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Bossa Nova For Beginners Guitar Players

teacher avatar Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Bossa nova apresentação


    • 2.

      Important information for beginners


    • 3.

      Beginners Chapter - Basic notes on the guitar


    • 4.

      Whole Step and Half Step


    • 5.

      Beginners Chapter - How to read tabs


    • 6.

      Beginners Chapter - Rhythm Exercises to Beginners


    • 7.

      Beginners Chapter - Warm up time Technical exercises to acoustic and electric guitar


    • 8.

      Major and Minor Chords - Theory and Practice for Beginners


    • 9.

      Beginners Chapter - How to memorize more than 23 Major and minor chords E shape


    • 10.

      Beginners Chapter - How to memorize more than 23 major and minor chords very quickly (A shape)


    • 11.

      7th Chords Theory


    • 12.

      Beginners Chapter - How to play all seventh chords in string number 5


    • 13.

      Beginners Chapter - How to play all seventh chords in string number 6


    • 14.

      The best shortcut to memorize 7th chords easily.


    • 15.

      Bossa Nova PART/CHAPTER - Things you should know


    • 16.

      Bossa Nova Chapter - Fingers exercises


    • 17.

      Bossa Nova Chapter - Common Rhythms


    • 18.

      Bossa Nova Chapter - Bossa Nova Chords


    • 19.

      Bossa Nova Chapter - Girl From Ipanema


    • 20.

      Bossa Nova Chapter - O Barquinho


    • 21.

      Bossa Nova Chapter - Samba de Verão


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About This Class

 Hey guys , my name is Gabriel Felix. I'm from Brazil and today I’ll teach you how to play Bossa Nova music.

If you are a beginner or intermediate musician this lesson is for you. Every single day people from everywhere send me emails saying that they’ve been struggling with Youtube Bossa Nova tutorials.  Doubts about rhythm, scales and common chords in the style make it impossible to play and get the right sound.  For that, I’ve developed this course, very easy to understand regardless your musical level.

 Chapter 1

Things you should know before playing this style  -  Some pieces of advice I’d  like to give you before we start; equipment, fingers positions, things like these.

 Chapter 2

Finger exercises -

 3 Exercises to help you develop finger abilities.

 Chapter 3

Rhythm patterns - 3 very common rhythm patterns. I’ll teach step by step all those 3 rhythms, playing in different speeds.

  Chapter 4

Chords in Bossa Nova - You’re going to learn several chords we can play in Bossa Nova.

 Chapter 5

Beginner song - Girl From Ipanema by Tom Jobim

 Chapter 6

Intermediate song - O Barquinho by Roberto Menescal

 Chapter 7

Advance song - Samba de Verão by Marcos Valle

The entire course is organized in step-by-step easy to follow layout.

This course was made to people interesting in learning:

-Bossa Nova Music

-Latin rhythm

-Bossa Nova beginner Arrangements

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Gabriel Felix

Music Teacher

Level: All Levels

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1. Bossa nova apresentação: Hey, guys, my name is Gabrielle FedEx On phone. I teach you how cheaply Boston on music. If you want to begin their or I to mediate a musician, these lessons for you ever single day people from everywhere send me names say they have been struggling with you, too personal to Tories. Dobbs about freedom scales and common courts. This type makes possible to play, get the right self or debts. I've developed discourse very, very easily, regardless, York Music 11 Brand shaken and saying, How did they really say It's also very practical force besides Larry Court based Freedom Spotter Fingers Position. I would get you three songs with very special and simple arrangements. You can learn that's home for your computer tablets for your phone. Always just every part of the neck Dale fretboard diagrams and all examples that are being planning reasons. You're very, very complete, Your course. Some. Some piece of advice I would like to give you perform stuff, equip a man's fingers positions. Things like that is very useful for three. Exercise to help you develop figures. Ability. Three very common reading patterns. Did you step by step Old dose tree readings. Blame difference. Special courts for a special style, you are going to learn several card so we can play Gil from Hahnemann. Most famous Boston on a song Let's play one of my favorite songs backing by fullback Start Taro, about a very stable song called some Much Very Fine Reading Generation. After seven chapters off once a novel editorials, you develop our money, speak, read, um, in fingers, Thai schools and be able to play any kind of. So get ready. And for chase is of course, during this course, you will be able to send me kind of doubt that you may have with special female cops. I will help you to develop it. Excuse in the son of Plus in office. Well, step by step drums and see you at the course. Thanks a lot. I see trees of green red roses, too. I see for me too. What I want e I see Skies booth Bright Blessed Day 2. Important information for beginners: Before I begin, I would like to give a personal device. If you are a beginner, just body on guitar few months at Google or do not have skews Neff's cues to change cores, they are fast. You should watch discourse from the beginning. I have several types you offer exercise to learn basic core and read him, okay? Bus ANOVA is not the easiest music style from this, you need to learn a few things before playing gear or few Purnima or order boson of standard. If you are an intermediary musician, I skipped a few class and go to the bottom of a part. All right. 3. Beginners Chapter - Basic notes on the guitar: C, D, E, F, G, a, and B. Everybody knows our seven notes, right? However, now we are going to add a few sharps. Gabriel wanted to house a sharp, sharp edges like this. Sharp is like a hashtag, okay? Now we have 12 notes. Pay attention because between E and F, and B and C, We don't have sharps. So you have like a cycle circle. You start with C, C sharp, D, D sharp, E, F, F sharp, G, G sharp, a, a sharp, and me and start over again. 4. Whole Step and Half Step: Now we are going to learn half-steps and whole-steps. It's very important when you are going to study scales, are going to give you a few examples. Ok, so if you are playing C and I have a half-step ongoing 2k, C-sharp. Alright? Another example, if E and I want to have step ongoing to F, simple like that, just play the next note. Okay. Gave her nine plaintive F sharp. If you want to have staff, you're going to play G, K, Simple IDAT. However, we have a whole stack. Okay, so whole step. Let's do some examples. If G-sharp K one, a whole stack, I'm going to play a nice right? Other example, if I'm in discharge, I going to play you, you, you cannot play this type of Notre here. You need to jump one note and play the other note. Host that is this half-steps, just the falling notes. Really simple. Yeah. 5. Beginners Chapter - How to read tabs: The first thing that you need to know is how to read cores box. This show you where to put your fingers on the fingerboard. Who play chords? This six vertical lines represents this Sikh strings. This tree on the furnace left is the thickest string II did chew. Lines at the top of the box represent the net, the flask bond or a metal piece that the strings go through on a headstock. Then the rest of the horizontal lines represents the frets. The dots represent the place where you put your left hand fingers. And the R number to show which finger to use. Number of war is the index finger, Chu is the middle finger, tree is the ring finger, and four is your pinky finger. If you have played the piano, make sure you don't get confused. Piano finger numbering. These completely different guitar plays generally don't use the left-hand terms. Guitar that, or dark tablature is a way of writing music specifically for a guitar. It's perfect. Those that do not read music, and in many cases, offers more information. The, the writing natatio Houdini way tab has six horizontal lines that represent the six strings on the guitar. The top line is the dinos stirring in the lowest line represent the dicussed string, the numbers that are placed it on the lines. Tell you what frack you play a note, you only ever played this Turing's with numbers on. If a string has no number, downplay it does 0 means that is through the splayed open with no finger pressing down this tree on a frets. 