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Bestselling T-shirt Design Masterclass For Non-Designers | Merch By Amazon, Teespring

teacher avatar Masuk Sarker Batista, Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Enroll Now

    • 2. An Overview Of WordClouds

    • 3. Sourcing & Preparing The Mask Image

    • 4. How To Generate And Add Different Words To Your Word Cloud

    • 5. Add Your Mask Image In Word Cloud

    • 6. Add Mask, Customize Words & More

    • 7. Export The Design And Resize It

    • 8. What Is GIMP? And How To Download It

    • 9. Software Interface Overview

    • 10. Start Designing Text Based T-shirt Design

    • 11. How To Download & Use Custom Fonts In GIMP

    • 12. Use Of Layers In GIMP

    • 13. Add Colors In Our T-shirt Design

    • 14. Masking For Text Based Design

    • 15. Export Design With Transparent Background

    • 16. Getting Started With Canva

    • 17. Understanding Canva Design Dashboard

    • 18. T-shirt Design #1 With Canva

    • 19. Ugly T-shirt Design Process

    • 20. Remove Background And Export It

    • 21. T-shirt Design #2 With Canva

    • 22. Design Process

    • 23. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design And Export It

    • 24. Conclusion + BONUS

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About This Class


My name is Masuk Sarker Batista, I have over 5 years of t-shirt design experience and I am very much excited to be your instructor. Welcome my T-shirt Design For Non-Designers (Masterclass)

T-shirt industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and in online it's the fastest growing part of this industry. There are lots of popular print on demand sites are available in online. For example Teespring, Merch by Amazon, Redbubble, ViralStyle and so on. You can easily make money by selling your t-shirts. 

You save money on hiring designers by creating your own t-shirt designs. Even if you've never touched any types of design software in your life, Still it's possible for you because I teach you How To Design Bestselling T-shirt Using Online Free Software and tools With Easy To Follow Step-by-Step Videos.

T-shirt business is a numbers game! If you have more quality t-shirts in your store or print on demand sites then surely you will get more sells. 

In this course, I am going to walk you through step-by-step how to create a Word Cloud t-shirt design from scratch, which you can then sell on Merch by Amazon (or Teespring or Redbubble, etc.).

Also, we will learn how to create a text-based design with the software which is called GIMP. This software is completely free and very much powerful.  

And finally, we will work with canva. Using canva free tools and graphics we will learn how to do Ugly hoodie design, how to create image-based t-shirts. just fill in the blank design template by copying and pasting and dragging and it's done! you can actually get an awesome and saleable result using Canva. No need to purchase any expensive software. 

What This Course Includes:

  • Able To Create Amazing Hot-selling T-shirts Within 5 Minutes Or Less
  • Able To Create Eye Catchy T-shirts That will Catch The Buyers Attention 
  • Lots Of Free Resources For T-shirt Designing
  • Life-Time Course Access
  • 24/7 Support From Me
  • 2+ Hours HD Content
  • Free Future Updates
  • And Much More

So Enroll this course today and discover how easy it is for us non-designers to create the type of t-shirt designs that sell well and make a great new side income through the Merch by Amazon (or Teespring or Redbubble, etc) T-Shirt Business.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Masuk Sarker Batista

Bestselling Instructor, 75000+ Students


I am Masuk Sarker Batista from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder of MSB Academy & Main Author of MSB Official Website. Online business, Marketing, Programming, Blogging, Video Editing, Gaming, Photography, Youtube are my subjects of interest. I published many books on Amazon Kindle. From age under 20, I have been earning around $4000 per month online.

Also, I regularly write on the blog for my regular readers & I love to do affiliate marketing. I am also an Online Instructor & Serving Course For Over 75,000+ Students on Udemy & Skillshare. I am a business-minded person & very much addicted to Money. I love Allah, my family, and love people.


