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Boost traffic to your website with Pinterest

teacher avatar Raymond Baxter, The Relationship Blogger

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to Pinterest Domination


    • 2.

      Starting a Business Pinterest account


    • 3.

      Enable rich pins


    • 4.

      Starting your profile


    • 5.

      Your first board


    • 6.

      Other boards and hot topics


    • 7.

      Create a board and manage pins


    • 8.

      Your first pin


    • 9.

      Pin groupie and group boards


    • 10.

      Board booster


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About This Class


Boost your traffic ten fold, or even 100 fold.

If it weren't for Pinterest I wouldn't be getting the thousands of weekly views I receive now. Gone are the days of true organic reach from the likes of Facebook where they have killed organic visitors in favour of paid advertisements. 

Pinterest doesn't do that. 

Pinterest still allows people to search for what they need, and receive what they search for. This is best platform for growing your organic views by many, and I'm going to show you how to do it.

What you'll learn

You'll learn quite the foundation of Pinterest marketing here,

  • Design jaw dropping and aesthetically pleasing Pinterest profiles with no design skills
  • SEO to boost your page visitors
  • Best practices for getting niche traffic in
  • Free design tools
  • How I design MY pins
  • Paid programs that will boost your traffic even further

How you'll benefit?

  • You'll no longer be endlessly optimising your website through tireless SEO good practices to appear top in Google when you'll find that just the fewest of tweaks on Pinterest can have you swarming with traffic.
  • You'll also finally get those leads you've always wanted. At long last!

What is the content suitable for?

Any website that you are able to add your own content to. It can be a landing page, a blog, or even a full website. Up to you, your choice, it all works!

It's also really good for affiliate marketing and people that want to showcase visual designs!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raymond Baxter

The Relationship Blogger


Hello! I'm Raymond Baxter, popularly known as The Relationship Blogger.

I run a fairly popular website about human connection in the blogosphere, of which I have reached out to The Huffington Post and The Good Men Project and blog for them too, and various other mainstream publications.

My last job, as a Project Manager was setting up groups in the community for people to feel part of the wider area, and a bond with each other. I designed, set up, managed and reviewed these groups, which is why I became really good at connection making, and why I became the Relationship Blogger afterwards. Call me a guy that builds positive relationships.