6. Beginners Chapter - Rhythm Exercises to Beginners: Red is the most important thing and music, with that, I will teach you the main reader so that from now on you can develop your arm and over time, be able to play barrier Chiu. Please bare attention today arrows, initially they will be extremely important. Do help you to master the peaking in play. Your first reaction when you see an IRR tried to speak louder, Bragg sample, down, down, down, down. He's got to have your brain understand. The reader batters, Remember that you can always change the speed of increase or decreasing a court GTR music skew Latham. 8. Major and Minor Chords - Theory and Practice for Beginners: First of all, I'm going to teach you how to understand all this chord parts in fury and exports gonna repressing. Okay, so first of all, we have an E major scale, okay? A F-sharp, G-sharp, sorry, E, F sharp, G sharp, a, B, C sharp, D sharp. However, if I want to do a E-major chord, I'm going to take notes number 135, jurors want tree and five, okay? 135. And now you have the tree nodes of E major chord. Next example. Let's think about how to scale. Let me see a major. So a measure, a, B, C sharp, D, E, F sharp, and G sharps. Take notes number one, tree and five, and you got to have your major chord simple like that. Let's do some smiley face. Simple like that. Okay? My, how to, how to introduce a minor, a minor chord. It's the same thing, less than c. If we do a me, e minor, E minor scale. That means you have a minor chord, 135. However, now you're going to have a C and E, OK? Just measure. Going to be a major, C-sharp E and minor a, C and E. Alright, people like that. 9. Beginners Chapter - How to memorize more than 23 Major and minor chords E shape: Now it's time to play every single major and a minor chords. In string number six, we are going to apply E major, guitar shaped. So you're already learning how to play major. You have two options. You can play with these fingers. Are disordered fingers. Examples I'd prefer if you've played with this kind of fingers, K will be easier to understand. String number six, open string, finger number, treat fret to string five. String number four for u2. For the last one from the number to string, the number of tree fret one. You can play everything from this. These train. The second string and East during the first string will be opening as well. The idea here is to thinking E-major every single time. So if I play a major role here and I want to go a half step ahead, I'm going to have an F major chord. However, we have a little problem right here. Io bins treats. Okay? That's why I gotta put my finger number one. The next Fred can hold, every single string. Will be a barrow car. It's the same thing you phishing collect this ghost fret right here. Alright. F 1.5. Step ahead. F sharp, step ahead. Doing this. So let's Brett. For example, if I want to play a major core, stop the video right now and try and find a core. Applying this E major technique. If you play exactly the right notes. And you're gonna need to find right here in the middle of your guitar. So let's count 1.5. Step ahead. F major, F-sharp major, major, G-sharp major major. Another example, Track fine, B major core. So you're going to find B may record right here. Fred number seven. So E major, F-sharp major, G major, G-sharp major. A major. Major. Major can do this step-by-step. Never seen go. Last example. Let's try to find a C-sharp major chord. You can play exactly right here. Fred number nine. So let's count E major chord, F, F sharp, G, G sharp, a sharp, C sharp. Now it's time to find a minor chord. So it's exactly the same idea. However, if a minor chord, you already know how to play him. However, I would like to give a little shortcut. Try to play with these two fingers right here. You're going to be easy to understand. So everything will be open streets, right? However, figure number three, you need to play Fred number to string five. In figure number four, fret to string a number four. So you can imagine a kind of goes fret right here. I have step ahead. We're going to have F minor. However, we have a little issue about open strings, so, so the score will be F minor. Step ahead, F sharp minor, and you can keep doing this. Alright, so really chew to blame. The strings are right. He's a difficult court for beginners. So let's try a few examples and see if you want to send a really well E minor chord. Where can I play a minor chord? You should play excessively derived note. You're going to blink right here. Fret number five. So in minor, F minor, F sharp minor, G minor, F minor, E minor chord, where it can I play b minor chord? You play exactly the right notes are going to play right here. In fret number seven. So minor, F minor, F sharp minor, G minor, F sharp minor, E minor, F sharp minor minor. The last example, let's try to find d sharp minor orientation would be a little bit difficult, but the idea is the same. Exactly the right notes you're gonna find right here. In fret number 11 in the end off your fretboard. So let's count E minor, F minor, F sharp minor, G minor minor, E minor, F sharp minor, B minor, C minor, C-sharp minor, E minor, and finally, C-sharp minor. Trash applied this technique infrared satellite, one or two weeks, you're probably playing every type of major and minor chords. 