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1. Enroll Now: you are held because you want to make sure descending right. If yes, then you are in the right players we all know to shut. Industry is a multibillion dollar industry, and in online it is the most Foster's brewing part off the industry. You can easily sell you designed to T shirt in different platforms like My by Amazon, T Spring Red Bubble and some other Pinto demon T shirt design companies. You can easily make money by selling beauty Schaars hockey to any to share. Business is the designs. Welcome to the T shirt design masterclass for non designers in this course school, you learn how to quit are selling T shirts using all and free tools, softer and graphics. Hey, my name is Marcia Chalker Batista. I have over five years off the shirt, then experience, and I am very much excited to be your instructor. In these two short season for non designer schools, we will learn how to create a workload tissue descend from his sketch with our own custom chef, who is you can sell on March by Amazon teas being already bubble. Also, you learn how to quit tags based descend with this after Houthis called Game this after discomfort, Different and Perry much bar food. And finally we will work with camera. Using candle free tools and graphics, we will learn how to create ugly Who designed are you message to shut design and also you learn how to quit image based Isha. Just fill in the blank, decent template by copying and pasting and bragging, and it is done, you can easily get an awesome sellable result using camp. No need to purchase any expenses after a top. Actually, to show business is a numbers game. If you have more quantity shares in your restore our pinto demarte sites than surely you will get more cells and this coast will help you for sure. So what are you waiting for? Take these girls now and I will catch you guys exact 2. An Overview Of WordClouds: So in our very first section off our T shirt design cars, we will descend a work cloudy shot. Recently. I get very good number of cells by doing workload designs and I don't use for worker disease is what cloud start calm where you are is www dot white clouds dot com. All right, and here we can descend, defend ships base What cloud Now, before we go any further, I think it is very important Horner, But you feels free tart party sites like this one Make sure that you have the commercial rights to use designs that you have credit. And for our case, we will use our designs impinge or demon sites like much by Amazon piece being read bubble and so on. Now there's open up these epic UTEP heresy frequently asked questions on one of them is are there any restriction on using my workloads? If I open this up? And Harry C, they say the water images you quit are used to use anyway to you see fit. Feel free to what about? You Keep really to our clouds dot com and spread the world You are even. Hello toe. You start united workloads commercially. That means you can easily generate different type off. Workload is a and you can use all of these designs commercially. And that means you can also use all of these forms commercially and also, you can also use all of the available tools for your descending. Piper's You can easily deserve a workload by simply choosing a ship are masculine. It's two best your design simply to share, had to see a different type of ships left there. Une issues Christmas. Then choose these Christmas tree, and here you can see the Christmas based workload design, and here you can see also other different data off ships available on under this letter. Tip Harris The different type off letter and numbers. You can easily great different type off a traditional T shirt design using the's letters and numbers. Also, they are providing colorful share and the best parties. You can also upload your own custom shape here, but you file. Have to be chief are PNG file and sides off this file have to be minimum it hunted by 800 pig cells. But for our guests, we use thes workloads for our T shirt designing on our Eastern art teacher. Decent size is 4500 pigs by 5400 Pig's ears. There's way if you want toe after your own custom chef R T shirt designing purpose. Then I recommended you toe upload high quality custom. Shep, let's say you can upload image ship 400 pixels by 400 pig's ears toe. Get the high quality output. All right. And for this operation custom Shea feature, you can upload any ship you want. If good targeted nish is scared or liar or fish or something like that, then just simply upload your own profession and greater workload design. That means you can choose any ship that represent you. Nish. That's really also right. From one next lecture, we're sourcing a mask image and prepared this toe up with our mosque on humans. Ship in What lot? Thank you so much for watching 3. Sourcing & Preparing The Mask Image: in these little we are sourcing and preparing our own mask image. And now I am in public domain Picture start Net worth side. This is one of my favorite birds it for sourcing public dooming images because they helped create the common zero license. That means you can use all of their pictures graphics commercially. You can also manipulate and he'll this image for your designing purpose on the best parties . You don't have to put any type of credit to the original photograph ours on the right side Here you can see Sarge Balls system I tied unicorn and now he don't enter on. All of these images are public domain. But for this tree, our sponsor post If you want to download any of thes e sponsor post that you have to pay 40 years rather than that, all of these are asked to free for thes time. I just simply choose thesis image and this one seems to me perfect. Let's double check. Does it have very common license or not? You can see this image has cc zero public license. That means this one is full free to use and you don't have to put any type of credit to use thesis image. All right, so once you're 100% confident that the image is safe to use, then simply download this image. And under this image here, you can see two different download options. One sp mom Download If you want to download this image in high resolution than hit on period Graham Lord. But you have to pay for these If you want to download thes high resolution, which is around for thousands. Spy five tells us big cells. But for creating mask yamins, we don't have peace. Debt off high resolution image for our case, 1624 by 1919 Pigs is star fact, because what Cloud Knicks A fronted by 800 pixels for musk image. That means this resolution is pretty much good to great a mask. All right, now I hit on free download. So our darling is the complete and charities now for preparing this mask image I am using at it before the Show CC, and it costs around $10 by man. If you want to use free editing program that you may also use game software now for the stem. I just simply open up at before Show cc on heat on open and open our recently downloaded immense file. All right, now I from the left side Selectees crop tool and grab this image like these, and he don't down to cop it now. Too transparent these background Simply click and Holden's I can't and select magically with the tool and click on this white pusher off this image. All right, Our bag is now transparent. Now, to resist this image, simply goto image and select emir size. Andi said presentation 300 change teas from interest to pictures and set with and said we want of the pig cells. All right, and hide this time. 854 pictures on. It doesn't really matter. All right, now I heat on. Okay. Now, to export this image, I just simply goto file export and select export s and file format. I choose spin. Gee, and make sure that you check these transparency turned on. All right. On also here you can see the height and we don't this image. And now I just simply hit on export all and said destination for Lord Dexter and he didn't say so. Are exporting is down complete and charities? Now we upload our masculine. It's being white clouds. But before that, we learn have to generate and add different worst in what loud in our next lecture. Thank you so much for watching. 