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Brewmaster: Homemade Kombucha for Beginners

teacher avatar Katie Oberwager

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Lessons in This Class

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      The Supplies You Need


    • 3.

      The Ingredients You Need


    • 4.

      Dos & Don'ts


    • 5.

      Brewing the Tea


    • 6.

      Fermenting the Tea


    • 7.

      Flavoring & Bottling


    • 8.

      Storing Your Supplies


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About This Class


Kombucha is a fermented beverage packed with healthy probiotic bacteria and is very low in sugar. It has become very popular in the health food community but can be really costly. Making kombucha at home is so much easier than you might think and is great for your budget and your health. 

In this class, I will share information, tools, and tips you need to make kombucha successfully at home. I'll also share some dos and don'ts for making kombucha so you are set up for success. 

Meet Your Teacher

Katie Oberwager is the founder and blogger at 24 Carrot Life, a mostly healthy food blog focusing on whole foods and sustainable lifestyles. Her recipes have been featured on, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, and The Kitchn.

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1. Introduction: I was first introduced to Computer back in 2013 when I started my healthy Food Blogger. 24 karat life whenever started half isn't it? It wasn't a huge fan. It's definitely an acquired taste. But over the years I learned to love. A few years ago, I started taking antibiotics that I was prescribed by my doctor, and I was worried that the long term used would have a negative effect on the healthy bacteria in my body. So I started purchasing and get as many fermented foods as I could, from sauerkraut to vinegar, yogurt and, of course, computer. Now I love you, try. But I have to say it's very expensive. So a few years ago, I visited a friend out in Portland, Oregon, and she gave me my first scope, which is what you need to make the commute. I traveled all the way from Portland back to Philadelphia to make my first back home. I read a number of tutorials online, and they all seemed kind of scary. There were so many things that I could do wrong, and I wasn't sure that I would be able to do it right. The first time, but I made my computer and it turned out great. After making it a few times, I've definitely learned some tips and tricks along the way, and I want to share with you what I want you to know. It's not experience, it seems now. Make my computer at home and I save lots of money, lots of castle, and it's very customizable. I could try to use whatever ingredients I want that make the flavor different and exciting , and I'm gonna share all my tips and tricks that I've learned along the way with you today. 2. The Supplies You Need: the first thing we're going to talk about supplies that you need to make your computer first. You'll need a pot large enough for your water to boil your water and brew your tea. Then I want to keep a large hole in hand for transferring liquids. In case I need toe. Use it for any other. You'll also need a strainer. She loves a mute People Towel Island to keep water clean sheets on hands as well as a rubber bands. Then you'll need a straw. This will be used until the end of the process. When you're testing your computer and make sure that you're ready to bottle it, you'll also need a funnel for pouring the liquid into some of your smaller bottles. And then you need one or two I want to use to a large glass gallon jars, and then you also need some smaller glass bottles for bottling. Your professor, you can take it on the Gulf 3. The Ingredients You Need: Now we'll talk about the ingredients that you need to make your computer personally. 16 cups of water. There you're already in my pot. You'll also need one cup of white sugar. You'll need 8 to 10 bags of tea. You can use green or black tea this and use green tea, although my recommended starting with black tea if this is your first time making computer . But really, either one is great. You'll need your Scobee Scobee now that look very pretty. But it is a culture of yeast and bacteria, and this is gonna be actually fermenter. And last but not least, you'll need some things to flavor your computer towards the end of the process. We're gonna talk a little bit more about this, but I have things like elderberry syrup, government extract and dry high. That's good flowers. 4. Dos & Don'ts: There are few dosing dose of making computer at home that I've learned over the years. The first is always worked with clean hands. Also avoid prolonged contact with metal and use glass wherever possible. I've chosen to purchase last bottles for brewing and preventing my kombucha as well for bottling. My conclusion, since it's usually better than plastic last not leave. Just remember that it's not a serious it sounds, and you can always start again. If you end up having a bad batch of Sambuca or you don't like the way that it tasted, you could Friday. 