On skillshare I plan to use my experience through building a popular blog to teach others how to market their work, be SEO compli... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Pinterest Domination: Hello. My name Dreamin Baxter. I am the relationship blogger on this course is all going to be about how to dominate Pinterest and how to get views to your links to your website to your Blawg. You know, whatever. Whatever you want to view whenever you want people to view angered a teacher do that. As you can see on my pantry s profile here, I'm gonna show you how to create beautiful, lovely pens on how to get them repent. Lots attains. Look at that. 17 re pens, 43 re pens, 38 re pens. Very name there a lots and lots 49. You know, lots and lots off re pens and views. And just the more the more traffic you get, the more help here that you'll be. I will show you how to create lovely pens. Aunt, get that traffic. If you look at my analytics, you will see Ah, if you look a lot as 2987 Dele impressions worth 1658 d leave years, I'm gonna show you how it gets old are I mean, if you look, I've got just that that's you know, that's really you really gonna benefit from this course. I will say that around about dearly. I get about 500 hits to my profile on that says that, you know, this is on the beginning for me. I just keep on going up and up and up. So I'm going to show you how it deal that on. Hopefully you'll find this course beneficial and f you have any questions? Um, give me. Ah, a message. Also. One thing I would like to add a Z once my Pinterest profile comes up as I'm going to show you how it create lovely boards as well. So these won't be your own pension. Have one thing with your pen. An issue proper part sees off creating lovely boards and getting involved with lovely group boards on. Just get that traffic swing in your way. Okay. I hoped, um, enjoyed this course on. Please drop my outline. If you have any questions, I'm here to answer them. Okay. Like so much 2. Starting a Business Pinterest account: Hello, everyone. So just to make you all aware that this online course as end art people with their own website who wants want to drive traffic? Teoh. But you can't have a place that you also want to drive traffic to. But just make sure you haven't have access to whoever you want. Teoh drive your traffic towards and are also you on an affiliate account or something similar. But most off the content and this course is going to be end up people with their own website, our own block. So let's get started. First of all, I'd like you to start up a business Pinterest. I can't if you've already got a pen trace that came, I can see that is quite easy to change your account, and our business could only need to do is go into your settings and change in there. I think there's a verification for your website, but that's pretty much straightforward. It's you can CEO and there. But if you haven't, if you haven't got a pen trash site, it's fine. You just put in business interest and then we go depend tryst for business, and I saw you d join is a business. You sign up. It's free on, like Pinterest Know that you are a business. Are you are representing a business at the time on? As for me anyway, as the best way to get my pens discovered because they're like that allows you for much more flexibility. And as far as I know, I think you can displease your pens a lot better. I'll show you that in the next tutorial. Thank you very much. See, in the late from 3. Enable rich pins: Hello. No one thing with business Pinterest is that enables you to post wretch pens and rich peasants is a really, really good till because what Alosha do is Alozie it post up pens on Pinterest the look really, really nice and HD quality. And also when people click on your pens, they'll be taken right to the very website that the pen was saved from eso that's without any further and on a toll on your part or you need to do is pent up there and you know people will be directed. Street to your site is really quite a on amazing too. And while off interest so much so I'm blood like it did as a late lunch followed guitar. We'll put that in there and you can see rich pens validator here f it doesn't come up in your screen. You may want to enrich pen validate a Pinterest so we will head up and you CEO tell you that you're validating your website for rich pens and with this don't give So this is my website here. So the one thing that you don't want to do is give it, uh, home page of your site. And I say that because General, in my homepage of Marseille as about muddled up in its as a page are not too sure of Lives pens. And so and I usually like to give our post. That's where all my posts are, where all my pens come from on if you see that here. You could see that. But they're being the supposed morphology you should see. Oh, come bag. Yeah. Congratulations. You're a bridge Pens that approved it on Pinterest on. There we go. And yours should actually have the same If it doesn't, then what would do? Um, is check with your provider with their security, say their security sessions. Because I know that quite a few providers in the past just allow absolutely no traffic inwards and outwards. If you say so, that sometimes you may want to create that one. Um, is that do you know that for certain things, especially when you're marketing your website is a good idea? Tohave um you know, data coming in for me as anyway. So that's your next step is to validate your rich peasants on once you wretch pens are enabled. You're off. What? You're on your way. So that is. Set up a pedantry s business account and then enable wretch pens for your website and then I take it another step. Thank you very much. 4. Starting your profile: to the paid part off this cush and thank you. If you've made that this fire, I really appreciate you having the trusted me that I will take you through this. Johnny, I'm here for any questions. Trust me and just shover in the questions area and, um, here turns. I might not get by to you straightly, but I will try my best and only lets less Callum official. So here's my profile that says I am the relationship blogger on my say as a relationship blogger dot com As about for pluck, feel free of plenty oflife experiences Aunt Empathy. Tepes there. But otherwise let's get on the initial. So as you can see, here's my profile. I've got 36 boards on. I've got a lot better off information here, so less as your asses faras I have it. This is your blonde. My brand is a relationship with that. I am the relationship of the My picture is the brand, and that's how I set up. So you what you wanted to do is obviously the name off your pen test is going to be a brand on. The picture is going to be the local or something that your customers your razor stubble identify you with. Brandon is very important because as how you set it, Orden, for your Pinterest think of fesses are extent of board for your brand. And as you could see, undermined