4. How To Generate And Add Different Words To Your Word Cloud: Now we are in workload. Start calm and peace time will learn how to generate. And AdWords in what loud This time I changed the ship at first toe chance. The sheriff simply hit on share on, Let's say Lister, I choose the simple Easter ship. Basically, we can change two things in this world. One is color of the wires and the same thing is worst themselves. Now, if you want to eat any of thes, what then Simply hit on what list? Here you can see all the available list off this war cloud. If you said anyone in larger wet number that it will happen in the workload with bigger size there say this wild Lauren went for this work is 17 and look at this here You can see the world laden with much more bigger size. And the 2nd 1 is it some on there? It is also you can put you are ill for any particular work and it will work if your workload appear online. But for our T shirt design purpose, it is totally optional. In this case, our nature is unique. Cornish. There's why in the wet number 17 I di wide, unique on and under these, I put a couple of random words which are actually related to this. Unique are Now let's say this time I die Rainbow Magical. Yeah, you're and so on. Now, if you want to generate more worst related to the Wild Unicorn For these type of scenario, my most paret absent is while as a sad network or if you are released, waas associates dot net on in the sausage balls. I just simply that unicorn and he don't end there. Have you can see a different wires? Who's your associate to the wild unicorn? These are the noun, adjective and heart. Now I just simply copy some of these worlds now Index, stop. I just simply create in your takes to command and open this up and based you tear here you can see all of these words. Now I just simply rearrange these words like these. And then once it is done, simply copy paste, You're wired like these. Just do the same thing for all of these wives. All right, after completing all of these, simply hit on a play and here you can see the worst picture Worst Unicorn, Rainbow Ola and so on. Pretty good, right, But by default thes m s resolution is 1024 by 768 if you want to export. These who are clothed isn't in high resolution than simply go to size and select the highest resolution who She's 3000 bitey 1000 pigtails. I just completely counties Onder it is if you are satisfied with their there, simply export it. And in our next letter we learn how to create what load with custom marks shape and for artists we will use Unicorn Mask a match. Thank you so much for watching. 5. Add Your Mask Image In Word Cloud: in this lecture, we will add our own mask emit. But before adding mask Ament, I am goingto change the team at fast. To change, the team simply hit on team and from these drop criminal, I chose these black him. I choose thes blacking to see how the workload look like in the dark color T shirt. Makes sense right now to upload mask imminent. Simply go to shape Andi, click on the's operative and make sure you cilic use color from the team or colors Manu Option and then heat on selection file. And this that I choose our unicorn file on. And here you can see Deputy U pretty cool, right? Either Our next lecture, you learn how to add mask and customize thesis worse. And finally, we just give the finishing touch off our thieves. Workout based is your design. Thank you so much for watching 6. Add Mask, Customize Words & More: Hello, my dear students, In this little you learn how to add mask in our workload design how to change color for text, how to change form. And finally, who? Just give the finishing touch off our workload Reason. All right, now let's see how toe and mask in our workload isn't actually adding mask in this workload isn't Is police import by default, Elise elected cross. If you want to add mask in, you are clothed, isn't then simply click on this month battle and here you can see the preview. All right. Now, if you want to change your mask color, then simply see like Gala and Lincoln mask on using the scallop Icka, choose any a few preferred color This device jewels gray color like these Andi Now I heat on a play makes us right now if you want tojoin Anthes text color, then process is actually pretty simple This time we add rember color in our design toe. Do this how you simply cilic on color and here you can see the cloud colors. If you want to change this white color, then simply sealer quiet and using these color picker, choose in your food preferred color. This time I select blue, and for this 1st 1 I choose Red Color and Jane. She's never look at her and said it in green and for the sculler I choose. Imagine Takhar and for this one I said Color in yellow. All right now, to see the preview simply, he don't apply now. Justice is scapula on using these color picker, I said Escuela, and he did not play. If you want to add more colors than simply it on colors and select these transparent color and using the scallop Icka, choose any a few preferred color. All right, now, they say, This time I choose orange color and hit on AP lei on. There it is Now, if you want to remove any off this color than simply actual skull alerts that we want to remove these orange color, simply select orange color and using the's slider said Transparency 100. And he don't have play for this Particular disease is remembered. Color seems to make perfect Now. If you want to change these workload front, then simply then simply select foreign, and there you can see a bunch of different forms. Choose any a few prefect fund their safe distance. I choose comic sans fund on hair. You can see the Brivio, but I like default one. That's why I choose basic Fico font. So basically are designing is now complete on, you know, unexpected. Will you learn how to export? This workload isn't transparent bag on and how to resize it. Thank you so much for watching. 7. Export The Design And Resize It: in this video, you learn how toe export these design with transpiring back down. And then you learn how to recess our disease. A all right, before exporting this image to just buy in this background, simply select Allah and true scholar. And using these Kala Picca sales in a full color bar. The maintain is in the seconds later click on the single slider and said Transparency in 100. All right. No, I heat on a plea on here. You can see the preview, our workload, dissent, we transparent background and our descend damage Will is 2000 by 2000 Pig cells. All right, now, to export this descent with these resolution, simply goto file and select. Sit as pinch or jeopardy. I prefer PNG. That's what I sell except as bendy. And here you can see our detainee is successfully general it. Now I just simply open this up on and copies and based it here. Now, if you want to recess you arklow design than simply at first, open up at before shop and then goto file new on from this new document. I choose document with 4500 pigs and said Hi. 5400 pig's ears and make sure that you choose Resolution 300 and Kalama choose RGB color rcm Ichikawa All right, now I heat on create it are documented is just weird It the stem from the next, So I just simply choose our what? Low design on click and drag it right here. All right Now I holding shift and rang on this corner. I just simply make our workload. Didn't big are and bless it right here and now he don't Okay, now to export incident would transpire and bag on from the AHL Al Pennell. Click on these. I would like on toe hide these background and then goto file explode and sealing. Export s on. Make your there you choose. Form it, Benji, and check this transparency option On here You can see our Emma size for 500 pictures and 5400 pigs Ills If you want to change your immense size 10 simply put you preferred within height. All right, export these I just simply hit on export all and said this nation for their deck stop and fight it I to a spendy. And this time I type filing As with final design Final Unicorn design. And he don't say, I think our exporting is not complete index toe on investor hair. You can see the exported fire and here it is our workload descent with high resolution transplant that ground. So this is how you can is required. Different. Tack off what low design with different shapes and colors and will be able to sell your design T shirts in different paying 20 mid market players like mild by Amazon piece being weird bubble Probably still, and so are hope these hills. Thank you so much for watching. 