10. Beginners Chapter - How to memorize more than 23 major and minor chords very quickly (A shape): Now it's time to find several courts applying being guitar shape. What do you mean that if you play a major core, you can read preach the same guitar shape. That by stepping your fretboard. So a major chord. I'm going to play String number five, open strain, finger number one, to drink for being the number two. Threat to string tree. And finger number three, threat shoe string Y2, 1.5. Step ahead. I'm going to play a sharp major. However, have a Leo problem. My open string. So an interchange, this guitar shape, it can play like this. Same guitar shape. Whoever with finger 234. Okay? And with my finger number one, my Suppose open string, okay? Now I have a sharp major. Applying the same guitar shaped as a major, you can play a measure like this as well. However, they're going to have an opaque string. You can imagine a goes fret right here, right? So a major, a sharp major, 1.5 step ahead. Same thing, B major. And you can't keep doing this. All right, so let's practice. You already learned a star-shaped try to find the major. Alright, there D major renew year. However, applying the idea of this aid, star-shaped. Okay, pause this video and try to find, if you play exactly the right notes, you're going to have a sharp, B, C, C sharp. And finally, the major. Alright, it's very important to practice with me. So let's try another example. Shred fight, a C-sharp major core semi idea here, alright, and we need to account this string. Number five is a string until you find C-sharp. Pause this video, and try to do this example. If you play correctly, the C-sharp major will be in fret number or so, a, a sharp, B, and C sharp major. You can play like this. Or you can change your three fingers and play like this. Same thing. For example, try to find an F sharp major. You should play the exactly the right nodes. You're going to find her I hear in my fred bore in Bretton number nine. So let's count. A sharp. Sharp, D sharp, E, F, F sharp major. I blew my chord. Infrared Number nine. Number one will be the most important thing. Alright? So let's do the same thing. However, in minor chords, you around, you know, how to play a minor chord, right? So the idea here is to use the same step-by-step, however, with a minor chord, a minor. And imagine goes fret right here at the end of my fret board, right? So I'm going to apply this guitar shaped today. For example, if a minor is here, a sharp minor is right here. B minor, F step ahead, C minor, step ahead. C-sharp minor. Can keep doing it. So let's play the same extra side. Stop this video right now and try to find an E minor chord. Blank days guitar, SRE. You should play exactly the right notes. You are going to playing right here. Rat number seven, E minor chord. So let's count a minor, a sharp minor, B minor, C minor, D minor, D minor, E minor. Let's find C minor chord. Stop this video and try to fight it. And if you play exactly the right notes, you are going to play right here. Fred, number three. A minor, a minor, B minor, C minor. It's very important to practice type of vector size, probably one or two weeks, we are going to be able to play every kind of measure in minor chord from the whole fretboard. Next example, the sharp minor. Stop this video and play right now. If you play exactly the right notes, you are going to find right here, D sharp minor. Threat number six. A minor, a minor, B minor, C minor, C-sharp minor, D minor, D minor. 11. 7th Chords Theory: The most common station of the base kit tree nodes trial. A seventh chord is built by adding an extra nodes to try and each is an interval of seventh above the root node. If you build a triad on c, You will use notes C, E, and G. If you add another note, a seventh above c, then you have C, E, G, B. You have just created base seventh chord. This one is C Major seventh chord. There are five types of seventh chord. The first one is a major seventh. For the second one, major core with minor sevenths. So major core, T, E, D minor seven. You need to use minor scale. So B flat. Then X one is a minor core with a minor salmon, so it's 135 nm minor seven of my minor scale. So C, E flat, G, B flat. The next one is a half-diminished chord. It's a minor seventh chord, so C, E flat, and G, n, Of course, a, B flat up flat five, so five, g. So put a flat in G, So G flat. And the last one, you can write like this. This is better. Is it diminish a full diminished chord? So it's the same thing as the, the court. So E, C, E flat, G