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Building a Bad Ass Online Presence with Consistency & Engagement

teacher avatar Jason Cercone, Internet Media Professional

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1: Introduction


    • 2.

      2: 5 Reasons to Build a Bad Ass Online Presence


    • 3.

      3: Tips & Strategies For Getting the Most From Facebook


    • 4.

      4: Tips For Effective Instagram Posting & Conversing


    • 5.

      5: How to Get the Most From Twitter


    • 6.

      6: 3 Easy Tips For Proofreading Your Content


    • 7.

      7: Conclusion


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About This Class

In today's world, many people develop relationships and loyalty with brands before they set foot in your place of business or spend a dime on your product or service. To ensure you are building the best rapport you can with potential customers and brand advocates, it is important to present yourself in a consistent, professional manner. It is imperative to develop a strategy, execute that strategy, be consistent in your efforts, and always proofread your content to ensure what you put in front of customers runs parallel with your brand message and, you know, shows that you got passed 3rd grade.

This course is meant for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and social media professsionals who are looking to leverage the power of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others to effectively build their online presence. Upon completion of this course, you will have a basic understanding of how to develop your brand's voice, effective ways to utilize the most popular networks, how to schedule engaging posts for your audience that establish authority, and why it's critical to proofread your work before posting.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jason Cercone

Internet Media Professional


My name is Jason Cercone. I am a Brand Experience Consultant residing in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, PA. I help brands of all shapes and sizes in numerous industries enhance their brand visibility, develop their story, and create experiences for consumers that transform them into loyal brand advocates. I am also the Founder of Breaking Brews, a craft beer brand management platform that provides tips, strategies, and brand management for the beer industry. I host the Breaking Brews Podcast, a seasonal show that taps into the business side of beer. Each episode features industry professionals sharing their experiences on various aspects of the industry, including sales, marketing, distribution, brewing, supply chains, culture, and more. 

