Breathing Relaxation: A Simple Easy Way to Reduce Stress at Work, Home, and Anywhere Anytime. | Kiki Zen | Skillshare

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Breathing Relaxation: A Simple Easy Way to Reduce Stress at Work, Home, and Anywhere Anytime.

teacher avatar Kiki Zen, Create Change. Be Changed.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Breathing Relaxation is a simple, stress-distractor at work and at home

    • 2. Holding Your Breath Stresses Your Mind and Body (so stop doing it!)

    • 3. Meditative Breathing Exercise to Energize Yourself at Work and at Home

    • 4. Breathing Therapy Summary

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About This Class

Are you feeling stressed?

Are you easily distracted? 

Stress-distractor tool is a method that uses 'stressor' as an indicator to distract your mind from being stressed to becoming more aware and more present. Make your stress a companion, welcome your stress as a part of your life, your journey to happiness and success.  This course is a part of series of the Stress-Distractors 101 at work and at home. 

This course will focus one simple, easy stress-distractors: Breathing Therapy

Do you sometimes feel lost or losing control at work, home, or life purpose? With the stressors at work and at home, are you having less energy and less joy at the things that used to bring you happiness? Is your mind focused on the future and past, and you are losing track of the present moment? 

This class will introduce to one simple, easy, and efficient stress-distractor, breathing therapy, can be used anytime, anyplace. It is the 'breathing therapy'. It is not just normal sense of breathing. This course will provide the research and scientific evidence that demonstrates that 'active, conscious deep breathing' is physiologically, mentally, and spiritually different than our unconscious, involuntary breathing. 

The sound of your breath can empower you to take charge of your life again.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiki Zen

Create Change. Be Changed.



I'm a passionate teacher on health and wellness, and a Pilates, Barre, and Yoga teacher who wants to share the wealth of health to all.

I have graduate degrees in public health, finances, management, and biology. I love to study and teach the science of wellness and healthy living. I've been a workaholic scientist for many, many years until I developed severe lower back pain and I realized at that moment, I needed a change, a better way to live. I began my journey in Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation, and now, I see the amazing changes in my work and personal life.

Self-care therapy is the key to preventing long-term chronic diseases, and to enhancing the quality of life.

In Skillshare, I hope to provide simple, efficient tips on getting fit, eatin... See full profile

