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Beaded Teardrops Earrings - learn how to make headpins & soldered teardrops

teacher avatar Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings


    • 2.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - equipment


    • 3.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - soldering equipment


    • 4.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - materials


    • 5.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - practising the teardrops


    • 6.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - square wire teardrops


    • 7.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - preparing for soldering


    • 8.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - soldering the teardrops


    • 9.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - filing the teardrops


    • 10.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - hammering


    • 11.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - soldering the earwires


    • 12.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - finishing the earwires


    • 13.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - making the headpins


    • 14.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - wrapped loops


    • 15.

      Beaded Teardrop Earrings - final thoughts


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About This Class

Welcome to the Beaded Teardrops Earrings class! Teardrops are such a flattering earring shape, and using the tips in this class very easy to make. In this class I will show you how to make a variety of shaped teardrops and how to solder them neatly. As a bonus I'll also teach you how to make your own headpins so that you can wire wrap some pretty beads below!

The class project uses very little silver. Each earring is made from just over 6cm of 1mm square wire (round wire will do just as well but I like the look of square wire), 5.5cm of 0.8mm round wire, 5cm of 0.5mm round wire and a couple of small beads.


This is one of a series of video classes, each one showing you how to quickly and easily make a lovely pair of earrings - sometimes two pairs - as part of my #52earrings challenge. I have challenged myself to design and film tutorials for 52 pairs of earrings in 2017, and I'd love you to join me.

In each video I will show you the materials you will need, explain the tools and equipment and go through all the steps needed to create your own lovely pair of earrings. Along the way I will share with you the same hints and tips that I teach in my jewelry making classes and private tuition so that you become more confident with your techniques and design skills with each class that you watch.

This class is for jewellery makers of all levels of experience from complete beginners upwards.

The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document that covers all of the tools that I will use in future earrings video classes as well so you can plan ahead! All the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects.

Earrings #7 in the #52earrings challenge

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer


I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and have been passing these wonderful (and addctive!) skills on through my classes for nearly 20 years. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

My studio is in Southampton, on the South Coast of the UK. I design and make jewellery for galleries across the UK, teach regular and popular jewellery design workshops, and also offer private tuition. My jewellery design projects have been published in both UK and US magazines and books.

