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Cómo Crear Animaciones GIF con Canva

teacher avatar Diana Muñoz, Canva Verified Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introducción al curso

    • 2. Canva Gratuito y Canva For Work?

    • 3. Animación Palabra por Palabra

    • 4. Animación Texto Bailarín :)

    • 5. Animación Palabras Intermitentes

    • 6. Conclusión & Proyecto

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About This Class

En esta clase vamos a aprender a crear animaciones GIF con canva.com

No se requiere ninguna habilidad de diseño. Vamos a crear, paso a paso las 3 animaciones que ves a continuación:




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Diana Muñoz

Canva Verified Expert


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1. Introducción al curso: because you have many ounces, they could just superfine music. And no, it looks, is that councillors have super lever Tia A including a TV that super super sunset closest human use. I think the it's the Corso is. But if I get persona que necesito todo gives us the Toronto just finished a website about in maize or the front of my Facebook friends tell us and gives us an impactor. Easy going almost 90 at the campus. Some important. This is to give for my video kid and then throws going second and you're okay. Give a junkie Manto six unis. No, it's OK, I thought. Those with the Sanyo's Give center central part L projectors is and says, but CSS Technica t confusion. And don't say I don't know so much about us, even with Alexis. 2. Canva Gratuito y Canva For Work?: when it was the most readiness day Picking your video player diferencia the poor came Sidwell's car. Gotta give in the Kampe premium in their comeback for work. People cannot support us, undergraduate. And don't say it is about Mr Decker is there can be Pantoja e s document a kind instrumental is in. Come back instead Knowing pagosa point about a Cardy said upgrade ls bombs Toronto's is you will hear aka is the case instagram Post eating almost k boil here care plan Tia Cumin, Fresi Qamba and says the gun was going in. The heat s there Easy. Cinquanta can apart it The download We always got a calm Lenny. Must young remember Quattro everyday over the give Eating in a picking a katana was chronologically Kaka in a policy is the fantasia in local music a secure approve our Kamba for work Good at thes portraying Talia's and don't save money job and I do stairs seen again and then come back for work You can provide us after Intel years A drug meant they know Sekem sale process up aeroplane provide I d secure Twitter portraying 30 years Lebanon Kodama Morino Kalfin elders to strengthen years E s people improve. Our poor sista is the functional Leah. They give anonymous young give opposite video when I order still is a monster of a car. Me Quint for work Lucky is scum a premium for electricity. Baga he loves boy. Almost There are instances l A temple. Well, he like a cure Plant Asia. He was Most of that kind of particularly said this car guard was Kaleka tipo their Children . A lot will demand um a policy coordinator for case the joys from come before work can come me a Paris intel assist us obscure nous people is characterised Archie Akama be they Okamoto gif says esa isla lovely financiera pusaka jazz put was most really totally different Pacific to skip skip way It would really sort of protesters give But when instead of Monstropolis pork a don't know supporters Karlgaard por que si support for argument Eircom before worked in the montagne functionally alesi a elementos kiss upon Italy side A cup in No And this is our seem almost emphasis are Are these in your gift? There was quite the savialova Palestinian election 3. Animación Palabra por Palabra: CNN's Dalixia Mama's Suffering, they likely are Estili saying you inquire seven commanders. Pelota separation wre was here at home. Is the person said your agendas work. Speak our common see as a tourist Yes. Thomas, aka Otra vez and me Quinta for war come for work. Usually Musalo a bomb inside aka Boil Here is a a comma LaPlante Asia own boast instead. Seminar Quanta case Cuadrado There's a chance a party so chantho when the heat is the particular set Only senior quadrille Clinton says Local America. We said Eskom openside in Look, you're screaming Boehlje delis are