I’ve accumulated over 20 ye... See full profile

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1. 1: Introduction: Hey, what's up? This is Jason. Sir Conan, welcome to building a bad ass online presence with engagement and consistency. Now, on this course, you're gonna learn some very basic simple steps to utilising Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and other various parts of the Internet to your advantage. The idea is to leverage these networks to open up very strong communication lines with your audience to connect with current and potential customers and ultimately, build yourself as an authority within your niche. And the best way to do that is to help your audience in various ways, whether it be helping themselves problem whether it be helping them find some sort of information that's gonna help them in their plate. You want to be that trusted resource for them, and using social media is the best way to do that. So we're gonna talk about some very simple strategies that you can implement to do that before we get started on the course. I just wanted to give a very brief background about myself. I've been working in social media, online marketing, copyrighting, blogging, you name it. I've been in this world for almost a decade. When I got my start doing it. That's when people were using Facebook to post pictures of what they had for lunch. And that was the big joke, especially when I would try to talk to businesses back in 2008 and 2009 about utilizing these platforms to to build their presence and communicate with their audience and with their potential customers. Um, obviously, we've evolved and moved in a great direction, and these days we are very dependent on social media. We've become a society that's very dependent on that connectivity utilizing the Internet for just about everything that we need and as a brand, as a business or even as an individual, it's important to have yourself out there in a good fashion. And today, like a Sunday in this girls, we're gonna talk about some things that we can do to help you get going in that direction. So really, you want to utilize these platforms to showcase your personality. And like I said, doing that being yourself, but also being a trusted resource is really gonna help build that authorities. So we're going to go through all of that in this course today. If you want to learn more about me. You can visit my website, Jason Cercone dot com. There's plenty of information about where I've come from and where I've been, and hopefully we're going to be able to learn some great things together. So anything that you learned from this class or enter able to apply, I'd love to see how it comes the life for you. What? Whether you shoot me an email, I'll leave a note, my profile or just post anything that you have in the project gallery. I'd love to see the progress you make, so let's get started on building your bad ass online presence today. 2. 2: 5 Reasons to Build a Bad Ass Online Presence: all right, so to get started, let's talk about some basics. And as I mentioned in the introduction, what you want to be looking to do with these networks is to let your personality show to set yourself up the beer resource. And in doing all of that, it's going to bring people closer to you. The idea is to leverage these platforms to where they become a resource for you to communicate and also become a resource for your customers to learn more about you and about your industry. And that's really one of the most important parts of building yourself is an authority is that you're not an island amongst yourself. You are part of a great industry, no matter what that industry is. You wouldn't be in it if you didn't believe in it, and you didn't have passion for it. And there's probably a lot of other people out there that feel the exact same way. So those people are sharing content producing content, and you can utilize that information to share with your customers and share with your followers because obviously if they're following you, they believe in that type of thing as well. Again This could be anything from arts and crafts to do it yourself if you name it home repair, interior decorating, marketing beer, which is one in libation spirits. That's the world. I do a lot of my work in there. The sky's the limit. People are coming to you because they know that you're in that industry and they want to learn more about you and the industry at the same time. So you could be that resource. And utilizing these platforms is a great way to do it before I get into five reasons why you really want to focus on these things to build your presence. There is a philosophy that I learned back when I first got started in this world that talked about what if you were basically one like this? What if you went to a party and there was a group of people talking? So it's just for for sake of conversation? Say they were talking about politics and you interjected yourself into that conversation by just talking about yourself and talking about the business that you run and basically just shouting from the mountain tops, how great you are, what you do, those people are gonna kick you the hell out of that conversation, right? Because they were talking about a subject, and instead of you conforming to what they talked about, they're gonna just boot you aside and they're gonna pay you no mind. And it's a very similar philosophy to social media and that you want to be a part of the conversation. You don't want to try toe rule the conversation. So what you could do to do that is ask questions. You can share information about your industry. As I said before, there's a lot of steps and things that you could do to make yourself what great in that world. And you don't have to talk about yourself all the time. Now there are a lot of different ways to approach this, but the best thing to do is to give, give, give, give, give, then ask. There's a book by Gary Vander. Check out there called Jab, jab, jab, Right hook and I may have left out and I think that's the number of jabs in the title. But basically the premise of that is that you don't want to just go in for the killer, right? away with a big right hook. You want to jab a little, you want to take a couple of easy shots, and that's what you're doing here online is that you want to set up the conversation by giving the information to your clients, giving away content. If you do a podcast giving away that information through the podcast and sharing the links on your social networks again, this is all building up your authority. And this is giving people a great understanding of not only what industry you're in and how you're a part of it. But what you