8. What Is GIMP? And How To Download It: in this new section off this course, So you learn how to create Killer Takes based isn't using the software, which is called Game. This is a free and open source the Rasta graphics editor available for Lennox Mac Windows and more operating systems to download these games after simply open up your browser and then goto www dot game dot arc and then simply hit on download button. Now the current Istanbul version is Game 2.8 point 22 Now $2 days hit on dollar games, 2.8 point 22 directly. Look at this are softer, is just Easter downloading, and these after size is 85.4 megabyte. So our downloading is now complete. Now I just simply open up these window on her. It is. This is our set of files toe install this. After in our computer, I just simply double quick on these Jews. Language in leash and on customize Hit. Next on. Joe set up this nation full R C program files slash game, too, and he don't next. And now I check this great a desktop icon on Finally, I just simply hit on install Now wait for the moment, so instilling is now complete. Now I just simply hit on finish. And in Dexter hair, you can see that games after shortcut icon toe Open this up. I just simply double click on this game. Pieces starting up. And yes, we just sexually finished, are set up and opened the gifts. After in our computer in our next little will give a brief overview off the game software interface. Thank you so much for watching. 9. Software Interface Overview: So once we open up that games after this is going to look like this Here, you can see it. Three different windows right before we driving to create the actual T shirt design. It is probably the good idea to go about the interface little bit and be familiar with it on the parallel. Upset. How do you have our toolbox? A bunch of different tools are available, like jump, tool, move, tool, Kala, Picca and so on. And under these, Harry had a Deb, which is called toe option. If you click any off these tools over here that you can see it. Two options are changed. Right? That because thes tools options step is associate with all of these particle little's. All right, on the very left it here. We have our layers and brushes. Panel. This is our panel, and here you can see the available brushes, All right. And thes middle window is called working space. If you want to increase thes white space size, then simply click on this corner and drag it down. All right, so this is basically our art boat. Are you miss a working space, too? Great. A new fine in thes workspace. Simply go to file new and in these great in new image window here, you can see if your different options you can change with height and in weapons option. You can also change the PPH hello gallery space feel with that means background color and also you can add additional comment. And in these drop grown men who here you can see a bunch of different templates are available jewels in your fuel pre fact template. But for our T shirt reason, we need high resolution image size, right? And for these I just simply to squeak 4500 pigs us and said Hide 5400 gigs else. I said Thies bellows In pig cells, you can also use the's in each. But I always prefer to you speaks us. This m s resolution is 72 pp. I if you want to change these Bellew then simply put you preferred resolution. This name I choose 300 by 300. All right and calories best I choose our Jessica on DFI with color eyes you simply white. And to create a new image file, I should simply heat on. Okay. All right, so are. Our boat is just created Now, if you want to customize any of these games after sittings, then simply go to fine and select preferences. You can easily change in parent Manage interferes Team toolbox Default Image options exit Tre I recommend you toe came here and play around with these different up shells. So this is basically the basic overview off games after Inter fess from our next lecture. Will he start? Is any R T shirt using Gipp? Thank you so much for watching. 10. Start Designing Text Based T-shirt Design: take space to share decisions are selling really, really well in print on demand sites. Something like Interesting course live her time on Fres Extra the shot off things just really well in March by Imagine and tasting on Using thesis After gimp, we will Great. A supercool takes place design to add a test in this art boat from the left side. Select thes letter A. This is the text tool and other tools. Options. Here you see a bunch of different options. If I select this pattern hair, you can see all these different types are funded. Stat. You can easily in the Arctic is the sides off your farmed by simply changed a little hair on. Make sure you always check anti realizing toe. Make you take softer on. Using these Kala Picca, you can easily change your text color and using this little battles, you can easily change you. Text element are if you want to add margin in your text than simply put you preferred. Pelusa. Alright. Basically, these are the main options off this text tool. Now, to add a test in this art boat, simply select XTO and click and drag drown to create a text block, all right, And now Blake's in these box and simply type whatever. We want this to my type. I can't keep claim Andi it It's my bad day. But one thing you may notice that we can see any text that because our Texas is on Lee 18 pig cells and our document size is lot bigger. Who it is. 4500 pigs by 5400 pig's ears now to June thes document. Same place. Select is jump, tool and plague Zoom in and leak on Theis Art Board. All right, now, to make these sticks as bigger, select these take stool and then see like everything. And now I just simply said excise in pretended big zehs All right, now, to doom out same place like this June toe on to his option Jew mode and click on this document Now in the fast line, I said, I can't keep and to create another line, I just implicit Carcelle right here. And he don't enter to create an online Andi. I simply create on the line. It's my aunt in Fort Line. I just simply said the wild party now to keep everything in center. Simply select everything on select takes elements center. Now, if you want to increase or decrease the size any off this particular line that Jews you preferred line on and increase your size from here. Andi still I said Thies Glam text I said it came. 700 pigs us on increased the stakes, barred day and said it in 700 pig cells. All right, so we just successfully at test in our art board, You know, our next lecture, you learn why to find great forms and how to use custom forms in game. Thank you so much for watching. 11. How To Download & Use Custom Fonts In GIMP: So I have been a designer for a while. And that's why I have a whole bunch of forest loaded on my computer. You might not have on yours for that reason. In this lecture, I show you how you get free farms. Simply open up your browser on and in Google. Simply sash free farms on here. You can see a bunch of different upstairs. You can easily find different types or forms in these parasites. But that decide that Google run by themselves and really sculpt Google Farms. Don't. And that Vural is fun. Start google dot com If I open this up here, you can see a bunch of different forms. If you want to download any of this lives there distant, we download thes fund. These four name is ram it to one. Simply click on this little plus icon and then hit on these dollars icon. Look, we just successfully downloaded thes font how you can see a g file. I just simply extract these five on open this r and install these on my computer. All right. In this way, you can easily download different type of farms from this Google farm. Surfside. All right and they are my favorite or said is for downloading forms is the farm dot com. Have You can see a bunch of different categories. Let's say distance which use Western category on and let's say distant will download thes western Bang bang front Go down this farm simply hit on download And once it is complete, simply extract this chief fine. And open this up on instill it on any computer. All right, we just successfully installed two different forms. One is Rehmatullah one fund and another one is Western bagman formed in my computer. All right, to Lord, new forms in these games after we need to restart this after, but before restating I just simply saved these artwork. Use them. I save it in my deck Stop and DYP name takes place dizzy and he don't say Now I just clothes the's game softer and open. These are recently saved file to exe based design. Now, if you want to change this fun to stay now from the left, see like these textile and select all of these deaths and click on this text icon and he'll receive a bunch of different forms. Choose any off you p p at four. Now there's a distance with such for western bang bang formed on here it is awesome. Right? So in this way you can easily jello different type off custom front and use it in your design. You know, on X lecture, you learn how to use lives in game and how to add different types are fun. Tisdale in our takes based design. Thank you so much for watching. 