pushed. Frazee can opacity quadruple our when Europe America USA Padam beside a story saying you're a subliminal Atiqullah The title Oh, when you say the text E Bowyer, Big America is textile Kournikova, we're gonna go in person. Don't says when it is almost on par. The true cost. Pakistan is no same Martin like are easily handle on a friend isn Okay job I jump or look a was kambon who so far they say Justin in Montana is in yellow Is Pastrana handle ensues plant a jersey common convenience in the text in terms exposed. When Esther Johnson come a friend This okay? Only senior expert toe. I like you, but I also trust instances. Job Was Fuente coming today Easy. No boys, but I lost. You know something come before work A car on a post Swede Fuentes personally says and does your tango Come is 22 years tengo values for this K when it was killing me will start on a schedule company case we I don't says it is the moment Obama America looking for fresh dicamba and she nomen Theresa inguinal list has 20 different Toyota Lisa. Okay, Joe thing when is the castle? Well, he una custom immature Okay, company. It was super k a lover. That is the friend Dana. Come on, Honesty A fatal e am e k. Yes, The concern is they. But you're not consumed it up And don't say skeleton their communion Estilo Seimas. Come on the card. You know when the liquor sales in dot com is grandma copier, It's the textile Find as bases. No Barkalow curious. It'll finales border. Dunn says more Risteau dot com. Yeah, because we come into the whole stars. Boeing says port acabo esta was coming up. It was Carla Carla for intestine. Okay, one LST LoJack like Santiago. Copy. Copy. Copy To say, our position at Leicester Sandra People, A holiday is to compare Dragon under less to assert mien Muk Temple yard Aboya com A cougar must corn lost a Manu's able Yamuna defendant is cholera severe K k friends, you know Come. Okay Pacheco is Takahata text to see Cinquanta like a hot takes toe Stockham over a CIA e mink Amoia me gusta que Alaska heat A system in common who starred Tom Annual take stopper casing No is Come on in. Cuomo trabajar con Francisca has the text of the less good on this. Cinquanta cousins was in the money. Hristo e a simple money Haris discuss was for cement about Rahardi takes toe my Gustav Muscatel. Come on again. And that is the text that Kahkonen stars. Fletch, eat us for Kors is Kamal Uganda. Cochon is to normalize camera. Francisco McComas official beggarly But Santa Monica, kiddo. Okay, get broken. School must be swallow. Said look, I can honestly cheaters went into Sisk utopians. Ok, kiddo. I don't go see me later. I still When does the lucky just tables? Can Dakar Esko McCrery r l l d Send your free night e Qala getting eldest in your final mama's our own pair este seen you in a different interest. Elementos put up where? Carla Animus. You jealous, bro? Musta in a moment of circa moments implemented this innuendo. Yeah, Lizzie hips. Come on, Crandall this in your finger to look away. I'll say that camp is come a postcard in Troilus element to skate jam. Your friends say Camba oversee. I go into the sand. Okay, Basketball fans. You know, common was colonised Text. Oh, Germany Niccum all stars the print upon this planet of strangers Our seafood is una s tacos . But its sister, sister it it does not stand Marcum. Okay, Daniel Noona. Demons soon. Listen, you Televisa Paronto El Fondo. What is this history? It has progressed. Conde, Monsieur. Well, who got like, I finally feel throw a who starred you are grounded in pocket. Um assisted textile quinta. I got rid. So the stylus element is the texture in my temple. E Carlos. When the second toe Salman mocked him going to Ben's. Okay? It's a star. Jack mamas. And every Sunday, when interesting almost kissed a jazz me this and your finger on E our local area said is morning but really critical mass. Come on them. Good morning. They raise convertible different. I stay. I stay my hand manually own radiant the gravelly Those gacaca McGrady int e one Aleppo Sacramone Poquito transparency up electricity in and assist register Phone stays me This in your final e Our that's even most come on, A separate is still different This alimentos para politically are anonymous Don't say is our you're going to commit Spell out as soon those trees Quarter pilot He Boyaca Jihad You know those trays