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Blender For Begginers: Low Poly Modeling Part 1

teacher avatar Dean Van Niekerk, Web Developer/ CG artist/ Content Dev

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction Upload


    • 2.

      Lesson 01: Creating Island - Proportional Editing


    • 3.

      Lesson 02: Creating Water - Displace Modifier


    • 4.

      Lesson 03: Water Material


    • 5.

      Lesson 04: Palm Tree Trunk - Extrude


    • 6.

      Lesson 05: Palm Leaves - Array Modifier


    • 7.

      Lesson 06: Palm Materials


    • 8.

      Lesson 07: Rocks - Decimate Modifier


    • 9.

      Lesson 08: Shelter Poles


    • 10.

      Lesson 09: Shelter Material - Proportional Editing and Knife Tool


    • 11.

      Lesson 10: Planks - Knife tool


    • 12.

      Final Thoughts Upload


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About This Class

In this class, you will be learning How to create a Low Poly Tropical Island in Blender 2.83.

You will learn how to:

  1. Use proportional editing
  2. Apply modifiers to achieve various effects
  3. Use extrude to create objects like tree trunks and pols
  4. Use the knife to extensively to create old looking planks and cloth materials.
  5. Practice placing objects and resizing objects
  6. Create different low poly objects like Palm trees, Rocks, Planks, Water, Poles and Old Low Poly Cloth

If you haven't used Blender before I would suggest looking at The Introduction Lesson of my Water Simulation Class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dean Van Niekerk

