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Bring Updatable Artwork from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects

teacher avatar Sebastiaan Destellirer, Graphic Designer, Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction - Bring Updatable Artwork from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects


    • 2.

      Peparing Illustrator File for Animation


    • 3.

      Import Design in After Effects


    • 4.

      Update Graphics in Illustrator


    • 5.

      Start Animating - Windmill


    • 6.

      Animating the Tree


    • 7.

      Animating the Clouds


    • 8.

      Adding Fruit to the Motion Graphic Design


    • 9.

      Making an Exit Animation


    • 10.

      Wrap Up - Class Project - Thank You


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About This Class

In this class I will show you a workflow that brings Updatable Artwork from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects.

Preparing the Illustrator file in a certain way, allows easy animation inside After Effects of individual layers, while still retaining a link to the original Illustrator file, so that changes you make in Illustrator are updated in the linked file inside After Effects, even if those layers are already animated.

Along the way you will find some helpful tips.

This workflow is extremely helpful when you want to make your designs for your Motion Graphic inside Illustrator, and not want to design or rebuild it inside After Effects.

The example that is used in this class, is very basic on purpose, focusing on the technique of bringing it to After Effects.

So Get Ready and Enroll.

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Meet Your Teacher

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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher


I am a Graphic Designer living in the Netherlands.
I work at an International Marketing & Communications department.

I love Learning, also about "Digital" Design. (Web Design, Motion graphics / Animation, 3D)

I followed a lot of classes here at Skillshare, Now it was time for some Sharing of my own :)
I published 10 classes:

My Vimeo-page:

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction - Bring Updatable Artwork from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects: in this class, I will show you a quick way to bring your artwork from illustrator to after fix, and there are some limitations and pitfalls, but I will explain them along the way. As you can see here, there's a very simple artwork just for the demonstration purpose. There are some complex items that contains radiance, and that is one off pitfalls, from bringing artwork from illustrator to after effects. Depending on what you want to do with your shape, the great audience may get lost in after effects, and you have to rebuild him there. It's in the example. I show you. You can use them in Illustrator, and it will stay OK in after fits. Show dish workflow will allow you to retain full and its capabilities inside Illustrator, and they will update automatically in your after a fixed fell while retaining. All the animation should already set in motion for the different parts, so it's enrolled. But now and I see you next, parts 2. Peparing Illustrator File for Animation: I prepared a simple file and I show you now a quick way toe Optimize your file to bring it to after fix. I duplicates the layer for the I keep always Ah Becker Blaker. But I just hide it and I called it can goal this, Uh why not give it in your name? Okay. And now the most important step. If you can see we have different items but I select it's right here released a layer fee quince And now you can see it's made from all the different things Made it a layer and between now need to dio is bring all the layers outside the first layer And you can see now these layers empty Because when you bring our Kirk from illustrator to after effects all the things that are in at top level a separate layer are separate items stick you can intimates So, for example, the tree the tree If I want to do Steph, it's a tree Syrah calls separately. I should make its ah separate layer and I will deprecate this tree selected move. It's and then I select this group next here they used to layers and now you can see all the elements are separate layers. But I do now if I select him and copy them outshines and dishes now on him to layer, and I will do some renaming and that will just doing tree the for the second tree in part one, and you can be organized issue once, but it's a goods practice toe. Rename your layers because the name will comfort true toe aftereffects. So in if you rename earlier layers in after effects, you will feed us names that will quickly rename on my layers. Okay, now that's if I don't organizing and issue will see. In a moment all the elements will appear a separate layers into after Fix that we can animate travel. Fayv it, and it's important to say for this he fell to make it simple. I chose if documents said it. 1920 10 80 dish dash off my aftereffects file. I want to make. I already worked in the dimensions I want to use. For now we're finished for an illustrator. We will fish it illustrator later to make some changes, but now first go to after fix 3. Import Design in After Effects: all right. We're in awe after fits and I make a new composition. For now. I start with 1920 10 82 file. I also prepared an illustrator and I leave this that for two friends in five seconds for this demon castration its life. You know, if I think and I will rename Composition Main come doesn't really matter. All right. File imports file. Okay, I truth my afraid to file. And normally I like to use number shima file but it's cautious a strange problem for users . Use a letter now because I think after effects tracks your professions and and a problem I wash was started not comforting to factor but to luster. So if you experience that, try a different file name for your illustrator file and don't use numbers That's are increasing conversation. Okay, now I gonna import to file. I choose imported this a composition and I to layer fast So every l a. Every layer will have his own specific Saif. And if you say documents size every layer is the size off the world documents. And for this case, I wanted a slayer face. Okay, This will creates a composition off all your layers and issue can see all the elements. Um, if they're nice name just to show you I will imports the wrong foul you file imports file. He still fails are exactly the same. The only difference if they if this was 12 and now I used to let her a And as you can see, it's now shows not a correct layer names. And if I do the same layer size and I opened the complication, you see, it's our lost our files. So it is quite strange. And it took me some time to figure out side out that my normal workflow to use members It's not correct. Yes, you can see the file. I imported much Daniel today, but because there's also a Daniel aim in the Fuller, it's import in a strange way. No, I just know imports and I from my correct file. So I just show you this because this could be something you experienced as well. And if everything else fell, just move all your pre. If you found to a shepherd fuller and only import the latest fell within unique name, it should go fine. Well, as you can see, I have all my elements now as, um, separate layers in you can animate, um, issue if wrist One thing that I mentioned things like Grady INTs. That's our support, if you keep it is in you illustrator layer. But, for example, if I comfort the blades, create shapes from Fechter layer because if you want to, you shape layers to do all kinds of effects. You have to build the Grady INTs later on in after fix. But for this demonstration, focused now on a quick way to move from illustrated to after offense. 4. Update Graphics in Illustrator: and I will immediately feel you one thing that is, um, great that you still can take your illustrator file and changes will update in after effects as well. This is now a plain gray. I will add a Grady int in illustrator to this trial. Okay, She could see I've been to file opening illustrator and no gravy ins and I at the Grady INTs to the ball. I don't want the debt dark, a little bit darker to begin. Okay, I safe now to file. And if you can see it's updates its in after fix as well. So you can still make changes to your illustrator fell in the changes will update in after effects. This well, and that's this one off the benefits off, not comforting the items to shape players because then you lose stability. So there is no ideal workflow. I think it's just depending. If you want to create all your stuff in illustrator and only animated in after effects, this is a great way to do it. Just do everything on layer and it will updates when you make change Fishing illustrator, It will updates. Yes. Well, e I showed you what will happen if your comfort on the element to shape layer so I will do it now showed again with the base. If I create a shape layer from defector layer, it's keep storage. No bay flair, but you can see the Grady int is gone. But you get a lot off extra transform options back for it because if you, I will show that base layer again. If you have, it's an illustrator layer. There are only a few transform options available, so depending on what exactly do you want to animate, you shoot to, to keep illustrated layers or comfort to share shape layer. And I think the most you used effect off the J players, for example, the trim buffs and you can see you can do a great and Phil. I just delete my shape layer, turn on my base again. 