do is a whole so really what, you want to do it. 11 of these networks like it, so there's five solid reasons and there's there's definitely Mawr, and that's something I should point out to. This course alone is not gonna teach you everything that you need to know about social media. These platforms are evolving on a daily basis. There's constant changes. There's a lot of new nuances that are added to the fold, and it's up to you to stay on top of those changes because the more that you understand the changes that take place, the more successful. You can be with those networks, so this course is going to give you some basics, but it's definitely not going to give you everything you need to know. So we're gonna get off to a good start, I promise you that. But just be ready to know that you're going to be learning every day. Like I said, I've been doing this for 10 years and I'm still learning things new every single day. But five reasons. Like I said, Number one build trust trust is everything. These days, people do business with people. They don't do business with products. They don't do business with companies now. That's not to say that you can't put yourself out there and put your business out there. Obviously you want to do that. But people are very invested in stories and they're very invested in you and they want to trust the brands, the people, the businesses that they do business with. So you are utilizing these platforms to build trust by conversing with these with these potential and current customers by sharing information that's relevant to them, that they're going to be able to absorb and utilize and learn something when it's all said and done, the more you do this, the more they're going to trust you. They know that you're there for them. You're there to help them along the way. And when it comes time to throw that right hook, then that's when you throwing, offer their way or talk about a special that you're running or a brand new product release . You gotta have that mix of both or else you're gonna lose everybody's interest. Number two, you're gonna open up effective lines of communication. Like I said, this is going to be a great tool for you, whether use Facebook, Twitter, instagram, YouTube Anything that is going to allow you to communicate with your audience is a great thing that's gonna help you along the way. So definitely keep that front of mind. Number three. Establishing authority in your niche. We've already talked about that. You want to be able to give people a good idea about what you're all about, what your industry is all about at the same time, and sharing content that either you create, whether it be a block post or a video or a podcast or something that somebody else created that's relevant to your industry. This is all gold guys. This is all something you can utilize to help in that cause. Number four. It gives people a closer look at developments that happened with your brand. And like I said, that's where I love instagram. If you If you have a new product release, you can do teasers. You could start with a blurry picture and then make it a little less blurry the next time. And then when you're ready to launch Boom, it's the full picture, so definitely wanted. You keep that in front of mind when you're using these networks, gives people that opportunity to see what you're all about, and it's intermixed with all that content, they're going that they're really gonna dig. And finally, number five. It's gonna let your personality shine. And Social Media is very much about personality. One thing I'd love for you guys to do if you want to see an account that does, there's an outstanding job of utilizing their personality and letting it shine through. In their social media is Wendy's go look them up at Wendy's on Twitter and they're very snarky and that's that's their M o. And that's fine. If that's your strategy, and you could do it Well, God bless you. That's one of my favorite Twitter accounts because they sarcastic like May. And if you resonate with that type of attitude, you're gonna love their account. So once you get done with this, go check out Wendy's and see how they utilize that strategy to their advantage. So those air five solid reasons to build that that bad ass online presence and get yourself going in a good direction. 3. 3: Tips & Strategies For Getting the Most From Facebook: Alright, guys, let's talk about the best ways to utilize Facebook Now. Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world, with over a 1,000,000,000 users and counting. And you can use Facebook for a number of different things, from posting video to shooting live video to posting photos to posting content of any nature. Other, unless it's lewd content. Probably want to do that. But Facebook is, Ah, very diverse platform in that respect. It allows you to communicate with people in a number of different ways, whether it be through the comments section, whether it be via direct message, you name it. Facebook has a lot of ends and a lot of outs, but it's a network that is constantly changing, so you have to stay on top of that. Their biggest goal is to make sure that the the user experience is as perfect as it possibly can be. So they're constantly making updates based on feedback and based on findings that will help them do that. So utilising Facebook for your brand is something you have to stay on top of those changes . So today, what we're gonna do is look at some of the ways that you can post on Facebook and really, how frequently you should do so how you can best leverage this network to your advantage. And we'll talk a bit about the algorithm that Facebook has in place. And I'm gonna do a demonstration for you utilizing my page breaking bruise. Alright, guys. So here we are on the Breaking Bruce Facebook page. If you'd like to give this page A like you just jump over to facebook dot com slash breaking bruise and this site and this and breaking bruises. The whole started back in 2014. It was a sight that I set up to do some advocacy for the craft beer world and basically, just be agree promoter and spread some education around as this whole industry was really starting to take off. And it's evolved into a full fledged libations hub where I've got information, education, about events from anywhere from beer, wine, cider mead, you name it. So jump over to breaking Bruise that calm and you will see what it's all about. Now what we want to talk about with Facebook today is just a few basic things regarding the page. So interesting This is the breaking Bruce home page of Facebook. Um, one thing I want to talk to you guys about is understanding the algorithm that Facebook has in place. A few years