profile picture our name. There is my web say underneath that that you always put your website in there because people sometimes like a pen and come on in view, profile on They always like to, you know, feigned your website and click on it. People are curious. I am to arm to him. Pinterest. Um also, you're not that I've got a little bit off information underneath. No, this is about different. I would like to see just put anything in there about yourself, but thank off ours what you want people to such you for. So for me as my main points, there are relationships, life steps, health advice, men, or how stories steps a man and woman's house on. So if you where, for example, say a dating web? So you have to think Well, actually, what are the key words that people woods such for me on you? Other started, You wouldn't think of your brand because as far as this course goes, no one knows you. So people are going to be looking for things like dating advice. So you would think off all the things in here. For example, Dayton advice. I will head out here and these here aro yourself up categories. Um So, for example, if you're dating advice for single people, there's ah, unless there and just take hold on. Take notice off all these because these are actually what people are searching for. Dayton adviser questions dating advice in college for introverts, for lesbians. You know all those things. Just just take that into account and then what to do as per tip. And this a little bit here, think of us. No, only is a snapper off yourself but backed off SC or so people could find you. So thank you, Fat Oz. People at your modern people to feign Jews. So you just put that right at the beginning. That's that's probably one of the biggest. That faces are pieces off advice I could give you as the US here a Szot issue and there's there's I'd also like to go on later, when I'm and there's a partly around where I will go on a by bounding your boards. There's a part there here I would like to state. That s, you know needs to be done on that. But for the moment, we won't go into that. So, for the moment, or just contract contract, concentrate on your picture, your name. You lost your your l and the But you're right about yourself. Make sure encompasses all that you do. So if you're a dating and relationships um, website like I am, then it might be worth your while pit, making sure to encompass dating armed relationships on your description. You want to get everyone who you want to follow you to get in here, and that's how the faint you on. There's other, many other methods, but we'll get to the employer. So I hope that's fashionable. It's Bean has opened your eyes about, but for the next, going in the next one. Thank you very much. 5. Your first board: wart on. You're ready to start and you're thinking right. Okay. This is my, um this is my new pen Tries board. It's empty. And what did I do? And you want to create your first board? So what I would do Is that happen? Create board. And you want to You want to create your very first board a ship brand name? If you look here of my very first board, Aziz the relationship blogger. And if you see and hear as all my pence, this is actually all my pens from my website. So all these pens here are some point placed on my website. And that's what you want to do. You want to create a board where it's going to be Phil off your pens. Don't worry about starting or slaughter. Start. Always start slow. You really won't get from 0 105 seconds. You know, Ferrari, trust me, no one has. So don't worry about So if you're starting off with one or £2 just just don't worry. Okay? So you start off. I started off. As you can see with the relationship blogger on, I put on my personal block on dating and relationships and mental health always put your website and your board because people do subscribe to your boards sometimes, but not to you. So it's a good idea. My opinion. Teoh, slop your website on your board as well. That's always a good, good option. And my eyes about a serial dating, relationships and mental health. But key things for what I blogged about aunt. There we go that you could see off that board Virago 1.7 k followers and I got 100 and £54 night. Can I also say that all these pens here they should only be one pen off each? I am off each post of your websites Norge implicates nor post in 10 off the same page Just at looks messy. It looks unprofessional on Try and not do what I did of only now Eventually find my theme, which you can see it sticking up off, tried and tested. As you can see here I'm sorry going in a lot about a theme there with my colors on my local . I'm sort of happy with us Should see here to collide, experiment in from bits and bobs and what to do and actually that I really like this. And I found that really nice way to do that. Which I'm going to show you later so you shouldn't worry about things. Um, so, yeah, make sure that each post as from each page or sorry, each post off your website. Andi, shove up there. Um, or getting that later. So that is what you're you're flushed. Board needs to look like. So it's people could feign juice so people can actually easily scuttle through your content . One hike a You on their recall. Okay. Thank you very much. 6. Other boards and hot topics : I don't Raymond here. Night less time. I'd like to go on about how to do the rest of your Pinterest profile. No big star in, actually pens related to your sights. And I could hear you sitting there thinking, Well, why would we even bother about these? Well, actually, what you're hoping for as the people that you're trying to reach, have the same sorts off entry says you and like the same things. So for me, you can see of got lots of learn something new dating relationships, mental health, which is completely unrelated to anything that I've written. It's actually promoting other people say it's and and other instances off articles that I really enjoy rewritten. Um, and this is what is this is this is a good way to pill and potential people that would actually read You're blogging and this is how I do. I I have actually gone a and done lots off boards about things I believe in, and I trust in and I really have enjoyed reading throughout my life on off collaborated, dominant and nice. Slow the ports. Now I'd like to also say something about the design. You see that my design is about one key. I. Hunt had actually received any Pinterest training when I started aunt. It's a bit too late night, but for me I would have loved to have hard a nice, smooth, clean design that's really enticing to get people on because some people are very aesthetically driven. No, just driven on the content but driven on the niceness off the profile on what they mean by that. Well, if you look at this girl, Baker Palmer, who are find through very popular 8.6 million followers and you could see there's, ah, very nice theme there her themes of a color have the same colors and is very, very beautiful, it