Bullet journaling for beginners: a quick guide to start doodling | Clara Duboy | Skillshare

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Bullet journaling for beginners: a quick guide to start doodling

teacher avatar Clara Duboy, Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. How to find inspiration

    • 4. Finding your personal style

    • 5. First steps

    • 6. Month set up + conclusions

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About This Class

Have you ever heard about bullet journaling and how wonderful it is? You don't know where to start? Then this class is for you. I'm Clara and in this class, I will teach you the basics on how to start a bullet journal. 

We will go over the main aspects needed to quickly start creating. Plus you don't need to have any experience, only a few markers, and some creativity.

Come on, get your journal ready and start with me!


  • What a bullet journal is
  • The materials needed to start
  • Where to find the inspiration you need
  • How to organize your bullet journal in a way that fits perfectly with you
  • The uses of a bullet journal
  • The main elements of a journal

By the end of this class, you will be able to jump right into your journal and start a more organized and creative life. And don't worry, our class project will be simple and it will get you off to a good start.

I hope you enjoy this class and comment any questions below!


(Btw, I changed my Pinterest account, now it's @claraduboy)

Meet Your Teacher

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Clara Duboy



Hi, I'm Clara and I'm a creator. I dance, I draw, I paint... Anything related to art is good for me. I'm still a student and I'm always learning and trying new things.