12. Use Of Layers In GIMP: in our previous later we have learned how to download custom fund and use it in game. Now let's say if you want to change these text extends down selected stool selectees Text law Are any of this particular text and from these job done, Manu select any a few prefect fund. But you can change any off these particular what? Individually, In this way, if you want to add different type of farce in thes in these different words, then you have to use multiple layers on the right and you can see our bag on little and takes layer. If you want toe be visible these bag only Then click on this little icon. These are designed we transparent background in the same way. If you want to hide these text than leak on this little eye icon, maxims right this time we create in your death block toe. Do this from the left side. Either simply select takes too, and draw a text block. All right now, I just simply type I can't keep. And then I chose June Tool on June these documents a little bit and never get to the textile and select these decks and search size in 500 pig's ears. Now I june this out a little bit and select the text and said Ellen meant in center. All right now I see, like, these days to again and draw a And at the day's block Ah, now I type limb C l A m and select the SWAT and said phone size is having 100 big zests, all right? And using the smoke toe, I just simply said it right here on now these I select extra again and draw and other did Look on this day might die. It's my on day selectees to explore and search size in 500 pig cells advising the mook toe . I just simply place it right here. And finally I just draw it another dead doc on this and my Thai party on Syria at this desk and safe size in 700 pixels. All right, now, this time, if you want to change any of thes wild fun distant, then choose you prepared wide and from these drug Dimino, select any of them. These their eyes simply size for Western bang bang font, and I just simply increase decides a little bit more said this word size in 1000 pig cells . All right, on using the smoke toe, I just simply moved down Thes It's my wife a little bit. And finally, I use the word bad day. And from these drop down menu, I just simply Assad's for gone 50 East informed. All right, on using the smoke tool, I just simply place each writer on increase decides a little bit more on this dim isolated in 750 pigs us and using the smoke tool, I just simply place he too right here. Now, Alexa, if you want to rotate any off thes decks, then choose you prefer deaths this to my C leg, the world birthday and justice for the tool and click on the squad party. And here you can see our angles like there. I just see MP voted this word a little bit more and heat unload it. And here you can see the live video. Awesome. Right on on the right. In the Lepine in here, you can see our takes less and this is how you can quit different that off deadlock on able to edit them individually. See you in the next lecture 13. Add Colors In Our T-shirt Design: in this lecture, we talk about color, especially background color and text color. Now let's see if you want to change these background color 10 from the right, select your bag down there and select back. It feels too on. Click on these background color and using these Gallup. Icka, Jules, any of who preferred color. All right. Now, these days I sit my point in dark red and heat on. Okay, on click on this background. Andi, Here it is. Now, if you want to change your fun color, then from the right simply select your text layer and then we get to the text tool. And after selecting your text, simply hit on color. And this time I said it in wide and he don't Okay, in the same way. I just said Thies Glam decks in white on for its my desk. I just said it in what? On in the same Afford the final word party. I just simply choose thes part, that text layer. And then we get to that takes toe and click on this little calorie Khan and said car in white booth. Actually, we need to select this text and then use color white. All right, So this is how you can easily add background color and a different type off text color in gimp. Thank you so much for watching. 14. Masking For Text Based Design: in this letter. I want to talk a little bit about masking masking, actually a really good way toe. Add different parity in T shirt, especially if you have text based iShares that are very simple. I already have created a document with black background. So now, at first I just imported photo that I'm using as a background. Now I just simply go to fi and select open as layers and thes time from Dexter. I choose image, fight Everest starchy PG and he don't open and charities on This is our sample Everest photo. Now to escalate up, I just simply select ifthis is sculpture and click on this image and dragging on this corner. I just simply it's Cratchit like thes on place it right here and heat on Esca onder it is now. I chose thes text to and just simply create. It takes block like these on now I seem big Dad. Terrorist e r e s d. All right now I see like, these decks are said these two excites in 800 pig cells. And for this particular wild embarrassed I choose 40. Stay athletic. All right. And now, using these moved all I just seem play said this text right half Now on the very right here , you can see we have Creeley. Ast one is background. Another one is our image. And hard one is our text. And now make sure that you choose your image layer and go to layer and under mask simply select Add mass Leah. And here you can see a couple of options. Simply choose black full transparency and heat on it. Now my whole photo in behind the masking tap. Now to see the text simply selectees texture. And after selecting your text simply Jews in a food preferred color. This time I used these blue color and hit on. Okay, now it is just a pair. Now he still I see like my text layer and Jews the fuddy select tool and click on this letter e and holding shift. I just simply click on P e ah e and s D. Now, after selecting every single letter, I just simply total these takes Claire off on in our second layer thes image layer. Here you can see two different boxes. One is our image and another one is black mask. These days I just simply feel these days with white color toe Do this. I just simply select the black color and is in the scallop picker. I said color in white and Jews thes packet field tool on DSA Simply click on this world And yes, we have just created our fast mosque. Now, if you want to export thes with transpire and background than simply double off this background on exploded and use it anywhere you want on this is how you doing these masking feature and using you creativity it was able to quit much more interesting takes, but its design. Thank you so much for watching. 