Boost your creativity and learn to manage your time with the Pomodoro Technique! | Luisa Barbero | Skillshare

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Boost your creativity and learn to manage your time with the Pomodoro Technique!

teacher avatar Luisa Barbero, Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. What's the pomodoro technique?

    • 3. Why is Pomodoro technique fundamental

    • 4. Useful Apps and tools

    • 5. Let's get into practice!

    • 6. Let's share our experiences!

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About This Class

Are you struggling to finish all your daily tasks? Do you feel overwhelmed or simply are looking for some tools to improuve your productivity?

Then this is the right class for you :)

We will explore how the Pomodoro technique works and what are the benefits!

I shared some of my persona experience too, so you have a better understanding of how if works and changes your daily mindset! 

Here are the apps I mentioned: 

Tomato Timer Desktop 

Tomato Timer App

Tide App

Let me know if this class has been helpful and share your experience! :)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Luisa Barbero

Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.


Hi everybody!

I'm Luisa, I'm a freelance Designer and video editor living between Berlin and Torino. 

I'm graduated in Fine Arts and have a M.A. in Communication Design, currently living the craziness of Berlin,  seeking everyday for new inspirations and adventures.


Weirdness and curiosity are what I always strongly encourage and are the words that I love to use to describe myself.

My Skillshare classes will always be about all my greatest passions (photography, arts and design)  Keep an eye on my Instagram for my constant challenges..Have a look!