5. Start Animating - Windmill: and I'm gonna animate with all illustrator items initials still allowed to make the change in the illustrator file even if you have animated them already travelled. Just make a quick, um, animation, for example, The blades. I'm most rotation off the blades and you stir Ben behind Tool. Before now, I turn off snipping and I do it on the I because we're gonna rotate this windmill, Henry parent, the blades through the base because we want to keep this to get her back up, and I will gift the rotation. My pressure are on my teeth keyboards for rotation, and I said to key frame and at the end, off the information I want to have to full gradations so just will rotates. And if you can see because it's Justin it let's try to file the Grady INTs are still intact , even when animating. Well, the next part for my animation is, um, the windmill popping up from the bottom child used to anchor points, turn on snapping again and shown in no bits, and it takes the anchor points and I two ships from the centre bottom. So when I now animate the scale, it will move up from the bottom. Give this and I will do a scale animation. So it was scale from the bottom bottom up and at one seconds equal rage 100%. And just for them, you know that we give it a little bounce. So at 27 seconds I will do uncertain five. And it's zero darts, just a quick perfume. The bounce can be a bit harder. In fact, 25 seconds. I moved its key frame, not make it. Ah, not 10. You hear me say seconds, but I mean frames and it will happen a few times in the coming FiOS. I dressed a key frame assistance he's use just to make it a bit more off you it remember, it's more about the illustrator to after factual flow show. I won't spend a lot of time animating to perfection, but I will show you the benefits off using illustrator to make changes. Well, what we can do for sure, is both the bait base in the blades. I make new pre composed them. So I make a group off those two elements and I can just usually dip locate it in a most windmill for example, so there. And if I played him now, they move exactly saying, But what I can do is like, 15 seconds. This one is starting, so it's basically the same animation. But they are. They're using the same prik. Um, but you can play with where they are and how later in time there starts up to not around this one. I most this one here, and I will do make another duplicate at one seconds. This one appears, okay? 6. Animating the Tree: now I will use, um this tree You remember this tree waas one a file or for one layer everything. It was one and this one I separated into three parts. I will turn this tree off and what they first do this Parents older. Ah, green parts to the stair brown stem cell. If I do a scale animation on the tree, uh, green parts will follow belief and I will soon in and I create a little information for afford a tree. So these first parts, I just animate him from the center, so skill you frame. And so now I think 10 seconds frame in a matter have think notes from zero. I think I keep everything. It's 50 per offense, unless I will Now do is copy no ski friends to the other. Leaf on issue. Enough done. It's before I just give them in. And if he's, um I think the tree will grow at first. So it's 10 seconds. I do the first 15 seconds. Ah, now gift. It's a little hope And Okay, you know what I will do now? Ishai animates the three stem scale. I do the income pines and more fits to the bottom. And when I know because I parented the individual leaves to the stem. If I animates dish offer time, no, I will over Leptis on bits, its key frame and I go from zero in cities and I think going bits more so well believe shoot starts already in the tuner. That's, um, six seconds. So they're already started animating when the trees growing. For now, this is just good enough because I want to show you that you can still change the ah parents in Illustrator. No, what I will do is I make a pre composure off the tree and let's call it's tree being pre and I shoot if renounced. Windmill A swell. But we can do this. I selected here, enter winds. No, you can see it's a day that's 7. Animating the Clouds: I'm just too make its bits more really stick doing animation position for the clouds, and I think the cloud will take two seconds to make a full most pre compose nuisance like this. Clouds and I condemn placate the clouds, for example, like, uh, one minutes the next clouds starting Sodi. And for sure, the clouds should go behind the wind mill. Just let's see what we have now. We have a few clouds in the windmill popping up needs this one mil should have gone here and let's at another three dip lick AIDS and the tree should go between the two wins males . So I'll start hoping up here should start there. And it shoots. Used to basic information. Nothing spectacular that's safe to file. 8. Adding Fruit to the Motion Graphic Design: all right, I'm gonna make a little change in Illustrator to the tree. Okay? No foul day. I show opening illustrator And what I will do is just It's a, um I hide the artery because we hit that in, what after effects as well. And I just It's I select this one. I make a copy off its and scale. It's down and I will go for not a color swatches that's a bit too bride for apples. It's another at all. And because this are this is in deflator, it's animated with this part off the leaf. If we want to animate apple separately, we should move them to separate layers. So won't now want to show you what happens safe. So I saved the file that is linked to the after effects file. And if you can see the apples pop up and just animating correctly with yeah file Ah, well, just to show it again, I will make the clouds The great Ian's off the clouds a bit more darker. I selected the clouds when the radiance safe in the If I'm off to aftereffects, you will see that updates clouds 9. Making an Exit Animation: well, and just to finish the animation, I will, um, let's the windmills disappear against. So I just get gets scale property. And I do that in the creek. Um, so I double click windmill and I will go select a GIF key frame because if I do it in a pre cum, I only have to do it one time and authorize I have to do it three times on the layer. And let's say in 10 seconds time it can go away and the trees shoot. Go ish. Well, so adds this one is her almost cleanest show. It's 20 seconds. I go to the tree scale and because everything is parented too the base, I only have to animate this part on 10 seconds to hide zero. Well, this is everything for this. Um Plus, you can see an easy workflow where you can make changes, insight, your illustrates of documents, and they will copy nicely, too. After first, I just do. The three allowed its sonar, but that's more. And just to show one more time, I will put apple apples to the other trees as well. I copy one apple copy. I go to this one faced. No, if it's to this layer, because now, because it's in this group, it's, um so dish one based on Apple, more fits to this group. And, well, let's place the apple. We wanted a part Parky. You know him? Yeah, it's safe to file, I know. Moved after effects, and as you can see, it's updated automatically. Judicious won off the big advantages to keep your illustrator file imported in after effects and not comforted to shape players. But keep everything is illustrated layers because this will allow you to make a lot off changes while keeping your animation addict. Now this is for sure, not the only way to use illustrative housing aftereffects. But as you can see, this has a lot off advantage If, um, to allow you to modify your artwork after you already animated, it's 10. Wrap Up - Class Project - Thank You : No, thank you. If you have seen in this class, there's a very e c where clo for bringing your illustrator files to aftereffects but still retain the possibility to make changes to your illustrator Foul and your animation. Thank you. Already set up. We will keep working. Well, thanks a lots. I hope this was informative and enables you to work with your illustrator fouls in after effects. And I would love to see a simple product that you create I will provide to illustrate to file for you to practice. But you can also make something yourself. I would gladly see what you will make. And if you have any questions useless. You know, if you like this class, please leave for re few. Estes will help other students see this class and decide if this is a class for them as well. Thank you.