cuatro backing us equals a car s Tulum is the economic espada Cobiella Bynum Nineties He owned a LA Primera Party number. You have a Budiarto Sisters element of the text. Um, in Lassie and the baheen Aboya solamente had Premera I cannot say about Carla's those primitives Pelotas logo Lastras perimeters it local car a lamento live in tow complete Asia Capital is Qari Gar is the destiny Masya masala Leica anti polio chew animus. You knows Obama's ACA in the multi mom up. Soon the estate of animus young cases seemed Klepper case the sort of known as interesting a noise look. Unstoppable scandal Rebecca and level Assiut Animus. Um bom aside, Portal appear for Cassie. Cinquanta. Linda No. Was No. No. Haneda ineffective. Osama was kind of This is when a colony machines I'm broke or Lada was put up a little bit . A dress, little finale. Almost as Carla, Carla McAfee, Ansari and kick. And for mother there, Chief, they got gif from Sunday. Goofy. That's gotta go. So I'm wondering Poquito poor caper sisters. Come on, Brandy. So is the destiny machine. Someone and broke it open over. No, Paseana. I went into the second. Lucky, honest animus. Soon even mosa Ari Leporello, we're gonna kill least I, Jack Yellow El efecto Perfect. Other gif. He won a competition. And mostly I miss Motome employing this Qari Gar Este Estonia, Monsieur Common only there. Yeah, okay. It was the gift point and click in Quetta video. Elizabeth's Kharga El Video. And it's the castle. Sister has care and sweet Luna animus. Young comunista in Instagram is May Horror colas one and be the working Give notice about adoption says buzz list. Oh yeah. Carcamo is the deeper kasicky is stomach almost. Supervalu also ain't there isn't a civilised People continue any time money, but there may not, is the Give em may go study a Mostar list back in your truck. O K. C c Young Quinta I can was Strug if cantonal escargots away a sycamore. No civil text sentences community feces, the entire economy said quite anonymously in a coma. Own trickle supersensitive parabola, regular in store is implemented. Damar Toe Baltimore fragment brought with him a patina. Gonna stuff Witchita pottery was with Bettina. Almost as we look pathetic a day pre made us. Does this get on with? Throw this in your final kill every minute. Pacino's in Textor eat assistance issue momentum. Jazz cargo was no starchy, so they went for money must soon A simply rapida give no, Zappala said. Asi says Jessica Textile MBAs The second Palestinian days taken. No say well texted. I mean money, Monsieur Paris. Element to compete. Second primer fragment and this is no several text part. It's a Sufi we'll bring. May be mellow patina Gonna listen your job finan suggestive text They re made us. He went on a sea Japan most rugged island acorn, Elsie and the the same knew they was coming. Sata hard in ASEAN direction 4. Animación Texto Bailarín :): Brennan is Alexia Mama's suffering directly at Este gift. Get a system Most Rondo Iniesta momento 11 k iss. You know they're less affect us come off our vetos meals because the mountain he is super super fast and their side and said your weapon So Kostanic Tsunami said more happy Llamosa ive directamente me montage Ebola hero Thomas is the same York. Okay? Supposed on Instagram gets a chance for the magenta We'll click came out incumbent way Well , EPA is them Vecernje boyo Tillis are in a plant Asia The number I know plenty of women country put a car came I was tumultuous e tambien garcon has plenty as they come back for K A Nothing will happen, sir, Does he come in? Usually trabajo do a part of me A dragon country on a plan teacher Kailua More difficult but operator said is they give Does it a particular He s top plantation. It's implemented. Come. Okay megastar who chose to school Loria's determine my boost aka Mo is the back in You know that touch a little phone. Okay, it's coming movies to till but up a staggering guy I gotta go actually send you roses. May Martinich, Estella. Mental support are easy. No pesky papa data. You oppose Erica more likely at a satirical off a segment up. Mickelson matures. Call over this. This is his final. Camilla, Secretary of the poor Kayla here Stop Lantigua our When you look away I'll say this I run. That is Sericolo. But Cuco Makukula Casi toda LaPlante Asia boy. Oh, really sad because they weren't on