Web Developer/ CG artist/ Content Dev


Digital Artist of 10 years. Professional Teacher of 5 years now sharing all the knowledge I have. I am also a Web and Android developer looking to help others ease their way into these careers or hobbies. Teaching and Creating is my passion, I'd like to help you fuel yours.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Introduction Upload: Hello and welcome to another class in Blender three. Today we're gonna be looking at Low Polly modeling part one tropical island. So we all want to get up. They when it comes to three d modeling, we don't want to be able to create that perfect see, right off the bet. But in realistic view, we have to start the and that's what this costs. It's about creating a first seen using. So it's not gonna be a farce is just gonna get used to some of the basic tools you need to be able to create objects. Okay, My name is even. I'm gonna help you start taking your first. It's creating. As said in today's class, we're gonna be looking at a nice little tropical island that we're gonna make using existing tools blended. We could be looking at how to use things like some faces, furnaces, boards. We're gonna be looking at how to take something like a straight for squid using body fluids . We're gonna be looking at three decimate, displaced and use their subjects fix three d space. So let's look at how we do that. So let's get started. Let's jump right in sooth right now and get you started with your first party scene. 2. Lesson 01: Creating Island - Proportional Editing: Okay. So to get started on our Lo Polly Island, we are going to open a blender and create a new file and select general file which will give us this standard default Cuba. And this default, Cuba is going to become our island landmass. Before we do anything to that, all I'm going to do is hide my light on my camera. In the scenes seem collection over here and now we can get into using edit mode and creating our island. So how do we do that? We click on our Cube. We hit seven to go to top off a graphic view, and we're going to hit shift space here, so I'm just going to scale it up a little bit for us. We want to make it bigger. I'm gonna grab that blue note. And ST Attila couldn't landmass of about 10 by 10 squares. That's perfect. And then I'm just going to scale it a little bit thin, unlike this, still using the scaling tour, right? And that's perfect. I'm pretty happy with that before it. It's it in that mode. I'm just going to duplicate it because our once a Cuba of more or less the same size for more water. So to duplicated, I'm going sit shift D and just click on the unseen collection. You'll see we have Q points. Or is there one going to double click on that and just rename it water and then go to the Cube and read named that island. So not we know. So we're gonna be working with collections because we cannot work with quite a few objects and to keep them in collections is gonna help you moving forward if you ever want to work on a project again or find objects on us and fast. Okay, so let's press tab and going to edit mode, and here you can see our block has been selected. So what we're gonna do now is use the face select option and we're just going to click on this top face first. What is a face to face is all these surfaces. Each individual flat surface is a face, so we're going to select the top face, and this is what we're going to end it and turn into our land mass. So we're going to right click on that and press subdivide, and now you'll see, we've got four individual faces, but we want a lot more faces than that. So we're gonna do that again. Right? Click subdivide, rightly subdivide and one small right click subdivide. We got enough faces not to work with and to extrude our landmass. We're going to use the Vertex Select. So go to the top left hand corner here and make sure that Vertex Select is highlighted. The next thing I wanna do is activate proportional editing and you can do that by clicking . Oh, you'll see that the the proportional editing on top here has now gone blue, and that's what we want. So we're just going to select one of these Little Verte sees. You can select the center one and we can use our move tool. And now, if I grab and easy access error, pull it up, you'll see immediately. So I've still got it clicked and I'm holding it. These little circle that appears around it and that is the area that we're gonna be manipulating. And that's what proportional editing does that allows you to it. It's the area around something proportionately. If this wasn't selected, would just get a jagged edge so playing around with this little bit and extrude for yourself A nice island so you can make it any shape of size you want. But you want toe extruded quite a bit because we wanted to be above the water level eventually. So I'm just gonna do this a little bit and create for myself unless island So play around with that, get creative and make yourself a nice island that's starting to look good. Make that smaller on they go. And I'm pretty happy with that. Okay, So they we have a nice island that's gonna stick up out above the water. So now we're going to press tab, begin to get off editing mode. And now we just want to make this look like sense, or we're going to give it a material just the color. That's the really nice thing about Low Polly. You just assign straightforward colors to your objects and that pretty much looks like that was like pastoral. If I could explain it, like it. So let's go into a shader editor and we're just going to click over here. It's like shader it. It's a Okay, So what we're gonna do you can see that it's got a material assigned to it because we've got out two cubes. So I'm going to just Priss extra link of that material. We're going to create a new material, and we're just gonna leave it, as is just a basic material. We're going to come of a hits our rendered view so we can see the color that we're gonna make it. And the idea now is to get kind of like sandy color. But everything is really dark and grey, so we need to a new height, our light. So I'm going to do that. And then we want to change that light into a son. So select your light. Come over to the icons on the right hand side. Here, you'll see Object daughter properties. We want to change that to a son, so the strength is now 1000 which is a way to strong. So what about 2.5 or three is pretty good, so they can see it's not so intense, and it will allow us to see the colors nice and correctly. So let's select our island again in your CR material appears. And in the principal Shader over here, or node, we're going to click on base color. And now we're just gonna look for a nice and ish color. It is really up to you and just move your a little color. Choose over here around and play around a little bit until you find a nice Andy looking color. So I kind of like that. I think that looks all right, and that's going to be R. C. Said So now that