15. Export Design With Transparent Background: in this letter. I just gave the finishing touch off these designs on exported we trust. But in background this time I just simply it's obvious what glam toe do this. At first, I just like this wire claim and select. This is cool tool and take on this world claim and in the with off this wide and in case the height a little bit more on once you are satisfied with that, simply hit on Esca. Perfect. Now they're saying, if you want to export these descent with transparent bag down, then actually process is pretty simple from the LEP in L Heidi's bag on Leah. And here you can see our descent would dress by in background and then toe export it Simply go to file and click on export s. And this time I choose destination for the deck. Stop and type my file em take with design and file format is PNG. Now I hit on export and here you can see a couple of options. Make sure that you are chickpeas, say back on car and compass livers, Jews, the maximum nine and heat on export. So are exporting is now complete on there it is our teacher designed transparent background . Now, if you want to export your text based to share designed with different color font, then simply choose any food, prefer text doc, and then simply change your color and export e eight with trust by and background. And this is how you can is the great different chat off. Amazing takes Miss Design isn't game. Thank you so much for watching. 16. Getting Started With Canva: Now I give you the brief over the off camper for that, you can understand how these tool works. At first we goto the w w w dot gamba dot com. It is a cloud based graphics DiSanto We see the home base here we can sign up in Canada. So Facebook are Gould us our email address. I already have a can background. I just simply log in after putting my even address and password are just simply click on logging once a logging its immediately Take me to the main camera dashboard. Here you see our profile come sitting on that my personal information by clicking on account sitting, we see our imminent breast passer and language. We can change our linguist by clicking on it and we can add our very cart. We can set up our company name address. Also, we can add a team member in this account and in the personal profiles section, we can eat it our profile, picture name, user name, website, CD and country. Okay, in our all designed section, we see all of our professed is in I just a lot of these portion because I'm working with some private project. That's why I blocked this out. But in thesis space, you can see all of who previous designs on in shadowy to step. If you are someone else, share any project than you can see these product is ends in this place, and new Fisher is quit the team. If we click this we see we can invite Jane team members for free and your brand section we can change. Our cameras were basically by clicking on this we can change these text change color. Actually, we can customize thes Campbell s work using these. I just use the default on. We also add logo. If we upgrade this account and in a personal account, we can add two folders And if we and if we d let a design then we can ableto see are dilated descends in this crash folder. We also cannot Bert this can back on to get more women feature off camera on in London. Reason they have some tutorials on their offset, which are really, really nice. You can check this out and in get design inspiration section You'll see other designs of the artist on in Grady. Then in the topside, off the source said. We see a bunch of different template with either dimension hair presentation. Dimension is 1024 by 768. Post our Facebook boss to blah graphic. Therefore guard imminent are extra by leaking on use custom dimension. We can quit our custom size tempted by typing on hiding to it. We can see like the pixel, millimeter and inches right here. Okay, now I click on more. If it like this, we see a bunch of different templates are never. These are the popular reason. Tax, social media, post document, doggy and e books, marketing materials, social media and email, headers, event and advertisement. One thing I have to mention that Camba is not only for T shirt design, you can easily great different type off graphics in Canberra using the's Templars. The best thing is can be easy cloud based tool on its regularly updated thes template. For example, if we see the Facebook cover, diamond shone 828 by 315. Suppose Facebook average their cover size. Camba also abducting the R card template Medical. Now I click on Associated media. If I keep these can take me into these descendants word No, we talk about these did rendez board in our next lecture. Thanks for watching 17. Understanding Canva Design Dashboard: now we are injured is an dashboard. Let me go ahead and show you some basic tools and feature off camera. Then we will. Easter creating are amazing teacher design With camp. When we're in the desert dashboard, we see a couple of different layout. On the left side we see a member and on the top we see out of the job off man ever In the final section we see our project dimension. We can change these damage on if we averaged this come from personal to business account. We can save our project also we can make a copy by clicking on peace. Also, we see undo and redo up. Sean, if you make any mistake, then you can undo that using these battle on Dhere If you use that on everything. Have you see a name is called Social Media. Untitled is M. This is basically our project. Later we can change our Passaic total right here we can share our project by clicking on the share button. Also, we can download our public file in many different format. We can make our project privacy toe public. If we said this as a public than other members inside the can back and see what you were working on. This is basically our work is best. We can quit a new piece like these also weakened abilities. Now, for example, we quit a copy off piece design. To do this, simply click on copy these immense. Now I delete this again we can do mean and do mount are widely spaced. Also, we can see the presentation preview by clicking on these icon. Now, on the left side, we see some can valley out. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. If we take thes INF icon, we see his layout title are this name. And if we want to use thes layout and export this unit $1 we see this air. But for now I used the free one by simply clicking on this. This one is free. No need any amount of money to export. This emits There are a bunch of differently out available in Canada in the search option off This camera is very, very powerful, Sarge. Cherokee work you want. You see the graphics tools and images in this result, suppose it die. Bart and press enter after that. Here you see a bunch of different by related images and graphic tools. Right here, Right Fuser Free and Feezer Page. I simply used the Senate's I can resist every mess by bragging on thes I said each writer. Now, if you want to change any off these text, then select you prefer, takes, look and remove it and dive anything you want. I just under this change, okay, if I click the hole in it, if we clicthat over the limits, we see a few different options. We can use filter by using the's letters. Right? Some pretty fine filters are available in Gambia, just like Instagram and other 40 applications. Now, if I click on advanced option, we see a bunch of different options. We can control our brightness contrast situation Team to blur explosives on pageant. Suppose I like thes effect Onda Queer Five Project and went to use thes filter fact in our every five other project to do this, What I'm gonna do, we just simply copied this filter court when he quit Other project just simply business court on our other project. By doing this, we get the same field and if a another every projects, right? If we double click on this, we see we can move our bag arguments and we see it it here also, we can flip thes holy generally and particularly also we can add spacing by dragging on these Also, we can control our bagged on transparency using the's later We can change errands, make a copy at a link, and finally we can kill it. Piece on the element death we see bunch of different features in the free photos we get dance off thousands off free photos. We can use any minutes we want by simply clicking on any particular events. Okay, I just do that. All of these now on the Greek death we see, many waited bricks are at level in the section now. I just added a new page. Couples, they want peace. Fun opposite one. This one what I'm gonna do. So I just simply like any portion off this greed and then select any image you want like this. Not only that, Suppose we want toe add solid color in thes portion. What? I'm gonna go. We just