back, I attended a Facebook seminar, and the big message that they imparted was that they developed their algorithm to deliver the best user experience possible to an individual. They tell us the average person spends about 10 minutes a day, three times a day scrolling through their news feed. And in that 10 minute timeframe, they they're trying to prioritize what that person sees, and they build that up. Or they do that based on what a person interacts with the most. So as a Facebook user, you probably know your friends with a lot of people. You like a lot of pages, your part of a lot of groups, and it's impossible to see all of that in a 10 minute window. So based on what you are liking, commenting on sharing Facebook sees that is what you feels important and therefore is trying to put that in front of you in that 10 minute window. So you've probably noticed when you jump onto Facebook, someone that you interact with all the time they're information is going to be in front of you, and that is really to deliver the experience that you're looking for. Facebook feels that you have stressed to them that this is important based on how you're interacting with that brand or that person. They want you to see more of it. So in order to do that, they simplified the whole posting on a page deal for all of us. Aziz brands back in the day, they used to say, Post frequently post as many times as you like. But in order for Facebook to get good content in front of their users, they simplified it to say that it's it's better for your results if you just post once a day, so that makes things very easy for you. So in order to do to do that, to take advantage of that, really what you want to do is experiment with your page to see when you get the most interaction. Some brands post in the morning and get the most interaction some post afternoon and get mawr some post in the evening. There's really no exact answer to that you just have to gauge your audience over time and post at different points in the day to see what's gonna work best for you. So if you've never posted on Facebook, I'm gonna give you a very quick tutorial on how to do that. So I've cued up this article from Breaking Bruise. This is Ah, movie review on an upcoming bourbon movie that's coming out. Copy the link. Go back to your home page and great click and paste. This is where Facebook can be fickle. Sometimes it will pull up images from the block post at some points. Other times it will not. So here it did. So that helps us out. So you can choose the one you want. If for some reason it doesn't pull up a preview image, you can just click on the plus sign, and then that'll pull up your computer and you can find the image that you want and you can insert it here. So the whole goal is to create some conversations. So let's do very basic for our example here. We just want to get people excited about this movie, and we want to get some conversation going So let's just say I can't wait for the premiere of the story. Bourbon. What's your favorite bourbon and why? What us know in the comments below. So something as simple is that could get the conversation started. And the idea is that the more people to join the conversation, they can start talking back and forth and sharing stories and sharing their favorite bourbons. And it really brings your page to life in the more interaction you get, it tells Facebook that you are trying to do there. You are putting something out there that's trying to get a conversation going, and people are responding. Therefore, it's gonna move up that priority priority list and get seen on more home pages on People's Facebook feeds. So you just hit publish injury. So posting once a day is really what you want to do. So, regardless of when you post that don't post anymore because this you're telling Facebook this is the content that you want people to see today. If you do more than that, the next. If I posted another post right now, I'd be telling Facebook that I'm prioritizing the most recent post and therefore that 1st 1 is going to get pretty much buried. So just focus on posting once a day, and that's gonna get you where you need to be. Now let's just say you want to queue up a post post For a few days or a few days, you're gonna be away from your page or you have other obligations and you want to get ahead of the game. So let's use the same article for this sake. Find your image and then click the little arrow here and just hit schedule. Simple is that let's say I just want to post that tomorrow at 9:14 a.m. That's it. Simple. Is that so? It goes right into this section here and says Scheduled post. If you schedule a syriza post and you want to make sure that your days air lined up accordingly, you'll just click on that. See Post. It'll jump over to the publishing tools, and every post that you have schedule were long will line up here. So again, you can utilize this to make sure that you don't have to post coming out on the same day and make sure that you have your schedule lined up accordingly. Now, one more feature that I want to show you guys, and this is something that is very basic, too. Facebook obviously prioritizes your content when you put money behind it. So if you would like to boost a post, there's two ways that the more the more advanced way is to use the ads manager, which I do recommend, However, if you just want to throw a few dollars behind a piece of content to get in front of more eyes, simply clicking the boost post button will help you do that with organic content. I like to see what kind of results it gets without paying for it. If it's something that really catches fire or it's really gotten in front of a lot of eyes and the conversation is good, I want to push it out to a broader audience, so I'll usually throw some money behind that. I don't recommend just willy nilly throwing money at Facebook. You want to make sure that you're doing it in the proper way, so make sure its content that is popular is already proven that it's gonna work organically , and it's it's giving you results back that say people do want to see this, but to boost the post you click boost post, And if you have not set up an account yet, you will need to go into your settings on your Facebook page and set up your payment options. So this is where you would set everything up in regards to your audience. You want to try to target it to your area as closely as you possibly can, and you can spend as much as you want. And Facebook will give you an estimated people reached based on how much money you spend. So this number, I usually tend to just go to the lower end of it and and focus mostly on that if it goes a little higher than great. But keep your expectations tempered and look at the smaller number. So that's a very simple, quick way to utilize Facebook. We're gonna cancel that promotion, and like I said, focus on posting one today, focus on posting content that either you created or that somebody else has created it's going to be beneficial to your audience and try to get a good conversation started. That's the best way to get things going to get your page going in a great direction, get some good conversations going, get people focused on your page. And don't just talk about promotions. They're going to make you money, talk about your industry and do it in a very exciting fashion. 