our landmasses complete, we cannot move onto creating our water. So let's see how we're gonna do that. We're gonna play around with a few interesting things there as well. 3. Lesson 02: Creating Water - Displace Modifier: Now that we've finished creating the landmass for island, we want to move on to creating the water that's going to be around our island. To do that, we are going to select our water over here. And I was seeing collection. We're gonna make sure it's not hidden anymore. So we're gonna unhygienic it, and then we're going to click Tab and go into edit mode again. So make sure that our face select is active. Make sure proportional editing is offered should automatically switch it off. But if not, make sure that that is off. Then what we're going to do is select that top face again so you can just click over here on the top of how mess our move tool A slur active. If not, let's activate the move tool. And now we can just pull that face up. So this is going to be your water level. So this is really to your satisfaction so you can pull that up and I like this is gonna give me a nice Cuba for water. And I like the height off my island that it's sticking out. I'm ready. Happy with it, and that's perfect. So I'm gonna leave it just like that. Now what I'm going to do subdivide that as well. So I'm going to right click and subdivided. So just like we did with the island. But this time we want to make sure that they are more faces then on the island and smaller faces. So you can see right now, more or less, they are the same amount and size faces. So we're just gonna subdivide it once more. So right, Click Subdivide And they we have a whole bunch of faces. So now we want to make thes faces look like water. No, we could manually extreme them like we did with our island, but we're going to use a modifier for this. So come over here to your icons on the right over here and click on modifier properties and add modifier. So the modify that we're gonna use for this is the displacement modify and it's under the list off deform. So we're just gonna click on displace. So this is going to allow us to create a lie. Slow Polly water look so over here about texture. Let's click on you and on the right inside of you if you have a here to show texture in texture tab. So we're gonna click on that, and then we have the option to choose a texture type. So let's click on that and select clouds So nothing is happening it because we need to just changes sitting in our modifier properties. So let's click on model Fire Properties and over here by these falters, we want to, uh, make sure that edit mode is ticked on. And there you can see something's happening. All right, sir. Now something's definitely happening. It looks about a wild, but don't worry about that. We will fix that momentarily. But first we just wanna make those waves stick out a bit more so you can see where they're going to be. Some waves That's really nice, but we can barely see them. It's almost flat. So to make your waves, it'll look more prominent. We can just up the strength over here, and you can just make that stronger until you have waves to its satisfaction. And I'm just gonna make it a little bit stronger. Something like that. And I'm pretty happy with that. So there we have our low Polly ocean waves and it's quite nice. So now we need to box in all of those webs because we've got all these jagged edges sticking out on the signs and it just looks terrible. So how do we do that? Over here? You see, there's an option to select a Vertex group, so we need to go and create one off those we need to create a Vertex group. And then we're going to apply the modify only within that group. So it's go to object daughter properties on Dhere. There's an option to create a Vertex group, so we're gonna click on that. Plus, over there, we're gonna name this group water. Then we're gonna just click seven. Let's just come over here to our if you port click seven. And now we need to select the faces that we want or the Virtus is that we want to be in that group so we don't want to select all off them. We want a select. This is make sure selection tool is active, so we're not going to select all of these like this. We are going to select one row in on that which will help us to tell the modify a way to keep all the information. So let's highlight this like this so that you can see we've got a border off one face right around. Once you've done that, you can has come over here and click a sign. We go back to our modifier properties, and now we can say Vertex Group and click that water group. And now it's nice and needs. We've got some waves and that is looking really good. So let's go out off hated mode, and we're gonna say apply So they we have our water and it's looking really nice so far doesn't look like water yet and that we're going to do in our next step. 4. Lesson 03: Water Material: so to make our water look like water we want to use our shader editor so it's goingto shader it Ato we're gonna go to the top left hand corner again. They until our curse, it becomes a little Plus there's gonna click and drag that down. It'll split our screen. We're gonna go to Shader or editor type and we're going to stick shaded it it it's no, we're going to make a new material. We're gonna rename that material water And now we're gonna play around with our materials a little bit of So let's move this principle shader all the way over here, which I'm quite happy with. We're gonna be making you so that we can zoom in And now we're gonna hit shift A. We're going to add a shader and select mix shader because drop that in there like so you can see it's already doing something. So make sure you're still in your rented for you. Otherwise you're going to see any changes. Just make sure that that is selected. We're gonna incident another shade aerated shift A. We're gonna say Shada, and we're going to choose the chance parents Shader and we're just gonna connect that note over there. Now, why isn't your water going transparent now? This is something that could drive you mad. But it is one simple sitting that needs to be changed so we can see that effect. So we're gonna come over here to options and you are blamed motor to sit to a pick. We want to change that. So click on it and say health are blend. And now you can see our water. His trance parents like it should be. I can choose a color for water, so let's go over to our base color and choose a nice color for your water. If you want to make it more transparent or lace transparently, use that mixer shader so you can play around with that until you are satisfied with transparency of your water. And that's quite nice like that. I think we can still see some sand over here from the top, and that's pretty cool. But I think it's more green than blue This So let's just move that over and yeah, that's a little bit more like blue. So now there is a little bit of a class, but we want to add on mice class like