Visit my Etsy shop, Jewellers Bench Shop, for jewellery ma... See full profile

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1. Beaded Teardrop Earrings: Hello. My name's joint in the amateur signing. Cheater Southwest. Okay, welcome to the PT Teacher areas. Close teardrop earrings are a very flattering shape toe where and also easy shape to make You could make quite long, elegant hearings that are still light toe. Where's it's a nice open shape and just as even make short, dainty hearings teardrops perfect for long dangly earrings or shorter studs believing, playing or fighting a texture. I'm gonna be on the attacks you to mine on. I'm also going to be using square wire because I like the look of it to be just as easily used around to make your hearing to fight, too. This plans for help you practice of soldiering skills is you'll be sobering. Tear got closed. You'll also be solving ear wise. Tip the two jobs. I'm also going to teach you how to make the hedge pins the length of wire that's holding the beats in place underneath the teardrops. Making your own head pins is a very useful skills, so that because then you could make them any length of wire. In any gauge of why you wish any projects that you worked enough without having to worry about where to find them. To buy the teardrops hearings class is part of the 52 hearings Challenged Life, set myself for 2017 design and filled with 52 different tutorials for hearings throughout the year. If you'd like to join me in the challenge and see some behind the scenes photos of what I've being doing, then half 52 hearings hash tag on Facebook and instagram. So if you're ready, let's get started and have over the equipment and materials you eventually to make the earrings. 2. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - equipment: the's the tools that you're going to need to make the earrings The ruler is obviously there to measure. The while that I'm going to use Andi, I'm going to mark the measurement. I want to touch with Sharpie. I'm going to catch the thin silver wire on and the practice copper. Why with the wire cutters. But when it comes to cutting the square silver once I'm going to use for forming the teardrops, I'm going to be using the jurist sore and supporting the work on the wooden bench. Paige with the apron underneath to catch the dust as usual, any wire thick hurt than about no 0.82 millimeter or 20 gauge. I tend to use a jury sore instead of the wire cutters. It's much better for the wire cutters not to be used on why that's too thick. The flat nose pliers around those pliers and 90 and your pliers are there because I'm going to use them to help me form the ear wires and also to why wraps the head pin. So I'm going to make onto the bottom of the teardrops, going to be using stepped down drawer to help me former two drops onto the ear wires where there was a set before. Something like the barrel of a Sharpie will do just as well going to be the needle file to help. Need to know the teardrops both before and after soldering And also to finish off the air wise, we're going to be using my old favorite Swiss stone or cross being hammered texture that teardrops on the plan. Ischinger chasing hammer I'm going to use to hammer a section of the ear wise to strengthen them as usual, Be supporting my work whilst I'm hammering it on the stool bench block on top of the leather cushion. You're also going to need some soldering equipment to make the earrings, so I'll show that to you next. 3. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - soldering equipment: thing is the soldier equipment that I use for all of my smaller projects, such as earrings and sore pendants, everything sitting on a couple of slate tiles, a heatproof surface to help protect my desk on my work sits on a couple of soldering bricks , soldering blocks, while some heating it up. One of these soldering bricks is made of a softer material than the others. Because it's softer, it's picked up some dips and some cracks in it. It's being used over the years, and these could be very useful for supporting work that isn't completely flat. The charcoal block is there because I melt small piece of scrap on top of that on. Do they form nice of my balls as I am used to decorate my projects when I need to pick up my work or to support it whilst I'm soldering? I used reverse action tweezers that you can see here and have also got a pair on a stand through 1/3 hand, and it's there when I need 12 on extra hands to help me out. The blue handled stick is a soldier pick on and that I used to push soldier move it about to make sure it it's exactly what I wanted to be. Soldier usually comes in strips or sticks. Andi, I've got three different melting temperatures here that I using combination for different projects. The soldier gets cut into small pieces or Palin's you ting. The red handles snips as I keep those little pieces in the labeled boxes that you can see do. Make sure that you label your boxes because once a soldier is cut up, you won't be hard to tell which is which. Melting temperature. My curl over the ends off the sticks of solder so that I can tell which melting temperature they are, the more cold over they are, they're higher. The mountain temperature, bright yellow liquid is a