less parties mask Illumina's telephoto You were gonna party the sombreros, Barbosa so well, this time Melissa seem cuenta a particular level character of Italy s s Korea us epistle is Anderson just kissing and muscular? You have all the particles belong cause Obama Sochi We're last silos May no strength must miners is this There's a miss Oh miss Shelters courses. So today is in the photograph es and de la Quinta kus implements your nephew Cuando no So a los Blancos A law school, Doris Comical supporting Hamas viewed and synthesis cycle. Okiro is hitters and pocket Monticello. You kill a school or is no Syrian Some 40 in Los Blancos stomach a sum of money And it is these other than loved Blanco's simply people Disney's other May 7 travel learning and those lows. Disney Celery s a little survey we have got, I think Tex Sector a man come apart. Okay, Lose Bianca Blanco's Matisse in the cellar They lose Negras Porky Iniesta Party Pascoe Machicura said Nicholas Ilocos said Is leaven tar low sniggers too, says a I got a minuscule mustard Intraco special. Yes, Get one a bully A mobile Barton cto were pointed toe the deadly seller The equal law through a prisoner So real Alinea they'll just lease other but a bother oppressing er air elemental effect. Okay, some assembly Candace ovaries the foot. But check out. This is gonna know Maria Si o no, no, I can see Democracia. Motrin I mean, there's a kiss. That's when we in the West. And there was something Leslie Feller enormous appreciated Come does this camp by a prison and a little help Those says he said, I'm quite Anthem a partisan Commanders pointed to somebody just sycamore office in Texas. I look estamos bien do is the only there's only Stu removing and the Los Negros sinister food. And since system oh, I miss almost Ando that stone is getting and must *** He then the leucistic that's his big . Almost Cuba. You every step Daito. What? I come on those If we come to understand, I think this is a ploy. Must bear cameramen tissues to 11 Tonder Loose negatives. This stuff foot also 100 from important these days he we are pressing them, you know in the photo. But we don't know this You and this place is Kamala Zygo a Kalama mental. No way must come a moocher much come you. But come summer become u mass workday and less intellectual Pedro I wanna see is when a bus ticket the name was K asserts your separatist efecto boys to fit through a thing for list are seeing a downside at a party They they Elma new the color ive boehlje regard Poco he Julia Kaputa You knows the s it's documenting Depended a lot photography Accused a assistant any Tando seal a photograph You still just a super memory job was going finally being a marriage. I mean callina different. Oh, nothing in case you really brothers and it's because happens Okay, Celia a camo esteem efecto camo Kaufusi Tacoma cappuccino camo A cal U l A foot logo can apart in the teens. Think bombs Regard. Pardon the pun. Tito Puente. Nothing. NK happily calluses for those sees a photo. Justin Poco Rossell. Assuming way, Fado Joe, See the very hard. So I took a moment. I think I was kicked off of the toe. May toe Lego a love be Francia Elissa to rescue That's where you lose your poquito So you're Leporello Street. We're not focusing. They said Don't again. My skin was painted a less interesting Tambien a u r c Archaeological Nemesis argument TeleFutura addresses Kcom Achilles Kogler Syrian muscle Mathis e Comack, Assyrian Poquito Masco issues and see course you of course, he was doing his quarters and they might He won adjust the foot, the momentum pull apart. They lose each day white balance in order all they ballot their Lanka's Yeah, looking almost said is even on sentencing in the next year and 1/4 almost a part in the color mix Case Superintendent, Something even more come you must into something in the class. Young is the preset that you see on this 3. Color Mix: Yes, I was a no no less parties. Mazier tears off West Parliament Ozel Eskimos Mega tsunami In a Christian, they pres it over through the night room, but come inside an apartment color mixture castle. They lose free throws, MPs and anger Forsa before in just a minute. You know, part of superior Obama's Umberto's. But, you know, they're just the same mix Hamas. I already este with the mix. Yeah, car bombs. Apology. Catalonia little scullery system present this industry sports but then drove for hostile folks CIA e bemoans a host. Our don't know Lasater Christiane. Even the color of the car. Unless the square is and those is Mama's at M beside evils of this article. And those is mammals at Masada. Hard poquito Hugh, calmer