simply click on these and click any color you want. Berry cool, huh? Now I click on friends. There are different between quit and frame is friends are scalable, but grades are not. Suppose I choose this one. I can scale up and down these when using friend. Now I add a sample photo on this. We can use multiple different type off friends. Writer. Okay, now click on ship. Now I greet another page to show you how to use shape with the bunch of different shapes are available. Suppose you want to use these. We can scale these. We can discuss our shape also, we can change our shape color. Now I add another shape. And sir Teacher and Jane discolor from black to win. This is basically that use our shape. Now click on lines the line section. We can use different type off life whose are available in Canberra on in illustration tap. We see a bunch of different desperation elements and level Gamba. Some of them are completely free. Suppose we want to eat it. Piece one. We can change the color individual color right here. Very cool. In the icon step we see some popular icons are available in Camba. We can easily use any of this icon by dragging on these and in the same way we can change the color by clicking on these color item and the next one East chart charge. Fisher is very helpful when he quit. Infographic are when we want to represent some analytics data in graphics using these graphics tools right on in back. And but we see beautiful. I left Camba. I love mammographies. On in Ballantyne section we see some lovable Ballantyne cheesing. Now I d let all of these on in the deck staff. We see a bunch of different type off text and typographic writer. By taking on these, we can change our text color, not only text color. Also, we can change our funding style Foreign size, color bold. Italy changed our text diamond By clicking on these, we can make it uppercase or lark. It's also weaken and bullet point in our text On in the background section I just great a new page in our background section we can at our background suppose I like these design, but not this color. I just simply click on this image and xjs the collar writer. Very cool. Not only that, we also up to the only mint in Canberra by clicking on these upward pattern on. This is basically the can about Isn't dashboard all about? In our next lecture, we will Easter creating our T shirt in camera. Thank you so much for watching. 18. T-shirt Design #1 With Canva: in the section off this course, we will create this exact same to share design. Are you Miss? Who did Isn't inside in Canberra by simply adding few text color and elements. This type of our lead isn't are going to sell really, really well in print on demand sites like March by Amazon and T speak. See you in the next lecture. 19. Ugly T-shirt Design Process: So I just looked in in camera to see the all available temples in Canberra simply heat on more. On here, you can see a bunch of different templates. Unfortunately, there is no too short, decent template inside in Camba. So that's why we need to create our own damage on if you want to upload you to shut them in March by Amazon than recommend ER cells is 4500 Biggs by 5400 pig's ears. Or, if you want to sell T shirt designs in tea sipping, then recommended size is 3000 spike 3000 speak cells. Now let's see if we want to Easter to shape descending for miles by Amazon, then select. Use custom damage Jones on a put you preferred width and height for our case, The seas 4500 pigs is by future 400 pigs, as after putting Haydn, who it simply hit on design and make sure that you choose pigs us. And now I hit on design. But this time canvases below must be less than or equal to 5000 2 weeks says That's what I said. Height, pipe. Thousands exist and said with 4000 and 100 pigs as we really says this letter. So don't worry about that. Now. I hit on design. Now can automatically take me into the reason guys board this day. Will you add a couple of days in this art board toe text? Simply go to the Tech Step and Harry C. Sammo sample headings and couple of the extent blacks. Now let's say this time we're at the peak, we're heading Andi, I just simply removed this and this time I tied ugly and select these deaths. And from this drop down menu, Jews, these aren't unformed and said Thies, size in 240 pigs s all right now he don't enter now I just simply move it in media now, to change these text color, simply select your test and click on this calorie con. And this time I choose thes red color These dummy add another dext. I just look on this ad heading on this time I tied official and selectees text doc And after selecting these days from this drop down menu, I choose thes fund Alphas Love one aun said these phone size in 85 pig cells and he don't enter now. I just simply place it right here. Now I add and they're takes Look! And this time I dyed my on from these drop criminal ice jewels for understand this brush are formed. Ah, now, this time I said Thies phone size in 85 pigs on using these truths color section I select Biest little plus icon on using these Kala Picca. I just simply said this is a color and here you can see the preview all right. And once it is done, I just simply place it right here. Excellent! This time I add another text toe at this distance. I copy this word my and then move it right here and die Sweater. You can die anywhere you want and from these drop terminal I Truth is fast fun this funder Stan and their size in 85 on true scholar black And now a busy too right here. And then I just copy these my wired again on move it here And it's time I die for and said form size in 65 pigs s on and just drag it onto move it right here and said color in black and Now I add our final text block. This time I copied is for take Doc on moving greater on And now I diaper Christmas on Select this test and from these drop down menu this new eyes jewels This fund, which name is break share? Shashi All right, now it is graduate like these. Andi said Carla in green And now I place it right here on the form size in 72 pigs us. Now I select everything from this art board and move it and said it right here. And this time we will add a couple of elements to make this design more interesting. Now, to add elements, I just simply go to the animal step, and here you can see a couple of options. Now expand these lines on how you can see a bunch of different lives, and all of these are absolutely free. If you want to add one of these lines than simply click on if you prefer headline on her, it is now I just simply says it on a place it right here. All right. No, I add on the line on recess it on a less it right here. Medicines right now, I just in places like these two lines on he on copy to copy these two lines. And now I just simply move it and place it right here. Accident. Now I see, like, thes line and resize it and place it right here. And copy this line again on a place it right? Yeah. On for these days I choose thes airline and using the photo, I just simply click and rooted this line on. I just simply stated here on grease is it on after that, I just simply copy this line and place it right here on Finally, I just seem places like this line on a place it right here on recess it like these. Now if you want to change any of this land color that choose you preferred line and click on this color icon on, then select any info preferred color and that's it. We just complete our ag literature designed in our next lecture. Oh Ula, how to remove this white background, how to resize it and how to export. Thank you so much for watching 20. Remove Background And Export It: So in this video you learn how to remove this white background and how to resize it and export it Now to remove these white background. At first, we need to download this design from Canada. You'll download this one simply hit on download and this their eyes jewels filed I pansy and hit on download. So are designing is just downloading word for a moment. So our darling is now complete. Now I just simply open this up and simply cut it and based it. Index, Stop. All right, now, to remove these wide background, I just simply open these game softer and now I just simply goto file open. And from Dexter, I choose thes design Ugly, dark Benji and heat on open now to him of these white background