flux. Solder won't actually flow out through the joining unless you use a flux with it. Andi, the paintbrushes. What I used to apply the flux to the joints in my work. Small projects like hearings only need a small blowtorch, and I've got two different makes of those here. Both of them are easy to refill with the gas that comes in aerosol cans since the same type of gas, butane gas that you use to reform cigarette lighter At the back of the picture, you can see a so cooker that Scots a very mild acid solution. Good safety pickle in it. When you heat silver up, the surface becomes not darker and dirtier looking that some of the capo in the study silver reacting with the heat and auction flame to forward cause copper oxides on the safety pickle cleans it a couple oxides up before you put your work in the safety pickle, it needs to be cooled down or quenched in a pot of water. Andi, you need to put your work in and out of the safety pickle with brass or plastic tweezers. Not the stainless steel ones that I showed you before and thus, but definitely not least our have safety glasses. You've only got one pair of eyes. Look after them carefully. 4. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - materials: you're going to need a few different sizes and shapes of silver wire to make the earrings. I'm going to make the teardrops out of one millimetre square wire you could use round Wife . He wanted to, but I prefer the crisp edges of the square wife. This project I'm going to use no 0.8 millimeter or 20 gauge round wire for the wise themselves. This is the gauge of wire that I always prefer to use for ear wires because it's strong enough to hold its shape. But it's thin enough to fit through the holding your ears comfortably. I've also got some no 0.5 millimeter sterling silver wire, and I'm going to make some head pins out of those. And you also see 4th 4 beats to smoky courts and two lovely, small, rough cut faceted sapphires. I'm going to hang those from the hedge pins underneath the teardrops. You can also see a real of copper wire here. I'm going to use that to make a few practice teardrops and show you the difference that changing the length of the wire that use on also the Mandel that you used to form the teardrops can change the shape of it completely. 5. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - practising the teardrops: such of the class. I want to show you the difference that not a the length of the wire that you cut off the teardrop but the size of the Mandrell. You wrap that wire around her make to both the length and the width off the teardrop, the 22 drops on the left. These ones were both made out of 4.5 centimeter links of the copper wire. However, the 1st 1 here was wrapped around the smallest part. My statue, Mandel on the next one long was wrapped around the middle section, which is actually the sections I you to use her wrapping ear wires around as you can see, even though it's the same length of why there is a difference in their shape. Also the teardrop that was wrapped around the wider section. The Mandrell is fatter and also a little bit shorter. Next to drop along, this one was formed out of five centimeters off copper wire. Andi, it was wrapped around again, the middle section on the step Mandel. So it was wrapped around the same renderers to drop next to it. But you can see there's a slight difference in their height. The longer the piece of wire, the longer the teardrop it's made. I was another piece of five centimeter. Why here? I'm going to wrap it around the widest section, the Mandel, just so you can see a comparison. So making the two top itself is cry easy. He's just work during it. I move these out to the waste. We don't have those destruction. He's way of doing it. Is holding the rough midpoint of the wire against the Mandrell, holding it in place with your some and then starting to bend both sections of the wire around. I twist it around a little bit more you can see and then making sure that they meet nicely . Hey, it's already have two to form a teacher. This hold it against something round, hold a rough midpoint up against something round and then pull the two ends round. So they meet and they have a teardrop. So both of these, if I move the previous two drops back into place both of those or four centimeters, and can see the bigger than Mandrell, the short the teardrop. But the faster it is at the bottom, those two we're with same Mandrell. But because this is five centimeter wire compared to 4.5, that one makes a longer teardrop. Once, I just made it out of five centimeters of the copper wire on and it come out slightly shorter, but definitely quite a bit wider than the other five centime to copper wire, teardrop. Just because it was wrapped around Topeka Mandel, I've got also a piece off six centimeters of the copper wire. So I'm going to wrap that around the biggest Mandel so we can get a comparison of that as well. So and Holt rough midpoint up against the Mandrell and then pull teardrops round. Now, I pulled that around a little bit too quickly. What I did was put that side round far more. But I pulled that side round, so I haven't got a even teardrop. So give me the opportunity to show you how to fix that. It's only why? So it can be samouds out