a water would have. So let's insert another shader So shift a we're gonna go shader and we're going to choose another mix shader and drop that in there. Then we're gonna hit shift again another shader And this time we're going to go for glossy and we're just gonna connect that note to the bottom Shader over there. So give that a moments and there you can see we've got a nice intense glass so you can play around with intensity of that glass once again by a mix your mix of shader and I'm just gonna put around. But over there, that's nice. Not too strong. It looks nice. I'm happy with that and that's it. There's your water done. So once you've done that, remember to hit save, and that's how you can create your water. So now we've got an island mass. We have our water mass. It is looking mice. It's looking good. So now we've done that. We can move on to creating those pantries, so let's have a look at how we can do that 5. Lesson 04: Palm Tree Trunk - Extrude: so to make those palm trees, let's close our shade, editor. So we're just going to right click over there, join areas, join it to the top. We can now hide our water and our island. First thing we want to do is create a new collection. So let's come over here to seen collection, new collection, double click on it and we're gonna call this home free. Perfect. So to create a palm tree, we're gonna be working in edit mode again. It's actually quite a simple process to make the trunk of the palm tree. So let's get on that first some looking zoom in a bit and we're gonna make a new object for the so shift a miche. And for this, we're going to use a cylinder. Before you do anything. Come over here to add cylinder and by virtue, sees click five because we want that low Polly look, so their way have our base trunk if we can call it that was gonna lift it up a little bit. So we're going to make this look like a palm trunk. How do we do that? We do it in hated murder. So let's press tab and with our face elects elected, we're going to select this top face over here. So this is really an easy process, really? So we can use the move too far. First part of it. So we're just gonna stretch that up a little bit, and then we want a tape of the trunk because a tree trunk isn't the same size all the way up. So we want to make it go from thick to thin to thumb to thumb. So we're going to click s and we're just going to scale that a little bit thinner just like that. So they weaken, see, already tapering of it. They don't want to move it off a little bit to the left because I kind of want to give my palm like a curve kind off look. So that's fun. Someone's gonna do a little bit more, and now I'm going to extreme that. So I'm gonna hit E. And I'm just gonna pull it straight up like that until love till the Sigmund sizes appropriate size for me. Once it is, I'm just gonna hit s again and make a taper, and you're gonna do the same over and over so we can hit the for extrude Bring it up a bit , The sun. I'm gonna move it off to the right there and we want to taper down again. So that's a little bit along. So I'm just gonna bring that move it down, maybe a little bit back to the left. We don't want it to be too wild of a boat and I'm going to extrude it one more time up like that, a little bit off to the right, And this would have been a type of really small, maybe something like that. And we can even move it a little bit more back. There you go. There's your tree trunk or your palm Tran done and dusted. So let's name latter, but they're in our palm tree seen collection. We're just going to say palm crunk, and that's perfect. So now let's hide up home drunk. We like that nice and easy. Alright, SCR lights is there. So let's just hide out light as well. Now that the palm trunk is done, we want to move on to making the Palm Leafs, which is quite interesting because we're gonna be working with another modifier. So let's get on to creating some mass looking palm leaves 6. Lesson 05: Palm Leaves - Array Modifier: Creating our palm leaves is a little bit more challenging than creating the palm trunk. So to create a palm leaf, we're going to say shift A and we're gonna put down a plane. So if I had seven and going to our top photographic view, we have our plane over here. I want to move it a little bit more to the left and I'm going to set its origin, which is this real dot So it's center to my three D coasts over there. To do that, we're going to say, right click sit origin origin to three D cursor and you'll see why in a moment. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go into a moat. So press tab. And now we're going to select Vertex Select, and we want to delete two of thes Verte. Sees what it's like that one over there hold shipments like that one. Press, delete and delete Verte sees. That's a Now I just have this one Middle Asia. So we're gonna make use of the age tool now, so age select its elected edge and praise from one to go into front. Ortho graphic future. So to create our pommy were against you simply extruded this edge. So let's press e and we want to shape. But of a palm leaves there kind of like this. So imagine this is the side of your palm leaf. And that's kind of what you want over there. Maybe just a small little age there. Now, if I move this, we have this and doesn't quite look like a palm leaf, but it's going to So let's make it look like one was gonna hit seven and shifted a little bit over here like that. This wanted more of a top view. And we're gonna use Vertex select and proportional editing for this part off our pommy of creation. So going to select these two virtus ease of here hit s was gonna make that a little bit smaller and just saw resize those two and bring them together like that. I'm going to do the same on the edge of a here. Select those two hit ISS and just bring them together, my son close so they can see we already have something that is starting to resemble a palm leaf. And I'm actually quite happy with that. That looks good. So we have a palm leaf over here, the makings of one. At least it's going to select these to bring them a little closer together. Something like that. Okay. And that's starting to look pretty good. Now I'm going to go back into my fi select, and we're going to create new faces. Just get that out of the way. And how are we going to do that? We're gonna use are cutting tool. So over here it is in life. So I'm going to click K for the knife tool. No, we're gonna make it look like a palm leaf. So we're just gonna go over here, click and click again and click again, and I'm gonna hit Enter, and it's made a new face. So we want to make a few of those. So this is good k again. And just click like Adam. Make a few cuts into it. Okay, on this is what's gonna help us make it look like a little palm tree and K Again, I was gonna cut those in there like this. Whoops. Has cut that in there, sir. Okay. Can make a bit of a sinner one over here. enter and even over here. And we're just gonna