minnows DS. But I killed us corners come okay with mass school and draw close by the new pocket Amassed books Regular Julia, move A bookie Tito a us You go. No, I lose. I know Single The e luminous here knows me, knows Saiz. He knows Williams. You lost that knows me knows deer's. Yes, they are looking at that resides Kamata Ambien only poquito mas day. According lower lab use. He loves me. He just specimen tissue outcome was must Lendu minions? Yeah. Storck s a school or a Syrian Implicate a mass. Whose? Goodness? E a Has he leopard to take you Autonomous Jalan said Oh, I mean some away. Listen to rescue and Assoc Moscow Mono the ditch Almost no cas area your chin up this dependency other it is they didn't feed us. I'm so it on this here's please it's ok that result agent understand my wonder some of their chances in Bogota. You know about something about fortune e a luminous yah A social appendix When stars up in the story stairs e they left out of wasting money Handle Just a skate in front of thinking . Come on. Perfect as here Less care that Yes. He said we're not quantum Rosa, you know must circle appeal Data Jakarta He said I'm going to control masses Very scared. The same as Valencia on this. So you're thinking that this'll place said a super? This is why I am in step and you stay secure in the front, Okay? Coming in out of pocket. Masekela appeal point is that happen? They come mister Sinister custom pincer. Kayla. Well, hard put it he wants, You know, Sandra, that Burda Victor's to preset. Then they lose not Lancaster. Booking the mask was course. And don't say hey in me knows anyway, Are there almost diagnosed under somebody? Just feel a part of the human most agile mask a ceelo somebody use came out squarely in e single in those especially a modicum articular most kilos last own ideas, industry somebody just tea and then must, as here does not support a sort of systems, you understand, scare them. Oh, was I was may notice how there's no meddlesome Maine's may know scored in a single Regulus a tourist young tambien kilo kilo somebody assistant Goumas Prominent sinister photo Intentional Invent aluminum Heard that our dad I must say I will fare They Mama's adieu are lose burdens. Masashi Ando Stone owes money just some of the skin. Korea, Starcom, Wintry day. Cinco Eben said you had lassitude issue in the main owes sink one thing way, but I to send them in the center. A system empezo romantic Amapa intent ceremony where cierto school, or is the is the preset by like a calm. OK, Sam months. Prominent sports since the castigating was Sam prominent Los colores Que so Enormous that Mary Jo's Must Not report is intent on Rosie Lows Valleys E a aluminum's. Yeah, but we've force Ikeda. I won't don't know where. The trailer for Doc Mukasi and Pocket Mask Let it in. Northern for coal or CIA Contact. Colored SNC and Alison Saunders Different sentences on SaiPan Illustrated muscularity. C N e a normal settle, Carlos. Those premeditatedly salaries Luminal A. But I am banked it, but K c l one corner see, and then threatening back in school a soon solamente Oh yeah, Jay Hue will don't know a single day Chuck Baraquio said Thomas, you know I go l a party. They put us either folks era estan alexia Mama's a ho seven Poquito was the charges of defectors tambien decor, but the exposition But okay is the preset honest efecto a If the filter return later, thank God own Tokyo In any salomone trauma static, we must consider the most anything 4. Detalles, efectos y curvas: when in the seleccion mama's asset. You know, speaking of psychosis, inopportune dodges defectors e musk. It'll in a party? Quotable exposition Popularly finale. Salomon's professional. He must skeptical is the filter At least formal director are the defectors? Yes. The women with colored car. He, uh Kelowna. Qalqilyah publicar is poquito cloudy that goes up on there for a camo in Kinsa, The African Muslim photo. It's leg Obama se directamente Aminu. They sorry gases that Junglee Don't you in love with someone they allowed? The if it does say, is that that yes, even was like God Because the sharpening my bank. I gotta go, people. A team of almost Ambien agree. Got of main teaching God. A colder noise reduction or election. The reuse a cold. So what about you? Like a sick joke, Aceto profession and another starters. Yeah. What about the team? Okiro? Either kind of party. They lose, almost like with the army. Know they lost, You know, about the super your style. But they called back. He no police. A commander Qari Collectors Giacomo me in a cosy in VCU. It'll mean Alenia idea gonna support and they must control So