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Be your own Life Coach (Class two of three)

teacher avatar Charlotte Fay, Raising Your Creative Vibration

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 1. Staying Positive

    • 3. 2. Be Grateful

    • 4. 3. What you want

    • 5. 4. Evaluation

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About This Class

Welcome to Class 2 of Three of this be your own Life coach class. this is a direct follow on from Class One. Please take that class before starting this one.

Class Two is all about staying positive everyday and we will be exploring ways to do that. We will also be looking at exactly what it is you want out of life and then evaluating these things to ensure we really know the path we have ahead of us.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Charlotte Fay

Raising Your Creative Vibration


Hello, I'm Charlotte, a writer and artist from Kent UK. However, first and foremost I am a mummy to a beautiful boy and wife to an amazing man. I live in a seaside town but absolutely love the countryside.

Back when I first left school I trained as a beauty therapist and although I enjoy helping friends and family in this area to this day it wasn't my calling. Since then I have taken courses in poetry and journalism to increase my writing abilities and also trained as a children's Play Worker so that I was better equip to help my son learn. As we;ll as this I taken courses in teaching meditation and life coaching to help myself and others around me. But my greatest passion is with the creative arts of writing poetry and creating beautiful artwork. In turn I love helping others di... See full profile

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1. Introduction : Hello, Everyone hope you're doing well today. Welcome back to class two of three off the buro in Life Coach classes. If you haven't taken class one yet, then I would suggest starting there as that's the 1st 1 in this three class Siris on being your own life coach for anyone that's taking this class that has already taken Class one, then this is what you will be doing during this class. So firstly will be looking at a couple of ways for you to keep yourself positive throughout the day on. This is really important for you to get into the habit of doing whether you're working towards goals or not. Really, it's just mentally it's very good for you to stay positive and think positive through every single day. We'll also be looking at getting specific about what you want in life on. Then we'll be looking at evaluating these things that you want. No moving on from that slightly. But tries in some of the things that we are doing throughout these classes may seem a little bit repetitive, Um, but we do this really to ensure that we really know what we want and so that we can have a real solid gold toe work towards to achieve our dreams, and I'll be one go. It might be 10 goals. It's just so we really know what we want and how we're going to get there on. So as in the same with Class one, there's also a new workbook to download and work through with these video modules. So don't forget to download that before you start the first video module. Um, and once you've done that, I'll see you in the next video. So I have a great day, everyone by 2. 1. Staying Positive : Hello, everyone. Welcome to class to be your own life Coach Video Part one. Today we'll be talking about staying positive in this video module, which follows on from class one. So if you haven't already, then please go ahead and download the class to workbook, which includes all relevant tasks for this class. Now let's get started with talking about staying positive. We previously looked at all limiting beliefs in class one. Andi, I mentioned a brilliant way of keeping your negative thoughts positive. Now you may have looked into that already since class one on Before this, this class kind of became available and what that waas waas through the amazing power off affirmations. Affirmations, if you don't know already, are positive statements that we can repeat to ourselves whenever and wherever we need them . They should also be used daily to really emphasize them and help our brain to believe them . So wherever you are, whatever you're doing at any time of the day, using positive affirmations of the more we do it, the more we trick our brain into believing that it's true. And the more we believe it, the more we believe in ourselves. I was going to share with you a few of my favorite affirmations that I love to use. The 1st 1 is I can achieve my dreams and succeed in my future. I think this one is probably my favorite, and it's so strong and powerful. The 2nd 1 I want to share with you is I am positive and can achieve the goals I set myself . This one is brilliant for this class, especially as you move through this class. Amount to class three on. Then finally, the third affirmation I want to share with the is I release negative thoughts and will achieve my dreams. Now this one's perfect. If you have hard or having a bad day, I need that boost to keep you on truck. Um, you may not use thes affirmations, but again, you may also want to write your own. It's really good to get in the spirit of writing your just ensure that they are always using positive language. But it's really good to write your own just period because it gets your mind thinking positively. Three idea is to change the way your mind thinks on. We want that change to be for the positive on not negative. If you're struggling with affirmations, then if you refer to the workbook, there's also has a couple off alternatives that don't seem quite so forceful. I know some people think that affirmations are a bit forceful, so there's a couple of alternatives in there for you. But either way, whichever you choose today, I love you to come up with three positive statements that you would use in daily life on. Then I would absolutely love to see them. So don't forget to share them with me on the group on the project page. Like I said, I would absolutely love to see them. Um And then I'll see you in the next video. Um, thanks for taking the time to watch. And I'll see you then. Bye. 3. 2. Be Grateful : Hi, everyone. Welcome back to class to videotape. It's great to see you again. So how did you get on with those affirmations and positive statements? I did. Have you enjoyed them? They really are a fantastic tool. And I truly believe that positive people are far more likely to succeed in what they do, Which is why I wanted to talk to you about another great way to stay positive every single day. Now, before I delve into my suggestion, I wanted to explain why I'm telling you to do these things every single day. It's all about creating a positive daily habit or habits. If we do positive things every single day, then we help our minds to become and stay much more positive on. This is absolutely vital in helping us to achieve things in life on its wire. Suggest doing the things every single day if you need to. Then set yourself reminders so that you don't forget a list until you do it automatically without reminder. I know when I first started doing these positive things every single day, I needed those reminders. I needed a reminder to meditate. I needed a reminder. Teoh think about my