do this on you Consume just doing them in kind of like intervals. No answer. Okay, so now we have those faces, and we're going to select them and delete them. So it's is delete faces, and then you can see of little Palm leave is coming to life that face, delete that face and then lastly, will delete this face. So there we have our majestic palm leaf, which looks quite nice. So now comes the tricky part. I think that I need to bring in those two over this, and this is go back into Vertex, select. Just all that in a little noticed. Make this but big. Well, there you go. I can't. I looks a bit better. So now comes the tricky part using the modifier. So what modify are we gonna use for this? We're going to use the array, modify, But before we do that, we need to use an empty. So let's go add off edit mode. We're gonna go shift a And for this one, we're going to place an empty That's his plane excess home again. Shouldn't leave that just like that. Now let's click on our little palm leaf again and let's add a modifier. So let's click on that. And this time we're going to use one from the generate list. So we're going to say Generate Array, and they already something's happening. But I don't want that to happen. So here we have our modified properties over here, and I'm just going to antic relative offset. All right, What are we gonna do? Thin. Where again? Should go to how object offset. We're gonna take that. How we gonna say empty? All right, so that is fine. Like it's we've got our committee. So let's just take our empty and rotated a bit and then you can see we've got a palm leaf. So let's go over to our modifier over here, and we just click. Moore also is, What about five? You can see they're not nicely space, so you just rotate that a bit and there we have our palm leaves. You can see what we're going for with a once. You and you can add more men. You can add six if you want. You can. At seven, you can really add as many as you want once or happy you wanna hit? Apply said. Now we have Palm Nieves and there they are. What I'm going to do is I'm going to duplicate, please, Palm leaves. So I'm going to hit Shift D and I'm just going to move that duplicate up. I'm going to rotate it so that it's like that and I'm gonna make it a bit smaller. Kind of like that. And that looks nice, all right? And that's great. So let's rename these planes. So I'm gonna say Palm, leave one and Palm Leaf to I would say small. So we know that is the small ones. So now it's unhygienic our trunk. And now let's make sure both off our Leafs are selected. We're gonna move that up all the way up there, and we're going to size that up according to our palm. So let's see, Let's move the sun a little bit and they we go. So you say we have a palm and you can see how the light is interacting with it already. So there we have our palm tree, so now we need to place it on our island. So let's just move that up so we can slip the whole palm tree by selecting our collection. Let's click on that right click. Select objects. Move that up a bit. And now we can bring in our water bringing our island So there we can see our Palmer's away big so we can just hit s with all of that selected. Scale it down, bring it down to the island and hit up period. And now you can place it according to your satisfactions. We're gonna place a little palm tree. I place mine something like that. I'm going to rotate it a bit. So shift space are and it's just a matter of placing that. And there are Palm Tree has been placed. So let's create materials for palm tree and see if we can duplicate that in place. Another one so it's creates a materials 7. Lesson 06: Palm Materials: Okay, so let's create some materials for our leaves. So we're going to do that by going into Shader editor again? I was gonna pull that down, like so. Go to editor type shade aerated. Okay. Make sure that we have to share it. It's over. They and so we need to create a new material. Two minutes, click on our leaf and go to new. And we're going to call this leaf. I said it. Zoom in on that a bit, and we're just gonna make that a nice dark green. Maybe something. Do you like it made with dark? Uh, yeah, there you go. So that's on my screen, and we're going to click on the other leaf, and we're just going to apply that same material. So we're just gonna click of here. But it's his brows materials and we got leaf. So let's click on the leaf, and then you go leaf material has been applied, So we're going to do for the same for the trunk. Let's click on that trunk saying new base color. And now we want to try and get a brown. My so quickly. There there is a bronze making a darker, and that's it. So there you have your palm. So let's select the palm. Maybe we can just right click over here and we can say duplicate collection. And we're gonna name that palm to right. Click on that select objects. So now we can just move that out. Hit s I'm going to scale it down to kind of make like, a baby palm. I was gonna move it around here some way. We someone like over here Adams gains. Given a mass rotation so we can use the rotate tool. Use the blue access over there and there. We have to pump. So that's really up to you. What you do with it, this is like that. I'm not quite happy with it. Over there may be moving about closer to the original palm. Something like that looks like this little baby palm. Well, this one. So that's fine for me. I'm quite happy with that. And if you're happy with those materials, we can now move on to the next part or the project. And that is creating some rocks where we will make use of another modifier 8. Lesson 07: Rocks - Decimate Modifier: so creating the rocks is gonna be literally the easiest part off. This whole class was gonna give a little bit more space over here and to create a rock is really easy. We're going to use an ICUs fear for that. So I'm just gonna say, shift a going together to mash and select like a sphere. I was gonna move that way, I can actually see it, and we're going to keep it in its base form and apply and modify it to it. So that's going It's add modifier. And for this one, we're gonna use decimate. Okay, so it's gonna be in, generates we're gonna get a decimate, and this is pretty easy over here. So we got a race, you and we're just gonna bring that down and you'll see it starts shaping. So what you want to do is scale your ICUs fear. So shift space, Yes, and maybe just like flat little bit. And then we gonna use this decimate and just bring that down and they've got a rock. And now all you do is click apply. It s scale that rock down and place it. So it's really just about putting some, you know, objects in our island is gonna PLO select our little rock over they and place it. And there we have one rock. Maybe make another one shift a mesh. I co sphere, bring that up and scale. It's once again shut space is Oh, there you go. Making nice and full that rock. Maybe something like that. Add modifier decimate and bring that