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Beautiful DIYs with Polymer Clay: Marble Statement Necklace

teacher avatar Vera Koe, Love elegant jewellery? Craft with me!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction: DIY Statement Necklace

    • 2. 1. Preparing and Rolling out the Clay

    • 3. 2. Cutting the Necklace Pendants

    • 4. 3. Attaching Metal Pins

    • 5. 4. Perfecting the Pieces & Shaping Eyelets

    • 6. 5. Joining the Pieces & Attaching a Closure

    • 7. 6. Class Project

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About This Class

Hey fellow Crafters!

In this class, you will learn how to craft a beautiful DIY statement necklace with marble pattern from polymer clay. During the different videos, we will:

  • Roll out the clay and shape the pendants,
  • attach metal pins and bake the pendants in the oven,
  • bend eyelets and join the pieces together, and
  • attach a closure for the necklace.

The PDF attached to this class contains a list of material you will need as well as a pattern for the necklace pendants. In the end, we will have crafted a beautiful statement necklace :-)

The basis for this class is my first video "Beautiful DIYs with Polymer Clay - Basic Steps & Marble Pattern". You can find it here.



Materials you'll need:

Polymer clay - sharp knife - rolling pin - necklace chain - metal pins - metal rings - necklace closure - pliers (flat and cutting) - printed PDF pendant template - oven - baking paper - bowl of cold water

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vera Koe

Love elegant jewellery? Craft with me!