leader. And that's what I would expect you to have. It is, now that you're more aware, is the boards the ECRI? I would be nice if they were very color much and I came for some of you that might be too hard, because at me I only post things I really, really believe in. And I really you know, there's a lot in my genre which can be deemed this harmful on an effectual to people, and I don't generally post that stuff. So for me, it's been about Sesno really being about theme orientated, more so content orientated. But if you're an initial area, it doesn't matter about a color. Coordinate. Yeah, yeah is so much more lovelier to browse. You see, I have tried to color coordinate less to the best of my abilities, however, is not, is not quite. Won't take the best way that I would have wanted Teoh. But certainly it is a security idea to just maker. Is that click pleasing as well, eyes content driven? Because people like that more people subscribe here and sometimes they don't even know why . This obscurity is just because you profile. It's just so darn nice. So yeah, and also about about the board. So obviously you're you're starting your you know, your content board. And then we talked about about the other boards. I remember the meaty boards. No, when I said meaty boards or say things that will drive people here and that is the really hot topics of Pinterest. I'm not too sure what they are. But certainly when I started the re foot in home improvements, so it was really, really good too post some really nice, lovely fit. I m on your Pinterest profile. I'm starting up our section on my blocks in which I'm actually really excited by, as is cold. It's going to be centered around eating for people who have a challenge in budget. And it's gonna be really exciting to post lots of delicious food for was my profile that will hopefully Dr Lots and lots of content to my say on, you know, just think of the more the more sort off hot topics you odds to your board, the more potential customers you have come in your way. So no, no, only just think of yourself in the content that you're interested. And But I also think about what really drives people and seeing and that for that and my time waas food on home improvements. But certainly I would give that search to see what the hot topics are in my and just keep update to keep going. It's a really good idea. Uh, so, yeah, but except for the content section next of God, I've got Penna Nieto, Lord story goingto upload some pants. I hope you enjoy that section. Thank you very much by 7. Create a board and manage pins: hail and welcome back. And unless tutorial, what I'd like to do is to show you how to create lovely to, you know, start your first board and create a lovely selection like vests, how to find other pens on Pinterest and so on. And this is how I am. As I explained in the last tutorial, how you will be getting other pens and and making it nice and neat and lovely color coordinated. So first you want to create board on, then my I suggest that when you're naming your board, just name you and it's different for me. I'm in the process of change in this, but my I suggest you give them one mart back some two words. This is good for C e o S C O U c and for what's about. So if it's about mental health and just write mental health, if it's about love than just great love and avoid boards like things. I love Abi houses. If you want to create a board about houses, you just create houses or lovely ho sees, you know, just Aziz good toe. Always have the word. Do you're focusing on right at the start. So, for example, I'm just going to pick fit and then I'm contemplate this board secret because when its secret, then it's not displayed to the world. I I save out because it's not really nice. Even when you're started. It's not really nice of people. Come on here boards and see a lot off empty boards there. So I always keyboard secret until you got three or four pens on them. I just create up and thus, as a say, will be one of my boards that I will capture. People come in the, um will come in and see hopefully be drawn end by my lovely fit. Um and thats will tie in with what I wanted to do my say about my cheap food. So will taping. You got a lot of things here. I'm just going to cheek if it this will tie in with what I want to do. And if you know it's here, there's quite a lot off. Also, ah 100 brilliant, cheap eats in London has always say, I always recommend I thought you reads the article before you, um, before you pen it, but for the Sikh off. But for the sake off this tutorial. I'm going Teoh, just click safe. We'll pretend of reader, and I'm just going to click Save because you see the raid there and not very much goes in with my Kalash came, and I'll show you how a a swell so well safe are 100 brilliant cheap eats, and they will go to my head in port and save it to fit. So that's click on save. And then I'll also give you other suggested boards to follow. Ours follows the suggested boards. That gives you more things, more people who I know that you're there. Here's another one Mediterranean vegetable casserole that sort off course and with McAliskey, so click safe. And then I'll choose the board that want to go on and you see, cause they're just collect it straight up at the top. Click. The Air Lair didn't also click safe on what that would do. Is that safe to my a report, just click Follow. All right, so then I keep going down, remember, and always am screen your pens because Santon's pens 20 exactly direction of what the pictures are. Um, it doesn't always matter about the color scheme only maybe the 1st 3 or four pens. There's something red chili. It's on Chick Peas breezed insider. Lovely, I will say far. That's about right, Onda. We shall follow that profile. Keep going down Came on Who? There's love that one save safe. And this is basically how to populate your boards. How popular all your boards. You just pretty much there unless we keep it secret populated. Peter on I will say, Don't m pen all the time as as good to separate your pens out. So maybe one now one and $3 time. One in six hours time. One in 10 hours time is get to spread your pen Sites don't just pen 10 and one goal and then leave it for two days. That's that's not good practice. Oh, that's lovely. So it's lots of radar. Not and now got about three or four raids on my M on more full of him. I got three or four red and whites on my things, and I could just be welly Nelly with what? I save all the content that you all the content that u Penn and needs to be related to your board so I wouldn't advise penning a picture off a car on a house sport or a picture off a car in on the foot board is it just doesn't go. It has to be. And with initial, your boards have think of it like an or a big folder. Your boards are your bigs and inside your boards as the content off your big, which is all of the's. So lovely called us. And I keep saying this, But remember on screen all your or your pens, so