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Be your own Life coach - Class 3

teacher avatar Charlotte Fay, Raising Your Creative Vibration

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Goals

    • 3. Your Timeline

    • 4. Evaluate your Goals

    • 5. Your Life Plan

    • 6. Take Action

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About This Class

This class follows on from Class One and Class Two. In this class we look at creating goals, timelines, evaluating our goals and creating a life plan that is easy to follow and achieve your dreams and the future you want.

Meet Your Teacher

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Charlotte Fay

Raising Your Creative Vibration


Hello, I'm Charlotte, a writer and artist from Kent UK. However, first and foremost I am a mummy to a beautiful boy and wife to an amazing man. I live in a seaside town but absolutely love the countryside.

Back when I first left school I trained as a beauty therapist and although I enjoy helping friends and family in this area to this day it wasn't my calling. Since then I have taken courses in poetry and journalism to increase my writing abilities and also trained as a children's Play Worker so that I was better equip to help my son learn. As we;ll as this I taken courses in teaching meditation and life coaching to help myself and others around me. But my greatest passion is with the creative arts of writing poetry and creating beautiful artwork. In turn I love helping others di... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello, everyone. Welcome to the third and final class on this three class Siri's. It's so exciting to finally be here on the final leg of this journey. I hope you're ready for your future. It's looking bright. I'm fantastic. So let's take a look at what we will be looking at in this class. Firstly, we're going to be looking at your goals. We're all your goals on Where you going, where they're going to come from? Um, after this we'll be looking at organizing your goals. Eso that it makes it easier for you to achieve them, which is extremely important. We want to make these processes easy as possible so that you can achieve everything you want in your future. Once we have the goals and we've organized them, we're going to be looking, evaluating them with another great and easy tool that you can use now and in your future. And then the fun part comes next because we're going to be creating a life plan before the final task, which is really exciting in this be your own life. Coach class, as with all of the other cars, is class one and two. There's also the additional workbook to download and complete with the videos. They've got all of your tasks in there for this class. And I look forward to seeing you on our first video. Have a great day. 2. Your Goals: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the final class in his be your own life Coach series. I'm so glad to see you here. And so proud that you have made it this far is a huge achievement. In this first video, we will be looking at creating your own goals. Eso these goals would all come from your previous working class one and two, but especially the list off what you want that you completed in class to this was the list that you completed of what you want in life. Thes will now turn into your goals. So let's look at the first item on that list. This'll it list on this item is the ultimate endgame. So that first item on your list is your end game in orderto were count our goals from this We need to think about what things we need to do to achieve this end game. Eso It may only require one thing or it may require 10 things thes stepping stones to get to that in game or what your goals are. So these are your goals and either way, whether it's one thing or 10 things, these things are things that you need to complete to achieve that thing. Um, this process can take a little bit of time, but remember, you want to get it right. Eso start at the top of your list of your want list and just work your way down working one at a time. Um, and create your goals as you go, um, so that you can achieve the things that you want. You need to do this. All the items on your list. Just start with one other time so you don't get confused. Um, and then you'll need to complete this before moving on to the next video. Eso Good luck with that. It's really exciting time, so make sure you just take the time necessary to get this right on. Then I will see you in the next video. We'll be looking at starting to get you more organized with your goals. Eso that it makes it easier to achieve each one and then achieve your ultimate endgame s. So it's a really exciting time and I'll see you on the next video. Have a great day 3. Your Timeline: Hi, everyone. Welcome back. I'm so proud of you for getting this far and you should be so proud of yourself as well. They're doing so well and we're nearly finished in this video. We're looking at organizing our goals so that they are easier to achieve gets warring gang . What we want to do is establish a timeline for our goals. Now, this is a fantastic thing to do, as it always gives you something to work towards and also allows you to see how far you've come. So it keeps you motivated to continue moving forward and completing those goals. So what? I want you to take some time to write a list of your goals. You probably want to do them separately Per, um, endgame