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1. Introduction: DIY Statement Necklace: Hi, guys. Welcome to my seconds. Good cast on doing beautiful, dear wives with polymer clay. Today we're going to show you is how you yourself craft this beautiful statement necklace that I'm wearing. Yet it's made all the pennants on monetary of publicly and basic technique that I use for doing this is the technique that I'm speaking about other skills check class on the basic steps off, using polymer clay and creating this beautiful marble petal. You can see in this statement that this is really not very difficult to craft this necklace , but the end result looks super professional. I think it looks like I bought it in in a story store. So in today's class, I'm gonna walk you through briefly again from the basics off, crafting this this marble pattern. Sorry. And then I'm going to show you how to cut the shapes and how to put together the different pendants off the necklace, using some jewelry, equipment and some specific techniques off connecting the pieces together. If you're speaking again about how to bake it in the often and how to finish it and at the end of the day or any other cause, you will have a beautiful statement of list that you can combine with many nice outfits and really up the outfits that you're wearing. I'm looking for crafting with you. And I was picked to you again at the end of this course about the class project that we're going to do enjoy. 2. 1. Preparing and Rolling out the Clay: All right. So, to craft this really pretty statement necklace that you saw in the preview, what we're going to need faster fall is, um, fy mo that we have crafted into a marble patent. How you arrive at this stage, you can see in my FEMA, um, in my female d i y basic steps at marble pet on video. So if you check that class out, I would explain to you how you arrive at this strand off marbled female, right? And the colors that I'm using for this necklace are these months, it's female effect silver, then just the regular white and female effect. I don't know what's it called. It's like a sparkly daughter. It great. So and I've never used this grace. So I'm really looking forward to seeing how this turns out after baking in the often. All right. So, obviously, then you will need Well, you know, the necklace change that helps awfully much in making a necklace. And also some equipment that I will speak about a bit later when we have crafted the female . And then we will put together the necklace, the tools that I'm using. Um, it's this this female cut up. So it's a murder, the shop at the bottom and then some handles at the top. So you don't obviously cut yourself? Um, players like these And then I have prepared that cut out template. So the necklace that we want to make it's a statement just And it would be like this just you know, this on the other side as well. But for template reasons, I didn't make them twice. So this is one bigger, larger one that we're going to need, and then two smaller ones. Okay, but this will need after rolling out the clay. I have prepared this yesterday, but it's still perfectly fine to use. I'm just going Teoh continue a little bit with making the marble pattern a bit more finely grained, and then I'm going to fast forward and then I'm gonna be back in a minute or it. So now that we have have F year or ball, you can already see the marble pattern coming through. We want to roll it out, and I am after working with past the machine. But this time I'm not because I think actually, the marble pattern comes out even more beautifully if you hand roll it out. And also the thickness that I wanted to reach It's a bit thicker than it comes through them all through the sorry, the past, the machine. What we want to do later importantly, is we will need to put these I pants into the clay. They have little, um, holte and so that you can put rings through. And if the place too thin, I'm afraid they won't really stay in. That's why we are hand rolling it. And to do this, I have this super tool here. It's called a glass bottle. Um, it's a fairly thick one. You can buy polymer clay rolled out? Yeah, like rolling pencil. Parliament Lee, I think they're made from acrylic, but they cost around 13 euros apiece. And this waas I think 1 50 it had even milk in it. So, um yeah, I like to, you know, save money, and I like to be sustainable. Hence we're using this. I'm gonna wet it just a little bit because, um, then the fumo, the Palme clay won't stick to it as much and then we will rule this out. Oh, yeah. Something I've got to say I like to not roll it out on. So this is like a cardboard surface and this deck spread. So what I like to do with, um, I actually take this is just a see through plastic trade. Um, so this is what I like to dio just so I don't really my surface. All right, Let's go. Oh, I love it. Okay. Like I said in my other video, before you do it, you never really know how the pattern way to come out. Um, you know, marble pattern is a bit unpredictable, but all this turned out beautifully. 3. 2. Cutting the Necklace Pendants: the piece I took the piece of marble strength it took was a bit too small to make all these pieces for the necklace. But I'm going Teoh, try and see how many I can fit onto this. And then I'm just going to prepare another piece, and I'm going to roll that out again. So I'm just gonna walk you through the process really off once, you know, crafting the pieces that I can get onto here and then the other ones. Really, I will. I will just possible with through. All right. So I'm placing these now in a way that I don't waste much and so that I can cut them out nicely. And then it's breezy. Really? I'm just taking my cutter here, and I'm just counting along all the edges. So here we have first beautiful piece for all our statement necklace. Oh, I can't wait to see this once it's finished. Yes. So this is the first piece. It's gonna leave it at the side here on now, continuing with the other ones. And I'll see you in a moment. All right, so a zay said I didn't have enough clean out to craft all the five pieces I wanted. So I made. I made now the largest one and the two smallest ones. And for symmetry reasons, you know, I made it, didn't make large, medium small, and then maybe the other side would look different. So I made the biggest one, the smallest ones. And now I have this thing a bunch of clay left over from the marbling pattern. I just did. And I'm actually going to use this as one part off the next pattern I'm gonna make. So I think this book turnout really beautifully. It might be a bit lighter. I think I'm gonna make it a bit lighter. I'm gonna use less dark female now and mawr bright femur. So to this'll, which is now already nicely grayish. I'm going to add some more off this spotted grey Philo and some more white. Um and then it will be a little bit of different marble, you know? So the pieces in the necklace will look slightly different, but they all look different anyway, so I don't think that met us much. Okay, I'm going to produce a bit more off this marble string now. And, um then I'll see you in a moment. Okay. Now, regarding the colors that I chose, you can already see that this whole string is generally a bit brighter than the one loaded before, but lighter but a real life. This I like the difference and also is something I really love is that no matter how often I make a statement, it looks like this. No matter how often you do them, none of them will ever, ever look the same. I mean, we could have caused also play with more Carlos, we could make the big one in black. Maybe in white, we could one use one's that are just in the silver color. So the possibilities are really endless. You can go super crazy on the colors on anything you like with my jewelry. I'm sticking to minimalist, you know, pastoral and Scandinavian style colors because I like them. And of course, you could do this whole marbling thing also with pink and blue or something. It's not what I like, but it's also very possible. I don't know how well you can see it in this video, but within the strength here, since I've used the leftovers off the other marble. So we have no the wide the gray. And then we have the strengths that are within themselves already marbled. It's just, you know, I say it a lot, but I found it's just beautiful. Okay, let me finish this. I'm gonna keep rolling and, you know, pressing and everything a little bit. And then como Okay, now I have this other piece of marble here, and I'm just quickly going to cut out also the other two pieces that I want. I'm gonna to do that. I'm going to look at I decided a little better. It's a bit more structure. So I'm just gonna place this template on here. However I want, like, wherever I think are the most beautiful pieces on. Then we're going to cut this out again. 