Colour // Flowers // Textures // Nature

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1. Welcome!: everybody. Welcome back. I'm Louisa. And today we're gonna talk about the condor technique. We're gonna learn how this technique is gonna make your life better improve our focus and our productivity. Continue watching to know more. 2. What's the pomodoro technique?: So let's talk about this famous polar or technique. So what is this technique about this technique about help is about helping you to fight procrastination, but also to be more productive in a small amount of time without losing time, doing other things that are just gonna distract. So I give you the easiest example. Lord technique says that you have 25 minutes off focus and then five minutes off break. So, for example, if you have to do a presentation for your work and let's say you had an hour and 1/2 did, that line was in an hour and 1/2 and you have all this time to do your presentation that maybe you will start looking at the news. Maybe you will start checking your phone, and then you will do have to do all the presentation last minute, and you will be definitely not satisfied with the work because you would have lost so much time in the beginning, procrastinating that then you would not have enough time to do the worst as you want it. But imagine using the forward or technique. You have your 25 minute timer, so you're committed your deadline is not in an hour and 1/2 but it's in 25 minutes. That will make you push so hard and you will do the presentation. Then you will have your fine minutes break and then you will have the rest of the time to look at your presentation. Maybe do some other work another 25 minutes. And so you will have accomplished your task in an effective timeframe and also gained some time to review it, which is always, always great. But let's first talk about how this whole technique developed. So the name Pomodoro actually means tomato in Italian, because this technique was that look by an Italian guy in the 19 nineties, and the name comes from the fact that the time where he was using at the time, Waas shaped like a tomato. So that's where the hunky names come from. Now that we know how it's called, let's dive into it a little bit 3. Why is Pomodoro technique fundamental : So why did we say that? It's going to help you stop procrastinating and it's gonna make you more time effective. Well, think about this quote. How do you eat an elephant piece by piece? And that is what you have to do with your tests. But you can make all the time, all the lists, all the timing lists, whatever you like. I was personally a big fan of writing my huge to do list and then being so overwhelmed by true list to stop doing things or to do everything last minute or stopping to studies some parts and then they were fundamental parts for other days or other parts. Always say so. I was not only losing a lot of my time and not using it properly, but I was also missing on important informations. So how do we avoid this? It is proven that when you have a tight that line, you will work more focused and faster on before even starting using the Commodore technique . I saw this in one of my design class. We had only one week to create a campaign, and you usually we use an entire month and what we did was trying to collapse all the work in one week and we made it and the work was great. But just because we have this input off doing it in one week instead of a month, we have to immediately let all the Resco and just focus on that. And that is what Paul nor technique is pushing you to do. Let's say you have a huge book to read for your assignment. I knew really Don't want to eat this, But if you say okay, let's see. This book is 80 pages. If I can read 30 pages in 25 minutes, it's gonna be soon. Gonna be over very soon. So you will send you from other time. You will start reading and you know you will have to meet in those 25 minutes because that was your goal for 25 minutes and you will stop. You will take a break and then you will start again and guess what? In very little time you would have accomplished your task. It will be very happy about accomplishing it. And also they will have way more time to do a complete other things. Maybe you have more to sell your you will have more free time for yourself, which is always great 4. Useful Apps and tools: How do we physically use Commodore? So if you can just use a timer, that's very great if you like me and like many other people, are overly distracted by phone. And if that is your biggest service off impersonation, I will highly suggest you to dominance APS that will lock your phone while you're in the moment or remote. I personally used two different APS. One is called Tomato Timer and the other one is called Tied. So one this to UPS are doing is locking your phone or making you feel kind of guilty in trying to touch your phone when you are supposed to be working. And that actually works another technique, if you like better as using a next stop version for it, so you will immediately see it on your computer on. And some ups like this for browser even have the small time counter on the top. So even if you're browsing through other websites, you will still see your time going down. And that's like very, very good at making you think about how you how much you're using your time. Another technique is putting your phone in another room and using a normal timer using just your clock or your watch. That's I would say that the next level off course, I still think that if you have a good up that works, the it stop on your phone, you don't really need it to put it in another room. But still, that could be a very good technique. If you are struggling, went keeping away from your phone. 5. Let's get into practice!: We also talked, mentioned breaks. So why are breaks so important for the poor nor technique? So since the Commodore technique is pushing you to have 25 minutes off very hard concentration, your brain will done me some time to wind them. Otherwise, if you focus for too much time in a row, you will probably end up burn up, which is not great for your brain, because then, after you won't be able to remember very clearly, you won't be able to focus. So that's why you need small breaks On the beginning, I was very skeptical, too, because I said, okay, if during this break I will done pick up my phone or do anything else, it will be very hard to get back to my Pomodoro timing schedule again. But actually, when you get into things and you schedule your you find your break from team to, then this doesn't happen. My trick, for example, is always having a big glass of water next to me while I'm working. So I will drink the entire DOS while I'm working. And then, well, I will have my five minute break. I would either go to the bathroom or go and take another glass of water. Probably open my windows because that's very great. But also maybe you can stretch. You could just say hi to your neighbor. You could just read a piece of a book that you like. But what it's important is trying to a little bit because your body is saying stills for so much time and it will need a bit off, you know, rejuvenating movement that will help you, then, to be able to focus more because when your body is healthy, your mind is healthy, too. So you need to keep in mind that when you're having a break, you're not actually using time. But you are, Let's say, putting fuel back into your machine because if you wind down for a second, then you will be more prone to then focus again off course, as in every room, there's exceptions. So when you're feeling that you don't want toe, step out off this concentration more, for example, so you're already in in those 25 minutes, but you know you f you still have those five minutes. You will definitely get the work done, then do it, but don't overdo it. I would say never go above 35 minutes because in any case, your focus as a human being will drop down after 35 minutes. So there is no point in pushing further on in country a burnout. Also, many off the absolute produce are not only sad to 25 minutes, but you can actually set the minutes you need when whenever you know you can handle the task. I also use the Commodore up for other things, not just for studying at working. I also, for example, use it in the morning when I wake up, because I know that's exactly when I will procrastinate more, and then I will start working later, and this will push my entire schedule a lot further. So what I do is when I wake up, I put the timer off 30 minutes and then I will go through bathroom getting nice shower or breath, Mikey, whatever. And then come to the kitchen, have my quick breakfast, whatever it might be, make my coffee. And then, in a moment when my coffee is gonna be done, I could be sitting to my desk and start working 6. Let's share our experiences! : So I hope you learned enough about this Plumadore technique, and I will love to know how you're using it. And it's improving your study life or your life in general after watching this video. So make sure to let me know and leave a comment. Ask whatever question you like. I would put some AB suggestion and some that stop application suggestions down below, but feel free to us whatever you might prefer by.