again? Breezy. So I'm just using the night on your pliers. Just smooth it out. Get the kinks back out again. I will teach me to do things a bit too quickly. Okay. What? Kinks back out again. So going to hold it again. Rough midpoint on this time. Bend it around a little bit more carefully. Double check yet they're about the same length, but then squeeze him in a little bit. So they meet a top, just squeezing past each other for better that it spring back, questioning flat. So five centimeters a copper wire, six centimeter to copper wire, both wrapped around the same Mandel. But obviously this one's turned out a lot longer. Now it is useful to do quite a few samples like this and then maybe stick them into a notebook with a little note underneath, saying how long piece of why used on what she used the Mandel, so that you've then got some samples you can keep going back to look at when you next want to make it teardrop for a pair of earrings for a pendant. Then you can choose from a sample that you've really made, so it's a bit like having a recipe book for the teardrops. Now I was the links off one millimetre square. Why, that's just over 12 centimeters long, but I quite like the look of the teardrops I've made with a six centimeter length of why it's a nice, long, elegant shapes I think will be perfect for the earrings so want to make. So we cut my pieces square wire in half and make too long a tear drops out of that. 6. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - square wire teardrops: use a ruler on the sharp Peter marked the midpoint on my mind. Millimetre square, stony silver wire. Andi. Is she going to end up with two piece of wires about 61 millimeters long each? Although my wire cutters will cut through this wire, I'm actually going to get a much need to finish if I use a journalist sore. It's also better for the wire cutters not to cut through while that's too thick. Very often it's open. Hold the wire on the bench pike so that I can get the blade up. This notched. I've cut into the bench Paige, but still have most of silver wire supported on the wood on and but my finger quite close to the cut. Not too close. It's gonna get cutesy itself, but close enough to support my work. Andi, Theo. It doesn't take long, although it just take a couple more seconds, I suppose that use the wire cutters, but I've ended up with a much neater finish on the end of my wire. The next thing I need to do is turn. Both voted into teardrops. I'm going to use the same Mandel's. I used the copper wide eternity drops the same section of it the widest section to get the same shapes. I practiced, however, because I'm using square. Why I'm going to take care to bend it around the Mandrell Quite a bit slower, taking care not to twist it or why I tends to twist a little bit as you bend it on. The faster you bend it, the more likely you are to twist. Now when you're bending round wire, you don't notice the twists. It just still looks round. However, any wire that's got corners on it when you twist it. That twists becomes noticeable because the corners aren't neatly lined up anymore. They're twisting, occurring around the wire. I'm just gonna take care to bend it round carefully on They shouldn't twist. No, the same is before going to hold the wire roughly the midpoint on and just going to bend it round well later. Bits of time, No said, making sure that I'm taking care not to put a twist in it now because this is square wire because it's thicker than the practice couple wires I was using. It does take a little bit more effort to bend it. You can see I've started to bend it still need to bend that such around a little bit more, so it becomes level. But there's no twist in there in that. Why? Because I've been bending it around carefully pop it back on the mantle, get your grip on it, trying to hold it and show you what I'm doing at the same time. Not the easiest thing get. Just take the tips back and forth past each other a little bit to get them to sit more neatly up against each other. One do the same with the other one. - What you get to square wire, two drops. So next thing to do is to file the tops a little bits. They fit more neatly up against each other before I sold them closed. 7. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - preparing for soldering: now for the teardrops. The next step is to tidy them up a little bit so that the ends meet together more neatly so that they are ready for soldering. Remember, soldier won't fill any gaps. You need to make sure that you're so to join is nice and tight for it to be the strongest source joint possible. And that's what we're going to do now. You should be able to see that the tips of the while the to show up on the left fit together a little bit more nicely. See if I can show you, but more clearly what I mean. So these tips, they sit a lot neater against each other thes are still sitting slightly apart. So far, it has sold up both of these teardrops. Now, this one would we have a nice a strong joint. This one would look a lot less tidy. But also that soldier joint might not be a strong. What I'm going to show you now is actually how I get to those tips of the wire a lot neater that you probably guessed from the needle file sitting on the edge. Peck, I'm going to be filing