Simply goto there transparency and select color toe Alfa game automatically removed the white background from our design because I choose color white here. Now I heat on okay on charities are designed would transparent background toe export These I just simply go to file select export as and this termite I finally ugly tool T shirt design and he don't export and make sure that you can't take this a background color and heat on export. So our exporting is down complete, and here it is are designed transparent background. Now, if you want to recite these design, then simply open at it before to shop and then he'd on open and from dead stop. I choose our ugly T shirt design dot pains you file and to export these with you preferred size simply go to file export and select say for Web Andi hair You can see the video now under present. I choose PNG 24 on under Emphasize here you can see our famous food and height if we want to export these descent, Would you prefer, if size than simply for you preferred width and height Hair this to my type 4500 pigtails on I'm Lindy's aun said Height 5400 gigs as all right and our heat on sake and to his destination for the text up on my file name are dilated shirt design final and he didn't say so. Are exporting is don't complete. And here you can see our Tischer designed with our prefer damage shots. So this is how you can easily it isn't different type off T shirts are hold. It is an in camera, hopefully using these techniques and using new creativity, it will able to create March more amazing designs like this one. Thank you so much for watching. 21. T-shirt Design #2 With Canva: in this section of this course. So you learn how to create this exact same to should design that you can see in the screen right now. Using can be free tools and graphics. At first we will find a reality free image. And then we will report this image in camp. And also we will eat it are imported image instead in Canberra. After that, we will have a court which is littered to our image. And then we will add a simple line to finish this T shirt design. Hope this T shirt didn't section will be helpful for you. See you in the next lecture. 22. Design Process: so there's begin. That is your design. Now I just simply put custom dimension in Canada. To do this, I just simply hit on Use custom dimensions and you Sweet 4100 pixels and truth. Height 5000 speaks. Yes. And now I hit on design. We really says our design letter. So don't worry about that now can but take me into the design dashboard. At first, eyes just simply imported image in this camp. A dashboard. To do this, I just simply maybe get toe that pigs. A bailiff said it is a great upset for right to free images and videos. This time I Sarge for solar as now. Heaton, enter on here. You can see a bunch of different rather to free images. Just any off. You preferred one. This time I select this one. I just simply open this up and hit on free download and choose any of who preferred resolution. And he turned Download on here. You can see it. This image has zero creative common license. That means it is totally free for commercial deals. So are downloading is now complete? Now, I just simply copy these image and basted index stop now. I just simply never get to the upload step and to upload our recently downloaded image. I just simply hit after your own images pattern and from Dexter, I just simply choose our image on here. You can see our file is updating. So once it is complete, simply legally match toe add. Imagine in your art boat. Now I just simply resize it. And this time, if you want to grab your image than select your image at first and then hit on crop and then dropped you image and heat on done now, I just simply this our image right here. And this time we'll text just in thes position. So do these never get to that take step and how you can see some sample heading text and a bunch of different text formals. These done. We add these decks template writer toe, add a simply click and drag and drop it in that boat are just simply click on who prefer text now dragging on this corner. I just simply make these bigger and remove these unwanted text from this text template. All right, now these they might die. The average man don't like trouble and danger. Now I did because thes takes as a little bit this time. I said it in 64 pig cells, Ondo said Ellen meant simply select you taste and click on this little icon. And this time I said, Ellen, men thesis takes element in center. All right, Now, to change these text color, simply click on this little black color icon and shoes in your few preferred color. This there, I select these gray color. All right, Now I go to elements death, open these lines options. And here you can see a bunch of different lines are available, and all of these are absolutely free to use. This time. I select thes line and place it right here. And to change this line color, simply click on this little color icon and in the same way, I just simply choose thes Gregor. Now, if you want to see this present review in black bag down, then goto that background and really on these black color on here, you can see the preview These dissensions to me, perfect to export is I just simply never get to the white back down now, like on this little icon, Aunt Rena You'd find name these two mai tais solder and he on done on two down with this design hit on download. And here you can see the commended filed died I just dont and heat on dollars So can buy is preparing our design work for a moment And yes, we are done on her teats are designed with a white background but toe upto designed in being 20 man sites. Actually, we need transparent background right? In our next lecture, you learn how to remove this white background and how to export it with our prefect size with on land free tools. Thank you so much for watching. 23. Give The Finishing Touch Of The Design And Export It: So in this video you learn how to remove this wide background and how to resist this image and said in an hour before the shop. So we thought, any farther, daily alerts started to remove this wide background simply open up at the before shots after and now I hit on file open and I never get to that Dexter and select our exploded isn't fire on to remove these white background simply from the left, click and hold on this icon and select magic Here is a tour, and then click on these white push on. You can see our why background is already mopped to remove these little white portion from this design. At first, I just simply pairs control plus 2 June Teasley out. And then I just simply click on this little white portion to make these white color in transparent. So once it is complete, simply exported as a PNG file to export these go to file export and select say for Web on hit on export ass. This time I choose, say, for Web and how you can see that full preview off our design, our design grass, part in back down and make sure that you choose P said PNG 24 and had again see our image size 4100 pixel by 5000 pigs. Yes, if you want to change your insights than simply put you preferred width and height hair this time my time with 4500 pigs us, at least on this little icon toe unlinked expect ratio and this termite died. Hide 5400 pig cells on day one. Serious complete. Simply hit on sake. Now I tools Destination folder deck stop and type my final aim Shoulder tee shot. Now I click on safe So our design is exploding word for a moment. So are exporting is now complete on charities, Our T shirt design, transparent background And this is how you can is liquid Different type off. Amazing T shirt isn't in Camba with all and free tools and graphics, and we're able to sell them in different type off print on demand sites like March by Amazon T's being read Bubble perilous still and so on. Hold this video will be helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching 24. Conclusion + BONUS: Thank you so much for taking this class on Escutia. If you really like this one than the it positively hell review means a lot to me and check out my other courses on the Scotia. If you are not a premium member on institution, but want to take one of my goals, then just send me a message. I will give you a free access off. My remember far free so far now black and white.