ratio down again. You guessed that they got in my shop. Flat Rock gonna place that guy somewhere. They s to scale it. Let's bring it back up there And you can really make a Zeman Iraq's is you want I'm not gonna make many. And you can even leave them this great if you like. And there you have Iraq's and that's perfect. We've got two little rocks in our island. They just so that there's some extra stuff on it just to make it look cute. And you can really play around with that. You can do what I'm about to do, and it's a shift d and gonna bring that over here. In this move it gonna hit s scale that up and I should place it in the water and if your transparency is low enough, so I'm just going to go over here to the Shader editor. If I bring the transparency down, oh, up, you'll be able to see the rock under the water. And there you can see it. So it's kind of just they so play around with that. It's really fun. Make some rocks, make them stick out of the water if you want, and just play around and get to know that decimates and that's it. Rocks done placed. Let's move on to creating a little shelter for this island as if someone was more green. They Once upon a time, the story is all up to you, so let's have a look. 9. Lesson 08: Shelter Poles: so to create our little shelter were going to hide pretty much all off the So let's hide our island. It's high water. Let's hide our palm trees and our rock surf At the moment our rock sign the palm trees, but we'll leave them. They they can stick their cause is just the rocks. But you can move them out a few ones. So let's make some sticks for our shelter, first of all, So I'm just gonna close this share editor here like so no making sticks for is the shelters exactly like we made the palm branches. So I'm gonna say, shift a, got a mess and create cylinder weaken size that right down I'm gonna hit the period button or the full stop. This is you in a little bit. Let's move that up there and we tap into edit mode. So let's hit Tab, Face Elect and it's just a matter off extruding and moving that face like we did before. But why's is moving up and down, like at its because our proportional editing still actives or de activate that it could drive you insane if you don't. So let's have a look. Let's move that up a little bit right up like it's It's a stick, sir. We can make it nice and long. And, son, I was going to make that a bit smaller. And once you've got your first segment, you can just extrude that by hitting E street. That and I'm kind of like the bow that I've got perfect hit iss to scale it down e to extrude maybe moving off to the writer. But over here now, scale it down with this. Each extrude up. I'm gonna move that, but to the right again. So what I want to do is kind of make split over here. Right? To do that, I'm going to go into my age selected. I'm going to select thes edges. Voters do me a little bit when a select all of these ages like this all about the manual labor. All right, so once I've done that, I'm going to hit e to extrude again It is. Bring that up like that. And there we have a split. Now this is all open there to close that up. You concede if and will make a new face and you can just scale that down, but like that. And there you go. We've got a nice little split, and we've got a nice branch happening here, and that's perfect. So we're gonna create another two branches, so it's just got it admired. Move the sky off to the right over here, and I'm going to say shift a mess Cylinder on. I'm going to make that a bit smaller over here. Bring that up a bit and going to edit mode, Fi, select it. Select that face, bring it up and you can shape this one little bit differently. I'm just it iss Maybe you wanted but more of a straighter one. So I'm gonna make this one a little bit longer. So one of them has to be longer than the others in your CIA. Why? I'm doing that in a moment. And I was gonna hit again ST that over there. So I'm gonna make this my longer one and just say that down. Andi, I want to maybe make a split down over here. So it is going to use my head select again and select these edges all around just like we did with the previous one. So this is giving you some nice practice with it. A mode. Working with faces that we have that I was gonna hit is to bring that right down for our little split. And once again, I'm just gonna hit if to close that up. So there we've got interesting looking lunch, and I'm gonna move that off to the right as well, so that's very thick. But we'll mess around with that little bit later just to get the basic branches and shift a mesh cylinder. And we're going to create one more branch and you're gonna be creating three branches for your shelter. So it's really up to you. I'm just showing how to make branches and you can make your shelter even if you want to shelter, you don't after. But Andrew's gonna hit tab face, select like that face, move it up a little bit, scale it down, move around e strewed skated down and then heat strewed, and they just move it around, give this one like a really crazy bow or something. It's really up to you and then just needs to scale it down, right? And I'm a pretty happy with that. So we've got our three branches just tap out off edit mode and bring that over here. So these are the branches that we're gonna be using their already different sizes. But we can waste this scale them, so don't stress about that. That are not to be perfect. So before we carry on, let's make a collection for these guys and we're gonna call this collection. Brunch is just like that. And then we're gonna select those three branches and just move them into that collection. Okay, so that's perfect. We've got out branches, and now we can move on to placing them on our island. And then we're going to create a piece of cloth for them to make a little shelter. So let's move on to placing them in creating that cloth. 10. Lesson 09: Shelter Material - Proportional Editing and Knife Tool: Okay, so now let's unhygienic our water, our island and our palm trees and rocks. So we're obviously gonna have to scale these branches down. Let's not stress about the letters. Get them placed on South Island first. So now it's deciding which goes away. So this guy I'm going to use is one of my main branches. Someone skated down. We're not. Pull it up and over. It's all about their Andi. I'm going to bring it up, and it's going to be scaled down even more till Abad something like this. Right? So now I want to build a shelter, so I'm going to rotate that a bit. And this is really like the tedious part of doing things is moving. Placing, moving, placing Andi kind of like that. I'm gonna have to move it a little bit more. Ford, Maybe something like this. That's perfect. So now I'm gonna bring this fat one over here. Other branch, obviously scale it right down as well on just move it and place it. So what I want to do with this one is I actually want to place it in that split. So we're going to