flat, B flat, but you need to put another flat in B, so two flats, okay? It's not so common to find a score, a music jazz, a few examples of jazz and bossa nova. 12. Beginners Chapter - How to play all seventh chords in string number 5: Now it's time to learn how to move from your whole fretboard guitar, apply major seventh chords. So we have a C major chord in measure seven right here. You're already learning how to play the score. And the idea here is really simple. If you wanna go half step ahead, you can apply the same guitar shape. So from this I'm going to have a C-sharp major chord with major seven. The same idea is if you play the opposite side. So C, C major seven chord, the opposite side, one half-step Major seventh chord. All right, so let's try to practice this. Try to find your fretboard guitar at E Major seventh chord. If you really learn this concept, I'm going to play right here. Fred number seven. So let's count C. C sharp, D, D sharp, ANY. Let's try another example, F sharp major seven. If you really learn this concept, we are going to play right here. Fred number nine. So let's go. C, C sharp, D sharp, E, F, F sharp. This exercise is very important to understand how to walk around your fretboard guitar, a major seventh chord. Let's do this with a different type of corn and dominant chord. The idea is exactly the same. So if we play dumb at court, C dominant chord, I had stepped ahead. C-sharp dominant chord. You can play the opposite side as well. So C dominant, corn. Be dominant chord. Right? So tragic, fine, D-sharp, dominant core. Issue. Play exactly the right notes. You are going to play right here in fret number six. So let's cut C dominant core, C-sharp dominant core, dominant chord. And the sharp Don.NET core type of chord is a major chord with a minor seventh. You can apply this with a minor seventh chord as well. So C minor 7.5 step ahead. C-sharp minor 7.51 step ahead. D minor seven, and so on. Same idea with a half-diminished chord. So we are going to play R here. Tried to find a half-diminished chord. You should play exactly the right note. You're going to play right here. In fret number seven. This is a great exercise to memorize the notes in your fret bar gray. So let's go see have diminish. C sharp half diminished. And the last chord diminish chord, a full diminished chord saying, I tried to find a diminished chord. You can find the diminished chord right here. Infrared number five. So C-sharp E, diminished chord. 13. Beginners Chapter - How to play all seventh chords in string number 6: Now it's time to learn every type of Major seventh chord in the string number six. So the idea here is to think in G major seven, a very common core. You already know how to play this card. If a player half-step ahead. You wanna play G-sharp major seven chord, 1.5 step ahead. A major seventh chord can keep doing this. Write the same thing is repeated the opposite. So G half-step, F-sharp major salmon. After Uranus tennis concept, we will find a few chords on the fret board. Pause this video and try to find B major seventh core. If you really understood this concept, we are going to play right here. Fred number seven. So let's count G. G sharp, a sharp. Let's play another example. A sharp measures seven. We'll be right here. Number six. So G, G sharp, a sharp major seven. You need you repeat the same guitar shaped every single time. You can play a dominant chord as well. So just repeating star-shaped lead bricks and tried to find C dominant chord would be exactly right here. Fret number eight. Let's count. G-sharp. A-sharp. Same thing with minor sounds courts. So you came late like this, or like this is the same thing. Let's find a minor seventh chord. Will be right here. Threat number five. G-sharp, ME. A minor seventh chord. With these, you can find easily every kind of major set of chord for your whole fretboard. You can also play the same idea with half-diminished chord as well. So she half-diminished chord. Let's find G-sharp half-diminished chord. It's really close to g. Isn't Fred number four. So she have diminish G-sharp, half-diminished. Same idea with full diminished chord. So he fully diminished core nuclear body like this or like this. I think this type is a little bit difficult because of the fingers. The same core. You're going to find a sharp diminished core. Fred number six, yeah. Let's count G. G sharp. A sharp. Tried to practice this concept and developing your knowledge. Very nice exercise to memorize notes. 14. The best shortcut to memorize 7th chords easily.: It's time to learning great shortcut to memorize major chord with major seven, minor 7. First of all, we have huge dark shapes. We need to learn, memorize. Now it's time to analyze them. Devils. To build a major seventh chord, you need to take notes number 1357 from your major scale. However, to build a major chord, a minor seven, you need to take exactly the same nodes in, add a flat in a leaf node. Played scored more easily, I will change my fingers. That's why Jimmy looks like GQ measure on the ordered tar shapes. 