the tips to make neater and to be able to get access to the tips without scratching or deforming the rest of the teardrop. I'm going to twist the teardrop open and show you what I mean, If I were to pull the end's apart, I'm never going to get it back into shape again. But if you twist like so you still got the nice, rounded section teardrop around here, that hasn't changed it all. But the ends of the wire are further apart. There's now room to get my needle file in there. So what I'm going to do, let's hope the needle file so that he should be around to see the needle file is lined up right in the middle of the teardrop. So I now know that I'm holding the needle file at the angle that I want the wire to end up hat. I want that End the wire to be nice and straight in line with the middle. That vertical middle of the two job. And if both ends are lined up like that, they didn't fit together, not meter. So remembering the wire so the file only works in one direction, going to file that end at an angle. So that's going to fit better. Hey, good to see the file. Don's there. This is a different angle. Turn it round. So why access the other side? Do you say, hey, twists a teardrop closed again? Nearly there this side. So Nietzsche's Whitmore filing and twist it opening. That's so you're not better. So next job. It's a soldier those joints closed. 8. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - soldering the teardrops: I made sure that the ends of the teardrops are fitting nicely against each other. So it's a night in a neat tip to the teardrop on. Now I need to solve them closed. So what? Sitting on the soldering brick Andi going to put a drop of flux? It's better. Oh, and each teardrop brushing the excess flux off the teardrop. So off the brush, rather on the edge of the job that holds my flux so that I can use a dump paintbrush to pick up a piece off soldier looks, but stay in place using a soldering pick, too, pushed him place on a cup of excess pieces of soldier. There's I just moved out of the way. You never want to leave stray pieces. A soldier on your fire brick because they might accidently melt onto another piece of work on that would spoil it. So I've got a couple of small pieces of medium soldier on the end of each teardrop. I'm using medium soldier because I want to use easy solder next, so sold the ear wise in place. Medium soldier has got a higher melting temperature than easy, so when I use Easy soldier. It won't brie melt the medium I'm on the blowtorch on. Remember, Just in front of the blue chip of the flame is the hottest parts of that area that I want on the work, just going to heat up down this end first to dry the soldier off gently in the hopes that those pieces of soldier won't jump off. Remember the fastest you dry off the soldier, the more likely it is to bubble up. And then the more like he speaks a soldier after jump off. But they look my good. Somebody work on this one first, heating up down the bottom that the heat buildup when we got to eat the whole piece of silver with soldiers. Emotion. Then I got so to close out. Same again. Heat up the bottom to heat up the whole piece of the silver. You see the silver starting to go red in color. That's a good indicator that things are getting too soldering. Temperature chopped. Uh, soda flashed across join, so those are now safety solder closed. They need to be quenched to call them down on, then put in the pickle to clean them up. 9. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - filing the teardrops: over on the bench pig, because there's one more thing I need to do before. I think if the teardrops are homage, texture and that's to make sure that the tip of the teardrops is really nice and neat at the moment, it's still very sharp and quite squared off. While I wanted to look a lot smoother on the weight I'm going to do that is to file the talks. There wasn't any point doing it beforehand when I was doing the other filing, because you really need the tips soldier together to be able to do this. So it's kind chief sweep across the top, turn it round so I can do the other side. So I'm actually doing is thinning off the wire on the outside of each side of the teardrop and then smoothing over the top a little bit just to make it look not smoother. You might also need to remove a little bit of access soldiers from the front and back. I won't always be necessary, but you will have to be known again. You can see the two dead teardrops there that was being filed, such not meter. This one still squared off of the top. So I'm going to finish off this one as well, shaping the top little bit of smoothing over the very tip. We'll make it look about nice set and feel more comfortable as well, right? It doesn't take very go on. Now they're ready for hammering. 10. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - hammering: I'm going to take to the teardrops of my favorite cross pain or Swiss style hammer. I'm going to give it a nice line texture. The lines are going to start going across the tip of the to drop and then start radiating out following the shape of the wire, making a teacher. So start going across the top and then just work on one side. Why so my Hummer? It's more like staying still while staying in one place, not saying still cause going up and down but staying in the same same place. I'm turning the wire around, so look at that. See if I'm happy with the texture, because I can always go back and filling any gaps or a little bit more funny, too. But that looks. I'm happy with that. There's a little bit of a but wobble in the wind. Now. It's not 16 completely flat. Have a look at that one, this one sitting completely flat, that one little bit of a wobble to it. I've been hammering by Just use the nylon, your pliers to squash that flat again. You're saying to this one cross with tips and then just following the shape of a two year ago to textured teardrops. Now, if you fought shaved the other classes that I've used this hammer in, for example, the curvy, hammered earrings class. You're know that thesis? Ylva moves at right, angles the head off the hammer. So silver moves but right angles to that head. So what happens when you hammering with this type of hammer is the silver stretches out a little bit. So these teardrops are now a little bit longer than they were when I first started out. But because I being careful to hammer the same amount on each side, then still a nice straight shape, so they steal the shape that I want for this project. 11. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - soldering the earwires: it's time to soldier some ear wires to thes teardrops and make them look a little bit more like hearings. I've cut to 5.5 centimeter links of no 0.8 millimeter. Why? And see over here. Andi, just here. Andi, here. I've got you. Trust me on this because they do blend in with the soldering bloc rather well, but I've got a couple of small pieces of easy soldier. I'm going to melt the easy soldier onto the ends off the 0.8 millimeter wire and then put that wire against the tip of the teardrops. So it's in place for soldering on re melt the soldier to soldier to Peter's together. So I'm going to hold the wire in reverse action. Tweezers sent this Stickley end into the flux and melt. So from the end with the water that there's one do the same with the other. Dip it into the flux. I melt the soldier onto the end there, so soldiers now in place, I could if I wanted to have aligned toothy wire up with the teardrop on each hearing. Andi then added the soldier, but it actually would be a lot more difficult to get the soldier exactly where I wanted it to be. Now I just need to take a couple of minutes to Well, I hope not. Lose a couple minutes, but a few moments to design everything up nicely. Oops. Trying to make sure that the wire no 0.8 millimeter round wire is sitting on the top of each to drop. Nice. Essentially on two pieces of silver are touching on most obviously, that I've got the right end of each piece of wire. There's no point having soldier at this end, okay? I don't need any more flux. That's already on there. As long as you don't put the Peters no 0.8 millimeter. Why in the pickle parts or in the in the quench pot, then the flux stays there so I don't wash it off. So when heat up around the bottom of each teardrop first, that's a slightly bigger piece of metal. Start to put the heat into the whole Peter Silver and then work my way back and forth across both until the solder re melts and flows out. It's gonna work on one airing each time we get so just throwing out on that one. The trick is to make both pieces of silver hot, get them to the right temperature and then make the tear drop slightly. Hottest focused. The heat is a bit more on this side because that society that I want soldiers flow onto, I hate the whole pace I got. Then he teared your pop a little bit more. Soldier always flows to the hottest part, so those needs quenching on pickling again. Andi. Then I might have to tidy up joining. But my heart is to hammer likely to push the texture back into the soldiers. Go on top of it on form the air Waas. 12. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - finishing the earwires: e have to touch up the hammering a little bit to cover up with Soldier had thrown a little bit onto the top of the teardrop, but everything's nice and tidy again now, so I'm ready to form the air wise. First step is to make sure, but both year waas ah, still same links. I'm just holding the teardrops together and then pulling up the ear wise, nice and straight up against each other, and they're both the same length that they weren't then I just shouldn't the longer one off , so they were matching. But they're both same length. Some happy with that I'm going to do now is used. My nice stepped Mandel. I'm going to use the middle part of it as normal to start to bend around the year. While I think I'd like the air wise to be about that far above the teardrops. So hold them in place. Just pull the wire around the here. Waas are quite long, but remember, I'm going to have a couple of beads hanging down as well, so it's like have a long year. Wise. Is is a balance for that, says one. The 2nd 1 Remember you have to do a little bit slower. Start to bend it round, see whether they match this one still too long. This section of wise too long. So I'm going to pull that one, but a little bit further around the Mandrell. Put that side down a bit better, but still a little bit too long. There we go. That's a good match. So they're going