the position parasite would harm against a sequel. Stay in central. Even our is the text. Um ist o a son Trece ca has the text refinances Pakistan? A group passed in terms is locally or sail selects. You're not a stop either. Subgroup are a supporter. Cabanillas elementos pkr McCone lamento committed consist and says our goal we s said I come is but ask Reveal a pelota getting in me colorism states government appointed Leahy like sister is the same a me mentally say stop. Okay, let's get in a cab. And the courses Romeo he owed up, boy. Ottoman Common assent is toe a cabin and meaty single When it does the jacket and Amazon carcamo newest release in your final least. Oh, look, a homo societies copier is tapa hina even. Was Lobero una casita? More picking? See, When I met Jessica, Moore said of Grouse. Boehlje promoter said, Is the deck still in? Does Goodell's What kid does per came apart? It's again. No is more mature because gets you know he'd Amritraj seven poco more about a nice tan. Children, it does is common. Sufficient. The practice area. Chiara, go Kambia! Really facing No one wants you out etc. Ended once again. The way I said on my nose does e l siente Massoud and Nicosia. In several girls, those grows Lapetina trees is many of those girls Aleppo hina Cuadra is safe house or, say, a complete mint director. But a look at what I said is that you can text. Oh God, we pocket this Cassie Come. What can you say? Not that Pelosi Salernitana End Animus Your logo Boehlje that position Milieu Center Yeah, I don't boils. Got got me any Must you on in here to Sadio, Remember K just Giacomo by London Textile A steel simply Milicia Tapia e give this card Kettle is a classic token. A salon radio, pero no toes lowing. It's fitting that it's something Mais up inside Boy, I just got this garden on a stroke IV e I'm sorry. Look, when the issues come okay? And most epic UNITA animus Young, it's Kamal passed on the Potomac But it's a case in tennis Sunday No Icade Kamal Kono's movie me and those movie rules. But like I say, a commentary. Centrist Animus Young Intense is by analista Soja a Is there really a conclusive on his Dalixia in the art of almost honest resident Alexe Yoon? 5. Animación Palabras Intermitentes: when in a selection Mama's happen, that s they give color system. Mr. Unknown is the momentum sentences Kamasi unplayable Massari boast instagram ds agenda por de eso chanda e para este the son you in particular Lucky's comma personalities are a say You know, that means photos followed. Intense is But let's get no. Seven. No, sir. Transport almost a Sufi Emma Harnesses and Mr Computer Camba years to support. I said income before work or income up gratis instances. But esto it's come on Turkey to grant on which I can't decide the case. Super interesante protection er is the estadi. Seniors must personally cells now. Don't says low Nico case of algorithmic or paternal from Petar E Arrest Arla asked The Campbell directamente Aegis is Tatsuo Endo. When the Jimmy McManus start completamente Sweda, you look over here says come on Oahu Starla aka the manual me Campbell Yes, I come Accordion The toe l for no allow a week are going Document Poquito mas Joe E. Buzz, Come upstairs. Seven human contact with Lisa a radiant. So they'll assume a UNESCO moments. They dig really e But I can't dig like a mucus away. I must share it. It local. Your said there's more Monster Lady Foot inside. We upon it. A car MiG radiance. Welcome Yellow school or is part of the school? Reschedule, Tierro. It blew up on their own. A transparency. Hey, don't look at us. I'm gonna see my hands. No! So I don in clearly it Look A process. Que me? My hand Geotechnical Most efficient school orders. Entrances Pakis Defector Douglas area mature. Must share a leper. Kasikorn Makino said dollars cooler is Della Photo diagnostic. Um okay, Machiavellian and receive. Don't look away. I say this tomorrow Me, my head, my home Who killed a girl? Click and name again. Your kindness them in Really, really say Ah who start boy, I even know Britain infield trouble gettin filled through a boehlje that clicking instead cases Kalogridis is Did you see? The havoc went up Me photo Kildow Dora in this color legalese language. Yeah, I wanna pongo me regularly. And Seema was Jack. Okay, so I must Interesante looks cooler is no stamp, Alando. Enter