4. 4: Tips For Effective Instagram Posting & Conversing: Okay, Next we want to talk about Instagram. Instagram is owned by Facebook and has also become a very powerful platform. Basically, the premise with Instagram is that you're sharing photos, but they've really taking their game to a new level by adding stories, which means you can post images that will be up for 24 hours. You can also do live video that also show for 24 hours. They've taken a lot of the elements that have made Facebook so great and they put him into Instagram. So I want to give you guys a very brief tutorial about how to use Instagram, and we will be doing a demonstration using my personal account. Okay, so here we are on my instagram page. If you'd like to give me a follow jump over to at Jason's or cone on Instagram and you can follow my account. I look forward to following you back Now. I should point out that in order to post photos to Instagram, you cannot do it from your computer. You have to do it from your smartphone. So I figured for demonstrations sake would be easier to pull up Instagram here on my computer versus on my phone. So you have a bigger screen toe look at. So let's start from the very top here. You can see this is my profile. I try to do the best I could with the characters that I'm allowed, which I believe is 160 to tell everybody what I do. Um, Also P g h Libations Week is another project that I'm working on right now, and we have a separate INSTAGRAM account for that. So my hopes are when people stumble upon my profile here, they jump over and they like libations week as well. And I I recommend you do the same and then this link here it changes pretty much daily because if I'm sure if I'm creating new content, I usually put it in this post here. And they usually come anywhere from breaking bruise dot com to Jason Cercone dot com depending on what I'm promoting and talking about that day, But with Instagram, you cannot post the link within the copy of your image. So I'm gonna go to this photo that I did yesterday for Kelly anti Pizza Drafthouse. If I were to post the link here with this copy, it would not be clickable for you. So the best way to get people to jump over to the content that you created the content that you share that corresponds with the photo is to give them a call to action. This is click the link in my bio to discover whatever the contents about. So, like I said, this link here it changes. I change it pretty much daily trying to do something a little bit funny to get people Teoh jump over to it. Hope you feel the same. But basically, like I said, with the profile, you want to cover as much of what you do. Give people a good idea about who you are and have a nice profile image here. If it's a personal account, you want to have a nice head shot of yourself. If it's for your company, you can do ah logo and just make it look nice and clear. So people have a good idea of who you are, and I've combined the two and I do. Jason Cercone slash breaking bruise. But ah, this is me. And these are some of the photos that imposed so I do a lot of different promotions for different people. We're gonna use this example here. This was for a bourbon documentary that's coming out that I wrote a review for and the copy that I wrote. You can't see it here on the computer. This was actually a bourbon glass instead of the icon that doesn't appear on the computer. But you can let your photo speak for itself and do very short tail Commons or a short tail copy here, or you can do something of little more length. I like to shake it up and do a little bit of both, but it really just depends on the message that you want to get across. Sometimes the photo that you post is gonna do all the talking so you don't need a lot of copy. But you can gauge that based on however you like. I I have seen some people basically right, almost feature Blawg posts as their copy, and this is one of those things where you have to get into instagram, build your community, communicate with others and be consistent just like you do with all other social platforms . But this is going to give you an opportunity to see what your followers like. And if they respond well to long copy, then keep going with long copy. If they like shorter, just go a shorter. It's really just depends on how much information, how much feedback that you get from people. Next thing I want to talk to you guys about was Hashtags Twitter, But I'm sorry. Instagram is very big on Hashtags, and each photo that you post gives you 30 that you can utilize. And the good thing to do with your photo and with your hashtags is too research. How many? How many other photos across Instagram are utilizing the HASHTAG? So when you go into instagram on your phone and add a hash tag when you're posting a photo , Instagram will give you the statistics on how many other photos air utilizing that hashtag . So if it's a hashtag that has thousands of uses, you want to use that one cause you want to be in that mix. It's a hashtag that only has a couple uses. You probably want to avoid that. That's telling you that it's really not popular and therefore is not going to rank well within Instagram. So avoid all the ones that don't have a lot of uses and try to utilize as many as you possibly can and can in every post. And I I like to put them in the comments. I usually add a couple here in the copy as well. You can do it either way, whatever your preferences. But utilize the 30 comments or I'm sorry, the 30 half tanks as much as you possibly can. Uh, next thing I want to talk to you about was responding to comments. An analogy that I had heard, which I thought was great came from Tory Mystic, who is an instagram expert here in Pittsburgh. In fact, she was on my podcast a couple episodes back. You can jump over to Jason Circon dot com slash decent exposure to listen to that podcast. But one of the points that Tory made was that if someone were to walk into your store and they were to say something to you and you say absolutely nothing back to them and doting knowledge that they're