or per thing that you want in life. You can do it all together so that you can work on everything at once. This is completely your choice. However, I think personally, I prefer Teoh. Keep it organized in the sense that doing one thing at a time it's just less confusing That way, after you've written all of your goals out for each one, you may already have done that previously anyway, I wanted to put them into order off achievement. This is why it's easier to do one at a time. Um, some off your goals may be done in days. Others may take weeks or months on, and you may even have some goals that are going to take you years to complete. So by doing this, you're just making the tasks easier about working on each one in ample time frame, so it allows you to easily keep on track of them on to see what's coming next and how long you've got to do things just makes it so much easier. Your time night is going to be a vital part of your future from now on. So get in the routine of referring back to it as much as possible so that you don't get sidetracked on completing your goals. Um, so yeah, so really, just just to recap, just make sure you're setting yourself enough time like so it doesn't matter if it's months , weeks, years, just put them in order off the time that you need to complete them. It's just really going to help you moving forward, help keep you organized and help you to begin to achieve those goals on those ultimate dreams at the end of it. So that's it from me in this video. Good luck with your timeline. I'm so excited for you to be doing this and getting to this stage. We're nearly at the end now. Eso I'll see you in the next video. Have a great day. 4. Evaluate your Goals: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to video three of class three. I hope you enjoyed the last task. I do love a good timeline and it's so great for planning your future with seeing my future mapped out in front of me. Makes me want to really get star still making it happen. So it's It's a really exciting thing to be looking at right now on, especially for moving onto evaluating your goals, which is what we're going to do in this class before we get ahead of ourselves. Let's just take some time to really evaluate them is a great tool as it allows us to establish whether we made it any help with any of our goals, on also the kind of impact that we're going to see on but that could have on our life. So this is what the what we're going to be looking at today, evaluating each goal with the following. This is a great tool on its all in the work but written down for you. The 1st 1 we're going to be looking at is idea, as I write down ideas on how to achieve each gold personally or try and have a couple of ideas written down just because if one doesn't work, you've always got one to fall back on. Um, the next one we're going to be looking at is ease. How easy is this goal from 1 to 4, with one being easy and for being hard. This is a great talks. It just that helps us to establish how easy or hard something is going to be when we're looking at it and we know what's coming up that way. Next up is cost. How much is this goal going to cost us, if anything to achieve? But this is a great one on a really important one, actually, because you really want to know, especially if it's going to cost something. How much it's going to cost is a good 1 to 2. Research on the next one we're going to be looking at is impact on self. This is about how this particular goal is going to impact your life. How is it going to affect it? Some of these things may not affect your life. It all some of them will. So it's important to solve, understand how that's going to happen and likewise the next one is the impact on your family. How will this go on achieving it? Affect your family? These are really important ones on depending on situation, you're written so really important ones Think about on that, Um, the final evaluation these goals is best ideas. What is the best idea out of the ones you've come up with? This is probably the one that you're going to go with initially. So have a think about that. Um, remember to take each point into account and keep other ideas as the back up. You want to think about everything when you're thinking about the best idea, one that's going to be at least effect you or be least expensive? Each thing is going to have a significance in your best idea. Um, on by evaluating our goals were really able to make them more organized and achieve balls, we know how much we need to spend or whether we will need help from others to achieve them . This is a really important thing to do, because it just really will help you to establish what the situation is going forward. Um, so have a recap over this video. If you need to. That's it from me. We're nearly there now. It's so exciting. So have a great day on. I'll see you on the next video. 