affirmations. If you're a few days or so, I start started to remember it and I missed it when I didn't do it. Um, so on that note, let's look at another great way to stay positive. Personally, I absolutely love this. I do this daily to stay positive and set the right mood for the day ahead. Eso Each morning when I wake up and before he even get out of bed, I actually write a gratitude journal Now. Personally, I used the five minute journal by intelligent Change. But there are lots out there on even a general notebook will work just as well. Eso you don't actually need anything fancy Now by starting a gratitude journal in the mornings, it was Start your day of the right way. Start your day off with positive intent on you in a reserve to think more positively throughout the day. So you're starting from tomorrow I would like you to do is give it a go. It's also great for looking back on in the future on days when you're struggling to be positive and productive. So taking a look back at different days, it just inspires you to grab yourself a journal or a notebook, then first thing in the morning, sit up in bed and write down three things that you're grateful for, but also at the same time, I wanted to write down affirmation as we discussed before. So that's three things that you're grateful for on Day one. Information for you to focus on that day. Now, don't forget to date the pages for future reference as well, so you can look back on them. It is a great tool, Andi. It's such a good habit to get into on will really help you as you move forward. I know that since I've been doing it, I'm much more mindful of being positive throughout the day because I've set my I've started my day off so positively so I It's just something that I absolutely love. And I think that you will absolutely love tape. Um, so that's it for this video. But also you, in the next video on have a really great and positive day. Thank you. Bye. 4. 3. What you want: Hi everyone. Welcome back to part three. I'm off this second class on Be your own life, Coach. This is such an exciting video. We're going to use everything that you've done in class one and up until this point eso Firstly, let me say have a re threw off the work you've completed so far from start to finish that class one on up until this point in class two. If you haven't yet taken class one then I would suggest you go ahead on complete that first , I'll just give you the starting process for changing and moving forward. Sigh. We're going to think about what you want in this video. Your life long dreams. Ultimately your gold will come from these dreams on. So we really want Teoh home in on that now. But in order to move toward your future, you need to know exactly what you want. That's why I want you to sit down now have a think about this and really think about it. What is it that you want specifically in life? Now this could be just one thing or it could be 10 things only you can decide what you want so don't listen to anyone else. This is solely on. You only listen to yourself when you complete this task because ultimately, this is what's going to lead to your future. Um, and your goals, you yourself thing is all about you and only you. So please take your time with this. This is your life on. It's important that you're really sure about this. We really need these dreams to keep us on track and move us into a future. So again, it's so important for you to know what you what it is that you want. So this is a really short video because it's all about you in this video. I'm going to let you think about this now. Ultimately, the only way you will get your future is to take steps towards it. And this is one of the most important steps that you will take. So what is it that you want? I think about that, right. It'll down and I'll see you or video for off this class. Have an absolutely brilliant day. Thanks. Bye. 5. 4. Evaluation : Hi everyone. Welcome back to the final video in class to off be or in life coach classes. This is close to off three, which means you're nearly 2/3 through the be your own life Coach classes. Eso hiking really enjoying these classes so far on, I hope that they are really helping you to change your life for the better. That's what they're here for. So I really hope that that's so they're helping you in there Now, in this video, we're going to look at evaluating the things that you want. Eso This is carrying on from the last video where you wrote down what it is you want. Now we're going to be using a really wonderful tool called I can do. I wanted to use this tour for each and every single thing on your want list. Eso Let's take a look at this wonderful tool on exactly what it is starting with toy. So I is for investigate. Um, what you want to dio with this one is investigate the reason why you took this class and you want to investigate the reason for wanting this particular thing that you want. Why do you want it. What's the reason for that? Next up, we've got C, and that's for current. So what is your current position with this thing that you want? Where are you in getting that? What is your current position? I is for your aims. What is your exact aim in this next up and for number, I want you to consider the number of ways that you can achieve the thing that you want and write them down. It's a bit of a hard won, that one. But I dearly, I'd say come up with a couple of ideas. Um, so a couple of ways that you can achieve the things that you want because ultimately ifs One thing goes wrong, then you've got something to fall back on to still achieve that. The ultimate goal. Next up his d. Now, that's for date. So you think about the dates that you want to set to achieve the thing you want. This is going to be a little bit difficult. Some dates are gonna be really, really easy ones to set. Some of them are gonna be hard. Some of them might take weeks. Some of might take years for example, if you're looking to buy a house, if that's your ultimate dream, then you've got various things to do. In order to achieve that, it could take months. It could take years, So give yourself a realistic date for that thing. Finally, we're gonna be looking at Oh, and that's where outcome. This is where you will write down your outcome. Achievement indicators. So these are the things that will show or tell you that you have succeeded. Oh, if it's easier, what that success would look like with your desired outcome. I'm saying, for example, going back to the house situation. Ultimately your outcome achievement indicator would be you having a house. That's how you would know that you have achieved your dream. That's your outcome. Okay, so this may seem a little bit repetitive, but it really is just to give you more reason to strive for your dreams and get in the habit of evaluating everything for the better. Um, so take some time after this task to evaluate everything that you have done and achieved so far. Just go through everything and really focus on this. You're really going to need it for class three Um And then once you've done all that, I will see you there. Four Class three, which will be available. Sing Class three is all about working out your goals, creating time lines, evaluating your goals with your life on taking the necessary action that you need, So have a great day and also using by