4. 3. Attaching Metal Pins: In the end, I don't know how well you can see this. But here on this side, we have a little loop. We want this on the other side as well. But if you shape and form this loop while the pieces are still soft, it's really, really easy to destroy your pieces. So what we want to do is the following. Let me show you. Yeah, I have a bag off useful equipment pieces. Um, and what I'm using for this I really thin metal pieces like this. So they have this little blob here at the end, but I'm gonna cut that off in a minute. But they sold it like this. I don't mind. So we're going to cut this off. We don't need this. And then this thin metal piece we will very carefully stick through. Come on, stick through a par Maclay from one end to the other. So you're taking the short end of here and then from the side. Very carefully. You are sticking this metal peace in. If you hold it like this from both both sides, you can actually feel if the metal is still in the middle, where it's supposed to be. Oh, if it's coming out on the side and then and then today you can see it's coming up to, you know, perfect. So this is what we're going to do, right? Then what you can do but don't have to use. You can take which of instrument and pressed down around the whole here, so that it close us a little bit again. Same thing on the other side. Just push the palm a k a bit tighter around the hole. Nice. And then we're gonna leave it like this. I'm gonna leave it and bake it like this, and later we're gonna come back to it in prose. Is it? So I'm going to do this now with all the other pieces, and then I'll be back with you. Nice. So I have finished now pushing all these pins through, right, and sometimes it might happen that you don't do it completely straight, but that may be here is a bit higher up, as as regards to the top off the piece, then here. But we can solve this really easy later by just choosing the direction in which we we looped the meta Afterwards I'm going to explain that in more detail later. I'm going to now have over to my kitchen. I'm going to bake thes again for directions on how to bake the Palme clay. How to harden it? Check out my basic steps and marbling pattern video. I'm explaining this. They're in more detail. Yes. And then I will see you in what for me is about half an hour. And for you is a couple seconds cause I'm going to fast forward. 5. 4. Perfecting the Pieces & Shaping Eyelets: all right. I am back from baking my putting the pieces in the open. Now the next thing goes to right. So as you can see, they are now in a bowl of water. What I like to do is to give them an extra hardening. And also, an extra shine is going to take them out of the often I throw them into a bowl of cold water that obviously speeds up the process off cooling down. But it also gives the pieces a nice extra shine. Now, I have some sandpaper here. Okay? This one's a bit used already, but it's still fine. And also towel. So what I do? Because if you want to send paper them and really finish off the edges, make everything nice, it's actually best to do it when they are wet. So going toe wet the Senate paper a little bit like this, a bit wet, and then I'm taking the piece of straight from the water, and I'm just going to see you. Where are some edges that I would like to smooth? Um, right. So I'm just gonna take each individual piece and do this now and then I'm gonna be back with you afterwards, okay? I have not smooth out all the little imperfections that I didn't like. And now the next thing that we want to do is you want to create loops like this one, um, to put the little chain rings through and to attach the chain. Um, I am using all the metal pieces I'm using here are in row, Zagel, because I really love the combination off this kind of gray, silvery fish marble pattern with the rose. A gold necklace. However you can obviously use whichever, you know, whichever color you want to feel like gold jewelry. Then go for golden. It's also really nice with serve, obviously cause that matches the color. Okay, so too, to shape these loops here that we need to put the the rings true. The no to connect connected to the necklace. We need pliers. And then what we want to do is we want to hold it in place firmly and with apply us. We will create here a loop. I'm gonna have to shorten this a little more, right, And then with the pliers carefully, because, I mean, we have hardened the clay, but it's not rock hard now, right? So you still want to be careful on? We are forming loop. All right, close. It was really firmly so everything would stick together nicely. Okay, Cool. So now we have We have, um, two loops on each side here. And this I'm going to do with all the pieces. So each of these each of these metal and see I'm going to shape into a loop. 6. 5. Joining the Pieces & Attaching a Closure: Alright, So I've now bend or the little metal pieces. And I have already also attached to the very outer ones attached already the the chain of the necklace. And I'm using a little tiny metal rings like this one. So I'm just bending them open and then, um, attached to the outermost loops here. I attached the necklace and, um, bend them together again. Now, you can either join these pieces also with little rings like these months or you carefully open one off the to you Carefully open them again with your clients, and then you just link them together directly and bent them close again. And then obviously you have less space between the individual pieces if you don't use the rings like this. So this is what I'm going to do now. I'm gonna, um, always choose one side that I would have been open again. You can obviously also do with, um in one go, you know, once you making the loops. But I think it's easier to handle if you're doing it in two steps. Okay, Just a tiny bit more. So this is open again. Then I'm hooking this. I'm looking this together here. And then I'm bending it close again so that nothing can escape. Beautiful. So now we've joined the 1st 2 pieces on. I'm going to continue in the exact same way. Yes. So now I have joined all the pieces together, as you can see, and we have ourselves a beautiful part McClain necklace. The only thing that is left to do is I'm going to measure. Exactly. Um, where's the middle off this necklace? Sorry. The Celts at the video. Right. So I'm going to see where's half of it that I'm gonna cut it open with my clients, and then I can adjust. Um, I can adjust the length, right. So anywhere between here and here, I can now put, um, this little hook here to close the necklace afterwards. So I'm just gonna measure which of the length of like, how has, um, far down my chest. I would like to go. And then I will also use thes these earrings and attach this hook so I can close it later. Okay. Quickly going to do this. Great. So I have now attached closing mechanism. So I've attached this hope here, and then I have put up. I got some kind of medium sized rings as well. They are one size larger than the tiny ones I use before. And I hooked some off them together so that I can now choose if I want it a bit Tractor orbit longer the chain. And, yes, I'm very, very excited to announce that we have no made for ourselves this beautiful statement necklace. I'm actually even more excited than you are, I guess because it's the first time I ever made this. And, um yeah, so before I didn't know what it would look like either. I'm super pleased with the result. I love what it looks like and I will attach at the end of this video some photos off. How are wearing the necklace, how you can combat in it and how beautiful it looks. 7. 6. Class Project: cool. So now that we've learned how to actually men manufacture this beautiful necklace, I'm really thrilled to see what you come up with. And this is the cross class project. You will make your own statement necklace, and I can't wait to see the results. I would also love to see some pictures off. You're wearing it in combination with different outfits, and I'm really excited to see the marble pattern or generally the colors that you come up with for your statement necklace. You can, As I said, video you combine it with. Combine it with Rose Eagle like I did. You can also combine it with maybe leather pieces or with silver with gold. Anything that they really like that goes with your taste and your outfits on. And I will attach to this car's pdf with the template off the necklace here off the different pieces. But of course, you can just come up with any style, any any craft, you know, any shapes and anything that you like. You can even continue crafting and sort of like hurts, continue crafting and no editing many different layers and make the net has even bigger. So, um, yes, get going. I'm excited to see what you come up with and let's or become jewelry designers