5. Your Life Plan: Hi, everyone. We're on the second to last video, and whilst I'm so sad that this is coming to an end, I'm also super, super proud and excited for your future. It's going to be absolutely glorious. So let's get straight on with it. In this video, we're going to be looking at creating your life plan. Know personally, uh, for my life plan. I would use a day planner or a diary to do this. But you can also use your phone or a tablet calendar. Whatever you find the easiest to use on Day two, follow on a daily basis. This task will probably take a little longer than any of your previous tasks, because it's going a bit more in depth and literally planning your life planning your future. And that's because you will be planning each idea and each step in your diary so that you're always know exactly where you are and exactly what you're doing. You need to create a new action plan, as it were off what you will do on a daily or weekly basis, so you've got constant reminders of what you need to be doing to achieve your goals and achieve your future and dreams. It might be really simple steps like setting up a dialogue, unsure that you create content for it and providing yourself with constant reminders. Or it could be setting up a savings account down at the bank or online, depending on which bank you're with, and remember to make your plan on it the steps easy. What you don't want to do is give yourself too much to do it first, or the last thing you want to do is give yourself way too much work on, then end up burning out. This is the type of thing that will then bring on negativity on. We really want this to be a positive experience, so make sure the steps you're giving yourself are easy and achievable because you want to stay as positive as possible. Now don't get me wrong. Sometimes you will face setbacks because, let's face it, that's only natural. Andi. That does make you stop and analyze everything, but it also makes you want to push forward as well. But you even if you don't want to make a habit out off, he set back. So keep it easy at first because At the end of the day, you can always add extra things further down the line. If you think that you've given yourself so many easy steps on your achieving them really easily, then bio means add some extra steps in. Add some extra things to do each week or each day. And if you're finding your you know, you've got lots of spare time on by all means ADM. Or said that you can achieve more. But, you know, build yourself up. You don't want to burn out because that will put you off achieving these dreams that you that you very much want on that's going to be negatives we don't want to do that s o take it day by day, week by week and just take easy steps. Eso that we hadn't really get you where you want to bait. Um, so there's not much else for me to say with regards to that. So that's it for this video. Good luck on I will see you on the next video. Have a great day 6. Take Action: Hi, everyone. I am so pleased that you've made it to the final video off this three class. Siri's. I really hope you've enjoyed it so far on that it really helped you to start planning your absolutely wonderful future. Taking control of your life and planning your future is simply one of the best decisions that you can make. I look how far you've come already. You've done brilliantly so far. You've looked at your life, your past life in your annual present. Um, you've established what it is that you want going forward. You've worked out the goals that you need to achieve on you've evaluated my nose to give yourself the best chances at succeeding in getting what you want in your future, which is absolutely amazing. Um, remember that you can use the tools you've learned as you move forward on always. You can always refer back to these glasses if you need them. They're here for you from now on. For your future to ensure that you can just continue setting goals, Onda achieving them and ultimately getting your dreams. Um, so firstly, now for this final video, what I want you to do is just have a quick recap off everything that you've done so far. You have achieved some pretty great things already, so you should be so proud of yourself. However, there is one final step for you to take in this class before you're free to go. Often achieve your future dreams, which will be absolutely amazing. Uh, so all I want you to do now at this moment at at the end of this video or during this video is I want you to take your first step. I want you to take action, put your first goal into action. It will feel absolutely amazing to do this on. There may be several steps that you need to take to achieve your first goal. However, take that first step now I really want need to just go for it. I know it's probably extremely nerve wracking. I know. Personally, it was nerve racking for me to take that first step. Eso If you're like me on, Do you still feel a little bit nervous about this? Then please have a read through off the final part in the workbook because that's about my personal story. And remember that although I'm talking to you from a video. I'm always there and spirit and I believe so much that you are ready to take this first step into your future. You've already come so far. And if you've got to this step on this video and you're listening to me now, then I know that you are ready to take that first step into your future. Andi, really? All that's left for me to say is that I wish you absolutely all the luck in the world. Um, I believe in you on everything that you're wanting to dio I am to make your future great. Eso lastly from May. Thank you so much for taking this class on the classes. One tube before this one. Don't forget to hit the follow button as that you don't miss out on any more of my classes . If you're interested in meditation, then again hit the follow button. Because it would be a lot more of that coming after these classes. So thank you again. Have a brilliant day on good luck