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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Antara unwelcome to how to create a bullet journal In this class we will go over the main things. You need to jump right into your bullet. Jonah Hung, Get started on this beautiful journey. First of all, what is a bullet wound? Well, it is a personal journal where you can write literally anything. It is good for people who like to do lists people who want to be more organized and also for goal setting and have a trick. You can have it as a simple diarrhea Jew. In conclusion, it is a journal that fits perfectly with your needs. This is my brother. Children. Well, during a bullet, you know, it is important to remember that he doesn't have to be extra pretty Just reading your very own way. Don't overthink it. It doesn't have to be perfect. Just do what you want. This is going to be for you and no one else. So enjoyed. Thank you for watching and see you for the next lesson By 2. Materials: Hi, everyone. And welcome back to the second vessel on how to create a bill. The Journal. Today we will go over the materials needed to create a bullet, June. But the journal in is all about trying on finding what works best for you. So with the materials, it's the same. To make it easier, I will show you what I normally use. First, you will need a journal here. You can see some of my journal. There are many types of journalists. It can be white lined or doughty. I personally prefer doted once. But the most important thing here is to gance either the paper quality. If you have about paper quality, these will happen. Mine is from cool bodies. But there are a lot a lot off brands who sell bullet journals and they are also very good. Okay, so now that you have your journal, we need a very simple thing on that is a pencil on a rubber to sketch out your ideas. So I have a lot of different prints to write. Have these ones from beak the black and blue one. But I prefer right in with this you nibble and it is very good for writing. I also use these one from my chrome. Um I use this one from you need bean These two once I use them for Ty to uh I know that. So then I have all my markers. Four titles Are you the jumbo A BT which is the big one on I also use another jumbo which is a little for titles which are smaller for a while. The other things I used the standard markers. I also use this cooler prints from my pet which are very beautiful. I also use some highlighters from stabbing on. Sometimes I use color pencils, but I don't use them very much. But if you want to, you can use them. And I love using washi tapes. These are Russian tapes. There are d cor tapes with cute part trims on. They give your journal a very good look And last but not least, you need creativity. By the way, these title was created with the jumbo market and that's all unit to stopped. See you for the next lesson by 3. How to find inspiration: hi, everyone, and welcome back to how to create a bullet. June, Let's be honest. We are in a genius. On some days we can find any 80 s in a creative mind. But don't worry. You can let the marvelous Internet to spar you. Today. I will share with you some tips to make the search easier. Off course. You can go to Google and type Bullet Juna or something similar and have millions of videos and images a related to eat on. Do you can find their Yuri's Bridge, but there's a better way to do it on. Here's how this is pain trees. A cool up, Easy to understand where the inspiration is infinite. Here's how it works. You have the main page where you can find loads off images A based on what you normally see . Then you have your for the wings. Then you have your notifications and then you have your profile. So he is my favorite things to look for. First of all, my favorite thing is to look for the month to set up my mance spirit. I just type the month right now for December on a bullet Juna on. We have lots off posts off other persons on your kindness part From there, then I also like to look for mood trackers or have a trackers on is the same thing. You type more tracker, you type happy tracker. You can also save the images and have them in your profile. This is my profile. I also loved their some of my own doodles so you can follow me there on have a closer look to my work. My profile is Clara creates another good option is Instagram. But I personally don't use these very much as I don't like it on. I prefer Pinterest, but you can use the same tips for searching as the ones for painters. You tie Bulla, Jonah, you type November but the journal and you can look for the has tax or for some provides and you can find lots off things. So with all of these set start exploring all over the Internet, you can start by coping others doodles or you can directly create your own ones is right. So see you for the next lesson by 4. Finding your personal style: Hi, everyone. And welcome back to the fourth lesson on how to create a bullet. Jonah, Today we're going to try to find our personal stuff. If you're starting a bullet journal, do you have to keep in mind that it is something very personal on There's no wrong erect. You have to find what works best for you, and you learned this by doing. I know I've already said this, but it's really important. First of all, it is good to decide what you want. Your do not for where it will be a tenner, a diary or a journal, or it can also be a mix of all three but don't work. You don't have to decide right now on for the rest of your life. You can change your decision whenever you want. Take your time. If you are completely those on really don't know what to start, I recommend you to set up your week. Write today's date on, write something, plan a bit of your date or right how you're feeling today. You can also write what Judy today. Don't worry if it in the beginning it seems to not work, it will become easier within. Just give it a tray. In my journal, I usually write what I do every day on I highlight one good thing. So it like a gratitude journal. This habit has made me appreciate it more every day. I also write my thoughts when I'm overwhelmed by them are my goals and dreams. So I don't forget you follow them on. Then I put some motivational quotes to keep me going. So just think what you need right now on use your Juno for that. That's everything for these video. I hope that you already have plenty of ideas to fulfill your journal. See you in the next video for the first steps by 5. First steps: hi, everyone, and welcome back to how to create a bullet journal. So now that you've found out how you want your journal to be broadly, you have a little idea. Let's get started. You already know that journaling is very personal, so I wouldn't give you the Excite. Recite. I'll only give you some of the ingredients, and you'll make them as you want. You first thing you need to have in your journal. It's your personal information because you don't want to lose. Then I recommend you to set up an index so that you can find easily what you're looking for . If your journal it's going to be a planner, you need a key where you write all the symbols your use so you don't forget their meaning. Here you have an example off what I keep would look like. Now let's see some other ingredients or elements you can use future looks. Here you put important events you can forget, such as exams, birthdays or meetings. It can be a year look around month. Look on even a week. The idea is that you find all the important event in Montauk truckers. This is my favorite thing. They are really good for starting new good habits. Such a sleeping, more reading, exercising or 18. Health I. My favorite. One more trackers lists. There are many of these to buy list, which lists ideas, goals, books to read, serious to watch friends that you've seen places you want to go. Anything. Here You have some examples quotes, another favorite of mine to give you some extra motivation months for it to start your months and weak spirit to write on how fun I write every day. So I like to write the date when I do it, but some people prefer to set up the full week on. These are demean ingredients for Georgia. So, like what you want on Go crazy with beautiful titles, doodles on everything you want. I hope this video was helpful. See you for the final one by 6. Month set up + conclusions: Hi, everyone. I'm welcome to how to create a bull. The Children, for these final lesson. I'm going to set up my mom and I will talk a bit on conclusion off the class. Ah. Mm. I hope that by now you have an idea of audible the journal. Ease on what? Your journal will be left. I hope that you've already started to do some doodles unshared some of your work with us. - Remember , this is for you. So forget about the world and concentrate on your work. - Also remember to stay inspired by all those work were our community. - And don't worry if in the beginning it's not what you expected, you will get better with time there . - I hope you like the class on. Don't forget to shirt your first steps with all of us. If you have any questions, asked me. So you in the gallery. My