callow. No, less part. Is they luminous on the stuff of Philadelphia? Just saying Commander Stone knows mus Illumina's telephoto over those muscles scooters he loves Mary's and those Obama's affect that is the Cordoba e looking Bible study here. Excuse There's intent. Unassailable, similar Barra lows. Percents kissed a system coriander into salute. Nobody made a curious said is Baharuddin. Poquito is the pointy. Took a policy Areva. Okay. I mean, what you say this? Come on, let's parties must mean a photo. So you know Thomas Mattis asking for a nice insisting the local masculine will see it done is the foot e a s Tokyo. I do that. I say this Come up, keep those systems parties. You mean us? No. Sometime don't done clearly Key A hard poquito lose collieries. Milieus Mom's So we estos Negroes took a seat. This is a serial comma Victoria. Money was negative. E a must be super procedures in meeting comical square and it must k cambio come a bm picking neater than through a kamala. We cash in the stash potatoes. Will it affect our best on it? He Look, there s the critical moment to San Quentin. Rita moments the pontiff, you know, I was here at H Comma K left for the same movie Style has never seen before. This the faded, most effective It must fade a faded. Any women friends? Okay with the kids that being a car, no more hope, but no, my pig out. I do a Kamala is keening for your own pocket Toronto and does is a policy issues come over the other sister court of up Yeah order a look and said in a single election is their common for most approach Art is the preset maximum. But Casey, who still be in does not stressed voters photo skill set in there, but 5. Ajusta el preset: and when the deck attention was a kind of stroke preset. Finally, Saleh, just that they're now. Look away, I said. IHS applique, Are you a notorious photos soon as quiet as a plant or know someone who start best. John Terry in particular. Most errorless coma, arugula. A suspect in use that Jessica Matzorkis. The precepts of Superman in column one of those photos and a squalid Central Africa instances when the Americans said Sirica in a party direction, a superior that shop stress, potatoes, even messiah and copy settings. A PR comfortable issue on those settings. E al Qaeda care No sitting Scorpius. See a partier. They estas configures your insistence. Kidnap Rinella career preset, Then throw them in Corso fresco in now Throw an election. Antiquities, explica towards passes politically are bumper Set up, Arthur. They s those This is configured as soon as he comes upon their then throw your foot intones says. But in this moment, doesn't everything will be decided. Stop soon The apiary Bigger key members say since yep, arrested curses, doesn't look aware, said simply. Car disturbs me. Most settings and defendant. Those photos even come up almost optimally optimise. I'd last but I can say on the hood I will say that I mean, a photo e way loves me most Is potatoes in a participate or that HRT Bigger settings intense is in this photo a Okay, Like a party host are from a parking lot for the seven took a seat is even a particle or eem away. Let them better toe the political A saliva chaperone Book critic on this is the nds year lurking in the sec A visit Guests just come on Sufficient. There is a fence. Okay. May boost on a photo essay. Of course you on corn is that I am a must noble Maceda Order photo Mama's apple Ikari kun Lost Responded Does a bigger settings e a photo Steam seven is stopper K in love photo tell quality stopping Zika Superior Jester broken in a House of Commons kun, It employs it easy Pensacola Present Applicable Savoca Move Bustem they know has appeared e look upon a photo A C number to the color even side in a party they mix kindness tomato nose, good oil apart A superior The manu the color mix people must you directamente alcohol or the Nonaka Oh, in this the castle. Pienso que CED A poor A really cool story. Aluminum. Locate Julia Directamente. He said I'm Kentucky LaPierre location Pishevar symbols to know. So come on, Rosie O A. But look at your idea. A Beretta Menoyo Former in liquid form a cessation. Stay a come you. Yes, I'm gonna stay with Tom Case. Camel toe on a spreadsheet. You list. Kick a cup e nos assembled animals. They just they in luminous, luminous Here. Even was a selection are on a party. Will appeal the chika even with someone with us here. Really well was your knowledge. The business has a good arm was killed 20 token this monster light room I in a participant you're, say a model galore. A common cooler PM They would have the system owes a condo asta K b a k seven Boco the hood