there, that's pretty much the equivalent of not responding to comments on Instagram. So what? You'll see a lot of the times with Instagram is that folks will just leave Emojis for comments or they'll just leave something like this. It says, Nice pick. And I really feel that if you're going to comment, you should offer more value and maybe ask a question again, get conversation going, really put some heart into it. But Instagram values photos with values, photos with comments and those kinds could be anything. So you can play that game, too, by simply responding things like I just responded, Thank you to the nice pick comment and for the three fists that I got, I responded as well. This was again a bourbon glass just in keeping it in tune with the rest of the copy and the photo, so you could really go either way with that. But you want to make sure that you respond to all comments and the more comments that appear on your photos. The Mawr Instagram starts to see that as a popular photo. They have recently redeveloped their algorithm, and it's much like Facebook, as you may or may not know, Instagram is owned by Facebook, so photos won't just appear as you're scrolling in a row as as of when they're posted now, based on the popular to the photos, you may see something from somebody that's a week old, and it's really helping with the way that Instagram has developed over time that you could now stay on top of things and catch things that you may have missed. So that news feed that you see on your instagram app is very much like Facebook these days . You can also post videos. This was, Ah, on article that I did on my site that talked about customer experiences and how they relate to things that happened in one of my favorite shows, the Office. So I made a little video with my Dwight and Andy bobblehead dolls, and it goes along with the copy as well. So these are awesome fun, cool things that you could do with Instagram. It's a network that you really do need to be involved with in regards to commenting in regards to checking in, to see what other people are doing. And if the more that you do that, the more people you're going to get to come over to your page because it's a network that's built on reciprocation. People are going to be very apt to help you out and like your photos if you do the same for them. So get onto Instagram. Post some really nice photos. I like to do photos that don't have a lot of words. As you can see here. Basically, I like to let the photo do the work for me, and having something that looks like an add just doesn't resonate as well. And if you want your feet to look a certain way, you can add those types of images. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, This is more of a personal preference for me. I just like to let the images speak for themselves and then let my copy say anything else. So get on the instagram, you can follow me like I said, and just start interacting and start having some fun with it. 5. 5: How to Get the Most From Twitter: All right, let's talk about getting the most from Twitter Now. Twitter has been one of my favorite networks for a while. I should probably point out that the hierarchy of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is on lease, shuffling in my top three just because all three of them are changing all the time and offering new things. So usually when something new comes along that I really get into, that one will move up in the rankings. But nevertheless, Twitter has always been near the top of my list, or for the longest time at the top, because I just have so much fun on Twitter. Very recently, they changed from 140 characters to 280 which gives you a lot more to work with. I was a big fan of 140 cause I felt it forced you to be more creative with your tweets. Now that you have 280 characters to play with, you obviously don't have to condense asses much and get us much into a condensed thought. However, it goes both ways. I mean, don't get me wrong. I like having 280 especially when I'm doing content for my clients, and I have a lot to say. It does make life a little easier to have those extra extra characters to use. But Twitter is a great network, and they and they've made some great improvements to help you see information that you might not miss for the longest time. It was just basically something that you scroll through. And if you weren't doing that, you might have missed the tweet unless you had a notification set up. Now they haven't in case you missed it section to where you log in or when you jump onto Twitter, those air, the first tweets that you see and that's based off of what they feel you're going to want to see based on your interaction. So it's getting very, very interpretive in that respect. So right now I'm going to show you some very basic tools and tips on how to get the most from Twitter, and we're gonna utilize my account. Jason at Jason Sercombe. All right, so here we are on my Twitter page. You can give me a follow if you like at Jason Sercombe. And if you do, I look forward to tweeting with you now. One of the things I love about Twitter is the fact that you're not governed by any kind of algorithm. Or, in other words, there's really no limit to what you can put out there in regards to content. You could post 1000 tweets a day if you have that kind of time, and it's not gonna hurt your cause. Twitter was originally developed as a micro blogging website. The original character count was 140 characters. They recently upped it to 280 to give you a little bit more flexibility. But Twitter is a tremendous resource for gathering news, information, education at entertainment, you name it. I usually start my day by jumping on Twitter to see what's happening around my city and around the world. So this is a tremendous platform for building yourself up as a resource, and there are plenty of ways that you could do that. One thing that I did B for as I was preparing to do this, this course for you guys, I went through my timeline and I looked for some information that I felt would be relevant to my audience. this article here from Creative Mindscape was a great one that I decided to retweet instagram vs Snapchat, which is best for your business. And there's a ton of great information. And there's a ton of great people sharing content like this so you can always go in there and retweet it. Another thing that I did waas I asked a very simple question to get conversation started. Peanut butter. Do you prefer chunky or smooth? And I did get a couple people share their thoughts on this Now, a question like that obviously, is not going to establish authority, but it is a great way to get people talking. Get some get some