5. Brewing the Tea: the first time in the near future is brewing the tea. So we've got our water in a large pot here. We're going Teoh at rt back. I like to use a wooden spoon and we're actually going to tie the T dies to the wooden spoon so that you don't have to use your hands to remove them from the water was your tea has brewed. So basically something like that I'm not a lot of tea so good for your water and then be able to pull it all up with your So I'm gonna go have tea and then we'll come back to show you have to add the you can remove the tea bags, being careful not to use your hands as possible to keep everything clean and when the water so hard you're gonna have your sugar. So I figure and you'll want Teoh fully dissolved. And then once you're sugar is dissolved, you're going to cool the water completely to room temperature. You don't want the water to be too hot when out of school fees, and that my purpose will be back 6. Fermenting the Tea: What's your Your ROOTY has Cool to room temperature. Now Everybody put it in your large blast. Our now, I'm gonna do this always. Four, leaving a couple interest on top. So you have enough for me and for your starter again using clean hands. Here is this. You're gonna just drop this cobian there, and it's OK that either thinks they're floats and probably a little bit. And then you're gonna want for your corner up off started sambuca that you can get from a previous half or from commute today by the grocery store. Then you want to use your people towel to put it over the top of your car and you use your rubber band to close. The people travel over the top. Yeah. Then your computer is ready to be fermented. Now, I want to prevent the Abuja anywhere from 5 to 7 days, and sometimes I'll even do longer. I don't think there's a farm any longer, but I start to get familiar with the process. You'll be able to test the computer yourself and see if you like the way that it is after 5 to 7 days or, if you like fermented for a little bit longer. So we're gonna put this star in a room for not too hot, Not too cold part of your kitchen away from any fresh fruit or vegetables. And you don't get any fruit flies or anything else like that. You're by and you're still let it sit out on the counter for your 5% of these. 7. Flavoring & Bottling: So after your commute have fermented for your 5 to 7 days, you can go ahead and test it. So the way that you're gonna test it is you're gonna take this rubber band on your paper towel off, you're gonna take a straw, and they're gonna stick with straw underneath your Scobie and you're going Teoh, just put your finger over the top of it rather than sipping from a because we don't want any bacteria in there, pull it out and then you can just It's a little bit like that to make sure that it's the way that you like. Now it's gonna smell and taste a little bit like vinegar. That means that it's fermented properly, and then it's probably ready to go. Once you got here, Booth, the way that you like it, you're gonna go ahead and you're going to put the boot into smaller bottle, and it's time to flavor Now. I supported Lieutenant to the smaller balls first and then with the flavoring in, but you could also absolute bring to your full batch and then divide into smaller bottles, whichever you prefer. If you want to try out a couple different flavor combinations. I recommend putting into the smaller bottles first. And then you can play your father. So whatever you do here now, then I use my large hole. I use my screener Teoh for anti into the large bowl and keeping the Scobie out the so for now, I'm just gonna do a little bit, right. You bring out any little bit outside and you're gonna get your small bottle ready to go. And this is where your follow comes into play. I love the funnel, and it's really helpful for me to make sure that I get everything in that small mouth. I hope I don't make a huge for this into the final. Yeah, and then some of the flavor combinations that I love to do. Actually, one of my favorites is doing the drive. This is flowers. I'll just take a few of the flowers. All six in there against smaller ones. E with many you want. There's no set amount, and I like to just kind of experiment. Couple of flowers that you're gonna dio, and then this is my elderberry syrup. So I'll do a little bit, usually about half a teaspoon of elderberry syrup. And then I'm going to close at my bottle, and I'm going to place my bottles little bottles in the fridge until I'm ready to drink them. Doing this will actually allow for a second ferment, so we'll get the boot a little busier than normal, a little bit more like a soda, and it allow you to get cold and then carefully working for Sit in there when you're ready to drink your computer. I like Teoh, pour out drink, using my straighter and and so I get my flowers and everything and then go ahead and enjoy it with with a snack. Or as I like to have mine with a bar working afternoon. Keeping in mind your Kamuda is these out of is based on using T, so we'll have some happy. So make sure you have a morning and afternoon rather late at night. And there are so many flavor combinations that you can dio. I've heard and tried and love Ginger. I've done the government extract, cinnamon, maple syrup, anything like that. I would come on our steering away from any Citrus flavors like lemon orange. They could be a little walking with flavor. They're fermentation, but other than that, you should be good to go 8. Storing Your Supplies: when you're also finish your computer that you want to make sure that you store all your supplies and ingredients properly. Like I said early on Monday, for everything is clean, so there's no bad bacteria. You want to make sure that your glass jars have been clean and then you want to put your scolding into your glass star, and you're gonna want to use my old back here. But you're gonna want to make sure you have a least a four of your starter, and you want to store that with you're so in the fresh in covered jar, and putting it in the fridge will actually slow the fermentation process down so you can leave it in the fridge for a couple weeks, even a month and 1/2 and then it will be ready to go once you're ready to make your next back. I just want to make sure you take it out of the fridge, come to room temperature before you use it for your next bash, and that should be just making for everything else is clean drive and put away, and that you've got all your supplies that you need when it's time to make your next bath, since I know you'll want more after this one