ages. Personal mentally. Make wisdom a sissy in stock photography. The Toronto in autos fotografia since defended the better one. And it's the castle away. I am Yes, A quality of classical daily, sir. Mbami Quattro Thesis Quarter Pacino's effort and this text intense is part of history saying your boy Oh, tell Assad. You know, friend, there get them. Being was complain most a easily most Makamba e way upon a text in color Bill. Uncle Porter Cape was sent to kill us all. Thomas called a steady Gran Fondo Margaret Cochran s Dominion. Yolanda Dexter. But I came apart as Canada sisters Flay cheat us on this scandal Text is more bacon eater. Not a partisan Fletch. It'll sentences grand takes Tau Kok. Owners know matters. It'll be able to see it happen. It's ministers sequiturs. You would know. You said it takes tow grounded, but keep was Come. Okay, so is llamas. Important is the same, you know? Well, our priority that people will say we don't make it. Gave in and there's center. Nothing was the textile. You were QPR. Look, she believed she could We'll see you in the lobby so she and tons is by the argument Temporize does give look, Osama Sanders comma one fundo The passage can know what can be our solamente Campbell Textile no Bricusse people. Name is Kemal Canyon. Tolars lost for no $6 textures. But come on, More chance cosas I mean like them. Pontin says Keefe futilely salmon simplemente name a self funder in more background. You look as it comes. Come on. Any text she believed she could so she did. Intense. Is this boy almost a car? It Look away, I said. But that is the stuff for tacit Yukio come upon their own pocket. Among the emphasis and Laporta Fina Casca Moshi, this is Kamala Artemus. Come on. Mass Contin continue dentist and doesn't like Oh, yes, there is a cure. Okay, Esther, She did do recommend pocket Thomas, but I could think enormous impact. Um doesn't lonely cook it and guess it. And it's the castle. Is copia stuff behind? And that's a second equipped that came No se contact Tempus Um or, uh, a party Knaperek on the Kentucky Kamal said Akama said, Oh, you know I am. There's a windows Instances said Akamai wound. No said Oh, come on, we know. Oh, come on. No ill ago she did, but in their Compostela Commodores parking lot in there Those flak Mentos the Exactamente What? Synthesis? Come! Okay, Boluda, Those vessels must temple our that Look at what you said Is this cargo like a museum? Breath going Animus You own simply You're happy. And give any month Vince's boy at this category. Last boy, almost a list Last different. This option is no intern says Comus away. Cease away! Tapia solamente going own a lower team apart in a solemn into now is looking at those vases El efecto important. He lives by monster. Com says to no excuse Come on to do to do super happy When it is a sort of the thing that come is those are chose this cargo Chelsea Lisboa, Mostar Love diferencia entry is toe. Those will affect Anton says s then the lower T mama hina MW. She believes she could so shitty. Yeah, I come in pocket, Thomas. Emphasis secure and getting on mass emphasis on your mom Aumento It's a demoff fragment. Those versus conservation. How much she believe she could associate. This year is common. Moving less. I felt a come on. Come on. Illegal Must pretend they know. Does this This is Comeau simply Can you attach Separate? Okay, Sandy finance. You 6. Conclusión & Proyecto: E. J R s the course. Okita Certain said. Your liver jiggle. Asked Acosta's The waiting well experienced a super Phyllis and save you despite Okay, said Liberty of Santa Coloma anywhere T jump in cancer. When you ask this, because this is the photo starts beaming Canton Pinto says. Postpartum hormones supercharge. Report. Comm party list. Is this courses in? Senior assistant? Is the people really us? He wanted Make a study a K, but he is just a scary on gives. They just quality stack. Almost better focus. Implemented kidding. Comported Corno, Soto's main cantor Yesalis, who won in a part of the project of they see less interest up in their mouth. So dicamba, also the instagram opens pretty moments and so personal with Mr Neighbor Field worker You mount on the coach's kid. Lisbon Interest. Artful Mountain. Egypt was up but never sassy kid and received may all on instagram. No Santa masses were lost, and in the course of a child