15. Bossa Nova PART/CHAPTER - Things you should know: Hey, guys, My name is Gabrielle Fabrics from Brazil today, out teaching how to play Vossen off time breast feeding, you should know is play with a kousky nine. This style. You should play with Koskinen guitar to have the main sound quote. It's okay if you play. We faced history, but we'll lose a little bit off this. You can use a cynical tires well, the same guitar people play jazz music person office. A pack of Brazilian Jack's. Second thing you should know is play with your fingers. Never used Biggs. Just your fingers. If you want a play group perfectly human need use our fingers. It's possible to have their original sound playing. 16. Bossa Nova Chapter - Fingers exercises: in this chapter off our lesson. I want to show you how to developing fingers type. You have a trooper enters 1st 1 bass note, you will play with this finger. Right here. Second warrant, court parts. You will play with just four fingers. Birds exercises. Very piece. Check this out. - I would like to give a very good advice. Can play using the top off your fingers are names of 17. Bossa Nova Chapter - Common Rhythms: rhythm is the most important thing ever. Single style without reading music loses identity Casanova has a very interesting read. Um, and we're going to learn some reading platters. We can play those most sauce in this example. We are going to play. See Major 79 Very simple. I, like Brexit is is reading with my students. Beginners students Check this out. - The next example will play with a major seven court, a date or seven car. This girl is not so easy. Is the 1st 1 so bad? - Hey , E one way or girlie play East seven is a dominant called very port of Korean music. Check this out, - tha 18. Bossa Nova Chapter - Bossa Nova Chords: most off the court in Boston. Offer our base it on seven points. It's very coma to play. See, Major seven e seven D minor, 79 in. So today we will learn most off the shapes. Shapes. You're blind. His style. Yeah. - Now that you know how to play similar seven, you need to know how to find the same type off chord in another town. If c major seventh beginning Fred number tree the shop Measure seven will begin. Fred number four. It's very simple. You just leave for the root note. Your fretboard, you can't Blood stack. Making ever seal card is gonna help you find cords quickly if I want to eat. Major seven court recalculate. Where's my notes gonna be? Industry number five always followed in Mill Basin. - Yeah . Mm mm. Ah. - Mm . Yeah. And ah. Mm. Uh huh. - Hmm . - Um way . Mm hmm. Uh, way, way Armani and Fury is very port into music. I note scores about Boston over, but I will talk a little bit. Just a little bit about courts construction. You can construct cords out of certain notes off major and minor caves. For example, C major scale and C minor scale. This time we are going to play a different type of court. They're going to play seventh cards, so don't forget 1/7 courts is very important if you're taking notes. Number one tree five in seven pro majors Cave. You re a construction. See me her 74 However, if you take one treat five and seven from miners Cave. You construct C minor seventh chords. You can apply this knowledge ing every single court the next month. So records another course about courts for you guys. Did you stab Istat, Armani and Music Fury? Subject is huge, so I can talk about everything in 10 or 15 minutes, I figure should Breck scored step by step every single day you let me warn our shoes. You ports. In the end of the week, you have enough guards. Played boasts another music 19. Bossa Nova Chapter - Girl From Ipanema: Now we are going to learn trades. Songs I have chosen. That is just very carefully. A car to the left excuse you are breathe Baird. Casanova has some feeling interesting. Everybody plays different. Don't being played Gil from anybody. My difference from junior best under the laws plays with differently, flown back to Moscow and so on. It's very calm with great music arrangements for the most enormous songs you are going to front is I've bared very, very simple, simple musical arrangements for you. Beginners style. So don't think you are plain wrong going to learn songs. I see arranging discourses for beginners. So you need starts. Starts play step by step. But you have no skills Antimony Lalla knowledge and fury. You create your own orations. Okay, let's learn some songs. A soldier by name. So besides, that much quiz, um, asleep accused Booth, is she? I see. So best, uh uh huh. Way, way, way 20. Bossa Nova Chapter - O Barquinho: Ah, she is. 21. Bossa Nova Chapter - Samba de Verão: my fault for movie chief. Follow Jesus for South Beach, but of it Keep loving same thing. You see, if I think just thinking I'm a who's you see, just see Jack in SAGES body something they should follow. Saw Jego so much Well said, ah way, way. Ah ah jeez . - I think Jesus , listen Boston over Brexit every single day to help you improve Those have working hard scores was in office a very difficult style Similar suggest So my advice for you guys Justice Brexit during drains your 30 minutes every day. Okay, Probably the end of one or two months be blamed. Perfect. I hope you have enjoyed scores. Please let me know kind of questions or doubts about thanks a lot around.