kicker that being from Kyoto stomach hood a particular equalled the breast. Uniondale in front took a policy ideas of everything. No press. You know, Sobakam a source seem cuenta trick or you're different. A guy State prison on the sofa day. So today so estate on a person pointed Polanco So it is appearing a particle uncle or comic . A fake nude e a s commerce. I must keep order some of perfect understory Laugh. Edelman. Cornyn, Stay put. Okay, this is the most Rondo. When the history of become the president's or in a photo cinquanta kid to school or is, say, active in our inner Mongolia before suspected When the local, you know, this is part of the misses. The point is a serious a hostess, a copper. Don't Elliott a Montini when his company into literal e when important. So I says, says Interesante Domino, tennis are is the point. He it's a case or just a little issue. Aptly common sense the field throughout. Nobody had the fotografia Look on insta Mr Mustafa Sanitary in our defendant days Citrus Eunice, you find this deep political prisoners for the deaf ears? It's OK. I'm assuming the casts are located. Auriemma Prosecution. Move your school. I'm gonna Guardia implicated Comus the luminous You Egypt. Gaza Is this element a big are no sense in the necessity Amateurs campuses the field. Remember that. Clinton says body so members to understand the minister photos It'll Calista economical, preset. Okay, so super Linda it come in the cooler, they'll appear calm. OK, say they must. Bronson. Tennis is a super charity. In effect. You want a jacket terminal? Moussa cast a party. Louisiana Fotografia, a unique Okinawa Stop okeanos falta ace. After they were that is this photos and monstrous allies. But again, almost a necessity that banana see in the next year in quite mimosa as their project. Oh says when a pointer to the sisters Amelia is my waas in axiom, even a so we would have photo niceness predict Don't sustain and cabinet our that is the sports a super sensi Joe. Enough of the superior than a Fantasia listers. Potatoes comes in stops. Yuan was taken on comporting from cycling e a news article mobile on my new. In a parting figure, the Labonte another said opposition, you know, cases safe to device or they're in tow. This positive. There was a famous Spaniard, a Obama's Arctic i E Asia automatic come into, say, Varga in local area the most in terms of jackets are almost always stop. Moments are lessening of the election. Our the data is the project 6. Proyecto: when we chose glasses For me, that is Tekla say, as style Final hour recognises the preset cappuccino Entra Mama's upon their twos. No house Amelia is any Nexium. But as the project Omega story accurately, case is the preset immune. On day two photos Ikea areas Los Arcos does necesario para que presets area Loma corpus eerily in esta foot. What a photo Illegal Shula INLA sexy on the project. A day is too classy. E done this That is the sex Yountville project. When they were coolest, Emilio was ever gave varias best Anya's, you know, based on Nicosia Jama projects and resource is yeah, he is on There was a poor career to project the east were to appropriate photo Rita, wait a car uncle So critical thing like I'm scared Share alone If you get in I guess it has he taken apart Oreo home Then they say projects and resource is exactly trying just to kind of stop a hina Yahaya bottom Burdick Carey say create project Bomb aside, I can click yaka a promise upon their ability to locate when a bump on the projector off for the hundreds years quest, even as a kid in Pamplona recognize Group C on the Toronto The commerce isn't there in a moment, I said. Is the CEO sitting a while? Okay. No Sarasa. Whose story upon the 100 Description E megastar Geological localities account the image because on the one Aida was curses, photos people in their love for Serena in a photo of the Nazi mammals and then to fill this basket have been secured their super interesting. Tambien a megastar Aeacus city was toast a class A by just our analysts. Pestana Tuscaloosa Jama reviews political iffy case like less maybe study a que Cuando watches I heard is the review Miller histamines A heater. A condom is Where does the class say? Ok, not a Gusteau is a panacea. Olivo mascot There was a jacket and saying you or I will not rest Even this young metaphor has a hard i e k joyous, opinionated. They told those reviews a winner, but with the motor required Okay, tangled mass classes and me perfume. The skill check at the point guard. I'm Teresa. You see No cinemas. Waterways which addresses party hearty Astal final in Obama's in approximate class. Chow