have a look at them for the sake of this, she told the old old We're not going to do that. Gardening tips. That's no, it suddenly and fit Alli convert Lovely. And there some roasted cauliflower. Right? Okay, so you got the fit one. So now we'll go by her profile at my profile and we will find my head and board. Could you should see menhaden board is in here. Andi, First of all, what we're gonna do is we're gonna end at Okay, So we're gonna The name is obviously going to be fit or cheap food or, you know, whatever I want to name it and then your description is going to be What a detailed and the last board is far descriptions. It's always good to searcher. So when you go foods, we just take him. Food is always good to search these here. These are your s e or tugs. And so I was a foods that was done, Lord. And if they were all recipes, then I might put yummy food recipes for you are what I like. But keep it sharp, Keep it simple. Keep it related to your content. So if you're bored, has two or three So maybe it might be yummy food dress appears that our party You know that that's part if it yummy party food recipes. You know, just think off what you're doing on use these tags keep keep in mind these tax Okay. So once you've done that, when she right in your description, So yummy. Oh, I actually main as different as cheap fruits for everyone struggling. What? Yeah, Budget. You see the main keywords here as cheap food budget, his budget foods, cheap food, cheap food and food. And then you got food and drank the cover as this is a really, really good one, actually, because what the cover does is that lies to get your pennsy. These are all the posts depend on this one. And you could Elaine it with your color scheme. The best when I have as well, the best one. I have his thought. One there, so safe out on Oh, it didn't say far cheap before are struggling, actually cheap, everyday food fit for those that are struggling him on. Then we go on. You can't, collaborator. So when you get a big Pinterest, I mean, when you're again and thousands off used to your board, then you may want to odds other people to your board to to grow up on. Did you just write their name or that email in there at one? Allow you if you're not following name and they're not following you back. So you have to make sure that there is a mutual follow their Did you just say that? And there you go. He see? It's all turned out there on Oh, it's locked. Okay, so we just had it. Hold on. For the sake of this tutorial, we will my relationship. Well, uh, make sure your website is in there as well put your website at the bottom off of report that some people don't always such great to your board on. We'll save on then. Now what happens is is this is published. What is that? C might be it. Maybe a band were critical. What are I'm sorry? Look for less. I can find that t t stuff like maybe I'll have to refresh the page first refresh the page a moment. And there we go. That's our fit. And so and you see cheap, everyday food for those are struggling And there's my website there for anyone wants to find that. And you shall see, this is all my pence on with boards. You want to add to them all the time and these are not gonna actually contain your lengths . These ago entertained contained other people's lengths. OK, you could see how that goes on with my color scheme, my rights. So but I'm no, I know. Going to meet that secret? Yes. Take that off there. And it may that secret because that's something that I plan to do later. Okay. Ah, Hope you have gathered the 90 are from what to do. How to create a board how to pen aboards. I start aboard on, um, good ideas on how to create them. Okay. Thank you very much for listening. Thank you. 8. Your first pin: Hello And thanks for staying with me. They were going to create a first pen on the first pen will look about, like, one of thes. So I'm going to show you how to create a log or the sort of how to create a pen that look similar to my block. Post aunt will be attractive and get people on Well, they do for me in a way. So let's hope it will be the same for you. So first of all, well, I like to dio as I go into my last post now my last post that was published Waas I told the authorities they did nothing. This is a guest post from another person, but I don't think she'll actually mind me posting her details on what to do as I received the image that I've got in the future. Dammit! Section on. I just better in with this local part. Make it easy. Find right. So now I've got that saved, Aziz. I mean, you may actually have years pre made ready to go, um may know, even be posted yet, but that this is what I do. I usually right at my post fires poor state and so on. Now I use Peck Monkey. There are plenty other Cedatos over there. Um, I know that you Zane is one of thumb as paid service, you could sign up for Peck Monkey completely, completely free on create lovely rich pens for free. There are paid fashions off Peck Monkey, but that is only for specific things. The rest There's three I use paid fashion. But that's cause I like to keep out to date. So from then we'll go to So first of all, I like Teoh is I'm going to design my own pencil had design and then custom size. Now the design and gonna dia is 564 by 893 Those are actually the dimensions that I use for my pence or the ones that have settled with on Don't make it. Now you'll see that I have are sort of screen here that looks pretty similar to what my other pens have, but it's a blank canvas or a black screen. It is some of you that may be quite confusing, and I get out if you've never never designed before, But I'm honestly going to walk you through this so there's absolutely no need to worry. So first of all, I like to het on All this is changed. So first of all, I would like to head on. Um what are we? Yes, this has changed textures. So I'm going to hot No. Yes. So anchored to add moan Overly and then my own overly is basically going to be the picture The I saved so good to upload from my computer and it was saved in the logo's head up. And you see, what I will do is create That's lovely lot picture of that. I get all that shared the story for me. I'm gonna just make it so that's pretty much the size of the screen. I can also flip this, which I'm going to, didn't I? He's quake flip it like that. So it makes it a little bit more telling if you see what I mean. Just get that street. Oops. I'm Bill. Live it, Dane. So fits in perfectly with. So, yeah, if you seize up, there is pretty much what I hard on my my post picture, but only the other way around. And I usually play around with that as long as it's not too much messing around with her. Um, So now I would had its now gonna enter my local. So a lot other own my next overly, which is gonna be my logo. As you can see, it's up. PNG, for those of you did not know what PNG is, that is our failed. That was pretty much see through, you see about, like, such ongoing a pair in the middle there somehow