to you finish off the U shaped by pulling this side down. We get definitely looking a lot more like hearings. Now a couple more things have to do. I need to use my straight nose pliers, just the witches nose there on the end of the year. Why? Just to pull that back? It's a bit more fish. Look so again, using the wits of the plies s. I'm always using this, making the same length of why little bit better, we're going to hammer the front of that you shape. How about this section here to strengthen the air waas so that you shape is a lot stronger now it's going to hold its shape on. The last thing to do is to file the tip here. So it's nice and comfortable going through your ears. You shouldn't needle fall for that. Remember to use your fingers as much as your eyes to make sure that that feels nice and smooth. One. Remember, when you're doing this to hold your fingers quite close to where you're working, If I stop my fingers down here and try to file than this piece of wire here wouldn't be supported it, or it could be pulled out of shape. We go. Those that are going to go in the tumble to polish them, and then I'll show you how toe hang the beads on the head pin below them. But you could believe them like that. If you want it, just a simple teardrop would still make absolutely lovely pair of earrings. 13. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - making the headpins: I'm not gonna show you how to make your own hedge pins by melting one end of a piece of wire. Hedge pins are a short length of wire that have a stopper at one end, and that prevents the beads from slipping off them so you can thread a bead on to the head of a pin. It doesn't come off the bottom, and then you can wire wrap that hedge, cling onto something else. In this case, we're going to a wire, rack it onto the bottom of the teardrop. So I got everything set up in a way that's nice and easy and safe for me to work. I'm right handed, so I've got a bundle off wires in my left hand. Thes are cut off pieces of the North 0.5 millimeter. What I showed you earlier. The shortest pieces, about four centimeters. The longest is about five centimeters. The great thing about making a road head pins is that you can make the length of the wire as long as you like. I've also got reverse action Theresa's type tweeted that you have to push to be able to open them. So I got those in my right hand on what I'm going to do is take one later. Why at a time on hold it in the flame. I've got everything says You're on top of the slate says It's all fireproof. I've got some fire bricks behind us here twice, a little bit more protection. I've also got my quench pot here on my right hand side, so to make each head up in, I'm going to take one out of the bundle holdings in the flame, let it melt and then drop it into the quench particle down. So everything set up in a way that's nice and safe. Easy for me to work. No, I usually make quite a few head pins to time. I'll have maybe 50 piece of wire in my hands to time to take one's time. We're only going to need T to make two for this project, but it's still worth making. A few times he gets the hang of it, and then you can choose the two that all the best fit on the best flanks for your project to the end. So turn the talk, Sean. Good. So the end of the flame here just about. See it. You see, the blue comb, as I put the tweets is in the flame. You can maybe see a little bit of yellow flame coming out. You re orange flame. I want to put a piece of wire just about here. Just in front of glucose. I'm going to take one. Hold it just inside. You could see what it thinks. It starts going right. It's that quick. It's gone already. I do you some close ups of these in a while, but it's balled up the end already. You just need a little bit of a ball. Hold it in place. It's moved about a little bit, get most even board and then drop hitting. Hold it just in front of glucose. It's pulled up. It really is that quick. Whoops does help. If you don't drop them, we'll go back for that one later. Her back for that one later as well. So time lucky. There we go. That's balled up, some holding and just in front of blue coat on just one second. Keep them in the flame, but just bounce back just a little bit. Personally. That's the way that I've found to get the best smoothest surround this most central ball of the end about two that I've dropped, being careful to use the tweezers to help me. No, not putting my hand too close to the flame. One. Okay, so as you can see the wire balls up on its own, it's little bit won't like when you're making little balls out of scrap Silver's. I've melted on the charcoal block for other projects. It's the same principle, silver or all metal as you melt it. It just balls up all its own. But because you're melting just the tip of the why just a tip balls up. And if you let it that ball, travel up the wire to become bigger and bigger until eventually it does fall off. If it does, fall off well before off bit. Ends up your scrap pot to be used to something else. And just use what's left of the piece of wire to melt maker. A site shorter head spinning, you still be able to use for something. I'll show you a close up of the head pin, see and see little balls is a mounted on the bottom. They go. There's a nice little