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1. Breathing Relaxation is a simple, stress-distractor at work and at home: way you focus on the breath arm. I cannot focus on anything else and nationally takes biologic process such us breathing, which is involuntarily most of the time. But by putting awareness and deep breathing, you are taking a biological mechanism in control in the palm of your hand. In your mind, Syria breaths by understanding the power of your breath. It can invigorate your energy source that you can be anything you want to be. Every living organism breeze. How do we engage an active, breathing, deep breathing contrarian The body's reaction to stressful situation by climbing the mine and reducing stress? Her Naturally, When we're stressed out, our body tends to tense up. We tend to breathe through the chest, and this type of rapid pacing breathing is unhealthy. Overton Life. The rapper breathing is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the fight or flight response. This is part of activating the stress responses Mother Nature both in this fight or flight response as a part of our biological being, so that we can use all the resources to flee a situation solve the problem that we feel that we're in danger. The fight or flight response is activated by stress. It can help us during emergencies. Crisis situations. But can you imagine living through life with rapper breathing? You're constantly in the mode of fight or flight. This is unhealthy. This causes many of the crime diseases that we see we give to our Children. On the other hand, slow, deep breathing, slow conscious, deep breathing stimulates the opposite effect. It calms us down. 2. Holding Your Breath Stresses Your Mind and Body (so stop doing it!) : you may start the thing well, how often are we supposed to breathe? Ever think breathing? It's slowing our pace, our breath, the pounds on our Asian activity. True Asians tend to have much more rapid breathing rates. For example, babies often breathe about 30 60 times per minute. Toddlers breathes about 20 to 30 times per minute. And as we change, returned to breathe between 12 to 20 times per minute over a course of a day. That adds up to 17,000 to 30,000 breaths per day or more, depending upon if you're on active individual. When you exercise and even walk around the house, your breathing rate goes up. It can even increase up to 50,000 times a day. Breathing exercises can have immediate fax by changing the blood pressure and altering your pH level of the bullets. Studies have shown that cancer patient, using breathing exercises were able to shift their focus from pain and focused on positive energy on getting well. The mind can only process one thing at a time. So when they were focusing on the rhythm of the breath, there were no longer focusing on the pain. The moment we anticipate pain. Most of us tend to stop. Hold our breath. When we hold our breath, it activates the fight, flight and freeze response. It tends to increase the sensation of pain that wasn't there before. Stiffness in the chest. Anxiety, stress. And you and fear, for example. Do you remember the last time you were at the doctors office and you need to get your vaccine shots? What did you do? If you're like a person who don't like needles, you see the needle getting closer, inching toward your skin. You hold your breath each time we hold their breath. We're activating the stress response. Next time, if you can. When you see that needle, exhale instead of holding your breath and that will release the stress and relax your mind . Well, why not at the doctors office, when do we hold our breath? Would you believe it if I told you that you the whole an extra 150 times more than we need to? I call this the cellphone Freeze. Studies have shown that on average, people check their phones about 150 times a day. Each time we check her phone, we hold our breath If we can learn toe, let Alan exhale. Each time your tractor phone. It will be a conscious effort of breathing and hopefully will remind you that you really don't need to check your phone every second. You're cautiously exhaling instead of holding your breast. 3. Meditative Breathing Exercise to Energize Yourself at Work and at Home: don't estimate the power of the breezing. It may seem simple because naturally we're breathing all the time. People don't know how the brief correctly you think they're breathing well, but they're really breathing very shallow. Deep breathing is the first step tour. A meditation practice. You will need to practice every day, a little bit a deep breathing. Eventually, it will become second nature to you, and you wouldn't have to think about deep breathing. First, get into a comfortable position. You can lie comfortably on your bed or on the floor. I remain stated her stand. Place your hand on the sign of your finger over your stomach. Breathe into your belly. Few, the front and the side of your stomach actually rising as you breathe in, breathe out completely. Exhale all the air from your lying as much as you can continued to brief and deep fills the air and your belly. Fill it rise as you fill your body. With this quality air X. How long as long as you like. Continue this process a deep breathing for a minute or two. Start to sense where your mind is taking you. If you are truly dedicated to this moment A deep breathing. There is no other thought in your mind except for the movement of your breath. You focus on this movement off the breath into your belly and you breathe out. You breathe into your belly, your brief out by deep breathing. This process helps you focus and we remind you of the beauty of life. Each breath you take is a reminder of a gift off life. Continue for another 30 seconds. We can close your eyes. How did I feel? Did you know this any different when you are nationally breathing, compared a deep breathing When you take but unconscious mechanism such as breathing and make it a conscious minds will act to remind yourself of the beauty of life. Deep breathing is a gift you can tap into whatever you are. 4. Breathing Therapy Summary: thank you for taking my course. I hope that you find that breathing therapy is a useful, simple and easy stress distracter that you can use whenever you're feeling. Stress. A little lost, a little tense at work and at home. It's a method that you can share with your friends, colleagues and your loved one. Remember, just breathe. Here is the summary at the key items that we went over breathing. Let's practice. Find a comfortable position. Whether at work at home, focus on the breath. Be still. Take a nice deep breaths and and if you want, you can add a mantra. Can have music or even breathing silence. Just remember your breath is your power. Breathing is your choice. Indio and exhale out and no at Exhale out. Fill your body with this breath and imagine this breath that's feeling your cells of oxygen's with energy and lights and every single cell in your body that's gonna give energy in your fingertips As you work your brain cells as you think, and in your muscle cells that allows you to move more gracefully. Remember, the breath is your power. So remember, just breathe