that I like to usually put a black overly, so I'm gonna So I like tea. Usually put one of them. So I going to put geometric shares, which is pretty much just the square. I'm gonna do this pity for them, like so, Bart, who dares you click on Over lease and we'll pick up image. What? Sorry. Um, we'll put the rate tangle below the relationship longer. So the relationships bloggers on top. You see that? There? This is coming along nicely night, and we'll just adjust the fate from one. Sorry. Well adjusted feed off the rate Tanko to make up that more see through. But as long as you could see my relationship blogger text. Yeah, like so. And as you conceive us. This is coming along nicely or as in my eyes anymore. Anyway. So then we go back to the topic. I told the authorities they did nothing. Okay, so we our text for me. I like adding I knew it's also worth knowing that these crimes here are the are paid fashions off the off the application Soft has got crying beside it, and it's a paid fashion. But for me, I'm just good toe odd front toys. One I really like that takes for some reason we're gonna text them. Just put I I told, uh, I d like Teoh cap toes. That's adds boldness. I told authorities, I just Please please feel free follower and rewind back Oh, what we're doing here. So we just well, myth, uh, like so we'll send center line that pit into the center on me. Just move this, like so on. And there are more text I usually like to split up, especially when there's a point to be made. So we just check the size of that, which is 44. Move that don't 44. It's always good to keep the the normal text the same uh, they did, and always late toe a century. A point. And I think that the point for this bloke post was that they had nothing. So nothing like Pope, but nothing in bag on. Bold. Just century out, if you look up here and here's a really smart but I mean that and itself looks about strange, doesn't it? Doesn't actually go with anything. So what we're gonna do is we're going to zoom in, Aunt. Going to We're going to, uh, no, actually, we're not gonna do that. We're going to help. Nothing. I'm gonna have that. Which is a drop our onda few see, I only hope for not eyes actually going over everything here. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna hat purple. No, it's my theme. We're not going to stop there because I'm going to drop. I'm gonna move in about Drop that. Who? Uh, sorry. What? So help me out. And they were gonna have on this. We're going to zoom in a pup on this. Who Todoroki drop are Sorry. This is right. What? Uh and then if you see, that's a great there. Once it gets the great there, we go Eyes agree that I wanted on Put that I disagree too now obviously that stole It's a little bit weird form honest solely won Just keep it up We'll play around without but to make it on lane with our Because I was the sea you know nothing's perfect We kid out there Yeah, Maybe we could essentially it. That's warden as well. So, like so not my come in line, I thought, And if our life feels because that's a strange picture I'm a is up another geometric shape on it See how that works? See how that works. Please, if you are not following this So if you have no idea what I'm doing, please feel free. Ask it in the the questions section eso I'm gonna move this rectangle at the bottom so the text is on top off the trying of black But I'm a pit fade Maybe if thus, weight Actually, moms, if that's why you and see if us wait in this war homes when it's white, let's give up the color off her face. There you go. That's about better. Isn't that we have? It's about better, isn't her? We have thus Come on, Faith part there we go. Que That there. And maybe this one. We could move it to the way it's well, just to keep it in line with the theme. Just make it a Kalata for face again. Let's see. Color was that 79%. So I made this 79% percent and maybe what we'll do. Maybe what we'll do is move this up to the top of the page. Half this, all in line with the top, like so I thought. But off late. So maybe. And that's about better. As you can see, it's not perfect because the picture is not perfect, but a Lake Hoven. The same picture I was I like having the same picture is my block post and plus up so far night I'm going to deny, as I'm going to save us. So I'm going toe het save. I actually like Teoh make it the largest size with the highest resolution. So it's a quite nice pager Onda had saved to my computer. Oh, actually, first of all, the late to name it. So your name, I told authorities, would be better. I told authorities that's nothing. And it should come up on a C with the log or where that is safe out there. And that is my pen saved. Tonight. I I tend to do two or three at a time, so I usually keep this top open and I'll come back here and for this go underneath here and I will to media upload files go straight to my local part. Compare the authorities. They did nothing. Text authorities on. Make sure that my display sentences fill site. I was like a full size block post in there because always posts the fill size. So, you know, here's my so it's about I mean, why would they have that at the bottom there? Well, actually, this is this is the fancy thing right here. Isn't gonna have text. And then before the image class, I'm going to put stale because displease Cool on none. Sammy Colon fascination. Mark those brackets And then a band there slashed pay attention. Of what? That they're open brackets Dev Space style equals speech March display colon None. Semi colon speech March close bracket And at the end, Open bracket slash forest slash dev Who's bracket on? What That will do. Make sure you take a note so I'll keep this on here right now. I for you, like So I keep on here. Okay. Hopefully can no thought. And then if you go to visual, you see, there absolutely is not displayed When you post whatsoever. It's lovely. Hopefully we'll work. So if you have a date for me, that's update. Take a little. Why? Oh, dependent what your website is like on then I have you post. You will see that. Hold the word in there. There is absolutely nothing underneath there but the beauty off as you had your little Pinterest thing here. You know, safe. I'll show you how you get that later. Andi, you will see it that as I told the authorities, they did nothing. You see that? There's a pen on. We just save thought on. We say that the relationship Luca him success on. There we go. That is your first pen. All right. Thank you very much. On on to the next section. 