extra eyes on to your account. So one thing I recommend doing is being very active in your account, and you can go on your timeline. And there's gonna be a lot of information from different accounts that you follow that you can retweet share comment on, get the conversation really going in a good direction, and it's gonna get people paying attention to you. Maurren. This takes time. It takes consistency, but you do want to get in there and be active in your community because being active in your community is going to get more people paying attention to your page like it's that this all comes with patients and due diligence. Take your time to really do this right, and you're going to see a lot of good results. Now, another thing that I that I have mentioned that you could do to establish authority across all social media platforms is share good content. So what I'm gonna do now, jump over to my website, Jason Cercone dot com. And this is an article I have written in the past called Five Easy Tips for Productively Working from Home. So I'm gonna share this out my Twitter page now, So I just want to copy this link. Now, you can go one of two ways with this. If you're on your desktop, you can use a link shortening service like Bentley B i t l y dot com. That's a great service for shortening links, and you can also create an account within Betley that will allow you to track the amount of clicks that your legs get, which is a pretty cool service for our example here. I'm just going to copy our link gonna go back to Twitter and I saved the image earlier. That was within the article, and this is great for ending a visual to your tweets. And we learned from Instagram that we live in a very visual world. So adding a photo of some sort actually adds a nice level off our new layer to each of your tweet. There, each of your tweets you can add up to four photos per tweet. And what's cool about this, too, is if you click this link here that says, Who's in this photo? You could tag up to 10 people that this will that will get a notification saying that you tag them in the photo. So this is a great way to give credit to someone's content that you shared. Also, if you have a network of people that always share your information, you want to make sure you get whatever you're tweeting. You want to get this in front of them. You can do that as well, or if you want to pinpoint a couple key accounts in your tweet, you could use this service for as well. So what's really cool about the photos you can add up to 10 people when you do that. So now I'm just gonna add the body of my tweet. Five easy tips for working for productively working at home sometimes forget the titles of my own particles and then I'm just gonna paste in my leg. And sometimes people search via hashtag on Twitter so you could have a couple of hashtags that are relevant. And if they do search, your content could show up in their search. And that could expand your audience as well. This is another place, Teoh. I could put the, uh, the author of the contact. You don't wanna do this if this is your own. But if you do find content from others, this is a great place to give them credit where credit is due. So since I know I wrote this, I don't need that in there, and that's it. And then when you share this, this goes up to the Twitter world and you're gonna hope that people see that and gravitate towards it. And again, just like all social media, it comes with consistency. The more that you do this, the better off you're gonna be in the long term. So for now, to get started, start being active in your Twitter community. Start following people that are relative to your niche to your niche that offer great content that offer inspiration. Doesn't mask necessarily have to be within your industry, but it could be a thought leader in the world. It could be someone that offers great inspiration or is an influencer. Just get out the Twitter, be active, see what people are talking about starts and conversations, and you're gonna be well on your way to establishing authority through your Twitter network . 6. 6: 3 Easy Tips For Proofreading Your Content: all right. Now we're gonna talk about one of my biggest peeves, and that's proof Reading the Internet is riddled and littered and just full of so much nonsensical, horrible grammar that it just drives me crazy. And one of the times it drives me the most crazy is when brands don't take the time to look at the content that they produce. Now again, I might be looking at it from a much more able side just because I'll take the years the tip. There's a tip I learned in college. I had a professor, that it was a class. It had nothing to do with grammar, but she was very grammar driven, and she told us that the papers that we turned in weekly if there was any grammatical airs in those papers, she was going to dock a point for each one. So I turned in my first paper, and I knew that I had proved read very well. However, I had over used the word that when it wasn't needed and I did that a lot to the tune of it took my score down from, I believe, in 19 out of 22 8 out of 20 and she told me my content was great, but my overuse of the word that it was horrible and she wasn't screwing around. And I learned a very valuable lesson, and that taught me a not to overuse the word that in anything that I write going forward, and that was over 12 years ago at this point. But it also taught me to be very, very cognizant of the content that I create. So I get proof. Reading is only something that I take very seriously with everything that he put out there , whether it just be a simple tweet to a feature post that is going to be on my website and we're on it and especially if it's on a client's website. I'm making sure I go through that with a fine tooth comb, because I take it very seriously that my clients image looks as good as possible online. So I make sure that I proof read very, very well have gone as far as going back and deleting a tweet. If I may have missed something in my proof reading and we're all human, we all make mistakes, so that's gonna happen. But being cognizant of what you're putting out there and focusing very strongly on that content and how it looks, it's gonna get you far. It's gonna make you look very, very good. And for the folks that don't do that is gonna put you way ahead of them. So there's some simple tips that I can impart on you right now that will help you in regards to proof reading your content. Now the 1st 1 is to have someone else look at your content. Now that's not always possible. But if there are the second or even 1/3 set of eyes that could look at your content again, whether it just be something short or whether it be