row tight the Sky's gonna select it and rotated like, kind of like that and kind of like that and a little bit more slanted. Something like that. All right, so let's move the sky and we want to place it in that little spot. So that's going to solid here. That's gonna build but easier. And I'm going to say Shift Spice. Are Andi look kind of place? It just in there. So let's move that. And there you go. So it's gonna look like it's racing in there, kind off, and I'm pretty happy with that. So let's place the last big one was going to scale that down away. Bring it over here up and place it. So it's really about just moving it around, playing around a little bit. Move that up, and then I'm going to rotate. Should space far on puppet. Something like that, it's gonna scale that way down up a little bit. Maybe rotates a little bit more, given my street station. Hey, that's nice. I want that little split to kind of stick up on. Maybe just lay it on day like that, and then we can move it down. So, as I said This is kind of the tedious part off designing these little seems that's really moving and placing, moving and placing, especially with something intricate like this, and I'm going to leave it just like that. So that's perfect. I'm pretty happy with that. That's like a list shelter in the making over there. So if we're going to our rendered view, we have that over there. So I want to move my son little bit, so that will be able to see that they're Ugo. So they we've got our shelter. Now let's make a fabric for our shelters. So we've placed that and we want to make a fabric. So let's get started on that. To do that, I'm going to use a plane. So shift a mesh and plain gonna bring that up to the shelter. Bring a little bit like that and I want to make this look like a triangle. Some gains to gain to edit mode. It's a press tab Gonna go to Vertex Select on. I'm going to delete this versi over there or sit delete courtesies on. I've got those edges. So let's select these three verte sees and press if to create a new face. So now it's a matter off warping the's faces to our structure. So I'm gonna do that. The minutes Bring that up like this. Okay, so that is kind of their once again. All the manual labor just to create this, it will see that we've got going here. So that's mice. Almost ready. Bring that down a little bit and the go. So we're going to select that Lost one. Bring her in there, bring it all the way over. Yeah, and we're just gonna kind of place it like something like that, and that's fine like that. And we'll bring that lost for to see and like, so All right, So what is our issue now? Now, this doesn't really look like a piece of cloth. Really? So how can we make it look like a piece of cloth? Well, we're going to once again while we're headed mode here. We're going to use face select, and we're going to subdivide it. So right, click subdivide. And one more time until we've got a decent number off faces, we're gonna use Vertex select, and we're gonna warp a little, but using our proportional editing so Let's select one of thes verte sees over here, and folks are moving and I'm going to get all of that moving, which are really don't one. So let's bring in that circle of ours. So it's a really big right now, so we're gonna bring it in nice and tight over there, and we just wanna warp it so that it kind of I'm gonna make it look almost like it's blowing in the wind, something like that and then on the sides to So maybe you like at the bottom gonna move it in like that and then over here, maybe a little bit too can like that. So it's kind of flapping in the wind. I wanted to have that kind of effect, and that's okay. So we can even move it up a little bit and really get to warping this piece of cloth that we've got kind of something like that. And then you can see it looks like it's kind of flapping in the wind, and we can select one of these viruses. You bring them up. That's awesome, said they. We have our low party cloth and we can even make this cough look like it's old untreated because I mean a cloth that's been on an island for a while. It doesn't look new, so we can use on life tool again. So let's hit Kay and I'm going to zoom in for this and we're just gonna make, like, a few cuts, kind of like what we did with the Palm. It's like that so we can hit into and you can just delete that face. And there it looks like we've got some cuts and we can make some nice long cuts, stuff like this. Some. We had cuts and you just delete that face. And then it looks like it's this old piece of cloth and the nice thing about the life tools you can even go to right here in the center like that. He's going to leave that face and you can cut holes pretty much anywhere you want on and almost any shape. So we just want that to look like it's license aged. You know, I have to. Maybe over here is well, make some jagged edges like this, and then we're just gonna delete this way. Maybe you go so that we just liked our fights over there that need that face. So they we've got this old looking, ruffled up piece of cloth over here. I'm happy with that. So now you can just put a material on that that we can do that quickly. So let's going. So shader it, it's Ah, we can go out off edit mode And we can just select these individual things on make new materials of them in the shadow. And it says a new material. We're gonna call that polls and we're just gonna make them also like a kind off around. So that's fine. A nice brownish color for them could make them on the darker or lighter than the palm trees . It's up to you. That's fine. So we're just gonna click each one and a sign the poll texture to it. There we go. Now let's click on our material. I'm gonna say new. Rename that to material cloth. Let's call it forth. There you go and you can make this any color. You Once I want to make it kind off like a a bleached The red almost looks like spin in the sun and a little bit that looks a little bit too close to our All right, So we're gonna make it like that. Maybe more up on their we've got kind of like a bleach to read, and we have our little shelter. Looks like someone lived here once upon a time. I like that and missing around you with the lighting a little, but because we'll do that a little bit later. And now we can create the final part off our little seen here. I'm gonna make some planks over here. Maybe it looks like it's just some driftwood that was there once upon a time or even parts of birds or fireplaces. And I get so let's create our last few pieces that some planks, and then we can get ready to ruin our image. 