9. Pin groupie and group boards: So that was your first pen for Pinterest. You could see it there. I told the authorities they did nothing on that. Your first pet. You see, it's and wine with us design here. And hopefully I am unlike me or no off. Ah sort of Messmer mesh marsh off different pens. You have a nice, very nice trend in theme there. As you can see it starting starting to the themes sort are starting to get on with it. Um so let's hope I continue. I continue that way. Um, yeah. So, no, we've done so we don't. We've covered quite a lot so far. So you you know, your boards, your profile. But it s hell. Why, you should, you know, detail. So every board, um, you should have your website one on next. I'm going to talk to your bait groups. For me, this is where the bulk off my traffic comes from. Um, I've got 36 boards. I can't say that about 12 13 off those boards. Air my own boards that off, put on a few pens, keep putting on a few pens, ho to better yourself. Dating and relationships, mental health, laughter and humor and so on. They are me that puts on things that I like, however, blog's We Love Stop Hey, Creativity Month for the Life blog's from their own group boards. Andi. They are boards with massive, massive potential traffic ham to come your way. I'm lucky I hover. I sort off a network off people that are involved in drug boards with a humongous amount of traffic. And I did have to start off looking for them and almost see the best ever till the Our phone for this is pen groupie Andi Pen Grippy actually tells you how many pens aborts has, how many collaborators support us and how many followers on you know how many likes and repentance Saha's and the Last Crow. So this is a really, really good till because you could sort of get the ideas which gripped boards you should be applying to and what she should be. Not really that bothered about. So, for example, and say you are looking for design boards and you should ordinate by penance descending. You don't need to take a lot of the description and just look for the top Penn boards on their regard. So there's, for example, inspirations I am and it tells you 27 weapons name, likes and so on. And this is really, really good toe, really. Ghetto just shows you all the sorts off fabric in textiles, for example. We'll have a look on that. Ah, she point to Keith pens 4.2 K followers and 100 98 collaborators on If you look here. Yep, we can see that. See that this is pretty active. Someone's just they re penned out three hours ago. It's always good to check out how active. Ah, aboard as before you join that I am I my stop the hate board That was really, really active and I asked to join. That is dead, but the time I'd ever actually checked her eyes. So it's a good idea. Click on a pen, you know, see if it's being repaired. Endorphins being common it on our arse on and you can see this is pretty active. So yeah, and that's how you do that you look for, but it's import me. I'll give you an example. If I was looking of it, look for maybe all on a on dating, so I and then we go date and in relationship dating mess millionaires. Let's click on dating and relationships did and mess 1,000,000 There quite a few Little lewd four was on there. If you look at this picture, so that's 18 days ago. So this is fair. Lacked Have would not easily say this was the biggest star best out to board. And there's I mean, look at this. This is our super duper I am Active board has got name 0.5 k Repentance is 9500 People have re penned up with the potential off gonna the but buzzfeed site and I was still a week to go. So about passing there or that board there two weeks Good. No very active photo. So that is is good too. Keep an eye on these on one Aragorn. This is a super active board, etc. One article and there from two different people. So a day and in relationships that see point viikii pens 5.6 k followers in 119. So it's always good to get one boards off your nish. Um, it's also good to you could probably see that this person as e game boss, so I would highlight Click. And the Braves are like so and it shoot. Come up. OK, so this is the mine here, going at his profile. I'm just If you want to get on his website or has board, you give him a message, you send them a message. We have to follow on first, he has to follow you, but you know a lot off them. I shall lof boards. They tell they have email addresses or contact details if you actually want to get on the board. But as does a really, really good traffic bolder. And also you'll find if you start to become an popular on Pinterest like me, my profile started to become pretty popular. I'm actually getting invaded to group board. So I mean, if you look at all these air group boards and about sex of theme have been invaded two and of no, actually, you know, no, actually asked to be on them skew. Just keep Lincoln toe. So that's kiddo, because I get lots and lots of traffic from there, so yeah, I hope this is being informational on. Thank you very much for less than thank you 10. Board booster: Hi, guys. I just want to go into some off the other extensions that you can have for Pinterest and the actual trap other traffic generating methods that you can use because there's no only just, you know, your board and the groups that you're in the news. There are external applications that you can use to generate more traffic to your website. I'm I use predominantly board Mr Aunt Tailwind. Now, for the moment, I'm I'm going to take create a tutorial for both of them. Um, detail what both of them do on? Yeah. So let's get started with board. Christa. So we clicking here aboard based are you can find through Google if you just type in board . Buster. However, um, if you want to use my affiliate link, I think you can get, um, one month free trial. Um, however, I don't know, but you could try and click on it and see, So when she signed up and down the details as running them $15 a month, so be aware that as cost attached to this, however, it really truly useful, actually. So I just have impending tools in campaigns. All right, so no I've already got a campaign at the moment. So we will hit new campaign are not going to actually start the campaign. But I'm going to show you what I do. And for me a random campaign. And this is the easiest way to death. Eso, for example. More traffic to my website. Okay. As my campaign name the last of boards because that's where dust with my source of pencil. Be on a pair aboard. And do you remember where I showed you? One of my boards Which waas the relationship book? Oh, that was my board with my pens where they were all going to be and not as, um my source sport. That's where this application will pick the pens to be shared. So was going to do is it's going to delve into the relationship blogger boards with all my pens are and repent name Teoh all my target boats. Now my target boards will be all my group boards. So for me, um, look like cardboard on Ahjussi. Those three people, I couldn't say Roke reports, So just click the mall bearing in mind the needs to be in genre and they need to be on topic because if there no on topic, then you run the risk of being kicked off the board. I say that because I'm in a few boards that are not topic. I'm on a few grip boards are not topic related, so sometimes I have to keep board. But booster away from that board. Because I blogged about several topics on some of these boards about that