bunch of hedge pins or with little balls melted on the ends of them, their refusal variations in the size of also as eso. Before I'm going to choose the two that are the closest fit for use on the earrings I'm going to be making so that the there's a sapphire, Andi smoky courts doesn't fall off the bottom. As you can see, there is a bit dirty where the sale was being heated up. Remember, that's the copper rock sites. Sterling Silver has got 7.5 cent copper in it so that copper reacts with heat and auction the flames, of course, to form the cop rock sites. So I need to clean that off in the pickle pot on when they clean, give them a little bit of a polish with a polishing cross and then they'll be ready to use . Making your own head pins really is a fantastic thing to them because they can be quite expensive to buy, especially these ones with her attractive ball. At the end, you just saw how quick and easy it is to make your own, as well as making them out of different lengths of wire. You can also make them out of different gauges of wire 14. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - wrapped loops: lovely, shiny teardrops are now out of the polisher. I've also given to of the hedge pins a quick polish with a polishing cloth. I could have put the head pins in the tumbler with teardrops, but because they're so thin it would have taken for a while to find thumb again amongst all the studying. So was shot inside the tumbler, and likewise, I could have polished two drops with the polishing cloth. It just would have taken a bit of elbow grease and a bit longer by threaded one little sapphire. On Day one, smoking court speeds onto each hedge pin. By the way, although these are sapphires, they're actually not that expensive because they're so small, and because they're rough cuts, they're actually made from suffer discarded after the night. Posh sapphires, the cut stones have been cut out of them. So not actually as expensive as you might think. But of course, you can use any beats Swarovski crystals, glass beads, anything you like, toe hang below T jobs. I'm going to use wrapped loops to attach the head pins onto the bottom of teardrops on because this is so small my hands might get in the way, the whole basis I'm filming it, but I have attached to the project section off the class A pdf download show you step by step with clear photos how to do wrapped loops. So please do refer to that. So going to take each one in Turn on and I'm going to hold the round those pliers up against the beats about quarter to assert the way down towards the handle. Remember, the further you got Wait. Remember, the further you go remember, the further you go towards the handle, the bigger the loop you're going to form so and to bend the wire so that it's more signals to right angle with supplies round, show there, Ask the way and bend this bit of wire A with the way around. This applies. That's the way, always the way around that no supply. So taking a while all the way rounds and those apply to former loop that crosses back over itself, that is, that's the way to express a view. Can you supplies just to lift that loop open and then sleep on teardrop, you know, idea how it's going to look what's so closed again. Almost I'm holding the loop firmly between the pliers, just going to use my fingers. But it's such thin soft wire just to run that hail around actually going to because that's piece of wise came quite short and difficult for me to hold on to my fingers. So I'm going to use the flat, no supplies. So use shaping the ear wise. If I could get hold of it just to pull that wire around for me, it's easier to grip and with my fingers. So the wire this is formed a loop has now being wrapped around that stem that was between the loop on a smoky quartz speed. That wrapping makes the loop very securely closed. Next challenge is to get the why. Because it's in there so that I can shim. While that is the first phase sharing to the same, a 2nd 1 again applies next to the beach and wrap the wire. I was away around the nose suppliers, so I shopped for a moment. So the loop has gone all the way around the no supplies. If they open pop on the year while so pop on the teardrop, close it back down again And then it is your fingers or another path. Lioce pulls. Why? That's why rightist. Who's what? Around this stuff I can trim off the hospital. Why that you don't need you Got you have earrings were some beats dangling below them. 15. Beaded Teardrop Earrings - final thoughts: finished evenings with Big, same below. Remember, you can use any beats that you like. Just make sure that the widely used for head pins fits through the whole of beads on. Get the ball in the end is large enough to hold the beads in place. This is a very adaptable design. The second pair of earrings you can see here. The ear y is separate to the teardrops cluster of three beats is being only below. I've also given a darker patina, something even learn how to do in the color of silver clasps. Teardrops also worked beautifully. A study rinks Remember, This is a list of the equipment you need on dictatorial to show you how to make the rapture loops and for what more detail is available. Future Download on a Some here if you've got any questions, Thank you for watching