11. Lesson 10: Planks - Knife tool: So let's make some planks for our island, which will be kind of the finishing touches. And then we can finish everything up and render our image. So let's have a look to create those planks. I'm going to use a plane, so let's a shift. Hey, Miss and we have our plane. So this has move that up to where we can see it with our move to gonna hit full stop. And I'm just going to scale this a little bit to look more like a plank. So I'm gonna say shift space, Yes, and use this rate in art and kind of make it look more like a plank on a short fed plank. Kind of like that still belong. There you go. All right. And now we're going to use the cut tool. So we're gonna say tab into it murdered, and I'm gonna say OK, and we are going to cut the service, ISI, I'm going to use my cut tool, and we're gonna make this look like an old plank. So much like we did the palm leaves. We're just going to select a cart. Press answer. And for now, we're just gonna do all the cuts, so I'm just gonna make some nice and they could look old weather ragged. It's been out at sea for seven months or something like that. So it's gonna make some cuts like this price in tow. And that's nice for this edge over here. Hit K for life and really make it look like it's it's been out at sea. It's it's damaged. It's whether it's no longer the plank it used to be. Who's gonna make some nice cuts in there? That's nice like that, press K. And maybe just do one of two small ones like this. Something like that. Lawson long you go. All right, And then I want to cut the corner off over here as well. Maybe it would make it a nice big cut, something like that. And so and then make it look jagged again. You know, when you hitting a plank on the side of rocks, it's gonna look something like this, and you can already see what we're trying to do. So the closer you zoom in, the more intricate cuts you can make, Um, so I can make a bunch off these jagged edges like this if I wanted to, Um that will look nice once we're finished on, just take that corner off and then once again on the sides, gonna make a few cuts. And this this knife tool is really great. And that's once again just a little bit off manual labor for something that's gonna look really, really nice. Make a few nice cuts there, and, uh, and then come up over here on this will be a nice So it's like that. Great. So now we can use our face select and all of the faces already settle almost elected. So we're just going to select the mall. One born. Make sure that only the faces we wanted the leads are selected. So we're just going to select all of them like that. Nike just hit delete. So we're just gonna say faces. And there we have old regular plank. So what we can do now? It doesn't look like a plank of this. Then we can extrude that by hitting he It's still the sickness that you want, and we have a lovely little plank perfect and ready for placing. So let's go out off edit mode and place our place. But first we're gonna make a collection for them. Serious, A new collection. And we're gonna rename that collection plunks like such. And we're gonna move. How plank? Into our collection. Right. So I'm going to duplicate that a few times, So we've got three planks, and we can now place them using our move tool so we can scale them down, Bring them in over here. Something like that. And I'm kind of country. Look, Paul them up, or at least two of them. And you can scale them, give them some rotation. I don't quite look the same, something like that. So this is zooming so we can see what we're doing a bit better, And we're gonna place them on top of each other, Maybe something like that, so we can see we need to do some rotating. We don't want it to look like these guys are just floating in today, and you can put them into the sand simply because if they're lying on the sand and there's been wind, they're gonna be covered lessons. And there you go. So that's leaning on there. Kind of like that. Andi on then we can just maybe take one of these planks and actually put them in the shelter. That skill that plank down make it look like someone used to sit there in this roadside that up a bit. Andi kind of leave it like that, maybe rotates a little bit more so that it's like that. So it's all about creating your seen Mike a story. Think about who used to live here and now we just want to put a material on our planks. So let's select one plank and just make our shattered. It's open here new and once again we're just gonna go to the base color and get like a nice brownish color again. And you can make a dark if you want, you can make it light. If you I wanted to look a little bit more bleach to listen. So that's nice. I like that. And we're just gonna name that material planks so that we can use it on our other planks. And I was gonna select this plank over here and do the same. And there you go. We have a nice little island scene, so now let's get our lighting set up the way we want it to be. So let's go to our light, its properties. I think I'm gonna make a little bit stronger so that we can really illuminate our scene over here. Make it maybe, like four. You go. That's a bit of a bit of lighting, Andi. We can now close this nicely, and we want to get a nice angle, something that you'll be happy with. All right, Maybe like this angle over here and we're going to say control zero so we can see where to do my little bit controlled Syria. And there we have a nice little low Polly Island. I can even actually come out because I want more of the island visible here. There you go. So that's nice. And you'll see this renders out really quick. So let's Raina in emission with 12. And this is a live cereal. See? It takes a few seconds, takes a few seconds, and pa, There it is. Your project is done for well done on creating your first although party island scene. And we've discussed a few nice little tricks and a bunch of tools so well done on that. Now let's move on to our concluding thoughts and see what we've learned. 12. Final Thoughts Upload: well done on finishing your first low Polly model. Seen our little tropical island over there? Well, that on taking the time to complete this class. And I hope to see your project posted in the project section of this class. I really like to see what you've created and what your imagination can come up. So let your imagination run wild and think of a licence story for your it could be creative scene create a story. Tell us about it in the project section of this. So what did you learn today? First of all way learned how to create a landmass by manipulating voter sees faces using moving way peace of mind. We learned how to create water using a cute and displace which made it really nice. We also learned how to create a religion greatest by using nothing but way learned through losing face more than one to get. Then we created more objects like using once again symbol, X crude and moving it. And you were able to create something like sticks which was the basis off our goal. And we'll see events how to subdivide and proportion ability again to create, and we used a life to to create really nice looking no party and you took away those techniques and tips. Put them into my well done and thank you for taking this class. Please leave any comments or questions in the conversation and just use.