something lengthy, having that second set of eyes is going to give a different perspective to the content, and it's gonna help pull out any kind of potential heirs that you may miss. So after you give it a once over, it never hurts. They have a second set of eyes. Take a look at things Ah, the 2nd 1 is to read your content out loud, and I've done this in public. I've done this in private. It doesn't matter. That's how important this is to me. I don't care if anybody here is what I'm reading out loud. If I'm sitting in a coffee shop or at a bar writing and these air all venues that I like to go to to get some good work done, I want to make sure the network is as best as it could be. So as I'm going through it with a fine tooth comb reading, I'm reading it aloud. And that's the tip that you could do to read your content allowed because actually, hearing it will help those airs jump out a little bit more and Number three read it backwards. And that's that's one that I don't always use that one. But I will say in the times that I have. It works because again it's taking away what is in your mind in your mind. You know exactly how you want that content to read. But if you just read it through, you may miss something. If you read it backwards and it removes that context from it, it's gonna make those errors jump out a little bit more. I'm gonna throw a bonus one at you as well. If you have the time, walk away for a little bit, and that's that's the principle I apply I'm or to feature stories not so much for tweets or anything that's happening in the moment on the social media platforms that I'm posting to. But if I'm writing a long feature story about any type of content, if I the second I finished, I hit Save draft and I walk away for at least a day. Unless I'm up against a deadline, that's a completely different story. Then I'll use one of the after mentioned principles or tips that I told you guys about. But I like to. I like to walk away because I can let my brain decompress. I can come back to it a lot more fresh, and I can get my sentence structure in a better fashion. And I can take a look at things a little bit from a different perspective. And again, the fresh eyes definitely help. So if you have that kind of time in your life and it's something that's a little bit more likely that you're not looking to post in the moment, take some time away from it. and then come back to it later. So those are some simple tips that you can use the proof read. I will say, if it's something that's going into print that's permanent Thank you, guys. Make sure that your proof reading to make sure it looks as good as possible. And when you're putting stuff online, you want to make your image, your business image and, overall, your personality shine in a way that shows that not only know what you're talking about, but you know how to spell it, too. So the losers, these air just some simple tips on how to proof read your work and to make sure it looks as good as it possibly can. 7. 7: Conclusion: All right, So we've taken a look at Facebook. Twitter, instagram. We talked about creating content. We've talked about some basic ways that you could utilise these platforms to your advantage . And we've talked about proof reading your work to make sure it looks its best before you publish it. So as we get ready to wrap up here, there's a couple of last points I want to express. Number one. Don't get frustrated when you get started with this. It takes time to build your presence. It doesn't happen overnight. If it did, everybody would have the greatest presence in the world. You really gotta work at it. One of the key components that could be applied to everything that you've learned today and to everything that you do in regards to building your presence online is to do it with consistency. You can develop your strategy and post as often as you like. If you want to post on Facebook once a day, once a week. Whatever. Do it consistently with your writing. If you have a blawg, if you're posting three times a week, post consistently three times a week on those days, get people in tune with your schedule and the more consistency that you show, the better your results are gonna be over time. So, like I said, give it time to build that up, that the results are definitely not going to come over. Not yet. You have to build on the schedule consistently and really don't get discouraged. And that's where a lot of people that bail on social media the reason they do so, is because once they get into it and the results don't come at an immediate pace, they get frustrated. They walk away from it. And really, you have to realize that you're you're building a platform over time. So utilized these tips to do just that. This is just getting you started, and the class project that I have laid out for you is to take a week to really analyze how you're utilizing these networks. Go find some content, whether it be content you created or content that someone else created. You could do that with a simple Google search and start sharing that content on the premise of you wanting to create conversation with people. You. The idea is that you want to get them responding get them interacting. And the more you do that, the more people are going to come to your page and they're going to stay there because they're gonna wanna learn from you. And that's when you'll be able to talk to him about your service, your product and what you do because they trust you now. So take a week. Go through these networks to determine what you want to do is a strategy you could get post once a day. And, as you learned, posting on Facebook once a day is all you need to do. Same with instagram Twitter. You could do as much as you want. They say. Recommended is anywhere from 10 to 15 tweets a day. Go for it. If you don't have that kind of time, do less but ultimately just get started with something that can help you grow and take you down this path, and I would love to hear the results you get. If you did, you see any findings or you get a good conversation going. Share it with me. You can email me it, Jason at Jason Circon dot com. You can leave some notes or comments in my profile here on skill share. And I love to hear how this works for you guys. So that is gonna wrap up building a bad ass online presence with consistency and engagement . Had a great time talking to you guys. My name is Jason. Sir Conan, if you'd like to learn more about me, you can jump over to Jason Cercone dot com. And you can subscribe to my podcast Decent Exposure, which is a weekly podcast that covers various marking marketing aspects. It's been great hanging out with you guys. I hope you learned a ton. We'll see again soon.