topic, right, So I just had submit their off, as you can see here of collect Old Margaret boards submit and you could see here Icahn. So my group board fantastic. I can post 12 pens per data. That or a good post once every 30 days on. If you're like me and you there certain boards that you don't want the Penta, you just cross him out later on it comes and you know you could set us anyway that you want three pens per day. Fi pens produce expense per day, and you could did definitely Teoh each port and then for me. I said that 12 AM on 11 59 PM and that means that work all the way through the day. And I do that because when it works all the way through the day. I mean, she got a good spine off posts because it's always good to spread a important time. And Pinterest otherwise, it's not gonna if you post all at the same time, it's really it's not gonna work. So keep that spread throughout the whole day and you should see a nice trail off traffic. And then all you do is click. Save on that. I'm gonna click. Council has already got it here. Oh, you do is click save and then you'll see it there and then you're done. That's all you need to do with board Buscher as all I do with Board Booster and at CES. For me, it's He's an extra based off about 300 to 400 visits to my site Power Day, just by doing less method alone, Um, on the more great boards joined, it's only going to get more. So that's up on Next will be tale one. Thank you very much for less than 11. Tailwind: hello And this jittery A want to talk about Tailwind? The the tail wind up has a really, really useful to, for I use it myself for pens I like use board boost. This is why I like to use them both in conjunction with each other. They're bored. Booster is brilliant for penning my own tip pens. But actually tail the tail wind up is really, really good for posting content that I like. Now I get it is and gonna show you how to really drive those those views to your board. So I am now here will have till wouldn't click of mobili somebody. Now here have Tailwind with all my pens that it won Pens, fits of blah, blah, blah. So what till went, you sign up and make an account the like link will be and the description Sometimes it's quite hard to find Tailwind on Google. I'm not too sure why, but it's quite easy to sane up Has got a saying up page. Where you just saying in through your Pinterest that came and it's it is really, really fairly easy Once you have got yourself a tale one that can't Please, Please please make sure that you download the tail. Wouldn't, um the tail when the extension that sit here Till went publisher as by fire The best to that you'll ever use. I know assure you what will actually happen. And so for me, I say I want Teoh dating relationships because when she got the tail, would publisher then we have here now. What I do is I search for a really good content that stands out to me. So it says this is so for example, here's here's a cute one. Funny and rather no questions to ask your husband. Now, I generally check out the content, so go here and check out the content. Enough is good to me. That's so it's fairly fine to me. I usually give a a more regular S c and over. But for the purposes off this tutorial, I will keep it short. But to me, this is good. So what I will do as I will het now instead of her and save which publishes an instantly to your profile. I hate schedule and you see that little tale one day con there. So I had to schedule and up pops the Little Tailwind publisher thing here, and it tells you that it's even to my account relationships. 15. So I'm going to say that to my board. Husband dating and relationships that's one of the boards are have that has a lot off fears . And sometimes I may even post it to twice if it's a good post and that's just gets lots of other views. And then what I do is I would take, you know, there we go. Great. Your pens have bean saved. Also, there's there's also another AM good one. I show you that. Now here's another one that I sort off, I believe in. I'm a few messages you call if you want. You save. Okay, I So I agree with that on DSO shade Joe up it that in my dating and relationships 12 and then instead off Hatton adds to cute no shade your night. And what happens then? As the tail went up, he gives me more suggestions, and I'm a bit sneaky with us because I have a little look at the the flame part of the top and see how popular the images and the more popular the images the more likely I am to add it to my board. So I'm gonna refresh sections here because there's no much popular content here. And so you look it up so that one's got 33,800. Um, no. But control is not a topic that ideal in, so we're just gonna have to refresh suggestions. I am. And then we've got one with 67,000 which is super viral. Andi. There's a good one and women's health market. I I usually post from the soul. We'll take that off more put, possesses a mum post, so pit out and, well, that is it being a month. And then we'll take you. And you see that shade, Jode. And I'm not interested in anything else CIA and refresh. And usually for me, a peck. All the really high scoring and fire alley. Once here, there are within my topic, journals from aboard. And that's her drive a lot more traffic to my site. So let me sh angel these pens on Tailwind. You can close this and then you could go buy it. Here I am Tailwind up and you see that sense of done since I've actually scheduled those there, There, there, the shade, George. And you could see here as they've got a nice little post in. Q. At this age, it's quite anti at the moment, but I plan to fell that up on some finish this tutorial because it needs to be done. Um, and you could see that I share George Pen on Twitter on. There we go and you see it's 3 20 PM 3 39 and 6 20 And these are what tell ones, really, really good in the sense that is able to tell when you busiest times are and it posts saying so. For example, Wednesday I've got 12 she for 56789 10 11 post in times on Wednesday, and I when I started with till when the I only had three. It's so don't expect retail wouldn't m scheduled to be, as open insists that takes a lot of work, but you get there you owe and the good thing with us as you can just take her. Take the might and swap from Andi. Move them around. If you have a fill 40 unjust, you know, swap from around and saw. It was really, really handy. But I like to keep tear went for posts I like, rather than my own posts because I like board booster Do that if you know, got the bank balanced. Did that I am Because I think they won the board bestyrer by $30 a month between them. Then I would suggest using tail went for your for everything. Because then you could change all your posts and organizer the way you like. So you can. Because this is just something that board booster doesn't do. And that is picking up content. And Shea Jalin it around and finding your busiest times. Okay, I hope this is being useful to you and thank you very much.